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His scarf wasn't entirely red, per se. The patterns on it were of pink, a red that was barely a shade away from orange, and splashes of something perhaps resembling maroon. Maybe it was a little long for a guy that wasn't exactly living in a cold temperature a majority of the time. That never really bothered him, though, sometimes it was tossed to the side. Other times he left it as is, obstructing his face from being entirely visible to others.

He didn't buy the damn thing for its fashion points though, it was a purely practical purchase. Having a stable place to sleep every night, or even a place, was a problem since he hadn't always exactly had long term employment, or housing. Wearing his jacket in addition to wrapping his face in the scarf would help him stay somewhat warm, no matter where he was, or what his sleeping situation had been at the moment. It was a pretty solid and well worn plan to date.

Completely practical.

So practical that the entirety of its handiness had escaped him sometimes. He hadn't counted on it being used to another's advantage.

The advantage was currently held by the woman whose warm, sweet lips touched his. Red, and patterns pulled down, to the side by her right hand. Tilting his head down to where she wished it to be at that moment, Mitsuba stepped closer to Edge.

He can't remember what they were speaking about prior any longer.

He closed his eyes to match hers, tilting downwards a bit to better reach her further than the amount granted by the misuse of his accessory. Long blond bangs brushed his face as the lips against his own relaxed into a smile.

Releasing his scarf, Mitsuba brought her right hand to the back of Edge's neck. Tangling her fingers in his hair, she brought him closer to her. Seems like that step forward wasn't enough for her.

Sometimes he couldn't believe the life he's currently living was really his. Not that the disbelief would keep him from moving his hands, which had been dangling at his side in surprise, from moving to rest on her hips.

Withdrawing from their kiss, Mitsuba let out a minute sigh, lips curving back into a smile. Looking up at Edge from the slight distance afforded from breaking away, the fingers of her right hand busied themselves toying with his thick dark mass of hair. Her left hand mimicking his as she let it rest on his hip.


The blue-green of her eyes sparkled up at him.


Leaning up again, she resumed kissing the stupid looking grin off of his face.