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“Hey, can I borrow a pencil off ya?” the new blonde kid asked. Well, his hair was more yellow than blonde if you asked Shota. He frowned but handed over a yellow number two pencil. The kid had multiple silver rings on and a silver necklace plus a butt load of bracelets. Shota is one for labels but this kid looked like a total goth or emo wannabe. 


This is the moment things changed for Shota it went from borrowed pencils to hi’s and hello’s to this kid following him everywhere. Then out of nowhere, he was saying hi back and actually smiling back at the kid. He should really stop calling him ‘kid’, the yellow-haired guy was the older one between them, by like a few months but still older.


“Hey, Sho, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out this Saturday since neither of us has classes,” Yellow-Haired Guy asked. Shota frowned and shook his head.


“Uh- No thanks, I got to study. Remind me what your name is again,” Shota asked. He didn’t care if it hurt the guy’s feelings if he was even thinking of hanging out with this guy he’d need more information.


“Oh, its’s Hizashi, Hizashi Yamada,” He said. Shota nodded giving him a small smile. “Anyways, if you don’t have lunch plans me and my friends are gonna go hit up that cafe that is like a block away from campus, if you want to come we’re meeting by the benches near Nezu’s Fountain,” Shota gave him a nod and walked away. He sighed, his sister would kill him if he didn’t make at least one friend, and it's already a few months into the year, he turned around.


“I’ll meet you there, Yamada,” he said and ran off. He had a class to catch and it let him leave Hizashi’s presence. “Ten bucks down the drain,” Shota huffed and went into his class.



He wasn’t going to go through with it, he wasn’t, he didn’t need friends he had Sora, his sister, which sounds even more pathetic. Shota groaned and rubbed at his eyes. This. Is. Going. To. Suck.


“Yo. Aizawa,” Hizashi exclaimed. Next to him was a girl in a short plaid skirt just barely okay based on the dress code, she also had a black long sleeve turtleneck shirt. She also had fishnets stockings and black combat boots. She had dark purple hair that was pulled into two pigtails, she also had sky blue eyes that were framed by big sharp frame red glasses. 


On Hizashi’s other side was a blue-haired kid that looked like a munchkin compared to Hizashi’s height, making Shota snort. He had worn black hightop converse that had a bunch of writing on them that Shota can not make out for the life of him, along with dark blue navy skinny jeans and a grey shirt with a white cloud shirt and a worn brown jacket with fake fur.


“So this is the famous, Shota Aizawa?” Cloud Boy asked. Shota frowned and turned around. He felt Hizashi grab him and turn him back toward the two strangers he was being forced to meet.


“Ignore, him. Shota this is Nemuri Kayama, Fashion Designing Major, and Fashioning Modeling Minor, and this dumbass is Oboro Shirakumo, Engineering Major,” Hizashi said. Shota gave them both a sharp nod and a tight-lipped smile. Hizashi gave him a pointed look and Shota made a soft ‘oh’ sound and looked at the two of them.


“Shota Aizawa, Education Major, and I’m hungry so can we go?” Shota asked. Hizashi chuckled softly.


“Let’s go on our way then,” Hizashi said. He walked ahead of the group as they walked out of campus. Oboro and Nemuri walked next to Shota, weirdly close that made Shota feel claustrophobic. 


“So. How’d you meet our ‘Zashi?” Nemuri asked. Shota frowned he sped up a bit to create some distance between them. “Hey, were just trying to have a simple convo with ya,” 


“Yeah, simple he asked for a pencil and I let him borrow it, the rest is history,” Shota stated. Nemuri nodded, and Oboro rolled his eyes. 


“Chill, Nem. Anyway, Shota, can I call you Shota?” Oboro asked. He wrapped an arm around Shota’s shoulder. 


“Sure, I guess,” Shota said. He shrugged off Oboro’s arm.


“Okay, Cool. Tell us about yourself, favorite color, favorite movie, are you a hamburger guy or a pizza guy?” Oboro asked. Shota cursed Hizashi in his thoughts hoping for him to choke on his tongue right now just to get out of this conversation.


“Black, Don’t have one, and Neither,” Shota said and sped up to walk beside Hizashi. “Your friends are freaking weird, and… please tell me we’re not going to the Black Cat Cafe?” Hizashi looked at him curiously. 


