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Danganronpa Infinite Strife

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“Shuichi, Shuichi!”

A voice echoed in his mind. That was his name…Shuichi Saihara. And that voice felt…familiar.

“Wake up, please, I beg you, just wake up!”


He opened his eyes and a girl with yellow hair was watching over him with tears in her eyes.


An immediate thought was that he was dreaming. Afterall, he would occasionally dream about her during the days of those dreadful killing game. But this all felt too…real.

The girl’s face was red and there seemed to be snot coming out of her nose as well. Shuichi wanted to laugh at the absolute ridiculousness of the situation. But before he could, Kaede wrapped her arms around his waist and placed her face on his chest.

“I…I am so happy…to be alive”

Yes, happy, alive. It was good to be alive.

Shuichi’s body relaxed, he hugged Kaede back with a smile.

A few minutes of silence passed. But it wasn’t one of those damp and dead silence. It was silence filled with content and relaxation. The warmth of her body, her tears…it was all real. Real and not a dream. It wasn’t fiction.

Kaede pulled herself off from his chest. She wiped her nose and looked at him, a bit embarrassed. She opened her mouth to say something but closed it again, then opened again.

“W-what happened to your hat?”

“Oh, I-I threw it away” he said and looked away from her.

Shuichi and Kaede were sitting on a small bed together. The floor was blue, there was a table at the end of the room and two doors behind him. But his attention still diverted to Kaede. He stretched his arm to grab hold of Keade’s hand. It was so soft and warm.

Tears started to form in Shuichi’s eyes. Could one’s wishes truly be granted with enough begging? Was a miracle like this even possible?

“I thought…that you had…died” muttered Shuichi.

Kaede grabbed her throat with her hands, her face became strained.

“Me too. I…it was painful”

“Are we dead?” asked Shuichi.

Kaede laughed.

“Y-you’re a detective, right? I didn’t think you believed in the afterlife?”

“Y-yeah. But it’s not that I wanted to disbelieve it either. Most debates surrounding it become difficult and useless since there is not enough evidence to support any of the theories.”

Shuichi felt like he was rambling and shook his head.

“Besides, it doesn’t matter. We’re alive and together right now. That’s all that matters. I…I won’t let you die again” said Shuichi with a confident smile.

“Thank you, Shuichi.”

Shuichi quickly walked over to the nearest door. He moved the round handle but the door did not budge. He walked over to the other door and moved the handle and the door opened. Shuichi cautiously walked out, Kaede trailed behind him. As they exited and entered a hallway bathed in red light, a familiar voice echoed.

“Hey, look! It’s Pooichi and Piano head”

He looked around to see a pink dressed sassy girl and a white costumed purple haired boy. Those figures were all too familiar.

“Kokichi, Miu!” gasped Shuichi.

“Oh, thank goodness. I’m glad I’m not stuck with just Miu for the rest of my life! Would be pretty bad if I had to pity fuck this pink bitchlet out of loneliness even tho I kinda killed her before” said Kokichi happily as he walked towards them while putting his arms behind his head.

“You guys!” yelled Kaede with tears in her eyes and ran towards them.

She jumped towards Miu and wrapped her arms around her neck.

“Hey, hold up. I know I’m mind blowingly gorgeous and ingenious, even a girl like you couldn’t resist me. But these sudden snuggling sections are startling me up” said Miu while she blushed and shook.

“Hey, no fair! I wanted Kaede to hug me too. Surely I am more deserving of that than this murderous whore” said Kokichi with tears in his eyes.

Kaede giggled and hugged Kokichi as well. Shuichi might have been seeing things, but Kokichi seemed genuinely happy to be hugged by her.

A door nearby swung open.

“ARghhhh, killer! BETRAYER! YANDERE!” yelled an overly chubby boy. He ran with minimal speed and hid behind Shuichi.

“Oh please, shouldn’t you be glad for clinging to dear life” said a gothic girl who wore a fancy dark dress. The enormous curled hair on her both sides were something to take note of.

“Hey, who are you people?” said Kaede as she approached them.

“My name is Hifumi. And that snitcher’s name is Celestia Ludenberd! Nyeeehhhh” said the gigantic boy as he ducked down and stared down his nemesis through the gap between Shuichi’s legs.

Shuichi walked away puzzled. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He looked at those two people. Clearly, they were characters in the Danganronpa franchise, Tsumugi cosplayed them during the last class trial. But how can this be? Danganronpa should be over. To see these characters here again, it seems he did not do a great of a job as he had hoped.

His eyes shifted back to Kaede who was distracted by the sudden guests.

Was Kaede fictional too?

Given the truth Shuichi had figured o-, no, relayed and forced onto him, it had to be so. But everything about her looks like the same Kaede he once knew. The same person he cared about, and still do. But…he couldn’t let his guard down. Danganronpa continued…it continued forever and ever.

A door swung open and two boys, one brown haired, the other white haired came out of the room. Shuichi identified them as Hajime and Nagito. Their names were on the hope’s peak academy research book. Tsumugi cosplayed them as well.

“Wait, this place is” gasped Hajime with a terrified face.

“Hello, my name is Nagito Komaeda. I was pretty sure it was the end of me, but life seems to be full of hope” said Nagito as he approached Kaede.

“Kaede Akamatsu. Nice to meet you” said Kaede, bowed and went past him.

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The others introduced themselves one after the other. Soon another door opened and Gundham and Kazuichi got out.

“Hmm, I presumed the fiery pits of hell would sting and stab my immortal soul in hell. But the only hell I felt was waking up smelling your stink, soda!” grunted Gundham with disappointment.

“Oh shut the hell up! I smell better than the drench of animal waste on your clothes.” complained Kazuichi.

Another door opened and Makoto and Kyoko got out.

“W-what, Celestia? Hifumi? I thought you guys had died!” yelled Makoto at the top of his voice.

“Mr.Makoto, I’m so glad to see you! After that extreme pain, I was sure I was a goner, WAAHH!” said Hifumi as he rushed to Makoto, gave him a bearhug and placed Makoto’s face into his musky chin.

“Hifumi, stop! I can’t b-breathe.”

“Is this some sort of a prank? Are you people Junko’s followers? Why are we back at hope’s peak academy?” asked Kyoko with frustration in her voice.

“We’re at Hope’s peak academy?” asked Shuichi.

“Yes, It seems Monokuma has gathered more playmates for his little killing game” said Celestia with a doll like smile.

Shuichi listened closely to their banters and pondered.

Right, these people were subjected to the killing game orchestrated by Junko Enoshima in Hope’s peak academy. And the two over there are from the Jabberwock Island killing game if I remember correctly. Most of them should be dead, but they are alive. And so is Kaede, Kokichi, Miu. Why? The obvious link is the Necronomicon Monokuma mentioned during our killing game. We thought it was impossible to revive the dead at that time. But during the final class trial, Tsumugi revealed the truth about the flashback lights and the game itself. Memories can be erased and implemented. With this, changing an already existing person’s memory and personality becomes quite easy. However, these people here look exactly like the participants in the killing games, some of which were the friends I knew. It may be just a theory, but it’s possible that these bodies were created through other means.

Just then a door at the rear opened and a blonde girl with a tidy dress came out.

“Miss Sonia!” yelled Kazuichi.

He sat on his knee and stretched his arms to his sides, Sonia happily ran towards him.


She went past him, jumped and hugged Gundham, placing her arms tight around his neck.

“It is a tremendous joy to be seeing your lovely presence, my dark queen” said Gundham as he peered into Sonia’s loving eyes filled with tears.

“Ugh, damn it. Why…Never thought I would be saying this, but I hate reincarnation as a religious system. Hell and Heaven all the way” mumbled Kazuichi.

“Come on Kaz, it’s rude of you to say that. A miracle has happened. Even tho we didn’t agree to Junko’s terms, Gundham is still alive. Maybe we got a little lucky, but we made the right decision” said Hajime proudly.

“Yeah, sure. Let’s just hope the non douche bags also revived too, otherwise I will end up become hardcore atheist” grumbled Kazuichi while crouching.

“Wait, you were a theist? But you’re a mechanic” gasped Hajime.

“Way to stereotype all mechanics, Hajime” said Kazuichi as he got up and cleaned his trousers.

“Let’s check all the dorm rooms and wake up whoever is inside it.” said Kyoko boldly.

At her commands everyone split up and entered a room. Kaede and Shuichi entered a room. It was identical to the one they had woken up. But on the bed were Kaito and Maki. They both seem to be sleeping.

Shuichi’s jaws dropped. The hair the clothes, the body figure.

“Kaito, is that really…” Shuichi mumbled.

He almost teared up but he shook his head and walked towards the two on the bed.

“Kaito, wake up!” said Shuichi while shaking him.

“Mmmrmm, mom it’s Saturday.”

But before he was up, Maki opened her eyes and yelled.

“AHH, a zombie!”

She pushed him with such strength that Kaito ended up pushing Shuichi to the ground and landed on his knees himself.

“Oh, damn, my head. What the fu- Oh hey, Shuichi“

Kaito looked at Shuichi with confusion and it was doubled when Shuichi hugged him tight.

“W-whoa, it’s okay man. Somehow I’m still standing. I dunno why.” said Kaito with a smirk.

“K-kaito?” mumbled Maki.

Shuichi finally let go of Kaito, allowing him to turn around to make eye contact with Maki. Tears fell down from her ruby like eyes. And she wrapped her hands around his neck and started crying while desperately trying to cling to him for his warmth.

“H-hey, am I dreaming or…well, even if I’m dreaming, I don’t care. It’s a nice dream. Glad to be with you, Makiroll.”

“Umm, when did you two become this close?” said Kaede.

Kaito’s eyes became large at the sound of her voice. He looked up at her in shock.

“K-Kaede? How is this…possible?”

“Hey! Why are you looking at her like that?” grunted Maki.

“I- uhh, what look, wait…wait” said Kaito, his voice becoming hollow with every word.

“Wait, OH SHIT” yelled Kaito.

He sprang up while holding Maki in his arms. Maki was still dangling from his neck with her arms but she stood on the ground with her feet.

“I really am DEAD! Damn it Maki Roll! I told you to live and you ended up dying on me? I mean, we’re probably in space heaven and all but you could have at least lived a little before you got here.”

“Y-you idiot. Why are you saying something so stupid when I was so…happy. Idiot!” said Maki but she let out a few giggles afterwards.

“Okay, but seriously how the hell are you alive Kae- no, nononono” said Kaito, his words became faint with every word.

Kaito yelled out loud and jumped up. Maki was quick to catch him into her arms.

“Are you a g-g-g-ghost? AM I A GHOST?”

Maki sighed and let go of her hands and Kaito fell on his ass on the floor.

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“Shit shit shit, it hurts, Makiroll” whined Kaito as he rubbed his ass with his hand.

“Well, considering that you can feel pain and still following the laws of gravity, I suppose you aren’t dead” said Maki while wiping her tears.

“Yeah, we are alive. But…” said Shuichi with a grim expression.

“We’re still in the killing game? Did you guys beat Monokuma?” asked Kaede.

“We did. Tsumugi was the mastermind. Maki, Himiko and I were the survivors. Or at least, I have a memory of that happening” said Shuichi with a bit of confusion.

“Me too” said Maki.

“Wait, Tsumugi was the mastermind?” yelled Kaede.

“That damn four eyed freak!” grunted Kaito.

“Come on, we have to warn the others” said Maki and the four of them ran out of the room only to encounter a chaotic scene.

The hallway was filled with noises of people crying, yelling and chatting.

“Brother, you are alive!” said Kiyotaka as he placed his hands on Mondo’s shoulder and wept.

“It’s alright bro. The depths of hell were not enough to take me down” said Mondo with a wide smile.

Tenko and Himiko seemed to be hugging it out as well while Angie looked at them brightly.

Hajime and Chiaki held hands awkwardly as they stared at one another. Aoi hugged Sakura tight while Sakura lifted her body off from the ground. Makoto, Kyoko, Byakuya were watching them, Kyoko and Makoto with a smile while Byakuya pushed away Toko with his hand.

Mahiru and Hiyoko seemed to be hugging one another tight, an even more dramatic scene was Fuyuhiko and Peko crying and weeping as they embraced one another closely.

“ahem ahem”

A voice echoed throughout the hallway. Shuichi presumed the voice was coming from the speaker in the top corner of the hallway.

“Hello, everyone. I know you’re having the reunion of your lifetime. But that is just oh so boring. So let’s spice things up a bit.”

The voice was all too familiar.

“Damn it, Monokuma! Haven’t you had enough yet?” grunted Kaito.

“Wait, you know him?” gasped Hajime.

“The participants of the hope’s peak academy killing game must stay where you are. The rest of you fools should go to the exit through the entrance.” said Monokuma’s voice.

“Wait, the door is open? No way!” gasped Leon.

“But, Monokuma said we can’t leave through it” said Chihiro with tears in her eyes.

“Who gives a flying fuck about what he says. We’re gonna leave here, together!” said Mondo.

“You’re right brother. I had it with following Monokuma’s orders. It’s about time we take the rules into our own hands” said Kiyotaka boldly.

Mondo and Kiyotaka rushed to the hallway, everyone else followed them. About thirty or so students waltzed through the hall until they encountered a horde of students right outside of the entrance.

A familiar giant with glasses was the easiest to spot, due to his figure.

“Gonta!” yelled Shuichi.

Gonta turned around to look at Shuichi. Immediately his eyes became teary.

“You guys. I’m so sorry!”

Gonta rushed forward, easily pushing away the students in front of him.

“Shit, watch where you’re going” grunted Hiyoko towards him but Gonta gave no thought to her.

He stretched his arms and rushed towards Shuichi at full speed. Reacting to the impending doom, Shuichi dived to the side to avoid Gonta’s bear hug.

“Ugh, it’s fine. No need for hugs. It’s good to see you” said Shuichi.

But Gonta’s eyes fell upon a girl he had once cared for.

“Kaede! Uwahh”

Within a moment Gonta hugged Kaede and raised her off the ground.

“G-gonta, I can’t…breathe” squirted Kaede.

“Hah, poor Kaidiot’s chest is gonna get even flatter” cackled Miu.

When Gonta put her legs back onto the floor, Kaede was ready to vomit.

“Yahoo, how is everyone doing?” said Ibuki whilst she was riding on Imposter’s back.

“Wait a minute. Who is this fat imitation of me? Speak at once” said Byakuya as he pointed his finger accusingly towards the Imposter. The Imposer blinked and talked.

“My name is Byakuya Togami, the heir to the Togami em-“

“Don’t mock me, fatso!” yelled Byakuya angrily.

“Well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. You should be happy that the ultimate imposter is impersonating you” said Hajime with a quirky smile.

“And who is this plain looking normie with a 5 dollar tie? And considering that you replicated Makoto’s mess of a hairstyle yourself, It’s no surprise you’re defending plagiarism and identity theft” hissed Byakuya.

“Regardless of the lack of style, he has. At least, Hajime doesn’t shame others for how they look” said Mahiru with a grain of salt.

“Enough with your childish squabbles. You guys can escape through that door” said Kyoko.

They all entered the entrance hall. The round door was open. Beyond it was a bright light.

“Ahh, finally free from this hot mess of a killing game” yelled Miu as she ran into the light and disappeared.

“Yo, coach, let’s go” cried out Akane and quickly ran into the light followed by a gigantic robot man known as Mechamaru.

Nagito also went into the light, followed by Korekiyo, Tsumugi and Kokichi.

“Wait, there is Tsumugi!” yelled Maki and ran after them.

“Makiroll, wait up!” cried Kaito.

Maki entered into the light, Kaito as well.

“Come on, Kiyotaka, let’s go” yelled Mondo.

“Okay, brother!” said Kiyotaka.

“Wait, Monokuma said that we should stay in the school!” cried out Aoi but Kiyotaka and Mondo did not listen.

When Mondo approached the door the light flashed even brighter and at the next moment Mondo was sliding on the ground with his back.

“Brother, BROTHER!” cried out Kiyotaka.

“Sheesh, stop yelling, I’m fine” said Mondo as he slowly picked himself up.

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“Upupupup. What did I say? remember it. It will be pretty rude of me to kill a person for having a bad memory. But if you’re willingly trying to defy me, you’ll be sorry…well, it’s not like there is anything you can do to stop me” said Monokuma’s voice from a nearby speaker.

“Mondo, there is a gatling gun right next to the door. Don’t try something reckless like this again” said Kyoko scoldingly.

Mondo did not retaliate. He merely looked at Kiyotaka, Chihiro and sighed.

“Well, we’ll be going before Monokuma gets mad.” said Rantaro and entered into the light.

Soon dozens of students went past Mondo, Kiyotaka, Kyoko and entered the light. And after a minute or so only the participants of hope’s peak academy’s killing game were left at the entrance.


Shuichi opened his eyes, his eyes still wavery from the light. He could see the clear blue sky, the lush green trees, his feet were on a field made of bricks.

“A-are we free?” said Kaede hoarsely.

“Tch, sorry to kill your hope but no. We’re on Jabberwock island” said Fuyuhiko.

Shuichi turned around to spot a giant statue depicting a tiger, snake and a horseman. It was just like the picture he saw in the hope’s peak academy journal about Jabberwock island.

“Damn it, where the hell did Nagito go to?” yelled Hajime.

“You lost sight of him? Seriously? He is a menace! Do you remember what kind of crazy shit he did to us?” complained Kazuichi.

“Ahh! W-why are we here a-again? Just to suffer?” cried Mikan.

“Help, help!”

It was Tsumugi’s voice. Shuichi heard those screams from behind the woods and quickly rushed towards the source of the sound. Kaede, Kokichi followed him.

Behind a few trees Shuichi saw Tsumugi struggling to speak under a headlock from Maki. Kaito desperately tried to pull away Maki’s arms but he seemed to lack the strength to.

“Get away Kaito. We need to kill this asshole to end all of this. She is probably behind this one as well” yelled Maki.

“Man, old habits do die hard huh. Killing her is wrong no matter how you look at it, you idiot” grunted Kaito.

Maki threw away Tsumugi, turned around and grabbed ahold of his collar.

“She killed everyone in the game, Kaito! She gave you that disease, and she would have killed you regardless of it” hissed Maki.

“Then tie her up. We need to talk to her first” said Kaito

“What are you guys talking about? Someone as plain as me can’t hurt anyone” said Tsumugi.

“Shut up!”

Maki kicked her on the butt in which Tsumugi squirmed and ate grass with her face.

Shuichi shook his head and quickly sat on her back and pinned her arms down and said

“Kaede, Kaito, anyone, get some rope! We need to-”

“Oooooohhh, Succi boy, didn’t know you wanted to ride the plain jane that badly. You two are both nerds so you’re perfect for each other” said Kokichi while he leaned on the tree behind himself.

“Kokichi, she is the mastermind behind the killing game. You died to stop her, so shut up and help me” said Shuichi.

Kokichi’s eyes widened.

“Interesting. Never would have expected her to be the one. But I’m still not helping cause going on errands is unfitting for the ultimate supreme leader. Where is that muscle brain Gonta when we need him” said Kokichi as he casually looked around the trees.

“I’ll go” said Kaede and went away.

“Alright, Shuichi, this is the perfect time to cheat on Kaede. Tear her clothes off, I bet she wears white panties for how plain she is” said Kokichi with excitement.

“Damn it Kokichi, get lost” said Kaito as he charged at him.


Kokichi quickly slid out of Kaito’s way and ran away.

Soon Kaede returned and said “I brought this red ribbon from a guy named Teruteru. He was looking at me little strangely while making funny voices towards me but he eventually-“

“Yeah yeah, give me that” said Maki, grabbed the ribbon and quickly tied the ribbon around Tsumigi’s hands.

“I don’t understand any of the things you said or did. I really am not the mastermind” said Tsumugi with a sad face.

Before anyone could react Maki kicked her in the face, Tsumugi’s glasses fell off and her lips became bloodied.

Kaito yelled out “Maki, you can’t hit a girl like-“

“And who says that? You think you know how bitches should be treated?” grunted Maki wildly towards him.

Maki grabbed hold of Tsumugi’s collar and pulled her up to face her terrified eyes. Maki yelled at her with the deadliest look she could muster.

“If you don’t tell me what the hell is going on here, I will start cutting that wretched face of yours until you can’t recognize yourself in the mirror!”

“N-noo. Please, please don’t do that. I don’t know anything. Just stop. I-I beg you” stuttered Tsumugi, her body shaking.

“Maki, stop. It’s possible whoever that is running this killing game has just fabricated her memory. She may as well be just a regular cosplaying girl” said Shuichi earnestly.

Maki looked at her with dagger-like eyes.

“Tell me the last thing you remember before waking up in this place” yelled Maki.

“I-I, I remember that I’ve cried myself to sleep after Gonta’s execution. That’s all I remember.”

“Wait, you don’t even remember the fifth trial?” asked Kaito.

“I don’t. I only witnessed four trials in the killing-“

Maki angrily threw her towards a tree and Tsumugi rammed into it with her back and slipped to the ground. Maki pranced around a few steps with infuriation then went back and pulled Tsumugi up to her feet.

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“If you try to run away, I’ll kill you.” said Maki and turned to Shuichi and spoke.

“If she says anything contradictory, let us know.”

Shuichi nodded and they all went out of the woods while taking Tsumugi as a captive. When they arrived back at the park center there seemed to be arguments amongst the Jabberwock island killing game participants.

“Fuck off, everyone here remembers the moment they died.” yelled Fuyuhiko.

“I-I’m s-sorry. I don’t remember ever killing Hiyoko or Ibuki. Why would I do something so h-horrible?” weeped Mikan.

“You’re lying, you’re definitely lying.” cried Kazuichi.

“Enough Kazuichi, you won’t know that with your rotten brain.” yelled Sonia.

“Yes, you are right. I don’t know shit, but teach me how to know shit miss Sonia, be my senpai” said Kazuichi with a horny smile.

“That skanky bitch is obviously lying. Burn her in fire!” yelled Hiyoko.

“Nooo!” yelled Mikan.

But Teruteru interjected and stood in front of her.

“How dare yall threaten a precious lady with such brutality. It is fine, milady. I shall protect you from all these wile animals.” said Teruteru with anger.

“You don’t understand, Teruteru. She is a remnant of despair.” said Hajime.

“Well, aren’t you all?” said Chiaki.

“Ch-chiaki?” muttered Hajime.

Fuyuhiko grumbled and spoke.

“Yeah, Junko said we were. Those future foundation bastards said we were remnants of despair. And we probably are but-“

“Hey, umm, what is this rem nut of this pair you guys are talking about? Is that some kind of food? May I have one?” inquired Gonta.

Everyone else looked at him awkwardly. Before Gonta could say anything further Shuichi jumped in.

“Ahh, Gonta, we need to go immediately.”

Shuichi grabbed hold of Gonta’s hand and pulled him out of the group.

“What you guys talking about?” said Kaede enthusiastically while entering into the group conversation.

“Kaede, we have to go.” yelled Shuichi.

“Good to see you mellons, I mean, milady. These treacherous fellows have been bullying this poor girl, accusing her of a crime she never committed. I was defending her from these tasteless savages” said Teruteru seductively.

“Hey, you guys know bullying is uncool, right?” said Kaede with a stern expression.

“Yeah, of course we know but-” yelled Kazuichi.

“Then stop it, get some help.” said Kaede.

“Why would I stop? Bullying is fun and cool. Those who can’t defend themselves from a small kid like me are honestly the weakest and the most pathetic.” cried out Hiyoko while barely holding in her laughter.

Hearing this Kaede became angry and opened her mouth but a person yelled first.

“Don’t butt into shit you don’t understand, blondie.” scolded Fuyuhiko.

“I may lack some contextual information. But shouldn’t you be nicer to her regardless? Or are you agreeing with this boobless gremlin over here.” said Kaede with a disappointed look.

“Yeah, what Miss Kaede said is right. In fact, I think Mikan is better off spending time with me and her” said Teruteru as he held onto Mikan’s hand.

“Eep!” gasped Mikan as his hand touched her’s.

“You’re gonna die for thinking with your dick, country dishwasher! I saw that bitch killing Ibuki and she killed me!” yelled Hiyoko.

“Oh, that’s-”gasped Kaede.

“Well, maybe you’ve seen it wrongly. Maybe you imagined it. Someone as nice and innocent as her, killing? Don’t make me laugh” said Teruteru as he kissed Mikan on the back of her hand.

Mikan couldn’t hide her bashfulness but a soft “Thank you” escaped her mouth.

“Come my darling. No point in speaking to these meanie heads.”

Teruteru grabbed ahold of Mikan’s hand and went away. Shuichi went up to Kaede and pulled her away from the Jabberwock island crew as well. They went towards the bridge that leads to the fifth island.
On their path they reached Maki, Kaito and Tsumugi. Gonta was there too and he was yelling.

“What going on? Why Tsumugi tied?!”

“She is a dangerous person that needs to be locked away.” explained Maki.

“She is lying. I didn’t do anything wrong!” claimed Tsumugi.

“Let Tsumugi go. Friend hurting friend is bad”

“She is not a friend! She is the mastermind who orchestrated the killing game we had been through!” yelled Maki with deadly eyes.

“Wha- That can’t be true. Gonta can’t believe!” said Gonta agonizingly.

“This is the truth, Gonta. Me, Keebo and Himiko can back this up. You can’t just ignore these accounts, Gonta. Have to face the sad reality” said Shuichi with distraught as he approached them.

Gonta gasped but soon enough he took a deep breath.

“Right, Gonta understand.” came out from his mouth and a sorrowful expression followed.

They all melancholically walked across the bridge. Keebo walked next to Shuichi and spoke:

“Shuichi, did you hear what they were talking about? They said they were the-”

“Remnants of Despair, yeah, I heard that.” Shuichi said blankly.

“T-this does match up to our memories. Wouldn’t that mean all of these people are extremely dangerous?” asked Keebo.

“Dangerous? Them?” asked Kaede as she stared at Mikan and Teruteru, the two walked in front of them. Mikan happily laughed while Teruteru made strange faces. Clearly they were too far away to hear what they were saying.

Shuichi sighed and spoke.

“Let’s forget about that. We know the flashback lights are unreliable.”

“But didn’t the research document you found about hope’s peak academy say the same thing?” asked Keebo.

Shuichi nodded and said “But you have to remember that these people don’t have the memories of being remnants of despair. Then again, they very much have the potential to turn towards becoming remnants of despair.”

Shuichi’s tone became grim. Keebo became silent but soon spoke.

“You’re right. Shouldn’t we take some precautionary measures?”

“It’s fine Keebo. Being friendly and acting naturally when we are with them should be enough of a measure. We shouldn’t accuse them of fictional crimes that only happened in the Jabberwock Island killing game. And even if they have the potential to become messed up, everyone has that” said Shuichi somberly.

Keebo nodded.

Soon the crew reached the fifth island.

Chapter Text


But at the third island a scene full of action was taking place.

“There he is!” yelled Himiko.

“YOU DEGENERATE MALE!” roared Tenko.

“Oh dear” gasped Korekiyo.

Korekiyo rushed out of the motel and dashed to his right, but he hid behind the nearby signpost instead of running away in the open.

Tenko and Himiko ran past him in a frenzy. Korekiyo rushed back to the motel and walked upstairs when he heard a voice.

“Gotcha, BITCH!”

Korekiyo looked up to face Miu’s boot. The kick on his face pushed him back and he tumbled down the stairs. He groaned desperately as he opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling.

“Nyahahahaha! We gottem.”

Angie jumped from the stairs onto Korekiyo’s stomach then landed on the ground. Despite Angie’s lightness, her landing made Korekiyo gasp for air.

“Well done Miu, tie him up” said Angie.

“No way, tropical whore, I ain’t one of your sex puppets! You do dirty work yourself, I’ll be the gorgeous brain to give feedback on your performance!”

“You do realize Atua wills this man’s imprisonment, don’t you?” said Angie with a menacing look.

“Don’t give me that dickless crap. I’m a genius girl of science and horns, ya got that? You think I’ll do your dirty work?”

Korekiyo quickly pushed the ground with his hands and slammed his boots onto Angie’s stomach. The impact threw Angie to the wall.

Korekiyo turned around in which Miu squirmed and went upstairs. But he wasn’t gonna chase her. Instead he went towards the door, the exit, but Tenko came in to block it.

“Finally found you!”

Sweat started to pour from Korekiyo’s chin but seeing the pedrali clothes hanger he quickly hopped and grabbed it.

“Damn degenerate, can’t even fight fair!”

“You’ll pay for what you did!” yelled Himiko from behind Tenko.

Hearing the footsteps behind him Korekiyo quickly turned around and hit Angie with the clothes hanger but Angie blocked the blow with her forearm. Still, the blow was strong enough to make her wobble back.

The next moment, Tenko’s flying kick landed on Korekiyo’s side and he slammed into a wall but stood up. Tenko dashed forward and slammed a hook on Korekiyo’s chin and knocked him to the ground with a scissor kick.

Korekiyo gurgled and wailed on the ground. Tenko sat on his back and put his neck in a choking hold.

Himiko pulled Angie off the ground.

“Are you okay?” asked Himiko.

“I’m fine. That was quite exhilarating, haha!” claimed Angie.

“Come on, get some rope you two. I can’t hold him like this forever!”

With Tenko’s words Himiko and Angie rummaged through the area and brought a bedsheet. They cut parts of the bed sheet and tied Korekiyo’s hands and legs.

“Keeheehee, playing the role of an aggressor just to save your friends from my vile clutch. You truly are beautiful, Tenko.” said Korekiyo.

“Eww, if you wanted to hit on me, why did you even kill me in the first place?” she asked with disgust as well as curiosity.

“Keeheehee, I didn’t kill you silly. I freed you from your body, so we could be together with sis-“

Tenko punched him in the jaw in which he became silent. A tear of pain could be seen in his eye.
Miu popped out of the corner and threw a sly smile and yelled:

“Hah, gottem! All thanks to the gorgeously beautiful genius girl, Miu-“

“Nyeeeh! You didn’t do anything, shut up!” roared Himiko.

“Iiiieeghh, I was just k-kidding, you didn’t need to yell.” mumbled Miu.

A familiar voice echoed from the pink tv screen nearby.

“All participants from the killing game of academy for gifted juveniles, please go to the first island and enter the white light there. It’s not a gateway to the afterlife I swear, it’s a way out puhuhuhu! And if you don’t obey me, you’ll be sorry.”

“Bullshit, we gotta drag our asses to another place again?” whined Miu with rage.

“Not to mention, this island could be the very same free space we were looking for, haha!” yelled Angie.

“Nyeh, isn’t this island blocked off from the rest of the world as well? One of the people here told me that this island was used for their killing game. Maybe Monokuma is telling the truth?” said Himiko.

“No way, I don’t trust that double faced teddy with a degenerate voice one bit!” screamed Tenko.

“But we don’t have a choice in the matter, right? If we disobey, Monokuma would just call out the exisals.” said Himiko sadly.

“We don’t know that. Maybe the exisals can’t reach this island.” said Tenko.

“In any case, we should go. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life on this island.” said Himiko.

“But what are we going to do with this disgusting degenerate?” said Tenko and kicked Korekiyo in which he squirmed.

“I say we should leave him here, all tied up. If Monokuma decides to punish him, we get to see what kind of punishments he deals in his wrath, haha!” cried Angie with laughter.

Himiko looked at Korekiyo’s troubled face. She sighed and spoke.

“I think we should drag him to the first island and throw him into that white light or something.”

“Himiko, what are you saying, you said this guy killed me, remember?” said Tenko.

