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Brutally Truthful Answers

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There was a cold breeze in the air, and purple fog blocking the view of the world. Mole Knight cautiously attempted to make his way through. Just then, he fell over. His head hit what felt like bricks. And as the fog cleared, Mole Knight looked up. He saw a tower. A tall, menacing, purple tower. A knight in a red cloak dashed from the top of the tower, and opened the enormous doors.
After spotting Mole Knight, the woman said something in a human language, and Mole Knight squeaked. She said something else, her tone growing impatient.
What was going on? Who was this woman? Where even was Mole Knight? He didn't mean to run into this random tower. Actually, Mole Knight just wanted some help digging. Since he was a mole, he also couldn’t understand what the red cloaked woman was saying. The knight in the red cloak and gold armor turned away, but Mole Knight was still heavily confused. The other red-cloaked knight said something about an In-chant-rest… What could that mean? He was eager to know, so he rushed in to follow the knight before the doors closed.
When she saw that Mole Knight was still following her, the mysterious knight held her scythe out and said something else in a louder tone. Mole Knight backed up– he may not have known much about human weapons, but he knew that sharp things were dangerous, and he wasn't very good at defending himself.
Maybe he could even run away. Maybe the red cloaked knight was right, he could leave this place and get help digging from elsewhere. Possibly though, this big evil looking tower would help him claw through the dirt. Mole Knight couldn’t miss the opportunity. All the same, he still backed away from the scythe that was directly pointed at him.
But just as the knight was about to swing it, a purple fog like the one outside swirled around. Mole Knight jumped and the scythe was immediately put away. The red cloaked knight turned towards the fog. After a few moments, the purple mist was gone and there was a violent laugh coming from it. A green-skinned figure with purple horns appeared and stared at Mole Knight. She blinked a few times; the figure looked surprised.
She spoke in an incredulous tone, an eyebrow raised. The red cloaked knight hesitated to respond– it seemed like she was about to say something, but coughed a little and changed her tone. Mole Knight still couldn't understand a word the two were saying.
Mole began to inch towards the doors. This wasn’t at all what he wanted. Maybe he didn’t even need help digging! It was too risky to be involved in all of this. What was he thinking? Thoughts of him being an idiot roamed in his head. All of a sudden, the green-skinned figure teleported to Mole Knight, and began to pick at him.
“Hold still.” He was still squirming. Though he didn't understand much human-speak, that was one thing he knew. “HOLD STILL!” He was frozen in fear. It took a few minutes for her to really examine Mole Knight. He didn’t have much special about him, but she smiled.
Mole Knight was escorted into the scary tower– by now, there was no way out. He started sweating like crazy. He just needed help digging. How did he get into this?!
She said something that sounded like an introduction, but he still couldn’t make out what she was saying. Was she the In-chant-rest? That's what it sounded like.
The In-chant-rest said something proudly. But Mole Knight was confused... Until she opened another set of enormous doors.
6 pairs of eyes laid sight on Mole Knight. They all had some sort of armor, or a piece of attire that proved their worth. He… did not. He was some random mole who happened to be bad at digging and needed some assistance. But a knight with golden armor and a shiny crown marched over to Mole Knight.
The too-shiny knight said something rather loudly (something Mole would have to get used to in the coming days). Was he trying to communicate? Mole Knight squeaked, signaling he had no idea what the golden knight was saying. Until a short knight with a wrench walked over, and said something else.
The In-chant-rest interrupted, smugly saying something about a 'new member.'
Everybody groaned.
Another golden knight with a fan on his head walked up to Mole and gave a firm handshake. The new knight drew back his hand moments later– Mole Knight's claws had ripped his glove to shreds.
He exclaimed something, then coughed a bit, fixed his posture, and pretended like nothing ever happened. He said something in some other kind of human language that Mole had never heard of before. It seemed as if nobody could understand this 'Fan Knight' either.
A knight called, sitting at a table away from the crowd surrounding Mole Knight. Something about "fresh"-- no, "French"? What was that? The new knight, this one with some kind of anchor on his hand, stood up and walked towards the sea of knights. There wasn’t a handshake, or an insult. Not even a warm welcome. Just a sort of… introduction? Simple as three words. But Mole didn't understand a single one. He chirped in confusion.
Another knight in a plague mask exclaimed something about moles– he had been there the entire time, but with a notepad and a pen. Mole Knight could tell by the tone of this strange knight’s voice that he was… probably insane. He jumped around some more and approached Mole and laughed. Mole squeaked and nodded, pretending to understand.
“[The name’s Plague Knight… I know a lot about you and your people.]” the one named Plague Knight smirked, and hopped away.
Mole Knight stared blankly at the 6 knights that surrounded him. Each of them awaited an answer, as if they had ignored Plague Knight's little speech.
The golden knight with the crown said something else, like he was demanding something of Mole. Was that the way this human always talked?
As they stood there, Fan Knight interrupted. Everybody sighed, one knight even let out a tiny chuckle at the French knight's remark. It would be nice if Mole Knight could be in on the joke.
Just then, Mole Knight’s heart sank as he remembered something.
His parents. His mole friends who held digging contests and races. His entire village of moles. Where did they think he was? As if he knew the answer.
In an instant, he bolted for the doors. He would forget this place, forget these knights. His legs grew tired and weak, his breathing heavy– unstoppable, though, he carried on. He knew the atmosphere was suspicious. In fact, he knew from the start. He slid down the stairs and put his claw on the enormous doors to the exit. He heard the other 6 knights rushing down to catch him. No, no, no–
Until a knight with white braids entered the doors.
The knight with braids was silent, as if she was examining the scenario that was unfolding behind her. Just as she started to say something, Mole Knight was picked up and carried away by the 6 knights to the In-chant-rest. He attempted to scramble his way out of their unforgiving arms, but once he was plopped down in a seat, it was too late.
The In-chant-rest stood behind him. She rested her hands on the edges of the chair. “Let me put it in a way a mole can understand.” She chuckled, and darted her eyes at Plague Knight, whose eyes darted right back at Mole. “Here, your servitude is eternal,” The In-chant-rest said. Plague Knight squeaked like a mole, repeating what she said. Mole Knight shivered a bit. “Second of all, Mole Knight.. do you understand this first rule means there is no connection to be established between your family or friends once you have chosen our side?” The Enchantress began to laugh at the thought of Mole Knight missing his ‘friends’, as Plague translated it into mole. These words seemed almost too similar to his current situation.
How did she know all of these things? How did she know his name? What he most desired to get back to? Mole Knight felt a feeling of weakness rush through his body. He knew he did not stand a chance against this In-chant-rest judging from what he already knew about her. That feeling of weakness, was so much more than just being stolen of his power. In fact, it was so controlling that Mole Knight stopped trying to get out of the chair.
He slowly put his head down, listening to every word the Enchantress said.
She said it with power, with demand.
Mole Knight was a part of her now.

