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Just a regular summer camp

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"So... camp gravity falls, huh?" Dipper stared at the sign, nervously shifting his weight around. "But where are-"

"Boo!" Somebody grabbed Dipper's shoulders, causing him to squeal like a little girl. He turned around and saw a cackling Stanley Pines.

"Hello, Stanley." Dipper huffed, giving Mabel a slight glare as she laughed along with Stanley.

"Hello, Dip Stick. How've you been since Christmas?" Stan and Dipper did their usual handshake. Despite their differences, they actually got on very well.

"Fine. I won the Piedmont Middleschool Spelling Bee again. And you?" Dipper adjusted his lucky cap and stood beside Mabel again, diagonally from his other cousin.

"Oh, y'know, getting into all sorts of shenanigans with Poindexter here." Stanley pulled his twin close and ruffled his hair.

"Heya, Ford! How've you been?" Mabel gave a big bright grin at her timid cousin (who was certainly more similar to her brother than she was.)

Stanford shrugged a little bit, "good. Oh, congrats on the spelling bee, Mason."

Dipper grinned, "thanks. So, should we head in?"

"Hold in, Dip Dop!" Mabel reached into her bag and grabbed a camera, "we need to get a photo for my scrapbook! It's the first full summer us Pines kids will be spending together." The boys groaned but stood beside the sign.

Mabel glanced around before waving over a boy in overalls, "hey, could you get a photo of us, please?" The boy nodded and took the camera from Mabel once she explained how it worked.

The Pines kids stood around the sign, Ford being given a piggy back by Stan, Mabel somehow sat on top of the sign and Dipper holding his arms wide to emphasise the sign. They all had giant grins, "everybody say Pines!" Mabel anounced.

"Pines! Pines! Pines!" Once the photos were taken, Ford carefully took the camera from the boy.

"Thank you, I'm Stanford by the way."

"It was no problem and my name's Fiddleford... well, it was nice meeting y'all!" The southern boy waved before heading inside.

"Yeah, we better get in. I'm gonna need to make cabin friends soon." Mabel disliked being the only girl of the pines quadret, but it was easy for her to make friends. She turned to get her camera back from Ford and saw him looking stunned. "You okay?"

"Yeah... yeah." Ford was blushing and looking past Mabel at Fiddleford, who was now speaking to a councillor.

"Bro, quit staring... wait- do you have a crush on that boy?" Stan snickered.

"What? No. Lets go." Ford was quick to go inside, followed by his giggling and plotting cousins.

The cousins arrived right as the teens were made to sit around a fire pit for introductions. A camp councillor stood beside a little orange flag with the camp’s faded emblem printed on it, “Hello, everybody. Welcome to Camp Gravity Falls, a camp for 13 to 16 year olds designed to teach you all about survival and finding communities! I’m glad to see some new and familiar faces this year, so why don’t we do some introductions?” The man looked expectantly at the kids, who all made vague noises of confirmation. Except for Mabel, who cheered and receieved a bright grin from the lead councillor. “Well, I am Buddy Gleeful, founder of this wonderful camp! These are your camp councillors, Dan, Susan, Tyler and Shandra. I'll let them introduce themselves."

The introductions went off without a hitch, until it was the kid's turns.

Ofcourse, Mabel was happy to be the first to introduce herself. "What's up! I'm Mabel Pines, I'm 13, I'm from California! I knit everyday, I like glitter and I chewed my gum to look like a brain!" She made and 'aaa' sound as she showed off her chewed up piece of gum. Some members looked shocked and interested whilst most cringed at the sight.

Dipper muttered about how gross she was, making her snort and sit back down. She pushed Dipper up slightly, "your go, bro-bro."

"Right... I'm uh... I'm Dipper Pines. I'm Mabel's twin brother. I uh, I like aliens and science. I'm uh a leo, and uh yeah." Dipper wiped his hands on his shorts slightly, stuttering over almost every word and being far more awkward than he intended.

Bud checked his clipboard, but just offered Dipper a knowing smile.

Stanley introduced himself next. "I'm Stanley Pines! I'm 14, it was our birthday yesterday, and it's my second year here, I'm from New Jersey, these two," He motioned to Dipper and Mabel, "are my cousins. I like comics and adventures and splinters!" He offered a toothy grin to his fellow campmates.

Stanford stood next. "I'm Stanford, you can call me Ford. And uh yeah... I'm Stanley's twin and I like science, cryptids and anomalies."

The rest of the camp introduced themselves.

There was a 16 year old called Robbie, who was clearly all angst and no fun. There were two girls, Wendy and Tambry, both 15. Wendy was Dan's daughter and a lumberjack too and Tambry was completely obsessed with music, social media and her phone. There was also Thompson, Lee and Nate (15, 15, 16.) Thompson was pretty... pathetic  and Lee and Nate were clearly your average, if slightly alternative, guys.

There were two girls (Candy and Grenda) who were Mabel's age and complete weirdos. There was also Pacifica, who seemed disgusted to be at a camp.

There was also a 14 year old girl named Carla, who immediately caught Stan's attention. She was pretty and very excited to be there. She made Stan's heart stutter.

Fiddleford was also awkward and turned out to share interests with Dipper and Ford. Ford's face was pink the whole time the southern boy introduced himself.

All four pines, without a single word to each other, decided this would be their coolest summer yet.