“Yeah, it's the closest cafe to UA. Plus, the others wanted to check it out for a while,” Hizashi said. Shota bit his lip anxiously and walked slower. “What’s wrong, is it bad?” Hizashi turned around and looked at Shota a bit worriedly.


“What? No, of course not. It's just- Never mind, let's just go,” Shota said. He sped up his walking passing Hizashi. He knew the way by heart, of course, he did. His sister worked there, well, his sister owned the cafe.


They crossed the street and entered the cafe. Sora Aizawa being on register noticed her little brother right away.


“Shota. Hey, Wha-” She cut herself off when she noticed Hizashi walk up next to Shota. “Ooh. Is this a date, Shota, dear?” Sora asked.


“No. Sora, y’know I don’t have friends. Just get me my usual,” Shota said and went to pick up a cat and sat at a table waiting for the others. 


“Who’s that, Shota? Your girlfriend,” Nemuri asked. Hizashi frowned and Oboro wiggled his eyebrows and gave him a suggestive look. 


“The hell? That’s my sister and I wouldn’t date her even if we weren’t related,” Shota said. He smiled lightly when Sora came over with their drinks. “Thanks, Kiss-Up,” 


“Your welcome, Know-It-All,” Sora said. And walked away. 


“So, she free?” Oboro asked. Shota gave the man a death glare. “Nevermind…” 


“You even dare to touch my sister, I. Will. Murder. You,” He said. He turned his attention to Hizashi. “You want to tell me why you actually invited me here?” Hizashi choked on his drink and looked everywhere besides Shota.


“Fine, don’t tell me. If you really want to be my friend, Hizashi, I need the truth. I need to trust you and honestly, I don’t. See you in class,” Shota said. He left and waved at Sora and walked back to campus. He was being dramatic, he knew he was but he wanted to be friends with Hizashi, he did but he didn’t trust him. He doesn’t open himself up to just anyone and especially not Optimistic, Golden Yellow-Haired, Sunshine guys that borrow pencils and always have a big, bright, cute smile.


Ignore that last part.


He had to focus on exams for midterms anyway. He didn’t need friends right now. Their distractions.



“Hey, Sho. I wanted to talk to you,” This was the first thing Hizashi said to Shota in class the next day.


“Yeah. if it involves why you invited me to hang out just so I can be interrogated by your besties then, of course, I’d love to talk,” Shota said not even taking a glance at Hizashi. 


“Okay. I didn’t want to invite you,” Now that got Shota’s attention. He looked up and raised an eyebrow at Hizashi. He took that as a sign to sit down next to Shota. “My friends wanted to meet you, and we were going to the cafe anyway so, they forced me to invite you. Anyway, I really want to be your friend, Shota if you’ll let me,” Hizashi stood up and Shota frowned.


“Where are you going?”


“Well, usually I hang out with my friends on the rooftop, if you want I can show you a sorta preview of what benign friends with me is,” Hizashi said. He stood up and slipped out of class. There were five minutes until class started, so Shota could stay but this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Hizashi won’t just wait for Shota. He groaned and slammed his notebook shut and gathered his things, he walked out of class almost bumping into Hizashi who had a smug smile on his face.


“Shut up,” Shot said. He grabbed Hizashi’s wrist and pulled him towards the stairs. “We’re doing this right?” Hizashi had a big grin on his face and Shota rolled his eyes. Shota tugged him up the stairs.


When they get to the roof it’s actually pretty nice. Which is surprising, there are shrubs, couches, and a fireplace. Why hasn’t Shota known about this?


“Awesome right?” Hizashi asked. Shota nods. “Yeah, the headmaster let me clean up the place and give it a make-over, Nem, O, and I hang out here sometimes,” Shota hmms softly and goes over to one of the couches, it was black with grey cushions and grey and black pillow. 


“So you did all this? Brought the couches, installed the fireplace and all the lights?” Shota asked. Hizashi nodded, he looked around and smiled, he was proud of himself, Shota could see that. “So. You bright me up here, what do you usually do?” 


Hizashi took off his bookbag and set it on the couch across from Shota and held out his hand, Shota frowned then handed over his bag.