“I know that! But if we leave him and he gets punished by Monokuma cause of it, it would be the same as us killing him. And besides, I don’t want to see another life wasted meaninglessly ever again!” yelled Himiko.

“Himiko.” muttered Tenko with tears in her eyes.

“Keeheehee, how beautiful. You truly have grown up, Himiko. Letting go of the haunting past and forgiving such a dreadful serial killer such as myself. Truly remarkable beauty.” said Korekiyo with a sly tone.

Chapter Text

Himiko looked at him with contempt but soon a playful smile formed on her face and she said “Nyeh, you’re not a serial killer because all your memories are lies that were implanted to your brain by the flashback light. So congrats, you didn’t kill that many girls and you didn’t do incest with your sister. Your failure of a life was just a dream.”

Kiyo looked mockingly towards Himiko and spoke.

“What magic powder were you smoking?”

“H-Himiko, is that really true?” asked Tenko.

“Yeah, we’re all fictional. Nothing is real about our past. Our past memories before the juvenile academy killing game was created by the flashback light. We were completely different people before being exposed to that light.” said Himiko somberly.

“Fuck off duckface. You’re definitely trolling. And if that is so, how do you know the shit you heard in the juvenile academy is also real or not?” asked Miu with a smirk.

“Nyeh, well. That’s actually a good point.” said Himiko while she pondered.

“Ugh, fact that you’re genuinely considering it is just too crazy. Let’s not dwell on this. My head just hurts thinking about it. Let’s get out of here.” yelled Tenko.

She tied another long cloth to the rope that was wrapped around Korekiyo’s hands, took the cloth tying his legs off and pulled him up.

“I’ll beat you to a pulp if you do anything weird.” grunted Tenko.


Tenko kicked him on the leg, but still dragged him and together they exited the Motel.


Shuichi’s group spent time chatting at the Vendor Street while eating a newly ordered Ramen. But due to Monokuma’s announcement the group hesitantly went to the central island. But Mikan and Teruteru stayed at the Vendor.

When the group arrived at the beach of the first island, every other participant of the juvenile academy killing game was waiting for them there including Himiko, Tenko, Angie, Miu and Korekiyo.

“14,15,16. So that’s everyone”. said Rantaro.

“None of you guys used the white light and leave?” asked Keebo.

“Taking orders from Monokuma is risky. We wanted to talk to you all before jumping in” said Kirumi.

“Hey, why is Kiyo tied up?” asked Kaede.

“Because he killed Tenko and Angie in the past!” yelled Himiko.

“And the bastard also diddles his sister!” cried out Miu.

“Ugh, what?” said Kaede.

“It’s true, I love my sister oh so very much. Our blooming love transcends even death!” yelled Korekiyo from the ground.

“Oh, sister!” he further moaned.

“I’ll just…pretend that I didn’t hear that.” said Rantaro.

“So, are we going in or not?” Ryoma asked.

“Damn, we have to do something against Monokuma. I won’t repeat the past.” yelled Kaito.

“Yeah, Kaito is right. Monokuma wants us to be his entertaining puppets. He won’t just kill us for being a bit disobedient.” said Shuichi.

“Are you sure about that?” asked Rantaro.

“Yeah, if you listen to Poochi and get your stupid ass killed, it’s on you.” yelled Miu.

“Upupup, Miu’s right you know, Shuichi, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry and disappointed!”

Monokuma’s voice had resounded from the sky above them.

“Monokuma, where are you? Show yourself!” yelled Shuichi.

“Oh Shuichi, I’m always close to you!”

“Behind you!” yelled Maki.

When Shuichi turned around there was no one there. But someone lifted his legs up. Shuichi looked down to see Monokuma. He threw Shuichi into the white light with relative ease.

“You bastard!” yelled Maki and charged.

In a moment, Maki arrived in front of Monokuma and kicked him.

But her strong kick did not budge Monokuma from position. Monokuma grabbed Maki’s leg.

“Alley oop!”

With ease he whirled in place, flinging Maki with extreme speed from his right side to his left and he threw Maki into the light.

“So, do any of you want to contest the might of Monokuma?!”

Monokuma said with a wide grin, his red eyes glittering with malice.

But soon two people approached him.

It was Kaede and Kaito.


Kaito formed a saliva in his mouth and spit it out towards Monokuma.

But in a blink of an eye Monokuma was gone. Suddenly Monokuma punched Kaito in the back. The punch was so strong that it sent Kaito flying into the white light. Kaede turned around to face Monokuma but Monokuma rushed and slammed his head into Kaede’s belly in which she was flung backwards and was knocked into the light as well.

Chapter Text

“Pahahaha! Pathetic little brats! They are no match for Monokuma! You know why? Cause I eat Salmon and my cock is DIS BIG.”

Monokuma immediately turned into his masculine form. His chest erect, his body full of muscles with his eight pack visible.

“So, chumps, you wanna go?” yelled Monokuma with menacing eyes towards them.

The students looked at one another, nervous.

“Gonta no can ignore Monokuma! Even friends lose, but Gonta still fight!” yelled Gonta.

His hairs flung up and a raging aura surrounded Gonta. He walked towards Monokuma.

“Hoho, even if I made a quick work of those four like a speedrunner accomplishing quests in JRPG abusing glitches, you’re still approaching me? Hoho, then come as close as you like!”

The two of them looked at one another menacingly. Gonta suddenly jumped high into the air and raised his left leg as high as his head was. Monokuma instantly vanished from place causing Gonta to land his devastating axe kick on the ground. Dozens of sand were blasted from beneath his hit.

Gonta quickly turned around to face Monokuma. But Monokuma threw dozens of punches towards him. His punches lit blue flames upon contacting Gonta’s body.

“Ghraaa!” cried Gonta from the pain of the attacks.

“Orraaaaaaa!” yelled Monokuma and landed the final blow.

The blow lit up red flames and Gonta was launched backwards with immense speed towards the white light and he entered it.

Monokuma turned around to face the other students.

“I-I…I’m definitely not fighting you-” said Tenko with shivering legs.

“Yeah, tell me about it. Even if you’re our jailor and capturer, I have to admit, that was an impressive display of power.” said Rantaro casually.

“Kehehe, I would definitely would enter that light but unfortunately It’s not up to me you see.” said Korekiyo slyly.

“Ahh, of course. Carry him in or you’ll be sorry!” yelled Monokuma.

Tenko and Kirumi lifted Korekiyo’s body and ran towards the white light. Miu, Kokichi, Rantaro, Tsumugi followed him. Soon the rest also followed.

When they exited the light a familiar environment awaited. The large academy for gifted juveniles loomed over them. But their eyes fell upon Shuichi, Kaede, Kaito, Maki and Gonta who were standing in front of the academy.

“I’m glad you are all right.” exclaimed Keebo.

“I mean, are they? Gonta took a huge beating from Monokuma!” yelled Tsumugi.

“Gonta fine. Monokuma not break a single bone.” said Gonta with vigor.

“Hmm, Monokuma’s strength…” mumbled Maki.

“Yeah, it was unbelievable. How can a teddy bear be that strong?!” cried out Tenko.

“No, it wasn’t strength. When Monokuma whirled and threw me into the light, I didn’t feel strength in his paws. My whole body levitated and was being thrown around by a force surrounding my body. It felt …unnatural” said Maki.

Suddenly the monitor next to the dormitory lit up with life. Monokuma’s figure was seen inside of it.

“Upupupup, You all missed me now, didn’t ya? Mmm, maybe not miss. More like loath and get tired cause you’re getting too used to seeing my face. Well, I wouldn’t call my existence a surprise nor this killing game.

All living things seek entertainment in life. That’s the point of living! Doing and learning crazy stuff. And nothing can be crazier than the killing games! Games are fun fun fun, but games where you stake everything you have are the funnest.”

“When will you idiots learn?” mumbled Shuichi to himself.

“But I’m getting so tired of the same formula. I wanted to spice things up! You are all so happy that you met your supposed dead friends and adamant about protecting them, aren’t you? I have grown sympathy too you know. I would never kill your friends or family that you were reunited with…directly.

Just consider the following a test of your love for your fellow schoolmates. Cause this phase is gonna be called the war phase! If you kill a student from a different killing game than the one you participated in, I will give you amazing rewards after the war phase! This phase will end when 4 students are killed by a student from a different killing game than them. Meaning you shouldn’t be killing your own killing game partners. Of course you can, it’s just that it wouldn’t count. And if no one dies within 24 hours from now, I’m gonna kill 1 student randomly and restart the 24 hour countdown again. My kills will not be counted for the necessary 4 kills. And if one of you kills another killing game student successfully I will increase the time limit of my kills by 12 hours. And of course, I also understand that sudden brutal killings are kinda boring and hard to react to, so you can’t use the portals for exactly 1 hour from now. The timer will start running after I finish with this announcement.

I really hate to wait but sometimes blue balling yourself increases the enjoyment tenfold. So, let’s begin this wonderful game…in an hour.”

Chapter Text

“Nyeh, I can’t stand this! We’re doing all of this again?!” cried Himiko with disdain.

“Hahaha, hey on the bright side, the rules are different this time. I mean, that’s at least something to be happy about, right?” said Kokichi with a mischievous smile.

“Shut up!” hissed Maki.

“Hmm, then again, killing one another with brute force is so barbaric and boring. I honestly liked solving mysteries better.” said Kokichi, looking at his nails like a spoiled queen.

“Kehehehe, it seems our dear friends are facing quite the challenge.” said Korekiyo.

“Quiet you degenerate! We don’t want your opinions.” hissed Tenko.

“You may not want it, but you may need it. Release me and I will help you fend off the other students.” said Korekiyo.

“Why the hell would we need your pansy ass?” grunted Miu.

“I am quite knowledgeable in history and the ways of war. Knowledge is the deciding factor in winning almost every war. And certainly you need all the help you can get. I do not know much information about them, but the opposing side has a giant robot man, who seems much more capable than our averagely functioning robot Keebo.”

“Hey, that’s rude and uncalled for!” yelled Keebo.

“And I also saw a ferocious looking man with scars and a gigantic body. Strangely enough, they were wearing a sailor uniform.” said Korekiyo.

The crew became quiet.

“So, are we taking his offer?” asked Rantaro.

“We have to.” said Shuichi.

“What? Are you serious?” cried Tenko.

“Come on man, Don’t say we have to. Are you feeling guilty over tying him up or something” asked Kaito.

“That’s not it. I genuinely do think this war is going to be difficult. And we need as much help as we can get. I-I don’t want to lose you all again.” grunted Shuichi.

“Shuichi.” gasped Kaede.

“And besides, I don’t think Korekiyo is stupid enough to try something when our guard is up. Not to mention he will be in danger as well if the other students burst into the school. We have the same goals. We need him to survive the war.” said Shuichi.

“Shuichi really would side with a murderer to win a war? You’ve truly become a lot coooolder.” mumbled Angie.

“It’s not about winning! No one is going to win from this. Not even Monokuma. He is just a slave of his own lust and madness for entertainment. He has hope to find pleasure in despair. But all he’ll ever find is disappointment.” said Shuichi grimly.

“Damn, haha, that’s some line you got there Shuichi. Were you that good with words before?” asked Kaito with a grin.

“And I don’t want you to lose your lives to some idiot like Monokuma. A cowardly kid who can’t do anything but run away from his own boredom. Even if you’re not…no. Even if I’m not real. Even if everything is fiction. I still want everyone to be happy… you guys…even Monokuma.”

“What? Monokuma?” yelled Kaede.

“What are you saying? He is our enemy!” yelled Maki.

“Yeah. He is. But we didn’t stop Monokuma with brute force last time. We tried that just now and failed. This battle will end only when Monokuma and the people who are addicted to death games want it to end. And I want him and whoever is behind this to be free from their desire to create fictional death games too.” said Shuichi.

“Wishing wellness for your enemies as well as friends. How beautiful. If you were a girl, Shuichi, you would have been a wonderful friend to sister.” Korekiyo said, then giggled.

“Ahh, well, I’m glad I’m a boy I guess” said Shuichi.

“Hey, what do you mean by you’re not real?” asked Rantaro.

“Oh…that.” mumbled Shuichi depressingly.

“You look more dependable than I originally thought you were. But it seems like you’re also not telling us everything.” said Rantaro.

Shuichi looked at the ground, his eyes blank.

“It’s because of that thing Himiko was talking about, right?” asked Tenko.

“You told them?” asked Shuichi.

“I-I, it just came to my mind and I told Tenko, Angie, Miu and Korekiyo. I didn’t think something so important should be kept a secret.” said Himiko with timidness.

“No, you’re right. Only those who learned the truth are the ones who can choose their destiny.” declared Shuichi.

Kaede and Kaito smiled at the statement.

“Of course, some of you may not handle the truth very well. But that’s your own fault if it comes to that” said Shuichi.

“Alright, I understand your warning. So, could you tell us now? I’ve definitely seen my fair share of messed up stuff, kid. You're heavily underestimating me” said Ryoma.

Shuichi rubbed his hair with his hand and began talking.


Chapter Text

“Ohhhh my god. Monokuma’s at it again! And now it’s an all out war between different killing game students? What are we going to do?!” yelled Yasuhiro.

“I-I don’t want to die again.” mumbled Sayaka.

“Shit, there is no way in hell I’m gonna die here…again. I’m gonna take this chance and wing it.” yelled Mondo.

“Guys calm down!” yelled Makoto.

“Calm down, dude? Are you serious? The dead came back to life, Monokuma isn’t dead. And we’re all gonna go through this crazy killing all over again” yelled Yasuhiro with pain.

Aoi angrily walked towards him and slapped him.

“Ouch, what you do that for Hina?” Yasuhiro angsted.

“We can’t repeat the past! You’re acting as useless and paranoid as always. I don’t want Sakura or anyone to die again, you understand?” Aoi said angrily.

“Yeah, I won’t lose bro again! We have to find a way to get out of here alive.” said Kiyotaka.

“You said it bro!” added Mondo.

“If you want to escape from this school alive, the first thing we should do is grab any weapons we could find to protect ourselves. No, if we want this to end smoothly we might want to take a more offensive approach.” claimed Byakuya.

Makoto gritted his teeth and yelled “Seriously, Byakuya you want to participate in the killing game? You have got to be out of your-”

“Don’t mock me Makoto. I admit, for an averagely mundane commoner, you are quick witted and…lucky. But you’re also naive. It seems the events of the death game were not enough to wake you up.”

“Shut up.” grunted Makoto.

“Oh, a surprisingly bold tone, coming from you no less.” said Byakuya condescendingly

“I’ve lost most of the people here. And I know how people can be cruel to one another. But still, that doesn’t mean you should give up on hope. Hope that people will change, hope that someday we will all get along together. I don’t know much about the people on the other side. But I still believe in the hope that they are good people at heart, just like how everyone here was a good person.” said Makoto boldly.

“Good person at heart? Please, three murders have occured during the killing game. Even if Sakura commited suicide she was attacked by Toko and Yasuhiro. If it weren’t for her strong figure, she would have been dead. Even the Kyoko who you trust so much has attempted to crush you to move forward. Do you call these actions goodness?”

Makoto looked puzzled, he tightened his palm into fists and stared angrily at him and said “They’re not bad people.”

Byakuya could only giggle at his words.

“Perhaps calling you naive must have been a wrong usage of the word. You have become desensitized. You are accustomed to people betraying one another, killing one another and eating one another like dogs. But you’ve also learned to manipulate others well. Hehehe, perhaps you and I aren’t so different after all.”

“What are you talking about?” grumbled Makoto.

But Byakuya turned his attention towards the crowd.

“Don’t fall for Makoto’s trick. He is acting gullible so he can win your hearts. Half of you have killed or attempted to kill another person to escape. Surely you are feeling some guilt. Makoto is enacting the role of a saint who forgives not only the murderous but is friendly to strangers as well. He wants to turn you into his little hope soldiers.”

“No, that’s wrong!” yelled Makoto but Byakuya continued on.

“But he is clearly biting more than he could chew. He wants to be this great Ultimate Hope, who will defeat Monokuma and save all three killing game participants without a single casualty. He wants to manipulate everyone into being his follower. That’s why he is always so nice to everyone, so meticulous with his choice of words to avoid making enemies. His ambitions know no bounds. I personally am not so desirous. Makoto is drunk in his heroism just as Genocide Jill is in her lust for murder.” said Byakuya, his words clear and sound.

“That’s not true and you know it, Byakuya” interjected Kyoko.

“Hmph, you have been brainwashed by Makoto’s idealistic ramblings. And you feel an overwhelming guilt when you tried to kill him, and feel indebted to him. He has simply exploited your weakness” said Byakuya.

“You’re nothing but a lying scum, Byakuya.” declared Kyoko but Byakuya ignored her.

“I am different from the likes of Makoto. I promise you your safety. And unlike Makoto I don’t play for both teams. I’m willing to crush some unknown strangers to defend the friends I made in Hope’s peak Academy’s killing game.” said Byakuya proudly.

“Friends?” gasped Aoi.

“Wh-what? Did Byakuya just call us his friends?” gasped Yasuhiro.

“Why? Is it that strange to believe? We’ve been through a lot together. Even I did not share this much of an intense experience with the members of the Togami corporation. And just from the murder plans you enacted and how you solved mysteries, I know your competence. Of course, you people need improvements but under the wing of a great leader such as myself, I doubt it will be a challenge.” lectured Byakuya.

Chapter Text

“Byakuya, you-” stuttered Makoto, shocked by his speech. Byakuya continued.

“I am Byakuya Togami, heir to the Togami corporation! My strategic and tactical guidance will lead you all to victory in this war. So are you willing to listen to my words or are you going to follow Makoto’s cowardly optimistic delusions?“

Silence consumed the room for a while. Until Toko jumped in place and rushed to Byakuya’s side.

“Ahh, that was an amazing, outstanding speech by my shining white knight!”

Toko attempted to hug Byakuya but Byakuya quickly put his hand on Toko’s face and pushed her away.

“If you’re willing to cooperate, that’s commendable. But no hugs.” said Byakuya as quickly as possible.

“My, Byakuya, you truly are reliable. But even you need counseling from the ultimate gambler. It will be my pleasure to work with you.” said Celeste as she walked up and arrived next to him.

“While I admit that you will be a useful asset in our team, don’t forget, I’m calling the shots here.”

“Understood.” said Celestia with a doll-like smile.

“Ahh, shit, don’t forget about me man. I know the murder I committed got found out easily. But I promise, I-I’ll be useful” said Leon.

“It’s fine. Every chess piece has its use. And you’ve proven your physical skills to be competent.” said Byakuya.

“Thanks for the compliment dude.” said Leon but when his eyes met Sayaka’s stare he quickly started mumbling.

”I mean, I’m not happy about murdering you Sayaka, I just, you were so scary and-”

“I don’t want to hear it.” griped Sayaka.

“Yeah, right. I’m sorry.” said Leon and arrived next to Byakuya.

“You guys! Are you seriously considering murdering other people? Don’t you regret doing the things you did? We can’t repeat the past.” yelled Makoto.

The other students only looked at the floor. Byakuya snickered and spoke in a cold manner.

“Can’t you see his manipulative nature? During the killing game he has learned to bark big. All because he was mentored by Kirigiri, the Ultimate Detective. He had an unfair advantage in solving the murder mysteries. He did not soak his hands in blood and work hard like you did. And now he is priding himself in being pure. A delusionist who thinks he can solve everything just by talking.”

“We killed one another in the past because we didn’t talk. I believe in everyone’s will to not fall to despair. We just need to ignite that flame of hope in others' hearts with words. If we start killing other people, we’ll just be falling into Monokuma’s hands.” declared Makoto with fire in his eyes.

Yasuhiro ran towards them but he wasn’t going towards Makoto, instead towards Byakuya’s group.

“Y-Yasuhiro?!” yelled Makoto.

“Sorry man. But Byakuya is right. If words alone were able to fix this situation, we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place.” said Yasuhiro.

Hifumi grabbed his head in terror and mumbled “Ohh, this is so difficult. I don’t want to kill again but-”

“You have killed before, Hifumi. And you weren’t wrong in doing that. It is a dog eat dog world. And dogs kill to live.” said Byakuya calmly.

“You fool! I didn’t kill for selfish reasons. I truly believed that Miss Ludenberg had been mocked and threatened by that hallway guard.”

“H-hold on, are you talking about me?” yelled Kiyotaka.

“But amidst our teamwork Miss Lundenberg betrayed me!”

“I-I am so terribly sorry” said Celestia.

“A-are you?” cried Hifumi.

“Hifumi, you don’t understand. Monokuma lied to me. I had asked Monokuma what would happen if someone were to kill another person but did not wish to get out of this school. Monokuma said that a trial will not happen. But he was a rotten liar. I asked the same question again from Monokuma after you killed Kiyotaka. But he said that a trial will happen as usual. I clearly knew you did not intend to kill everyone including me to escape. And I also knew that was the end of the line for you.

And I…I felt so strongly and protective of you…your heroism, your willingness to do whatever it takes to protect my honor. And you’re too pure hearted to lie and win the trial, that will be uncharacteristically selfish for you. I did not want you to be mocked by the others during the trial and executed by Monokuma. There was no way to save your life. So I decided, if I were going to lose you, I would at least take your life by my hands. I am…so sorry.”

“M-Miss Ludenberg sama! I-I did not know. I did not know you were such a refined lady!!! I’m sorry I have doubted you!” yelled Hifumi. His voice boomed across the dining hall.

“You seriously believe her?” raged Aoi with disappointment.

“You are being manipulated. Celeste is not someone to be taken this lightly. She has admitted to have murdered you for the sole purpose of gaining wealth and accomplishing her selfish desires.” said Sakura elegantly.

“Yes, it is true that I said that.” said Celestia somberly.

“R-Really?” gasped Hifumi.

“But that was a lie. I lied to everyone during the trial. I did not want them to feel the guilt of taking the life of an innocent paranoid woman. I lied to them about wanting that money, wanting to have a castle, and living like a noble. I know how much people hate the rich and the people who have desires to be rich. I simply wanted to play the villain so they would erase any guilt from their conscience to move forward.” said Celeste dramatically.

“C-Celestia Lunderberg sama. That is…so sad” mumbled Hifumi.

“You idiot! Celeste is making a fool out of you, snap out of it.” yelled Aoi.

Chapter Text

“Celeste was the one to give me the key to the locker containing Alter Ego. She hid Alter Ego in order to pit you against Taka. And there is no evidence to support that Kiyotaka threatened Celeste.” said Kyoko boldly.

Hifumi looked a bit confused at her after the explanation.

“Yeah, why would I threaten her? Do you seriously take me for such an unlawful man?” cried Kiyotaka.

“Hifumi, you have to trust us. Celeste is the ultimate gambler, she lies through her teeth.” shouted Makoto.

“MAAAHH! I had respect for you Mr.Naegi. But I don’t like how you all are bullying and ganging up on my mistress!”

Hifumi quickly ran up to Celeste and held her hand.

“I will protect you with my life. You have taken my life before. But even when you killed me, your intentions were pure! I cannot hold a grudge against my mistress.” said Hifumi.

“Oh, thank you Hifumi. I really am glad you forgave me after the horrible things I have done to you. I promise I will protect you too, I won’t allow Monokuma or anyone else to take you away from me.” said Celeste with tears in her eyes and looked at Hifumi happily.

“G-gah! I think I’m in love.” gasped Hifumi.

Aoi sighed and Makoto could only look down at the floor, disappointed.

“Yo, sorry to interrupt, but is there a space for me?” asked Mukuro with a wide smile.

Yasuhiro angrily pointed his finger towards her and yelled “N-No way dude. You worked with J-Junko-”

“Did I ever tell you to bark without permission?” hissed Byakuya at Yasuhiro with a deadly gaze.

“S-Sorry dude! My bad.”

Byakuya turned his eyes towards Mukuro. His eyes became much lighter.

“Of course, we are happy to have the Ultimate Soldier on board. It’s useless to hold grudges. You are just one of Junko’s many victims, afterall.” said Byakuya.

Mukuro walked confidently towards Byakuya and arrived in front of the group.

“Mukuro, you don’t need to fight them. Fighting will only bring more conflict amongst all the people trapped by Monokuma.” said Makoto.

“Heh, sorry Makoto. But I am the ultimate soldier. If Monokuma is gonna hand out a reward for the winning team, then I have to make my talent handy.” Mukuro said as she formed a sly smile on her face.

“Junko betrayed you last time, what makes you so sure she won’t do it again?” asked Makoto, concerned.

“Yeah, I’m still upset about that. Junko told me I would simply be moved out of the killing game when I retaliated. But instead she ended up killing me. But…I was still revived. I don’t know how it happened but Junko might still love me, might still have somehow revived me and all of you.” said Mukuro with a sad expression.

“She is nothing but a lunatic driven by the desire to experience more despair. She killed you to experience the pain of loss for herself. She is twisted to the core. And there is no evidence saying that Junko caused us to be revived.” claimed Kyoko with a cold tone.

“Y-you don’t know her soft side. It’s true that my sister is weird and malicious. But she still cared about me. I was one of the few things she cared for, was attached to. That’s why I wanna know why she attacked me. I won’t die here trying to follow your goodie goodie mentality.” said Mukuro.

“So you’re just using us to get close to Junko?” asked Makoto angrily.

“That’s not it. Honestly, up until now I only followed her orders. I didn’t want the killing game but I…wasn’t against it either. But you guys seem like decent people. No, I know you as decent people before you all lost your memories. I promise I will ask Junko to spare you if Monokuma is truly being controlled by Junko now.” said Mukuro, bowed and turned around.

“And what about you, Mondo?” asked Byakuya.

“Heh, some balls you have to assume that I would follow your orders.” said Mondo angrily.

“I know you have reasons to dislike me, but we can win this war only if we work together. I ate my pride, so should you.” said Byakuya boldly.

“You’re just trying to make bro do all of your dirty work! I will protect bro and I won’t let him go through hardships such as killing innocents again!” shouted Kiyotaka as he pointed his fingers towards Byakuya.

“Whether you like it or not, kill or be killed is the situation we are in. If you have a great idea to save us all without killing anyone, then say it. Otherwise, it’s better to be practical.” said Byakuya with confidence.

“I-I don’t have much of an idea currently. But students killing other people is strictly forbidden!” yelled Kiyotaka.

“You’re going to die over your talent? Just to feel good that you followed rules set by the school and society? Your murderous stubborn friend and you the rule abiding student are both lacking. One lacks the brains, the other lacks the will to survive.” scolded Byakuya with a strict tone.

“Sheesh, you’re still shit talking us afterall? There is no way I would work for a stuck up bastard like you. And I can defend myself just fine. But I won’t be the one to fire the first shot, unlike you.” said Mondo.

Chapter Text

“Fine, what about you Sayaka? You have a dream to accomplish, right? Even if the outside world might be in shambles, there are still survivors. If you play your cards right, you can win this killing game and accomplish your dreams.” said Byakuya calmly.

“No, I’m…” muttered Sayaka.

“Don’t feel guilty. I can understand why you did what you did. It is simply human to kill. Follow my words and you will be freed from this horrible nightmare.” said Byakuya calmly.

Sayaka could do nothing but stare down at the floor. She raised her head to look at Makoto who opened his mouth in response but quickly looked away.

Biting her lips, Sayaka moved forward. But not towards Makoto but Byakuya.

“Fine. I want to return to my friends and idol team. And if they have been killed by Monokuma…I want to make my own idol team, I will do whatever I can to achieve my dreams.” said Sayaka confidently.

“Yes, you are strong.” said Byakuya with a complimentary look.

“You witch! Stop looking at my white knight’s eyes. It’s infuriating how much you look better than me!” cried Toko and got in between them.

“I’m not interested in lovey dovey business.” said Byakuya, annoyed.

“But you need to repopulate the Togami bloodline, right my love? My hips can pump out children more than any crappy idol can.” said Toko while drooling and blushing.

She approached Byakuya while giggling.

“No.” said Byakuya and walked away from her.

Byakuya looked at Chihiro who was quietly twiddling his thumb during this moment.

“How about you? I assume you’re not fine with being murdered because of your weakness?”

“I…yes. But I don’t want to hurt others. That’s not something I want.” said Chihiro with tear in his eyes.

“We need a computer genius such as yourself in this war. Don’t do something you would regret. Your work could prevent many deaths caused by the other killing game students or by Monokuma.”

“Yes, I will try my best but-”

“But he isn’t going to follow your bossy orders” said Mondo while cracking your knuckles.

“You don’t have the right to put words in his mouth, considering what you did in the past” said Byakuya coldly.

Guilt and pain was seen in Mondo's expression. He went quiet for a while but soon opened his eyes. He turned around to Chihiro and muttered “Tch, Yeah, It was stupid of me to do that. I’m sorry. I was a weak man. But Chihiro, you’re strong. You don’t have to listen to his orders to do what is right.”

“Mondo, I…I don’t want to hurt others. E-even if they are strangers, it just means we haven’t seen the goodness in them yet. We can’t think ill of others before we even get to know them!” yelled Chihiro.

“Hmph. It’s not about thinking ill of them. Any sane person would think to kill strangers to save their friends or themselves.” said Byakuya.

“What do you know about being sane or insane? You just assume others will be selfish simply because you’re selfish and petty yourself” cried out Aoi.

“Sure, I may have been selfish. And I may have taken a bit of liking to this killing game before. But trust me, I did so because I have lived in a death game before. I consider Hope’s peak academy’s killing to be just a regular tuesday. Because I have seen my brothers and sisters killing one another. Businessmen and politicians lying and cheating to get whatever they desire. Rules and regulations being written to manipulate the masses to their favor. You’re all just…kids compared to me.”

He quickly turned around to face Sakura and said “I assume you wouldn’t be working to fight offensively against the strangers which is why I didn’t ask you to join me.”

“You guessed correctly. Unlike you, I do not long for murder.” said Sakura boldly.

“But I still have a favor to ask of you. Defend the portal in the entrance hall when the 1 hour time limit ends. Even if you’re a pacifist, you should at least be willing to do that, right?” said Byakuya.

“You didn’t need to say it. I was already thinking of doing that.” said Sakura calmly.

Byakuya turned around to face his followers and said “First scatter around the school and search for any items that could be useful in the war. We’ll meet in an hour.”

“Wait, you can’t seriously be thinking of attacking, right? They looked like they were students just like us. Why assume so many bad things about them before talking to them?” said Aoi.

“We are preparing for the worst” said Byakuya and walked out of the dining hall followed by Toko and his followers.

“That guy seriously pisses me off” yelled Aoi.

Aoi kicked the ground and turned around to Makoto, frustrated.

“Makoto! Why didn’t you say anything to Sayaka? She was your friend, right?” she asked.

Chapter Text

“I…I couldn’t.” mumbled Makoto, depressed.

“Why?! You were so adamant about bringing hope to others. Why couldn’t you say a single word to convince her?” yelled Aoi desperately.

Makoto looked at the floor sadly.

“Because…I wasn’t sure.” he finally muttered.

“Sure of what?” asked Aoi, concerned.

“I wasn’t sure that I could convince her. What she did in the past. No, looking at her eyes. Hearing how she wanted to achieve her dreams. I’m not sure there is a person in this world who can convince her.” said Makoto in a hollow tone.

“What?” gasped Aoi.

“She already betrayed me Aoi! I cared for her. I trusted her.” said Makoto.

Strangely enough Makoto laughed and spoke.

“I…I was hurt. It pissed me off. I was willing to do all this for her. Even stake my life for her. And she…well, she did try to use my life to escape.”

