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Asuka's shooting star

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Once more, I could see the infinite sea of stars stretch out before me, each one shining with their own, beautiful light. I used to worry about being able to reach for a star and hold it in my hands, but that’s no longer simply a dream to me! Not only did I reach for the stars, I have a little constellation of my own now, shining brightly, interconnected, with one point turning to a shooting star…

Eh? Wait, no, it’s not a shooting star. It’s moving! Back and forth, bouncing? Trying to focus on it, my head started to spin, making it harder and harder to maintain consciousness.

“Mnnnya… Nao, five more minutes, I need to…”

“Shhh. That’s good, sleepyhead. Don’t wake up, just let me…”

“Mm… Nao? Nao, I can’t see anything. What’s going--”

As my mind started to clear, I realized I really couldn’t see anything, and my body was pinned down to my bed, like something was on top of me! With panic rising inside of me, I struggled as best I could to get one hand free, pawing at my face to find a blindfold over my eyes. At this point, I realized someone was pinning my shoulders down so I couldn’t sit up either, so I yanked on the blindfold.

The first thing to enter my vision was Nao’s face, scrunched up with effort and painted a rosy pink. Then, the rest of her body flooded my senses, her shirt was rolled up to expose her breasts, her wonderful taut tummy, and her bare hips sliding greedily over the shaft of my dick. 


“Sisser, I told you to go back to sleep, stop struggling so much~ How is this the one time you decide to wake up on your own?” Nao’s voice was strained as she tried to keep her tone steady, so sickly sweet that I could feel my stomach turn, with small hiccups and squeaks interrupting her, particularly when she slid down.

“How did I wake--How would I not!?”

“Asuka, you’re terrible~ You sleep like the dead every morning, except when it’ll ruin my turn?” 

Darting my eyes upwards, I finally realized why I couldn’t even sit up. Initially, I thought I couldn’t pull the blindfold all of the way off since I still couldn’t see, but there were two other things blocking my immediate vision. Patting around my head, I felt the lush pillows of Sakuya’s thighs serving as my headrest, her arms holding down my shoulders, and her pajama clad tits blocking the upper half of my vision.

At this point, my brain finally processed what was happening and shocked the rest of my senses into gear. Immediately, a wave of pleasure blanked my mind from the sensation of Nao’s walls choking my shaft as she slid her hungry petals back over it, making me squeal a muffled cry into Sakuya’s tits, which she had pressed more firmly onto my face to shut me up. 

“Asuka, quiet. You don’t get to complain until you can wake up by yourself, that way we don’t have to take care of this without you!”

“That’s right, that’s right, Sisser~ Hnnn… Just stay like this, so I can milk you every morning~” Nao’s tone of voice sharpened as she spoke, pausing her rhythmic movement to caress my face, running her hand over my cheek before sliding her fingers into my mouth, forcing it open.

“Asuka, do you understand how hard it is for us to focus in class, watching you scamper around, swinging your butt like a little idiot? Doting on patients’ every need and leaving us unsated?” Sakuya was running her hands through my hair, and despite her gentle touch, I felt like she could slice straight through my skull if I made one wrong move.

“Haa…. Hnnaa… Hhnngh, Hao, Sahuya… Hao, slow haown…!” 

“Nao. If you ride her too hard, she won’t have enough stamina for me, slow down.”

“Hmmmmm~ Don’t wanna.” Grinning in-between labored pants, Nao’s hands replaced Sakuya’s on my shoulders as she leaned forward, staring at Sakuya. “You, gonna make me?” 

Sakuya didn’t waste her breath responding, pushing forward and stealing Nao’s lips instead. Not that I could really tell - Between the overwhelming sensation of Nao crushing my dick under her weight, and Sakuya leaning forward smothering the rest of my face with her breasts, I was blind to all but pleasure.

This was my life now. I, Asuka Osachi, nurse trainee, managed to charm the hearts of three women at once. Sakuya Takeda, my childhood friend, Itsuki Amato, her girlfriend, and my own sister, Nao Osachi. With two of them already dating, and none of them willing to compromise on having me… Itsuki suggested we should all date. No bickering, no fighting over who belongs to who, one big happy quad.

It went better than we could have dreamed.

