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A word you can't remember

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Paper groaned while slamming his thin face into his desk.

“WHAT WAS THE WORD!” He screamed out while dramatically holding his hands up, only to pull them back down, just to fidget with them.

He had spent the whole day trying to remember this one word, he didn’t even know how to describe it.
It was a feeling beyond comprehension for the most part, but he’d felt it before, he has.

The air conditioning of his and OJ’s room had left a cold, empty chill down his spine (Not as if he has one.).
He got up, tired, still forgetting the one word, despite his tiredness, he had to get up, he had a hotel to supervise after all.

Paper yawned, “why did he even have to supervise everyone anyway? They’re all adults anyway, save for the Cherries.”
Despite his displeasure with the idea of having to watch over adults who know damn well how to be responsible, he still did it.
He liked helping people out anyway.

★Timeskip + POV Switch★

After a long day of work, I fell into bed, the softness of the mattress embraced me into its velutinous grasps, and I practically became part of the bed itself.
Despite the cold environment, a warm and mellow feeling grew inside of me.
The lights are dim, I’m about to sleep, and I’ve never felt calmer before.
“This is where I’m meant to be.”
“My life has been leading up to me, laying here.”

I hear the door open, and a familiar voice fills the calm environment, somehow enhancing the mood.

“Paper? Are you already asleep?” I was just about to, but his voice woke me right up.

I looked into his eyes, he didn’t notice.
He looks back at me.

I notice every little detail of his eyes, how alluring they are.

And that’s it.

THAT’S the word.

Opia, is the feeling of looking into someone’s eyes, while being consumed by the captivating emotion created by looking into the eyes of the one you love.