“You don’t have to do anything for her. Makoto, she is a mad girl. She only thinks of herself and her goals. Don’t think of staking your life for her or anyone else again. Your life is more valuable than that” yelled Kyoko.

“Kyoko…I…I just don’t know what to say to her. I wanted to hope. Hope that everyone is a good person. That we can all work together to create a brighter future. But when I saw her, the fire in her eyes, the tone of her voice, her words. She’s not going to follow Byakuya’s orders. She is not going to hear anyone’s words. She is going to do whatever it takes to achieve her dreams. I can’t do anything to change her.”

“You can. Believe in yourself Makoto.” said Kyoko with a triumphant smile.

“Huh?” gasped Makoto and looked at Kyoko.

“You haven’t even tried and you’re quitting? You’re the only one who can stop her, change her. Cause…you’re the ultimate hope, remember?” said Kyoko.

She blushed a little after saying those words.

Makoto looked at the floor, his expression grew more light to it. He pushed his knees with his arms and stood confidently. He looked at Kyoko and nodded with a smile.


“AHHHHHHH, what are we going to do?” yelled Kazuichi with a hysteric face.

“Stop yelling at my ear, you stupid bastard.” grunted Fuyuhiko.

“Kehehehe. It seems the warmonger bear wants to quench his lust for entertainment once again. Little did he realize that Gundham Tanaka does not bow to some robot’s whimsical tricks. Yet if any mortal dares to approach me in this heat of battle, they will be torn to pieces by the sorcerer who is I, unbound by life nor death. And your rotting flesh be fed to the mighty servants of doom, the four dark devas of destruction!” yelled Gundham, his hamsters hopping on his shoulders one after another.

“Wait, your hamsters were carnivores? Since when?” asked Hajime with surprise.

“Oh yes, with you and the four dark devas of destruction by our side, there is absolutely nothing to worry about!” cried Sonia with excitement.

“Yes, my dark queen. Shed all your weak and pathetic worries away. It is time to laugh and roar uproariously. Our might and hellish souls will crush down any foe willing to near us.” shouted Gundham and laughed.

Sonia clapped her hands and jumped in place. Hiyoko couldn’t help but laugh looking at the two of them.

“Wow, look at the dunce princess creaming her pants just by listening to the breeder run his mouth. It’s honestly embarrassing.” Hiyoko said while pouting.

“If you people are done yelling and crying, we have actions to take. Search the islands for materials and weapons. We need to barricade this portal.” said the Imposter.

“Barricade?” asked Chiaki.

“Yes, any idiot willing to take a step inside the portal will most likely have a killing intention. Letting them roam the island could be dangerous” said the Imposter.

“Yeah, but how would it work? You’re asking us to build something like a house that contains the portal?” asked Kazuichi.

“And within only 1 hour too.” added Peko.

“There are no other choices. I died too early in the killing game it seems. I do not know much about the other islands but I assume Monokuma spread many useful tools there. If we let the other killing game students enter those islands, they can loot everything there as well as surprise us with an ambush.” reported the Imposter confidently.

“Yeah, but you’re asking us to barricade two portals as if it’s an easy job.” said Kazuichi.

“Not every portal. This portal, the portal of the central island specifically.”said the Imposter as he turned around to point to the portal with his chin then continued.

“If the opposition has access to this island, they can go to whichever island they want. We can barricade this portal and guard the portal on the first island and barricade it during the war.”

“But we have to enter the portal ourselves in case a killing doesn’t happen, no?” asked Gundham with a cold tone.

“No, we can’t let another life fall victim to Monokuma’s killing game.” said Hajime confidently.

“Hmph, hahaha. So, you have still not taken my advice, Hajime Hinata? A lamb cowering away at the thought of death and killing?” Gundham laughed and mocked.

Chapter Text

“And you’re cowering away from Monokuma. Playing right into his hands with your violent tendencies. I don’t do things the way Monokuma wants. I create my own choices, my own future” said Hajime confidently while pointing his index finger towards Gundham.

“Hah, your fangs have certainly grown. I am impressed. But you still haven’t dirtied your hands and bloodied your teeth. A green novice, a lion proud of its vegetation. A beast cannot be chained by moralities and ideologies Hajime. Be selfish! Eat the flesh of others so your flesh may regenerate.” said Gundham aggressively as he held his scarf with vigor.

“Gundham!” yelled Sonia with irritation.

Gundham turned around to face Sonia’s scolding eyes.

“How could you be saying that…after all that has happened? Don’t you feel any sorry for the lives you are about to take? Any sympathy against this cruelty?” asked Sonia, tears in her eyes.

Gundham looked at the stone floor in a moody way. But soon his eyes gained the sharpness that he usually has.

“Kehehe. My dark queen, you are as lovely as the roses amongst the dark forest. A splendor of life and beauty. But sharpen your thorns and strengthen your vines my dear. Life needs to go on! It must spread its seed and take flight into the skies. And you must cut down every foe aiming for your heart, eat their flesh, drink their blood to sustain your vigor. It’s the rules of nature. The circle of the cosmos.” claimed Gundham with a fierce energy.

“T-that is…that is so cruel. Why can’t we just get along?” asked Sonia with shivering hands.

“It is not I who made the law. Yet still I see great beauty in it. Do not fall prey to weakness, darling. No one has the right to mock the law of the wild, not even you nor I.” said Gundham confidently.

“This guy is psychotic. Seriously, stop listening to him miss Sonia.” yelled Kazuichi angrily.

“You’re trying to justify your brutal and inhumane acts by saying that’s just how nature works? I thought you were weird, now I know you’re just mad.” said Mahiru.

“Kehehe, have you forgotten about Sato and the twilight syndrome murder case?” asked Gundham with a smirk.

“What? What does that have to do with anything?” mumbled Mahiru, clearly shaken by the mention of those terms.

“Even sheeps tear apart a wolf if they fear their lambs would be in danger. Your friend Sato was willing to protect you with her life. I am no different than her. We are all the same in nature. And escaping from your own nature is the ultimate betrayal against life.” declared Gundham violently.

Mahiru could not pull up a retort.

“I do not know much of this twilight syndrome case. But I can’t say I disagree with Gundham. But please, we’ll talk about going offensive when the time limit nears. Right now, we need to split up and search for materials, weapons, tools, anything that is useful. We’ll meet here 20 minutes before the deadline.” said the Imposter quickly.

“Can we even manage to build anything in that time?” asked Kazuichi.

“We’ll try. It’s unlikely the other participants will just attack as soon as the portals become live again.” said the Imposter.

“Haha, you’re underestimating just how radical people can be, Be yaku yaaaa!” said Ibuki happily.

“If any of you meet Mikan, Nagito or Teruteru, don’t forget to tell them about Monokuma’s announcement.” said Hajime.

“Tell Nagito? You serious? That guy is all kinds of messed up! I’m not getting 100 meter vicinity to that guy, let alone telling him the announcement.” shouted Kazuichi frantically.

“Hmm, I was wondering. Was the announcement played just within this area? In the previous killing game Monokuma put any announcements he may have to every screen that was on the island.” said Chiaki calmly.

“Yeah, it’s very likely Mikan and Teruteru already know about this. Come on, let’s move it people” said Fuyuhiko.

But before they could leave a screen on a nearby tree came to life. On it was Nagito’s smirking face.

“N-Nagito” gasped Hajime.

“Ahh, I think I should be live now. Unfortunately I don’t have the screen feed to all the cameras and tv sets on my end so I don’t know where you guys are. But that doesn’t matter.” said Nagito with a hoarse tone.

“Wait, what the hell?” yelled the Imposter.

“H-holy shit, did Nagito usurp Monokuma and took his role? I-is that a good thing or a bad thing? I honestly can’t tell” yelled Ibuki with excitement.

Nagito who was on the screen shook his head and continued to talk.

“Seeing me like this I bet you guys have a lot of questions. But you all know I don’t have any type of special talents besides my crappy luck. I didn’t hack the system. It’s just this time around Monokuma left some camera controls allowing me to stream myself to all the tvs on the island. And I have a very important announcement to make.”

Nagito moved his hands and grabbed the camera then turned it around 180 degrees.

“N-no” gasped Mahiru.

It was shown clearly on the screen, a bit far away, Mikan and Teruteru were seen sitting on two different chairs. They had tapes on their mouths, their arms behind their back and their legs tied to each leg of the chair. They were visibly struggling to get off the chair but with little success.

“I bet you all are very confused. And perhaps doubtful of me, so I’ll make sure you guys are convinced that this is the real deal.” said Nagito with a sinister tone.

He lifted the camera and went towards the two captives and pulled off the tape that was on both of their mouths.

“Help! Help, somebody stop Nagito, please. I-I’m scared, please.” yelled Mikan as she wept with sorrowful tears.

“Ya will neva get away with dis ya donkey haired freak!” yelled Teruteru.

Nagito was moving the camera and filming both of their screams and frantic movements.

“Ahh, so annoying. Such unhopeful words to be uttered by ultimates. I’m truly disappointed, you know.” muttered Nagito. He placed the camera on the ground and went up to Mikan and Teruteru, from the sound of it, it seemed like he was putting the tape back onto their mouths.

“Bastard” hissed Akane.

“Dammit Nagito, now you’ve really done it!” yelled Mechamaru with rage.

Nagito raised the camera from the ground and indeed now both Teruteru and Mikan were taped. Nagito turned the camera to make it face him.

“Now you believe me right? My resolve, my hope?” Nagito said as he smiled.

Chapter Text

The others could do nothing but watch the screen on the tree quietly.

“You might be wondering what my goal, my proposal is. Well, it’s rather simple. I want you guys to kill at least 2 other killing game students. From the hope’s peak academy killing game students or the gifted juveniles, it really doesn’t matter. And after you killed them, Monokuma would probably give you the prizes as promised. Tell Monokuma to transfer all the prizes you won to me. I’m not sure if Monokuma will allow such a thing, but he might if you ask, try to be on his good side. And It’s fair, right? Two prizes for two lives. And don’t come to the fifth island. These two will suffer cruel fates if you do. I hope you will all cooperate and make the wisest of decisions.” Nagito explained with sassiness in his tone.

With that the screen went black.

“Oh my god! I know Nagito was messed up in his head. But he turned from a gangsta to a super mob boss while I was gone. Is this the scariest character development or what?” screamed Ibuki with fear.

“Dammit, that bastard!” grunted Fuyuhiko.

“Judging from the background as well as the boxes placed there, it’s likely that he streamed this from the warehouse of the fifth island.” said Chiaki.

“Yeah, Nagito doesn’t want us to come to the fifth island. Most likely because the captives are there” said Hajime.

“So, what are we gonna do now? We can’t let our friends die like they did previously.” said Akane without a care.

“Friends? Are you serious? That nasty pig barf and the pervy dwarf can go to hell. There is no way in hell I would work to save those two.” said Hiyoko while she pouted and crossed her arms.

“No, we can’t let them die. I don’t want anyone to suffer a cruel fate again.” said Hajime boldly.

“Jeez, when did you get all hopeful and yelly. It’s honestly kind of annoying.” complained Hiyoko while shooting mean eyes towards Hajime.

“You can cry and complain if you don’t want to save them. But I’m free to yell and change your mind too.” said Hajime with a frown on his face.

“Okay, okay, I get it. Are you done now?” grunted Hiyoko.

“I…I’m not trying to agree with Hiyoko here but…what Nagito is demanding is seriously too much. We have to risk our lives, kill two people and transfer all the rewards we get from that to Nagito. We’ll just be at his mercy again if we do that.” yelled Kazuichi.

“Yeah, instead of doing what he says, I should go to the fifth island and clobber that bastard into his senses.” yelled Nekomaru.

“And risk killing those two? we mustn’t!” claimed Sonia.

“I’m sorry, Sonia. But I have to agree with Mechamaru here.” said Fuyuhiko.

“What?” gasped Sonia.

“Accepting Nagito’s proposal is just too much. You also have to admit that the people he held captive, especially Mikan, she is not worth saving” said Fuyuhiko with a somber tone.

“Young master, are you sure?” asked Peko.

“Yes. Remember, the pattern that is understood thus far is that every victim and killer who were revived remembered what happened exactly before they died. Mikan, before she died, was a remnant of despair. It’s likely now that she is simply faking being the old Mikan who didn’t have her school memories.” reported Fuyuhiko as clearly as he could.

“I-I still don’t believe it. I don’t believe that me, Mikan and everyone here are remnants of despair.” yelled Mahiru with sadness.

“Well, stay delusional! You’re the bitch that hid Natsumi’s killer. I bet you’re fully capable of becoming goodie goodie with Junko Enoshima.” raged Fuyuhiko.

“Hey, stop yelling at big sis Mahiru you dirt eating delinquent.” grunted Hiyoko.

“Enough! According to your stories, we were all remnants of despair. But I don’t care about that. The past doesn’t matter. I’m not someone who is particularly proud of my past and apparently none of you are proud of the past you don’t remember. So let’s forget about that and focus on the present, the thing that we can change and does matter.” said the Imposter scoldingly.

“Besides, Nagito didn’t give us a time limit, we have room to think. In the meantime, let’s spread out and search for weapons and materials.” said Hajime.

“Are we still aiming to construct the barrier of cowardice? Cause we might have to break that down to hunt for our prey and pay off Nagito.” said Gundham.

“And, are we still gonna gather the supplies here? Even though the other killing game students may jump out of the portal, attack and steal our stuff?” asked Kazuichi.

“We will, all of us should protect this section of the island as it is the most strategically crucial. And we’re still building the barricade. We can use the portal on the first island if we desperately need to attack.“ said the Imposter.

“Dammit, I thought we were through with killing others to survive.” grunted Hajime to himself.

“Hey, we’ll still have to waste time and energy building that crap? It’s your idea so if you wanna build a wall, do it by yourself” whined Kazuichi.

“Yes, but leaders don’t carry out their plan by hand.” said the Imposter.

“Man, talk about being a capitalistic fat boss. Taking credit for other people’s work.” grumbled Hiyoko.

“To do that, the supplies should be near the portal. We must act quick. Ignore the fifth island but search any other island for supplies.” said the Imposter.

“Ahh man.” complained Kazuichi.

Hajime sighed and patted Kazuichi on the shoulder and said “It’s not ideal. But it’s better than exchanging fists and fighting people of Hope’s peak. Makoto, Kyoko the future foundation members don’t seem to remember us, so it’s better that we build a wall to protect ourselves from them.”

Quickly the Jabberwock Island students scattered towards the islands and began their search.

Chiaki went to the third island with Hajime.

Chapter Text

They ran across the bridge and quickly arrived at the island.

“You wanna split up? We’ll cover more ground.” asked Chiaki.

“No, I just…I don’t feel easy to do that.” said Hajime somberly.

“It’s Okay. I know you’re worried about me.” said Chiaki with a smile.

Hajime couldn’t help but smile back.

“Let’s check the titty typhoon first.” said Hajime.

The two of them entered by pushing the door open. As expected it was the familiar empty hall with a stage at the back that they had become accustomed to.

“Nothing interesting seems to be here.” said Hajime.

“We should definitely check out what is behind the curtains.” said Chiaki.


Hajime jumped up onto the stage. He then helped Chiaki climb as well. Chiaki raised the curtain, it was pitch black dark.

“I’m going in.” she said and entered the darkness.

“Hey wait” said Hajime and entered as well.

“There should be a switch somewhere, right?” asked Hajime.

“Yeah, on the left wall.” responded Chiaki.

Hajime raised his arms in front of himself and walked forward. He grasped at nothing until eventually his hands touched the wall. He felt the wall until his hand was on a metal. Hajime slid his hand on it until eventually he found the button and pressed it. The lights turned on, when he turned around he was in for a world of shock.

Nagito was standing there. In front of him was Chiaki but he had pressed his palm upon her mouth. And in Nagito’s other hand was a knife and its tip was directly positioned near Chiaki’s throat. Hajime’s stomach somersaulted. He grit his teeth and nervously asked.

“What the hell do you want? You monster!”

“Hehehe. Don’t make such an ugly face. And definitely don’t make any sound. I just want what you want Hajime. It’s hope. But I guess, in your case, you wanted despair.” said Nagito with a viscous grin.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying.” grunted Hajime with relatively less volume than his words before.

“You still don’t get it, do you?” said Nagito with contempt.

Without warning Nagito threw the knife towards Hajime, Hajime quickly dodged to the right, but the knife slid his left arm.

“Gah, you bastard!” yelled Hajime.

But before he could attack, Nagito had already placed another knife upon Chiaki’s throat. Chiaki’s eyes had become widened and a tint of sadness had formed within it. The tip of the knife stabbed onto Chiaki’s throat and Chiaki squirmed.

“Stop!” yelled Hajime.

“You’re not in the position to order anyone, reserve course rookie” hissed Nagito.

Blood trickled down from the small stab wound down her neck. Still unwavering, Chiaki looked at Hajime.

“Just tell me what you want, please. I don’t understand you, Nagito. For the life of me, I wanted to trust you, I thought you would change. But as time goes on you’re just becoming more and more unbearable” said Hajime with anger.

“Heh, hahaha. You wanted to trust me? Someone as hopelessly violent and abnormal as me? Hahaha, maybe that file was wrong about you Hajime. You do have a talent. The ultimate gullible idiot.” taunted Nagito with a smile.

“The file…” mumbled Hajime depressingly and he remembered.

“Y-you know about everything, don’t you? That file also contained information about our profiles during our school life. So you must know that I actually do have a talent. A lot of it.”

Nagito’s eyes widened. But quickly he regained composure.

“What are you saying? A lot of talents? Have you started hallucinating about talent now? How hopelessly pathetic.”

“Don’t try to play dumb Nagito. If you’re truly the Nagito that created an unsolveable murder mystery to kill us all, then I understand you, your motive. You’re trying to kill us all.” declared Hajime.

“Oh?” said Nagito carelessly but his eyes became much more serious afterwards.

“You found on that file about how our class, everyone who participated in the Jabberwock Island killing game is a Remnant of Despair. The only person who isn’t a remnant of despair is Chiaki. You planned to make her be the sole survivor of that incident. ” said Hajime confidently.

“Hmm, considering how you know more than you initially let on, it seems my plan failed huh. You lived longer in the killing game, long enough to know the full contents of the file.” said Nagito with dagger-like eyes pointed towards Hajime.

“Yeah, I did. I know that my identity was an Ultimate Despair. Not just any Ultimate Despair but a leader of sorts…Izuru Kamakura. The Ultimate Hope.”

Nagito bit his lips, he sent a deadly glare towards Hajime.

“You piss me off the most, Hajime. Someone like you, a talentless nobody, becoming the Ultimate Hope and the Ultimate Despair to bring havoc upon people. It’s seriously unimaginable, I had my fair share of fun mocking you, lying to you about how you don’t have any talent. Still, I want you to suffer more.” grumbled Nagito with contempt and hatred.

“Fine, I’m willing to suffer. Obviously my choice to enter the Kamakura project has doomed the world. It is my responsibility. So let Chiaki go. She is not a remnant of despair. And do whatever you want to do with me, I’m ready” yelled Hajime.

Chiaki tried to shake her head but Nagito pressed the knife harder on her neck in which she froze.

“Interesting, you’re willing to sacrifice yourself for her?” asked Nagito.

“The reason we were able to beat your unsolvable murder was because of Chiaki. She solved the mystery and she sacrificed herself to protect us. Now I’m willing to do the same.” said Hajime earnestly.

Tears trickled down from Chiaki’s eyes and rolled down her cheeks.

“Quite impressive. I didn’t expect a remnant of despair to act like this” said Nagito.

“You don’t know me, Nagito. I am Hajime Hinata, I am free from the past that plagues me. Izuru Kamakura has plunged the world to despair. But me, the rest of the survivors and the future foundation managed to stop Junko’s second coming. I really wish you could have been there, Nagito. If you were there, maybe we could have become friends.” said Hajime with a triumphant smile.

“Nice words, I bet you were able to brainwash and manipulate the average folk with that talented speech of yours Hajime, no… Izuru Kamakura. But I won’t take chances with a remnant like you. It was stupid of me to think Hope’s peak academy would give birth to hope. Only those who follow their own hope, listens to nobody, can achieve the ultimate hope. And that person…is me!” declared Nagito.

Both of them looked at one another, sharing their final stares.

“Take that knife I threw towards you.” said Nagito.

Hajime gulped, turned around and grabbed the knife from the floor and looked at Nagito nervously.

“Now…kill yourself with it.” said Nagito.

Hajime looked at the knife then looked at Chiaki. She was still crying, her gentle eyes deeply looking towards him. He couldn’t help but be mesmerized by her gaze.

“Chiaki…I was…happy. Happy to see you again. I never expected to. But seeing you alive, holding your hand again, it really made me happy. I…I love you” said Hajime, his eyes teary.

Hajime lifted both of his arms in the air, the knife edge aiming towards his chest.

Chapter Text


Chiaki slammed her heel on Nagito’s foot and punched his chest with her elbow. Her strength was enough to loosen Nagito’s grip. Quickly Chiaki ran towards Hajime but after she took a single step, Nagito grabbed her arm, pulled her back and angrily stabbed the knife into her throat.

Chiaki’s eyes widened from pain, when Nagito released her she simply fell to the ground like a stringless doll.

“BAAASTAAAARD!” cried out Hajime, tears filling his eyes, rage consuming his body.

With the knife in hand Hajime lunged towards Nagito. Nagito responded by aiming and throwing his arm forward to stab him but Hajime was quick to dodge to the left. Hajime then swung his knife, his slash cut through Nagito’s clothes and sliced his shoulder.

In pain Nagito jumped away, turned around and went through the curtain, Hajime followed him. Nagito jumped off the stage and ran as quickly as he could. Hajime jumped off from the stage as well and took a step to chase after him but he hoped, he hoped that he could save Chiaki.

He turned around, climbed back the stage and went past the curtain. Chiaki was still on the floor, there was now a pool of blood beneath her head. Hajime sat down next to her.

“Ch-Chiaki, it’s okay, e-everything is gonna be alright.”

Hajime tore apart his shirt and made a long cloth. He tried placing the cloth on Chiaki’s neck as she twitched occasionally, fear in her eyes. He placed the cloth upon her neck, blood still gushed out beneath it, the cloth immediately turned red. He tried wrapping the cloth around her neck, tying it hard enough that the blood loss will stop but not hard to suffocate.

“Chiaki, you’re going to be fine…y-you’re-”

Hajime tore another piece from his shirt and when he looked at Chiaki’s eyes he could see that her frantic movements had stopped. The life in her eyes was slowly starting to fade away. And soon she closed her eyes.


Hajime brought his bloodied hand towards her neck slowly. When he touched her neck, he realized…there was no pulse.


He pulled his hand away and diverted his eyes from Chiaki’s body that was losing it’s luster by seconds. His body shook, tears formed in his eyes.

I-I couldn’t protect you. I’m so weak…I’m so sorry, Chiaki.

But strangely, In Hajime’s vision glittered a light source.


It was as if Chiaki’s body had turned into a lamp. Soon, the light slowly started to fade away and everything returned to normal. Hajime looked at her in shock. Before long Chiaki opened her eyes.

“Ch-Chiaki?” gasped Hajime.

Chiaki turned her head towards Hajime. Slowly she pushed the ground with her hands and pulled herself up weakly. She placed her palm on her head, looking tired, perhaps more than usual.

“W-what happened? Whe…where is Nagito?” she asked in a dazed manner.

Hajime couldn’t hold back a smile and a tear. He immediately leaned towards her and hugged her.

“Thank goodness, you’re alive.” said Hajime with a smile as tears trickled down his cheek.

“Umm” mumbled Chiaki, a bit taken aback by his behavior.

Hajime pulled himself back and sighed.

“H-Hajime, you can’t go ahead and just kill yourself. That’s…honestly stupid. There is no way Nagito would let me go off free just because of a promise.” said Chiaki while she pouted.

“I know…I’m sorry. I just…I didn’t know what else to do.” mumbled Hajime awkwardly.

“It’s fine. I’m glad you care about me” said Chiaki with a smile.

Hajime nodded. He got up to his feet and offered his hand to Chiaki. Chiaki grabbed it and got up.

“Say, how did you revive like that? Is that some sort of a setting in the neo world program? You definitely should have-”

“What are you talking about?” asked Chiaki with confusion.

“You don’t know? You were bleeding out and I seriously thought you were dead. Then your body lit up with yellow light and you revived.” said Hajime.

“Huh? I definitely think I was bleeding. But a yellow light?” said Chiaki in a confused tone.

“What happened to your wound? let me see.” said Hajime.

Hajime closed his face on Chiaki’s neck. Her throat, clothes were all still bloody. The cloth Hajime applied to the wound was still wrapped around her neck. Hajime pulled it off and the wound…was gone.

“It vanished. The stab wound on your throat, it’s gone.” said Hajime in disbelief.

“That’s definitely strange. But I promise, I’m not hiding any secrets from you this time Hajime. I genuinely don’t know what is going on. I should have died with all of the Monomi copies. But I don’t know why I woke up at Hope's peak.” said Chiaki earnestly.

“Right. But isn’t the current mastermind who is controlling Monokuma responsible for your revival just now? Also, if people were going to revive like this after they have been stabbed, what is the point of killing 4 people in this war? Wouldn’t they just revive?” asked Hajime question after question.

“It’s better that we don’t assume anything about the death game just from this. Maybe it was just luck or maybe there is a hidden rule Monokuma did not mention to us. But considering I can freely talk about being with future foundation as well as the traitor. Maybe there was a setting change in the neo world program. Or maybe we’re not in…neo world program…maybe.” said Chiaki.

“Right. Anyways, I’m not gonna test our luck like this again. I’ll definitely be more careful and protect you this time” said Hajime brightly.

“Sheesh. You’re starting to sound like Kazuichi” said Chiaki and sighed.

“H-hey, I was just trying to be nice. That’s uncalled for.” mumbled Hajime.

“Hehehe, It’s just new, that’s all. I might get used to it.” said Chiaki with a smile.

Hajime smiled back. Together they got out of the titty typhoon and went back to Jabberwock park on the first island.

Unfortunately, nobody was there.

Chapter Text

“Damn, Byak- no, the Imposter was right. This place is a crucial spot. If someone stayed here, they definitely would have spotted Nagito going to the third island from the fifth island” said Hajime.

“Yeah, we should stay here. We don’t know where Nagito went but if he tries to switch islands, we’ll be the first one to notice him” said Chiaki.

They stood there and strolled around, ever so alert.

First people to come to the central island were Akane and Nekomaru from the fourth island.

Mechamaru seemed to be holding a bunch of bricks inside a wide flag.
Akane was carrying a large bag on her shoulder as well as two shovels.

“Hey, what are you two doing here all by yourselves? Wow, is that blood?” asked Akane.

Hajime looked at Chiaki and indeed, her whole upper clothes were covered in blood. The area around her throat, especially.

“What the hell happened?” gasped Mechamaru.

“We got attacked by Nagito at the titty typhoon. And Nagito did stab Chiaki in the neck.” said Hajime.

“How the hell are you standing then? We need to call a- oh wait, Mikan is still kidnapped” said Mechamaru.

“It was a miracle. Chiaki lost so much blood. Her face was starting to get white. I almost thought she would die. But her body glowed yellow and she revived.” said Hajime excitedly.

“Heh, lucky you, it’s because you’re an AI right?” said Akane with a wide smile. But then a worried face appeared on her face and she muttered ” I’m not trying to downplay the fact that you are stuck inside the neo world program or anything” as fast as possible.

“I’m not sure. My avatar was still programmed to be terminated if it took too much damage.” said Chiaki.

“But you still existed in the Neo world program, right?” asked Hajime.

“Yes, so…it is hypothetically possible to revive my avatar.” said Chiaki.

“Then did Junko AI do this? Was she messing around and we wouldn’t die if we were killed?” said Akane brightly.

“No, it’s too early to decide that.” said Hajime.

“Anyway, shouldn’t we start building the wall? We’re running out of time.” said Chiaki and pointed at the text above the portal.

“30 minutes till the portal opens.” it said.

Chiaki and Hajime brought water and sand, Akane started to mix the cement and make mortar.

Soon Sonia and Gundham came from the first island with three walkie talkie like radio devices and knives. Hiyoko, Mahiru brought a crowbar, baseball bat and hammer from the second island. Kazuichi and Imposter came from the second island with a snare that could pull up a person’s leg up high if they put their foot into the trap. Fuyuhiko, Peko, Ibuki came back from the fourth island with bricks as well.

They all asked about Chiaki’s bloodied clothes. Hajime told them the same explanation.

“Make sure the foundation of the wall is large. Also, Kazuichi, Fuyuhiko, Gundham, Sonia plant the snare in front of the first island portal.” said the Imposter.

“I’ll go with you, young master.” said Peko.

“What will that do?” asked Hajime, concerned.

“It’ll buy us some time if the Juvenile Academy students try to attack us. The first attacker will be snared and their feet will be high in the sky, enough to startle the rest.” said the Imposter.

“And all we must do afterwards is roar like a lion with our kindred souls and the rest will retreat like crows. Muhahahaaha!” exclaimed Gundham with pride.

“Oh, I almost forgot.” said the Imposter.

He approached Fuyuhiko and gave him the walkie talkie.

“Call if something happens or if you are done placing the snare. Now go.” said the Imposter.

Fuyuhiko received the walkie talkie with a smile. The five of them quickly stepped foot upon the bridge that leads to the first island and ran away.

Akane, Hajime, Chiaki, Mechamaru were building the wall fast. Ibuki and Sonia helped as well. The Imposter was generally giving advice from afar.

Soon the Imposter’s walkie talkie crackled and went live.

“We’ve successfully placed the snare.” said Fuyuhiko from the walkie talkie.

“Good, don’t move from that spot. Keep an eye on that portal.” said the Imposter.

“Yeah, we only got 3 minutes now. How is everything on your end?” asked Fuyuhiko.

“We’re about 80 percent done. Someone’s head and shoulders could fit above the wall, but that isn’t an issue. Still it’s better to finish the job.” said the Imposter.

The Imposter thought for a while and continued further.

“Don’t do anything risky. The snare will only work once and If dozens of people come out through the portal, report it and rush back here.” said Imposter.

“Yeah yeah. Don’t take me for a stupid hotheaded fool.” grumbled Fuyuhiko.

The team kept building the wall until the time limit was finally reached.


Chapter Text

“N-nonono no way! I can’t believe this crap!” yelled Miu.

“Wait, you’re serious?” gasped Kaito.

“Yeah, it’s as I said. Everything you know is fiction. Your friends, your family, everything in your memory is fictional.” said Shuichi with an uncaring tone.

All eyes surrounding Shuichi looked at him with confusion and distrust.

“That’s preposterous! You really let yourself go after you killed me huh.” yelled Kirumi.

“Yes, there is no way my sister’s love is fake. It cannot be. She is with me right now!” cried Korekiyo while shooting Shuichi with eyes of ice.

“You’re just delusional, Korekiyo. You have a split personality. Everything is just in your imagination” said Maki sharply.

“I…I-I don’t know how to take this. I definitely remember my sisters, my family. Their faces, their words, their smiles, all too clearly.” said Rantaro.

“Shuichi is not lying. He trusted you with the truth. I can back him up. Everything in your memory, your head is fiction.” said Keebo as he walked up next to Shuichi.

“Everything besides when we woke up during the killing game with the Monocubs and when the killing game ends…no, no not even that is real.” said Shuichi.

