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[Beacon; 4:45 PM, Sunday]



"OH I can't believe my baby sister is going to beacon with me!" boasted a Blonde Girl as she hugs a girl in red hair, which was a Bear hug of sorts "This is the best day EVER!"

"Please stop." Groans the Girl in red

"But We're so Proud of you!!!" says the Blonde girl as she lets go of the girl in red

"Sis, it was nothing." said the girl in red.

"What do you mean?! it was AMAZING Ruby!!! you were not just in a robbery but in the middle of a GANG WAR!!! everyone in Beacon is going to think you the 'Bees Knees'!" says the blonde girl

"I don't WANT to be the bee's knees yang, okay? I don't want to be ANY kind of knees! I just want to be a normal girl with normal knees!" says the girl in red, now named ruby rose, at her older sister yang. ever since they got on the bullhead that was headed to Beacon, Yang kept on bothering ruby because of....well, as she just said, stopping a robbery And trying to and ALMOST managing to stop a Gang war between the rubbers and some gangsters.

"What's with you? aren't you excited?" asks yang
"You need to at least try to act like it ruby! I mean yeah, Dad was impressed that you did something like that, and sure mom was Preeeetty mad at you, and she scolded you again, and she made you promise not to do something like that again. sure but, in the end, We All are proud of you!" says Yang as she looked at the Third Sister of the trio, the oldest among the three and yangs older twin sister
"Right Akame? You are proud too right?"

"...ruby. what you did was reckless, stupid, and dangerous." finally spoke up the oldest sister, a girl with long hair, red eyes, and a serious expression. "...but, Even so, I and mom Are still proud that you managed to make it out in one piece."

"Eh hehe...yeah... mother raven was angry. even though she isn't...well MY mother." says ruby

"Ruby. I know, ever since dad and Mother...Divorced, they rarely talk. but in the end, Raven Still comes by to at least have a catch-up or teach us Life lessons as usual." says Akame as she puts her hand on her second youngest sister shoulder
"but that doesn't mean she doesn't care about you. if she was so mad at you and dad for being caught in a robbery that soon became a gang war means that she still cares about your safety. I am sure any parent would."

"she's right ruby. you and Us may be half-sisters, but you are still our special little rose petal through and through. Okay?" says yang as she holds her younger sister close by the shoulders

but soon, the sisters hear an announcer in the news
"the robbery was let by a nefarious criminal, Roman torchwick, who continues to evade authorities. if you have any information of his whereabouts, please contact the vale police department. back to you Lisa." soon the news focus on the whitefang
among the people, Akame noticed two people that were staring at Roman torchwicks face, as if they already know him one was a girl with a hair color that was almost similar to a icecream flavor, and a boy with a punk like hair do, shades and a red jacket

"Jeez. that morons still at it? take retirement already you old Fart." says the boy as he walks away with his hands in his pockets, while the girl stares into the monitor, until the boy calls out to him
"Neo! Quit spacing out and come already!"
and the elder sister could only see the two walk away

"so, that was the guy you ran into in the whole chaos?" asks Yang

"Yeah that's him. but the Loansharks that entered the dust shop were a lot more scary than him if you ask me." answers ruby

"You mean the Gang that entered the dust shop?" asks Akame

"Yeah. especially those 2 guys that were leading them. the first one was a guy with an eye patch and was carrying a baseball bat at first but then drew out a Knife after a while, and the other was just BIG. like, REAAAALY BIG. he just threw some of torchwicks goons into a car, and the car was Smashed! those two were really tough." answers ruby

 "They didn't hurt you did they?" asks Yang worried about her sister now after what she said

"No no. I didn't get hurt. my Aura Saved my butt a few times here and there. they guy with the eye patch was really fast. well not as fast as me but he would jump all over the place! his moves were really unpredictable. but the bigger guy almost tossed a Bike at me like it was nothing! now that I think about it I almost didn't make it out of there." Says ruby, being reminded of how strong the two were. 

"But you still managed to hold your own against them!" says yang cheering her little sister up
"guess it just goes to show that all the training we're giving you is finally paying off!"

"Hehe. yeah I guess you're right yang." says ruby, smiling at Yang

" that we're at the topic...Big sis Akame? Can I_" yang starts but is cut off

"You're not getting bumblebee back for 2 months Yang." says Akame in a serious tone.

"What?! Aww C'MON sis! don't do this to me please!!!" begs Yang, wanting her bike, bumblebee back so desperately 

"You destroyed that nightclub yang. you caused so much damage, you almost hurt a lot of people, and you tried to hide it from me. as punishment, you are NOT allowed near Bumblebee For 2 more months." Talks Akame, as she takes the role of the oldest sister among the other two as she takes a big sister-like tone, making yang to understand that she was deadly serious about this.

"But they started it!" Says yang, trying to defend her self

"That is not what I heard." Says Akame, but soon, all of the girls stopped as they saw the hologram of a woman in a formal dress and glasses appear

"Hello, and welcome to beacon"

"who's that?" asks yang

"My names is glynda goodwitch"

"that's her name." Says Akame

"you are among a privileged few who have received the honor of being selected to attend this prestigious academy. our world is experiencing an incredible time of peace, and as future huntsmen and huntresses, it is Your duty to uphold it. you have demonstrated the courage needed for such a task, and now, it is OUR turn to provide you with the knowledge and the training to protect our world."  after Glynda Goodwitch finished her speech her Hologram disappeared and soon, a lot of students look with surprise at the Scenery before them.

"Wow." gasps ruby as she leans forward to watch the scene
"Look! you can see signal from up here."

"...both of you. look over there." says Akame as she was pointing at a certain part of the city

"Where?" asks yang as she comes close, and the two younger sisters gasp as they saw where their older sister was pointing at.

"Wow! no way!" says yang in both shock and happiness

"That's our home! the Shop!" says ruby as the girls look at a certain shop somewhere in patch

all three of the sisters watch as their home, the tiny old dusty odd jobs office their father runs become distant from them little by little

all three of the sisters watch as their home, the tiny old dusty odd jobs office their father runs become distant from them little by little

"Guess home isn't too far after all." says Ruby, looking at their childhood house to the bitter end.

"Beacons our home now." says yang as she holds ruby close

"But let's never forget where we Originally came from." says Akame, as the other two nodded

but soon, the sisters noticed a blonde boy start to look sick as he runs pass the three and looking like he is about to vomit

"Well, guess the view isn't for everyone." yang states the obvious 

"Well it was a nice moment while it lasted, we got so see the shop one last time before leaving." says Ruby.

"Well, let's be prepared for what comes next from here on out." says Akame

and as the airship was headed toward Beacon, only the chatter of the sisters could be heard

yang "I wonder who're we gonna meet!"

ruby "Uh I just hope their better than 'vomit boy'."

Akame "ruby don't call people names."

Ruby "Sorry sorry...wait...OH GOD!"

Yang "what?"

Ruby "Akame Gross you have Puke on your skirt!"

Akame "huh?"

Yang "GrossGrossGrossGrossGrossGrossGross!"

Akame "Where?"

Ruby "Get away_No it's on your back and to the side_NO your getting it closer to me! Get away from me Get away from me Get away from me!!" 

Akame "Where is it! I can't see it!"

Yang "Akame wait wait WAIT your gonna get it close to me!! no No_AAH IT'S ON ME NOW!!! these are my GOOD PANTS for Oums sake!!"


Akame "Sorry."

...hell of a way to start off your adventure.  almost a total Throw Up!

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in the darkness, kneels down a girl, as she cleans the floor with a pained and over starved body. she looked as if she had been getting quite a beating. in the darkness, she felt weak, powerless, and pathetic. she couldn't even run. 





but....among the darkness she saw..a hand Stick out toward her, it wasn't gently but it was felt Friendly. soon, the girl could see the face of the owner of the hand. it wasn't much of a face to, for the man had a cloak and a sort of mask. his hand was toward the girl as she was looking up at the man.






soon, the man spoke.


soon, the man spoke

"come with me."






























"Cinder wake up."


"Huh?" a girl within a red dress, Amber eyes and long hair opens her eyes to finally see where she was standing on at the moment


"Are you okay? you were sleeping while standing up again." Said a male voice


"yes I'm Alright Shirou, now get off my back please." groaned the woman named Cinder, as she looks over at a boy around her age, with white hair and steel gray eyes looking at her. he also had a faint color of tanned on his skin too, and was rather large too.


"jeez. I told you not to spend too much time up last night. oh well, as if You of all people would listen to me." said Shirou as he crossed his arms


"you're not my Mom Shirou. you Are my Little Adoptive Brother_"


"I have Two years on you idiot."


"...f-fine my OLDER adoptive brother. but it doesn't mean you can just up and try to babysit me everywhere I walk into." Finally finishes Cinder


"Well, we ARE in a Airship going to Beacon. and knowing how Terrible your cooking skills are, I can't help but feel worried everytime you are hungry by yourself without the interest of ordering something Like usual." Says Shirou


"Salt the wound why won't you?" groans Cinder


"Suck it up you oversized Woman-child." scolds Shirou again


currently, Cinder and her Older adoptive brother, Shirou, were on a Airship headed straight to Beacon academy at vale, where they were to become hunters as they always wanted to be.


"....can't believe we're going ALL the way to VALE of all places. why beacon? why not just Haven back at home?" asks Cinder as she watches the view from the window of the airship


"well, both Mom and Dad used to attend Beacon themselves instead of haven, so Mom SHOULD know what she is doing." says shirou


"....Mom knows what she is doing? Our Mother? Her?" asks Cinder as she felt rather... dumbfounded of how simple her brother is.


"Something the matter?" he asked her sister seeing the look in her eyes


"...Shirou Mom isn't even Allowed to Drive! because we All know how much of a heart attack her Driving skills are! she faints when she eats anything that is Too spicy, she still treats me like a Baby, and may Oum himself help us, She is Turning Illya into HERSELF. And those were like, 10% of how much childish Mom can be!" says Cinder


".....Well....those things, yes. but.... If she says that it's better to go to beacon instead of Haven, then... there must be some form of reason in those words. She isn't ALWAYS a simpleton you know." says Shirou


"...Yes I.. suppose your right about that. well At least That much." agrees Cinder, knowing that despite how unbelievable her Step mother could be, she was still somewhat wise beneath all her childishness.


"and speak of Beacon, we're here." after hearing her brother say that, she looked out of the airships glass window and saw beacon academy, it looked just as breathtaking as her Step-mother made it all to be.


"....Let's hope Mom doesn't burn the kitchen down again while we're away." Cinder says as she couldn't help but to still worry about it.


"Don't worry. I told Sella and Liz not to Allow her to even hold a pot of water in hand." insures Shirou





among the passengers, a girl with Green Hair and red eyes and also a dark skin tone could be seen, as she looks at beacon through the glass too just like may others. but there was something that caught mostly a few peoples eyes for a few seconds. and it was that she was holding a...rather large long bag on her back. it almost looked like a rocket-Luncher even! 

and she seemed rather tomboy like too.
you could say it wasn't much.....Lady like. or was it?




















after the ship landed, the two step siblings stepped and they both had a rather odd Sync in Red closing.


while Cinder had a Red dress and a bag, Shioru had a black vest with red Sleeves added on. and a long red cape hanging from his waist onto his back, almost reaching his heels.



"Well. here is beacon. let's have a look around before heading in." he looks over at cinder
"You DO remember where we'll met up, right?"


"Yeah yeah." shrugs off Cinder




"Come on you two!"

"Ruby Slow down!"

"You'll trip."




Cinder soon heard three different Female Voices from behind her as she...saw a girl with a red cape just run past her as a blonde girl and a girl with black hair followed her as fast as they could.
but cinder couldn't help but stare at the cape of the younger girl as she ran off, having a odd feeling toward the cape of the girl









'...that girls's Dad's was...'


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[Location: Beacon court yard.]





Beacon academy. A place for almost A lot of faces. some looked cool. some looked casual. and hell. some of them were even Shadow people. it...wasn't normal.


shadow people in the back ground aside, we see the 3 sisters, Akame, Yang and Ruby walk in front and finally have a look at their new school. it looked colorful and bright, with the academy itself almost looking like a castle. it was all literally majestic. 
as the red, the yellow and the black walk next to each other after ruby finally stopped moving so fast ahead of her older sisters, as they all looked at their new academy. 


"the view from vale's got nothin' on this." says yang


"duh." agrees akame


as the youngest Among the 3 looks around her new school, her eyes quickly catch a few new weapons that were quite interesting. and with that, she turned Chibi.
and Akame Liked it when Ruby looked This cute, even if it Maybe was a hazard to her little sisters life. but Yang on the other hand, did NOT Like it. it was freaky.


"SIS'S!! that kids go a collapsible staff!!" then her Chibi self looks over at another student "and she's got a fire sword!!" then at another on "OMG that girl with the green hair has a Bazooka!!! it looks so BIIIG!"


but Yang just pulls ruby back from her chibi self back to her normal self


"easy there little sis. their just Weapons." says Yang


"Just weapons? their an extension of our selves! their Part of US!" says Ruby


"Ruby it's not healthy for you." Speaks up Akame


"Yeah what big sis said!" agrees Yang


"Also, if you want to be like that for weapons, why not be like that over Mine? I Literally have like 3 you know." continues Akame


"AAAnd there it is." says Yang in disappointment in her own older sister.


"Yeah I know I know. your Murasame Is a cool Katana , and your guns: Misery & comedy are literally similar to Dads Ebony and Ivory, but a little smaller, but seeing new weapons are like meeting new people to me! but better." says ruby to her elder sister


Yang pushes rubies hood down "Ruby, come ON, why don't you go and try to make some new friends of your own?"


"New friends?" asks Akame looking at her first younger sister "What does that suppose to mean?"


"you know, meet new people and befriend them!" Yang tells Akame


"Why would I/She need to make new friends?" both akame and ruby ask at the same time looking at Yang


but before yang could say another word, Akame steps up glaring at Yang
"Yang Redgrave, are you saying that Ruby needs New Friends that will make her do their homework for them, borrow her text books only to not return them, make fun of her in the public and to have the drag their stuff around her in the cost of her back?"


"L-Look big sis_"


"Ruby does NOT need new friend yang. she has US. that is more than enough and you know it." Akame says cutting her sister off


"She's right, why would I need friends when I have you two?" Ruby asks


"Weeellllll MY friends are here and OH Akame youGOTTAcomealongtoOkayrubyseeyouk'ay,Byeeee." says Yang as a bunch of back ground shadow people just show up and Yang just drags Akame with her among those shadow people


"W-W-W-What?! Let me go! YAANG!!!" yells Akame


"Wait what?! where are you two going? are we suppose to go to our dorms? where are our dorms? do we have Dorms?!" says ruby as she was spinning around and finally came to an stop and sighs
"I dunno What I'm doing with out big sis Akame..."
and she falls on someones bags


"What Are you doing?!" says a female voice


"Are you Okay?" and asks another voice with a rather Chiller tone than the other one


"H-Huh? uh.....sorry." says ruby


"Sorry?! do you have any idea of the damage you could have caused-OW!!" starts a girl with white hair and blue eyes, with a Dress, but Ruby sees another girl with the same Hair and eye color, but with a much more different dress elbow the first girl in the side of their shoulder


"Sister, behave." says the other girl as she looks back at ruby who was still on the ground
"I apologize for my sisters rudeness. she has a rather, bad habit of running her mouth too much."


"What?! Anastasia!! will you stop saying that in the public?!" yells the first girl, obviously the other girls sister


"Weiss, hush." says Anastasia as she looks over at Weiss




"Huuuush." Anastasia cuts Weiss off with a longer ''hush''.


"uhh..." ruby picks up one of the bags as the girl named Weiss snatched the bag out of her hand


"gimme that!" she opens the box to reveal several capsules of colorful stuff within them
"This is dust. mined and purified from the schnee quarry."


"Uhh." ruby rubs her head while still on the ground


"What are you, brain dead? Dust! fire, water, lighting, Energ_OW!" weiss gets cut off again by another elbow to the side of her arm


"Weiss, Behave." Anastasia repeats herself 


Ruby starts to stand up but feels some of the fire dust in her face because of the fire dust capsule Weiss was swinging around


"Hey are you even listening, is any of this sinking in!?" says Weiss as she gave one final swing to her Capsule and more fire dust got onto Rubies face




"What?" asks weiss looking at Anastasia


"....I Do believe I would like to disown myself as your sister for the moment." Says Anastasia as she starts to take some distance.


"H-Huh?" Weiss looks at her own sister walk away, no, Run away for what feels like at least 15 steps.


[Meanwhile, Or rather, 10or5 seconds ago from Right now]


"OOOOOKAY! gotta find ma' sis! then gotta find the dorms! then gotta Fight my way through at least 6 or 10 or whatever-the-number-is semesters! then HUNTRESS LIFE, HERE I COME!!" says a girl with blue ocean like eyes and white long hair got into two pony tails to her back, as she walks around with a Confidant smile on her face that she was finally becoming a huntress, not even knowing the hardships ahead.


until she noticed 3 girls over as 2 looked white and one was red.


"huh? what's that all about?" she wonders looking over at the girls,
"Meh never mind. I'll just walk past them, it's not like one of them is gonna blow up or anything_"


but as she failed to notice one of the girls in white step away for distance and as she was about to just walk  past the two other girls, rather too CLOSE to them....


well you all know how THAT song and dance goes.





Ruby "AAACHEW!!!"




And with the ignition of the fire dust in rubies face because of the sneeze, the 3 girls ended up getting caught in the explosion. and if it wasn't for their Aura, then OOOH BOY. an meanwhile, a girl with black hair picked up the very same fire dust from before.


"UNBELIEVABLE!!" yells weiss as she stumps her foot on the ground and all the dust and dirt is jumped away from her "This is exactly the kind of thing  I was talking about!"


