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First Names

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    It was a spring afternoon. The sun was out, shining its rays on the students below. Two boys were eating lunch together. Their names were Kou Minamoto and Sousuke Mitsuba.

    “Hey, Mitsuba,” started Kou. “Why do you still call me ‘Minamoto-Kun?’ I mean, we’ve been friends for three years, haven’t we?”

    The other boy looked up at him, somewhat confused.

“Huh? What’re you saying… Do you want me to go back to saying lame-ass earring again or something?”

Kou looked somewhat offended. His earring, the traffic safety one you would get at a shrine was special to him, his brother had bought it, after all.

“Wh- no! No, I don’t want you to go back to that! Just… You know, it’s been three years, can’t you just call me Kou or something?”

“Absolutely not,” rejected Mitsuba, almost immediately.

“Huh? Why not?”

Mitsuba averted eyes. He clearly did not want to answer this question.

“Well, why do you still call me Mitsuba then? Huh? Answer that first,” he demanded. Kou looked as if he had just remembered that Mitsuba was, in fact, not Mitsuba’s first name.

“I might have forgotten that that was your last name…” he admitted. Mitsuba laughed at his incompetence.

“Ha! And you call me your best friend,” sneered the pink haired boy.

“Stop changing the subject, dammit-” replied Kou in an exasperated voice.

“Fine then. Let’s- let’s come to an agreement. If I call you by your first name, you call me by mine, got it? If you remember my first name, that is.” Mitsuba would not have been surprised if the other boy didn’t remember, if he were to be completely honest.

Kou gave him an offended glare. Mitsuba laughed in return.

“Of course I remember what it is, Sousuke!” he retorted, using the pink haired boy’s first name in order to prove that he in fact, did , know it.

Take that, Mitsuba, he cheered silently.

Mitsuba made eye contact with the blonde boy for a second before immediately turning the other way.

“L-Looks like you're not as stupid as I thought, then,” he said, finally.

“Hey! And don’t forget your part of the agreement!”

Mitsuba sighed.

“…Er… Fine. Is this better, Kou-Kun? Are you happy now?”

Kou could hear the other boy’s voice shaking. Was he nervous or something? For the record, Kou’s brain stopped working the moment he heard “Kou-Kun” come out of the other boy’s mouth, so he might’ve not heard it correctly.

“Hello? Answer my question. Are you happy now? An adorable boy like me just said your first name, so you better be happy.”

“Huh? Ack, sorry. Er… It feels kinda- weird- now that I hear it…”

“Pfft- weren’t you the one who suggested it?” jeered Mitsuba.

“Hey! I thought it would’ve felt normal, or something, but it didn’t, so it’s not my fault!” retorted Kou.

“Yeah, yeah…”

Both boys seemed to have something in their mind that wouldn’t go away.

What’s wrong with me? I’m fine whenever Senpai calls me ‘Kou-Kun,’ so why’s it different with this guy? Then again, I did feel a bit excited when I first heard her call me that, but this was totally different…

…I think that was the first time I’ve had a friend call me by my first name… Then that weird nervous feeling is normal, isn’t it? It has to be… But that was like a super weird, stupid feeling, and why the hell won’t it go away?!

The two averted their eyes and continued eating their food, one thought on both of their minds.

It did feel weird, but…

I think my heart also skipped a beat.