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Prologue: Somewhere in China

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Somewhere in China…

In the light of the fire, Ranma glared down the giant panda as the two of them sat in silence. The panda was munching on a stalk of bamboo and sitting on a log, suspiciously avoiding eye contact.

Ranma took her frustration out on the towel in her hands, wringing it dry. The whole time she never broke her stare. The panda paused chewing and scratched a message into the bamboo. Raising its paws, it turned the bamboo towards Ranma.

‘Stop staring at me like that. It’s not cute.”

Her eyes twitched out of sheer fury. She flew to her feet and launched a kick at the bear. “YOU PIECE OF SHIT! WHOSE FAULT DO YOU THINK THIS IS IN THE FIRST PLACE!?!?!”

Her foot landed square in the panda’s face. Panda batted her to the side but Ranma landed in a hand spring and backed off. She was a hard hitter but her father was now a hundred something kilogram panda bear.

‘That hurt. Don’t be such a bitch.’

The bamboo scratch notes pissed her off even more. “I swear to god, buddhas, everything holy in this goddamn world, I will beat you at your own game. You piece of shit father!”

Ranma ducked the bamboo that shot her way and grabbed the kettle off the fire. She poured the scalding water on top of herself and hucked the empty kettle into the darkness before storming off as well.