"I'm really REALLY sorry!" apologized ruby


"You complete DOLT_"


"YOU COMPLETE DUMBASS!!!!" yells the other girl as she finally jumps up as she glares at Weiss
"What were you THINKING?! were you trying to kill ALL of us on PURPOSE OR SOMETHING?!!"


"H-Huh?!" ruby and Weiss Gasp at the third girls outburst against Weiss
"what are you_"


"what are you, MENTALLY DISABLED?!" shouts the girl again
"Don't you know that it's Dangerous for people to just wave around FIRE DUST of all things?! have you even read the ''dust safety'' parts in your text books?!"


"Who even_" weiss starts up but the girl cuts her off again


"OOOOH I get it now! your a SPOILED, ARROGENT, JERK OF A RICH BRAT aren't you?!" yells the girl as she was getting rather too worked up over this. and it is kinda getting out of hand
"great! someone who thinks their Daddies little Snow-flake and they think being rich can get them anywhere in the world!"


"What?! How dare you!! who even are y_" Weiss gets cut off again


"Listen here Princess!! we are becoming hunters here!! if your here to just make every body's semester a living hell then Go back to your daddy and cry for another Pony for your room will you?!" the other girl yells as she crosses her arms glaring at the Weiss even harder
"Wait wait WHO EVEN ARE YOU?! Some big shot millionaires daughter?! GREAT! just GREAT! I had to run into some spoiled BRAT in my first day here!!!"


"hey hey please don't fight!! I said I'm sorry!!" Ruby yells trying to stop the new girl that just arrived, but her pleas fell on deaf ears


"It's Heiress Actually." a new voice spoke up as they all saw another girl with blake hair and a bow on her hair walk up to them with the fire dust


"huh? Heiress to what?" asks the girl with white hair 


"Weiss schnee, the Heiress o the Schnee dust company, one of the largest_" the girl starts but gets cut off her self


"OH ON OUMS GRAVE STONE NO!! YOUR a SCHNEE?!" yells the girl as she was now more angry now? what? why?!


"great! first I blow up by some idiot that doesn't know how to Properly treat her dust, and this Said Idiot is a SCHNEE!!! Why gods why?!"  she yells as if there was a Apocalypes hitting remnant!


"What is your problem?! did you escape from what, an ASYLUM?!" Weiss yells finally fed up with this girl


"you know-you know what?!" she snatches the fire dust out of the girl in black hand and tosses it back to Weiss
"Take your stupid dust, AND," then she....hands out a couple of liens?!


"W-What are you doing now?" asks Weiss as she sees the liens and ruby was getting more worried


"I'll give you all of these lien just so you won't TALK TO ME WHAT SO EVER in this WHOLE semester!!! do we have a Deal or what?!" the girl yells


"What is your DEAL!!!?" Weiss yells looking at the girl in anger



"I don't want any of your SCHNEE-y-Ness anywhere near me in ANY KIND OF RADIOUS!! so just take the Lien and Go away and never talk to me! E V E R !"


"wha-you-how dare-the nerve of- why you little- UUUUGH!!!" the Weiss finally storms off as Anastasia follows her


"I'm sorry about my sister." she says as she walks away from ruby and the other girls.


"I promise I'll make it up to you!!" ruby calls out before the Schnee Sisters walk away.
"...So uh.." she turns around as sees the girl in black walk away


"....Aww man...."


"What?" ruby looks at the girl with white hair as she looks sad now


"...My chocolate bar got destroyed in that Explosion!" she yells as her chocolate bar was in pieces if not in ashes. which the pieces just turned into Ashes soon.
"this sucks." she says as she gets dropped on her knees


ruby, having had enough, also is dropped on her knees. and both girls fall backwards as their heads were almost close together.


"Welcome beacon." ruby says


"...can I cry now?" says the other girl too


"...Oh sorry. I'm ruby rose." ruby finally introduces herself as she looks over at the other girl


"Oh. hey. my names Kiana Kaslana. nice to meet you....I guess...." the girl now named Kiana introduces herself too as both girls just look up at the sky, in their own Frustration.



"Are you two Alright?/you Okay?" two different Voices ask at the same time.


both Ruby and Kiana look up to see a blonde boy and a girl with coal like hair and Ember eyes, both of them holding their hands out to the two.


"U-Um.." the boy noticed that another girl had also come to help the other 2


"Thanks." said Kiana as she held the Blonde boys hand and stands up
"I'm Kiana!"


"Oh. I'm jaune." the blonde one now named Jaune introduces himself too


"Ruby rose!" ruby also does the same as she holds the other girls hand


"Cinder." the other girl also introduces herself as she helps ruby stand up


"wait...aren't you the guy that threw up on the ship?" asks ruby holding back a chuckle


"He is the guy that What now?" asks Kiana, taking a step away from poor Jaune


[Just a few minutes later]

'...when did I become a babysitter?' cinder asks herself mentally as she was walking with these 3


"look, I'll I'm saying is that motion sickness is a much more common problem than you let on!" says jaune


"look, I'm sorry, Vomit boy was the first thing that came to mind." says ruby


"then how about we call you crater face huh?" says Kiana as a joke


"Th-Then how about I call you tantrum girl? huh?" defends ruby


"for the LAST TIME I wasn't throwing a tantrum!" yells kiana


"You were going to pay that girl so she wouldn't talk to you for this whole semester!" points out ruby


"What?" asks Cinder not believing what she just heard.


"Wow." also wonders jaune
"Well the names Jaune arc! short, sweet, roles off the tongue, Ladies love it!" AAAAND THERE IT IS FOLKS!! he said the THING!


"...really? your going something as lame as That?" asks Kiana s the girls stare at the boy


"Th-They will! well....I hope they will. I mean /my mom always says that...n-nevermind." says jaune


ruby chuckles as Kiana and Cinder stare at the boy
"your a loner aren't you?" asks Kiana


"N-No!" says jaune
"...w-well maybe!" he corrects himself


ruby chuckles again as an Idea strikes her

"Sooo I got this thing." she then wipes out Crescent rose, surprising the other two


"WHOA! is that a Scythe?!" asks jaune in shock


"it is also a customizable, high impact  velocity sniper rifle!" says ruby


"a wha'?" jaune says dumb founded


"It's also a gun silly." corrects Cinder


"IT'S SOOOO SICK!!!" yells Kiana like a fangirl as she gets closer to inspect the scythe
"the paint job is Great! the scope looks easy to manage because of it's size! and the blade looks like one of those that they use pro huntsmen weapons!!! where did you get all the material for this thing?!" she asks ruby


"well lets just say my dad is a weaponmaster! he has his ways." says ruby


"that's cool!" says jaune looking at the scythe


"Kay! MY TURN!!" Kiana yells as she pulls out two hand guns

"Kay! MY TURN!!" Kiana yells as she pulls out two hand guns



"you have duel hand guns?" asks Cinder also interested in her guns too


"yup! they are a pare of high impact pistols custom made JUST for me!" she says proudly


ruby gasps "What can they do?!"


"they...just shoot. their normal hand guns." Kiana explains


"oh...also cool." says Jaune, feeling down a little


the girls look over to Cinder who was just looking back.


"...Ugh Alright. I'll show you my weapons too." she gave up as she pulled out..two hand guns...again.



"Whoa you have GUN-SWORDS?!" yells Ruby


"I don't understand why you are making such a big deal out of this." says Cinder as she was looking at the two girls


"S-sorry, I'm kindava weapons geek." says Ruby


"Well you could say I love it when people also do the duel-wielding-guns thing like me." says Kiana


"Oooh then you are gonna love my dad!" says ruby


"Your father?" asks Cinder, curious 


"Well yeah! My dad has a really cool sword! and he also has two Hand guns too!! he calls them Ebony And Ivory, one has a rapid shot mode while the other has a high impact mode on it. he made Duel hand guns wielding so cool one of my sisters ended up inheriting it from him!" says ruby


"wow. I should meet your Dad someday! I NEED to take some notes if he's this Awesome as you say!" kiana says


"and his weapons do sound good on paper." states Cinder as she puts her guns away.


"that's...really cool..." says Jaune feeling like a crew cut in all of this.


"So what about you jaune?" asks ruby


"oh. I got this sword." he pulls out the sword


Ruby "ooh"


Kiana "cool."


"and this shield too!" says jaune as he pulls out a shield too


"Whoaaa it's a Sheath Shield! what's it do?" says kiana as she touches the shield and it starts to close up and on while jaune managed to catch it.


"W-Well the shield...well it turns into my sheath as you just said and I can carry it around much more easier." explains Jaune


"wait would that waight the same?" asks ruby


"yeah it does..." comes clean jaune


"how much does one magazine take?" asks kiana


"How much wha?" asks jaune


"How many bullets does it shoot silly! what kind of gun does go in it? is it a pistol? shotgun? semi-auto?" she asks while jaune just stares at the girl dumb founded
"'s just a sword?'s not a gun?!" asks kiana in shock


"W-Well...." jaune stutters


"Well at least you did put some effort into making it." says cinder


"Making it?" asks jaune looking at Cinder


" didn't make your own weapon!?" asks Kiana as she stares at the boy


"W-Wait, your telling me you girls Made your own weapons?!" asks Jaune


"Well, yeah, All students back at signal made their own weapons." says ruby


"My father and brother gave me some tips on my own weapons tho." says Kiana


"these babies were first a pare of worthless pistols, but I managed to make them into what they are now!" says kiana with a smile


"wait, Jaune. didn't you make your own?" asks ruby


"Well, no, it a hand-me-down. my great-great-grand father used it to fight back in the war." says Jaune


"'s an antic?" asks Kiana as ruby elbows her arm and she gave an 'ow!'


"sounds like an family heirloom to me!" says Ruby trying to cheer jaune up at least a little.
"Well you know, I did say my dads guns are awesome, but he also told me and my sisters that the Sword he uses was originally my Grand fathers!"


"Wait, you father uses his own fathers sword?" asks cinder


"Yeah! he said that his father, or say my Grand father gave 2 of his most strongest swords to my dad and uncle As Heirlooms! he gave my dad a normal but really Cool looking sword. it's a long Board sword while my Uncle got a samurai Sword. and my Dad just kicks a lot of butts with that sword all by himself!" ruby says as she was remembering how badass her father is


"that's...rather interesting." says ruby with a small smile on her face


"See jaune? My dads best weapon is also a hand-me-down. and he has become a really strong huntsman with it. sure he has guns too. but his real skills come from his father, or my grand fathers heirloom." she smiles looking at Jaune
"So I'm pretty sure even You will go a long way with your own hand-me-down weapon!"


"wow...Th-Thanks!" says jaune feeling better now


"hey I wanted to ask for a while now, why did you two help us out back there?" asks Kiana


"I just heard the explosion and got worried. but then I saw A certain Tantrum girl throwing a tantrum from a far and decided to leave them be, but ended up coming back anyway." explains Cinder while Kiana looks away.


"what about you jaune?" asks ruby


"Eh why not? my mother always says, ''Strangers are friends you haven't met yet''." answers jaune


"...hey now that I think about it, where Are we going again?" asks Kiana


"Oh I was just following you Kiana." answers jaune


"Wait I was following Jaune." answered ruby

"wait I was following ruby." says Cinder


"What?! But-but-but I was Following YOU cinder!" yells Kiana








awkward silence....






more Awkward silence........





even more Awkward Silence........






"...WE WERE JUST MOVING AROUND WITH OUR HEADS IN CLOUDS!!!!!!" yells Kiana, as almost everyone in beacon almost heard her


"-_- Oh on Oums Grave stone." Says Cinder as she rubs her eyes in frustration.


"you think there's a directory? or a.....maybe a food court?" asks Jaune


"you know what? let's just walk in ONE. STRAIGHT. LINE." says Cinder as she took charge 


"yeah. that's...a good Idea." Agrees ruby.

Chapter Text

[beacon academy, the Ballroom.]


after the Longest walk of their lives, Ruby, Jaune, Cinder and Kiana all finally arrived at the Ball room, they all were finally relieved to find their destination.


"Ruby!" calls out a blonde girl


"over here. We saved you a spot." Says another girl with black long hair and red eyes


"oh! there're my Sisters! I should go now, catch up with you three later!" says ruby as she starts walking


"Oh. there's my brother. I should get going now, he is probably worried about me." Says Cinder as she walks off


"Oh FINALLY! there's MY Sister over there!!" says Kiana as she looks over to jaune "Cya later jaune!" and she also walks off too


"W-W-what?! b-but...Oh great now how am I gonna find another girl to talk to?!" says Jaune as he just walks into the Creepy shadow people.
they were still weird to look at


"So hey's your first day big sis?" asks yang


"um...yang? did something happen while I was gone?" asks Ruby seeing her sister not acting like ususal


"What? Psh naaaah! everything is Juuuust fiiiine_"


"I extended her Punishment of not having bumblebee for 2 more months to 5 months and not being allowed to go to night clubs anymore until further notice." says Akame with a casual tone


"HOW COULD YOU?! I'M LITERALLY YOUR LITTLE SISTER!!!!" says yang as she was Crying cartoonishly.


"that's what you get for making Me ditch Ruby as well. be thankful I didn't confiscate your Weapons too so you'll be fighting bare handed for a long time." says Akame with a really serious glare, making Yang to weep and step back a little, knowing how scary she could get.


"Yikes. but hey. justice," says Ruby with a smirk


",Is served." finishes Akame with a smirk too as the two fist bump while Yang just feels pretty down about all of this


then they both looked at Yang and started to talk at the same time
"Heh, SAVAGE."

with that Yang just looks away to hide her own defeat in her face.


"Anyway. ruby, what happened? did you get robbed again? did you get approached by bullies?" asks Akame as she looks over to Ruby


"sis, nothing too bad happened. I...Did meet new people but...I kinda...well.." stutters ruby


"you what?" asks Akame


"W-Well...I-It's nothing really forget it." says Ruby waving her hands


"Ruby Rose." says Akame as she holds her little sisters shoulders in a tight Grip
"What. Happened. while I. Was Away?"


"I-I-I-I EXPLODED!!!!" she yells as Akames grip was becoming scarier and harder


"sheesh. melt down already?" says Yang


"This is fully on you Yang." says Akame as she looks over to Yang
"Your punishment is extended to 6 months now!"


"WHAT?! AWW COME ON!!! YOUR THE DEVIL YOU!!!!" Yells Yang, not being able to go against Akames punishments.


"Yang ruby just said she EXPLODED! If I was with her it wouldn't have happened! it is Because you dragged me with you! and if you whine more, the punishment will be a YEAR." says Akame as she was holding Authority over Yangs Life like a Iron grip.


"No it wasn't much! really it was nothing!" yells ruby as she saw Akame was turning serious again


"then tell me EXACTLY what happened!" Says Akame as she looks at Ruby


 "EEK! I just Got tripped on this crappy girls Luggage, and then she yelled at me, then I sneezed and I exploded because I thing there was Fire dust in my face, and then she yelled at me again as this other girl was trying to stop her from yelling at me but then Another girl I met just now started yelling at this first girl again, Literally throwing a Tantrum and I was feeling like it was all. my. Fault! and I just wanted them to Stop yelling at each other!" Ruby explains as she was Scared f the Glare Akame was giving her while she didn't notice the same girl from before right behind her 




Then Ruby jumped on Akames Arms "OH MY GOD IT'S HAPPENING AGAAAAAAAIN!!!"


"Ruby. is This the Crappy girl you talked about?" asks Akame while holding her youngest sister


"Yeaaah!!!" yells Ruby in fear


"you're lucky we didn't get blow off the side of the cliff." says Weiss


"Oh my god you really exploded." says Yang in shock as she realized Her little sister was telling the truth.


"it is ON. YOU. Yang." reminds Akame as she glares at her blonde younger sister.


"It was an Accident!" says ruby as she looks over to Weiss and she hands out a Paper toward Ruby
"what's this?"


"the schnee dust company is not responsible for any kind of injuries or damages sustained while operating  a schnee dust company product." and it started to Speeeeeeeeed up
"although not mandatory, the Schnee Family highly encourages their customers to read and familiarize themselves with this easy to follow guide to dust application and practice in the field."


Ruby "...uhhhh..."


Akame "..what on remnant did she even say?"


Yang "I....have no idea. talk about tongue twister."


"oh sister why?" asks Anastasia as she was right behind her, Embarrassed that they are related even.


"you really want to start making things up to me?" asks Weiss




"No she Does NOT have to." Akame cuts her as she snatches the manual from Weisses Hand and starts ripping it apart, shocking Weiss


"What are you_" asks weiss but is cut off as Akame slams all of the paper pieces into her face



"you are a hazard to my little sisters life. so go away." says Akame as she was glaring at Her.


"What?! SHE is the hazard here! To me!" yells Weiss looking at the girl with red eyes



"Look uh, It sounds like you two got off on the wrong foot." yang starts trying to fix this situation
"Why don't you just start over and try to be frie_"


"NO." Akame cuts her off as she looks over to Yang
"She made Ruby Explode and yelled at her while it was HER fault the explosion happened in the first place." she then looks over to Weiss
"And You. keep your distance from my little sister, or I will make you regret even Seeing her."


"Wha-how dare you_" starts Weiss


"And You." she looks over to Anastasia now
"keep this Snotty little brat away from both of my sisters."


"..hmph. there's only ONE snotty little brat here that I see. as she is talking too big for her mouth it seems." Says Anastasia as she Looks at Akame, quite a lot angry that she talked to her sister like this.


"What?" Asks Akame as she steps forward toward Anastasia

"I said, you are the Snotty little brat here. you snotty little brat." says Anastasia as she she glares at Akame while stepping forward too


"U-Uh sis?" Asks Ruby

"A-Ana?" calls out Weiss

"Uh oh." says Yang



"no wonder your sister is such a Snotty Little Brat her self. because her sister is_" akame starts


"What? Ice queenSnow cold? Has a cold shoulder?" Guess Anastasia
"Go ahead. Just TRY to use a subject related to Ice and coldness."


