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if you feel lucky (if you feel loved)

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Fucking- Robin?


Her hands are all over Nancy’s body and Nancy feels like she’s burning and being saved at the same time and god. 


For someone who’s never been with anyone else, she is just so- terrifyingly good with her hands and with her mouth and with everything. How is she so good? Jesus Christ. 


Nancy’s head feels heavy and empty and fuck. This is not fair. Robin is laughing and snorting at how desperate and pathetic Nancy is being and she can’t even pull words out of her mouth, because they all turn into moans and high-pitched whines. 

“Aw, you’re so needy for me. Aren’t you, Nance?” She knows Nancy can barely string a sentence together and Robin is such a shithead for adding a stupid rule about Nancy always answering her questions during sex and it’s just so- her girlfriend is an asshole.

“C’mon, baby,” her hands have stopped their movements and it makes Nancy want to scream. Robin’s right hand is holding tight tight tight onto her hip and her left is on her breasts, flicking and squeezing. (She’s such a boob girl.) And she’s grinning, wide and toothy; showing off her oddly sharper than average canines. 


Nancy’s kinda glad Robin stopped, because finally. Finally. She can think and breathe. 

“You ready to answer?”

Asshole, tease, shithead. Absolute dick. Nancy wants to bite back and give the taller girl a taste of her own medicine.

“Asshole.” She doesn’t mean it, of course. She loves Robin, she loves it when the taller girl makes her forget, makes her feel boneless and thoroughly ruined. Nancy just decided to be bratty tonight to annoy Robin.


Robin tsks, “what happened to my good girl? You were so pretty for me.” 

“Fuck you.” 

She pauses and Nancy can see the gears turning in her head and then she starts- laughing? Like she’s about to do something that could get her in trouble, like she’s about to ruin something, ruin Nancy. 


Oh, fuck.


A calloused hand is roughly cupping over her cunt with Robin burning fire on her skin as her eyes sweep over Nancy’s body before she stops on her lips. She leans forward, breath ghosting over Nancy’s mouth and her fingers grinding against her, but not enough for the smaller girl to get over the edge. 

“You couldn’t just listen to me, could you now?” Robin laughed again as Nancy’s hips desperately tried to chase after her fingers. 

“Why are you being so bratty today, hm?” There’s a gleam in her eyes, a trace of curiosity behind her words. 

“You could just leave if you have something more important-” Nancy breathes out, a gasp interrupting her sentence when a long finger grazes her clit. “Fuck- you could’ve left.” Robin makes a noise similar to a growl? Fuck, Nancy can’t even tell anymore- the noise sent a shock to her clit and she does not have the time to unpack that.

“Why didn’t you leave, Rob?” She asks, doe-eyed and smiling oh-so innocently at her girlfriend.

“Jesus,” Robin chuckles, her canines on display. (Nancy wants to feel those against the skin of her neck.)

“You know I can’t stay away from you, pretty girl.” She moves her fingers slowly across Nancy’s clit, biting her lip at the quiet whimpers the smaller girl makes and how the firm circles she rubbed rendered Nancy practically incoherent with want. 


Robin’s free hand grips Nancy’s chin- it hurts and she’s glaring down into her eyes– she’s treating her so roughly and fuck. It just makes Nancy want to be fucked until she passes out. 


She doesn’t look back at Robin’s eyes. It’s piercing and too much, but she grips tighter and forces her to look at her downright predatory gaze. 

“Look at me.” Nancy obeys, feeling powerless and the smile that was on her face moments ago melts away and it’s replaced with fear. “You stop looking at me and I stop fucking you. Got it?”

Nancy melts into her almost immediately, surrendering herself to Robin and the addiction feeling of losing control and it makes Robin smile, loving and adoring, but she raises a brow, silently questioning Nancy when smaller hands guide Robin’s larger ones away from her chin down her neck. The realisation clear in the taller girl’s eyes, as they flit over to Nancy’s and her hand on her quivering neck.

“Nance.” Fuck. Her voice.

“Choke me.” 

Robin’s blue eyes get impossibly darker and she looks fucking hungry as she softly rubs Nancy’s throat. “Tell me if it’s too much, okay?” Even if she’s filled with lust and her only focus is to make Nancy cry, she’s still so fucking caring.