“We will forget about college for a few minutes, and chill. Want something to drink, we have a little bar here, nothing big, just water, sodas, juices, Headmaster Nezu prohibited alcoholic drinks,” Hizashi said. Shota chuckled softly and leaned back and looked up at the bright blue sky. He hasn’t had time to just chill and take a break it's been college, study, study some more, review, exams, etc. 


“Sure. And water will be just fine,”


“Awesome, be right back,” Hizashi said. He stepped away leaving Shota with his thoughts. Hizashi is a cool guy, he’s laid back, lives in the moment, is spontaneous, nice, kind, and has a cute smile. 


Again, forget that last part.


Hizashi came back a few minutes later with bottled water. Shota waited for him to sit down.


“So… We’re chilling, is this was relaxation supposed to feel?” Shota asked. Forcing himself not to chuckle. Hizashi rolled his eyes and turned to face Shota.


“No. We’re going to be friends, so we need to get to know each other. Tell me something about yourself, something important, I’ll go first,” Hizashi said. Shota took a sip of his water. He’s missing class to just talk to his blonde stalker, which to be fair isn’t really a stalker when he talks to him of his own free will.


“Fine. What’s this important thing? Is it embarrassing?” Shota asked. Hizashi huffed.


“No. Well, hopefully not. Anyways. Something important about myself is when I was 16 to 17 I was a DJ called Present Mic,” Hizashi said. Shota slapped a hand to his mouth to stifle a laugh. “Don’t laugh at me, it was how I made enough money to get into UA,” Shota dropped his hand and laughed, truly laughed, he hasn’t had a laugh since he got his acceptance letter.


“I’m sorry. Present Mic? Seriously?” Shota asked. Hizashi scoffed and rolled his eyes. 


“It’s how I met Nemuri and Obroro too, we were like a group of DJs, Oboro was Loud Cloud, and Nem was Midnight,” Hizashi said. Shota’s laugh faded out. “Okay, enough laughing, your turn, what’s something important that happened to you or an important memory that defined who you are as a person?” Shota groaned, he looked up he saw Hizashi’s smug grin.


“Fine. Whatever. When I was 10… I made a Kitten Protection Program at my elementary school and got all the teachers to support it and saved about I dunno, 10 kittens a week. Pretty sure it's still going on and it sorta helped me figure out that I want to help people, animals, I want to do something in this world to help people,” Shota said. Hizashi smiled softly at Shota, Shota turned away from him and looked down at all the kids rushing to class and running around campus.

“Sho, That’s amazing, adorable, and sorry to say this but very surprising,” Hizashi said. Shota shrugged.


“I have a lot of surprises up my sleeve, ‘Zashi,” Shota said, with a smug smirk on his face.


“I can’t wait to hear them,” Hizashi said. Shota smiled at him. “So… Favorite Movie Saga?” 


That’s how the day went right until security got them when they were closing the building. Shota surprised himself and actually had a good time and became very close to the one and only Hizashi Yamada. 



“Tell me all about this Hizashi guy?” Sora asked.


Sora and Shota were having their weekly coffee hangout. Where they gossip, catch up, and well, mainly gossip.


“He’s nice, he’s in my Psychology Class, and he’s actually kinda funny,” Shota said. Forcing himself not to smile. Sora gave him confused look. 


“Wait- When did you start taking a Psychology Class?” Sora asked. Shota shrugged. 


“It’s a backup plan. I love teaching, I love the idea of helping kids and teaching them but I’ve always been a Psychology Nerd, and helping people through their problems is also something I love doing,” Shota said. Sora nodded and then frowned again. Shota waited for her to start talking.


“What’s his major? Not many majors need a psychology course,” Sora asked. Shota opened his mouth to answer when he realized he didn’t know the answer. Hizashi never told him his major he said before that the class was for his bachelor’s. “You don’t know do you?” Shota shrugged.


