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Stoke the Flame

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Morrigan Aensland had Mai Shiranui in her grasp, clutching her by the front of her red sleeveless kunoichi dress, Mai's tassels dangling as she was held in the air. Mai whined kind of loud as Morrigan closed her face closer to the Shiranui ninja, smacking her lips as she got teasingly close.

"I have a strict number of souls I have to feed my queen, but you are simply too divine to just suck away..." Morrigan said, her green hair flapping through the wind as her bat wings spread out across the sides of her head. Mai panted, not sure what she was in for from the green-haired succubus.

As Morrigan started pulling at her tassels, Mai clung to her, their positions changing into a tight embrace. Morrigan wiggled Mai's hair around, pinching her side and shoulder in a friendly way.

"Mai-chan?" Morrigan asked. She leaned down and kissed Mai, leaving little kisses on the lips and making Mai melt in her arms, in the same way Morrigan felt herself becoming more aroused with each kiss.

"I'm starting to get carried away..." Morrigan said. She slowly backed away from Mai, stopping to gaze down at Mai's rather large assets. Mai felt her cheeks flush. Morrigan felt a thought form- she would let herself get carried away, actually. She tugged at the shoulders, lifting off Mai's kunoichi dress and playing with her breasts as she kissed her over and over.

"I see why you can't keep your hands off me..." Mai purred. She was lost in the kiss, her hands slowly pulling up on the ends of her green hair, her eyes half-closed as she started licking at Morrigan's tongue. Morrigan's hands ran up Mai's spine, her wings twitching out of her back in ecstasy as her hands groped and squeezed her bare breasts.

"Mmm... You really don't have to hide them..." Morrigan stated, giggling, as if Mai was doing that at all, especially in that outfit. Morrigan licked her lips, trying to ignore the burning in her groin. Mai's hips started moving against her, her perky breasts jiggling and bouncing against Morrigan's face.

"I know what you want..." Mai whispered, closing the distance between them. The ninja grabbed her opponents hair and pulling her to her, locking their mouths together. "Maaaa!" Mai exclaimed as her senses were overwhelmed by Morrigan's taste. Morrigan's lips tasted as delicious as wine at a party. She wanted more.

"You're so beautiful... And... And you taste amazing." Morrigan moaned as she sucked on Mai's lower lip.

"Mmph..." Mai groaned, wrapping her arms around Morrigan, and putting her hands over the succubus' shoulders. She rolled her hips against Morrigan's, although the hump was dry as they had yet to remove their lower clothes.

"Don't stop... I want you..." Morrigan said, keeping her eyes closed and feeling the wetness from her mouth, the slickness of her hands on Mai's breasts, her neck, her back, all of it driving her mad. Mai's hips kept shifting, rocking against Morrigan's, her own tongue running along Morrigan's lips. Mai gasped for air, her cheeks heating as Morrigan's eyes opened.

"You're so much better than I imagined..." Morrigan said, her lips glistening with Morrigan's saliva. "God- you have to let me have you..."

"I don't know..." Mai whimpered, grinding dry against Morrigan, enjoying the feel of her curvaceous form.

"Do you want me?" Morrigan asked, turning her head towards Mai's face.

"God, yes... Do it... please, get me off." Mai gasped, pinching Morrigan's upper lip and running her nails lightly over her neck.

Morrigan groaned into the kiss, closing her eyes. Her hands slid up to Mai's breasts, massaging them as she bit down on Mai's lower lip. Mai couldn't hold back anymore. She could barely breathe as her head fell back, her legs shaking against Morrigan's. She felt Morrigan tear through the rest of her dress, getting her naked as she pinned her against a castle wall. A swarm of bats coated Morrigan as she undressed too, grinding their wet labium against each other.

"Oh, you taste so good..." Morrigan moaned, her hips grinding again, her tongue licking against Mai's. Mai moaned into Morrigan's mouth, her fingers running over the succubus' shoulders, her leg opening as it brushed Morrigan's crotch. She gasped and bit her lip again as Morrigan's eyes opened, her head rotating to look at Mai.

"Don't play games..." Morrigan groaned  as she wrapped her hand around Mai's breast. Mai groaned, biting Morrigan's lips as she moaned in ecstasy.

"Oh God- I've wanted you so much..." Mai whimpered, enjoying the feeling of her succubus lover's tongue against hers. "I want to feel you, all of you... I want to be inside you..." Mai moaned, sighing as Morrigan ran her tongue along her neck. Morrigan heard her pleas of being entered inside, holding down Mai's neck with a clawed hand to choke her as they continued to grind, watching as Mai became a blubbering wet mess before squirting over Morrigan's built thighs. Morrigan proceeded to press Mai against the wall as a rising, throbbing cock pressed out from between her legs.