"I was going to say 'A snotty little Bitch'." finishes Akame


"W-What?!" gasps Weiss


"U-uh um ah akame?" calls out ruby

"A-Akame your....kinda going too far there..." says Yang



"....the Nerve of you!" yells Anastasia as she stumps her way toward Akame getting closer to her
"you think you can just talk to me like that without the consequences, you Filthy-Dog?"


Akame then steps forward, as their Faces were Close to each others as the girl in black was glaring hard at the girl in white. while the other 3 were scared of what was to come next.
"Consequences? from a Ice-Bitch-Queen like you? As if."


"Oh no What have we Done?!" says Ruby as she looks at the two staring at each other while a really deadly Air surrounded the girls in Black and White


"C-Can't you stop your sister?!" Asks Yang as she looks at Weiss


"W-What? No I-I can't! can't you stop YOUR sister?" Asks Weiss


"We can't!! when Akame gets angry there's no way we can just make her Stop!!" says ruby as the two look in terror as there was a really messy fight was about to come up between the girl in black and the girl in White

"B-But when someone Insults Anastasia she won't just let it go easily! not even I can stop her!" says Weiss, Already regretting coming here in the first place because of this stare down between these two girls

oh no Oh No OH NO Someone Stop this PLEASE!!



OH thank Oum!



both the girls stopped as they both looked over to see Prof.Ozpin, Glynda goodwitch and a blonde woman with sky blue eyes enter the stage.


"I'll...keep this brief." 


"oh. the speech is starting." says Ana as she looks at the headmaster


"Seems like it." Akame says too


"Oh thank Oum." says Ruby as she was glad the two finally stopped fighting, while Weiss and Yang Sighed in relieve too.


"You have traveled here today in search of knowledge, to hone your craft and acquire new skills. And when you have finished, you plan to dedicate your life to the protection of the people. But I look amongst you, and all I see is wasted energy. in need of purpose; direction. You assume knowledge will free you of this, but your time at this school will prove that knowledge can only carry you so far. It is up to you to take the first step."


after his speech, he walks off while the Blonde lady in the white dress, and sky blue eyes follows him, as Glynda takes over
"you will gather at the Ball room tonight, tomorrow your initiation begins. be ready. you're dismissed."


the Girls looked at them as they walked away from the stage

"He seemed kind of....Off." states Yang

"Yeah, Like he wasn't even there." Says ruby


"But...that lady." Speaks up Akame
"Who is she?"


"huh? Akame that's Glynda Goodwitch she just_"


"No no. the other one. the one that walked off with Ozpin just now." says Akame, stating she was talking about the other Blonde woman


"Huh? that one?" asks Ruby


"Yeah. there was about her. she was also looking at Us most of the time." says Akame, feeling something weird about the way the Blonde lady looked at her and her rather in a strange way.


"Your kidding right?" Asks Weiss as she looked at the sisters "you don't know who that was?"


"Do you?" asks Ruby


"that, was Professor Salem! she is Headmasters assistant and A teacher here at beacon." says Weiss as she looks at the three
"she is like the second person that runs this school while the real headmaster is away."


"Whoa. talk about high authority. she must be a real big shot here in beacon then!" says yang 


"....Professor Salem?...why was she...Eyeing us like that?" says Akame quietly as she wondered


[At Back Stage]


"that went quite well." stated Ozpin as he held up a cup of hot coco and drank up a little
" Salem dear. what did you see?"


"Huh?" asks the woman named Salem, as she looks at Ozpin


"Salem, I know you were checking out the RedGrave sisters. I don't judge you but tell me, what Did you see your self? did you notice anything that resembles Him or their Father?"


"...well. for you info, no. nothing." answered Salem as she looked over to Ozpin
"There wasn't anything out of the line within those girls Auras. just regular Humansfor now I suppose." 


"I see." says Ozpin as he took another zip of his hot Coco


" the way Ozpin." asks Salem as Ozpin just froze on the spot like a nail
"I JUST was noted that you let a 15 year old attend 2 years early. and the Said Fifteen year old just happens to be Miss rose with the RedGrave sisters." then she put a iron grip over Ozpins Shoulder, as Ozpin was feeling pain now in the grip
"Care to Explain?"


"I-I know I should have informed you sooner but it was just a last second decision. believe me!" says Ozpin as he was somewhat Scared of Salem in this mood of hers


"...Fine." says salem with a sigh as she lets him go
"....but you didn't just let Ruby rose Attend because of her...uniqueness, did you Ozpin?"


"what?" asks Ozpin as he looks at Salem
"No No! Absolutely not! she Did prove herself more than enough to attend 2 years early." Explains Ozpin as he steps a little closer to Salem
"Look. I am Not treating that girl like some Secret Weapon here. don't think like that. you know me don't you?"


"...I suppose I can only trust you ozpin. but please do not let those sisters step over their boundaries like how their father would. I still remember the days when Dante Attended this school." says Salem with a sigh, agreeing to let Ozpin go along with this 


[back to the sisters]

"Sis please don't Do that again! You almost got us all Expelled before the initiation even began!" whines ruby as she was looking up at Akame, mad about what just happened before


"That girl started it. I just gave them a warning." Says Akame in a chill tone


"I smell Lies!!" yells ruby


"Wow. Dismal big sis. Dismal." says Yang looking at her older sister

"Quiet you." Hushes Akame


as the girls start to get their stuff laid out, Yang notices someone among the crowd. a boy with white hair, a long dark blue jacket, and his right sleeve was longer than his left one, and he was carrying a big metal suitcase while he had a BackPack.


"wait." yang stopped helping out the other two as she looked over to the other boy "There he is!"


"There's who?" asks ruby as she looks over where ever yang was watching, and she quickly smiled too
"OMG he's here too!!"


"Who?" asks Akame as she looks over too
"oh. That's quite nice." she says as even she also gives a smile 


"Nero !!! over here!!" calls out yang Waving her hand


then the boy with white hair slowly looks over and sees the three other girls waving at him, as he quickly forms a smile too as he dumps all his stuff on a random and runs over to the sisters


"Hey! I was wondering when I'll be seeing you three!" says the boy named 'Nero' as he looks at the three girls
"and hey ruby! heard about the Stunt you pulled last night! seriously Your oldman wouldn't shut up about it over the phone!"


"Uh well, hehe.. you know how dad is." says ruby sheepishly 


"Sooo how's out favorite Cousin doin'?" asks Yang


"Ah you know, not much. just arrived here a 5 minutes ago with that idiot." answers Nero


"Huh yeah. now that you mansion it, where is your sister Nero? did she ditch you again?" asks Ruby, knowing her other Cousin too well.


"tsk. How should I know." says Nero as he scratches the back of his head
"That Moron just runs off anywhere nowathese days. she says 'its fun to ditch my little older brother' or something like that."


"I know the feeling too well." says Akame

"Ehehe..." giggles Yang a little, knowing what Akame was referring to


"So I'll just catch up with you 3 later. I'm gonna go see where My idiot Tomboy-of-a-sister ran off to." Says Nero as he starts to walk away backwards and waves at the sisters
"Catch y'all in the initiation!"



"See ya Around!" waves back Ruby as she was happy to know not just her sisters, but also her cousins were attending Beacon too.






[At Night]



"it's like HUUUUGE slumber Party!" says Yang as she jumps on her sleeping bag looking toward her older and younger sisters 


at the meantime, the sisters were in their pajamas. ruby had a black tank top and a white cute looking pants. yang had a short and yellow tank top, while Akame had a short Tank top that only covered her chest, and a Black Boxers and her long hair was tied into a ponytail.


"Pretty Sure dad wouldn't even bat an eye because of all the boys. But mother raven Absolutely would." Says Ruby


"if not her, then I would." said Akame as she turned her head toward Yang
"And stop staring at all the boys in here Yang. your making yourself look like a perverted girl."


"Sorry sorry." apologizes Yang as she looks over to Ruby
"So, whatchu doin' there lil' sis?"


"I'm just writing a letter to the old gang back in signal. I promised to tell them all about beacon and how things are going." explains Ruby


"Aww that's so Cuuuuuuuuute_" yang starts but


"Shut it." Says Akame as she bonks Yangs head

"Ow!" whines Yang


"Look, it's just really weird that I barely know anyone here." Says Ruby'


"But you Said you made THREE Friends here!" Says Yang with a smile
"First this Kania_"


"Kiana yang." corrects Akame


"Oh shoot, right, first this Kiana girl that you said is friendly, then that boy named Jaune who is...nice, and that girl you told us about, Cinder! and you even said her weapons are similar to Dads Guns!" Says Yang
"So there! plus 3 friends! that's like 300% increase!"


"But I'm pretty sure Weiss counts as a negative friend. which kinda means it's technically 2." Says Akame


"What? there's no such thing as 'Negative friends'! she just made 3 friends and 1 enemy! while you big sis...just down right made an Enemy!"



"Ow!! why?!" whines Yang

"Because you are running your mouth too much now you idiot." Explains Akame as she looks at Ruby who was in the middle
"Look ruby, even if you didn't make friends on first day, you still have Me and Yang here. so you don't have to really be worried about being Alone in a place like this."


but then they all heard a candle being lit, and they look over and saw a girl with Black hair, yellow eyes and a black bow on her head reading a book while leaning her back on a wall behind her


"That girl..."


"You know her?" Asks yang as she looks over to Ruby


"She saw what happened this morning but left before me and Kiana could talk to her." Explains ruby


"she seems like the quiet type." Noted Akame


"Welp! now's your chance." says Yang as she starts dragging ruby


"W-Wha? Hey Wait! what are you doing?!" yells ruby as she was trying to get away from yangs grip


"NO." states Akame as she holds both ruby and Yang by their shoulders as the little sisters look back at the elder one
"We are NOT talking to a stranger."


"Hey she's not a stranger! ruby just said she met her this morning!" says Yang


"for a FEW SECONDS yang." she then starts dragging both her little sisters back
"We are calling this a night and that is IT."


"No no NO!" whines Yang as she slaps away Akames hand as gently as she could and looks at Akame
"You ALWAYS do that when I'm trying to let ruby have at least a new friend! Can't you just, you know, Let me actually DO it for once?!"


"We don't know even know her name." says Akame


"Well let's go a figure out what her name is Sis!" says Yang


"....fine. do as you wish." says Akame with a sigh


"Alright!" yang then starts dragging ruby toward the girl in black again.

"No no wait!" yells Ruby while Akame just follows



The girl looked up from her book and saw the three girls approaching while the yellow one was dragging the red one
"HElllloooooooooooo~~~~~!! I do believe you two have met."


"...Aren't you that girl that exploded?" asks the girl


"uhh Yeah, hehh... my names ruby." she holds out a hand but quickly retrieves it
"But you could just call me...crater....actually you can just call me ruby."


"But DO call her Crater face and I will personally _HMPHHMHMHPHMPH." before Akame finishes, Yang slams her hand on her mouth before she says something out of the question


"...o...kay..." says the girl as she was taken aback of what Akame could have said right there


"What Are you doing?! don't ruin this!" whispers Yang to Akame

"..fine." answers Akame as she looks at the girl
"so, what is your name?"


"...Blake." answers Blake.


"there, We know her name now. with that we are friends now." says Akame...kinda like a robot, and then starts to drag the girls with her again
"Now lets keep our 20 steps Distance like how real friends do. goodnight."


"W-Wait..what?" asks blake as she was taken aback of what Akame just said


"W-W-WHAT?!" yells Yang as she slaps Akames hand away again


"Yang we don't know anything about this girl. she could be a stowaway."


"u-um.." says Blake


Akame "Or she can be a run away criminal."


Blake "W-What?"


Akame "or a serial killer, Escaped from an Asylum and Now on the run, disguised as a student."


Blake "HUH?!"


Akame "or Worse, she could be a ALIEN."


Blake "W-W-Where do you get to THAT conclusion!!??"


"Okay okay stop!!" Yang and ruby both said at the same time as they slam their hands on Akames mouth, as they look around to see kids staring at Akame after what she just said.


"L-Look Akame. I get it, you don't want to trust, like, Anyone. and My safety comes first to you like, in EVERYWHERE we are." says ruby as she held her elder sisters hands
"But PLEAAASE don't do this NOW!" she begged


"....fine...Alright." Akame finally agrees


"Whew, sorry about that, our sis here can be....really overprotective." Apologizes Yang as she turns back to Blake


"I can see that." Says Blake as she looks at Akame, Wondering that how did she even came to those guesses that she just came up with


"...Sooo what you reading?" asks Ruby as she tried to lighten up the mood


"Oh. it's a book about a man with 2 souls, each one fighting for control over his body." Explains Blake


"That sounds interesting." Says Akame


"I love books." starts ruby
"my sisters used to read me everytime before bed. stories of Heroes and monsters. their one of the reasons I want to be a huntress."


"And why is that? Hoping  you'll live happily ever after?" asks Blake


"Well I'm hoping we all will." answered Ruby "as a girl, I wanted to be Just like those heroes in the books. someone who fought for what was right, and who protected People who couldn't protect themselves. You could say pretty much Like How HE did."


"He? who?" asks Blake curious 


"...okay I know I might sound like a little girl saying this but, have you ever heard about the Legendary Dark Knight?" asks ruby


"You mean....Sparda?"


"Yeah! not just my Sisters, but even my Dad used to tell me stories about him. he said that Sparda would always fight for what was right, and he would protect everyone that are in need. Ever since I wanted know, do the same. I wanted to fight for a better future and help those that are in need." Explained ruby.


"That's...very ambitious for a child. but unfortunately, the real world isn't like a fairy tale or a legend." says Blake


"Well, that's why we're here." says Ruby


"Aww I'm so proud of my baby sister! C'mere you!" says Yang as she hugs Ruby

"Hey cut it out!" yells ruby as they both start fighting


"Enough!" says Akame as she held the two sisters by the back of their collars 
"People are trying to slee_"


"What in the world is going on around here!?" Screams another voice as Weiss just walks, no, storms in
"Can't you see some of us are trying to_"


"You!" yells Akame as she lets go of Ruby and Yang


"Ah!! you again?!" yells Weiss as she steps back seeing Akame


"Didn't I tell you to stay away from my sister?" Demands Akame giving the Heiress a death glare


"H-Hey! Your the ones that are_"


"WHAT IS ALL OF THIS?!" yells yet again, ANOTHER Voice as another girl with White hair walks in,
"People are trying to sleep you know!!!"


"K-Kiana?" asks Ruby


"Huh?" Kiana looks over to Ruby
"Oh hey Ruby! Wait all this noise was coming from_"


but then, Kiana and Weisses Eyes met

"OH NOT YOU AGAIN!!!!" they both yell, not fond of being around each other


"Oh no not again..." Whispers Ruby


"First you Almost Blow half of the new comers up by waving around fire dust, NOW your ruining their sleep?! GOD You Schnees are ALL the same!!"


"What?! if anything, I wasn't the one that started any of this! this_"


Akame gave Weiss a really deathly glare Weiss


"_this uh, girls, were the ones that started it."


"OH you are truly the voice of HONESTLY! You can't even take responsibility for your own Actions. You Schnees are the Devil!!"


"W-WHAT?!" Yells Weiss, really offended





"WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP!!!? PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP!!!" someone from the background yelled, being fed up with their fighting



"NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!" Both girls yelled at the boy who yelled at them


"hey maybe we should uhh..." starts Yang


"Yes. let's just simply. Walk. away. toward our sleeping bags." States Akame, not wanting to be a part of this.


"Y-Yeah let's...go before they drag us down too" says Ruby as she starts walking away backwards with her sisters
"...Crazy.." she whispered as they walked away. as Kiana and Weiss were at each others throats now. while Blake starts to move to another spot with a annoyed look, and blows out the candle too.

[Next Morning]



"Waaaaake up lazy bud!" Yells a girl with orange hair and blue eyes

"Gyah!?" yells a boy with a crown style haircut, while another girl with ice cream like hear color also opens her eyes


"🎶It's morning it's morning iiiiit's mooooring🎶" sings the girl with orange hair as she quickly sees the girl with the ice cream like hair color
"OOohhh your hair looks like Ice cream! can I touch it?!"


"...what the hell." Growns the boy while the other boy with blake hair and the asian like outfit sighs

[At the bath room]

"I can't believe we've been in beacon for 24 hours! not that I thought we'd be kicked out or anything. I mean, well, you're the perfect student and I'm, Well, I'm me!" said the girl while the boys were brushing their teeth

"Anyway! who are you two? are you siblings?" asks the girl
"well, I'm Nora valkyrie! and this here is Lie Ren! what are your names?" asks Nora


"...Travis Touchdown. and that one is NOT my Sister, she is my CousinNeo." finally talks the boy named Travis


"Oooooh Cool name!! hey does that mean your Neo Touchdown?" nora Asks Neo


"She can't answer you." says Travis while Neo puffs her cheeks looking at her cousin

[back in the ball room]

"We've been friends for SOOOOOOO LOOONG. I mean, what are the odds of us still being together?" says Nora to Neo while both girls were Brushing their hairs 
"Well I mean, not 'together' together. not that I'm says Rens not Handsome. he IS handsome, but that'd just be weird....right?" says Nora but then she gasps
"OH sorry! I forgot! you can't answer me! no wait, WHY can't you answer me? Are you too shy? does your voice sound weird?"


"Neo is MUTE idiot!" yells Travis while he was packing his things up, and Neo gave a simple playful nod.


"oh." Nora hears "...Oh!" she figures it out "....OOOOH." and it finally sinks in for her

[A the cafeteria]

"wha' waz I phinkin'?" asks nora with a pancake in her mouth while Ren was eating and Travis was adding katchup in his hotdog and Neo was Enjoying her Icecream.
"Wai' wy didn' you jush tehl meh in de fiph plaph?"


"Cuz' you didn't give me a chance to say my Cousin can't talk!!!" Yells Travis


Nora sucks in the Pancake
"Anyway, do you two have a plan to end up in the same team together? you gonna bribe the headmaster? no that wouldn't work, he has the school." Neo nods in agreement
"HEY!! how about All FOUR OF US end up in ONE team!!?"


