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AU August 2022

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“Captain, the fog is coming closer!” Cody yells up at Obi-Wan, wildly gesturing at the nearing fog with fearful eyes. The rest of the men look up at Obi-Wan too, waiting for guidance and orders on how to proceed.

The fog is nearing in on them and it is only a matter of time until it swallows them whole, ultimately leading to their doom. Because fog is a sailor’s worst enemy due to its unpredictability.

Even now, the vision is restricted and he can only vaguely make out the shape of rocks everywhere around them. They’re doomed to die soon, he knows so.

“Keep the course going!” He orders his men, lowering his telescope.

He hears their fearful mutters and feels the fear of death radiating off of them. It hits him at full force.

He sends a quick prayer to Qui-Gon, asking his old captain to watch over them and curses Darth Maul for ending his former captain’s life.

He’s sure that Qui-Gon would know what to do in this situation. But he doesn’t. He can only hope that his men will survive the fog and have a tale to tell their children upon their return home.

“Captain!” Cody gestures at the fog. It’s mere meters away, closing in with every passing second. Soon, the end of his ship will be coated by it and the rest of his ship will follow.

“Faster!” The captain orders, lifting his telescope to his eye, “go to the left!”.

His eyes are roaming over the ocean. The rocks becoming visible out of nowhere, the waves clashing against his ship. His senses are consumed by the clashes off the waves.

The sudden uproar off those waves causes him to stagger, latching onto the steering wheel. The clashes are louder and harder, some are high enough to soak his men from head to toe.

His men are rowing harder than he can ever recall. The fog is starting to encase the ship. He loses sight of his two men in the back. The two in the front of them are half engulfed by the fog already. It’s only a matter of time now until all his men are gone and he will be gone with them.


A rock, he can’t remember seeing before collides with the side of his ship. He hears the breakage of at least two paddles.

“Keep going!” He yells the order through his foggy state of mind - ironic considering the actual state he finds himself in, too - and looks for a way out.

His senses are still overtaken by the sound of the waves and bits and pieces of conversation from his men that swap over to him.

And due to this, it takes him too long to realize that his ship is still on the ocean. The only sounds he can hear are the waves clashing against his ship and splashing water. What he doesn’t hear anymore is any rowing.

Harshly, Obi-Wan’s head whips around towards his men just in time for him to see them stare off into the same distance. Furthermore, he can see some of them jump over board.

He runs towards the side of his ship, staring down into the ocean. The hands of his men are clawing against the ship, trying to find something to hold onto. He can vaguely hear himself call out for his men to stop jumping and to continue rowing. Desperately, he tries to gain their attention but they’re all fixated on something else.

And suddenly, he hears it too. A voice, somewhere in the fog calling out for him in such an enchanting voice that all he can do is mindlessly stare into the fog - that by now surrounds more than half of his ship - to try and locate the voice.

More and more of his men are jumping into the water, trying to claw their way back up before they all meet the same faithful end of their life. Their bodies can’t stay afloat anymore and aside from a few bubbles making their way to the surface, he can only hear muffled screams through the harsh water entering their bodies.

Eventually, he is alone on the ship. In a trance, he walks towards the other end of his ship. The voice is still calling out to him, begging him to come closer.

He’s surrounded by the fog, desperately trying to find the owner of the most beautiful voice he has ever heard.

Suddenly the fog clears away and he sees a man - half man and half fish, to be more precise - sitting on a rock mere meters away from him.

His mind is numb and his thoughts are overtaken by the beautiful voice, calling his name in such a soft, gentle tone that makes butterflies come to life in his stomach.

“Come closer, Obi-Wan.” The man calls, holding his hand out as an invitation for Obi-Wan to join him.

Mindlessly, Obi-Wan jumps into the ocean - just like his men who are all dead by now before him - and he’s engulfed by the water. But to his luck, the waves stop and the ocean is still.

He effortlessly, without any struggles swims over to the rock. The man slides down the rock into the ocean. His tail, half red and half blue swings around Obi-Wan’s legs, pulling him closer.

Blue eyes clash with blue eyes.

Strands of brown hair are falling into blue eyes. The enchanting sounds continue to numb Obi-Wan’s mind while he gets lost in the eyes.

“Come closer.” The sweet voice orders clear in his mind through his enchanting sounds. Without a second mind, Obi-Wan leans closer.

Hands touch the side of his face, holding it close and still for when their lips meet.

Suddenly his mind clears.

He can clearly see the brown hair and closed eyes right in front of him. He notices the scar running over his eye and he’s mesmerized by the beauty of the man in front of him until Anakin breaks the kiss, “come and join me?”

“Always.” Obi-Wan breathes and allows Anakin to lead him underwater. The sounds falling from Anakin’s move again are so enchanting that the older one doesn’t notice the water filling his lungs until it’s to late.