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A Vampire Diaries & Inuyasha crossover

I do not own Vampire Diaries, Inuyasha/Yashahime nor the characters from any of the respective works. I only own this plot bunny.


In which a time traveling demon exterminator finds herself in the company of a hybrid, a gentleman vampire, their younger sister, and a Ripper



In the three months she has been here, Sango was almost certain that she should have gone crazy. That is if she hadn't lived in a time where demons and humans were in tandem. It had been by no means harmonious; Sango over herself had made a living of killing demons. Up until she was sixteen, demons —especially the ones with human appearances—were the enemy. There were some exceptions. Her precious companion Kirara had been one.

But a few months into turning sixteen, it all changed one day. The day the sky was alight with soft lilac shooting stars, the day the Shikon jewel broke. After that, she knew little peace. The demons had become stronger and the feeling of something dreadful had been looming over the horizon and when it did, she lost everything.

Her village. Her comrades. Her father.

Everything she had ever known had been ripped away. Most would think her pulling herself from her own grave had been the worst of it. No, if Sango remembered that night too long, she always saw her brother's crying face, running to her, and then being slain by a barrage of arrows.

She would take tasting graveyard soil for the remainder of her life if she could scrub away that memory: Kohaku's tears, the fear in his voice.

She would never forget it.

"You've got that face again,"

Sango blinked, looking up from the book she had been reading. Kagome had used to bring them from her time. It was called manga. Her hostess, Gloria, had been kind enough to let her read some. According to her, guests lost things all the time. But the manga had actually been a gift from a traveling manga artist back in the 1980s.


Gloria smiled, ruby lips turning upwards. "You're lost in your thoughts. You need to loosen up."

Her Japanese was more casual than Sango was used to, but it reminded her of Kagome. The time-traveler has spoken similarly, minus the accent. She wasn't sure where she would have been if not for the witch. (Although if she had to guess it would haven either dead or sold off into some form of slavery). Gloria had been the one to find her when she found herself in the middle of a busy Chicago street, confused and being ignored by the passing denizens. After taking her in, the witch explained as much as she could.

She was in a country by the name of America, which she knew from Kagome's history books. The city she was in was called Chicago and Gloria had found her because of magic. Gloria had told her about vampires, witches, and werewolves, citing it was for her safety. Sango had almost laughed when she told her of their existence, if not for the demons she had traveled with and wasn't like it wasn't impossible. A magical jewel shard could amplify someone's strength tenfold and raise a corpse from the dead. How hard was it for her to believe magic couldn't do more? But that had been years ago to Sango and to her, just months ago, she had been talking to Kagome about how excited she was that her friend was pregnant. Hisui had been a little over a year old, he would be close to two when the baby was born.

Sango hoped she would be back by now. KinGyo's birthday had passed. They were close to four now, not to mention Kohaku would be sixteen soon.

Sango sighed; her heart heavy again.

She should get out of her head. Thinking about her family made her think about how much she missed them. She also worried deeply for Miroku.

Gloria rasped her knuckles against the bar top, spooking the slayer. She laughed at the glare Sango gave her.

"You need to loosen up," repeated the witch. She held up a glass. She knew it was whiskey, it was what Gloria had served her the first night they met. It had become a favorite of Sango's. Especially since Gloria always topped hers off with cherry juice and a spritz of soda water.

But still, her eyes narrowed and she glared at the blonde.

Gloria raised her right hand over her heart. "Hey, it isn't poisoned or spelled," she patted her chest twice. "I promise."

Sango took that with an ounce of faith. Gloria had spelled her drink several times; mostly with calming spells.

Reaching for the glass, Gloria sent her a wink as she raised it. The witch raised her own glass, which Sango hadn't noticed before. The rims clinked against each other and Sango downed hers. The burn settled into her stomach and she felt the flush in her cheeks.

Gloria shimmed her shoulders, "That hit the spot for me."

"Same," she murmured.

"Come on girl," Gloria moved around the bar, and once she was beside the slayer, she pulled her from her stool. "Let's dance!"


"What did I tell you about calling me that?" Glared the witch as she dragged Sango to her feet. With a wave of her hand, music filled the bar.

It was a little past noon. No one really came to Gloria's in the middle of the day and even then, it was a few patrons. Sango worked as a waitress to help pass the time. Gloria had spelled one of her drinks with a decipher spell. It made it easier to communicate with the customers.

To them, she was a young college student working through the summer while on a study visa. Her English was good but her accent made it clear she was from overseas, at least in the beginning. Magic worked wonders for the demon slayer. She still struggled with some words but she was better at annunciation and grammar. Reading was also a much easier task.

Now her accent wasn't too noticeable. Gloria figured that with a bit more time, she'd sound like she was from America.

Sango just wanted to go home, but that would be a bit hard. Gloria had said time travel was tricky for witches and the Spirits (the ancestors of witches who had passed but watched over the balance of magic and nature, at least how Gloria described to Sango one night over a bowl of gumbo) they didn't take kindly to helping just anyone.

Sango had been plucked out of her time for a reason. They hadn't said why, but considering she had been stuck in Chicago in the blistering summer of 2011, it meant her purpose hadn't even revealed to her yet.

How fun.

Gloria twirled the woman. When Sango came right back around to face her, she was met with a swat to her forehead.

"Ow," she grumbled. "Why did you do that?"

"Because even with alcohol in your system, Cab Calloway playing overhead and the importance of fun, you want to be a downer. Cheer up."

"Gloria-san…" she trailed off at the glare and then corrected herself. "Gloria-chan, as much as I want to have fun…."

Gloria huffed and pulled away. "Ugh, fine. Since you want to be a buzzkill, go grab some bottles of top-self scotch from the storage room."

Sango blinked. "Why?"

Gloria's eyes shimmered, looking like they glowed with the magic the witch possessed.

"Don't ask, just do as I say," there was a pause before Gloria added in a softer tone. "please?"

Sango nodded; message received.

This was urgent.

Sango started for the back room, where she would take the stairs down to the cellar (and also close to where she was tinkering with some poisons). Her gut was telling her she would need some vervain gas bombs.

And a blade just to be safe.