"NO!!!" yells Travis really loud

[and the locker room]

"for the last time! I'm not giving you my glasses! I'm not gonna teach you how to rip off my hair-do! and I AM NOT GONNA BE IN THE SAME TEAM AS YOU!!!" yells travis in Noras face


"Wait you don't wanna?" asks Nora dumbfounded


"....dude how are you still SANE being with this Psycho?!" Whispers Travis into Rens Ear


"...she becomes bearable soon. give it time." speaks Ren 


"Wait what about you neo? Do YOU wanna be in our team unlike your cousin?" asks Nora


...then finally, Neo whips out a Scroll and starts typing and shows the typing to Nora

"Wait What was your names again?" said her scroll

"oh. I'm Nora Valkyrie and that's Lie Ren!" nora introduces herself and Ren AGAIN. as if it was literally the first time
"Hey did I ever tell you that your hair looks like Ice cream?"


"Let's go Nora/Neo" both Travis and Ren said at the same time as they started dragging the two girls with them selves in opposite directions.


while Ren was dragging Nora away, the Sisters Trio watched as the boy dragged a orange haired girl with him'


"wonder what those four were so worked up about." asks Ruby wondering


"oh who knows." says Yang


"their probably just excited for the up coming initiation." states Akame


"So! you seem awfully chipper this morning." notes yang as she looks at ruby


"Hehe. Yup! no more awkward small talk, no more getting into really terrifying fights between girls, and No more 'getting to know you' stuff." she said cheerfully as she pulls Her weapon, Crescent Rose out of the locker and patting it
"today, I let my Sweetheart do the talking." 


"Well, remember ruby, your not the ONLY one going through initiation. if you wanna grow up, you're going to have to meet new people and learn to work together." noted yang


"What? Why would I? I mean, I work Pretty well you you and Big Sis Akame." Says ruby
"Isn't it right?"


"Yes. it is. but.... Maybe you'll have to work with someone random. as much as it pains me to say it." Admits Akame painfully


"AAAGGH you both sound like Uncle Tai and Mother Raven! and somehow you even sound Almost as WORSE as Uncle Vergil Himself!! and you both know how much of a jerk he comes around as sometimes!!" Says Ruby


"We-We-We DO?!" gasps Yang, not believing she was actually even starting to sound like her Uncle a little
"oh my god we DID Got some of Uncle Vergils Genes After all! We are so DOOMED!!"


"Suck it up yang. and at least Try to sound Motivated." Says Akame, as the sisters stare at their older sister after she just dropped their Uncles most overused line.
"....I know what I said. Shut up."



"w-Well ignoring that we are Also slowly turning into Edgelords because we may have possibly inherited some of our Uncles Genes; Why would I need people to grow up?!" she then crosses her arms as if she was proud of what she was about to say next
"Because I. drink. milk."


then Akame just swipes right next to Ruby as if agreeing with her
"And look where drinking My own milk got Me Yang. you and I are both are twins and I have 2 inches on you."
then Akame and Ruby High five


 "But what about when we form teams?" asks Yang


"We, I dunno, I guess I'll just be on your team, or one of your teams." answers ruby


"Maybe you should try being on someone else's team that is not me or Akame's." says yang as she fixes her hair


"My dearest Little sister yang, are you implying that you wish not to be on the same team as your older and younger sisters team?" asks Akame as she and Ruby Approach Yang

"Lower than Dismal yang! Even Lower than Dismal!!" yells Ruby


"H-Hey! No! I didn't mean it like that! Of course I do! I just...uh...i don't know, I thought it might help you break out of your shell." answers back yang


"....Yang Redgrave. your punishment is just a LITTLE more close to going all the way to a full YEAR of not having Bumblebee." Warns Akame with a deathly Aura


"OKAY NOW you're just abusing your authority!!!" Yells Yang at Akame, a little angry now.


"Sup Losers!" then the sisters Trio heard Two voices from aside, and when they looked, it was revealed to be their Cousins. Both of them!


"Hey! there you two are!" greets Yang as She and Nero fistbump 


"Well, this idiot here got lost on her way to the bathroom, so we ended up taking a long walk to just find this locker room." explains Nero as he points his thumb at his sister, who was a Girl with Blonde hair tied into a short pony tail, and emerald Green eyes and a Red jacket too.


"OH shut your face! I wasn't lost!" yells Neros Sister as she Looks at her brother


"Oh YOU shut YOUR Face Mordred!!" yells back Nero


"Well you two haven't changed a bit." States Ruby as she giggled a little


"clearly." agrees Akame as she finally opens her own locker and pulls out a Katana sword out and then, she pulls out two hand guns, Misery and Comedy.

" agrees Akame as she finally opens her own locker and pulls out a Katana sword out and then, she pulls out two hand guns, Misery and Comedy


she puts them both in their spaces on her back, as she looked over to see Nero and Mordred fighting over each other per usual.


"you doing Okay big sis?" asks Ruby


"...sometimes, I just wonder why does my family most of the times has to act so_" Akame starts but then,


"Ridiculous! there's no  way I put my gear in  locker 636 yesterday!" said Jaune as she walks past the sisters and cousins as he also passes two more siblings while they were preparing too, 

and speaking of whom




"So Do you think they are ACTUALLY going to lunch us off a cliff?" Asks Shirou as he pulls out his twin Blades.


"You actually believe what Mom said?" asks Cinder as she eyes Her step-brother dumbfounded as she closes her own Locker


"I mean well, It IS possible." says Shirou as he closed his own Locker


"It is Crazy." states Cinder
"it sounds insane, and it is really unrealistic."


"What ISN'T counted as realistic around us?" asks Shirou with a smirk


"...Smartass." answers back Cinder as she slams her locker and starts walking, as she passes a girl with Green hair and a boy with Gray hair, and a gray jacket


and so Speaking oh whom, Also,


"....Sooo uh_" starts the boy


"I don't have any interest." the girl shuts him down


"Hey I'm just trying to make some small talk here! I'm not LITERALLY Hitting on you! Promise!" Says the boy with his hands up


"And I just don't care." says the girl as she pulls out two handguns and puts them on her holsters around her waist


"So anyway. Names MercuryMercury Kasuga. And you_WHOA!" The boy now named Mercury starts as he then gets shocked because...of the weapon the girl with Green hair and Dark skin pulls out...which looked like,

which looked like,

"...And I'm Emerald." answers back 'Emerald' as she Swings the Giant bazooka on her shoulders and starts walking


"holy freakin' shit." says Mercury as he stared at the Size of Emerald signiture weapon.
"Talk about Packing Heat."


and as Emerald walks pass 3 more girls, our attention goes to the said girls


"So pyhrra! have you given any thought to whose Team you would like to be on?" Asks Weiss from a Red haired Girl "I'm sure Everyone must be eager to unite with  such a strong, well known individual, such as your self."


"hmm...I'm not quite sure." answers The girl named Pyhrra "I was planning on letting the chips fall where they may."


"Well, I was thinking maybe_"


"My dear sister wants to be on the same team with you so she can make the combo of 'Strongest girl' and the 'smartest girl'." cuts in Anastasia, Weisses sister


"What?! No I was Certainly thinking not!" Yells Weiss at her own sister


"Weiss, Hush." Said Ana




"Huuuuush. stop embarrassing us both already." Ana Cuts her


"W-Well...I'm not really offended!" cut's in Pyhrra trying to stop the sisters from making a scene
"I mean, I would be on the same team with you two!"


"That would be great. thank you for At least Trying to tolerate my sisters behavior." Thanks Anastasia with a slight bow. while Weiss just whipered 


"Oh think nothing of it." Answers back Pyhrra with a smile,



"Wow." gasps a Familiar Voice
"Your family Truly are the Devil." Said Kiana as she slammed her Locker shot, which was right next to Anastasias, somehow


"Ugh you have GOT to be kidding me!" whines Weiss, having the misfortune of running into this girl again
"what do YOU want now?"


"Well Me and MY sister," she said as she pointed at someone from behind a open locker behind her


"....Hi...." said the girl from behind the locker in a rather quiet tone

"Are getting ready for initiation ourselves and ended up being next you YOU guys. and when I said I DON'T want you in any radius around me." she finished

"how...Oddly concidental." Notes Anastasia

"Great." Whines Weiss again


"Y'all know what else is great? Me" said jaune as he just jumps in
"Jaune Arc. Nice to meet you ladies."


"Who are you?" asks Weiss

"Why hello there." greets Ana

"...hi...." Greets Kianas sister, still preparing behind her Locker

"Oh hey there Jaune!" Also Greets Kiana


"Nice to meet you, jaune!" greets Pyhrra



"Yeah yeah. So! Weiss, Ana, and ladies, I for one, have been hearing rumors about Teaaaams. So I was thinking, maybe we would make a good one!" said Jaune


"...I would be On your team...If it's not any trouble...." Said Kianas sister as she was still behind the locker


"Well I would Too! I mean We ARE Friends! R-Right Jaune?" asks Kiana


"Well Of course! I don't really mind!" said Jaune looking over to Kiana and her sister who still wasn't showing herself


"actually, I think the teams are comprised of 4 students each." Starts Pyhrra


"So I have heard my self..." Said Kianas sisters voice with the quiet tone again


"You two don't say." Said Jaune as he slides toward Phyrra "Well Hot stuff, Play your cards right and you can join in with the winning team_"


"Or you can play your Royal straight flush right," said a new voice, who turned out to be Mordred from earlier as she slides toward jaune and was resting her Elbow on the other blonde boys shoulder in a rather Cool way
"and you'll end up beside the 'Winning team' in the 'Badass Team'!"

"wait wait who_GAAH!" Jaune starts before Mordred shoves him back and extends a Hand toward Pyhrra

"'Ey there! Names Mordred Redgrave! Nice to meet a pretty And cute face like yours around!"


"O-Oh! L-Like wise!" Greets Phyrra taken aback by The other Girls Greeting


"So, you wanna be on the 'Badass team' with yours truly? or the 'winning team'?" asks Mordred


Kiana then steps in
"Wait wait hold the phone! Aren't you, you know, a little Too fast on this? Jaune at least took his time but your just...THROWING IT OUT THERE!"


"Aww donchu worry! I don't mind having you on MY team." said Mordred as she pats Kianas head, while Kiana was annoying, trying to make her stop
but then Mordred turned back to Pyhrra
"So Girly. what do ya say?"


then Weiss just jumps in between Pyhrra and Mordred
"Wait Wait! Mordred was it? do you have any idea who your talking to?"


"A girl that I want to make friends, slash , be in the same team with? Duh snow white!" Answers Mordred


"This, is phyrra." Introduces Weiss


"Hello again!"


"she graduated on the top of her class back at sanctum." continued Weiss


"uh huh. sanctum. that place. gotcha. heard about it a lot." said Mordred with an uninterested tone
"So what?"


"She's won the mistral Regional Tournament 4 years in a row! A NEW RECORD!" Continued Weiss


"And my Oldman made it to the final round of the Vytal festival 20 years back, and WON the WHOLE tournament, mind you. and when ever you ask him about it, he says 'Agh! It was a cake walk, UGH! the fighters were Unmotivated!' and stuff like that." Answers back Mordred
"so yeah! what else is new?"


"...wait...your father WON a Vytal Festival Tournament?" Asks Kiana after hearing that


"...She is in front of every pumpkin pete's marshmallow flakes Box!" yells Weiss waving her firsts up and down


Jaune gasps
"THAT's You!?"


"Wait want to be on the same team as her because she is...On a Serial Box?" Asks Kiana looking over at Weiss


"Wha? NO not because of JUST THAT you DOLT!" yells Weiss


"HAH! Well you two can Fangirl all over Tomato head over here ALLLLL YOUUU WANT!"


"T-Tomato head?" asks Poor Pyhrra


"Because MY sister is a much more BIGGER Celebrity compared to some chick on a serial box! why? because she may have the serial box! but MY sister sponsors and also IS Sponsored by 'ICY COLA' themselves!"


"Icy Cola?" asks Mordred
"You mean, THE Icy Cola? the Soda brand that is Literally the BEST Soda around?"


"Hahaha! Yup! you may be with those Serial food Suckers, but MY sister is with the Soda suckers! which makes her MUCH MUCH MORE Popular!" 

"but the Icy Cola and Pumpkin pete's Serials Both are know..." Speaks up Kianas Sister with her low tone again


Ana then finally talks
"Wait, who even IS your sister?"


"Oh are you not able to see she is-Wait, you still preparing?!" Asks Kiana , inally noticing that her Sister was STILL behind her Lockers Door


"My Equipment are much more vast you know..." she answers back


"god sis just, just come out already!" Yells Kiana


"Okay...I'm already done anyway..." 
and finally, Kianas sister finally shows her self by closing the Lockers door, and everyone else just gasped in shock


because Kianas Sister, was rather tall, and her white long hair flew back and it almost reached her Knees, and she was wearing some sort of formal uniform with Armor on her arms and legs, making her look both beautiful and Cool at the same time


"w-Wait...I know you... your..." Stutters Pyhrra, really shocked to see who was in front of her


"No freakin' way..." States Mordred


"It can not be...." also states Weiss while Anastasia was at a loss for words


"Y-Y-You're Brynhildr Kaslana!! the winner of the Nero-Fest tournament 5 times in a row!" Says Jaune, seeing he was in front of a True celebrity
"I-I watch all your matches on the Net on the Nero-Fest fights all the time!!"


"yes...that is me..." Says The tall girl, now named 'Brynhildr'.


"Wait hold on! you mean to tell me You are the sister of THIS Girl?!" Weiss asks Brynhildr as she points at Kiana


"yes, it is quiet hard to believe but, it is the truth." Answers Brynhildr


"Hah hah hah! Yes! Me and My sister will be unstoppable! Haha Haaaa!" 


"Kiana Please hush." Says Brynhildr toward her little sister, while Ana was getting a sense of deja vu.


"well it is...really nice to finally meet you face to face! Miss, Kaslana!" Greets pyhrra as she was in front of... someone who was in the same line of popularity as her!


"...just Call me Bryn."


"Well I can Call you anything You want." Says Mordred


"R-Really?" Asks Brynhildr, a little slight color of red on her cheeks now


"Okay, Why are you flirting with Girls?!" Weiss Asks Mordred

" Say Whaaaa?! I'm not! shut your face!" Answers Back Mordred


"Would all first year students please report to beacon cliff for initiation please?"

then after hearing the announcement , all the new comers of beacon start to move out


"Well, it was nice meeting you all!" said Pyhrra as she starts to walk away
"Let's hope we meet each other again!"


"Of course...Let's go Kiana..." said Brynhildr


"Yeah let's....Ooooooh..." Kiana starts but soon, her eyes land on a boy with Gray hair and a gray jacket, with a really cool looking hair style(which was Mercury mind you) as her eyes were nailed on him


'....sooo...Handsooome.....' she thinks mentally


soon, brynhildr walks away as she dragged her little sister while...Kiana kept staring at Mercury as if she already had a crush.


Oy vey


"yeah see ya around!" Said Mordred


Jaune simply Sighs with his head down


then after the girls left Jaune, the sisters trio and Nero walked up to Jaune and Mordred

"havin' some trouble there, Lady killer?" asked Yang


"I don't understand...My dad said all woman look for is confidence! where did I go Wrong?" Said Jaune


"Well you DO have the Confidence part pretty much down there man." Said Nero as he patted Jaunes Shoulder
"but you lacked the Cool to go with it." 


"I lacked the 'Cool'?" Asked Jaune looking at the white haired boy


"Yeah like, you know, act a little laid back, wear shades in doors, sound just a Little cocky." Answers Nero


"or just act like a really Cool guy in general! that's the secret there jauny boyo." Said Mordred as she walks past the poor Blonde boy


"Ignore them. their both kinda dumb." Said Akame as she walks past them too


Ruby sighs and holds Jaunes shoulder for comfort
"Come on Jaune. Lets go."


Yang watched as they all walked away
"...I'd go for a Badass for that one..."



[at the Cliff]

(oooh boy)


all the students had lined up on platforms.

the first ones were a bunch of shadow people again -still weird to look at despite being literally background decorations-  while the girls and boys we met along the way were lined up in a certain order.

which is the order down below:





















and finally, Poor Jaune


and in front of them, were Headmaster ozpin, his assistant Salem, and Glynda goodwitch

"For years, you all have trained to become warriors. and today, your abilities will be evaluated in the Emerald Forest." Speaks The Headmaster


"now, I'm sure many of you have heard rumors about the assignment of teams. well, Allow usto put an end to your confusion." Glynda takes over
"each of you will be given team mates. Today."


Ruby "What? Aw..."

Nero "Damn..."

Travis "Great..."

Cinder "Ugh..."


then, Proffesor Salem takes over
"Each of your teammates will be with you for all your semesters here at beacon. Forever." 

Ruby "Aw."

Nero "Oh boy."

Travis "Shit."

Cinder "God damn it."


"and there will be no Changing it." Salem continues 
"What. So. EVER. Do well to remember that children."


Ruby "Nooo."

Nero "Damn it all."

Travis "Shiiiiiit."

Cinder "Why?!"


Then, Ozpin takes over
"That being said, the first person you make eye contact with after landing will be your partner for the next 4 years."


"And there will be. completely." Salem takes over again 






"NO. Changing that too. WHAT. SO. EVER."








AND with THAT! the wall of  realization broke down for all 4 students that are hating the system already


Ruby "WHAT!?!"

Nero "OH COME ON!!!"


Cinder "GOD DAMN IT!!!"



Nora turns to Ren
"See? I told you!"