“So I don’t know his major, we don’t really talk about school, if we do it’s mainly about how I need a break or I’m stressing too much,” Shota said. Sora gave him a shocked look. “Don’t say it, he’s not a-”


“Stalker Alert!” Sora exclaimed. Shota rolled his eyes at his sister. She stood up and got them both a cupcake from her special Summer themes. His was a sun with the frosting made to look like a sun with sunglasses and gummies used as the heat waves. “Sho, Baby Bro, Youngling. You know basically know nothing about this Hizashi person,”


“That is not true, I know a bunch about him. Like, I know his favorite movie, I know how to make him smile, I know his life goal, what he wants to do after college,” Shota said. Sora looked at him with a deadpan expression. 


“Sho. He could have easily lied about that stuff, just, promise to be safe?” Sora asked. Shota sighed but nodded. Sora smiled softly at her younger brother. “Alright, Get out of here, loser, you got to school and I got to get to work,” Shota chuckled softly and left the cafe to get to class on time.


His sister was crazy sometimes and can be a little exaggerative but she was right about this. How well does he really know about Hizashi Yamada?



The next time Shota sees Hizashi is in the school library. He was there to cram for his Child Development exam. Hizashi seemed to also be studying but he was looking at sheet music.


“Hey, ‘Zashi,” Shota said. Hizashi’s head shoots up and he covers the sheet music he was looking at with his arms. “What’re you doing here?” 


“Studying. What else?” Hizashi said. His voice seemed tense and he looked awkward. He’s never seemed tense, awkward, or nervous, he’s a confident, go-with-the-flow, and loose guy.


“Mind if I joined you?” Shota said. Hizashi froze and nodded. He moved his arms and Shota saw sheet music to Queen and The Beatles and different others. “What’re you studying for?” Hizashi bit his lip and sighed heavily.


“Music Literature,” Hizashi said. Shota hummed and honestly not surprising what is.


“Why the Psychology Course?” Shota asked. He was going to get to the bottom of this and actually get to know Hizashi and if he lies than bye, bye, blondie. Hizashi froze and put the sheet away, he folded his hand and looked Shota in the eyes.


“I may have lied about it being for my BA. I’m going for a Masters in English, I have more than enough credits to get it and this, Music Literature, is for my Bachelor of Arts of Music,” Hizashi said. Shota froze and frowned.”It's just, I saw you in the library studying for Child Development and stuff and I thought you were… cute and a friend told me you had a Psych class and I went to my counselor and he said I could get into it so…” Shota stood up. Hizashi went to grab his hand but he stepped backward. 


“I thought I knew you, but I guess that was a lie. Never- Hizashi never talk to me again,” Shota said. He was heartbroken he thought he knew Hizashi, he thought he could trust this person but he can’t and he won’t ever let a smile dictate what he thinks of a person. He walked away from the library and skipped the rest of his classes, he went straight to his dorm room. He couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think, he just needed to get away.

Shota didn’t go to Psychology class the next day or any class. When he did he saw Hizashi in the back of the class not where he normally sat right in the middle next to Shota. Not even three minutes in, two before class started he left. Shota didn’t leave, he couldn’t be hung up on a guy that lied to him anymore. He had his pity party moment now he needs to focus on school. 


After class Shota couldn’t help but walk to the roof, he had a few minutes before his next class, he opened the door to the roof and saw Hizashi there, laying on the couch looking up at the sky. He turned his head over to see Shota he sighed and looked back to the sky.


“Skipping class? Do you even have a BA? Did you actually remodel this place?” Shota asked. Hizashi didn’t even look at him. Shota was about to leave when he finally spoke.


“You know you were the first guy I actually had the courage to ask out. My plan was to become friends with you, get to know you, ask you out and if all fails at least I got to meet you,” Hizashi said. Shota closed his eyes and willed himself not to get angry and snap at him. “I’m sorry I lied, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you the truth but- What was I gonna do? Go up to you say ‘Hey, I saw you, you look cute, wanna go out?’” Hizashi scoffed and took a deep breath. 


“That doesn’t give you the right to lie, I trusted you, I opened myself up to you, I don’t do it much, if you’ve seen me I don’t make friends easily, I don’t like people. And you go and lie to me, after finally getting to know me you don’t tell me the truth, how am I supposed to trust you again?” Shota said. Hizashi sat up and looked at Shota really looked at him.


“Give me a second chance, I won’t mess up again, I promise. I promise never to lie again,” Hizashi said, pleaded. Shota bit his lip as he thought it over. He didn’t realize until recently that most of his time is spent talking to Hizashi, texting Hizashi, and planning study dates sessions. He really fucking missed Hizashi.


