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Sometimes, Liam wondered about the what-ifs and could-have-beens if things were just a little different. If he was never sorted into Gryffindor. If he never became friends with the Marauders. If he never met Sev. If he was a girl, a girl named Lily, or if Sev was a girl. Serena maybe. 

Mostly, he thinks about what life would be like if he was Muggle, like his sister Petunia. He wouldn’t be able to crowd Severus into a dark corner, couldn’t put his hands on him, pull on his dark hair until he bared that pale column of neck. Or, well, he could still, but there would be a good chance they’d get beaten. In the Wizarding World, no one cared that they were two men. The fact that Liam was a Gryffindor and Sev a Slytherin caused more of a scandal than what they had underneath their robes. 

He entered the Great Hall, his eyes immediately falling on the Slytherin table, seeking Sev out. He sat on the end, alone, as usual, hunched up and reading a book, only absently spooning porridge into his mouth when he turned the page. Used to, he would sit with his dormmates Mulciber and Avery and Rosier; a bunch of Death Eater wannabes if there ever was. But not anymore, not since his relationship with Liam had become public knowledge. They wanted nothing to do with Severus, now that he was “getting on his knees for a Mudblood.” They refused to acknowledge him in public, and Liam could only guess at what went on in private, in the Slytherin dorms. Sev didn’t talk about it, and Liam had long learned not to push, lest he wanted all that razor-sharp wit turned on him. 

Severus must have felt the heavy weight of Liam’s stare, because he looked up then, his dark eyes traveling up Liam’s tall form from the tips of his shoes just peeking out from underneath his robe, to his red hair. Chin up, Liam mouthed, and Severus flashed him a small half-smile and lifted his chin in that cold, imperious look of his in defiance of his ostracization. Liam grinned and hurried off to the Gryffindor table. 

“You’ve got terrible taste,” Sirius moaned as Liam sat down. 

“Excuse you, I have excellent taste. Sev can actually carry on a conversation. You dated Sarah Belby, and I’m not even sure if she can read.” 

“Do you think I was going out with her to study?” He asked incredulously. Liam rolled his eyes. Sarah Belby fit Sirius’s type perfectly: meaning that her chest always entered a room before the rest of her did. 

“Enough about Snape,” James said, and he leaned forward, looking Liam in the eyes. There was a strange, off-putting muskiness clinging to the other boy. It made Liam’s forehead itch, right where his horns would be if he was in his animagus form. Was this some new cologne James was trying out? If it was, he should dump it down the sink, it smelled awful. James whispered, “You finished the ritual? You’ve done it?” 

Remus flitted his eyes over to look at him. 

“Yeah, I’ve done it,” Liam said coolly. “Tested it last night.” 

“What form did you take?” Peter demanded. 

“Not telling. It’s a secret.” 

“Bet you ten galleons it’s something embarrassing,” Sirius stage-whispered to Remus. “Like a banana slug.” 

Liam didn’t say anything, just shot the other boy a sly smirk. Wouldn’t he be in for a surprise. 

“So, it’s official then.” James held out his hand. “Welcome to the Marauders.” 

“I am not calling myself by that stupid name. I’m not ten years old.” 

“It’s a great name and I should know, I picked it out.” 

“So-- so, you’ll be there then,” Remus said. “You’ll be there tonight?” 

Liam let his gaze soften as he looked at Remus. The other boy looked so nervous. “Yes, I’ll be there.” He still couldn’t believe it: Remus Lupin, a werewolf. He couldn’t believe his dormmates had managed to keep it a secret for all these years. It hurt a little, when he finally found out, but Liam could admit that he’s been a little stuck on Sev and the others, especially Sirius, had never fully trusted the Slytherin simply because he was a Slytherin. 

Remus smiled in relief, always amazed at the lengths his friends – something he never thought he would have – would go to for him. 

“You’ve been secretive all summer,” Severus accused when Liam finally met up with him in a disused classroom. He was sitting on a desk covered in dust, glowering from a dark corner. “So spill.” 

Liam grinned, knowing it would only piss Sev off more. “Sorry, can’t.” Sev wouldn’t care that Liam was an unregistered animagus, but he would want to know why and Liam couldn’t expose Lupin like that. “At least not right now, not until we graduate.” 

Sev arched a brow at that. “What? Worried you might get expelled or something?” 