Kiana turns to Brynhildr
"Remember the plan? We need to Meet up in the You-know-where"

Brynhildr simply noded

"told ya they'll lunch us into the emerald forest." Teases Shirou with a smirk

"oh you Shut Up!!!" Answers back Cinder



"after you have partnered up, make your way to the northern end of the forest." speaks up Ozpin
"You will need opposition along the way. do not hesitate to destroy anything in your path, or you WILL die."


by hearing that, Jaune laughs nervously and gulps a little


"you will be monitored and graded for the duration of your initiation." he then looks over at the two ladies beside him
"But our instructors will NOT intervene."
then he looks back at the Students
"you will find a abandoned temple at the end of your path containing several relics. each pair must choose one, and return to the top of the cliff. we will regard that Item, as well as your standings, and grade you appropriately."
he finally finishes
"Are there any questions?"


Travis raises his arm and speaks loud and clear
"So we are practically Hand-Cuffed to the first person we meet for the NEXT 4 YEARS?!"


"Yes that is one way of putting it." Answers Salem.


"Damn it!" Curses Travis under his breath


"Anymore?" asks Ozpin looking at the students

then jaune tries to raise his hand too
"Um, actually, sir_"


"Good! now, take your positions." Ozpin cuts him off as all the students get ready


while all students were getting lunched, Jaune spoke up
"S-Sir? I've got um, question."


"See you on the other side sister." Said Shirou as he was lunched off

"Go Die." Said Cinder as soon as he was lunched, and so soon was she.


"so his, Landing strategy thing, uh, what is it?" Jaune asks "you're uh, dropping us off or, something?"


"No," answers Ozpin "You will be falling."


 soon, it was almost Mordreds turn to fly.


"oh, I seeee... so uh, did you, like, hand out parachutes for us?" asks Jaune


"see ya on the flip side!" Said Mordred as she was lunched.


"Mr.Arc." Speaks up Salem
"You will be using your own Landing strategy. it is called that because you will use your own Strategy to Land in a full on free fall."



"Let's go!" Yelled Nero as he was next lunched


"Uh huh...I see...." Said Jaune


Yang winks at her sisters as soon, she was lunched as she puts her sunglasses on, and goes off with a "WOHOOOOOO!!!"


Akame looks over to Ruby
"Be careful. Alright?"


"I'll be Alright sis. I Promise."


" will be in so much trouble if you break your promise." with that, Akame was lunched, and soon ruby, and know~


"W-W-Wait! miss- I mean, Prof. Salem! what was that part about a full on Free_"

AAAAAnd Talley HOOP!!!!

as jaune was lunched










Ozpin "...I love my job."
He takes a Zip of his Hot Coco


Salem " Oz, I should wipe out the Electric Chair for that comment alone on you.... ut IS quite Fun!"


Ozpin, now scared of the 'Electric chair' part "Y-Yes....Yes it is...."












....Way to JUMP OFF the Initiation, huh?

Chapter Text

Emerald Forest]

Ah~. the Emerald Forest.

so vast, so beautiful, so....well Green obviously.

oh and look at that, a Bird, peacefully flying away in the sky, minding it's own business.

...oh wait isn't this the part that_

"WATCH OOOUT!!!" yells Travis as she almost hits the birdy

the birdy panics as it was almost hit by a flying boy in a red jacket. but the birdy got careless


"OW!! Grr STUPID BIRDY!!!!" Yells Nero as the bird was bashed into his face as they were still in the air

"BIRDY NOOO" yells Ruby

"OH YOU SHUT UP!!!" yells back Nero

oh yeah, they literally got lunched off by Oz and Salem for the Initiation. that was still a thing.

as the students were starting to land, Shirou Pulls out two of his Twin swords, Kanshou and Bakuya, and stabs them both into a tree and slowed down his one lunch impact and as the Swords were pulled out of the tree, he landed on the ground and quickly started to run

Travis simply pulls both legs up in a means of landing on a tree branch, and as he came in contact, the branch was broken down on impact but his speed slowed down, and he comes in contact with the ground as he rolls on the ground and starts to finally run

Kiana was in mid-air and as soon as she spotted her Sister, Brynhildr in air, she pulled out her guns, the Blooded Saints, and shot off two bullets, one from each, and lunched herself toward her sister.
and As brynhildr saw her coming, she extended a hand and caught the girl, and they both landed in the trees as they looked over and made eye contact, making them a Pare

"AAAnd with THAT, Our Plan is a success!" cheers Kiana

"What plan?" asks Brynhildr

"Wha?! the plan of making sure you and I become Partners!!" answers Kiana

"...oh...So THAT is Why we did all of that back there?" asks Brynhildr

"..Let's....just Go find the relics already!" said Kiana as they both started to walk

Back in the air, Cinder caught onto a tree branch and as she spins around the tree branch, she finally lands her feet on the said tree branch, and looks around herself to see she did a good job at landing.

but then,

Neo was in the Air also, as she had her Umbrella's handle get around a tree branch and she wheels around the Tree branch and finally let's her self be swings forward again and she did the process again but then as she got cocky and didn't look ahead, her eyes widened as she saw herself being lunched straight at Cinder on a tree branch ahead

Cinder, also not feeling the other girl, was caught off guard as a girl with a icecream like hair color was lunched straight into her and they both were lunched in a bush down below

"OOF!" Grunts Cinder as she was 'Roblox-death-sound'ed.

she slowly sits up to see Neo sitting up too, as she waved all the leaves out of her hair. she looks over to Cinder and gives a playful smile, which Cinder answers with a Frown.

"....This is on you." Cinder told Neo as she stood up and started walking, and Neo just gets up as she runs after her Partner, and wishing she DID have a voice to at least call out to her to stop her from moving on so fast.

back in mid-air,
Nero was slowly seeing himself finally reaching the ground, and soon, he extended his Right hand, which was still Covered up by his coats Sleeve, and he grabbed A tree branch and swings himself to the next branch, and to the next, and to the next, and finally, he lands him self on the body of a tree and lands down, as she looks around himself, dusting his coat.

"Well, I'd go for a Apocalyptic on that. now," he starts running
"Gotta find a relic before I end up being someones Partner!"

Back in the air, Again.
Yang was using her gauntlets blasts to lunch herself further and further forward and even dropped a ''Ali OOP!'' as she dodged a tree branch, and soon steps on some trees and finally lands
"Hah! Savage!"

Akame on the other hand, well,
she was using her Aura to step on the tops of the Trees to lunch herself forward, but unlike Yang, she was doing it FASTER. she kept on stepping on tree after tree, jumping to the next one after the last, and soon, she grabbed the top of a tree and as if she was poll dancing, she spins around on the top of that tree and lunches herself forward again and slowly lands with no problems

"whew, Smoking sexy Style." she said as she starts running
"Now, Need to find Ruby or yang."

back on the Air, For the LAST TIME,
Mordred was jumping from branch to branch, having the time of her life, as she saw 3 trees up ahead, blocking her path, but instead, she slowly raises her feet, and the next second, she Broke right through the Trees, as they all broke apart as she kicked her way through them, and finally lands

"YEAH! Sick Skills!!!" she yelled out as she started to move along
"Now, to find A partner!"

and finally, to ruby

as she lands on the ground she looks up
"Apocalyptic. now, gotta find yang or Akame."

soon, she started to run
" gotta find yang or Akame, gotta find yang or Akame, gotta fiiiiind..." she then starts to shout
"YAAAAANG?! AKAMEEEEEE?!" she calls out to her big sisters

'Agh this is really bad! what if I can't find them? what if someone else finds them first?' she wonders
'well there's jaune. he's nice...and He's funny! but... I don't think he's very good in a fight tho...OH OH there's Kiana! she's funny, Nice, and should be good in a fight too! OH OH OH what about Cinder! she's cool looking, her weapons are awesome....but I don't think she likes me much thought....WAIT there's Nero or Mordred! their my cousins! I know them! I get along with them mostly fine! Oh and there's Blake too! So mysterious, so Calm. plus she likes books, but I'm not sure I can hold a conversation with her.' she ran through her options.
'Ugh! okay who else do I get on this School? there's Akame, Yang, Nero, Mordred, Cinder, Jaune, Kiana, Blake, Aaaand...'

but as she came to a full on stop, her eyes Landed on Weisses eyes, who was in front of her now...

'...Big Sis Akame HELP ME....' Said Ruby Mentally


as the Elder sister was running deeper and deeper into the Emerald forest, she had only the thought of finding her youngest sister in mind, as protective as she was, she didn't want ruby to end up with anyone else but herself for now.

"Where are these two?" she asks herself as she runs over some trees that were in the way.
"RUBY?! YAAANG?!" she calls out

but soon she sees someone that was right up ahead, she pulls the bricks instantly as she looks up to see that.....oh no...the LAST Person she should be seeing right now,

Anastasia Looks into Akames Eyes, as Akame couldn't believe she ran into the Ice-Bitch-Queen from yesterday.
Akame was thinking that the girl was going to just walk away, and pretend this didn't even happen.

but surprisingly, Akame saw Anastasia walk toward her and she grabbed Akames Arm and started to walk, while Dragging the girl in Darkish black with herself

"W-What, Why are you...?" asks Akame

"This does NOT make us friends. Got that?" Said Anastasia as she kept dragging Akame with her

"Hey! quit pulling my arm!" yells Akame as she could only let herself get dragged along
'...well...At least I hope the others are Luckier than me right now..' she thinks mentally


"Jeez. Guess This is Why you don't let your Schools Garden Overgrow." he said playfully as he was walking along his path among the Trees,
"Cuz when they do, it turns into a forest."

He had been walking for a while now while just checking around for the scenery. as he was trying to avoid meeting a partner maybe? or was he Looking for one?

"So, where to go, where to go, where to go......" he wondered as he was passing a bush, and soon, he did a full on back flip as he dodged a claw that was slashing toward him from the said bush, and soon a beowolf walks out
"Well look at that, got a customer already!"

he then pulls out his double barreled Revolver, Blue rose, out as he took aim at the big Beowolf
"Well, come on! First try comes Free~!" he mocked

the Beowolf roars as it slashes away at him again, but he simply leaned himself back as his legs were bending as the Claw of the beowolf missed him, he then bends his knees back up straight as his gun was now touching the jaw of the Beowolf, as the said Beowolf was confused at what just happened, And also confused that there was a barrel of a gun aimed at his jaw now

"Aww Come on! I told ya first Try was free!" Said Nero as he cocked the hammer of Blue Rose
"you shouldn't have missed it dumbass!"

* BA -BANG!!*

and with that, Two bullets went through the Grimms head at the same time, Blowing it's brains into the grass.

"well," said Nero as he watched the Grimms body fall on the ground and he started to dust himself
"Can't believe that didn't get any blood on me."

he then looks around himself as he slowly hears growling sounds and more Beowolfs walk out, which were around at least 6 , as he noticed the Last one that he killed wasn't alone.

"Whoa. friends of yours?" he asks looking at the dead Beowolf with it's brains all over
"Oh yeah. You're dead." he aims Blue rose at the other Beowolfs
"and so Will you all!"

he shot two bullets at a Beowolfs head again as it was charging him, then he sees two more attacking him at the same time, he dodged both of their attacks by jumping above them both, and shoots off one of their Claws off with two more bullets as he landed.

he then opened the chamber of his gun and let the bullet leftovers fall, and then replaced more of them in the chamber of his gun and he took aim at the remaining 5, while one of them was missing an Arm.

" know what?" he said with a cocky tone as he put his gun back in the holster
"I'm just gonna make quick work of you since I'm on a kindava Timer here."

he then, Unsheathes his Sword from his back as he spins it around 2 or 3 times and sticks it in the grass.
then, as he spins the Handle of his sword as if it's a bikes handlebar, his sword: Red Queen, made a Literal Motorcycle sound as if it literally had a Bike engine Strapped inside it, as the bleed heated up a little

"So let's make this Fast Pups!" he said as he Ignites his swords Engine


As 3 Beowolfs attack him, he dodges on Claw and then slashes on Grimm from the waist, making its upper and lower bodies to be Seperated. he then saw another one attacking him, which he blocks the claw with his sword and pushes off the Beowolf and making it lose balance and then, he decapitated it's head off the Beowolfs shoulders.

he then looked over the last remaining 3, while one of them was still missing an arm because of the bullet Nero dealt.
"Who's next?"

the 3 Beowolfs roared as they rush toward Nero who was smirking, but his Smirk quickly vanished as he saw 3 Arrows being shot through the Grimm creatures. 2 the head, and the one missing and arm through the throat.

he then hears tree branch crackles as he looks up to see a boy around his own age, with tanned skin and White Spiky hair, land down holding a black bow.
the Grimm that had a Arrow through the throat was gurgling in pain as the other boy walks over it, as he puts his Bow away and pulls out a White short blade and stabs the Beowolf in the head, finally killing it.

Nero, as he was just watching by now, finally spoke up toward his Soon to be Partner
" I had that you know." he puts his sword on his back again as he walks over to the other boy
"What? You like stealing other peoples Kills?"

"Maybe. or Maybe you were wasting time." said the boy as he puts his White blade back where it was, as he looks back at Nero
"Well, since we're Partners now, even if it Is pretty painful to Admit it,"

"It is. Trust me." said Nero

",then we better just start moving." he said as he started to walk
"Before anymore of your Customers Show up."

"Whatever." said Nero with a sigh as he was walking along side his partner now
"Names Nero by the way."

"Shirou." Shirou introduced himself as well as they walked deeper into the woods of the Emerald Forest.


"Where did that Ice Cream head run off to this time?" He asks himself as he was walking through the Forest, with his hands in his pockets.

As he still had his Glasses on, he looks on to see more and More trees form, making him frown in annoyance

"Is this the Emerald forest? Or the Freakin' ''green-as-the-eye-can-see forest?''. because All I see is GREEN!" he whines

wait...but the trees were brown so all he could see would be Green And Brown-no no. Whatever. the narrator doesn't have the Braincells for this right now.

while walking looking and looking for his Ice cream themed cousin, he came across a sound that looked like a growling. he slowly slides on hand onto a device on his hilt, that looked to be his weapon, and soon a Ursa came out of the bushes with a Roar.

he faces toward the said Ursa as his hand was close to his weapon, but then, he saw a Sword get thrown into the Ursas head, killing it instantly.

"What the?" he wondered

"Your Welcome!" said a Female voice, as he looked over and saw Mordred walking over to the dead Ursa, and she pulls her Sword that she threw herself, Clarent, out of the Dead Ursas head.

"Did you...just Throw your sword?" Asks Travis looking over at Mordred

"Well Yeah? You just saw it!" Answers Mordred as she holds the Sword and rests it over on her Shoulder
"Is there a Problem with that?"

"No, I just wonder who even Does that." Said Travis as he started to walk

"Wait what?!" Asks Mordred as he ran over to Travis
"What does THAT suppose to mean?!"

"I mean that HOW can you Throw your sword While it is a MELEE Weapon!!" he asks

"Oooh then you Haven't met My Oldman and Uncle then!" teases Mordred

"What? why bring your family in this?" asks Travis

"Well you'll see~." Answers Mordred, as the two that just became Partners walked into the Forest, Arguing that Swords can't be used as Long ranged weapons.

[Meanwhile, with  Nero  and  Shirou ]


"You good?" asks Nero

"....I'm good it's just....I feel like someone is Questioning my.... very Existence..." Answers Shirou

"...W-What?" wonders Nero, as he stares at his Partner


as she was walking through the Emerald Forest, she couldn't help but to think that this Grimm Infested Forest almost had the Atmosphere of a Nice Picnic of sorts.

as she was walking, she heard a noise and as she looked over, she noticed a Cave.
"...Maybe the Temple is through here." she said to herself.
as she started to walk toward the entrance of the Cave, but as she did, she slowly heard the sound of a Growl of a Beowolf inside the Cave. she peeped in and saw at least 10 Beowolfs inside
"...or it is obviously a Beowolf Den. Right. Stupid of me." she said, cursing her self for almost walking into certain death

she started to simply walk away_


....She stepped on a Branch didn't she?

"....Damn it."
Yup, she did.

as she started to look back behind her, she saw the Beowolfs slowly move out of the Cave as they noticed her presence.

"Nice going there Emerald." she said to herself stepping back
"Just Nice."

the Beowolfs Roared as they moved toward her as she slowly turned around and started to run toward a Tree. one of the Beowolfs gave chase and tries to Thrust its Claw into her, but she runs up the Tree and by that, performs a Backflip while the Beowolfs Claw gets stuck in the tree and as it turns around, It sees a barrel of a gun right in it's face, and Emerald Simply Pulled the Trigger and the Beowolfs Face get's splashed on the tree.

she looks back at the remaining Beowolfs, and she pulls out another handgun and starts to shoot at the remaining 9. she takes down 2 by riddling them with bullets, leaving 7, and soon she hears the clicks of her handguns and sees that she was out of bullets. she unloads the Empty Ammo clips and throws the guns in the Air. then she Dodges 3 Attacks from 3 different Beowolfs by jumping up in the Air, and she sees that her Handguns were finally falling down toward her. she then pulls out two more Ammo clips and she shoves them in the falling handguns in one swift motion and then cocks the guns and shoots down the the beowolfs as she was falling.

when she landed, the previous 3 Beowolfs were riddled with Holes while the other 4 were charging at her, she puts on Hand gun away and Pulls out a different one.

when she landed, the previous 3 Beowolfs were riddled with Holes while the other 4 were charging at her, she puts on Hand gun away and Pulls out a different one

as she whips out the Submachine Gun, she Unloads the Entire Clip onto the other 4 and manages to finish off 2 of them, only leaving 5.

"Damn." she curses as her gun ran out of Ammo. she looks over to see the other 3 were starting to stand up. she went for her hand guns again, well, Until,

"HEAD'S UP!!" she hears a Male Voice which seemed familiar and looks over to see Mercury just Appear and kick one of the Beowolfs in the face and Crush it's Skull in the Process.

"you again?!" said Emerald

"Yup." answered Mercury as he did another Kick, as his weapon on his Shoe fired of a bullet into the skull of another Beowolf that was riddled with bullets, killing it off.

which only left 3.