“Fine. But if I catch you in a lie again, we’re done and I better not see you around again,” Shota said. Hizashi had a big grin on his face. “Now. Would you walk me to class?” Hizashi shot up off the couch, he grabbed his bag and walked up to Shota. Shota turned around and Hizashi wrapped an arm around his shoulders.


“Thank you for forgiving me, I won’t let you down,” Hizashi said. Shota leaned his whole weight into him.


“You better not, Tell me about your test,” Shota said. Hizashi began to go on and on about how he studied so hard but still failed the test. He didn’t seem too beat up about it so Shota wasn’t worried.



Time flew by for Shota. He spent his time either studying, talking with Hizashi, or hanging out with The Rooftop Squad which is what Nemuri and Oboro have been calling them, and forcing Shota to call them. It’s been amazing. Shota laughs more often and smiles way more these past few months than he has all his life. He can say with an honest smile, that he is so fucking glad he let Hizashi borrow a pencil (That he still hasn’t returned).


Christmas time is nearing which means colder weather and more chances to have coffee. The Rooftop Squad is sitting having their daily cafe lunch and all of them except for Hizashi, the heathen,  have some sort of coffee drink


“What’re your guys' Christmas plans?” Oboro asked. When all of them got their drinks.


“Mom and Dad want me back home because my little siblings miss me,” Nemuri said. Shota looked at her curiously, she never gave off older sister vibes. 


“Staying here for the holidays, Ma and Pops are off on a cruise,” Hizashi said. Shota was intrigued by that. Maybe he could spend the holidays with Hizashi they’ve been sorta rocky ever since the whole ‘You-Lied-To-Me-And-I-Can’t-Trust-You-Ever-Again’ thing. He’s grown closer to Hizashi and he feels way more comfortable with him than he has anyone else, even his own family. Shota notices everyone looking at him expectedly, now realizing he hadn’t said anything about his holiday plans.


“Uh- Me and Sora usually stay here, our parents are usually busy during the holidays so we have our own traditions,” Shota said. He ignored the way Hizashi seemed to brighten up more at that. 


“Well, My family and I are going to America for the holidays to visit my Uncle and Aunt that live over there,” Oboro said. The others looked at him in shock. The blue-haired man frowned at them. “What?”


“Dude. America? Have you been there before?” Hizashi asked. Oboro nodded, he seemed confused by their reaction. “How many times have you gone?”


“A few times, I went a lot more when I was younger,” Oboro said. Hizashi looked like he was going to lose his mind. Shota chuckled lightly. Hizashi continued to rant about America and questioned Oboro about it.


Shota chuckled when Oboro began to get fed up with Hizashi not two minutes in.



Shota grumbled when he was awoken by his phone ringing in his ear where it sat on his nightstand. He grabbed his phone and answered it.


“What?” He snapped. He heard the person on the other end chuckled lightly. He recognized that chuckle, the lightness it had, goddammit. “Wh- Hizashi?” 


“Morning, Sunshine. Get up, get ready and meet me in the common room,” Hizashi said. Shota groanedand hung up. Even with the obvious protesting he still was dressed and out of his dorm in five minutes. God, he used to be one stubborn SOB now he can be convinced to go anywhere or do anything so easily. It's annoying but not something he outright hates. 


What has become of him?


When Shota gets to the common room Hizashi is there with a cup of coffee for Shota. Shota snatches it, Hizashi wrapped his hand around Shota’s wrist and pulled him outside where it was cold, it was almost cold enough for it to snow.


After drinking half of the large coffee Hizashi gave him Shota finally spoke to Hizashi.


“Blondie. Where are we going?” Shota asked. Hizashi smiled at him brightly.


“Ice Skating. The lake froze over and they set up a skating rink, they test it every morning and throughout the day so it’s safe,” Hizashi said. Shota groaned lightly. “It’ll be fun, chill,” 


When they got there Shota was nervous. Shota wasn’t adventurous, the only time he did new things was because Sora was too scared to do things alone and dragged him out to do them.


Hizashi helped Shota onto the ice and guided Shota across the lake. Shota gripped Hizashi’s hand when he was about to let go.