“I promise-” Nancy nods, needy and desperate. “Promise, promise.” Her heart races faster as Robin moves her hand to cover more of Nancy’s neck- she feels so small compared to Robin, just how much her hand can easily envelop her neck, how her rings are so loose on Nancy’s fingers, how she practically drowns in Robin’s clothes.


Nancy relaxes, not expecting anything until Robin suddenly buries two fingers; wet with her slick- into her. Robin holds the intense gaze, her thrusts slow, but hard to the point the smaller girl worries she’ll leave bruises. 


Whimpers, whining and near screams left Nancy’s lips. Her eyelids threaten to close, but never doing so, because the last thing she wants is Robin stopping.


Robin stopped for a moment and Nancy was about whimper in protest, but then she squeezes, faintly. Barely any pressure, but fuck- Nancy’s brain feels like fog and her eyes go unfocused, but the taller girl lets go and resumes the brutal rhythm. 

Robin looks hypnotised and absolutely obsessed at the fucked out look in Nancy’s eyes. “Beautiful, you’re so beautiful. My beautiful, genius girl.” 

Nancy wants to beg Robin to do it again, to make her feel that delicious brain fog again, but what comes out of her mouth is a keening noise when the taller girl pounds her fingers against that mind-numbing spot– a reward, Nancy (barely) thinks. For letting Robin see her desperation and patheticness. 

She’s overstimulated and there are tears brimming in her eyes and holding onto the arm hammering into her is the only thing grounding Nancy. “R-robin–” There’s no warning when Robin squeezes again, this time lasting for a few moments longer, paired with her rough fingers, the wet sounds and the delectable fog was enough to make Nancy sob and she doesn’t realise her eyes close at the assault of sensations. 


Everything stops. 


No, no, no. 

Robin- ” 

Robin looks so disappointed, but there’s a hint of smugness- why is she so fucking cocky?

“What’d I say, baby?”

“I- if I stop, y-you stop.” Nancy hiccups, her throat feels so dry. 

The taller girl gives her a mock pity look, pouting. “That’s disappointing, mi vida” she slightly curls her fingers to tease. “You were doing so well for me.”

“Nonono- Robin, please. I’ll be good again- I’ll be so good for you.” Nancy probably looks so pathetic right now. Clutching at Robin’s arm, shoulders, back– anywhere she can reach in hopes her girlfriend will stop teasing.

Robin tilts her head slightly, grinning so wide her eyes almost disappear and it looks like she’s holding back a laugh. God, why is she such a shithead?

“Just wanted to hear you beg, I’m not that mean.”

“Yes, you are- fuck!” 

The pounding, the pressure and fucking teasing were too much and Nancy finally. Fucking finally comes. Tears streaming down her face, back arching and twitching violently. Clenching so tightly on her fingers, and cunt fluttering at the intense aftershocks and her nails digging into Robin’s back and trailing red lines, breaking the skin, but she pays no mind to the stinging. Just kisses Nancy so gently as she sobs. 


Robin removes the hand on her neck and cups Nancy’s cheek instead. She’s so warm, Robin is always so warm and she carefully, so so carefully removes her fingers from Nancy, placing soft and quick kisses all over her face as she does. 

“You okay?”

“Mhm, just-” Nancy breathes out. “Fuck, Robin.” 

“Maybe later.”

Weakly laughing, Nancy leaned closer to the taller girl, “that was a lot.”

“Yeah?” Robin’s trying to act casual, she realises. She’s scared she’s hurt, Nancy.

“A good kind of a lot, babe.” She says in the most genuine tone she can muster up at this moment. Nancy knows how much Robin struggles with emotion and overthinking and she knows how much the taller girl will beat herself up if she ever thinks she’s hurt Nancy during their more intense moments. “So fucking good.”

Robin hums and she smiles as she lingers a kiss on the top of Nancy’s head. Pulling her flush against her chest and rubbing soothing circles on the smaller girl’s back.

“Who would’ve thought, Nancy Wheeler would be a freak in bed?” She says this (more like yells) with a boyish and wonky grin. 

“Oh, what the fuck?" Why is her girlfriend such a little shit? "Says you!”