“Wha-what do you mean?” asked Himiko.

“Think about it, isn’t it weird? How all the dead came back to life? Once more me, Maki, Himiko don’t remember anything after we exited the killing game.” said Shuichi.

“Yeah. We climbed over the hole and…nothing. I don’t remember anything past that. I remember waking up next to Kaito. That was just an hour or so ago” said Maki.

“Nyeh, I remember waking up next to Tenko an hour or so ago too. But before that…yeah. I remember surviving the killing game but…” pondered Himiko then became sad.

“Yeah. And I do have one explanation for that.” said Shuichi.

“What?” asked Tsumugi.

“You guys are all artificially created. But you weren’t created at the start of Danganronpa 53 Killing Harmony. No, I think…your bodies, your personalities, your memories were created specifically for the killing game that is currently happening right now. Events of Danganronpa 53 Killing Harmony might just be implanted into your memories. And not just you, I’m probably the same. I may not be the real Shuichi Saihara who stopped the cycle of killing games.” said Shuichi with a blue face and sad tone.

“Shuichi, you can’t be serious.” claimed Kaede.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Are you that insane?!” raged Kirumi with fierce eyes.

Shuichi ignored them and continued on.

“I mean, even the so-called real Shuichi Saihara wasn’t real. His personality was artificially created by Team Danganronpa. The personality was stored inside the flashback light and it was shined upon a teenager…a deranged teenager who wanted to enter Danganronpa 53 and be a detective that comes up with murders. The Shuichi Saihara who stopped Danganronpa 53 might have escaped with Maki and Himiko. But that might not be me. Otherwise I should remember how I got here.” said Shuichi.

“Nyeh, you’re too doubtful and talk about way too many confusing things. You’re definitely the Shuichi Saihara I know” said Himiko.

“You wouldn’t know. The flashback light can perfectly create a personality and memory. I bet the same personality and memory can be copy pasted into other people. The only reason we realized our memories of Hope's peak academy were fictional was because Tsumugi rushed out the flashback light and it contradicted the Hope’s peak academy research book.” said Shuichi with a face that looked like a sick person’s.

“But that’s different. You act the exact same way. You’re the person who saved us and ended the killing game! You have the same body. The flashback light couldn’t create another human being that looks exactly like you.” yelled Maki.

“How are you sure? If they are able to create artificial memories then an artificial body should be negligible.” said Shuichi.

“But doesn’t that create a contradiction? They specifically wanted fans to enter Danganronpa 53, and they made the memories for that person. To me it seems like they couldn’t just create artificial bodies. That’s why they had to ask fans who were willing to sacrifice their lives to be in Danganronpa” said Keebo while looking at Shuichi.

“Yeah, but we should doubt more. It could just be a simple fan inclusion stunt. Maybe they never really needed it. Or maybe, between Danganronpa 53 and till now, technology advanced, they don’t need real people’s bodies. Wait…hmm, of course, I have other theories.” said Shuichi.

Shuichi then looked at Maki and asked seriously.

“Can you repeat what you said about Monokuma’s strength?”

“Huh, umm. I felt like his strength wasn’t coming from his paw or his body. When he threw me into the light, it felt like my body was levitating on its own.” said Maki, a bit confused.

Shuichi put his hand on his mouth and thought for a while.

“Ugh, I can’t stand it. How many awesome technologies does Monokuma and this team Danganronpa have? I’m gonna die out of jealousy” cried Miu while stomping the ground.

Shuichi looked above the crowd toward the white portal. It was making a faint swirling sound, its rear was rotating like a wheel. Shuichi silently passed the crowd and walked towards the portal and stood in front of it.

“How did they create this portal? There is no generator around it. It’s not a physical object, it can distinguish who can and can’t go through it depending on how Monokuma set it up.” mumbled Shuichi.

“Well, if you’re that curious, maybe you should have studied to become the ultimate scientist instead of a detective” said Ryoma from behind him.

“I need to learn everything I can. That’s the only way to know the truth” said Shuichi.

Shuichi looked around the school area and spoke.

“Monokuma also had access to Jabberwock Island as well as Hope’s peak academy. The portals lead to those places. But that’s impossible because Jabberwock Island and Hope’s peak academy are supposed to be fictional places.” said Shuichi.

“Nyeh, maybe it’s a fan creation. Tsumugi said Danganronpa was super popular, so that’s gotta be it.” said Himiko with confidence.

“That’s a possibility. But there is another possibility. We’re in a virtual world program.” said Shuichi.

Chapter Text

“Ahh, that. You guys were talking about that! Gonta remember!” yelled Gonta violently.

“Jeez calm down. I know you have a PTSD of that and all but I don’t give a damn. Mental illnesses are fake anyways.” said Kokichi casually.
“Crazy person denies the existence of craziness, figures” mumbled Kaito.

“Yes, we only assumed the capabilities of a virtual world is limited because of the neo world program we entered.” said Shuichi.

“Yeah, it was easy to distinguish it from reality. Our avatars were kawaii and chibi afterall.” said Tsumugi.

“But I don’t think that’s the full capacity of the technology. It may be able to recreate reality perfectly. That would explain why the juvenile academy is intact, why Hope’s peak academy and Jabberwock island exists and why our bodies look exactly the same as how we looked in Danganronpa 53. In fact, I heard that the Jabberwock Island killing game also happened in a virtual reality. We definitely need their account on this.” said Shuichi.

“Good luck with that when they are trying to kill us.” said Rantaro and smiled creepily.

Shuichi’s shoulders dropped when he heard this but he quickly recovered.

“This forced war will end after 4 people die. Maybe even sooner if we’re smart about it.” said Shuichi.

“Any plans then?” asked Ryoma.

“I…don’t have much now, unfortunately.” said Shuichi.

“Then allow me to take the reins. You’re clearly not in the right state of mind!” hissed Korekiyo.

“Meh, you’re the one to talk?” taunted Himiko while pointing her finger towards Korekiyo who sat on the stone pavement, still yet to be released.

“Yeah, why would we ever follow a crazy maniac like you!” yelled Kaito.

“I still have my head above my shoulders. So no, thanks Korekiyo. You just be my assistant if you don’t want us to throw you to the other killing game students.” said Shuichi.

Shuichi went towards Korekiyo, Maki followed him. They both untied the rope surrounding Korekiyo’s body. Korekiyo happily got up and bowed towards Shuichi then smiled.

Shuichi turned to face the others and said “Korekiyo and I will become one team. Also, Kaede, you wouldn’t mind leading us like you did in the past, right? We’re running out of time and we need a strong leader. And someone to replace me if something happens.”

Shuichi glanced at Korekiyo when saying his last line.

Kaede was taken aback by his request.

“Oh, I…if everyone else is fine with that. I don’t feel comfortable leading you all after what I did tho” said Kaede with a sad face.

“It’s fine Kayayaday, half of the people here are murderers or just really messed up people in general” said Kokichi with a grin.

“Rest of you, team up or split up to search for useful tools and materials and bring everything to the dining hall. And come to the dining hall at least 15 minutes before the deadline.” said Shuichi.

Above the portal a text was floating.

“40 minutes before the portals open.”

“We don’t have time to lose, let’s move it!” yelled Himiko.

“On it!” yelled Tenko.

Soon the students scattered towards every direction. Shuichi and Korekiyo went with Maki and Kaito to the assassin’s lab first. As expected they found crossbows and knives. Shuichi and Korekiyo left them and went up to the fifth floor. They entered the detective lab and carried poisons that were on the shelf down to the dining hall. When they reached the dining hall, it was empty. They put the poisons on the table.

“Kehehe, you seem so idiotically brave Shuichi Saihara. Listening and teaming up with a serial killer such as myself, it is astoundingly precious, the way you act.” mumbled Korkeiyo as he got behind Shuichi and whispered to his ear.

“What? What is so idiotic or brave about what I’m doing? I trust myself and I trust my friends. Don’t you trust yourself?” asked Shuichi.

“Kehehe, ahh yes, friendship. Of course, you are my dearest friend. Even if we’ve known each other only during the killing game that lasted only a few days…for me at least. The word friend truly is to be thrown around often to lower guards and use others is it not? Yes, words contain the greatest of powers because they convince the mind and manipulate the heart. Kehehehe.”

“I…I meant my words when I said it. I wasn’t trying to manipulate you. To be honest, I kinda wish I could be friends with everyone. Even you, the way you helped out in trials, gave advice to us. Even your story regarding the death of your sister and how you loved her. You weren’t trying to manipulate us back then, right?” said Shuichi with a smile.

“Of course, yes. Why would I not be genuine to the people I appreciate? You people are so interesting, each one of you, and I do interact with great passion with the people I find fascinating.” said Korekiyo with a smile.

“See, the way you’re acting. Even if your personality and memories are fabricated, your words still seem genuine to me. You just don’t think much of death, don’t you? And you’re obsessed with your sister and your rituals. That’s the difference between us.” said Shuichi.

“Heh, perhaps to the blind a great love could be seen as an obsession. And I can make the dead meet my sister, that is undoubtedly true.” said Korkeiyo with angst in his last line.

“Do you have proof or evidence of what you claim? If it can’t be proven by an experiment and shown to others, it’s simply a lie.” said Shuichi with a narrow eye.

“Ahh, such cutting and fitting words for a detective...or a scientist too. But I can show you the way, if you really want me to.” said Korekiyo with sinisterness.

Suddenly Keebo and Miu rushed into the dining hall from outside the school. They were holding boxes and items.

“What are you two lazybutts doing here? Sipping tea and wanking one another off?!” yelled Miu.

“Keebo, Miu, what did you find?” asked Shuichi.

“I checked my lab. I for sure thought I would find my jetpack and laser cannon upgrades there. But it wasn’t there.” said Keebo with disappointment.

“Right, Keebo, you can’t hear your inner voice, right?” asked Shuichi.

“Yes, I cannot. My mind is completely blank. I wish to fight this killing game and tear it down but unfortunately I don’t have the strength.” said Keebo.

“We need more information and opportunities to beat Monokuma, Keebo. Until then, just try to live and survive.” said Shuichi.

“Yes, but I did find a jetpack of sorts. I don’t think it’s as strong as the one I used to destroy the academy” said Keebo as he put the box on the table.

He opened it and indeed inside was a backpack with a gas tank as well as a notebook and assembling parts.

“That’s very useful.” said Shuichi.

Miu seemed pissed off, dropped her own box on the table and said “And I brought 1 electro bomb, 1 electo hammer, some cameras, security lasers and a-”

Miu’s face became pink and she salivated.

“This little bad boy!”

She brought out a purple colored dildo out of the box with a triumphant smile.

Chapter Text

“Gahhh!” yelled Shuichi.

“What, Miu, why did you bring that?” said Keebo, his face pink.

“You truly are a ridiculous woman.” said Korekiyo menacingly.

“D-don’t look at me like that, it’s not like I’m gonna shove this up your ass or anything.” said Miu flustered.

“We need to keep searching and find something that will guarantee our safety and stop attackers.” said Shuichi while trying to look away to hide his blush.

“And what would that be?” asked Kirumi who was leaning against the front door.

“Kirumi, did you find anything?” asked Shuichi.

“Yes, I did. But I’m not going to give it to some delusional brat whose head is riddled with so much doubt that they’ve started to go mad.” said Kirumi with contempt.

“What I said is the truth, deal with it.” said Shuichi with a frown.

The two of them exchanged mean glances towards one another. Keebo seemed worried looking at the two while Korekiyo observed the situation with a smile.

“Hmph, even if you have been gifted with knowledge, you’re still a child.” scolded Kirumi.

“We’re the same age. And you talk big for someone who died during the second trial.” said Shuichi.

“You’ve grown some sass after I died huh. Still you’re as useless and skilless as ever. You nor Kaede are fitting to lead these people to victory.” said Kirumi.

“And you think you are fitting?” asked Keebo.

“Of course, I have served the people of this country well for all my life. I’ve even taken the reign of the entire country due to the prime minister’s request.” said Kirumi.

“And I’m telling you, it’s just a fabricated memory. None of that happened, team Danganronpa created a flashback light and planted it inside the motive video. That’s why you felt like you remembered being a prime minister after you watched the video.” said Shuichi with a stern manner.

“Nonsense. If that were the case, then everything you know and feel superior about is fabricated too.” yelled Kirumi.

“Yeah, I know all my memories are fake. But I don’t care cause I’m not trying to be superior about anything, unlike you.” said Shuichi, his eyes calm and sharp.

Kirumi stopped frowning and took a deep breath.

“Fabricated or not. I have the knowledge and the skill of leadership. It is my duty as the Ultimate Maid to lead everyone to victory. And unlike you I have certain ideas to win this war.” said Kirumi.

“If you have an idea, just tell it to us. It doesn’t matter who is the leader. Everyone should follow their own heart anyways.” said Shuichi calmly.

Kirumi walked up to them and looked through all the boxes and items that had been gathered at the dining hall.

“At least we have poison crossbows as weapons. I previously put the kitchen knives inside a box there as well.” said Kirumi.

She peered into Miu’s box and said “A security laser device?”

“Yeah, it’s one of those devices that create a vague red light line when you activate it. And if something moves through it you get a message on the receiver” said Miu while pulling out the receiver.

“We could put it near the portal. It would definitely help.” said Shuichi.

“No, that’s not enough. Miu could you combine the crossbows brought here with the security lasers and make the crossbow automatically fire when the laser alarm goes off? It would go well with a poisoned arrow too.” said Kirumi as she eyed Miu.

“Yeah, easily.” said Miu with a confident smile.

“Wait, that would kill whoever enters here.” said Shuichi.

“That’s the idea. Do you want to protect your friends or not?” asked Kirumi.

“Waging a war against the other killing game students isn’t gonna save anyone. Monokuma wants us to value the lives of our friends over strangers. He is trying to use our attachments to pit us against one another.” claimed Shuichi.

“What other choices do we have? You’ve let us all die. Only Maki, Himiko and you ended up surviving, just by sheer luck. You are incapable of fighting and making difficult decisions.” said Kirumi.

“He found the truth of the killing game and stopped it. Don’t try to twist the truth.” said Kaede angrily from the hallway door.

She entered the room along with Gonta and Tsumugi.

“Gonta brought harpoons from warehouse” said Gonta while he placed them against the wall.

“And I brought this. It seems to be working.” said Kaede and placed a laptop on the table.

“Let me check that!” yelled Miu and opened up the laptop. She pulled up a chair which was close by and started typing on it rapidly.

Kaede and Gonta looked at what she was doing with the corner of their eyes.

Himiko, Angie and Tenko entered the dining hall from outside. Tenko brought two swords and threw them against the walls.

“Nyahahaha, we checked the casino for useful items. And we actually found a small minigame left by Monokuma” said Angie.

“Ahh, the result was somewhat disappointing. The prizes we won were these swords.” said Tenko.

“No, that is still sufficient and very useful. Knives and harpoons are not designed for war.” said Kirumi.

“Nyeah we also found 4 cassette voice recorders. I don’t think they would be of much use but it’s something.” said Himiko.

“Goddamn it, this pc is fucking old as my grandma. It doesn’t even have wifi!” grunted Miu.

“I’m probably not as good as you Miu, but I still looked at it and there was nothing there.” said Kaede apologetically.

Kirumi arrived next to Miu and pulled her ear.

“We need a crossbow trap immediately.” said Kirumi.

“I’m against your idea entirely. I’m sure we can communicate and come to a conclusion. There is no need to set traps that will instantly kill people coming for a peace talk.” said Shuichi.

“Yes, you do have some ideas there. Perhaps we could communicate with them and convince them to throw the student they don’t need so we could kill them.” said Kirumi.

Shuichi balled his hand to a fist and yelled “No, that’s wrong!”

Chapter Text

“It’s necessary.” said Kirumi with a cold look.

Miu slammed the keyboard in a frustrated manner, got up to her feet.

“Hell yeah! I’m not gonna trust some nobodies with my life. Screw them all, dying of penetration is not the worst way to go.” yelled Miu with confidence.

“You can’t!” said Kaede.

“Shut up, Kaidiot. You know more than anyone that you were powerless against Monokuma. So stop pretending your head or your body is more valuable than a whore’s. You suck! Don’t get in my way.” yelled Miu and turned to Kirumi.

“Fine, I’ll do your stupid trap. Come to my lab.” said Miu.

Miu and Kirumi both exited the dining hall through the front door.

“I can’t allow them to kill our future friends. Himiko bring those cassette voice recorders with you. We’re going to record a voice recording and send it to the students of the other killing games.” said Shuichi with a smile.

“Oh that’s right! We could just throw it into the portal. We don’t have to risk ourselves.” said Himiko.

“Keebo you too, come with me. Maki…hmm. Tell Maki to guard the portal if she comes here. Tell her to also keep an eye on Korekiyo. And Gonta, you should guard the portal and prevent Kirumi and Miu from setting a deathtrap. If Kaito comes, tell him to go to classroom A, I’ll be there myself.” said Shuichi looking around everyone in the room.

He then turned his head to Kaede specially.

“Kaede, you’re the leader. You should probably lead the others if something comes up.” said Shuichi with a smile.

“Jeez, I know I said to lead the others after I’m dead. But you’re even bossing me around?” asked Kaede with a puffed cheek.

“Ugh, it’s not like that. I just wanted to tell you what I think is the best course of action, logically. It’s just a suggestion, afterall. You can do whatever you want, I wasn’t order-” mumbled Shuichi.

“Hahaha, you’re cute when you’re flustered, you know that?” said Kaede with a smile.

“C-cute?” gasped Shuichi with a blush.

“I was just joking. I get you Shuichi. I’ll do whatever I can to protect them while you’re not around. My memories and personality might be fabricated by that flashback light. But my heart still beats for you guys.” said Kaede while raising her arms to show strength.

“Thank you, Kaede.” said Shuichi with a wide smile.


“Is that a-” muttered Leon.

Indeed, his eyes were not deceiving him. Behind the curtains of the dojo was a portal.

Leon turned back and went past the curtains. He got out of the dojo and ran around the fifth floor, trying to find anyone he could find. Luckily Byakuya, Sayaka, Toko were there.

Leon brought them to the dojo and they entered behind the curtains.

“Interesting, so there is another portal. Well done Leon.” said Byakuya.

“Hehehe, you can count on me, boss.” said Leon with a smile.

“So, what will we do now?” asked Sayaka.

“We’ll hide this information. Especially from Makoto and Kyoko.” said Byakuya.

“Hmm, is that really necessary?” asked Sayaka.

“Are you doubting yourself now? If Makoto or Kyoko finds out about this, most likely they are going to guard this portal. Hmph, they’ll probably get themselves killed trying to talk to the people on the other side.” said Byakuya with contempt.

“Yeah, you’re right. And this portal, where do you think it will lead us? The gifted juvenile academy students or the jabberwock island killing game students?” asked Sayaka.

“Probably juvenile academy students. I imagine from Monokuma’s announcement that the portal on the ground floor will teleport us where the Jabberwock Island students are. Sayaka, Toko find Mukuro and bring her here. We need her to work as a guard for this portal along with Leon. Make sure to grab knives and weapons and bring it here also. The time limit is almost up.” said Byakuya.

Sayaka and Toko went out. Strangely enough, Byakuya went out as well, leaving only Leon at the dojo. Soon Mukuro arrived at the dojo and Leon told her about the portal. Soon Toko and Sayaka came back into the dojo. Sayaka was holding knives and a sword. Toko brought a crossbow.

“W-wait, w-where is my white knight?” asked Toko.

Just then Byakuya entered the dojo. He was holding a drone in his hands.

“Wow, dude, what is that?!” gasped Leon.

“A drone, isn’t it obvious?” said Byakuya.

“There is a camera attached to the top” said Sayaka while pointing.

“Yes, the camera is giving feed to the monitor I have.” said Byakuya and held up the small smartphone-like device that he was holding.

“With this, I can control the drone from afar.” said Byakuya.

“Cool.” said Leon with a thumbs up.

“What are you seriously trying to achieve with that thing?” asked Mukuro.

“I’m going to fly it into the portal. This would help me look if someone is at the other side, guarding the portal.” said Byakuya.

“Hahaha, you don’t need that junk to do that when you have me, I can jump in and out through the portal at the speed of sound.” said Mukuro with a playful smile.

“Sure, it’s not that I doubted your abilities.” said Byakuya.

“Or were you worried about my well being?” asked Mukuro with big eyes.

“My white knight only cares about me! You bitches are hoarding over him now just because he has the power of leadership now.” hissed Toko angrily at her.

“Jeez, you’re more unhinged than before. You should put her on a leash or something, Byakuya” said Mukuro.

“I’m considering it.” said Byakuya in which Toko sulked.

But Byakuya quickly turned serious and began talking.

“That is not my only reason. This portal should theoretically be teleporting us to a completely new and far away location. We’re at hope’s peak. But supposedly the place we teleported to should be somewhere very far away. The signal of the camera or the signal to the drone should not reach here.”

“Oh I see. So if the drone doesn’t drop to the floor, it means the place we are teleporting to is actually much closer to Hope’s peak academy?” pondered Sayaka.

“Either that or the portal has the ability to transmit radio signals. Still, this portal is certainly strange. Never knew that such technology was possible outside of fiction.” said Byakuya.

The final minute of the time limit was over. With it came Monokuma’s announcement.

“The blue balling waiting has finally ended. Now we can enjoy the all new face to face, action based team killing game! Don’t forget, if you kill a student other than the one from your killing game, you will be rewarded! Ahh, the reward isn’t going to be handed out until the war phase ends tho.” proclaimed Monokuma from a speaker nearby.

Chapter Text

With the announcement, Byakuya flew the drone. The drone floated and went into the portal.

“The screen, we have footage.” muttered Byakuya.

From the screen they could see there was a wall. Turning the drone left and right it was clear that the drone could fly around the wall. And so Byakuya moved the drone to the left. The drone flew and it went around the wall. Outside of the wall, was a large hall. Flying the drone further showed that the wall they were previously blocked by was a stage. Beyond the stage were clothes stands that had dozens of costumes and dresses on it. There were also dozens of lighting devices and cosmetic salons as well.

“Wow, where are we?” pondered Mukuro.

“Yeah, I’ve never seen such a place before.” said Sayaka.

“Hey, Byakuya, move the drone more. Let’s explore the place!” said Leon with excitement.

“We could always travel there by foot.” said Byakuya.

“But wouldn’t the gifted juveniles students just attack us?” asked Sayaka with a grey face.

“Yes, yes they would. Unless we attack first.” said Byakuya.

“Wait, when are we attacking exactly?” asked Leon.

“Hmm, how about now?” said Byakuya.

“W-what? But I don’t think we’re prepared enough.” said Leon with a scared face.

“And so are they. Heh, they haven’t even discovered that there is a portal here. Otherwise, they would have protected it. Some chumps these gifted juvenile students are. They are making this very easy and we’re gonna snatch this victory.” said Byakuya proudly.

“But the time limit isn’t even close to being reached yet.” said Sayaka.

“Does it matter? Monokuma said that every kill is going to increase the time limit by 12 hours. If we kill, we’ll just be protecting our friends here in a way, preventing them from dying due to the time limit.” said Byakuya.

“And the prize Monokuma promised, he is not gonna let us out of the killing game, is he?” pondered Sayaka.

“Probably not, if that were the case, he would have just said it. Him hiding the rewards makes it seem like it could be a sham.” said Byakuya.

“Don’t underestimate Junko, if she is behind this, it’s likely that the prize is something very useful but may lose its value if you say what it is beforehand. In any case, she is going to support anyone who makes her boredom go away with generosity.” said Mukuro.

“If you’re that into hyping up the prize, mind killing a few people for us?” asked Byakuya.

“Gladly. But I will keep the prize to myself.” said Mukuro with nasty smile.

“Of course. Toko, switch to Genocider!” said Byakuya.

Toko brought out a bag of pepper and poured it on her nose. She sneezed and immediately the look in her eyes changed.

“Well well well, how is my white knight doing? Did you folks handle that Junko freak or what?” asked Genocider.

“Yeah, we kinda did but…” said Byakuya.

“Oy oy, so why the long face my darling? Are these mooches bullying you?” she said while putting her hands in her pockets and pulling out her trusty double scissors.

“No, they are our comrades. They’ll help us win the war.” said Byakuya.

“War? OHHHHHH, What countries are involved?” asked Genocider with passion.

“Not countries. But between students of different killing games. Monokuma somehow brought back the dead as well as a bunch of new people who were apparently also participants in Monokuma’s other killing games. I still don’t know how the timeline fits. If the info Junko had given us during the sixth trial is true, there shouldn’t be any alternative killing games.” said Byakuya.

“Okay, so what should I do for you my darling?” asked Genocider happily.

“Kill our enemies. Monokuma urged the students of the Hope’s peak academy killing game to work together. Which means the people here as well as the people you saw at the class trials are our teammates.” said Byakuya.

“Oh oh, I understood. But as for the people that I should rip apart?” asked Genocider.

“People who you probably didn’t see during the hope’s peak academy killing game. Students who are completely new to you” said Byakuya.

“I see. Hehehehe, I‘m finally free to let it rip, hihihihihi.” said Genocider while pouncing.

“W-what happened to Toko? Please explain.” gasped Sayaka.

“Yeah, she is not acting like her usual self.” said Leon with fear.

“This is her hidden nature. The personality that she represses. Genocider Jill!” declared Byakuya.

“Yoohoo, pleased to meet you. Especially you, pretty boy” said Genocider while looking at Leon and licking her lips.

“S-should I be grateful or s-scared?” mumbled Leon.

“Both” said Genocider with a sly smile.

“Gear yourselves up, we’re moving into the portal and hunt down some students.” said Byakuya.

Sayaka and Leon quickly grabbed the knives that were on the floor.

Mukuro put the bow on her back as well as the arrows which were in a leather case. And in her hand she held a knife.

“Darling, what about you? Don’t you need protection, or do you think I’m sufficient?” asked Genocider.

“You should be on the offense. I’ll be on the back side of the formation with a knife.” said Byakuya.

Quickly Mukuro and Genocider entered the portal followed by Sayaka, Leon then Byakuya.

They appeared inside the ultimate cosplayer’s lab behind the stage. After they reached the edge of the stage Mukuro carefully moved her head out to see that the coast was clear and headed out.The others followed.

“Where is everyone?” mumbled Mukuro.

“Yeah, hehehe, I wanted to have some fun, now I have to wait?” grumbled Genocider.

“Keep your guard up, there are only five of us. If this is an elaborate setup then we could all die” said Byakuya.

They all exited the cosplay lab went along the hallway and went down to the fourth floor. They went ahead and checked the anthropologist lab, the artist’s lab, dark rooms and the computer rooms which were all vacant.

So they decided to go down the stairs.

Just then they heard footsteps. All of them ceased their movements and waited.

Chapter Text

“So, you’re still saying there is a reason to live, even if everyone is fiction.” came Ryoma’s voice.

“Heh, there could be many reasons to live. I personally like to take a walk outside whenever I feel hopeless and down. And even now, we still have the people we met before we died as well as some new faces. We could be friends. And I dunno, aren’t you glad that you’re not a criminal who massacred everyone?” asked Rantaro.

“Yeah, but what’s even more painful is that my girlfriend, my cat. None of them are real. It’s…painful” grumbled Ryoma.

“Almost makes you wanna wish that Shuichi and the others were pulling a big one on us huh” said Rantaro.

“Yeah, but that Shuichi kid. He’s not the type of guy to-”

Ryoma and Rantaro came close to the stairs. But Ryoma was alert enough to see Mukuro’s boot which was visible just in the corner.

“They’re here! Run!” yelled Ryoma.

Rantaro understood quickly and they both run back the way they came from.

“Kill them!” cried Byakuya.

Genocider darted off with extreme speed followed by Mukuro then the others. When the hallway split into two both Rantaro and Ryoma split. Genocider was tailing Rantaro fast and arrived behind him.

“Hyahaha, pretty boy needs to bleed!”

Genocider stabbed her scissors down on Rantaro’s back.

In pain Rantaro slowed down, Genocider kicked him from the back with strength.

Rantaro was thrown forward, rolled on the ground and almost rammed into the wall in front of him. He pulled himself up to look at the terrifying red eyes of Genocider.

“Ahh, how cutie wootie you are. Such a precious little clean-”

Ryoma rammed his legs onto Genocder’s chin. Genocider slammed into a wall. Ryoma jumped and raised the bat he was holding onto Genocider’s head but Genocider retreated to dodge it.

“You midget, get out of my way!”

Rantaro ran away from those two and turned around the corner. Mukuro came from the other hallway and chased after Rantaro eagerly. When Rantaro climbed down the stairs Mukuro catched up to him and stabbed her knife into his back. In pain, Rantaro tumbled down the stairs.

He rolled onto the second floor and lied on the ground. His arms and legs moved but he couldn’t get up.

Mukuro raised her knife to finish him off. Just then someone’s footsteps resounded and she jumped back just in time to dodge a sword stab. It was Tenko who was holding the sword. Mukuro retreated, she put the knife in her mouth and swiftly pulled out the bow and arrow from her back. Tenko rushed to hit her but Mukuro was taking safe distance. Suddenly Ryoma slammed into her side with his legs and used her as a footing to jump again to dodge Genocider’s double scissor slash. He jumped onto the ceiling, jumped again to land on the ground. Genocider lunged to stab him but Ryoma quickly ran away. From the two hallway that split two, Ryoma chose the left hallway, the one he chose before.

Ryoma intended to run away the same route he used to come here. But when he turned right around the corner a knife stabbed into his throat. And the assailant pushed Ryoma to the ground with their weight. It was Sayaka who had been waiting in the corner. Her patience had paid off and now she was on top of Ryoma who was helplessly twitching on the ground.

“Hyaaahh!” yelled Sayaka and stabbed Ryoma’s body again.

Her body shook. Her eyes trembled in their sockets. Still she pulled the knife out of Ryoma’s body and stood up.

“I-I did it.” she said, her hands shaking violently, her clothes and legs full of blood.

“Oh jeez, I wanted to have a piece of that little shit.” grumbled Genocider.

Mukuro jumped into the hall next to Genocider, Tenko was at the other side of the hallway, gaining ground. Mukuro had already grabbed the bow from his back and released an arrow with it towards Tenko who came out of the corner. Tenko swiftly ducked and dodged. She walked down the stairs once seeing Genocider and Sayaka.

While going down the stairs Tenko realozed Rantaro was not in his original position. Rantaro was now walking down the hallway, blood dripping from his back. Tenko caught up to him.

“Hurry it up, move!” yelled Tenko.

“You…move. You’re g-gonna get yourself killed cause of…“

Before they could turn around the corner Mukuro came out from the other side of the hallway and shot an arrow. The arrow headed straight for Rantaro but Tenko jumped in the way. The arrow stabbed through her forearm.

“Yah! It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!” yelled Tenko while jumping in place.

Mukuro rushed towards her with the knife but Tenko’s expression tightened and she stabbed with her sword back.

Mukuro swiftly hit the sword to the side with her knife and attempted a stab. But Tenko threw her sword, dodged to the side and grabbed her arm that was holding the knife. Tenko kneed her then pulled Mukuro’s arm that was holding the knife and slammed it against the wall, causing the knife to fall. Mukuro threw a punch but Tenko ducked, grabbed Mukuro from her waist. Tenko brought her leg behind Mukuro’s and sweeped her legs off the ground but Mukuro wrapped her arms around Tenko’s neck, pulled her down with her free leg and they both landed on the ground. Tenko was still on top of Mukuro but Mukuro brought her hand on Tenko’s throat to choke her.