Thanks to a teacher owing me a favor, and Sakuya’s family holding a fair bit of influence, we were transferred into a four person dorm later that week. Two pairs of bunk beds filled the sides of our room, though it didn’t serve much purpose for us, as we swapped who slept with who on one side of the room, with the spares used as storage. Judging from her suspicious silence, Itsuki must be passed out on the upper bunk bed after having spent the entire night awake gaming.

Feeling Nao’s walls choke my cock, I could tell she had to be close. I whimpered out into Sakuya’s bust, who hadn’t come up for air since she started. Feeling Nao shift her weight away from Sakuya, I could hear her letting out weak mewls as she started moving faster and faster on my body, as the spittle from their kiss landed on my exposed collarbone. Hearing Nao’s sweet, incoherent squeaks as she started calling out both of our names was enough to make my mind go blank, feeling the overwhelming pleasure of her body meeting with mine come to a climax, the ache in my balls starting to overwhelm me. I knew Sakuya would kill me if I didn’t hold out, but my brain was already too far gone, there was no way I could resist!
“Nnn, Nhao, Nao! Nnnnn… Nao, Sahuya…! Mmn, nnngh, aaaaaaah! Haa, haaa, haa, NNnngh…. Nao! NNnnnnoo, Nhaaaaooo!” 

“Sisser…. Ssisser, sisser, ssisssss… Shhh, shhh, sish… Shishka, Asuka!!”

“Asuka. You know what’ll happen~”

Too bad my brain doesn’t work. Panting into Sakuya’s tits, kissing senselessly at them, I gyrated with Nao’s hips as they bounced off of me, desperate for every single second of my sister’s sweet flower that I could get, I could feel her contract around me for one final push as she fell on top of me, hilting my shaft as deeply as she could as I lost control, flooding her insides with my seed, painting every inch of her walls with my mark, letting it seep out between her petals, making a mess at my base. 

Feeling sensation surge back into my brain, I could feel Nao’s body weight shift on top of me with each heaving breath she took, and Sakuya’s hands gently cradling my head in her lap. For several minutes, the only noise that permeated the air was Nao and my attempts to catch our breath, with an occasional whimper leaving my lips each time Nao shifted her weight, still capturing me between her legs. 

“Haaah… Haah. That’s better. Good morning, big sisser~” 

“Dammit, is this how you wanna be woken up, Nao!?”

“Language, sisser! …And, would you?”

“Please. Asuka couldn’t get up before you if her life depended on it, let alone getting up for you!” Sakuya brushed her hair behind her shoulder as she smiled, locking eyes with me as she did. 

“Hey! HEY! Uuu, Sakuya, give me a break, what the heck are you two thinking?” I crossed my arms as I complained with a huff, though I still hadn’t shifted my face out of Sakuya’s breasts. I probably looked ridiculous, but I’d made my decision. 

“I told you, Sisser~ We can’t focus on our school work if you keep leaving us so pent up during the day, you need to take responsibility!” Nao grinned as she responded, easing herself off of my body slowly to stand on her own two feet. Stepping forward awkwardly, like she forgot how to walk, Nao swooped in to drop a kiss on my lips, before moving to leave a longer one on Sakuya’s, giggling as she did. “Okay~ I need to shower now if I don’t want to be late, so be sure to take responsibility, Sisser~” Nao waved as she did her best to waddle away from us. 

“Ehehe, ehe… Ah, Sakuya, I, um, might need a moment, is that okay?” I did my best to hold my tone steady, dreading the look Sakuya must have on her face as I fiddled with my meat, emphasizing the fact I’d lost any and all stiffness I would need for her. 

This was a mistake. The last few nights, Itsuki and Nao had been monopolizing me any time we got up to anything naughty, usually leading to Sakuya being third in line to jumping me. Being the only transgirl in our quad was dangerous work! Sakuya had already warned me as well, that if I wasn’t fresh and ready for her the next time we tried to be dirty, she’d make me regret it.


“Y-Yes, Sakuya?”

No response. 

“Aah… Sakuya, I’m sorry, I swear I just need a moment! Y-You saw how hard Nao was going, there was no chance I could hold back from being dead asleep to… Sakuya?” 

Uhh, Sakuya was dead silent. 

“Sakuya? I’m sorry.”

“Asuka, have you caught your breath?”