“Sho. You have to let go so you can learn how to skate,” Hizashi said. Shota shook his head. He was not going to do that, at any point he could fall through the ice and if he was going down, he was sure as hell going to drag Hizashi down with him. Hizashi chuckled and pulled Shota closer to him.


“Hizashi. This is the scariest thing I’ve down since Sora took me regular skating and I almost broke both my legs and arms. So you are going to stay with me until I say so,” Shota said. He didn’t notice Hizashi’s blush. Which Hizashi is thanking god for. Shota loosened his arm and wrapped an arm around his neck and Hizashi smirked at him and started skating faster.


“Come on, Aizawa. Live a little,” Hizashi said. When Shota yelled his protest, Shota lost his footing when Hizashi spun them in a circle losing his grip on Hizashi and spinning and falling backward. Hizashi couldn’t help but burst out laughing. 


“You’re going to send me into an early grave ‘Zashi,” Shota muttered. Hizashi laughed lightly. 


“Come on, Sunshine. How about some hot chocolate, will that be an acceptable apology?” Hizashi asked. Shota nodded, he held onto Hizashi’s arm as they moved slowly to get off the ice. “Did you at least have some fun?”


“Yeah. I always have an amazing time with you, Hizashi,” Shota said. Hizashi helped him out of his skates and grabbed his hand and they walked to a cafe to get some hot chocolate.


Their day didn’t end there, they did a bunch of things, they went shopping for some Christmas gifts, mainly they just looked around. After that they walked back to campus judging the Christmas decorations that people put up, laughing at the ugly, corny ones, and took pictures of the cute ones. 


When they got to the dormitories Hizashi walked Shota to his dorm. He didn’t live on campus he lived in an apartment close to campus. Shota leaned against his door frame and stared up at Hizashi.


“Thanks for today,” Shota said. Hizashi smiled softly, fondly almost at Shota.


“Of course, if we're going to be lonely during the holidays might as well be lonely together right?” Hizashi asked. Shota bit his lip, holding in a chuckle.


“Yeah. But, I’m never lonely when I’m around you, you are an amazing person Hizashi Yamada,” Shota said. This time he did notice the blush. Shota chuckled softly. Hizashi ran a hand through his hair.


“I better get going, it’s getting late,” Hizashi said. He stepped back from Shota who didn’t even notice how close they were. 


“Why don’t you stay? I mean- Like you said it’s getting late, so stay over. My dad sent me a bunch of Christmas Movies and I can’t watch them all by myself,” Shota said. Hizashi hesitates a moment but agrees and the two find themselves settled on Shota’s bed his laptop open and The Polar Express loading on the screen with different types of snacks around them.


They made it through three movies before they fell asleep. 


They didn’t talk about what happened that morning when Shota woke up to them cuddling. Hizashi quietly snored in front of him. Arms wrapped protectively almost around his waist. 


Shota most definitely did not have a gay panic. And he definitely did not fall off his bed because of said gay panic.


Okay, maybe he did.


Shota groaned when he stood up and noticed Hizashi did not even move slightly. Shota huffed and decided to just get dressed then wake up Hizashi.


It took a bit of shaking and calling Hizashi’s name but the blonde did wake up and Shota walked him to the common room. Ignoring the way his heart jumped when Hizashi’s hand brushed against him when he left.


God. What is wrong with him?


He shouldn’t be falling for his friend. He shouldn’t be having these feelings. He’s known about these feelings for a while but it wasn’t until today he finally admitted them to himself. Maybe if he ignores his feelings they’ll go away. Maybe.



Winter Break went on like that. They would hang out, Hizashi would make him laugh, and they’d have a moment. Hizashi would get in close, they’d be mere inches away from each other but Shota would step back or Hizashi would make a joke. It went on and on like that eventually they became awkward. They couldn’t even keep eye contact without one of them blushing.


They couldn’t go on like that, well, they could but Shota can’t handle that. It was getting to the point he would avoid Hizashi sometimes. Nemuri and Oboro would be getting back to Campus the day after Christmas. So they could spend the rest of their break together. They need to get their shit together before then.


Shota was in the school library because he had nothing better to do. He has the graveyard shift at his sister's cafe and decided to kill some time and do a little light reading so he decided to catch up on some manga he bought for himself when he and Hizashi went shopping.