The strength on her hand proved to be too much and Tenko pulled herself back up to take distance but Mukuro sweeped her leg from the ground and Tenko fell down. Tenko crawled on the ground to bring her hand to the knife but Mukuro sat on top of her, punched her and put her hands on her throat to choke her out.

Chapter Text

Desperately Tenko reached out for the knife, her strength vanishing from her body every second, tears in her eyes. Just as she thought she was about to kill Tenko, Mukuro felt the air move.

When she looked up Maki was in front of her and it was already too late. A blade stabbed into her heart.

Mukuro grabbed Maki’s arms, her nails stabbed into Maki’s skin. She looked miserably at Maki’s eyes before falling to the side.

Maki landed a second knife stab onto her head, just to make the kill sure. When she pulled out the knife and looked down the other end of the hallway she encountered Genocider’s eyes.

“O-OH my goood! Such scary murderous eyes!” yelled Genocider.

Maki shot a deadly glare at Genocider in which she immediately tailed it back and ran up to the upper floor.

Maki gritted her teeth, walked to chase her but took a sigh and turned around to look at the Tenko who was coughing violently. Maki pulled her off the ground, Tenko’s face was strawberry red and she could barely stand up.

Soon footsteps resounded. Gonta, Korekiyo, Shuichi, Keebo, Kaito, Himiko all ran into the hallway.

“Tenko! Are you okay?!” asked Himiko.

“We met Rantaro on the way. Angie took him to the dormitory.” said Keebo.

“Is there anyone left upstairs?” asked Shuichi.

“Portal text say Ryoma dead, that true?” yelled Gonta with rage.

“Y-yeah. I- I think I saw the k-kiler. A blue haired girl, had a bloody knife. She probably killed Ryoma.” said Tenko.

Shuichi stomped the ground and yelled “Damn it! This is all my fault. We should have talked less and searched more. There was a hidden-”

“Enough with that, Shuichi” scolded Kaito.

“You’re right. We can’t let them get away with this. We’ll go upstairs to reclaim our territory and find the portal.” said Shuichi.

Maki nodded and together they split into two groups and went through both hallways. The two hallways merged and they all ascended up to the third floor. Carefully, quietly they pressed onwards.

They checked the tennis lab, spread through the two hallways, merged and checked the assassin’s lab.
They went up ahead into the fourth floor, spread into the groups and checked every room then went to the fifth floor. From there they also slowly and carefully checked through each room and hallway.

Shuichi, Himiko, Tenko and Gonta checked the cosplay lab. But only Shuichi and Himiko came back from the search and informed Keebo and Kaito who were guarding the hallway that had stairs.

“We found the portal. It was behind the stage in the ultimate cosplayer’s lab. Tenko and Gonta are guarding it.” said Shuichi.

Maki and Korekiyo came from their search with no results. They were informed of the location of the portal.

“Damn, well let’s get back. We left the other portal with Kirumi and Miu.” said Maki.

They somberly went down the stairs. On the third floor they chose to go through the other hallway, perhaps to avoid where Ryoma’s body was. They also avoided Mukuro’s body by choosing the other hallway as well.

When they arrived at the first floor Shuichi went towards the dining hall, ignoring the others. Afterall, that is where Kaede should have been. Guarding the tools and weapons. He wanted to tell her first of the tragedies that happened. He wanted her advice.

“Upupup, congratulations to the killers. 4 victims have successfully been murdered. Wow, you guys really speedran this war huh. Usually I had to ease you fools into the killing. But this time, you truly were eager. I suppose you really do get used to this killing stuff when you do it a lot. Not only get used to, but get addicted to. Yahahahahaha! Don’t worry I’ll send out the rewards to the killers. After you all cool off for a moment.” laughed out Monokuma from the speakers.

“Wha-what?” gasped Kaito.

“T-the portals!” yelled Shuichi.

He immediately turned around and opened the school door.


Way earlier

Shuichi, Kaito, Keebo, Himiko exited Classroom A.

“Wow, that voice recording is gonna win a lot of hearts.” said Kaito.

“Yeah, Shuichi almost didn’t stutter at all. And he was very charismatic.” said Himiko.

“You’re being too nice. I was just my usual self. I simply talked about everything that could help them and said what I genuinely felt.” said Shuichi.

“We should definitely hurry. Monokuma said the portal offline time limit is over.” warned Keebo.

“Right.” said Shuichi.

Shuichi walked to the school entrance with the box in his hand.

He pushed the door open and as expected Kirumi and Miu were there along with Maki and Gonta.

“You idiots follow Shuichi like plastic soldiers and disposable pawns.” grunted Kirumi angrily.

“I would trust Shuichi more than a crazy old hag.” said Maki with a frown.

“How dare you, I have served you this well, and now you’re calling me names?” hissed Kirumi.

“Kirumi tried to kill all us. Shuichi always do what best for us.” said Gonta.

“And now he is willing to stake your lives for strangers.” said Kirumi.

“I’m not. I want everyone to be happy. For a politician who swore to protect everyone, you don’t seem to practice what you preach.” said Shuichi from beside her.

“You finally arrived, Shuichi. Wouldn’t it be better to just place these crossbow traps that Miu and I prepared here?” said Kirumi coldly.

“And just kill our friends?” said Shuichi.

Kirumi’s eyes widened, soon anger took over her and she cried “Friends? Are you delusional? Are you that desperate to gain as many friends as possible? 100 friends, 1000 friends? You should have been a social media expert instead of a detect-”

“Wherever and whoever my love reaches, they will be my friend. I realized that Maki, the ultimate assassin, was just a girl seeking help. Miu, you’re just a paranoid inventor who wants attention.” said Shuichi.

“Wha, d-don’t blabber, you don’t know anything about me.” mumbled Miu.

“Kirumi, despite your feeling for us, you did what you thought was best. Perhaps, you’re valuing yourself a little too much now, but I understand your feelings.” said Shuichi.

“If you did, why aren’t you listening-”

“Because you’re not understanding me. You don’t understand love, the way it can change others completely.” said Shuichi.

“Huh?” gasped Kirumi.

“There is no need for traps, dirty tricks and fights.” said Shuichi and raised the box in his hand.

“The cassette recording in this box will spread my words. My words will awaken the love and compassion others have buried within themselves. It will tear down all of their fears and doubts.” said Shuichi with a wide smile.

Without hesitation Shuichi threw the box inside the portal.

Chapter Text

“I hope they trust what is written on it, open it and listen to it. Because I believe we can change the world if we were all open towards one another like this.” said Shuichi.

“You think that’s enough? Just talking?” asked Kirumi.

“Perhaps not just talking. My every being is necessary for it. As long as I live, as long as I exist, I will trust myself, trust my friends. I will do what is right, I will fight for love and truth. My persistence is what will change the world. And I’ll use words, gestures, emotions, whatever it takes to reach their hearts.” said Shuichi confidently.

Kirumi looked at him. Strangely enough, she smirked and said “Good luck”.

Suddenly a picture popped up on top of the portal. It showed a picture of Sayaka and Ryoma. There was an arrow pointing from Sayaka to Ryoma. Under the pictures was a text written:

Sayaka Maizonono(killer) -> Ryoma Hoshi (victim)

“N-no” gasped Shuichi.

“How did they get here?” grumbled Kirumi to herself while covering her mouth with her hand.

“R-Ryoma. Maki and I met him inside the school.” said Kaito.

“Gonta, Maki, follow-” yelled Shuichi but Maki went past him and ran at the speed of a hurricane.

Shuichi and the others followed her and entered the school. On their way, Shuichi met Angie and Korekiyo and told them to follow them.

Meanwhile in front of the school Miu and Kirumi were left alone.

“Hmph, he was talking so big before the bodies started dropping.” said Kirumi elegantly.

“Yeah, Poochie is seriously an embarrassment. He let pianohead and a bunch of others die yet talks big shit, especially for a virgin” grunted Miu.

Miu dolted around the courtyard, clearly proud of her insults.

“No matter. Miu, you wanna place the traps? We definitely should. If someone jumps out of the portal and attacks us right now, we will die.” said Kirumi.

“Ahh, almost forgot about that. Yeah.” said Miu.

“Look, new info.” said Kirumi.

Miu looked above the portal to see that Maki had killed Mukuro.

“Wow, she is seriously scary.” gasped Miu.

While they started placing the traps Angie opened the school entrance, with her was Rantaro, bloodied. Together they entered the dormitory. Right afterwards someone barged out of the dining hall. It was Kaede. Her expression became grim when seeing them and she approached them.

“Hey, you two, what the hell are you doing?” asked Kaede.

“Saving your 1 dollar whore ass, what do you think?” yelled Miu.

“W-what happened?” gasped Kaede as she looked at the screen above the portal, seeing Ryoma dead and Maki killed someone.

“There seems to be another portal we may have missed, Shuichi and the others went into the school to find the intruders.” said Kirumi.

“And you’re going against Shuichi’s words while he is busy trying to save us? If you’re that afraid of being attacked we can just wait at the dining hall and observe the actions of whoever comes out through here.” said Kaede aggressively.

“No, they would have access to the various labs at the courtyard. From what I have seen, Miu's, Keebo’s labs still have very useful items.” said Kirumi.

“It’s not like they can return without using the portal. You just want Monokuma’s reward and you’re willing to kill to do it!” said Kaede.

She grabbed one of the crossbow traps from the ground and took off the metallic object from the trigger that was positioned to press on the trigger when the laser picked up on a movement. When Kaede turned around she was stunned to see Kirumi, pointing the crossbow towards her.

“You may have sacrificed yourself for the good of these students. But you are stupidly optimistic if you think you can solve this issue without at least self defense.” said Kirumi.

“Death traps aren’t self defense.” said Kaede with a frown.

Both of them exchanged serious, stern looks towards one another.


Fuyuhiko, Peko, Kazuichi, Sonia, Gundham looked at the box that flew out of the portal and onto the ground.

“So, umm, is anyone gonna pick that up or?” asked Kazuichi.

“D-do it yourself, you lamo.” yelled Fuyuhiko.

“W-why would I do anything to e-endanger myself like that?” said Kazuichi.

“Kazuichi, please, do it for all of us. We’re counting on you.” said Sonia with a blissful smile.

“Yes mam.” said Kazuichi with a salute.

Kazuichi ran towards the portal, grabbed the box and quickly came back to them. He showed what was written on the box to Fuyuhiko and the others.

“Inside this box is a cassette voice recorder. Please listen to it. We need to work together to fight Monokuma.” recited Fuyuhiko the writing that was written on top of the box.

“Wow, they seem so considerate.” said Sonia.

“Hmph, let us unveil this mystical item to gain its resounding power!” said Gundham with a roar as he snatched the box from Kazuichi.

“Fine, d-do it yourself. I’m just gonna take miss Sonia and-” said Kazuichi as he put his hand on Sonia’s wrist.

“Hands…off.” hissed Sonia.

Sonia quickly threw her claws at Kazuichi’s forearm in which he jerked and jumped away.

“Ouch, you scratched me!” yelled Kazuichi.

“Keep your filthy hand off of my Dark Queen, Soda” said Gundham violently.

“F-fine. You’ll be regretting it when there is bomb inside that” yelled Kazuichi.

“Look at the portal, there is something on it.” said Peko.

They turned around to see a screen had appeared on top of the portal that declared Sayaka to have killed Ryoma.

“What the hell?” gasped Kazuichi.

“Shit, they are under attack.” said Fuyuhiko.

“Should we go help them?” asked Sonia.

“The paranoid will further fall to madness upon seeing our faces. It is useless.” said Gundham coldly.

Gundham opened the box from one side, he pulled out a long cloth, inside it truly was a cassette voice recorder.

“Sit down and indulge in the words tuning from this mysteric artifact.” yelled Gundham.

“Dude, shut up and just play it.” said Kazuichi.

Gundham pressed play.

“Hello there. My name is Shuichi Saihara. I’m one of the survivors of the killing game that happened in the academy for gifted juveniles. One of the three survivors. But everyone has revived so everyone is a survivor? No, I have doubts about that. It’s likely that us, you guys and the people who revived from the dead are the result of the flashback-”

“Shuichi, why are you starting with the biggest bombs? Try to ease in the listeners will ya.” said Himiko.

“Wait, pause it, what the hell is that?” asked Fuyuhiko.

Fuyuhiko pointed above the portal with his finger. And indeed a screen had popped up, showing Maki had killed Mukuro.

“Holy shit, a bloodbath must be going on in there.” yelled Kazuichi.

“We cannot help them without endangering ourselves. Let us continue listening to the words of the survivors.” said Gundham.

He pressed the play button again.

Chapter Text

“Ahh, yeah. I was rambling, I’m sorry. I should have introduced everyone here first. Himiko was the one who talked just now. She is one of the survivors of the sixth class trial, therefore the killing game.” said Shuichi happily.

“Hello there.” said Himiko.

“And Keebo is also here. He is one of the people who almost survived the sixth class trial.” said Shuichi.

“I blew myself up.” said Keebo.

“Yeah, it’s a long story. Anyways. I know you guys are afraid of getting attacked by us. And while there are some troublemaking students in our group, overall, we’re really great people, the people I got to know here are really amazing. With a girl named Kaede, I even tried to capture the mastermind at the start of the killing game. It didn’t work out well and eventually Kaede ended up dying. But she is in this school, revived or cloned.” said Shuichi.

“You really had to mention that?” asked Himiko.

“We have to. They have to know this. People reviving from the dead is not a normal thing. Especially since their bodies are supposed to be destroyed. But I have a few theories explaining some of these occurrences. During the sixth trial, it was revealed that our friend Tsumugi was lying to us and was actually the mastermind. But more than that, we found out that the flashback lights are not for recovering forgotten memories but for implanting new memories. Previously, throughout the killing game, Monokuma had given us devices called flashback lights. These devices, when lighted upon you, will make you remember events that you have forgotten, or so we were told. In truth, these were just devices that implanted completely new memories to us. ” said Shuichi.

“In hindsight, we definitely should have talked about the memories we recovered more back then. Who knows, maybe we could have found holes in the memories we recovered.” said Keebo.

“Yeah, but I don’t think those flashback lights were entirely a waste either. Through it, we learned a lot about Hope’s peak academy, the killing game that happened there, Jabberwock island’s killing game, Future Foundation.” said Shuichi.

“Nyeh, but those were fake. The future foundation, the Togami corporation, doesn't exist. It’s all fictional.” said Himiko.

“huh?” gasped Kazuichi.

“What?” grumbled Fuyuhiko.

“Haha, and you were warning me about throwing bombs. But what Himiko said is true. Everything is fiction. It turned out that my personality, memories were all- oh, great, Kaito arrived.” said Shuichi.

“Stop him!” yelled Fuyuhiko as soon as he spotted Nagito running towards the portal from the other side.

Nagito was wearing a gas mask and he threw a metal ball towards them. As soon as the ball hit the ground, it exploded and unleashed a huge wave of grey gas towards all directions in an instant.

“Shit!” yelled Fuyuhiko.

They retreated away from the gas that approached them but Peko entered the gas but quickly ran back, coughing.

During the commotion Nagito ran and jumped over the snare into the portal.

He expected an unwelcome greeting or even a trap setup by them. And indeed he was right.

Kaede, Kirumi, Miu were utterly surprised by the sudden intruder. Kirumi aimed the crossbow towards Nagito. Nagito quickly pulled off the mask, smiled and spoke.

“H-hey, I don’t mean any harm. I’m all by myself, I’m just here to talk. My name is Nagito Komaeda.” said Nagito with a smile.

“Then what is that in your hand?” asked Kaede.

“Oh, this?”

Nagito looked at a thin cylinder device with a button on top in his hand.

“Well, this is something special. A tool to destroy despair in the name of hope.” said Nagito happily.

“Give me that!” yelled Miu.

“Oh, alright.” said Nagito.

Without hesitation, Nagito came to Miu and handed her the device.

“What do you mean? What does that device do?” asked Kirumi.

“When you press that button, Mikan and Teruteru, the two people from the jabberwock island killing game, will die. I strapped those two to chairs and set a bomb under their seats. When you press that button, the bomb will explode, killing them.” said Nagito.

“What?” gasped Kaede.

“Why are you giving us this? What is the meaning?” yelled Kirumi with fierceness

“It’s rather simple. I want the Jabberwock Island killing game participants to lose. No, I want them all to be completely eradicated.” said Nagito.

“W-Why would you want something like that? Aren’t they your friends?” asked Kaede.

“We’ve known each other for the duration of the killing game, yes. And throughout our journey, I realized those people were the biggest jerks and assholes imaginable. I served them, hoping that they will reach hope that will beat any despair. But they were just egomaniacs pretending to make the world a better place.” said Nagito.

“Is that so?” asked Kirumi.

“Yes, not only that. But I also found a document about their past and learned that they were the abhorred Remnant of Despair.” said Nagito.

“Remnants of Despair? What’s that?” asked Miu.

“They have waged war for the sake of war, killed for the sake of killing. Both innocents and guilty died in their hands alike and brought nothing but pain and suffering to the world. No ideals, no hope, just pure desire for despair’s sake. It honestly makes me wanna puke.” said Nagito grimly.

“Monokuma said something bad happened to the outside world and my country. Did the remnants of despair do that?” pondered Kirumi.

“Yes, The Ultimate Despairs, later known as the remnants of despair are the cause of the world’s destruction. Instead of fighting despair and growing stronger, all they did was cling to despair and destroy the world just to feel a greater despair.” said Nagito angrily.

“Wait, there is a problem. Shuichi said that the outside world is fine. Instead, it’s our memories that are faulty. There are devices called flashback lights. Those can create fake memories inside your mind. It’s possible that your friends have not done those horrible things in the past. Maybe the events you remember happening at Jabberwock Island might not have actually happened. It’s just fiction stuffed into your head.” said Kaede.

“What are you babbling about?” grunted Nagito with condescending look towards her.

“It’s true. You can’t kill your friends because of something like that! Even if your friends may have been dicks during the killing game and they may be the same even now, I’m sure they can change.” said Kaede.

“Yes, they can change. They can change back into their Remnants of Despair personalities. At least now, they don’t remember their remnant past because of Monokuma’s memory erasure. But I’m sure they will eventually remember. In fact, one of them did remember. I managed to successfully capture that maniac who is Mikan. She is still pretending to be an innocent little girl.” said Nagito with a wicked smile.

Nagito looked at Miu.

“Don’t hesitate to press that button. You’ll just be killing no good remnants of despair. No, if you don’t press that button, we might be in danger. With every passing second the chances of them remembering their despair memories might increase. And when they do remember, they’ll do everything in their power to make everyone suffer.” said Nagito and grinned.

Chapter Text

“S-sure. I get your argument but why are you smiling in such a creepy manner?!” yelled Miu.

“I couldn’t be any happier. Someone is finally going to destroy the remnants of despair. Isn’t stepping on their love for despair the greatest of hope?” said Nagito, clearly happy.

“You had the button. Why didn’t you press it yourself?” asked Kirumi.

“Ahh, I could have. But nah, I want someone else to bring hope to the world, not me. Besides, nobody will get Monokuma’s prize in that scenario. Not to mention it wouldn’t count to the killing of 4 people that Monokuma required.” said Nagito.

“You can’t do this just to get on the good side of Monokuma. He is the enemy that needs to be beat! Your friends could have helped us and now you’re making us fight against them just like Monokuma wants.” cried Kaede.

“They aren’t my friends. They are just assholes that destroyed the world and could possibly destroy us too. If you know what is best for you, then you have to kill them. Don’t be afraid. You’re doing the world a service.” said Nagito.

Miu looked at the button nervously.

“Miu, don’t!” yelled Kaede.

But it was too late. Miu pressed the button.

Kaede and Kirumi gasped. Immediately a new screen popped up above the portal. It displayed Miu’s picture next to Teruteru and Miu’s picture next to Mikan. Letters were also written beneath it.

Miu Iruma(killer) -> Teruteru Hanamura(victim)
Miu Iruma(killer) -> Mikan Tsumiki(victim)

“Upupup, congratulations to the killers. 4 victims have successfully been murdered. Wow, you guys really speedran this war huh. Usually I had to ease you fools into the killing.”

Monokuma continued on his announcement but Kaede raged, ran and grabbed hold of Miu’s shoulders.

“What have you done? You just killed two innocent people.” yelled Kaede.

“I-innocent? Fuck off, I just killed the biggest bastards on earth. I-I should be praised and worshiped for my bravery. Not this stupid crap.” said Miu.

“You don’t know! You don’t know anything about those two and you killed them. Maybe they weren’t bad people at heart, maybe Nagito lied!”

The school door busted open and dozens of people came out. The person ahead of them was Shuichi.

“What the hell happened?!” Shuichi yelled.

He was dumbstruck upon seeing Nagito and the screen above the portal.

“I probably shouldn’t be here. But I also am not going back to Jabberwock island for obvious reasons.” said Nagito and went away, towards the courtyard.

“Who is that?” asked Kaito.

“Someone dangerous?” asked Maki.

“Thanks to him the war is over. He gave me a button that will kill 2 of the jabberwock island killing game students and I pressed it to protect you guys.” said Miu.

“Liar! You just wanted Monokuma’s prize.” yelled Kaede.

“Hey, fuck you. I saved your ass missy. I bet those Remnants of Despair freaks were planning on charging at us and killing us. They would have toyed with your flat chest before brutally murdering you. Luckily I was fast-”

Kaede slapped Miu on the face, the sound resounded loudly.

“Shut up, you murderer!” said Kaede with a deadly glare.

“Gh, Kh.”

Miu started crying. Immediately she ran to the dormitory.

“Shouldn’t we go look for that guy? He could be planning something mischievous.” said Maki.

“Calm down, the war between different killing game students is over.” said Kaito.

“What are we going to do now?” asked Keebo.

“I’m gonna send the student of Hope’s peak academy’s killing game the other voice recorder. You guys can come with me if you want.” said Shuichi.

“And ignore the fact that they just killed Ryoma in cold blood?” asked Korekiyo.

“We don’t know anything about them. The attack could have only been led by a few students, not the entire Hope’s peak academy killing game students may have agreed upon it. And even then, those who attacked likely might have been paranoid and wanted to finish this war quickly.” said Shuichi.

“Yeah, it’s really…unfortunate that Ryoma had to die. Honestly, with how easy he let himself go in the previous killing game, this time I wanted to knock sense into him but…” said Kaito.

Kaito heavily sighed and continued “We can’t keep holding onto old regrets or grudges. Trying to introduce ourselves and calming those paranoid bastards down is one way to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again!”

“Right. I’m heading to the cosplayer lab now. That’s where the portal is at. Tenko and Gonta are defending it.” said Shuichi.

But before he could go, a small rock jumped out of the portal. The group looked at the rock silently.

Soon Keebo walked up to the portal and grabbed the rock. At that moment Tsumugi had exited the dining hall and approached the group who had gathered in front of the portal.

“There is a paper attached to it.” said Keebo.

He showed the paper to everyone. The paper said “Hello, my name is Fuyuhiko Kuzuryou. We are aware that our friends Teruteru and Mikan are dead because of a person named Miu Iruma. But we don’t have ill will. A bastard known as Nagito also jumped into that portal. Don’t trust him. Could we enter the portal and talk to you? I imagine that is fine since the war is over.”

“What are we going to do?” asked Tsumugi.

Kaede quickly turned the paper around and elegantly scribbled on it, then attached the paper to the rock with the string it came with and threw the rock back.

“I wrote ‘yes of course.’ They should be coming in here any moment.” said Kaede.

And indeed Fuyuhiko, Peko, Gundham, Sonia and finally Kazuichi entered through the portal. Fuyuhiko looked through them and asked “Where is that Miu girl?”

Chapter Text

“Why should we tell you?” asked Maki.

“You know why.” grunted Fuyuhiko.

“I know you guys lost people who were precious to you. But lashing out on Miu isn’t gonna help anyone.” said Shuichi.

“Hey, we still wanna see the bastard who did this and know why they did this.” yelled Kazuichi at Shuichi.

“Nagito came in through the portal. He said you were the horrible remnants of despair that need to be eradicated. He talked about how remnants of despair destroyed the world and you guys could not be trusted because you could gain back your memories at any moment. And that was enough to convince Miu to push the button Nagito gave her. That probably killed Mikan and Teruteru.” said Kaede.

“Damn, so that bastard really did talk a lot of shit to get us killed huh.” whined Fuyuhiko.

“I must admit, it was foolish of us to trust Nagito without hearing what you guys had to say as well.” said Kirumi.

“Of course! Nagito cannot be trusted. He caused the death of the ultimate Imposter as well as Chiaki in our previous killing game. He is a horrible person who wants to bring immeasurable hardship to us just so he could see us overcome it.” said Sonia.

“Heck, in the fifth trial, he wanted us to die so badly that he created an unsolvable mystery. It was all thanks to Chiaki that we survived.” said Kazuichi.

“But…you don’t seem to deny that you are the remnants of despair. Strangely enough, I also remember the Jabberwock Island killing game members to be remnants of despair as well. The Hope’s peak academy research book as well as the memory I got from the flashback lights mentioned how the Jabberwock Island killing game participants were remnants of despair.” said Shuichi.

“I…It’s true.” said Fuyuhiko somberly.

“But please, you gotta trust us. We don’t remember doing any of those horrific actions. And during the sixth trial we even kind of sacrificed ourselves to prevent spreading Junko AI into the world.” yelled Kazuichi.

“At least the survivors did fight. Only five of us managed to survive and reach the sixth trial where the fight happened.” said Sonia.

“Wow, a lot of crazy stuff happened during that killing game huh.” said Kaede.

“Yeah, almost too entertaining. As if someone wrote it to be that way.” said Shuichi.

“And what does that mean?” asked Gundham seriously.

“Have you listened to the cassette I sent you?” asked Shuichi.

“We were listening. But then Nagito showed up and threw a smoke bomb at us. We were disturbed and wanted to be on high alert so we didn’t have time to continue to listen to it.” said Peko.

“You should definitely keep on listening. We worked hard on it.” said Kaito happily.

“More importantly we should try and capture Nagito. It would be nice if you helped us.” said Fuyuhiko.

“Do you really have to fight with one of your friends like that? He definitely has a bad opinion of you guys. And he did say he wanted to eradicate you all but…” said Kaede, her tone becoming somber as it goes.

“Exactly! Killing game or no killing game, he is gonna try and kill every jabberwock island students.” said Fuyuhiko.

“Yes, that seems quite troublesome.” said Korekiyo.

“Well, you guys seem not that bad of a people from what we’ve seen right now. And if Nagito truly wants to kill every one of you, he seems dangerous.” said Shuichi.

“So, will you help us capture him?” asked Kazuichi.

“There is a proposal we would like to make.” said Shuichi.

“What?” asked Sonia.

“Rantaro. He was attacked by the Hope’s peak academy students and was heavily wounded. Dozens of stab wounds are on his back. And Tenko, the person who is protecting the portal at the cosplayer lab is heavily wounded on her arm as well. It would be great if you could help us out with medical supplies or if a doctor is at your side, we could really use their help.” said Shuichi.

“Tell that Miu Iruma bastard to eat shit because Mikan Tsumiki was our ultimate nurse and she was killed by her.” said Fuyuhiko.

“That is very unfortunate. But do not worry, I shall treat Rantaro and Tenko to the best of my abilities. I am the ultimate maid after all.” said Kirumi.

“That would be great. But we don’t have medical supplies, right?” asked Himiko.

“Hey, come to think of it, we do have a hospital on the third island. Maybe we’ll find medical supplies from there.” said Fuyuhiko.

“Then it would be really great if you brought supplies from there.” said Shuichi.

“Hmm, how about this. Gundham, Sonia. You two go to the third island with some of the people here. And the rest of us will try to capture Nagito.” said Fuyuhiko.

“H-hey, why do I have to deal with Nagito?” said Kazuichi.

“Wow, I did not have any expectations nor any will to speak to you. But your pathetic cowardice brings shame to the Jabberwock Island killing game students. That I will point out.” said Sonia.

Kazuichi’s jaws dropped. His legs shook. But soon he slapped his face and yelled.

“Oh yeah, fine. I’ll be the one to capture Nagito. I-I’m not a coward miss Sonia. I’ll prove it to you” yelled Kazuichi. Then a horny smile appeared on his face, his eyes lit up and Kazuichi yelled “Then you’ll date me right?”

“No.” exclaimed Sonia.

“Jeez, I’m starting to get tired of hearing your obsession over her. But whatever makes you cooperate.” said Fuyuhiko somberly.

After talking for a bit Gundham, Sonia, Himiko, Keebo, Kirumi entered the portal. They were chosen to bring medical supplies for Rantaro and Tenko. While Kaede, Shuichi, Kaito, Maki, Korekiyo, Fuyuhiko, Peko, Kazuichi were to capture Nagito.


Chapter Text

Sayaka, Leon, Byakuya then Genocider jumped back into the dojo through the portal. Strangely enough, instead of the portal area being vacant Makoto, Kyoko and Aoi were there.

“S-Sayaka.” muttered Makoto.

“Makoto…so you found this portal huh” said Sayaka, her eyes darting away towards different directions.

“W-why did you strike first? You did right? You killed Ryoma.” said Makoto, anger soon formed on his face.

“What? how did you?” mumbled Sayaka.

“It’s on the portal.” said Byakuya.

Sayaka turned around to see where Byakuya pointed with his finger towards the screen above the portal.

Sayaka Maizono (killer) -> Ryoma Hoshi (victim)
Maki Harukawa (killer) -> Mukuro Ikusaba (victim)

Looking at the details Sayaka sighed and turned around to face Makoto.

“Yes, I did do that. I didn’t harm any of our friends, so why are you mad?” asked Sayaka coldly.

“Y-you. You’re a murderer! You tried to kill Leon and frame me. Now you’ve killed a gifted juveniles student in cold blood.” yelled Makoto.

“Yes, I suppose if you wanna call me a murderer then be it. But we’re in a killing game. Monokuma is forcing us to kill each other. I’m simply a victim who defended myself in this killing game. If I die here cause of my weakness, it would be foolish.” said Sayaka, her tone as monotone as she probably could let it be.

“H-how can you say that? We could have rebelled against Monokuma if we worked together. Instead you’re finding excuses to kill people.” said Makoto with rage as he peered into Sayaka’s cold eyes.

“Tch, your pacifism and blind optimism makes me sick. Dream on delusionist” said Byakuya.

“You don’t even know what Monokuma’s prize is. Most likely it’s not a ticket to get out of this killing game, otherwise Monokuma would have just said it was. Once more you’ve put yourself in danger because this announcement is likely spread to different killing game students. They are gonna come for you to get revenge.” said Kyoko boldly towards Sayaka.

“It doesn’t matter. I saved everyone in this killing game! If we hadn’t killed 4 people, Monokuma would have started killing random students. And I’ve protected you from the other killing game students by risking myself and weakening them. Is this how you treat the friends who protected you?” asked Sayaka.

“You know what you’re saying is nonsense. You don’t protect us by killing other people.” said Makoto.

“Yeah, and the 24 hour limit hasn’t even been close to being reached yet. It’s only been about 2 hours since the war phase started.” yelled Aoi.

“It was efficient to strike fast when the opposing side didn’t expect it. It was a strategic call on my end to protect you people.” said Byakuya calmly.

“Protect us? Shut up! You only care about yourself and your ego. I bet killing those people and getting Monokuma’s reward felt good, you bastard!” yelled Aoi.

“Pff, I didn’t even touch anyone.” grumbled Byakuya.