“I think! I--” Oh. Shit. “K-Kyoko??”

“Asuka. Breathe deeply.” 


My whole world went dark. From the unmistakable sensation of perfect, soft flesh pushing my face into the bed, the trickle of sweet tea starting to greet my face, and the sensation of her cheeks nestling onto my nose, Kyoko just-

“If you want to breathe again, I suggest you aspire to becoming the best seat in the entire building, or you might pass out. You don’t want to know what I’ll do if you pass out.” 

Considering Kyoko seemed to be facing over Sakuya, I knew that wasn’t an empty threat. I didn’t hesitate, putting one hand on Sakuya’s thigh to help her adjust, I shifted my weight until I could lapping at her bare petals, dragging my rough tongue against her perfectly smooth folds, cleaning every trace of wetness she had from getting impatient with me, lapping it up like my last drop of water stranded in a desert.
“Good. You know wha… Mm. Aah, Asuka, that’s--Nnh!” Thank god I was good at this, or I’d probably get gutted. 

Kyoko shifted her weight forward as I started to move more aggressively, lifting her weight somewhat off of my face, and I lifted right with her, keeping my face pressed firmly against her flesh, refusing to let my breakfast escape. Kyoko brought a finger to her mouth and bit it to clear her head before opening her mouth again.

“At least you know what you’re good for. If you didn’t, I’d have already ground you under my heel for spending so much time trying to knock up your sister when I’m right here…!” Kyoko leaned forward as she spoke, pressing her hips back onto my face as she reached between my legs, wrapping her fingers gingerly around her messy prize, lolling it around and feeling the lifelessness before bringing her fingers back to her mouth, tasting the batter her girlfriends made for her.

Letting the lack of oxygen starve my brain of common sense, I got more and more aggressive, panting in the suffocating atmosphere I was creating, parting Sakuya’s folds and pushing my tongue further and further, making Kyoko could feel me mark every piece of her that exists. 

“Hnnnn. Of course you’re getting worked up now that I’ve put you in your place, you little slut. I’ll have to collar you and yank the leash if I want you to start knowing your place.”

Oh, god . Having left her clit untouched until now, I immediately started sucking on it before Kyoko could get me to start begging for her. I could feel a shudder rip through her body starting from my lips to the top of her head, staying slow for just a moment more before starting to pick up speed, feeling her move unevenly on top of me. 

“Aaaaaaaaaahsuka, nn… No no, nononono, slow down, nnngh… Damn it, Asuka!” Sakuya’s last words came out as a whimper as she started to wobble, giving me just enough room to finally breathe, and the room to slide myself knuckle deep inside of her without hesitating. 

“Asuka! Asuka, aah…” Sakuya seems to have taken back over, cushioning my tummy with her plush mountains as I started to dig inside of her, feeling Sakuya’s lips greet my lower shame in return, feeling her velvet tongue start to clean what was left on it. I’d be losing my mind at getting Sakuya to go down on me so easily, but I knew dang well that wasn’t going to be enough to get me going again, so I had to stay focused!

Coaxing my way out from underneath Sakuya while her head was empty, I took a deep breath before reaching underneath our bed, pawing desperately to find that thing Nao had gotten for us before finding the shaft of it, gripping it and sliding out from underneath Sakuya while I had the chance. 

“Wait, Asuka, what are you--?”

“Jajaaan~ My secret weapon!” Smiling, I slipped the smaller end of my secret weapon into my mouth to wet it. My last resort - A double sided dildo, with one side molded smaller for my sake. Nao had suggested it after pegging me in the past, after realizing how hard I got the instant someone started stuffing my ass. “Alright! Saaaa kuuuuu yaaaaa~n!” Timing it with the tone of my voice jumping on the last syllable, I pushed forward, sliding the larger side of the toy into Sakuya’s pleading pussy, slipping in without any resistance thanks to her nectar. 

“Aaaaaaaasuka! What are you doing, that’s not what I wa--”

“Nope. You were pissed I hadn’t blown your back out, weren’t you?” Crawling forward, I hovered on all fours over over her, giving her a smooch to shut her up before sliding my hips down, grabbing the other end of the dildo and easing it into my entrance, wiggling my rear side to side before sliding smoothly down, having more than enough experience having something jammed in there. “Shouldn’t matter how I do it, right?” 

