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Sunset trip

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“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sunset this beautiful.”
“It really is.”


The sky, a mix of blues, pinks and purples, reflected in the water. Streaks of orange illuminated the horizon below and made it look like an impressionist painting. A bird flew by, disrupting the colourful lines with its black plumage, then everything fell into place again. A light breeze carried the smells and noises from the forest nearby. It was very peaceful. 


Lena turned around to look at Kara. Her girlfriend was smiling wide, her eyes twinkling before mother nature’s beautiful gift. It was rare to see her girlfriend so carefree. For sure, she usually projected happiness, but people who knew Kara could see the rest behind her eyes. Right now, there was only joy and wonder. Lena smiled and put a hand on Kara’s thigh.

The gesture had been innocent on her part, but when Kara turned around and fixed her with an intense gaze, Lena squeezed her girlfriend’s thigh and didn’t let go.

Kara shuffled a bit, then her lips landed on Lena’s and they held onto each other. Lena’s hand took back its previous place before sliding up Kara’s leg, and Kara’s right hand circled Lena’s neck. After that, a few things happened in a blur. Lena felt Kara bring her on her lap, then they were both lying on the backseat, Kara on top.


Kara started kissing Lena with fervour. First, on her mouth, then under her jaw, on the tip of her nose, back on her mouth, her neck… The girl of steel then started to suck a hickey in Lena’s neck, and Lena buried her hands in that mass of blond hair, bringing Kara’s face closer to her skin.
Kara let go of Lena’s skin with a satisfied hum, then slotted a leg between Lena’s. She attacked Lena's lips once more, and sneaked a hand under her ass at the same time she started little up and down movements with her thigh, rubbing Lena between her legs. As she started putting more and more pressure, Kara shifted her attention to the side of Lena's neck, at the junction of her ear and jaw. Kara nipped at the little patch of skin, and Lena moaned loudly. Her aim was truly impeccable. 


"Kara, please," she gasped. 

"Yes, dear?"

"Stop teasing me."


Kara chuckled but nodded after a last nip. She then brought her lips to Lena’s once more, and went to work on Lena’s clothes. In the blink of an eye, Kara had opened Lena’s shirt and pushed her shorts and underwear down. Kara got rid of her shorts as well, before she latched onto Lena’s bra and took one nipple in her mouth. Lena moaned, and brought one hand to Kara’s head, the other one sneaking under her top, trying to push it up.


Lena gained access to her girlfriend’s toned abs, then played with her chest for all of two seconds before Kara’s mouth made her mind go blank. They had been together for a few months now, but everytime Kara got into a playful -sadistic?- mood during sex, she had the same reaction. Kara was an excellent student, and had memorised every tell Lena had, and everything that would make her scream.


The two of them might have started thinking about how to cancel Kara’s powers in the bedroom so that she could experience things like a human whenever she wanted, but damn, Lena was glad for her powers right now.

Kara’s head was now between Lena’s thighs, Lena’s left leg over her shoulders, her right foot touching the car floor. A blow of icy breath followed by Kara’s hot and wet tongue made Lena scream, her thighs clamping on each side of her girlfriend’s face. Oh, she wouldn’t last much longer if Kara kept on going like this. 

The radio station crackled as one of Kara’s strong fingers pressed inside her without any resistance. Kara’s tongue followed, and Lena tangled her fingers in the blond mass. 


“Kara, Kara please,” she whimpered.
“Yes, my dear? What do you want?”


That was a good question. Lena didn’t know, but there had to be something. Figuring Kara knew her well enough, she whined and Kara chuckled.


“Don’t worry Len, I’ll take great care of you.”

Kara kissed her, then inserted a second finger at the same time she pinched her right nipple. Lena gasped and Kara took the opportunity to slip her tongue inside Lena’s mouth.


Lena didn’t last long after that. Their lives had been tumultuous lately, and they hadn’t had many occasion to unwind, much less have sex. So, even if this had been short… It had been a long time coming. Hah. 

As Lena laid in the back of the car, Kara settled between her legs and her head nestled between her breasts, bpth women satiated and watching the last rays of sun, she thought they should really do this more often.