“Can I leave? We all know that the situation Monokuma put us in is harsh. I’m sure the gifted juveniles students will also understand our situation. Especially since they killed Mukuro in that fight as well.” said Sayaka carelessly.

“You attacked first! Even without seeing what happened, it’s easy to guess that they were defending themselves from your attack.” yelled Makoto.

“A-are you going to side with them like that? I thought you were my friend, Makoto” said Sayaka.

Sadness appeared in her eyes. She gently wiped what could be a tear from her eyes and glanced at Makoto. Makoto’s heart skipped a beat. But he gritted his teeth, frowned and spoke in a cold manner.

“Sayaka, how many people are you willing to crush just to accomplish your stupid dreams?”

Her soft eyes immediately became sharp. She looked at Makoto, frowned.

“I’m not like you. An average nobody who can afford to live their entire life in this god knows where hellhole. I have fans, family, friends and a name to uphold. I’m the ultimate pop idol sensation. Don’t mock me or my talent ever again.”

Sayaka angrily went past Makoto, her head held high. Makoto stomped the ground with his foot, turned around and yelled.

“You’re just a coward who wants to act superior! You think your popularity and talent makes your life worth more than ours? Or are you just that afraid to die?!”

Sayaka stopped, turned to look at him menacingly. But all she could do was shoot a deadly gaze towards Makoto before quickly going out of the dojo.

“And where do you think you’re going?” asked Kyoko while Leon attempted to go after her.

“Hey, fuck you, I can go wherever I want!” yelled Leon.

“You’ve killed before and now you’ve cooperated with Sayaka and Byakuya to attack innocents. You’re terrible!” yelled Aoi.

“Hmph, I’m sick of hearing your pacifist remarks. I didn’t expect a confetti after our attack but at least some understanding and not this yelling. In a war you can’t hold back.” said Byakuya.

Suddenly a screen appeared above the portal. With pictures and text.

Miu Iruma (killer) -> Teruteru Hanamura (victim)

Miu Iruma (killer) -> Mikan Tsumiki (victim)

“Upupup, congratulations to the killers. 4 victims have successfully been murdered. Wow, you guys really speedran this war huh. Usually I had to ease you fools into the killing.”

Monokuma continued his announcement. The others listened to all of it. When he finished, Byakuya looked at Makoto and spoke.

“Looks like the gifted juvenile students were not pure and innocent as you thought they were. Unless those two attacked the juvenile academy.” said Byakuya.

“It’s Monokuma’s trap! If we had worked together with a strong bond, we could have easily beat this killing game! Monokuma always uses our desires and fears to manipulate us into falling prey to despair. He wants to separate us, let us fight each other. All you’ve done is become a slave to Monokuma.” said Makoto.

“Hey, don’t call us slaves and shit. We were just a little afraid is all. We found a chance to strike before they did and so we did” said Leon.

“Yes, scared! Don’t even try to lighten your emotions. You’re scared, paranoid! You are a coward who has fallen to despair. You're not thinking straight!” said Makoto with anger.

“Oh fuck you. Now I’m the insane one? If you’re so fucking awesome and manly, why don’t you go fight Monokuma yourself!” yelled Leon, his face red and eyes sharp.

“Maybe I will. But not by force. We need an opening to beat Monokuma. Kyoko managed to find Monokuma unguarded and she stole an item from him which helped us uncover the truth. We need luck and quick wit, just like that.” said Makoto.

“Yeah, luck luck luck. You’re so goddamn lucky to be the ultimate lucky student. I’m so envious of you. Beating Monokuma and surviving the killing game. While, I the loser, gets easily exposed as a murderer and executed.” cried Leon and kicked the floor.

He looked at Makoto with rage and approached him. Kyoko got in his way, raising her fists, ready for anything.

“If you’re so fucking lucky then maybe you won’t need my help. I’ll just work on keeping myself safe while you beat Monokuma with your luck! No matter what you do, I bet you wouldn’t even die so piss off Monokuma as much as you like.” yelled Leon while wagging his finger towards Kyoko and Makoto.

Leon angrily walked off, Byakuya and Toko followed him. They exited the dojo leaving Aoi, Kyoko and Makoto to themselves. Makoto sighed and sat on the ground while Kyoko stood. Aoi strolled around the dojo miserably.

Chapter Text

“I-I can’t believe four people are already dead. This death game is progressing way too fast.” said Aoi.

“That’s why we have to do something before more people become victims to Monokuma’s schemes.” said Makoto.

“Then what do you suggest? I personally think Byakuya has become too much of a threat. We need a way to monitor him.” said Kyoko.

“But I couldn’t find any spy devices like that in my search.” said Aoi.

“Then there is one thing we could do.” said Makoto.

His eyes turned to the portal.

“A-are you seriously going to enter that portal? After what Byakuya and the others did?” asked Aoi.

“It’s fine. Monokuma ended the war phase. And we definitely need to apologize for what they have done. If we wait any longer, Monokuma might make more announcements that further tear us apart.” said Makoto.

“Alright, do you suppose we should hold any self defense equipments?” asked Kyoko.

“K-Kyoko! It will scare away the gifted juvenile students. I don’t want any hostility.” said Makoto.

“Yes. I know. It would be ridiculous to meet them with a knife in our hands. That’s not what I meant. What I meant was this.” said Kyoko and pulled out a small round device with a red button on it.

The button had the picture of a soundwave on it.

“What’s that?” asked Makoto.

“It's an emergency signal. When I press this button, a monitor that is attached to this device wirelessly will have a red screen. And the screen will display where I am.” said Kyoko.

“Interesting.” said Aoi.

“But will it work once we cross the portal? I don’t know how Monokuma managed to create this portal but it should teleport us to a completely new location, right? If it’s too far away, the signal might not reach.” said Makoto.

“That’s what I’m interested in the most. The monitor does not show any maps upon activation of this device. Instead it shows where the device is in comparison to the monitor and the distance between the two.” said Kyoko.

“Wow, that’s a great finding Kyoko.” said Aoi.

“Yes, with this, we could actually know where Monokuma is sending us with this portal.” said Makoto.

“The information we may get out of it may be small. But it’s still worth it. And this also works as a defensive method. I gave the monitor to Sakura. So if something happens to us, I’ll press the button, warning Sakura to come and rescue us.” said Kyoko.

“Yeah, but only if the device works, right? We don’t know where we’ll be going.” said Makoto.

“Yeah. Couldn’t we just take Sakura with us into the portal as well?” asked Aoi.

“Sure, if you’re willing to scare the juvenile academy students more.” said Kyoko.

“Yeah, you have a point there.” said Aoi.

“It will be fine. Besides, it’s not like I’m without a weapon either” said Kyoko as she pulled out something from her pocket. It was two tasers. Kyoko threw the other taser towards Makoto in which he grabbed it, looked at it and put it in his pocket.

Without waiting much further the three of them entered the portal.


Kokichi exited the Aikido Master’s lab. He yawned as he walked into the courtyard. Further away, he saw dozens of his fellow students walking down the stairs and onto the courtyard. The Jabberwock island killing game students were with them which made Kokichi very surprised.

Especially considering that Kazuichi, Fuyuhiko were allowed to hold a knife. Kokichi also noted that Kaito and Maki were holding crossbows. Korekiyo and Shuichi held a sword while Kaede held a knife. Shuichi’s eyes darted towards Kokichi.

“Kokichi!” yelled Shuichi and ran towards him, the others followed.

When they arrived in front of him, Kokichi eyed each one of them.

“Thought things would get cold and bitter between different killing game members after four people died but wow, you guys seem to be hanging out together all mushy and gushy huh?” asked Kokichi with a grin.

“Kokichi, what the hell were you doing? We got attacked while you were busy running off to nowhere!” yelled Kaito.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t provide my ingenious leadership skills as the Ultimate Supreme Leader. Because of that, people ended up dying. You truly are so useless without me.” said Kokichi with laughter.

“It’s not just that. You broke our promise to meet at the dining hall. I personally thought something bad happened to you, but I kept quiet.” said Kaede.

“Oh, you look worried. K-Kaede, I didn’t know you had a crush on me. I-I should have been more aware of your feelings. Fine, I accept your love! Kiss me you stupid bitch.” yelled Kokichi with a dramatic sad face.

Kaede frowned, looked at Kokichi with disgust and said “you’re one strange little man.”

“Enough with that. Hey, pipsqueak, you wanna help capture Nagito or what?” yelled Fuyuhiko.

“Nah gay toe? Never heard of that thing.” said Kokichi, confused.

“Oh, right. Nagito is a student of Jabberwock Island. He is attempting to eradicate the Jabberwock Island students, all of them. And we are obviously trying to stop him.” explained Shuichi.

“Ahh, I see. Still don’t see how it benefits me or you, Shuichi.” said Kokichi.

“W-what the hell man?! I know we’re strangers and all but even a twelve year old should know that genocide is bad.” said Kazuichi.

“And you do not need to earn money to serve your country” said Sonia demandingly.

“This Nagito fellow has a reason for wanting to do this. But I don’t think his reasoning is even close to being good. And if these people are correct, Nagito also caused a lot of problems before he even knew that they were remnants of despair. From what I heard Nagito seems very unstable and has some very radical beliefs.” said Shuichi.

“Yeah, we could obviously ignore him just like we did with you. But considering he caused two people’s deaths, I say he is a legitimate threat. Even if the people he supposedly killed were remnants of despair.” said Maki.

“Remnants? Despair? Seriously, I did hear those names before but I have no clue what they are about” grumbled Kokichi.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s likely everything and everyone’s memories were made by the flashback lights anyways. You guys think you’ve done horrible stuff in the past and forgot about it but that’s just all implanted memories.” said Maki boldly as she turned around to the jabberwock island group.

“Sh-shit, Shuichi talked about flashback lights, implanted memories in the cassette. I really wished I hearing wrong but you’re saying the whole memories are fake thing is real? Goddamn it!” yelled Fuyuhiko with anger.

“I-I do not doubt Shuichi’s good will. But you have no right to say our memories and personalities are fictional. You know nothing about us and have no proof to back up your claim.” said Peko coldly.

“Eyewitnesses are proof. It’s even possible that Monokuma might pull up a flashback light or tricks similar to that to confuse us in this killing game too. That’s why I had to tell you this, even if it is confusing and unbelievable.” said Shuichi.

“Man, I really did not want to talk about this. What you said in the cassette got weirder and weirder as it went on. How does your killing game fit in with our timeline anyway?” asked Kazuichi.

“I don’t know. Unless we break out of this game and find out for ourselves, we won’t know. Everything in this killing game, every piece of evidence provided by Monokuma is unreliable and to be doubted.” said Shuichi.

Chapter Text

“We can talk about that later. You guys should definitely listen to that cassette fully when you get the chance. Now, we need to find that Nagito fellow and give him a beating.” said Kaito courageously.

He looked at Kokichi and said “You can choose to join or not. I know you’re not a team player but you also don’t want us to be picked off one by one by some lunatic, right?”

“Ehh, I’m not keen on doing dirty work such as capturing someone, but I’m interested in seeing how you handle a loose cannon ball, so I’m going.” said Kokichi with a smirk.

Kokichi joined them and the students walked towards the ultimate inventor’s lab. When they got there Kaede pulled the door handle but strangely the door was locked.

“What?” gasped Kaede.

“Did Miu lock the door?” pondered Shuichi.

“Or maybe it could be Nagito.” said Kazuichi frantically.

“Hmm, Miu and Kirumi went to the inventor’s lab together. Did Kirumi or Miu ever mention locking the inventor lab’s door?” asked Shuichi.

“They didn’t in front of me.” said Maki.

“Kokichi, could you not lockpick this door? You seemed quite skilled in these types of delinquent affairs.” said Korekiyo as he peered at Kokichi with the corner of his eyes.

Kokichi looked at the hole of the door and said somerbly “Nope, that’s a deadbolt lock. I could try to unlock it but we’ll be here all day without relative success.”

“That’s really bad. If Nagito is in there he could be building a whole ton of dangerous stuff.” said Kaede.

“We still haven’t asked Miu if she locked the door or not. Let’s just hope she did and search other places in the meantime.” said Shuichi.

They all went to the cyber courtyard. When they arrived in front of the door, the door of the building opened by sliding two ways. They went ahead, walking on the black pavement, ears open and eyes sharp. They all searched and soon reached the end of the hallway where the exisal hangar was supposed to be.

“Good thing I brought this.” said Shuichi as he pulled out an electro bomb from his pocket.

“Wait hold on.” said Maki.

“What?” asked Shuichi.

“How did Nagito enter this hangar in the first place? He shouldn’t have access to an electro bomb. Even if he did, that should have disabled the lock on the door.” said Maki earnestly.

“That…that’s a really good point.” said Shuichi and put his hand on his mouth.

“Maybe you guys missed a spot.” said Peko.

“Damn, I knew some of us should have been at the courtyard, see if Nagito makes a move or not” grumbled Fuyuhiko.

“Nah, Unless Kokichi is lying and Nagito was in the Aikido Master’s lab, we shouldn’t have missed Nagito.” said Kaito.

“Haha, why would I ever betray you guys like that?” yelled Kokichi with a laugh.

“There is a place we didn’t check. Shrine of Judgement.” said Shuichi.

“Ahh, but isn’t that place usually locked?” asked Korekiyo.

“Yes, but we didn’t check it.” said Shuichi.

“We could just throw the electro bomb, check the hangar and then go there.” said Kaito.

“That would just be a waste of an electro bomb. Let’s trust Shuichi’s reasoning and go. We can still observe the door of the cyber courtyard while trying to open the door of the shrine of judgement.” said Maki confidently.

“Yeah, let’s go then” said Kaede.

They all went and exited the cyber courtyard and arrived in front of the shrine of judgement. Shuichi put his hand on the handle of the door, pulled and easily opened it.
“Huh” pouted Shuichi and went inside, followed by the others.

They were at a garden, the waterfalls streaming down in front of them, and between the waterfalls was a pathway to a door.

“The Monokuma statue is gone. We can actually go inside?” said Kaede.

“Yeah, I never checked this place out so I didn’t know.” said Kaito.

“Let’s go. Stay behind me.” said Maki.

Maki pressed onwards into the building, the others followed. They all entered the elevator. It still worked. Descending and Descending, they still had no idea where Nagito was, whether he would jump out of the door to attack everyone.

When the door of the elevator opened, most of them were greeted with a very familiar image.

“What the hell?!” grumbled Fuyuhiko.

Nagito was not on the ground level, but way up. He was sitting on the chair, the same chair Monokuma used to sit in the class trials of the gifted juvenile killing game.

“Ahh, hello. It’s a pleasure to meet you all. I was just…exploring and got tired.” said Nagito with a smile.

But his smile turned to annoyance soon as he looked at the Jabberwock Island students.

“What are they doing here? I thought I told you guys, warned you about the evil that is the Remnants of despair.” said Nagito.

“Yeah, you did. Doesn’t mean we have to trust you.” said Kaede.

“Don’t you want hope to win? These remnants of despair will plunge the world into despair and srrow. They did so in the past, if you don’t want to repeat the most awful, most tragic event in human history, I suggest you start killing them.” said Nagito.

“None of what you know is real. The most awful, most tragic event in human history did not actually happen. Nagito, your memories are not reliable. Most likely your personality, talent and history as well as everything you know could have been the result of the flashback light.” said Shuichi.

Nagito looked very irritated towards Shuichi.

“This again? I don’t know what maniacal crazy adventures that happened in your killing game, but you clearly don’t know the big picture, so I’m explaining it to you. But I guess you’re just that stupid and arrogant to not get it.” said Nagito, annoyed while waving his hands.

Suddenly an arrow flew by Nagito’s hand and hit the wall. Maki had fired it.

“Listen to what we have to say. We’re telling the truth and we’re explaining to you why your attempts at trying to eradicate an entire class is wrong and unjustified.” said Maki, angrily.

“Hahaha, okay. Clearly I’m not the one who should be barking big.” said Nagito apologetically.

“I know it’s hard to believe. But please, try to listen. Everything you know, believe in, your past memories are all lies” said Kaede.

“The future foundation, the remnants of despair, hope’s peak academy, they don’t actually exist in the real world. Hope's peak academy and the jabberwock island we visited after we woke up must have been created by Danganronpa fans. They’re definitely not the actual places.” said Shuichi.

“Dangan…what fans?” grumbled Nagito, annoyed.

“We’re all fictional characters. I don’t know who is responsible for creating you guys or this version of us exactly. But according to my memory an event called Danganronpa 53 happened and the memory as well as the characters of the participants of Danganronpa 53 were made by Team Danganronpa and Tsumugi Shirogane. But I’m not sure if the same people are behind this killing game. It’s very possible that me and my friends standing here could just be brand new characters created by the flashback light and our memories and personalities are just meant to replicate Danganronpa 53’s participants.” reported Shuichi.

Nagito listened to his words with patience. Afterwards he looked a bit confused. But soon he smiled.

“Kh, kh…Khahahahaha” laughed Nagito wildly.

Chapter Text

“Oh man, you seem so serious about that explanation. I honestly don’t know how to take it. If what you said is truly true, then it could be the greatest despair I have ever encountered in my life” said Nagito.

“We know that, that’s why you gotta stay calm and listen to us.” said Kaede.

“I know it’s difficult. When Shuichi told me about this, I was pretty devastated too. But I don’t doubt Shuichi at all. That made the truth all the more horrible. But still, I’m standing here! My heart is beating and my will is my own! I don’t give a damn if I’m fictional or not” yelled Kaito.

“And how many people actually remember those events happening?” asked Nagito.

“Me, Maki, Himiko and Keebo remember those events. Even if all our memories were fabricated, it would only strengthen the fact that memories can be fabricated in the first place. Thus making your memories completely fallible too.” said Shuichi.

Nagito could do nothing but smirk at the statement but Shuichi still remained calm and serious.

“Interesting. Definitely interesting.” said Nagito.

His face was becoming twisted and more white than usual.

“You know, I used to think I’m not very normal. But you yourself are abnormal too. At least what you remember that is…fine, I believe you” said Nagito with a smile.

“Umm, that easily?” asked Kaede.

“Yeah, there is no way people would team up just to tell such an absurd lie. As it stands, I was wrong. My friends at Jabberwock Island did not actually destroy the world. What a relief.” said Nagito, sarcasm in his tone.

“S-so, are you gonna get down from there? And maybe kindly turn yourself in?” asked Kazuichi.

“T-turn myself in? Guys what are you talking about? Did I do something wrong?” asked Nagito.

“You fucking bastard! You killed Teruteru and Mikan. Or did the future foundation erase your memory again?” yelled Fuyuhiko.

“Ahh, that. I’m so sorry. It was just a misunderstanding. I didn’t know the truth that we were all fabricated people. If you guys didn’t destroy the world and wouldn’t suddenly become super evil people, why would I ever hold a grudge against you guys? I did what I thought would be best for everyone, which is to kill all the remnants of despair.” said Nagito.

“Bullshit! You totally killed Byaku-, no, the Imposter for shits and giggles” yelled Kazuichi.

“You know it wasn’t for shits and giggles. And why even bother talking about that. According to Shuichi and the people here, everything we know about the past is fiction. Even some of the indecent things I did in the Jabberwock Island killing game is just fiction. Please don’t hold grudges, let’s just become friends again!” said Nagito happily.

“I-is he serious?” asked Peko.

“Hell nah. I know Nagito well enough, he is not the type of guy who just peacefully becomes an innocent goodie guy. He is a damn madman. Even before he knew we were remnants, he was still a maniac” yelled Fuyuhiko.

“Hey, maybe your memories have a problem. I definitely don’t consider myself a scary person.” said Nagito.

“Yeah, because you’re batshit insane!” yelled Kazuichi.

“Now that’s just rude. I’m honestly bummed out. Considering what I did at Jabberwock Island, I’m probably not gonna be accepted by the people there. Hey, gifted juvenile students. Can I become your friend and hang out with you guys here? I hope you guys would be okay with that.” said Nagito with a sad expression.

“Umm” mumbled Shuichi.

“Kehehe, Shuichi is such a forgiving individual. I’m sure his love and kindness knows no bounds.” said Korekiyo sarcastically.

“Stop putting words in his mouth. Trusting you was a risk enough. How are we just gonna accept someone who previously caused the death of two people and wanted to eradicate dozens of people who he knew beforehand.” said Maki.

“Neeheehee, true true. They definitely should have their guards up. Especially against cold blooded assassins who killed hundreds and thousands of people for a living. Even if their memories are fictional, the fact that their personality is created to be that way makes them a serious threat.” said Kokichi with laughter.

Maki could only roll her eyes at the statement.

“I honestly don’t know. I know nothing about your past.” said Shuichi.

“Does it matter? Whatever happened at the Jabberwock Island killing game is just fictional right? That’s what you said, not me.” said Nagito with a smile.

“The past in itself is a lie, it doesn’t exist in the present moment. But still, the memories of your past seem to be defining you a lot, even in this game. You caused two people to die today and have talked about your vile intentions. Korekiyo here has the memory and personality of a serial killer, but even he can function without trying to kill us all.” said Shuichi somberly.

“S-serial killer?” gasped Kazuichi and took distance from Korekiyo as much as possible.

Fuyuhiko looked at Korekiyo with a frown, Peko got between him and Korekiyo.

“Come on, I know I have been bad in the past. But I just wanna hang out with you because you seem to know so much and you seem so reliable. Even if my memories are fake and artificial, I still want to learn more and help you guys bring hope to the world.” said Nagito with brightness on his face.

“Your idea of hope, is seriously fucked up.” said Fuyuhiko, frustrated.

Shuichi looked at Nagito, sweat poured down his chin.

“It’s not worth it, Shuichi. I can’t keep an eye on both Kiyo and this Nagito guy all the time.” said Maki.

“If his inclusion is just going to lead me to be suspected more, I also might advise against it. You’re trying to be fair for everyone. But that’s just not possible.” said Korekiyo.

“I-I want…change.” said Shuichi.

“Change? Are you talking about change as in different currencies or the other meaning of the word change?”mumbled Kokichi.

“I want change just like I was able to change. Or how Maki was able to change. Even Kokichi, you were able to change.” said Shuichi.

“If you’re talking about me being usually in a vertical position only to then become horizontal and flat like a pancake due to being squashed, that's a bit insensitive but yeah, I guess that could be considered change.” said Kokichi with a bright smile.

“I don’t know much about you Nagito. That’s also why I wanna talk to you, know you more, help you if you truly are just as malicious as people say you are.” said Shuichi.

“Help me? I’m honored. But I don’t think a trash like me deserves your help.” said Nagito.

“Trash? Dude, seriously?! Why do you look down upon yourself like that?” asked Kaito, concerned.

Chapter Text

“If you want to change, you can change. There is no reason for you to call yourself trash or call others evil and vile. Life is change. There was a time in my life where I was afraid of change. Hated myself for my weakness, doubted myself, and was so afraid. But that all changed. It happened because I was open to change. I don’t know what life you lived Nagito but it seems to me that you are attached to conflicts and fights and this idea that things have to be this way. That goodness has to beat badness. Hope must beat Despair. But I assure you, hope and despair are interchanging. Hope turns to despair and despair turns to hope. I don’t want this cycle to keep going. I want people to be free of it.” said Shuichi.

“And don’t you ever dare call yourself trash again in front of me. It’s unmanly and honestly ungrateful. You’re alive and you’re doing well. Why don’t you appreciate that and love yourself more? Or you just want to suffer that badly?” asked Kaito.

“Heh. You people are definitely interesting. And I never really expected anyone to just give me such hopeful, loving advice. I’m really glad I met you guys.” said Nagito happily.

He looked at Fuyuhiko,Kazuichi then became sad and said “Yeah, my old friends are definitely way more rude than you guys. How hopeless.”

“Well, fuck you too!” said Kazuichi.

“I honestly don’t know what to add. All I will say is that we’re putting our trust in you. So you better behave and try to better yourself. I know it will be difficult but if you try, things just might work out.” said Kaede confidently.

“Oh man, you guys are so nice to a stranger who just killed two people like an hour ago. And you’ve never said such kind words to me but you’re saying it to him. It honestly makes me so jealous that I wanna unalive myself! WAAAAHAAAAAHAAAHAAA!” cried Kokichi and he fell on the floor and banged it with his palm.

“Hahaha, I guess we really do never talk heart to heart huh Kokichi” said Shuichi with a smile.

“Huh?” gasped Kokichi.

“But you do lie a lot. You’re definitely not making this easy for us.” said Shuichi.

“Yeah, I honestly could tolerate you more if you said less cryptic shit and didn’t lie to us all the time.” said Kaito.

“Who said I lied all the time? I sometimes tell harsh truths and sometimes lie like a master manipulator. The balance of lies and truths makes my motives complex, baby!” said Kokichi with a triumphant laughter.

“And your ego is off the roof. God I wanna punch you so bad.” said Kaito.

Nagito went down from the stand and walked up to the gifted Juvenile crew. Nagito laughed and scratched his hair.

“I’m sorry if I scared you all. I just…was paranoid” said Nagito with a smile.

Fuyuhiko looked at Nagito with a frown and yelled “You are such a big liar! Nagito lied, acted like a normal person and was nice to us before he caused the Imposter to die for his hope. He is your business now I guess but I think you wouldn’t be so nice if you experienced what he did first hand like us.”

“Really? well…” grumbled Shuichi.

“Look, I’m sorry, okay. Even I know I was a dork in the past. Let’s not delve into it. I just really thought that people could improve themselves by overcoming hardships but judging by how you guys turned out to be remnants of despair, I guess I was wrong. My ideals were too radical and I pushed you guys without consent for a wrong cause. I’m terribly sorry.” said Nagito with a sad and depressed face.

“I-is he being genuine?” asked Peko.

“I have no idea. I survived the killing game, doesn’t mean I understand shit about him.” said Fuyuhiko disturbed.

“Look. I know you guys have grudges going on but I definitely think you should let it go and learn to work together. That’s the only way to get out of this killing game.” said Kaede.

Fuyuhiko frowned and Kazuichi sulked at her words.

They all walked back to the elevator with Nagito and went up back to the surface. They strolled out of the shrine of judgment onto the stone paved courtyard. When they climbed up the stairs they saw Gundham and Sonia as well as Chiaki and Hajime exiting the dormitory.

Shuichi’s group approached them. Hajime and Chiaki seemed welcoming at first, but as they got closer Hajime’s eyes became angry and he frowned.

“N-Nagito…why isn’t he tied up?” asked Hajime.

“Kehehe, why? Do you want me to be bondaged, Hajime? That’s quite naughty of you.” said Nagito sarcastically.

“I know this is a risky decision. But Nagito apologized for his actions. And he did notify us that he thought you guys were the remnants of despair. After knowing the truth about everyone’s personality being fictional he became more understanding.” said Shuichi.

“So it’s true huh. Gundham and Sonia were just talking about that to us.” said Chiaki.

“Still I think you’re underestimating him. He is just not the type of person to become nice after knowing this kind of information.” said Hajime.

“Jeez, when did you all become such great psychoanalysts? I said I was sorry, I said I would change and be less violent towards you guys. What more do you want?” grumbled Nagito.

“You’re just saying that because you’re outnumbered! He attacked and almost killed Chiaki knowing well that she wasn’t a remnant of despair. That happened about two hours ago.” said Hajiime.

“I only did it to make you commit suicide. According to my fictional memory, you’re Izuru Kamakura. The biggest, baddest, most despair inducing person to ever walk on earth, right after Junko Enoshima. But I was wrong to attack you or Chiaki. Because if Shuichi is right, then everything we know is fictional. Including what I read in the hope’s peak academy’s yearbook and how you guys were the ultimate despair. So there is no reason for me to be mad at you.” said Nagito with a friendly smile.

“No, I can’t believe it. You’re definitely trying to trick us.” said Hajime.

“Come on. Why do you have to be so doubtful? There was a time when I was a lot more aggressive, held radical and extreme beliefs. But that’s just a memory, the past. It doesn’t exist anymore. I am a fully changed person.” said Nagito happily.

Hajime gritted his teeth. Right then Makoto walked out of the dormitory as well.

Chapter Text

“Wait, why are you here?” asked Maki with a frown.

“I-I only came here to apologize…for what Sayaka did.” said Makoto, concerned.

The door opened again and Kyoko and Aoi exited to arrive behind Makoto. Makoto bowed his head down towards Shuichi’s group.

“I, I know it’s stupid to apologize. We can’t bring back the life Sayaka has destroyed. But please, forgive Sayaka and the people who attacked you. They are just paranoid. I’m sure if they can be freed from their fears and worries and embrace hope, they would be able to change.” said Makoto sincerely.

“M-Makoto” gasped Hajime.

“I-I, we’re sorry.” said Aoi while staring at the ground in guilt.

“I want to remind you that five people attacked your territory. Byakuya, Leon, Sayaka, Mukuro and Toko. Their actions are certainly cruel but their mentality isn’t shared by many. While there are some who had a similar mentality to Byakuya at least half of the people at Hope’s Peak Academy’s killing game disagreed with Byakuya and didn’t want to participate in any offensive strategy during the war phase.” reported Kyoko.

“So the other half was just okay with killing strangers for profit?” asked Maki with a frown.

“Maki, come on.” yelled Kaito.

“I didn’t say that. They were just skeptical that this could be resolved through peace and talking. It’s possible that some of them wouldn’t have followed Byakuya’s instructions to attack you.” said Kyoko.

“Anyways. I’m glad to see that some people are willing to talk things out. And…we’re not the type of people to hold grudges. What happened is sad and unfortunate but we have to keep moving forward” said Shuichi.

“Umm, we wanted to check on Rantaro and possibly Tenko, see if they are doing well. Where are they?” asked Kaede.

“We gave the medical supplies to Kirumi, Himiko and Keebo. They entered Rantaro’s room.” said Sonia.

“Tenko also came with us down from the school’s fifth floor to here. She is inside Rantaro’s room as well.” added Kyoko.

“Do you guys have a medic, nurse or a doctor on your team? Kirumi is reliable but she is not exactly a medic.” said Shuichi.

“Unfortunately, no. As far as I know, none of the hope’s peak academy killing game students are a medic” said Kyoko.

“We could always ask Monokuma to do it.” said Chiaki.

“M-Monokuma?” gasped Kaede.

“Yeah, in our killing game Monokuma treated Fuyuhiko and Nekomaru’s group. It was stated in the Neo world program that the teacher role could not harm the students. Monokuma actually ended up harming some students so he had to aid their wounds in order to not lose their role as the teacher.” said Chiaki.

“Umm, okay?” said Kaito, clearly confused.

“Of course, we may not be in the neo world program so Monokuma might not have that weakness and responsibility. Still, we could try.” said Chiaki.

“Neeheehee, it would be a lousy killing game if one of the participants dies of infection. And Monokuma loves his killing games so much.” said Kokichi playfully.

“Hmm, I suppose the Monokuma who masterminded your killing game has a different motive than us?” asked Chiaki.

“Yes, our killing game was a reality show of sorts, they called it ultimate real fiction. Dozens of people, possibly the whole world, were enjoying our death game. Whereas I heard that the Jabberwock Island killing game did take place inside a virtual world. Chiaki, when you said teacher role, you were talking about the settings in the virtual world, am I right?” said Shuichi.

“Yeah. But hmm…” pondered Chiaki.

“I really wanted to ask you this. But do you think we’re also inside a virtual world right at this moment? Monokuma created a portal, and had strange levitational powers.” said Shuichi, pondering.