"Well, this should be Easy now. right?" asked Mercury as he awated a Answer.
which he heard None.
"...Huh?" he then looked over to see Emerald walking away while the 3 Beowolfs were finally recovering from all the bullet holes

"Hey! You running?" Calls out Mercury as he...had the Most Terrifying Answer

Emerald Kicks up Her Bazooka that was on her back as it was lunched up and was pointed at the Beowolfs, with Mercury still with them Mind Y'all, and she now had a figger on the trigger of her Bazooka as she Aimed it to her back without looking

"Huh?" Wondered Mercury
while the Beowolfs Just cocked they heads to the side in curiosity

"Move out of the way, dumbass."

"WHOA WHOA WAIT!!!" yells Mercury as a Rocket was Shot out of the Bazooka toward one of the Beowolfs that Mercury was Close to, and the Said Beowolf ended up being lunched towards the other two by the Said Rocket, and the said other 2 were hit and were lunched off too as all three of the Creatures of Grimm were all Lunched back into the Cave, as a Explosion Placed right after, Literally Promising that the Beowolfs were now Dead beyond Recognition.

Mercury stared at the just How strong the Bazooka that Emerald was Carrying was by just how much power it had with a sweat drop, and looks back at Emerald who was already Straping it on her Back
"H-How Strong is that thing Exactly?"

"Well, Strong enough for me to wipe a Ursa Horde off the Face of Remnant." she then looks back over to him
"Or wiping off YOU if you don't get a move on before More of them show up." she then started to move

"Sheesh. Chill out, I'm not gonna Bite you or anything." Mercury said as he Started to walk after Emerald.

[Back on the Cliffside, with the Teachers]

"the Last Pair have been formed up. Mercury Kasuga and Emerald Sustrai." Spoke Glynda as she looks into her Monitor

"That should be All of them then." said Salem as she walks over to look into Glyndas Monitor
"But, should we Allow Miss Sustrai to....Have THAT Weapon for Spar sessions? it Could very well Tear the whole Class room Apart."

"We might have to Put some Limits to that Subject." Answers Glynda

"We'll figure that out as we go." Answers Ozpin as he was looking into his Own Monitor

"Also I Don't care what his Transcripts say, That Jaune fellow is not ready for this Level of Combat." Noted Glynda

"Patients Glynda, We'll find out Soon Enough." Said Salem
"At this Pace, they will reach the Temple Soon enough."

"Yes, speaking of which, what did you use as relics this year?" Asks Glynda looking over at Ozpin
"...Professor Ozpin?"

"You didn't happen to use the Class Pieces, did you?" asks Salem wondering if Ozpin used the Said Unknown Pieces.

but right now, Ozpins attention Was at another Pare in the Monitor


"This way! it's definitely this way!"

"Alright. it's official. We've past it." said Weiss

"Why can't you just admit that we have no Idea where we're going?" asks ruby

"Because I know where Exactly we're going!"
"We're Forest temple!"


"Oh Stop it you don't know where we are Either!" said Weiss

"Well at least I don't Pretend Like I know.....Every...thing....wait...." she then looks up in the Air towards the Sky

"What?! What is it Now?!" Asks Weiss

"W-Wait....where was the Temple again?" asks ruby

"Wha-I DON'T KNOW! we've been trying to figure that out this whole time remember?!" Said Weiss

"No no not that! I mean that which Side of the Emerald Forest did Professor Ozpin said it was? West?" asks Ruby

"The Northern side! why are you asking that?" Asks Weiss

"...I got a Plan!" Said ruby as she got into a Position as if she was preparing to jump up

"What are you doing?" asks Weiss

"Just stay here and Don't go Anywhere!" with that, ruby activated her Semblance and lunches herself in the air up in the Sky

"HUH?! HEY! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!" yells Weiss as she just saw her Partner leave her like that
"what is in the Mind of that Dol_"
but her words were Cut off as Ruby landed back on the Ground

"I GOT IT!!!!" she yelled in happiness

"You Got WHAT?!" Asks Weiss

"Okay Weiss! Listen to this!"
she then points to her right "Right now, the sun was still rising up from THAT side of the Emerald Forest! You know what that means?"

"What? No I Don't. what does THAT matter?" asks Weiss

"It Means that THIS side is EAST!! Tell me, do you remember where the sun was rising back on the Starting point?" Said Ruby

"w-what? L-Look Are you going to Explain what are you trying to say?!" yells Weiss

" Do you remember or not?!" asks Ruby

"It was to our back! Just WHAT are you trying to say!?" Asks Weiss

"so if we Started out from THAT Way." Said Ruby as she pointed to where she saw the sun
"Then that means the Temple that is at the Northern side of the Forest is...." she then Points at another side
"THAT WAY! We found it!!!"


"Come on! Let's Go before_"

"No no no Hang On!!" Weiss cuts Ruby off

" what?"

"HOW did you come to THAT Conclusion?! You didn't know where we are and Suddenly you figured it out?! JUST NOW?!" Asks Weiss
"No no Forget the HowWHERE did you learn Navigation skills like those?!"

"Oh, Mother Raven Taught Me and My sisters!"

"....Excuse me but...Who?"

"O-Oh right. well...." Starts Ruby
"Y-You see...this Person that is called Raven is...well She's like My Step Mother! she is my sisters mother to be exact and she Spends like, ALL her time in the wilderness by herself when she's not visiting us. But one day, she Taught All three of us how to do Navigations By just Locating where the Sun rises or where it Sets! believe me she is like, an Master Expert at stuff like those!"

"Your step mother taught you how to That? and wait, if your Sisters are Older, then Does that mean_"

"Yes yes She and My dad Divorced or something for some reason." said Ruby
"But as I just said, she comes around to Visit at least Twice a Month!"

"...Why didn't you just use those...Navigation skills that you know, well, you know, LONG BEFORE?!" Asks Weiss

"Why? I don't know I just...wait..." Ruby starts as she looks over to Weiss
"You didn't give me the CHANCE TO! You just Dragged me Around!!"

"Wha-I didn't no such....wait....O-Oh...your...actually right...." Weiss finally realizes

"UUUgh no you know what? I can't Afford to be Mad when we just figured out where to Actually Go!" she starts walking
"C'mon! We're gonna Fail if we just stand Around!"

"W-Wait for me!" Yells Weiss as she runs over to her Partner

((Authors Note: Okay...I'll be honest...I MAY HAVE Got the Order of the Whole Placing of the Emerald Forest and It's Northern side and where the Emerald Forest even IS Located on Beacon...but Honestly I have no Idea where they started the Initiation from from the Original series and I don't have a Map Or a journal of the WHOLE Remnant on my hands, so yeah, Sue me Later!))

[ Back on the Cliffside]

"...Well, I...suppose that got at least...a few more scores on her paper work...R-Right Ozpin?" Asks Salem, stunned after what she just saw

"Yes, It Does." Answers Ozpin, Impressed

"Even when Raven Branwen isn't her Real Mother, Even Miss Rose represents her a Little." Said Glynda, actually Impressed herself

"Also Yes. But..." agrees Ozpin again as he focuses on another camera on his monitor
"I wish their Sisters were at least a Little more...Cooperative."


"Wait Up!" Calls out Akame as she tries to make her Partner stop walking
"You're Going the Wrong way!"

"I am Not. this is the way to the Northern Side of the forest." Answers Ana

"It's Not! look." she Pointed at where the sun was rising from
"That way is East. Which is Also where we Started from, in other words.." she Pointed her Index finger to another side
"THAT is where we should be going! which is..." then she Points at the OPPOSITE Side of where she was pointing at before
"The Opposite Way that you are going."

"...Hmph. Lucky guess." Said Anastasia as she just started to walk at the Opposite Direction of her own Direction, which was the RIGHT Direction.

"why won't you just Admit that you were going to the Wrong Direction All Along?" Asks Akame

"Because I Don't have time to Argue About this. If My sister Enters Beacon and I don't, then It would be a Disaster." Said Anastasia as she Looks back to Akame
"So sorry If I'm in quite the Hurry to Catch up with my older sister."

"Look I...Wait...Weiss is the Older sister?" Asks Akame

"Yes. Why?" Asks Ana

"...but you...N-nevermind."

"I What?"

" the Older sister Role better is all." Said Akame

"....Well, you're not the first to say that." Said Ana as she started to walk again
"Now Start moving!"

"Don't act like you were the one that did the Navigation." Akame just simply started to follow the other girl

"I'm not Pretending like I did the...wait...What are those?" Said Anastasia as she looked over to some Trees

as Akame looked too, she saw what looked like Foot prints. not any Foot Prints, LARGE Foot Prints, and they didn't look human too.

"...A Grimm's Foot Prints. And they Look Fresh too." Said Akame as she examined the Big Foot Prints
"We just have to Avoid them. we'll Circle around and_"



"...You Idiot."

"Hey It was a Accident!" Yelled Anastasia as she was standing over a Broken Tree branch that was right under her Shoe.


"Are we There yet?" Asked Mordred

"That is the 6th time you've asked that." said Travis while Mordred just looks at him
"...and the 5th time was literally FIVE MINUTES AGO!"

"So did we reach it in a spam of 5 minutes or not?" Asks Mordred again


"then WHEN will we?"

"I don't know!"

"Then We're Lost?"

"I don't know that Either Stop Questioning me and_"


"....What was that?" Asks Travis

"Meh. it was a Snake. Probably in the Bushes." said Mordred as she was just dismissing it
"just Ignore it. you have Aura Anyway so it won't_"


"Okay That Snake isn't normal if it's ''Hissing'' is that Loud!" Said Travis

"Then it's a Big Snake." Said Mordred

then Travis had a hand on his weapon
"Just Admit that it's a...Tai...Tri...Tij...uh.."

" Taijitu." Corrected Mordred

"Yeah that it's THAT One!" Finished Travis

"Oh Come on it's just a Giant Snake with two Heads. If anything I take on those little bastards as Training!" Boasted Mordred
"So Why would I be Scared of a....giant...Two headed...S-snake...Grimm..."

"What?" Asks Travis seeing that Mordred was Staring at him


"'s...right behind me isn't it?" Asks Travis

"Yes That...And...It Is NOT a Normal Taijitu...." Said Mordred

"What?" The Travis looks behind expecting a Normal Giant Snake....but is Greeted by Something deferent
"...Oh...Son of a bitch..."




"And That makes the Last one!" Said Kiana as she Puts her guns back in their Holsters
"What's you Count at sis?"

"Ten." Answers Brynhildr as she Spins her Spear and puts it on her back


"It's 8. I counted Yours Too."

"Aww man."

"Let's move on." Said Bryhildr as she started to walk and Kiana was just Following her.
Along the way, they carefully stepped over the Dead Ursa and Beowolfs they killed Moments Ago.

"...Hey...Is it me or..." Starts Kiana

"What is the matter?" Asks Brynhildr

"...Or have we been killing Normal Creatures of Grimm?" Asks Kiana
"I mean, no Nevermores, No Taijitus, and Most Specially, No Deathstalkers!! and I've heard this Forest is Infested with Deathstalkers!"

"Maybe they Were Killed by other Students." suggested Brynhildr

"Oh my Oum your right!!! Those Jerks Got the Good Kills for themselves!!" yells Kiana as she started to walk faster
"I swear if I don't get to Kill even ONE Bigger Grimm Today I will send them Meeting Monty HIMSELF in the Grave!!!"

"Stop Using the Great Animators Name in Vain Kiana. It's disrespectful." Scolds Brynhildr

"S-Sorry...." Apologized Kiana

While Moving, Brynhildr Couldn't Help but notice that Kiana was in...Deep thought as they were moving toward the temple.

"...Is something wrong?" Asks the Older sister

"What? No nothing is Wrong. I feel Better than I ever had Actually." Answers the younger one

"I doubt it." Said Brynhildr

"Look sis, your just Thinking too much." Answered Kiana

"...If you say so." Said Brynhildr

but mean while, within Kiana's Head
'OMG that boy back in the Locker room was SO. HOT. I mean his hair looked cool, his Clothes were Awesome, and the way he was Walking was Screaming Lady Killer All over him!! Is he Single? No wait, he wasn't with anyone back then, so He is TOTALLY Single, like, OMG!!!!'

and meanwhile, In Brynhildr's head
'....Something is Wrong with her...'

They both were thinking those stuff while they failed to see at least one Problem. that they were being followed by one GIANT bug at the moment.


as the two walked through the Trees, they finally saw a temple, made of stone and with several short pillars with unknown objects on the top of them all.

"Told ya this was it!" Said Yang

"Your Mothers Navigation Skills were spot on." Commented Blake

"Oh she just taught me and my sisters the Basics really." Said Yang as they all walked into the said Temple and they finally took a good look at the Relics

"..Chess Pieces?" Said Blake

"..No they...look...Deferent than Normal Chess Pieces." Said Yang as she examined the Unknown Relics
"Take a Closer Look. they look like...People."

now that you think about it, this Relics were More than Mere Chess Pieces

now that you think about it, this Relics were More than Mere Chess Pieces. they looked like...Classes; of how one would look at themselves. of how one would represent their Fighting style, or their Ideology, or their Tactics in general.

the Relics were in 7 kind:








there were 8 of each of them, making 56 in general. 28 of them were Silver, and the other 28 were Goldish Yellow.

"and look," Continued Yang
"some of them are gone, which means we're not the first ones here."

"I guess we should pick one." Said Blake

"Hmmm....How about..." said Yang as she picked up a Golden Rider
"A Cool Looking Yellow Rider!"

"Sure." Agreed Blake

"Ugh FINALLY." then both girls heard a Frustrated Voice behind them, and as they looked back, they saw Cinder and Neo walking into the Temple
"I told you it was this way."

To answer, Neo just shrugged her Shoulders

"Wait, Your Cinder right?" Asks Yang as Cinder just looks over to the Blonde girl
"You may have met my little sister ruby."

"ruby is Your sister?" Asks Cinder

"YuP." Answers Yang as she Popped the 'P' part

"...And These Are the relics?" asks Cinder Again

"yes." Answers Blake, but soon she sees a Pink and Chocolate-Brown Blur past them as all 3 girls looked and saw Neo Holding a Silver Archer piece waving it at Cinder

"Okay okay we'll get the Bow-woman Pieces." Said Cinder With a Sigh as she Picked up another Golden Archer Piece, until, well,

*Girly Scream from MILES away(it was jaune)*

"Some Girls in trouble!" Said Yang

"I...Doubt it was a girl at all." Said Cinder

"Either way we should_"

"Y-Yang..." calls out Blake and she just Points up

"Huh?" Wonders Yang as she looks up, and so do Neo and Cinder, to see....

"HEAADS UUUP!!" yells ruby as she was falling, but the Jaune as he was thrown in the sky appears and gets knocked into ruby and they both get lunched into the trees because of Jaunes Impact.

"did your sister just Fall out of the sky?" Asks Blake



"What the HELL was that?!" Asks Cinder

"Over there!!!" Yells Yang as she points up in the sky, and All 4 girls see_

"Over there!!!" Yells Yang as she points up in the sky, and All 4 girls see_

"Is that a Blood Shrieker?" asks Blake

"Why is it flying in the Open?" Asks Cinder

"wait, someone is On top of it!" Yells Yang as she looks in closer
"Wait AKAME?!"

"Your Other sister?" Asks Blake


"HOW ARE WE GOING TO GET OFF THIS THIIIIIING?!" Yells Anastasia, as she and her Partner were stuck on top of a Large, Oversized Bat

"WE HAVE TO JUMP!" answers Akame




[Back in the temple]

"...Is your sister and her Partner Riding on a Blood Shrieker?" asks Blake


and then they saw that they both jumped off

"Did they just...JUMP?!" Asks Cinder

"Oh no Akame! We need to_" but yang was Cut off by the sound of a Dying Ursa as it was dropped on the grass as Nora was on top of it

"Aww, it's broken!" Said Nora examining the Dead Ursa

"Nora? please, don't ever do that again." Pleads Ren until


Soon, the Two girls that jumped off the giant bat were dropped right on top of the dead Ursa

"Ew. we fell on a Dead Ursa!" yells Anastasia

"At least it Softened the Fall."

"OOoooh." Wonders Nora as she was examining A Golden Saber and then Picks it up and starts Singing
"🎶🎶I Queen of the Saaabeer~~~~ I'm Queen of the Saaaaabeeeeeerrr~~~~~~🎶🎶"

"NORA!!!" Calls out Ren

"Coming Ren!"

"...did that girl just Ride in on an Ursa?" Asks Blake

"My brain canNOT Handle that." Said Cinder as she rubbed her Eyes



then they all look over to see a big explosion happen and several Beowolfs were sent Burning in middle of the field

"Hey would you NOT Shoot that thing so close to me!" Yells Mercury

"I told you It would happen!" Yells Back Emerald

"...Is that girl carrying a Bazooka?" Asks Cinder while Neo nods her head
then Pyhrra comes running with a Deathstalker on her tail

"Whoa!" said Ruby as she Looked at the Deathstalker and the girl with the Bazooka

and she jumps off, leaving Poor Jaune behind

"Ruby?" Asks yang

"Yang!" greets Ruby

"NORA!" Said Nora as she just got in the middle

"Go away." Said a deadpanned Akame as she held Nora by the back of her Clothes, and just threw her away

"Big Sis?!" Yelled Both Ruby and Yang

"hey." Greeted Akame

"did she just run all the way here with a Deathstalker on her tail?" Asks blake

"OOOH HELL YEAAAAAH!!!" they heard a Male voice as they look up, and saw Nero and Shirou, falling while a Dead Ursa was under Their feet, and as they land, they slowly walk off
"WHOOOO!!! that was AWESOME!!"

"NO that was RECKLESS!!" Yells Shirou

"Shirou?" asks Cinder

"Nero?" asked the sisters

"Oh hey! Thought I'd never see anyone of you." Said Nero as he Walked off the Dead Ursa
"....Wait where's Mordred?"

