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The three caballeros fight again

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A cackling Fellgoose flew towards the chicken legged hut of Baba Yaga.

“Weird, I feel like I’ve been here before.”

“Of course you do, we share memories now, you idiot.” Says Felldrake, hitting himself in the head.

Felldrake groans in pain.

“We’re in the same body. My pain is your pain, who's the idiot now.”

“Still you.”

“Mommy, Daddy don’t fight.” Sobs out Leopold.

They land on the porch of Baba Yaga’s hut and enter through the door.

“Do you come here of your own free will, or do you come by compulsion?” Asks Baba Yaga as per usual.

“I am here seventy-five percent of my own free will, sixty-five percent by compulsion.” Answered Fellgoose correctly.

“Ah Felldrake, nice to see you again. AJFHF! You look different, did you do something with your everything.” Greets Baba Yaga, stepping out of the shadows, gawking at Fellgoose.

“I’m trapped inside the head of an idiot, no need to be polite. The three caballeros are back and did this to me, we need a place to lay low until I come up with a plan to get revenge, and you still owe me a favor remember.”