When the In-chant-rest had finished, Mole Knight had received a red piece of clothing. No.. it was armor. Mole Knight’s very own armor. It was everything he wished to be. Everything he wished he had. It was almost like it was a part of her plan to make him stay. So he put it on, the red shiny color complimenting the fire that burned so brightly on his head and shoulders. Mole Knight almost felt like thanking her. He had claws so sharp he could pierce through the walls. Surely, his journey to the Lost City would be easy.
But before Mole Knight could squeak another word, the small knight with the wrench smiled. “All me! The fire tech sure was fun to make…” The small knight then gasped, “Oh! The name's Tinker Knight. I’m known for my engineering.” Mole Knight eagerly reached a claw out, and shook Tinker Knight’s hand, who’s glove was so sturdy it didn’t rip a bit.
Mole Knight was no longer going to be weak.

Some time later…

Or not.
Propeller Knight and Mole Knight were sitting at two chairs, while the knight with a golden crown stood at a chalkboard. By now, Mole Knight knew that his leader's name was "Enchantress," not "In-chant-rest", and the knight with a fan was called "Propeller Knight"... Actually, it felt a little silly to think about his mistake before. But at least by now he knew a few more names.
“S!” The golden knight drew the letter ‘S’ on the board. “S is for snake!!” He then drew a snake on the board, coloring it green. “Now repeat what I just said.” The golden knight waited.
Mole Knight and Propeller Knight looked at eachother, they both shrugged. Until Propeller spoke with a heavy french accent, “S is for… snake.”
The crowned knight nodded happily, “It seems my lessons are working!! What about you– er… Mole Knight?” Mole Knight trembled. He didn’t know what to do. “Go on, say it you idiot!!”
Mole Knight took a deep breath and said, “Snak.”
He literally said ‘snak.’
The golden knight groaned, he smacked Propeller and Mole on the head with his scepter. “IMBECILES!! I cannot believe you BOTH!"
"I cannot believe you!" Propeller Knight huffed indignantly, slamming his hand down. "Je refuse d'être traité comme un bambin!"
"We will move on to the letter ‘T’ when you can say it CORRECTLY!” The crowned knight angrily pointed his scepter to the letter ‘S’ again, doubling down. “SNAKE!!” The golden knight screamed, making Mole Knight wince. In fact, he screamed so loudly the knight with the white braids peaked in.
“...Quiet down. The old Specter’s had a rough day.” Mole, Propeller, and the crowned knight turned towards her.
“I do not CARE what kind of day he has had! These are VERY important lessons from the one and only KING KNIGHT!” The golden knight, or, King Knight said.
The knight with the braids sighed, and exited the room. When King Knight looked back at Propeller, he had fallen asleep, and Mole Knight was wishing he had something to eat.
The crowned knight bonked Propeller Knight on the head. “WAKE UP! If the mole says snake we can all move on.”
There was a moment of silence, until Mole Knight spoke. “Snake.”
King Knight smiled happily, “Alright! Onto ‘T’.”

…It was a long day.