“Maybe. It’s really hard to tell without solid evidence. The Neo world program virtual world imitates reality extremely well. I was never a real person. I was an AI. The fact that I’m alive as well as the other students who should have died could be the cause of a program. But obviously you’re more reliable in creating theory than I am. Since you know more about that flashback light and how it could create fake memories.” said Chiaki.

“Then I recommend you finish listening to the cassette that me, Shuichi and the others recorded. We talked about everything you need to know in there.” said Kaito with a proud smile.

“Recording? Mind if I listen to that in my spare time?” asked Kyoko.

“Oh, that’s right. I need to grab it. You guys wait. Kaito, let’s go and get the voice recordings from Classroom A.” said Shuichi.

“Oh, right.” said Kaito and the two of them quickly ran towards the school with blistering speed. The rest of the students stood outside of the dormitory and saw Shuichi and Kaito go.

“Yo, don’t you think Monokuma is being too quiet now?” asked Aoi.

“Yeah, but honestly I couldn’t complain. Every time he shows his face, something bad happens.” said Kaede and pouted.

“Kehehe, today was certainly an eventful day. I presume the bear is satisfied with all the blood that has been spilled.” said Korekiyo.

Kaede grabbed her head, grumbled then claimed “Ghrr, it’s honestly frustrating. I dunno what happened today but in the killing game that I was in, Monokuma forced us to commit murder and if none of us did he said he’d kill us all. And he said whoever manages to kill someone walks out of the killing game with no class trial. Still, all of us managed to resist Monokuma’s proposal and almost managed to reach the time limit before I…”

Kaede’s face became grim, she clawed her nail into her clothes and bit her lip. She shook her head and said “I’m just trying to say, I don’t believe how easily some people decided on violence and did exactly what Monokuma wanted. In just within an hour no less.”

She said that and she pouted.

“I wanted Byakuya and his followers not to make a rash decision. But they ignored me. They ignored Kyoko and Aoi’s words too and attacked you.” said Makoto.

“Well, that is certainly cruel and uncalled for. But still, we have some troublemakers such as Miu acting rashly. So we really can’t act like we’re superior.” said Korekiyo.

“I, I’m going to go in, see how Rantaro is doing.” said Kaede.

Chapter Text

No one was willing to join her but regardless she entered the dormitory and knocked on Rantaro’s door. The door was opened by Angie and Kaede entered.

“How are you all doing?” asked Kaede, her tone showed that she was tired.

“I’m still kicking. Well, not exactly kicking but definitely alive.” said Rantaro, who was on the bed.

His body was wrapped in bandages and he was lying on the bed with his chest. Tenko sat on a chair in the corner. Next to her were Himiko and Angie strolling around. Kirumi was wrapping a bandage around Tenko’s arm while Keebo analyzed Kirumi’s work from afar. After she was done Kirumi threw away the used bloody bandage into the trash can.

“I heard what happened. Mostly from Kirumi and Tenko. You can save your energy by not explaining everything to me.” said Rantaro.

“Tenko, are you doing fine?” asked Kaede.

“Yeah. You don’t have to worry about me. Removing the arrow from my forearm was a pain but Kirumi truly is skilled.” said Tenko.

“Thank you Kirumi. I’m sorry for the things Shuichi and I said to you before.” said Kaede with guilt.

“It is fine. My duty is to serve you all.” said Kirumi with a smile.

“What happened to capturing Nagito? Did you guys succeed?” asked Himiko.

Kaede made an awkward smile and scratched her head before talking.

“Umm…well. We did find him. We didn’t exactly capture him per se. After we told him about the flashback light and how it creates fake memories and personalities he decided to give himself up to us and apologized. He said he was paranoid about the remnants of despair coming back to their usual selves, that’s why he wanted to eradicate them all. But if everything is fictional, he doesn’t have a reason to kill them so he said he was sorry” reported Kaede bluntly.

“Wow, he seems surprisingly reasonable despite being a degenerate.” said Tenko.

“I do not think so. A sinner who killed others should be punished!” said Angie.

“Jabberwock Island students still think he is malicious and have very ill opinionated towards him. Apparently he also participated in the killing game way before knowing they were remnants of despair.” said Kaede confidently.

“Nyeh, that sounds complicated.” said Himiko.

“But we have to allow him his freedom right? We allowed someone like Korekiyo freedom, so tying up and treating Nagito badly would be nothing but a double standard.” said Keebo.

“Nyeh, double standards isn’t the problem. We don’t know anything about this Nagito guy. What if he turns out to be even crazier than Kiyo?” yelled Himiko.

“That…we don’t know. We’ll just have to wait and see. But I want to trust him and work with him if he is bearable to be around at least. We shouldn’t discriminate against others without knowing them firsthand, especially in a killing game like this” said Kaede.

Keebo nodded his head and said “Yes, judging others by how they look or what bad things others have said about them cannot be a good thing. All kinds of phobias must come to an end! Especially Robo-”

“Hey, if you’re willing to look at the good side of others, that’s great. But you should be careful. You wouldn’t wanna be close to a shady guy all by yourself, especially in a killing game.” said Rantaro.

“Yes, once a killer, always a killer. If it were for me, I would beware of a lot of people in this killing game too. Even you Kaede.” said Angie while she looked creepily towards Kaede.

Kaede nodded with guilt, looked at them one last time and exited the room. She went towards the door of the dormitory to see that Shuichi and Kaito had already arrived. Kaede came close to them and heard their conversation.

“So, you recorded everything important that happened in your killing game on this cassette?” asked Makoto while waving the cassette in his hand.

“Yeah, I hope this will help clear your confusions and create theories on your end.” said Shuichi.

“Umm, could I also get a cassette? You said you have an extra right?” asked Hajime.

“Oh, sure.” said Shuichi and handed it out to him.

“Hmph, I already contained the relic of knowledge as well. But more the merrier as they say.” said Gundham with a smile.

“Oh, I wanted to ask, did you guys find Mikan and Teruteru’s bodies?” asked Kaede with a depressed look.

Hajime bit his lips, frowned but nodded.

“Yeah, we did. The lower half of their bodies were destroyed by the explosion and their torsos were just…bloodied.” said Hajime with a grim face.

Hajime’s eyes darted towards Nagito and became serious. Nagito could only evade his gaze.

“Jeez, that’s rough. I mean, we should probably bury the bodies somewhere, right?” asked Kaito.

“Yeah, unless Monokuma wants to do the job himself for health reasons.” said Makoto.

“Yeah, he probably would. Afterall, the killing game participants should focus on the killings.” said Monokuma.

“What the?!” yelled Aoi.

Monokuma was standing behind Shuichi’s group as he said that. He held a large bag in his tiny paws.

“H-How did you sneak behind us?” asked Maki.

“It was noisy, so you probably didn’t hear me coming.” said Monokuma.

“No, I would have heard you” grunted Maki with spite.

“What do you want?” asked Kaede.

“Oh, just wanted to congratulate you all. I also wanted to give you guys these.” said Monokuma.

Monokuma put his head into the bag and brought out a smart phone of sorts then quickly rushed to Kaito’s side with extreme speed.

“Here take this.” said Monokuma.

“W-why?” asked Kaito.

“Jeez, don’t you like free phones, computers and cool techs? You’re risking your life to make my killing game happen. And I’m so glad that you’re so violent and competitive. It makes me proud so I have to reward you all in some ways right?” said Monokuma with a satisfied smile on his face.

Kaito raised his eyebrows but regardless he took the phone. Kaito’s full name was carved out on the back of the phone.

Monokuma went ahead and took phones from the bag and started quickly distributing the phones to the killing game students. Shuichi carefully looked at his phone and pressed the power button long in which the phone turned on and the following text was displayed in the background.

“Monokuma’s Infinite Strife killing game!
Participant - Shuichi Saihara”

“Infinite strife aye? That’s a good name.” said Gundham with a smirk.

“Upupup, thank you for noticing. People always end up complaining about being forced to kill one another but nobody appreciates the work that goes into orchestrating and running a killing game. It requires some real hard work and talent you know. I would like for some more appreciation!” yelled Monokuma violently towards the group.

Shuichi looked at the apps on the phone which were camera, gallery, notes, voice recorder, messaging, popularity board, rules, bank balance.

Chapter Text

“Wow, this is so cool.” yelled Kokichi.

“Monokuma, can we look at the phones of other people?” asked Shuichi.

“Of course, you can. You can even steal other people’s phones if you want! Of course, you wouldn’t be able to do much with it because the phone only works with the fingerprints of its owner. And the old phone becomes invalidated if the person who lost it comes to me and asks me for a new phone.” said Monokuma with a smile.

Shuichi walked towards Kaede and asked “Hey, umm, could I look at what's on your phone? I’ll show you mine.”

Kaede nodded and showed him. The apps were all identical to Shuichi’s. Shuichi decided to press on the bank balance application, Kaede did the same. The apps opened and both of their apps detailed 1000 Monocoins in their bank each. Below the 1000 monocoins there was a button to transfer money as well.

“Wow, Maki, how the hell did you get 6000 monocoins?! I only got 1000.” yelled Kaito.

“Stop shouting. It’s obviously cause of the killing I did, right?” said Maki then eyed Monokuma in which he nodded with a smile.

While they were looking at their phones, Monokuma had already finished delivering the phones to the people at the dormitory doorway. He then rushed into the dormitory and banged on Rantaro’s door. When Himiko opened it, he rushed into the gap and entered the room.

“Hey, what are you doing?” yelled Himiko and ran after Monokuma, leaving the door open.

But soon her tone became much more lighthearted “wow, a present?” she asked.

After a while Monokuma exited the room and went to Miu’s room door.

“Hey hey, wakey wakey. Don’t you want your reward for your successful kills?” asked Monokuma.

“R-reward for the kills?” repeated Kazuichi from the entrance of the dormitory.

“Oh yeah. You said you were gonna reward the bastards that killed the killing game students other than their own. I guess Miu’s phone has more value than our regular phones huh” reminisced Fuyuhiko angrily.

“Go away!” yelled Miu from the other side of the door.

“Ohhh, don’t be like that” said Monokuma with sweetness.

“Tch, hey, why don’t you give the darn phone to me?” asked Fuyuhiko.

“Why would I do that?” asked Monokuma.

“Well, you said that we can steal other people’s phones right? Then why don’t you give it to me cause if you give it to that Miu Iruma bitch, then I’m gonna beat the shit out of her and get the phone from her by force. So isn’t it better to just skip the part where I beat her up and just give it to me?” raged Fuyuhiko.

“F-Fuyuhiko?” gasped Hajime.

“What the hell are you saying? How could you just casually talk about beating a girl like that?” asked Kaede.

“Girl? She is a fucking psychopath! She just casually blew up our two innocent friends. So what is stopping me from stopping her from doing that shit again?” raged Fuyuhiko as he balled his hands to a fist.

“You don’t need to beat her up. We’ll keep an eye on her” said Shuichi.

“Tie her up and put her in a cellar! I don’t want to hear any of your naive bullshit! You are making a serial killer, a petty ass bitch who killed two and mother fucking Nagito run around for free in this goddamn killing game! No wonder 4 people died” cried Fuyuhiko frantically.

“B-but it was Sayaka’s and the Byakuya’s group that took the offense. They are responsible for at least the two deaths that happened” said Makoto, flustered.

“And Nagito’s fault. He was the kidnapper and placed the bomb. He spread information and manipulated Miu to push the button. At least, that’s what I heard” said Hajime.

“And she is gonna get Monokuma’s reward which is related to the goddamn phone! We can’t let her take this phone.” said Fuyuhiko.

“Oh, right. Me and my big mouth” said Monokuma.

Monokuma quickly slid the phone under the door.

“Hey honey, you got your phone, right?” asked Monokuma nicely while leaning against the door.

“Yeah, yeah. I got your stinky phone.” mumbled Miu from the other side.

“Well, I’m glad. People may be harsh on you, but I love brave and bright girls who bring joy to my killing game. And that phone certainly has the rewards I promised you. Read the rules application carefully as well as the help section of the other applications my dear.” said Monokuma flirtingly.

“Ahh, that’s right.” said Shuichi and opened the rules application and read.

“- Infinite Strife Rules -

In this killing game students will try and commit murders in order to escape. The individuals who survived or escaped will receive dozens of cash from Monokuma and lifetime supply of icecream and soda.

If 1 student kills 2 students within 72 hours, they cannot kill another student for the next 72 hours counting from the time the second kill happened.

Class trials will not be held in response to the murders, body discovery announcements will not happen.

If 1 student kills 2 students within 72 hours they will be considered the blackened and then 24 hours after the 2nd kill Monokuma will take a survey from all the killing game students through their phone. The survey will be about who is the blackened who killed those 2 students.

If the survey results are correct, then the blackened will return to being a student and the previous two kills will be void.

If the survey results are inaccurate, then the blackened will be able to escape the killing game. The blackened will be able to choose 1 killing game participant to escape with them. After that selection is done, the rest of the killing game students will be executed.

The top 5 students in the popularity list will be protected by instant healing. Instant healing is an ability that will automatically regenerate all life threatening wounds in the student’s body. Instant healing will only work once. After a student is instant healed their name will be wiped off of the popularity list. Due note that only the person protected by instant healing will get a notification of this on their popularity list app.”

Chiaki walked up to Monokuma and said “I have a question” sternly.

“What is it?” said Monokuma enthusiastically.

“Was I protected by this instant healing? I was attacked by Nagito and thought I died but somehow I got up with my wounds healed.” said Chiaki.

“And do you have a notification on your popularity list application?” Monokuma asked.

“Yes. It said that instant healing is unavailable for me” said Chiaki.

“Then that means you were protected. Why ask such obvious stuff.” said Monokuma with a laugh.

Chapter Text

Shuichi opened his popularity list app. Above the list was written “The app will only show the top 15. Top 5 are people protected by instant healing. People who are dead or already have been protected by instant healing are not shown.”

The list said:

1. Kokichi Ouma
2. Kyoko Kirigiri
3. Miu Iruma
4. Kaede Akamatsu
5. Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu
6. Sonia Nevermind
7. Gundham Tanaka
8. Sayaka Maizono
9. Aoi Asahina
10. Nagito Komaeda
11. Maki Harukawa
12. Shuichi Saihara
13. Chihiro Fujisaki
14. Ibuki Mioda
15. Keebo

“Hey, what the hell?! Why is an annoying bastard like Kokichi literally at the top of the list?” asked Kaito, irritated.

“Wow, didn’t you know? I look adorable!” said Kokichi with a childish smile.

“Who made this popularity list Monokuma?” asked Kyoko with a frown.

“You think I’ll just tell you if you ask confidently?” asked Monokuma with a laugh.

“I’m guessing the people who are masterminding this game, right? You’re trying to control us using this list! Most likely it’s going to be updated live depending on how we behave in the killing game” said Shuichi as he eyed Monokuma for reactions.

“I don’t have to answer everything. But yes, this list will be updated live” said Monokuma robotically.

“So, just like last time, you can’t do as you please. Despite Maki attacking you, you went easy on us without much punishment. Is that because our lives have entertainment values in this killing game?” Shuichi interrogated with confidence.

Monokuma looked at Shuichi blankly.

“Alright, sure. But the killing game has only started. How come Chiaki’s position was so high in the popularity list that she was defended by the instant heal? And why the fuck am I that high on the list?! I didn’t do shit to entertain any killing game enthusiasts” raged Fuyuhiko.

“You and I are probably high up because of our cute baby faces and adorable behavior” said Kokichi with a laugh.

“Shut up you annoying piece of shit!” yelled Fuyuhiko.

Shuichi looked at the list again. It was possible that the list was the way it is because the investors and the masterminds of the killing game ranked them based on first impressions. But…there was also another possibility. A possibility much more likely.

“It’s because you guys, including me, are part of Danganronpa” said Shuichi.

“Dangan, what?” asked Kazuichi.

“It’s a fictional universe. The killing games that happened in Hope’s peak academy, Jabberwock Island and Academy for gifted Juveniles are all part of Danganronpa and their fictional story.” said Shuichi.

“Could you explain that in more…detail?” asked Makoto.

“You would understand if you listen to the cassette” said Shuichi.

“Well, it’s time for me to go. Gotta deliver the rest of the phones” said Monokuma and went away as he carried the bag.

Monokuma swiftly entered the portal and disappeared.

Shuichi sighed. He looked at the killing game participants who aimlessly looked at their phones. Then his eyes fell upon Nagito and Korekiyo.

“So umm, Nagito, Korekiyo. You guys do know you’re not in the most trustable positions right?” asked Shuichi.

“Yeah. But I thought you forgave us” said Nagito.

“Yeah. I did. But I’m not sure you guys are willing to change. People could always lie, in fact they always do” said Shuichi and his eyes moved to Kokichi.

“Shuichi, you don’t trust them?” asked Kaede, concerned.

“Whether I trust them or not isn’t the problem. The problem is whether they trust themselves. Whether they trust in love, in change, in a better future for themselves.” said Shuichi.

“What do you mean by that?” asked Korekiyo, his eyes narrowed.

“I’m rambling. But the point is. I think Fuyuhiko had a point. Not in trying to beat up Miu. But in taking your phones. I think those phones hold great power. And I bet Monokuma would make it extremely convenient to buy weapons to murder people with the money you have” said Shuichi.

“Hahaha, assuming you even need to buy anything. I found an actual bomb just lying around on the fifth island. Monokuma wants killings to happen. And the easiest way to make a killing happen is to improve the quality of weapons that are at people’s disposal” said Nagito.

“Yeah. But in any case, can’t let you keep holding onto your phone. Korekiyo, Nagito, I would like to take your phones.” said Shuichi.

“Hmph, so your trust in us was temporary and manipulative afterall.” said Korekiyo with a cold tone.

“No, I still trust you. I trust in everyone and their inner love. But you don’t trust that you’ll find happiness , peace, love within yourselves. You want killings and conflicts to happen. You enjoy it just like Monokuma does. Without killings happening you don’t know how to distract yourselves from your meaningless lives.” said Shuichi with scolding eyes.

“I assure you I am not a low level killer like him, driven by revenge and paranoia. My killings are for the sake of love. For my beloved sister.” yelled Korekiyo as he hugged his own body in a snake like fashion.

“Love yourself. You’ve killed dozens of people in your fictional history cause of your so called love. And I doubt that your sister is actually real” said Shuichi.

“But in fact I am real. Would you mind if I come close to you and give you a demonstration of my realness” said Korekiyo after he pulled down his mask to reveal his lipstick.

Korekiyo took a step towards Shuichi in which Maki quickly interfered between them. Her eyes were sharp and deadly.

“It was just a silly prank, little girl. Why so desperate?” Korekiyo said in a woman’s tone.

“A class trial won’t happen if I kill you. There is nothing stopping me.” hissed Maki.

“Maki stop! Why do you always have to jump to killing as a solution” yelled Kaito from next to her with anger.

“Korekiyo. I don’t want you to die. But I also don’t want my other friends to die either. It’s just for protection’s sake” said Shuichi calmly.

“Well, you make it seem as if your intentions are pure. But we all know that true trust can never happen between strangers. People who only knew one another for a few days in the killing game.” said Korekiyo.

“I mean, it’s also because you’re a serial killer. Even if your memory is fake, that fake memory is controlling you” said Kaito.

“Fine. You can have it” said Korekiyo as he pulled out his phone towards Maki.

Maki quickly grabbed the phone from Korekiyo and gave it to Shuichi.

“Nagito?” asked Shuichi.

“I was just wondering, if I give my phone to you, can’t I just get another phone from Monokuma?” said Nagito with a casual smile.

“Then we’ll just get that new phone from you again. When you get a new phone, the old phone gets deactivated, remember? So we would know” said Shuichi.

Nagito scratched his hair.

“Yeah, I get it. What if I need my phone for an important event tho? I bet Monokuma would ask us to do something with our phones” said Nagito with a worried face.

“Then you’ll just get your phone back temporarily” said Shuichi.

“Okay, well, someone like you surely would figure out what to do when new challenges happen” said Nagito brightly.

Nagito gave his phone to Maki.

“Give it to Kaito.” said Shuichi and Maki did as she was told.

“And what about Miu?” asked Fuyuhiko.

Chapter Text

“We’ll just ask her when she gets out. There is no reason to fight. And even if she resisted, Maki would take the phone from her without necessarily beating her up” said Shuichi.

“Yes, having the ultimate assassin on your side makes you the de facto dictator by default. Truly having connections and friendship with strong, talented people is the road to success” said Korekiyo as he put his mask back on.

“Shuichi’s not a dictator! He is just trying to keep everyone safe” yelled Kaede.

“Yeah, and trust me. If it were Kirumi or Maki in charge, they would most likely be wanting to tie you up. I am against that approach because I respect your freedom and tying you up in a room is just gonna make you the prime target for murder” said Shuichi with a smile.

“Yes, yes. I certainly cannot push away your kindness. I admit.” said Korekiyo slyly.

“Also, Korekiyo, you wouldn’t mind spending a lot of time with me, right?” asked Shuichi.

“Huh?” gasped Korekiyo.

“Well, obviously I can’t let you go wild without any supervision. And your phone might be needed a lot during this killing game. So I’ll be spending time with you to help you change yourself and become a better person while also holding onto your phone” said Shuichi confidently.

Shuichi looked at Nagito then looked around the school for others.

“Anyone else want to look after Nagito?” Shuichi asked.

There was silence in the room, dozens of eyes darting towards different directions. Soon Kaede’s voice broke the silence.

“Fine, I’ll take care of him.” Kaede said and looked at Nagito brightly.

“Alright, thanks for volunteering. Then someone also gotta look after Miu” said Shuichi.

“Ooh ooh, me, me, I wanna look after Miu.” said Kokichi brightly.

“Ugh, huh…I thought you hated Miu?” said Shuichi with doubt.

“What? No way. I love Miu, she is my fuckbuddy! As her responsible and charming fuckbuddy I will take the role of the mentor. Teach her the ways of love and wholesomeness. Oh I will teach her to love me real well. She’ll regret it if she doesn’t.” said Kokichi with a sinister face and an evil laugh.

“N-nah. There is no way I’m listening to you. Kaito?” asked Shuichi while peering towards his friend.

“Ugh, seriously? I have to deal with Miu? But I won’t let you down Shuichi. I’ll definitely slap some sense into her.” said Kaito with a smile.

“Hey, why is Kaito more reliable than me? That’s just not possible. That’s so unfair and unlogical!” yelled Kokichi.

“Have you looked at yourself in the mirror? You have the most devilish face right after Monokuma.” said Maki.

“Oh man, I wanted to join Shuichi’s epic mafia group. But he is siding with a sexual predator like Kaito over me!” whined Kokichi.

“S-sexual predator?” gasped Kaito.

“You have a goatee, not me.” said Kokichi with a laugh.

Just then the door of Rantaro’s room door opened. Kirumi, Tenko, Himiko, Angie exited the dormitory.

“Rantaro is doing well. He is currently sleeping. He has his phone so he can easily call me if he wants anything. Keebo decided to guard him, he has the keys to his room” said Kirumi.

“Oh good. Me, Kaede and Kaito just apprehended Nagito and Korekiyo’s phones. Those two do need some eyes on them.” said Shuichi.

Kirumi looked at Shuichi and nodded “Yes, It’s nice that you’ve decided to be a little more aggressive with your approaches. Criminals can be quite dangerous.”

“Thanks, I guess?” said Shuichi.

“Anyway, are you guys hungry? Cause I think I haven’t ate a thing since waking up here. I’m basically starving” said Kaede brightly.

“Oh, actually me too.” said Makoto.

“We should probably head back. I wanna check on the others as well.” said Hajime.

“I suppose so. Hope that Nagito won't have burned this place to the ground when we come back” said Kazuichi as he strolled out. The Jabberwock Island students went into the portal that led to their island.

Makoto, Kyoko and Aoi went into the school, followed by Himiko and Tenko who intended to see them out.

The juvenile academy students went to the dining hall. The students sat around the long table happily while Kirumi put the pots on the table and opened the fridge. Suddenly her face became grim. She grit her teeth and yelled “The fridge…it’s EMPTY!!!”

“Jeez, why are you yelling?” whined Kaito.

“Of course, I am yelling. Do you know how much it makes me suffer as the ultimate maid? Being unable to serve a task as simple as cooking food to you all.” said Kirumi violently.

Shuichi calmly said “Well, we could just ask Monokuma. Maybe it’s some sort of an oversight on his-”

“It is no coincidence. It’s something you have to live with” said Monokuma from behind them.

“What do you mean? Do you want us all to just starve to death?” Himiko complained.

“No, you just need to buy my food. With the money that I gave you” said Monkuma.

Monokuma pointed at the wall of the dining hall. On it were dozens of pictures of food and drinks. Each picture has a monocoin count specified on top of it. Below the food section was one large hole, below the drinks section was another large hole.

“What does that do?” asked Kaede condescendingly.

“There is an instruction written next to the drinks section on the wall. But since you kids are too lazy to read I’ll explain. It means you have to buy the foods by placing your phone on the pictures.” said Monokuma happily.

“This is outrageous. They don’t need your fast food so long as the ingredients are there. I can perfectly serve them any dish they want.” said Kirumi with rage.

“Well, why should I give you those ingredients for free? If you wanna eat, then eat the food I made by paying me!” yelled Monokuma out load with laughter.

“Urgh.” grumbled Kirumi.

“H-how much is the food?” asked Tenko as she jumped and approached the foodboard.

Kaito, Himiko, Shuichi, Kirumi followed her.

“A plate of spaghetti is about a 100 monocoins.” said Tenko.

“Water in plastic bottle is 20 monocoins, plastic bottled juice is 40. Hot cup of tea is 30. Hot cup of water is 20.”

“Umm, how much is that? in Yen or Dollars?” asked Himiko.

“It doesn’t matter. What matters is how many monocoins we have versus the prices of these food and drinks.” said Shuichi.

“It’s honestly annoying.” said Maki.

“There is no use complaining. And honestly I just don’t have the energy to complain about this. Let’s just buy different foods and drinks, see how well they taste and how big the proportion is.” said Kaede.

Everyone did as Kaede told and soon they sat around the dining table, each person with a different food.

Chapter Text

“Mmm, not bad.” said Kokichi happily while he munched on the burger.

“This soup is certainly not up to the standards ultimates should be served at” said Kirumi, disappointed.

“Really? I think it’s fine” said Kaede as she ate from her own soup.

“Yes, it is just that…fine. How disappointing and annoying. Had Monokuma just left the fresh vegetables, meat and fruits in the fridge, all of this could have been avoided.” said Kirumi.

Just then Miu entered the dining hall. Some of the students looked back at her. She sneered towards the onlookers and went towards the kitchen section of the dining hall then grunted saying “Hey, don’t you have any food left for me?”

“We are eating meals we have ordered from the foodboard. It’s those pictures on the wall. Monokuma said there aren’t any food ingredients and paying for our food is the only way to eat now.” explained Keebo.

“Tch, that bear is such a dickwad” whined Miu as she looked at the food. She then brought her phone and swiped it in front of the fried chicken wings and soda. After getting her food and drink from the hole in the wall she arrived at the dining table and started eating.

“Nyeh, I was suspicious about the whole thing and only ordered vegetable salad. It was tasty but…probably should eat more” said Himiko.

“The spaghetti Kaito is eating is 100 coins. The soup me and Kirumi are eating is 80 coins, the hamburger Kokichi is eating is 60 coins. So you need to spend 50 or more to feel fully fed?” mumbled Kaede.

“Hey, vegetable salad in general is a light food, right? You gotta eat meat” said Kaito as he put the fork into his spaghetti.

“Yeah. Gonta eat much. That why Gonta strong!” said Gonta and nimble on what seems to be the last slice of his roast beef.

Gonta ate the leftover mashed potato on his plate and went to the foodboard. He placed his phone near the picture of roast beef with mashed potato and a notification appeared on his phone. He pressed it and soon the food came out.

“Dear Atua, Gonta is still eating a lot in these financially troubling times?” asked Angie with a smile.

“Yes, Gonta eat lot and be strong and protect friends!” he said happily.

“That’s 240 coins in just one meal. But I suppose his dinner could be smaller in size” said Maki.

“That’s bad. It means after 3 or so days Gonta would run out of money.” said Shuichi.

“Yes. It is quite troubling.” said Tsumugi as she sighed.

Shuichi thought for a while and said “Could we try and grow crops, fruits and vegetables ourselves? There is no reason for Monokuma to be against that right?”

“Of course there is. He is trying to make us slowly be drawn to the killing game. With each passing day our money is getting smaller and the fear of starvation getting closer. It truly is a fantastic psychological torture.” said Kokichi mischeviously.

“Gonta know how to plant potato and tomato. Gonta help Shuichi plant food” said Gonta happily.

“That’s great Gonta. I’ll be needing it” said Shuichi happily.

Aftera while Miu yawned and stretched loudly. Seeing her plate, it was clear she had finished her chicken wings.

She got up from her seat and as she headed for the door, Kaito, Shuichi, Maki and Kaede got in her way.

“Hey, what the hell is your problem dipshits?” yelled Miu.

“Miu, I think Fuyuhiko, the guy that was yelling at you seemed violent but he had a point” started Shuichi.

“What the fuck you trying to say Poochie?” Miu scorned.

“Isn’t it obvious? He wants your phone.” said Maki.

“Whaaat? Fuck you? Since when did you steal Kokichi’s talent as the ultimate dictator?” raged Miu.

“I’m not trying to dictate anything. I just think you have too much power that needs to be checked” said Shuichi.

“And don’t you remember that you’ve killed two innocent people?” yelled Kaede.

“Don’t try to guilt trip me Kaeidiot. That Nagito fellow, WHO for some reason is still here! He is to be blamed!” said Miu pointing towards Nagito.

“Thanks for noticing me!” said Nagito happily and went back to eating his burger.

“No, that’s not true. Your decisions are yours alone. You could have been patient to gather more evidence. Instead you used Nagito’s opinion as an excuse to kill two people who you knew nothing about. And you also tried to kill all of us and escape during the 4th class trial, I’m not going to test my luck with you” said Shuichi with a scolding tone.

“Hey, excuse you! Dozens of people including your pianofreak fuckbuddy killed too. Why am I the one being ostracized?!” yelled Miu.

“It’s not just you, I took Korekiyo and Nagito’s phones too. And it’s not like you can’t use your phone. Kaede has Nagito’s phone and I have Korekiyo’s. And when you give us your phone Kaito will be holding it. Whenever you want to buy food or do something with your phone, you just talk to Kaito. It’s that simple” said Shuichi in a soothing voice.

“No way in hell I’m gonna spend intimate time with that pedo goateed, loud mouth. You’ll all regret it when my billion dollar booty gets groped by that scoundrel!” yelled Miu.

“Wow, wow, wow. Since when the hell did people start thinking I’m a criminal?!” yelled Kaito.

“Shut your fat face, you whore. Kaito has done nothing but help everyone to stand up on their feet and fight Monokuma. While you had the talent to rebel against Monokuma but decided to be an ignorant coward.” said Maki with anger.

“Wow, took the words right out of my mouth, Makiroll!” said Kokichi with a smile.

“Then why don’t you take the fucking midget’s phone and suvrey him like you are doing now? Hell, that maid lady who drowned the dwarf should also be getting punishment too. This is bullshit!” yelled Miu while gritting her teeth.

Shuichi rolled his eyes and looked at the group.

“For starters, unlike Miu, I am not carrying immense cash inside my bank” said Kirumi and she sipped tea.