Without waiting on a response, I started to push against Sakuya, starting gingerly to make sure I didn’t twist the toy or myself too suddenly. Feeling each movement push the toy deeper inside of me, I felt my last brain cell give up on taking control, leaving just my dick to think. 

“My spoiled little princess~ You have three people to satisfy you now, and you’re still pining if you get anything less that all of my dick!” Pushing my hips against Sakuya’s, feeling her thighs interlock with mine, I could feel how bad she wanted it, each movement of bodies bringing a shudder rolling through her body, bringing the flow of her juices forward, leaving the bed a complete mess.

“Ehehehe, come on, Saa kuu yaa~ Let me hear your voice, I want to hear every single mewl roll from your mouth~” Feeling the confidence rise in my chest, I started moving faster, feeling the blood rushing through my body, my muscles contracting from the overwhelming stimulation, Sakuya’s hand reaching out, grabbing onto my dick and squeeeZZYEOW!

I dropped everything, squeaking like a mouse chased by a cat as my braincell scrambled to show back up for work. Lifting my head back up, Sakuya’s eyes were wet, giving me a look that would kill me if I looked for more than a second, and she had stuffed our blanket into her mouth to stifle herself. Her body was shuddering, so close to being wracked with waves of pleasure, but distinctly different. She had been holding her orgasm back the entire time out of spite. 

“Ah. S-sakuya, I’m sorry, I thought--” I cut myself off reflexively. This is REALLY bad, I knew exactly when Sakuya would interrupt me, and she’s still silent! Pulling away from her, I let my secret weapon sloowly slide out of my backside, and watched it slide out of Sakuya’s entrance. “Sakuya, please, what do-”

“Dick. Now.”

“Yes ma’am!!” 

Crawling towards her like a baby taking it’s first steps, Sakuya shifted herself back against the pillows, propping herself up as she finally shed her top fully, letting her unbeatable breasts unveil their full glory. Her fingers went to her flower, spreading her folds and looking expectantly at me.

“Sorry. Ehehe, this isn’t much of a punishment, though~”

“Shut up and fuck me, already.”

With both of us this far gone, I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long for Sakuya. Moving against her, Sakuya wrapped her legs around my waist without hesitating, pulling me into missionary. I only needed to be told twice, so as I pushed against her entrance, I let a squeak as I felt my still sensitive meat cry for rest as I pushed in, taking advantage of lying on Sakuya’s bare tits for some otherworldy skinship. Sakuya’s walls crushed me immediately, milking my shaft like they had never met before.

Stretching myself up to Sakuya’s head, I smooched my way up from her neck to her chin, nuzzling for just a moment before meeting her lips, feeling her reciprocate immediately as she started to move with me, our bodies entwining in our love. I could feel my dick taking back over, going from too sensitive to bear her hole to starting to hilt against it, realizing how badly I’d needed to cum from all of the other stimulation, with Sakuya drooling into me with each movement, losing every last modicum of composure she had just a moment ago.

“Heeeasuka… Mmmnnyaskua… More… God, more, please, cum inside me, fill me up, Hyeeeh!” Her sweet moans were boiling my brain, slamming my hips against hers in vain attempts to bury her inside of the bed. I could feel every inch of her body against mine straining in a mixture of pain from holding back and the pleasure that must be killing her brain, making me so thirsty to release her from her suffering!
“S-Sakuya, I love you, I love you so much, I can’t stand it, you and Kyoko both! God, I’m gonna knock you both up, I can’t hold back, I’m--” 

Sakuya jammed her tongue back into my mouth, her legs forcing me against her body, pushing my dick right against her womb as I exploded, feeling her body convulse from the sensation of finally letting go, our juices mixing and overflowing, making a bigger mess than when Nao had rode me earlier. Collapsing into Sakuya’s chest, I had spent the last drop of energy I’d see for the entire day. Feeling her heaving chest wrap around my face, I felt my consciousness drift as Sakuya started whispering something to me, my ears not processing any of it. 


It wasn’t until a few minutes later that I started to function again, still wrapped lovingly around Sakuya with her fingers in my hair, when I heard Nao call from the bathroom, having finished her shower. 

“Sakuya~ Hey, what happened to your birth control? Yours isn’t with Itsuki’s or mine…”