He could tell Hizashi entered the library when he heard someone humming softly from the entrance. He recognized the song to be one of the 80’s songs Hizashi is obsessed with. The manga Shota was reading was yanked out of his hands. Shota looked up to yell at the person but quickly stopped himself when he saw Hizashi.


“Sho. What are you doing in the library on Christmas Eve?” Hizashi asked. Shota ignored him and grabbed his manga. He heard Hizashi huff, obviously annoyed. “As your best friend, it is my duty to make sure you’re having fun so, come on,” Shota was pulled up from his seat, this was normal for Hizashi so Shota just followed his lead. They left campus which was weird, they never did unless it was to go do some cheesy Christmas activity. 


“‘Zashi? Where’re we going?” Shota asked. Hizashi pulled Shota to his side and held his hand. Which were oddly warm in this cold weather.


“You're going to spend Christmas with me at my apartment. Sora will be meeting us there later,” Hizashi explained. Shota sighed heavily. “Yeah, yeah. I know. You wanna spend Christmas alone yadda yadda yadda,” Hizashi gave Shota a tour of the apartment and they baked and wathed a few Christmas movies. 


Later when the two of them were relaxing Hizashi dragged Shota over to the small Christmass tree that he had decorated. Hizashi sat him down and pulled out a small long sized box. It was wrapped in blue wrapping paper and had small snowmen all over it.


“What is this?” Shota asked. Hizashi smiled softly at Shota, Shota could admit Hizashi was cute when he blushed. It was bright and red, it always went across his chees to the top of his ears. Adorable. Yeah, Shota’s whipped and he isn’t afraid to admit that, not anymore anyway.


“Me and my family-” Hizashi didn’t get to finish his sentence when Shota spoke up.


“‘My family and I’” Shota said. Hizashi rolled his eyes but he still had a smile on his face as he continued talking.


“My family and I have this tradition where we open one present before Christmas and I want you to open this before you have to go on your shift,” Hizashi said. Shota nodded slowly. He unwrapped the gift, it was a black box, he frowned in confusion and opened it. It was a yellow number two pencil, he looked up at Hizashi in confusion.


“What is this?” Shota asked. Hizashi chuckled nervously.


“It's the pencil you let me borrow, Remember?” Hizashi asked. Shota’s eyes widened. He looked down at it was smaller and the eraser was still there like it was never used. Shota looked up at Hizashi and laughed.


“God. You are such a dork,” Shota said. He sighed softly. He set the box down and bit his lip contemplating his next move. He decided to take a page out of Hizashi’s book. He hugged Hizashi, surprising the blonde.


“It’s just a pencil,” Hizashi said as he wrapped his arms around Shota’s much thinner body.


“No, it isn’t. This pencil marked an important moment in my life. The moment I met you and I am so glad that I did,” Shota said. He pulled back from Hizashi and smiled at him.


“Shota. I lo- love that I met you, I’m so glad to be your friend,” Hizashi said. He cupped Shota’s face.


“Hizashi?” Shota whispered. The blonde hummed. “Can I ask you something else for Christmas?” 


“What-,” Before Hizashi could get another word out Shota kissed him. It was fast and chaste. Hizashi blinked, his whole body froze. Shota was regretting what he did now. Maybe he got the wrong message? Did he just make everything up in his mind? 


Before Shota could think anymore Hizashi was kissing him. HIZASHI YAMADA WAS KISSING HIM. Shota can officially die happy now. Shota backed away looking wide-eyed at Hizashi.


“Merry Christmas,” Hizashi said. Shota chuckle. 


“You're a dork, but you're my dork now,” Shota said. 


“Wow. That was very gay but very adorable,” Both of them jumped back from each other and looked over to see Sora. “Continue with your gayness, don’t mind me,” 


“SORA,” Shota yelled his face red as a tomato. 


“I’ll leave you two alone, Merry Christmas. Hizashi I’ll kill you if you break Sho’s heart, anyway, bye,” Sora said. Shota groaned, Hizashi pulled him to his body again.


“That was embarrassing,” Hizashi said. Shota chuckled.


“Just shut up and kiss me,”