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"She is so beautiful"

"I know"

Nil was feeling awkward. Even long, long time ago, she would feel the same. It was embarrassing! Out of nowhere! Saying stuff like that!

"Time... Space..." Nil murmured, blushed.

"What? It's true!" Space says with a smile, getting closer to her and kissing her check "You are so beautiful Nil"

"I'm not" Nil shake her head in disagreement. Her chest moving so fast it feels weird.

"You are, Nil" Time agreed with the space, sitting in her other side "We are going to repeat it until you agree"

"I will never agree" Nil crossed her arms and closing eyes with frustration.

Time and Space smiled at the other, and then kissed each Nil's cheeks .

"Then that's what we are going to"

"I- uhm... okay... guess that isn't so bad..."