“And they haven’t broken our trust twice. As much of a troublemaker Kokichi was, his last gambit in the 5th class trial helped us out. He sacrificed his life to fight Monokuma.” said Shuichi.

“Wow, finally, some recognition. You guys should all hail me as the master of all master planners. the ingenious Kokichi Ouma!” yelled Kokichi, jumped up and stood on his chair for height.

“And that’s why nobody should praise you…ever” said Kaito, annoyed.

“And what about Kirumi? Yeah, she ain’t rich like me, but the bitch should be on a leash” cried Miu.

“She still fought for a noble cause in her trial. And even now, she hasn’t killed anyone…yet” said Shuichi.

“You could have left out the last word but regardless I am thankful that I’m not tied up and held captive by Shuichi’s little cult.” said Kirumi condescendingly.

“B-but.” mumbled Miu.

Rage took over her face, she seemed like she was about to explode. But soon a sudden calmness appeared on her face.

“Fine. I understand. You guys are just too sick of my attitude and my actions. I’ll just look at my phone one last time before giving it to you, okay?” asked Miu.

“Sure” said Shuichi.

Miu brought out her phone from her pocket and typed on it for a while. Shuichi casually looked at Miu for a while. It was strange that Miu was typing a lot on her phone. Shuichi couldn’t remember that many things the phone could possibly do. Looking at the rules wouldn’t require this much typing.

Miu typed for a while and then stopped. She looked at Shuichi’s group with a playful smile.

“So, you’re gonna give me your phone, or not?” asked Shuichi.

“Hah, I’m not sure. Look at your own phones, you stupid losers!” yelled Miu with a smile.

Swiftly Shuichi brought his phone out of his pocket. He clicked on the power button and instead of seeing the main menu he was faced with a red screen with black writings. It said “Your phone has been infected by malware sent by a higher ranked phone user”

Chapter Text

“What?” gasped Shuichi.

“My phone, it’s been hacked!” yelled Kaito.

“Mine too” said Kaede.

“Miu, what have you done?” grunted Shuichi towards her.

“You get what you deserve, you virgin morons!” yelled Miu aggressively.

“Huh, my phone is actually fine” said Maki.

“It’s because of your rank, you idiot. You, that Sayaka bitch, me are all rank 2 while everyone else is rank 1. That’s why I couldn’t infect your phone, you lucky shit” grumbled Miu.

“Unhack our phones now!” yelled Shuichi.

“Hah, why would I listen to you idiots? you clearly fell for the beautiful genius girlboss Miu Iruma’s trick! Don’t be mad, everyone falls and bends down in front of me sooner or later, Kyahahaha!”

Miu laughed madly and hysterically out loud. But in a moment Maki arrived in front of her and her fist rammed into Miu’s belly. Miu coughed out salive, fell to her knees, her eyes almost jumping out of its sockets. Maki grabbed a hold of Miu’s hair tight and pulled it back up, revealing Miu’s terrified face, covered in snot.

Maki pressed her face onto Miu’s. Her deadly gaze piercing into Miu’s soul.

“Unhack their phones now or I’ll make you suffer until you start begging for death” said Maki.

“I…I…” mumbled Miu.

“Maki!” yelled Shuichi.

Ignoring him, Maki quickly pulled out a knife from her leg holster that was attached to her thigh and placed the edge of the knife in front of Miu’s throat.

“Do it!”

“I can’t…I-I’m sorry. You can’t reverse the d-decision to hack a phone. If you pressed the hack option, the first thing you see is a warning that you can’t u-undo this action!” said Miu as tears poured out of her eyes.

“Show me” yelled Maki.

Crying and weeping, Miu scrolled through her phone and showed the screen to Maki. Indeed it said the warning and there doesn’t seem to be any option to reverse the hack.

Maki sighed and pushed Miu’s head away and put the knife back in the holster.

“She is telling the truth. And it affects all copies of that person’s phone so changing your phone by asking Monokuma wouldn’t help. Tho, the lucky news is that the hack only lasts for 3 days.” said Maki.

“Wait for 3 days huh. Jeez, because of you Miu, we have to eat by begging from other people” groaned Kaede.

“Not exactly.” said Maki as she pulled Miu’s phone out of her hand.

“We can use her phone. She could refuse to type on it, but as you can see, I can easily make her cooperate” said Maki.

Miu looked at Maki nervously from below. Maki looked down at her codly. They made eye contact and suddenly Miu started weeping. This time a lot softer, her face far redder than they normally were. Shuichi couldn’t help but avert his eyes from her.

“K-Kaito.” mumbled Shuichi.

“W-what?” Kaito stuttered.

“Go comfort her. You said you would be looking after her right?” asked Shuichi.

“Yeah…ughhh, fine.” said Kaito with laziness and went towards her.

He picked Miu up from the ground.

“Does anyone have a handkerchief?” asked Kaito out loud.

“Here!” said Himiko and gave a pink handkerchief to Kaito in which he grabbed it and wiped the tear and snot off of Miu’s face.

Maki gave him the phone and sighed.

Shuichi looked out the window. The sun was setting, releasing its last rays.


Kyoko, Makoto and Aoi entered the portal after waving their hands to Tenko and Gonta. They walked out of the dojo and went downstairs and further descended down until they finally reached the dining hall.

There a strange conversation was occuring.

“How can we let this abhorred action go unpunished?! Sayaka, give us your phone now!” yelled Kiyotaka as he pointed his finger towards Sayaka who looked coldly towards him from the dining hall table.

“I did what I thought was right. To protect all of you and survive in this killing game. Leave me alone” muttered Sayka, tired.

“Don’t try to fool us! You’re going back to your harmful and barbaric ways. Ways that lead to your death. I cannot stand by and watch while delinquents like you and Byakuya cause more trouble for us.” said Kiyotaka loudly.

“You call us barbaric. But what did you do to save us from this killing game? Nothing, I only see a pacifist who is willing to let others trample over them” said Byakuya with a casual tone.

“Look, we’ve been going on about this nonsense for quite a while. Let’s just relax okay. You do you, we do we, okay?” said Leon with a smile.

“Monokuma’s new killing game rule made it very difficult to do so! How are we supposed to trust the likes of Byakuya, Sayaka and you guys, when you’re so eager to kill others for your own gain?” scolded Kiyotaka strictly.

“Dude, I just sided with Byakuya to protect myself. I didn’t do the offensive attack, Sayaka did. You don’t have to doubt me!” yelled Yasuhro.

“Guys.” mumbled Makoto from the open door.

“Ahh, you guys returned” said Chihiro with an excited smile.

“I told them about how you were going to meet the Gifted Juveniles students. How did it go?” asked Sakura.

“We did and they seemed to be nice people. Honestly, it’s a shame that we didn’t just talk to them during the war phase” said Makoto.

He eyed Sayaka with a frown but she avoided his look.

“So, you’re trying to say that our aggressive behavior was to be blamed and criticized?” asked Byakuya while he sipped on his tea.

“Duh, you guys attacked first” said Aoi.

“Hmph, it may look like my group is the evil one now, but just so you know, I would rather be seen as evil than lose and die. Had we waited, either the time limit would be reached and an extra life would be wasted or the gifted juvenile group or the jabberwock group might have attacked us.” said Byakuya.

“Excuses! You just wanted that stupid reward” yelled Aoi.

“It would have been favorable for us had the war phase prolonged. Monokuma does not want to engage with us directly. Instead he is trying to split us up, let us fight one another. If we look past our differences and work together without being manipulated by Monokuma we could stall this killing game to halt. It might give us enough time and opportunity to break out of this place” said Kyoko.

“Right. In the last killing game, we were able to know the truth and rebel against Monokuma because the game lasted long enough for Kyoko to see an opportunity and grab the master key from Monokuma.” said Makoto.

“So why are you so adamant about fighting other students and following Monokuma’s words?!” yelled Aoi.

“Because none of this makes any sense!” grunted Byakuya.

The room suddenly became silent. Byakuya sighed and got up and talked with a shaky voice.

Chapter Text

“Do you think you won against Junko in the previous killing game with your own powers?” asked Byakuya.

“O-Of course we do!” yelled Makoto.

“Yeah, you would. An ignorant, self centered brat like you would” said Byakuya.

“What?” gasped Makoto.

“Junko has been giving us hints. Hints about how we lost our school memories through the photos. She handed out motives and rewards for killing one another, we all played along, dozens of people died. The only reason we six survived is because Junko allowed us to go. We were powerless against her. She loved playing games on us. And games are fun when there are ways for both parties to win. She simply committed suicide because she doesn’t care about life. She lost because she didn’t want to win. We didn’t beat Junko, we did nothing!” yelled Byakuya.

“That’s wrong! We did plenty of things in our power to bring luck on our side. Sure, Junko's unwillingness to win might have contributed. But that doesn’t mean our effort was futile. Even now, if we just work together and rebel against Monokuma and the killing game together, we can achieve something that may seem just like a miracle!” yelled Makoto.

“Sure, then why don’t you three demonstrate that by breaking down the walls of these schools and fighting Monokuma? But if you get killed by the spear of Gungnir, remember in your last thought that I told you this would have happened” hissed Byakuya.

Makoto opened up his mouth but shut it back and looked at the floor.

“It’s true. Through brute force we can’t beat Monokuma. But that’s why we need to use every ounce of opportunity and help we can get. We need to be calm, calculative and patient. And we definitely need to work with the Jabberwock Island and Gifted Juveniles students to achieve this. Following Monokuma’s killing game rules is just a cowardly easy way out.” said Kyoko.

“Byakuya, you’ve already lost because you’ve fallen to despair. Instead of improving yourself to a higher hope, you’ve chosen a path of cowardice and despair.” said Makoto while pointing his finger towards Byakuya.

Byakuya could only snicker at the words and looked away.

“Jeez, okay, okay. Now could you please shut up and let us eat?” asked Leon with irritation.

“Huh, come to think of it, I am kinda hungry” said Aoi.

“Then sit down with us and feast. It’s pointless to argue and rebel with an empty stomach” said Sakura.

“There were some changes to how we get food. I doubt you would like it” said Celestia with a smile.

Makoto, Kyoko and Aoi arrived in front of the foodboard that was pinned on the wall. After reading the instructions carefully, Kyoko placed her phone above the vegetable salad and later got her food. Following her example Makoto and Aoi got their food as well.

They all sat around the table and ate. Sayaka was the first one to finish her food and get off from her chair. She aimed to exit the dining hall but Makoto quickly jumped after her and grabbed her by her wrist.

“Let me go! what do you think you’re-”

“I want to take your phone” said Makoto, a bit nervous.

“Huh?” gasped Sayaka.

“You’re unreliable. Not only unreliable but I think at this rate, you’re going to try and kill all of us to get out” said Makoto with a frown.

“You don’t know that. Let me go!” yelled Sayaka and pulled her arm but Makoto did not let go.

“I’ll at least allow you to go on your own if you give us your phone. You should have a reward from Monokuma, right?” asked Makoto.

Sayaka looked at Makoto madly. Makoto gritted his teeth and frowned at Sayaka. Without hesitation she slapped Makoto on the cheek with her other hand. Surprised, Makoto let go of her in which Sayaka used the chance to escape and ran out of the dining hall.

Makoto attempted to run after her but stopped. Kyoko and Aoi went past him, rushed out of the dining hall but quickly came back in.

“She is a fast runner” said Aoi.

“I suppose my slow reaction is also at fault” said Kyoko.

“Even if you had captured Sayaka, I would fight with you on the behalf of her right” said Byakuya.

“Right? Come on, Makoto and Kyoko were just trying to prevent a murder right? Monokuma stopped pitting us against other killing game students, instead he is now returning to that murder mystery shit” said Mondo.

“Your point being?” asked Byakuya.

“I’m saying murderous bastards can’t go on free. They might have been a help in your shitty offensive tactics but that age is over” said Mondo.

“Heh, then we should tie you up as well” said Byakuya with a smirk.

“Hey, man, I know I acted like a real jerk but…” said Mondo, frustrated and became silent.

“He will not repeat the past! He changed and he isn’t currently going after excuses to wreck havoc upon this school and the students” said Kiyotaka boldly.

“Tch, sure. Act morally superior all you want. But people will step on one another to survive and to reach their goals. That’s how life goes. I was just defending Sayaka because I made a promise to her that she will keep her share, her reward for killing” said Byakuya.

“Y-yeah. M-Master totally didn’t fall for a s-snake like her. T-that’s impossible” said Toko with a stutter and visible fear on her face.

“Why do you care about promises, Byakuya? I thought you only cared about winning this killing game?” asked Aoi.

“Victory is important. But I don’t have to stoop so low as to lie and break promises to my followers to win. If Sayaka still dutily serves me, then she will have access to her reward. Of course, if she goes out of my words, harms me and my people in any way, I’ll have to deal with her” said Byakuya codly.

“D-Deal with her?” gasped Chihiro with fear.

“She isn’t going to listen to you Byakuya. She will lie, manipulate, kill and do whatever it takes to get out of here. That’s why I think she should be monitored. I don’t want to make her a prisoner but if it means preventing her from becoming a killer then…” said Makoto and became quiet.

“Hmph, you’re so pathetic. She has riddled your head with doubts. You could have easily ran after her and pinned her to do the ground back there. I doubt you lacked the physical strength. You’re just a weakling who has no drive.” said Byakuya with a snobby tone.

“Oh yeah, and you’re the tough guy? Despite playing right into Monokuma’s hands?” asked Aoi.

“I have no trouble killing. Hell, even if this killing game wasn’t happening, I would kill those who were willing to stand in my way, becoming a hindrance to my success and legacy. And don’t try to act all innocent Aoi. We all remember how you tried to kill us all during the 4th class trial.” said Byakuya boldly.

“I..that…I already apologized for that.” said Aoi.

“I think an apology was honestly unneeded. Why apologize for being…yourself? You’re an emotionally driven strong individual. You were willing to kill yourself with us to do what you thought was right. I couldn’t predict that.” said Byakuya.

“I-I did not know such a thing happened. Hina, why did you do that? I thought I made it clear in my will that I took my life because of Monokuma” said Sakura, surprised.

“M-Monokuma changed your will and made it seem like you killed yourself because of the torment we inflicted upon you” said Byakuya casually as he sipped his tea.

“That’s…unfortunate” said Sakura awkwardly.

Chapter Text

“But do remember Aoi, that you are psychotic. You’re as violent and malicious as the rest of us. Even if we had mistreated Sakura, we had a reason to be afraid of her. Her immense strength, fierce look, on top of the fact that she was the traitor. I think the way Yasuhiro and Toko acted was understandable if not predictable. So why try to act so moral and superior when you’ve used the flimsiest of excuses to unleash your violence upon us” said Byakuya.

Aoi looked at the floor with guilt. Kyoko sighed and spoke.

“I know what you’re trying to say, Byakuya. Human emotions are complex. And whatever moral system we have is whimsical, Monokuma’s killing game proved that. But that doesn’t mean we’re free to act as selfishly as we want. In fact, the difference between you and Aoi was the selflessness she showed during the trial” yelled Makoto.

“Khr, you talk as if being selfless is a good thing” said Byakuya.

“You’re the one who suggested that our moral system is skewed. So why are you trying to convince us that selfishness is good.” said Kyoko.

“Oh, please. I wasn’t trying to. You can do whatever you want so long as you don’t get in my way.” said Byakuya, clearly annoyed.

“Very well then. Sakura, we would like to do an experiment. I think you could help us. You have the monitor screen I left you, yes?” asked Kyoko in which Sakura nodded.

“Chihiro, you wanna go with us? We might need your help on this” said Makoto.

“O-of course.” said Chihiro.

“Great, carry that with you and let’s go then.” said Kyoko.

They all exited the dining hall.

“Let’s go to the entrance hall and enter Jabberwock Island.” said Kyoko.

“U-umm, I don’t think you can” said Chihiro.

“Why?” asked Aoi.

“After Monokuma announced that the required 4 student deaths were reached, Kiyotaka and Mondo tried to enter Jabberwock Island. Strangely enough, they put their limbs into the portal and contacted a brick wall and couldn’t go past it.” said Chihiro.

“I see. They must have put up a wall in order to defend themselves from an attack. It’s fine. We can go to the gifted Juveniles Academy. We’ve contacted the people there and established a friendly relationship with them” said Kyoko with confidence.

The five of them went upstairs and soon reached the fifth floor then entered the dojo.

“Alright, Sakura, Chihiro. You guys stay here. The three of us will enter the portal” said Makoto.

As they said, Kyoko, Makoto and Aoi entered the portal. When they entered no one was waiting for them in the narrow hallway behind the stage. After waiting a little bit they went back into the dojo to meet Chihiro and Sakura.

“So, what happened?” asked Aoi.

“S-something strange” said Sakura.

“Yeah. It is a very interesting result. The monitor said that you were positioned diagonally below the ground. 352 meters below.” said Chihiro seriously.

“What? 352 meters?!” gasped Makoto.

“Hmm, 1 floor of Hope’s peak academy is around 3.2 meter tall. So Hope’s peak academy’s 5 story building is around 16 meter tall” said Kyoko.

“Which is nowhere near as long as the length between Hope’s peak and Gifted Juveniles!” yelled Aoi.

“I’m really surprised that the monitor is able to tell where the tracker is from underground like this. GPS uses satellites to function so having a working GPS underground is difficult as the earth blocks the satellite signals” said Chihiro.

“So, are we going to ignore the fact that the portal…well, actually teleports us?” asked Aoi.

“Yeah, I mean, we kinda figured that. What was your idea before?” asked Makoto, surprised by her comment.

“I dunno. Maybe I thought that there was some sort of a trick. And that the gifted juvenile academy is actually much closer to hope’s peak.” said Aoi.

“Yes, it is definitely impressive that such a technology is possible. But given how Junko managed to erase our memories and what Shuichi said was also quite strange. Given those memories and accounts we shouldn’t be closed off to new groundbreaking technology” said Kyoko.

“Oh, that’s right. We haven’t listened to this” said Makoto as he pulled out the cassette recorder.

“Ahh, Shuichi told us to listen to this, right? Maybe he has an explanation for what's going on here” said Aoi.

“Yeah, we should definitely go back to the dining hall and listen to this with the others there” said Makoto.

The other four nodded. They quickly went downstairs all the way to the first floor dining hall. When they entered the dining hall almost everyone was there. Kyoko counted quickly and said “Sayaka, Byakuya, Toko are not here.”

“It’s fine. I think it’s more than enough” said Makoto.

Makoto looked at all the students there.

“So, I grabbed a baseball from the ground and slammed the bastard with it on his butt. He yelped and cried like a little puppy. Serves him right for messing with my gang” said Mondo with confidence.

“Wow, bro. That story was totally violent and probably wouldn’t be allowed in school. But those troublemakers broke the rules first and you punished them!” said Kiyotaka all energetic and slapped Mondo’s shoulder.

“Hey, my fame as the ultimate bike ganger is not for nothing!” said Mondo proudly.

“Yeah, that’s totally rad.” said Leon while he leaned on the back of the chair.

“Hey, everyone. I have something to tell you.” said Makoto loudly.

All eyes were on him now. Makoto pulled out the voice recorder and showed it to the people at the dining hall.

“This is the recording that Shuichi Saihara from the gifted juvenile academy gave us. He said it would explain everything he knows and might solve some of the confusion we are having in this killing game. So I want you all to listen to this carefully and silently.” said Makoto while eyeing each and every one of the people at the dining hall in front of him.

“Huh, those guys really know more than us?” asked Leon.

“I think they do. What they were talking about was definitely surprising and cryptic” said Kyoko.

“Well, we do not have anything better to do. And I was getting tired of hearing Mondo’s urban stories, so it might be a good change of pace” said Celestia with a smile.

“Right” said Makoto.

The five of them sat around the dining hall table and Makoto played the recorder and put it on the center of the table.

Chapter Text

Hajime, Chiaki, Gundham, Sonia, Kazuichi, Peko and Fuyuhiko entered the first island through the portal.

When they approached the bridge that leads to the central island, they could see Hiyoko, Mahiru and Ibuki running towards them from the ranch.

“Hey! over here! Everyone is at Hotel Miraiiii!” yelled Ibuki at the top of her voice.

Hajime’s group followed those three and soon they entered hotel mirai and then into the dining hall.

When they arrived the others were sitting in front of different tables.

“Ahh, perfect timing. It’s unfortunate that Mikan and Teruteru passed away. But that is no excuse to skip out on a meal.” said the Imposter seriously.

“Yeah, but you’re not gonna like how we get food tho. This seriously pisses me off” said Akane and pointed towards the foodboard mounted on the wall. Hajime’s group read the instructions on the board. Fuyuhiko and Kazuichi complained upon hearing the changes but there was nothing they could do so they just took food and ate from it.

“What happened to Teruteru and Mikan?” asked Chiaki.

“Oh, we buried them” said Akane.

“Where?” asked Chiaki with curiosity.

“Umm, not exactly burry. We just put curtains in the warehouse on top of Mikan and Teruteru’s bodies” said Mechamaru with a bit of guilt.

“Jeez, I thought you guys could have at least given them a little more respect” said Fuyuhiko, disappointed.

“Hey, give us a break okay. Touching dead bodies is super creepy!” yelled Ibuki.

“And it’s not appropriate to waste time on the dead. The living should aim to survive and escape this place” said the Imposter.

“Well, we need to work together with the other killing game members to do that” said Hajime.

“Yeah, we might have to take down that barrier. I knew setting that up was a waste of time” said Kazuichi.

“Hmm.” pondered the Imposter.

“Yeah, you’re thinking of not doing that, right?” asked Chiaki.

“Why? We should definitely tear that wall down. The students of Hope’s peak killing game can’t enter this island if we do that” said Mahiru with a frown.

“That’s exactly the idea” said the Imposter.

“Yeah, it’s a way to prevent a murder from happening. If we keep the portal blocked off, it has many benefits. Yes, people of hope’s peak need to travel through the academy of gifted juveniles to reach here. But that will likely make the number of suspect list shrink if a murder happens. Let’s say a murder happened at Hope’s peak, then we can say for sure that people at Hope’s peak or people at gifted juveniles are the most suspicious as people of Jabberwock Island can’t travel to Hope’s peak without being seen during the day. But if we opened the portal that leads directly to Hope's peak from here, then people at Jabberwock island would be able to easily enter hope’s peak and kill people there” explained Chiaki as clearly as she could.

“Not to mention if someone from Hope’s peak wanted to murder the people on this island or vise versa, they would have to travel through gifted juveniles academy to do it. Someone would definitely see them going back and forth.” said the Imposter.

“I see, I see. But you could have just said that breaking down the wall is a pain. That would have been a completely legitimate excuse!” yelled Ibuki with passion.

“There is also something I would like to tell you guys. I got a cassette voice recorder from a guy called Shuichi Saihara from the gifted Juvenile Academy. He seems like a reliable guy and he wanted us to listen to this” said Hajime as he waved the cassette recorder in his hand.

“Hmph, need I remind you that I got the voice recorder from the truth seeker first? He owned three it seems. Threw 1 through the portal to us. Gave one to Makoto and gave 1 to Hajime” said Gundham.

“He also had another one for himself. And besides, it doesn’t matter. Point is we should probably listen to this” said Hajime.

Hajime brought the voice recorder from his pocket and placed it on the table, looked at the people around him and clicked play.

“Hello there. My name is Shuichi Saihara. I’m one of the survivors of the killing game that happened in the academy for gifted juveniles. One of the three survivors. But everyone has revived so everyone is a survivor? No, I have doubts about that. It’s likely that us, you guys and the people who revived from the dead are the result of the flashback-”

“Shuichi, why are you starting with the biggest bombs? Try to ease in the listeners will ya.” said Himiko.

“Ahh, yeah. I was rambling, I’m sorry. I should have introduced everyone here first. Himiko was the one who talked just now. She is one of the survivors of the sixth class trial, therefore the killing game.” said Shuichi happily.

“Hello there” said Himiko.

“And Keebo is also here. He is one of the people who almost survived the sixth class trial” said Shuichi.

“I blew myself up” said Keebo.

“Yeah, it’s a long story. Anyways, I know you guys are afraid of getting attacked by us. And while there are some troublemaking students in our group, overall, we’re really great people, the people I got to know here are really amazing. With a girl named Kaede, I even tried to capture the mastermind at the start of the killing game. It didn’t work out well and eventually Kaede ended up dying. But she is in this school, revived or cloned.” said Shuichi.

“You really had to mention that?” asked Himiko.

“We have to. They have to know this. People reviving from the dead is not a normal thing. Especially since their bodies are supposed to be destroyed. But I have a few theories explaining some of these occurrences. During the sixth trial, it was revealed that our friend Tsumugi was lying to us and was actually the mastermind. But more than that, we found out that the flashback lights are not for recovering forgotten memories but for implanting new memories. Previously, throughout the killing game, Monokuma had given us devices called flashback lights. These devices, when lighted upon you, will make you remember events that you have forgotten, or so we were told. In truth, these were just devices that implanted completely new memories to us. ” said Shuichi.

“In hindsight, we definitely should have talked about the memories we recovered more back then. Who knows, maybe we could have found holes in the memories we recovered” said Keebo.

“Yeah, but I don’t think those flashback lights were entirely a waste either. Through it, we learned a lot about Hope’s peak academy, the killing game that happened there, Jabberwock island’s killing game, Future Foundation” said Shuichi.

“Nyeh, but those were fake. The future foundation, the Togami corporation, doesn't exist. It’s all fictional” said Himiko.

“The future foundation doesn’t exist? w-what?” gasped Akane.

People quickly hushed Akane quiet.

Chapter Text

“Haha, and you were warning me about throwing bombs. But what Himiko said is true. Everything is fiction. It turned out that my personality, memories were all- oh, great, Kaito arrived” said Shuichi.
“Hey guys, the name is Kaito Momota luminary of the stars!” yelled Kaito out loud.

“Yeah. Kaito is a really cool guy who helped me and many out during the killing game. He tried to rebel against Monokuma but ended up dying because of the disease that was implanted in him” said Shuichi.
“Oh, speaking of which, I am perfectly fine now. That disease that made me cough blood seems to be gone completely.” said Kaito happily.

“Anyways, during the sixth trial, Tsumugi revealed to us that our personalities, memories before the killing game started were all fabricated by Team Danganronpa, the masterminds behind the killing game. According to Tsumugi and the video footage she showed us, some talentless people from the real world willingly wanted to join the killing game we were in, Danganronpa 53. They offered their bodies as vessels and flashback lights that contained our personalities and memories were shined upon them. It erased their memories and implanted our personalities and memories into their body” reported Shuichi.

“Man, that’s still so crazy to hear about.” mumbled Kaito.

“Now, here is the important part. I have a few theories explaining the situation we are in. Why the dead are revived and why this killing game is happening.” said Shuichi and cleared his throat then continued.

“Theory 1 is that there is some method the masterminds used to create artificial bodies. Perhaps, an extremely advanced method that allows people to create bodies with the exact same height, facial and body features. Then, all they have to do is shine the flashback lights containing our personality and memories onto the bodies. Because during Danganronpa 53, the killing game we previously participated in, it was very clear that the bodies of the dead were well, actually dead. But this theory explains why our friends are alive from the dead.

Not only that but I don't think even the survivors are actually real people. I know some people survived the events of hope’s peak and Jabberwock Island killing games. But the thing is, those events are not real. Those events are just fictional stories in a fictional universe called Danganronpa. Everything you know, everything you did during your killing game is all part of Danganronpa. It’s all lies, just artificial memories implanted into your head because Danganropa is such a big world wide phenomenon. It went on for 53 seasons. Some of them are video games, anime and some of them are real life killing games. Now, the difference between us and you guys is that, the way I remember it Danganronpa 53 was Ultimate real fiction. Even if our memories and personalities before the killing game were fictional and written by the masterminds, the killing game actually happened in real life and our bodies are real. And Himiko, Maki and I were able to escape the game alive.

But unfortunately, I don’t remember anything past that. It could be that we got captured by killing game enthusiasts, they erased our memories and put us into the game again. But unless those events happened really fast, our bodies should have aged. Which leads me to believe that Himiko, Maki and I are fictional too. It’s likely our bodies, personality and memories were artificially created again to copy the more original versions of us who participated in Danganronpa 53. I don’t know why Monokuma and the people who are running the current game allowed us to have these memories. Us telling everything we know to you guys like this could potentially ruin your drives to participate in the killing game.
“Nyeh, maybe they wanted to perfectly replicate Danganronpa 53.” said Himiko.

“Well, they failed at that considering Tsumugi doesn’t remember being the mastermind. At least according to her.” said Shuichi.
“Hey, what was your other theory, Shuichi?” asked Kaito.

“Oh yeah. I read from the journal we found during Danganronpa 53 as well as the memory from the flashback light that Jabberwock Island’s killing game happened in virtual reality. The second theory I had was that we’re in a virtual world. It would explain how Monokuma is able to create these portals, have the exact replica of hope’s peak, jabberwock and gifted juvenile academy as well as the dead people coming back to life. Of course, none of that would really change much in regards to all of us being fictional characters. You guys have fake memories and personalities. The only reason your body looks real is because of virtual reality. In truth, your real bodies could look very different from how you look now.” said Shuichi confidently.

“That’s another crazy possibility on the table huh. But still, being in a virtual world is still kinda cool tho, no?” asked Kaito.

“No, I really hope my second theory is incorrect. If we truly are in a virtual world, then there is not much we could really do to fight against Monokuma and escape this place” said Shuichi.

“Unless of course, we convince the outside world to change their horrible ways!” yelled Himiko.
“You guys said that method was successful, yes?” asked Keebo.

“Yeah. But I’m afraid I need to hammer the point onto their heads harder this time. The people who created this killing game had to have listened to my speech and known the events of Danganronpa 53. Yet they still were eager to create this killing game and toy with our lives. They are probably rotten to the core. Stupid and stubborn enough to ignore my words.” said Shuichi with contempt.

“Shuichi, I’ve been meaning to ask. Do you believe everything Tsumugi said to be the truth during the sixth trial?” asked Keebo.

“No, not exactly. It’s hard to be certain for sure. Tsumugi, team Danganronpa and the outside world are all unreliable. They wanted us to stay in the dark as long as possible. Tsumugi said that the whole world enjoys the killing game. But I doubt it’s true. From what I have known, every person is different and unique. And something as controversial as a killing game should provoke some discussions. Maybe some regions, countries are able to hold a killing game. But there should be people against it. At the time, I was too shocked to think straight. But in hindsight, Tsumugi wanted us to despair and stay inside the killing game or win through their killing game rules. She never would have wanted to mention that there are people in the world that oppose real killing games.” said Shuichi.
“I see. Then we must exit this killing game because there are people who are compassionate and oppose the killing game just like us! Even if my memories and personalities are fictional it’s fine because fiction can change the world.” said Keebo.

“Yeah, I don’t care if killing games are legal or illegal. I do what my heart tells me to. And I want freedom, love and peace for everyone!” said Shuichi boldly.

“Yeah! We’re definitely tearing this killing game down!” cried Himiko.

“Hell yeah! Whether we’re in virtual reality or not, we’ll break your game and escape because the impossible is possible.” yelled Kaito.

“Yeah. And I want you guys to remember. It doesn’t matter whether you’re fictional or not. You should know the value of your own life just from the present moment alone. Your love and life is real because you exist here and now. You don’t need to hope that what I said was a lie or despair knowing that everything you know is fake. Even if we’re all born from lies, that lie can change the world!” said Shuichi reassuringly.
There was a clicking sound and the cassette ended there.