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Would you be so kind? (as in to fall in love with me)

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"It's a date," Miguel adds, smiling warmly at Connor, making his chest flutter in a familiar way Connor grew to associate with Miguel before walking away.

Connor scoffs, whatever. 


On Friday they'll be watching the movie Connor has been talking about, because Miguel is thoughtful like that,  and Miguel takes his friends out to watch movies. And Miguel makes stupid jokes like that. And Miguel is pretty enough to flirt with him confidentially,  and god is it making Connor feel a type of way. 


Should he buy Miguel the tickets or is that-...

Connor shakes the thought away, he'll deal with it on Friday.

Right now he just has to get past Zoe. 


When Miguel gets out of Connor's sight, he can't help but pump his fist up in success.

A date! With Connor! Finally,  he managed to woo him enough for a night out.

Oh, if only Connor knew how much Miguel has thought about him. How Connor makes him feel.

Connor Murphy, what a beauty.

It's going to be the best movie Connor would ever watch.

Miguel will make sure of it.


‘Dress casual’ he thinks, ‘it’s just a movie.’ He sighs, Just a movie. Right. Nothing less, nothing more.

He pulls on his hoodie, it has enough space in the pockets for cash and any other goodies he might bring in, barely managing to brush his hair and rub his face a couple of times.

And he’s out of the house, going to watch a movie. With his friend, yeah, he can do that.

It’ll be perfect, no one speaks during movies, and no one pays attention to him. Except for Miguel.

Who’s looking-
“Jesus, gorgeous. What the fuck happened to you, Mig?” He can’t help but smile at the sight of him.

“Well, tonight’s worth it, right?” He laughs that perfect laugh, bumping Connor and taking his hand.

“Come on. You look great.” And Connor’s hand has never been warmer, getting dragged by Miguel.

“We’re walking there?”

“Is that a bad thing? It’s a nice evening.”

“Since when do we go on walks?”

Miguel rolls his eyes, chuckling at Connor’s unamused face.


“Since tonight.”


The warmth in Connor’s chest can’t help with the cold outside, he contemplates letting go of Miguel’s hand to hug himself, but his hand remains frozen in place, still warmed up by Miguel.


“Connor, you’re fucking shaking,” Miguel says, tutting.
“Didn’t you check the weather forecast?”


“No? Who the fuck even does that?” Connor huffs in annoyance, nearly continuing before Miguel pulls him by his arm, closer to Miguel.

“How are you radiating heat? That’s fucking weird.”

“You melt me.” He says with a wink, ignoring Connor’s groan.

Connor’s cheeks are tinted pink as Miguel presses a kiss to his hand.

“Still cold?”

“Fuck off..” Connor tries rolling his eyes. Caught off guard with how- Romantic.. Miguel is. Even more than usual. He can’t help but feel slightly tense, is he missing something? Is this a joke he’s not getting?


“Oh, hey, look! We’re here. See, wasn’t so bad now, was it?” He grins, nudging Connor.

“Whatever. Snacks?”


Then Miguel winks, placing a hand in his pocket.  An all-familiar crinkle is heard.


"Does your other pocket hold a drink?"


"A Capri sun, actually. "


Connor blinks in surprise. 




"No, but it's a great idea, isn't it?"


Connor shakes his head and sighs in exasperation.

"You're so impossible,  Miguel."


"Yes, but it's free!"


Connor pays for the drinks, getting himself a small bucket of popcorn in case whatever Miguel smuggled in wasn't enough.

The smell of butter was enticing and Connor wanted to have a nice night out.



"So, Connor, what's this movie about, again?"


"You're not funny."


"I'm hilarious!"


A tired eye roll and Miguel grabs a handful of Connor's popcorn, keeping his other hand close to Connor.


"I'm glad we're doing this, you know?" His voice is oddly soft, and he leans ever so slightly towards Connor. 

"I wanted to do this for a while."


"..Watch a movie?"


"With you, yeah.

It's about time you got out of the house, you're as pale as a sheet of paper!"


"I doubt a movie could change that."


"It emits light!"


Connor chuckles, shoving Miguel slightly. 

Then Miguel grabs his hand, keeping it in place,  nearly caressing it.


Connor looks at him, unsure. 

What's happening? What is he doing?

And Miguel leans closer.

Connor freezes, right here? In front of everyone?


And Miguel slows down. 

"Hey, this okay?"


Connor can't help but nod, still confused about what Miguel wants, but by hell will Connor give it to him.


And there's that warm smile that makes Connor wobble slightly, letting Miguel's other hand cup his cheek.

And they're kissing.

Miguel is kissing Connor. 

A sweet kiss, one that lingers in Connor’s head long after it's over. 

He doesn't even realize when he closed his eyes, but when he opens them he's met with the softest look from Miguel,  who's still holding his hand.


"It's starting." He whispers, pointing at the screen.


Connor doesn't even remember the ending. 

He remembers how warm Miguel’s hand is, how he shifts to grab a handful of Connors popcorn,  stealing sips from his drink as if he didn't have his own, the sound of the peanuts he brought being opened.

Then fed into Connor’s mouth, because he wouldn't stop staring.

How salty they are, how much he misses Miguel's taste.

And he remembers they were supposed to go as friends. 

And friends don't do that.


His mouth opens, and Miguel plops in popcorn,  Connor can't help but smile slightly at that.


He'll have to talk eventually,  right?


For now, he'll enjoy this.


"I gotta admit,  it was pretty fucking good!"


Connor nods dumbly,  the last thing on his mind is the movie.

"Told you."


And Miguel nudges Connor. 


"Didn't think I'd get a kiss on the first date."


And he stops walking. 

Looking at Miguel as if he grew a new pair of eyes.

First date?

First date?


Everything makes sense now. A gasp is shot out of Connor’s mouth.




"It was a date." He says. 

"It was a date. " Connor echoes. 


"Yeah,  I told you?" Miguel is laughing slightly. 


"Did you not know?"


"No!" And Connor’s as red as a tomato. 

"Fuck, I can't believe this.

I didn't know! I didn't fucking know!"


Miguel shakes his head, smiling at Connor. 


"We could always make up for this with a second one."


“A second date?”

“And a kiss.”

Connor chuckles, god, of course.

Stupid Miguel...

“And a kiss.”