"INCOMING!!" yells Mordred as she and her Partner, Travis, were running out of the trees while a giant Monster was chasing the two

"INCOMING!!" yells Mordred as she and her Partner, Travis, were running out of the trees while a giant Monster was chasing the two

"Are they running with a Cobra Taijitu on their Tail?" asks blake

"Okay I_" Starts Yang buuuuuut.

"MAKE WAY MAKE WAY!!!" Yells Kiana as she and her sister were running too, with another Creature on their Tail as well

"MAKE WAY MAKE WAY!!!" Yells Kiana as she and her sister were running too, with another Creature on their Tail as well

"Did THEY run all the way here with a Death Widow on THEIR tail?!" Asks Blake in shock this time.

"I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!" yells yang as she somewhat goes up in flames


and 2

"Um...Everyone?" Calls out Ruby

back on a Nevermore


back on the ground

"Weiss!!" Yells Ana in horror

Ruby "I said jump."

Blake "She's gonna fall."

Ruby "She'll be fine."

Cinder "She is going to Die."

Nero "Oh she has Aura."

Ren "She's falling."

Shirou "and IS going to die."

Nero "Oh shit."

seeing his chance, Jaune jumps to catch Weiss, and so he does
"Just, Dropping in?" He said, but didn't realize that they both were going to fall now.
"...OH MY GOD!" and they both started to fall

"...really?" Said Nero, not believing what he just saw in the air

"Idiot." Said Shirou also unimpressed, and he just started to walk forward

First Jaune falls flat on his face, but then Grunts as Shirou steps over the poor Blonde boy, and then, Weiss Falls right into Shirous Arms

"You Okay?" asks shirou

"Y-Yes..." answers Weiss as she looks up to the White haired Boy.

"Good." answers back Shirou as he lets Weiss stand on her own feet again




"I HATE SPIDEEEEEERS!!!!" yells Kiana

"....Lets get out of here before it gets too chaotic around here." Finished Shioru as he started to walk

"Agreed." Agrees Weiss as she follows suite

"BE CAREFUL!!!" Yells Mordred

"what?! OH FU_" yells travis as they both were bashed toward the others in the temple




and both sisters were thrown and dropped right on travis and Mordred, as the other two Grunted as well

and soon, Pyhrra falls on the other four as well.

"....Um...What is Going on here?" Asks Emerald as she and Mercury LITERALLY JUST ARRIVED on the temple.

"GREAT! the Gangs All here!" said Yang

"20 in total." Said cinder

"Now we can Die Together!" Finished Yang

"Not if I can help it." Said Ruby as she was about to run in guns 'n Blazin'.

"No." Disagreed Akame as she held Ruby by the hood of her Cape, Preventing her from Running into a fight Blindly
"You will not."

"What?! B-B-But big sis I_"

"Losing your Life just for Showing off is NOT worth anything Ruby!" Yells Akame

"No Sis I can do this! Just Let me_"

"NO RUBY! and THAT is FINAL!!" Yells Akame, Finally stopping Ruby from Heading in blindly.

"No I can! Just Give a chance!!!" insists Ruby


"G-Guys...?" Said Jaune

"The Blood Shrieker is Flying over here!!" Yells Shirou

"Then start Riddling the bastard with bullet holes!" Yells Nero as he pulls out his blue rose and starts shooting At the Giant Bat.

in a spam of a second, Nero, Akame, Yang, Ruby, Cinder and Blake started to unload their Ammo clips on the Giant Bat as it was flying around them and was somehow Avoiding most of the Critical shots. It then started to take a Really Fast Dive toward the students

"It's diving at us!" Yells Ruby

"Everyone Out of the way!!!" Yells Akame as they all Jumped to the side to avoid the big Claws of the Bat, but Weiss wasn't quick enough as the giant bat managed to Take her into its grasps of its Claws and started to fly

"WEISS!!! NO!!!" Yells Ana as she watched in Horror that her sister was being Taken
"GIVE MY SISTER BACK!!!!" yells Ana as she Unsheathes her Rapier Sword, named Silver requiem, and dashes toward the Bat that was Slowly flying up, but to her Horror, the moment she reaches the big Giant Bat, and the moment when she Thrusts her Sword forward towards it, it manages to Fly higher out of her reach

but then, a Red Blur passes her and Ruby appears right a few feet up and she shoots the Giant Bat in the wing, making it to lose altitude, then another bullet to the back of the Bat, and the bat Falls with Weiss On the ground Grunting.

the Bat gets up and faces toward Weiss as it Roars, And Weiss reaches for her Own Rapier sword, but,

"Get away from My Partner!!!!" Yells Ruby as she swings he massive Scythe at the Giant bat, but the bat Blocks with it's wing and pushes Ruby back on the Grassy Ground. but then the Nevermore shot some of it's feathers right at the girls, but Weiss Summoned some kind of Glyph to block the Feathers, but the Bat bashes the Glyph and sends Weiss Back on the ground next to ruby as well.

As ruby starts to stand, She sees that the bat starts to roar at her as it Swings one of it's Wings claw at her, Weiss tries to help her Partner in time, but then,




then next second, Both Ruby and Weiss saw that the giant Bat's wing being Blocked by Akame as she held her Sword tightly, while there were Ice Freezing the Bat in Place by it's waist and Neck, and the Trail of Ice came from Anastasia as she had Activated her Semblance to help. all the while there was a Arrow stuck in it's eye as it gave Akame enough Time to Run in through it's blind spot.
back at the Temple, Shirou lowers his Bow as he was the one that shot the Arrow aimed at the Blood shriekers Eye.


"Ruby get us All out of here!!" Yells Akame


then, ruby holds Weisses hand and takes Akames Collar from behind and uses her Semblance to Lunch herself back away from the bat.

the next second, The girls found themselves back on the Temple as they start to stand up, While Ruby had the most Trouble because she was the one that Just Dragged two girls with her that literally Out weight her.

"Ruby! Akame!" Yells Yang as she Ran toward her Sisters
"You two alright?"

"Ruby Are you Okay?!" Asks Akame as she holds Rubies Shoulders

"I-I'm fine....I'm sorry Sis I....I Didn't..."

Akame just hugs Ruby
"Don't worry. I got you...I'm here.."

Then Yang hugs them too
"Don't you two EVER Do something like that again! Okay?!"

"Weiss Are you Okay?" Asks Ana as she had run to her sisters side
"Are you hurt?"

"...Why...Did you save me?" Weiss asks Ruby as the sisters look at the Heiress
"I mean...F-Fine you know what?! I ADMIT it! I AM Bossy total a horrible Person. And I was wasting our time back there while you were the only one that found our way through that Mess of a Forest. then...after all of that...Why did you save me?"

Ruby looks back as her sisters finally let go
"L-Look, Weiss, I Might...Come around as Childish and...Annoying sometimes.."

"Because you ARE!" Yells Nero from the back ground

"Shut UP Nero!!" Yells back Ruby as she looks back to Weiss
"But it doesn't mean I would just abandon you Weiss! I just want you to see that I'm Not some Child that just got lucky by getting moved ahead 2 years!"

"Well....I guess....I can TRY Nicer." Said Weiss as she started to Stand up and started to walk away
"Oh and...thanks...For saving me Ruby." she said as she was walking away with a shy tone

Ana slowly stood up and Walked toward Ruby.
She was at first confused but then Ruby and her older sisters were shocked when Anastasia Hugged Ruby closely
"Thank you for saving my sister."

"Y-Yeah...Sure..." Answers Ruby as she was taken aback.

'...Guess we have something in common after all...' thinks Akame as she watches that Anastasia Cares for her own sister greatly too. like how she does for Ruby and Yang herself.

[So yeah! back on the temple.]

"Guy? that thing is circling back!" Said Jaune pointing at the Nevermore in the sky

"and we Can't hold off the Death widow for long anymore!" Yells Emerald as she and Mercury were shooting the giant Spider

"and the Damn Cobra Taijitu is getting back up again!" Yells Mordred

"Oh no Oh no Oh no Oh no Oh no Oh no We got 5 giant Monsters on us!" Yells Jaune in panic
"What are we going to do?!"

"We'll have not just Fight, But to Literally Slaughter our way through this." Said Travis as he was holding a Light saber like Weapon

"Look, there is No sense in Fight on with these things." Spoke up Weiss
"Our objective is right in front of us."

"She's right. Our mission is to pick an Artifact and make it back to the cliffs." Agrees Ruby

"but with all of these Monsters, just running away is going to be trouble." Points out Akame

"but there's no point in fighting these things." Said Ruby

"Yes. there ISN'T. but there is just too many of them. and the Blood Shrieker might not be as fast as the Nevermore, but it's more stubborn and More Stronger Up close."

"We'll have to fight While we're running then." Said Cinder as she Inserts another Ammo Clip into her gun
"Because just running and not fighting back won't help."

"Then it's official." Speaks Up Kiana
"We'll have to split into 5 teams of four, and each team has to take on One monster Only if they get in our way. And I am Calling dibs on the Cobra Taijitu because I don't want to Deal with Spiders!"

"Now That is a solid Plan I can Kick with!" Agrees Mercury

"O-Oh you think so? Thanks yeah sure it was nothing..." Answers Kiana Blushing because of Mercuries Compliment

"run and Live while Barely Fighting. That's a Plan I can get behind." Agrees Jaune

"Then Enough Wasting time like a bunch of Morons." Said Shirou as he looks at the remaining relics
"Pick one up, and start running while trying to keep these things Off our backs as much as we can."

"Then let's stop wasting time and Get on with it. Double time!" Said Nero

and with that,
Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang all picked up the Golden Rider pieces

Jaune, Pyhrra, Nora and Ren Picked up the Golden Sabers

Cinder, Neo, Mercury and Emerald all picked up the Silver Archers

Akame, Anastasia, Nero and Shirou all Picked up the Silver Assassins

Kiana, Brynhildr, Mordred and Travis picked up the Golden Lancers

Meanwhile, the Deathstalker was catching up to them and the Blood Shrieker was braking out of the Ice

"It's time we Left!" Said Ren

"Right." Said Ruby as she looked back to the Other 19 students. her sisters, her cousins, her Partner and all of her new friends
and soon, she looked forward
"...Let's Roll."

and with that, All 20 students start to run as fast as they could, While Akame and Yang look as Ruby was running and soon comes to a stop to look back on a rock.

"what is it?" Asks Blake while Ana also stops

"...Guess Our Baby sister isn't a Baby anymore huh?" Asks Yang while she was proud

"...I guess your right." Agrees Akame, finally starting to Accept that her Little Sister didn't need baby sitting left and right anymore.

And with that, they started to run

{theme: RED LIKE ROSES PART 1&2}

As all the students were running and while the monsters were giving chase, they all did Kiana Planned and Split in 5 teams of 4.

they all took Cover as the Nevermore, and the Death widow blocked they way, and the Blood Shrieker was right above them, and the Cobra T. and the Deathstalker were right behind them.

"Well that's great!" Said Yan Annoyed

"We'll have to Fight after all." Said Akame

"What other choice do we got now?" Asks Nero as he cocks the Hammer of Blue rose.

"Nora! distract it!" Yells Ren as Nora starts to shoot at the Nevermore with her Grenade Luncher and Shirou starts to shoot his arrows at the Blood Shrieker to keep it off of Noras back. then, Akame and ruby start shooting at the Death widow to prevent it from attacking head on.

the Nevermore flies away while the blood shrieker roars and Flies higher onto a pillar to cover From Shirous Arrows. but then the Deathstalker Appears behind the two and is ready to attack them both from behind, but then Ren, Blake and Mercuty jump in and slash and Kick their weapons at the Giant Scorpion. and then Weiss Helps Nora to get away with one of her Glyphs while Shirou simply jumps back while shooting and Arrow at the Giant Scorpion.

as they all start running, The death stalker and the Cobra Taijitu chase them while they make it on the Bridge.

"We'll deal with the Cobra!" yells Kiana

"Then We'll handle the Deathstalker!" Yells Back Pyhrra as her Weapon switches to gunform
"Go, Go!"

"Over her you Two headed Freak show!" Taunts Mordred as the cobra Taijitu follows Kianas Group while the other one Keep off the Death stalker

and to make matters worse, the Nevermore and the Blood Shrieker were Flying at the remaining 3 teams on the Bridged from both sides and end up Separating them.
Pyhrra, Ren, Blake, Cinder, Mercury, and were Stuck with the Deathstalker, while Kianas team were still fighting the Cobra Taijitu behind them.

"We'll deal with the Bat! you guys Head on!" Yells Nero

"But_" Starts Weiss

"Go!" Starts Anastasia
"We'll be right behind you!"

"and My sister better not Die while I'm away for just a Few Seconds!" Yells Shirou

"You better not die on us!" Yells Emerald

"Heh. you wish." said Nero under his Breath as Akame, Ana, Nero and Shirou jump off on another bridge to take the Bats Attention.

Jaune looks at the others over the other side of the bridge
"Man we gotta get over there! they need help!"

but then, the Death widow appears furthur down un a pillar

"Jaune "Seriously?!"

"We'll have to get some of the other ones from that side over here!" Yells Emerald as she prepared her Bazooka. and Neo Pulls out a Blade out of her Umbrella right next to Emerald.

"Then Let's do this!" yells Nora as she bashes her Hammer on the Platform and Shoots off a Grenade and lunches herself and Jaune to the other side, and she Smashes the Deathstalkers head in with her hammer, but Blocks a attack that sends her Sliding back, and she ends up accidentally knocking off Blake, Cinder, and Mercury

"OOOOH SHIIIT!!!" yells Mercury as they all fell

"GRAB ON" Yells Blake as she holds Mercuries hand whom in return holds Cinders, and Blake shot her weapon up at a pillar and holding its ribbon, Ends up swinging while Holding Mercury and Cinder.

Midway, Mercury and Cinder let go and Jump back in the middle with Emerald and Neo

"Where have you been?" Asks Emerald as she fired off a rocket missile at the giant Death Widow

"You know, Been Just around the Corner." Answers Mercury
"What now?"

"Simple." Said Cinder as she Aims her guns at the Giant Spider
"We play Exterminator."

"That's one plan I Love to just hear." Agrees Emerald

Ruby and her friends were on top, Dealing with the Nevermore

Jaune and his Friends were down on the Bridge, Fending off the Death stalker

Cinders team were In the middle, Taking care of the Spider

Kianas Group were Fighting off the Cobra Taijitu from enterfaring with Jaunes teams fight with the Deathstalker

Meanwhile, Akames Team were dealing with the Blood shrieker down blow.

Akame jumps up to dodge a Attack from the Bat while Nero jumps in and slashes his Sword at the Bats face

"tsk. this things skull is harder than it looks." Said Nero as he saw that a direct swing to it's head was useless

"Then let's kill it with even stronger attacks." said Anastasia as she summons more Ice from the ground that were meant to Pierce the bat. but the bat just flies up before getting Stabbed by the Ices

"It's Learning our Patterns." Noted out Shirou holding his bow
"Sly bastard."

"No point holding back." Said Akame as she looks back to Nero
"Which means YOU."

"Aaw jeez. here I thought I could keep IT a secret till a little while longer." Said Nero as he walks forward toward the giant Bat.

"What is he thinking?!" Yells Anastasia

"Just watch." Said Akame, While the other two just loom in confusion as Nero started to Move up his Right Sleeve off of his hand

"okay you blood sucker." Said Nero as he holds his Right hand back and forms a Fist

then, a GIANT Fist appears out of thin air and the Punches the bat Away furthur down the Bridge they were all at.

"Huh?!" Gasps Ana

"What the hell..." Wonders Shirou as the two Stare at Neros Right arm

" Wonders Shirou as the two Stare at Neros Right arm

"...His Arm....its..." Said Anastasia

"That, is his Semblance. Devil Bringer." Explained Akame as the other two look toward her
"He can just Summon a bigger arm and Smash Everything with it."

"That's rather straightforward." Deadpanned Shirou

"It Is." Bites back Akame

but then the Bat starts to get back up again

"We're not done yet!" Yells Nero

"HAAAA-AAAAAAh!!" Yells Travis as his Swings his Beam Sword, Blood Berry, at the White Side of the Cobra T. while Mordred was Holding it off with her sword, but it barely scratched it.

Mean while, Brynhildr and Kiana were doing their Best to Fight to Kill the Black head of it.

the Black head attacks Kiana, but she jumps up and, to the other twos surprise, a Goldish Yellow circle Appears and Kiana Sticks her Hand into it and she Pulls out a Baseball bat and starts falling

she then slams the Baseball bat right on the Black head

"what was that?!" Asks Travis

"Kiana can Store up Weapons in a Pocket dimension and pull them out when ever she needs them." Explains Brynhildr

"Now THAT's a Semblance." Said Mordred as she Kicked off the white head off of her blade

after Kiana Lands, She looks over to Brynhildr while the Blake head was Startig to become dizzy.
"Bryn Do it!"

"Right." then Brynhildr holds her Spear tight , and then with on swift motion, she jumps up and while landing on the Black head, she stabs her Spear into the Black head and her Spears tip appears inside it's mouth, but it started to swing around it's head because of the pain.

"It's not Dying!" Yells Travis

"I'm coming for ya!" Yells Mordred as she Jumps up and steps over the White head and then, she runs up to the Black one and her body Ignites in Red Electricity and she stabs the Black head hard enough to Throw A LOT of Thunder into its body

Soon, Mordred and Bryn jump off and land next to Kiana while Travis regroups with them
"What the Hell was THAT?!"

"Oh my Semblance." Answers Mordred
"It lets me Produce Red electricity off my body."