“Yeah, something like that.” 

There went the other brow. 

Liam stepped forward, pushing between Sev’s legs when he wouldn’t part them. He never made it easy, and Liam couldn’t help the thrill that went up his spine. Sev looked up at him coolly, trying to maintain that perfect, detached expression, but Liam had known Sev since they were kids. He knew what was thrumming just underneath the surface, those darkly burning eyes. 

He was unable to stop himself from running his hands up Sev’s thighs. His robes were old and worn thin from repeated washings, and Sev didn’t often wear trousers underneath. Couldn’t afford to. Just knowing that the only thing keeping Sev decent was this thin robe drove Liam wild. The idea that at anytime, anywhere he could just flip Sev’s robes over his head and have instant access to all that flesh was a reoccurring fantasy of his. Sometimes they would be working side-by-side in Potions, Sev cutting some nameless herb with a deftness Liam had always admired, and he would imagine running his hand over his thigh underneath the table, just like he’s doing now, pulling at the hem of his robe until it was bunched up around his hips, dipping between his legs to grope silently while Sev chopped. 

He never did it, of course, because he valued his hand. 

But there was nothing stopping him now. Sev leaned up for a kiss and Liam swooped down to meet him, pushing at the robe until it was around Sev’s waist. The pants were shucked off and tossed somewhere behind him, and this time when Liam pressed forward, Sev opened his legs greedily, wrapping them around his waist and pulling him in. Liam ground against Sev’s hardening cock. With one hand still gripping Sev’s thigh, Liam rucked up his own robes so he could undo the fly to his trousers, pulling himself out and gasping at the feel of hot skin against hot skin. 

Suddenly, Liam was gripping the back of Sev’s thighs, pushing them up against his chest as Liam continued rub against him. Sev gave a startled squeak at the bruising grip, and the awkward position Liam had forced him into. He had to hold onto the edge of the desk to keep from falling flat on his back. “Li!” He yelped when he felt the other boy’s cock slide downward, over his hole. It felt like—like he was actually trying to push it in, with no lubrication, no prep work, and—and they had never actually gone that far before. “Stop!” 

And Liam did. He was still holding on to Sev’s thighs, panting heavily, and his pupils were blown so wide that Sev could see only a ring of green around them. “Sorry. I’m sorry, I just--” Liam leaned forward until his head bumped Sev’s. He could feel the stag in the back of his mind, those instincts he had only briefly touched the night before had never really left him. “Can you turn over and lie on your stomach? I won’t-- I promise I won’t go in, I just need--” He wanted to mount the doe underneath him. 

Sev was looking at him like he had lost his mind, and maybe he had, but he nodded and turned over, bracing his feet against the floor, exposing the two pale cheeks to Liam’s gaze. He grabbed at them, kneaded the flesh, and parted them to stare until Sev landed a solid kick against his shin. He let go then, and moved his hands to Sev’s waist, pushing his cock between the boy’s thighs. He started to thrust into the heat, made slick with sweat, and reached around with one hand to jerk Sev off. 

“Sev, Sev,” he panted against his hair as he rutted against him. Sev was moaning underneath him. Liam’s hand, the treacherous hand, wandered away from his waist, back to his arse, dipping in-between to thumb the rim of his hole. “Please, please,” he begged, feeling increasingly ridiculous, but unable to stop, thrusting hard against Sev’s flesh. “Just the tip. I swear I won’t put the whole thing in.” Sev was rocking back against him, and then pushing forward into his other hand. Liam breached him with his finger, pushing in, and Sev seized, his hole fluttering as he came. 

Liam felt his own orgasm slam into him, coating Sev’s backside white, hitting against his hole. He pushed his cum into him, felt Sev clench down, like he wanted more, and then he was being slapped away. Sev jerked straight up, the back of his head almost meeting Liam’s nose, and shoving his robes down to hide the mess. “Well,” he said, turning around, his face flushed red. “That-- I--” 

“I’m sorry,” Liam blurted out. “I didn’t mean to push you. I don’t know what came over me.” 

“It’s fine,” Sev said, his voice rough. He wasn’t looking at Liam. “It was—I didn’t mind it. I—we could—I was thinking about... trying more. With you. We could try.” 



Liam gave a huge smile. “Tomorrow night?” 

Sev nodded, and somehow his face got even redder. “Tomorrow night,” he confirmed.