Mai couldn't hold it in anymore. She begged. "Please- don't stop." She cried. Morrigan slid her fabricated succubus dick against Mai's wet, quivering cunt, making sure to grind the head against the lubricated arousal built up around her pussy lips. Mai moaned into Morrigan's mouth, her pussy squeezing at the air, trying to hold onto the shape of the phallus as her pussy split open. She felt herself be drilled completely by the succubus and her phallus. She moaned loudly, slamming her pussy onto Morrigan's cock.

"Oh fuck, you feel so good..." Morrigan moaned, holding onto Mai's head, and leaning her over to try to get as much of her phallus inside her as she could.

Mai grunted as she moaned, her pussy squeezing Morrigan's dick, hoping to be filled by every bit of the succubus' penis. She moaned as Morrigan pushed her into the wall, letting go of her head as she grinded her phallus. Mai couldn't keep still, slamming her hips against Morrigan as they continued to try and squeeze in as much of each other as they could.

"Morrigan- please, I want all of you..." Mai groaned, grinding her hips, the head of her phallus rubbing against the walls of her pussy. "I want you deep inside me, I want to feel your cock throbbing in my pussy. I want to feel it spurting all over me..." Mai whined, her pussy clenching Morrigan's cock. Morrigan moaned into Mai's mouth as Mai sat up and laid herself on Morrigan's chest, her knees bent with her legs apart and pressed up against her sides.

"Ohhh... Morrigan~" Mai whimpered, closing her eyes, and allowing Morrigan to guide her in. Morrigan started to push into her slowly, Mai whimpering. "No, please... I want you to take me... Fuck me..." Morrigan moaned, slowly easing in.

Mai had her legs pulled up as Morrigan pushed in. She moaned, tears starting to drip from her eyes as Morrigan's dick filled her insides, Morrigan's ball sac slapping against Mai's taint. The pair moaned in unison as they started to thrust against each other, Mai's eyes opening and closing as she went over the immense pleasure. "Oh Morrigan... Please... Fuck me, please..." Mai cried out, grasping Morrigan's leg.

Mai moaned as Morrigan started to move, her phallus pushing deeper and deeper inside Mai, letting out soft cries as Morrigan's fuck-stick pressed in and out of her phallus. "You're so hot... All this, the makeup and silk and red... You look so good..." Morrigan moaned, grinding into Mai. "Please, Morrigan..." Mai cried out, grinding her hips faster.

"I'm going to cum, Mai..." Morrigan moaned as her hand flew to Mai's breast, pinching her erect nipple. She slammed harder into Mai's pussy, Mai whimpering as she moaned into Morrigan's mouth.

"Nnnngh..." Morrigan moaned, her nails digging into Mai's hip. She groaned as her dick pulsated, spurting white cum inside Mai's pussy as she came. She shuddered as she pulsed, her muscles tensing around her dick. Morrigan moaned into Mai's mouth, grabbing Mai's head, and licking her lips.

Mai giggled, her breath coming out in pants as Morrigan's mouth devoured her. She moaned softly as Morrigan released her and pulled back, her eyes glazed as she moaned softly. She could feel the bulge of Morrigan's cock in her pussy, still pulsing slightly as she sat there. She grabbed Morrigan's thighs and pulled her towards her, their tongues in a long, deep kiss as she bucked into her, riding her dick.

The female ninja and the succubus each came inside of each other, a lovely white splash of cum spreading between their hips.

Mai moaned and whimpered as she came, her pussy flooding with hot, sticky cum, her pussy pulsating as she shook uncontrollably.

"Mmmm~" Mai moaned, letting go of Morrigan's legs as she fell to her knees, her legs spread wide apart as she moaned happily. "That was great..." She moaned. "I'm so glad I'm with you, I'm so glad that you found me, that I found you..."

They remained in that position for a moment, enjoying their pleasure as they continued to ride each other's bodies, their knees intertwined and their mouths locked together. Mai turned, moving onto her stomach and straddling Morrigan's waist, looking at her lovers with an awed expression. "You make me feel so..." She moaned, closing her eyes. "So good... So very good..."

Morrigan smiled as she let out a soft chuckle, her body relaxing as Mai rubbed her belly. "My little bambina~" She moaned, leaning up and kissing Mai's cheek. She crawled to her side and let her slip off of her chest, snuggling up to her lover. "Well, it was a success, right?" She asked softly.

Mai sighed happily, laying her head on Morrigan's shoulder, and letting out a soft sigh. "I wanna do this again tomorrow night... in a bed..." Mai moaned.

"Alright, my love... Let's get some sleep." Morrigan chuckled softly, the two of them slipping off of the castle walls and breaking through a window. They were soon lying down on the bed, the two of them snuggling up to each other in the darkness as they drifted off to sleep.