"Now That's a Semblance!" Said Kiana as she saw the Blake head was now dead, and the White head was turning around now
"And I have got an Idea for the rest now."

back in the Middle of the Arena
Neo had Dodged a Attack from the Giant Spider and Mercury quickly took her place and Delivered a Fierce Kick right into the Spiders Jaw, Making it stumble a little. after that, Emerald Held her Bazooka over her shoulder, and then, at least 10 or 12 Mini-Missiles Shot out and hit the Spider all over it's body. but it wasn't enough to kill it. then, Cinder Started shooting the Spider from it's left side, but then, the Death widow started to Shoot out Web from it's mouth toward her, as she dodged, she started to burn the Ground that her arm Touched along the way using her Semblance, and then making then burned Pieces to shape into sharp Glass like Projectiles and she shot them all at the Spider.

the death widow Roars in pain as the Glass shards pierced it, but it still didn't kill it.

"Just how much more can this thing take?!" Said Mercury

Cinder looked over to her and watched in shock as the Nevermore was flying toward them.
"EVERYBODY DOWN!!!" she yells as the Nevermore took a full on Dive and half of the Old Ruins were Destroyed along the way, but the Death widow was still up and kicking

"So what now?" Asks Mercury

"...I have a Plan." answers Cinder

"I. HOPE. YOU. LOVE. KNUNKLE. SANDWITCHES!!!" Yells Nero as he repeatedly punches the giant bat as he sends it stumbling back.

Down below, Akame and her Group were fighting the giant Blood Shrieker as it was becoming more Aggressive by the minute

"Nero, Hold it in Place!" Yells Akame

"Right!" Answers Nero as he summoned a bigger Arm and grabbed the Bat by it's neck and Pinned it by the Wall

"Ana! The wings!" Yells Akame Again

Anastasia Focuses Her Aura and As she sticks she holds her Hand forward with her sword on the other one, 2 lines of Ice get summoned and they pierce the Bats wings, making sure it stays on the wall behind it as it Roars.

"Shirou, it's other eye!" Orders Akame again

"You're such a slave Driver." Said Shirou as another Arrow Appears in his hand and Aims it at the Bats face, and with one swift Breath, he lets the Arrow lose and it Hits the other eye of the Blood shrieker, making it Fully Blind.

"Nero!" Calls Out Akame for the last time as her Cousin looks over to her
"...Throw me."

"Excuse me?" Asks Ana

"You wouldn't..." Said Shirou

"oh HELL yeah!" Said Nero as he summoned another arm, a rather large one, and Akame jumps in the Palm of it
"BUCKLE UUUUUP!!!" and with then, he threw Akame right at the Bat, as she Unsheaths her sword, Replacing it with her guns, and as she Closes her eyes in the mid air, she opens them again to reveal that her eyes had become a brighter Red while her hair Was giving off a Dark Aura, and with one Swift swing, she decapitated the Bat, as she herself lands on the wall right behind the said bat, as the Wall beneath her feet cracks.

Anastasia looks in shock as she saw her Partners hair become even Darker than it already is, and even giving off Dark lights and Shadows off of her own hair and at the fact that she managed to kill the Blood shrieker with ease.
"...Was that her Semblance?"

"Yup." Answers Nero as he dusted his right arm
"It's kinda Like yangs, her sisters. the More Serious she gets, the Deadlier she becomes."

"...That isn't much accurate is it?" Asks Shirou

"Yeah you gotta ask her yourself. I don't remember how it REALLY works Either." Admits Nero

"...Savage..." whispers Akame as she lands back on the ground

"I got it!" Yells Travis as he had the White head of the cobra Taijitus Attention on himself, all the while he was Blocking the very attack it was performing by it's fangs

"Good!" Said Kiana as she looms over to Brynhildr
"Your turn sis!"

Nodding her head, Brynhildr Jumps on top of the Remaining head of the Cobra T. and she stabs her Spear into it as well, making the giant Cobra to roar in pain

"Mordred! On my mark!" Yells Kiana as she runs up to the Cobra, and Pulls out a Grenade Luncher out of her Pocket dimension and takes aim
"aaaaaand NOW Sis!"

with the signal, Brynhldr jumps off and the Grenades that Kiana shoot hit the Cobra head on, covering it's face with the dust and the smoke, Blinding its Vision

"NOW Mordred!" Kiana gives the Signal

"Gotcha!" Yells Mordred as her Body produces Lightning and her Lightning Amplifies into her Sword, making it become Much more Stronger as she jumps up in the Air!

and by a swing of her sword, Mordred decapitated the Last head of the Taijitu!

"Hell yeah! SICK SKILLS!" Cheers Mordred

"what?" Asks Kiana in confusion

"Oooh it's a Family thing~." Answers Mordred

"you sure this is a Good Plan?!" Asks Mercury as she was running like the rest of his Group

"I know what I'm doing!" Yells Back Cinder as she with Neo and Mercury all were running on another Bridge while having the Death widow follow them
"Right here!" yells Cinder as she stops and turns to face the Spider

"You sure She can take the shot?" Asks Mercury as he and Neo face the spider too

"she better." answers back Cinder

Emerald aims her Bazooka at the Bridge mainly at the giant Spider, as she was awaitig the signal

"Go!" Yells cinder as she Melts away a Piece of a Pillar right next to her and Forms the Melted pieces into Black Glass shards that were sharp, and has them Fly up above the Spider
"Neo keep it it place! Mercury, Kick them in!"

"you got it!" answers Mercury as Neo distracts The Spider with her tricky moves, and Mercury Kicks the Glass shards Deep into the Spiders Legs, all 8 of them as it roars in pain

"That's the signal." Said Emerald as she let lose several Rocket Missiles toward the Bridge and let the Bridge Explode in a Blaze of Fire and Explosion,

the pieces of the Bridge starts to fall deep into the Abyss, but the Spiders legs were stuck into them, therefore, it couldn't simply jump away.

"now RUN!" Yells Cinder as she and Neo and Mercury start to jump platform to Platform, Saving themselves from the Fall, while the Death widow Couldn't.

"That...was Way too close...Even for me..." Said Mercury as he was breathing heavily and hard.

"Huh?" Cinder then sees ruby running up the Cliff side, with the nevermore Stuck on the blade of her Scythe and as she reaches the top, she manages to decapitate the Giant Bird.

"Damn." Said Emerald after seeing Rubies display, while Cinder just Stares into the Cape of the Little red Reaper.

"...Smokin' Sexy Style..." whispers Ruby as she was on the top of the Cliff

"yeah...Total Triple S." said Yang as well, Watching her sister up above

Wow...what a way to FINISH OFF the Initiation!

[and so, finally, the Ballroom]

"Rustle thrush, Cardin Winchester, Dove Bronzewing, sky lark." Said Ozpin
"The Four of you retrieved the Silver Berserker Pieces. from this day forward you will work together CRDL. led by Cardin Winchester."

with that the audience Clap as the next four enter the stage

"Jaune Arc. Lie Ren. Pyhrra Nekos. Nora valkyrie." Said Ozpin
"the four of you retiereved the Golden Saber pieces. from this day forward you will work together as...Team JNPR. led by, Jaune Arc."

"L-Led by...?" Says Jaune

"Congratulations young man." Greets Ozpin as the next four Enter the stage

"Cinder Emiya. Neo Touchdown. Emerald Sustrai. and Mercury Kasuga." said Ozpin
"you three retrieved the Silver Archer Pieces. therefore, you will work together as, team CEMT(Checkmate). Led by, cinder Emiya."

"Congrats Cinder!" Said Mercury

"You Go girl!" said Neo through Texting on her Scroll.

"Thanks." Said Cinder..with a slight Smile.

and the next for enter

"Now then, Kiana Kaslana. Brynhildr Kaslana. Mordred Redgrave. and Travis Touchdown." Said Ozpin
"You retrieved the Golden Lancer Pieces. And you will work together as... team KKMT (Karambit) Led by, Kiana Kaslana."

(Authors Note to any CSGO Player out there: Yes. It means THAT  Karambit  :] )

"Yes!" Cheers Kiana as she Fistspumps the Air

"Hey Congrats K'!" Said Mordred

and then, the next 4

"and now. Akame Redgrave. Anastasia Schnee. Nero Redgrave. and Shirou Emiya." Said Ozpin
"You have Retrieved the Silver Assassin Pieces. therefore, you shall work together as Team AANS(Anesthesia). Led by. Akame Redgrave."

"That's my Cousin!" Cheers Nero

"Congratulations I suppose." Said Anastasia, Acting as if she wasn't even caring.
Or was she?

"and finally." Speaks up Ozpin again as the last team walks up on the stage
"Ruby Rose. Weiss schnee. Blake Belladonna. and for the last time, Yang Redgrave. you four retrieved the Golden Rider Pieces. And so, you will work together RWBY. Led by...Ruby Rose."

"huh?" gasps Weiss

"I'm so Proud of you!" Said Yang as she hugs Ruby.

"Looks like things or shaping up to be a...interesting year." Said Ozpin, as new students, and new teams had entered Beacon.

and 5 of those teams, were going to prove to be rather...Special.


"...yes...yes... yeah yeah yeah I got it!....And as I said I am Sorry for Dragging your boys into a Accidental Gang war junior! Give me a few days And I can get that Mad dog Off your ..Hey! Hello?!... He just hung up on me....Smartass."

at A secret Warehouse, Roman torchwick, a long time wanted Criminal. slams his scroll onto the table as he lights up a Cigarette

"Having Troubles with your Work, Roman?"

"What the?!" Gasps Roman as he looks back to a unknown Figure within the shadows
"On Monty Oums Very own Gravestone Man! Don't just Sneak up on me like this!"
he inhales some of his Ciggarette as he Smokes out
"Wait. When did you even get here?"

"Just now actually. from the back door."

"Well at least you could've knocked." said Roman

"And I have heard about your recent.... 'Accidental Gang war' as I've heard. Will it Delay our Plans?"

"no no. If it was anyone else but ME? Believe me, it would have." Said Roman as a masked man walks in
"But ME? I know my ways around."

he then Pays the masked man by shuffling the Liens and placing them on the table, and the Masked HenchMan takes them

"Open it." He orders the Henchman

the henchman opens the box and it is revealed to be at least a 100 Crystal dust of all kinds inside the said cargo

"See? I told you." Said Roman

"...Impressive. but this isn't enough is it now?"

"I know. I'm workin' on it. but first...We're gonna need more men." Said Roman

"....Then Get More Men Roman. Because you better not forget..." Said the Mysterious figure as he starts to walk away even deeper into the shadows

"...Remember Roman..." He starts to finish his words
"...A Storm Is Approaching."

Roman "tsk, Freak show Priest."


Chapter Text

[Beacon. Team  AANS  Dorm Room, 8:00 AM]


Morning had arrived at Beacon, as the new First Years were awakening to their new school. the day outside was rather beautiful. the Birds were singing, Sky was clear, the new Semester was here for all Students.

...But in the case of this team...well...




*Solo Guitar Song*

Four Different Alarms Went off in the Dorm of Team AANS.

Akames Bell Clock, Anastasias Electronic Clock, Shirous Watch alarm, and Neros Scroll as it had a Music of a Electric Guitar as an Alarm



*BE-E-E-E-EP. BE-E- E_Click .*

*Still Solo Guitar song, and then a ' Ding '*

"*yaaawn* Mornin'." Greets Nero in a Darkish blue T-Shirt, and Black Boxers, while his bed was at the Corner of the Room, close to the door. 

"How can you have Rock music on your Scroll as a Wake up Alarm?" Asks shirou in a Black Tank top and A Black Pajama Pants. as his Bed was in the corner of the room, on Neros left side, Also close to the Door. 

"Hey. It's a Solo Guitar music. Not an Entire Band!"

"...Now that you say it like Have a Point."

"you People have the most Loudest Clock Alarms." Asks Anastasia in a White Dress, while her Room was on the left side of Opposite side of the boys side, next to a window.
"Well, if mine or one of the others fail, the other 3 or 2 can make up for it I suppose."

"That's why I said we all have our own Alarm Clocks." Said Akame as she was wearing the Short tank top and the Black Boxers as Last time. 

"Anyway. DIBS on going to the bath room FIRS_" Nero starts as fast as he could, but to his Bad luck, Akame had Already dashed into the Bathroom first.
"Damn it! Every Freakin' Time!"

"I hope this won't become a Routine in the near Future." Hopes Anastasia

"You and me Both." Agrees Shirou

And so, Their Morning Routine Began

First all Four of them Brush their teeth, while Akame, Shirou and Nero had normal Toothbrushes, but Ana had a Electric Toothbrush. then they start to Drink some water to clean the mouth, Akame uses a normal glass of water and Ana uses a small Cup, Shirou uses a Bottle of water, but Nero just uses the Water running In the sink.

now, to their hair,
Akame was Brushing her hair, Ana was using a Hair Dryer, Nero washes his hair on the sink, and Shirou starts to Form his hair how it normally is, spiky and pointed to his back.

and finally. the uniforms
Both Akame and Ana wear their on Uniforms normally, Nero Wears his too, but leaves the tie untied around his neck and his buttons undone. Shirou wears his Uniform only with the unbuttoned shirt.

"....Can you please do your uniform Properly?" Asks Anastasia

"No way. This Uniforms are a pain enough. Let me have my freedom!" Answers Nero

"Now, to our next order of Business." Akame said

"Which is?" Asks Anastasia

"Unpacking our stuff." Answers Shirou

"We still got Lot's of stuff to lay out from our bags." Adds Nero

"Oh. Right." Figures out Anastasia

so now, After a long Decorating time.

Akame was done With her Stuff, while her Side of the Dorm had Books on her Shelf, and some pictures of her Family.

Anastasia smiled as she saw that she was finally done. she had a Desk next to her bed for studying, and a small Table on her left side of her bed, that held her Clock, some Perfumes, Books, Text notes, a Hair Brush, and other Stuff help her through her daily life.

Shirou Hammers a final Nail into the wall, Setting up his shelf on his wall that held Dusts, Arrows, and his Tools for him to make Dust Arrows and Equipment that Involved Dust.

And Nero, He was rather, Done Quicker than the others, as there were Music Band Posters on his wall and some Magazines on his shelf above his head.

"Aaaand that should be it!" Said Nero, as the four were looking at their own job-well-done work

"Preparing: check. Decorating: Check." Checks Akame
"I guess...We're done."

"And if you remember, We still have Classes to attend to." Reminds Anastasia

"I know that." Noted Akame
"Our classes Start and 9 AM. so we should_"

"D-Did you say 9?!" Asks Shirou

"Yes?" Answers Akame

"It's 8:54, You idiots!!" Yells Shirou, showing everyone his watch

"Oh Shit!!" Yells Nero

"H-How much time did we Waste?!" Yells Anastasia

"Enough! Classes! NOW!" Orders Akame, as her Team Run out of their Dorm, Heading to their Classes before being Late on the first Day.

But Along the way.

" We're Late  We're Late We're Late We're Late WE'RE LAAAAATE!!!!!" Yells Kiana as they were running down the hallway

"DAMN IT Mordred!! Why didn't you tell us our Classes start at freaking 9?!" Yells Travis


"MAKE WAY MAKE WAY!!!" team KKMT heard another voice as they look behind, and see team CEMT, running too, while Mercury was the one yelling

"We're gonna be Late!" Yells Emerald as they were also late.

"Stop pointing out the obvious and just JET IT!" Orders Cinder

and soon, it all came down to the Courtyard 

Headmaster Ozpin, and Prof. Goodwitch watch as 20 Students. which are teams RWBY, JNPR, AANS, KKMT and CEMT were All running as they were Late for Class on the first day. but seeing 20 students late at the same time was a say, rare sight to see first hand.

{Grimm class}


"Monsters. Deeeeemons, Prowlers of the night." Starts Prof. Port
"Yes, the Creatures of Grimm have many names. But I. Marely refer to them as Pray. hu-HUh!"


"uhh, and you shall to upon graduating from this  Prestigious Academy." Continues Port
"Now, as I was saying, Vale, as Well as the other Three Kingdoms, Are safe havens in an otherwise Treacherous World. Our Plant, and maybe even More than just the said Planet, is Absolutely Teeming with Creatures that would love nothing more but to tear you to pieces, or even More." he said as he walks with his hands on his back
"And that's were WE come on. Huntsmen, Huntresses.." he winks at Emerald as he did, while emerald just rolled her eyes

"individuals who have sworn to protect those who cannot Protect themselves. From what you ask? Well, the very world itself and Maybe even More!"

"Eyyy-Yeah!" cheers one Random Student

"Dude your not acting Special here." Said Travis to the nobody student, as the said Nobody student just sits down 

"That is what you are training to become. But first, A Story! A tale of a young, Handsome man." 

"A What?" Said Mordred as Prof. Port started to Tell a Story of when he was younger


"Oh no." Said Nero

But meanwhile, on Team KKMT's Desk, Kiana Looks around to see some of the Boys and Girls Looking over to her Sister, Brynhildr, as they knew how strong and Famous she was. she look over and was upset of how some of the boys and girls were Drooling over her sister like flies. but she then was shocked when she sees Mercury looking over at Brynhildr too.

"So, Who Among you believes to themselves to be the embodiment of all of those traits?" Asks Professor port, to which,

'This is my chance!' Kiana Raises her hand as high as she could
"Me! Me me me!"

"Then Step forward! And face your opponent!" Said Port, as a Creatures in a cage was growling 

'YES! now, I just gotta show the Class that I am as Good as My sister too!' Kiana Thought

[5 minutes Later]

Kiana stood on the stage. her guns: Blooded Saints in hand as she was in her Battle Suit and Jacket, as she was ready for a fight

"Go show 'Em!" Cheers Travis

"Kick it's ass K'!" Cheered Mordred

"Be careful Kiana!" Warns Brynhildr

"Will you just Relax sis?! I got this in the bag!" Boasts Kiana

"Let the match," Said Prof, Port as he raised his Axe, and Kiana Aims his guns at the cage
"BEGIN!" and soon, He slashes the lock, revealing the Grimm within to be a boarbatusk.

as the Boar Charges at Kiana, she Points her guns at the Boar, as shoots. but the armor on the Boar was too thick, making her attempts useless as she jumped out of the way.

"Haha, wasn't expecting that were you?" Said Prof. Port 

'If it's hard,'
 She thought as she pulled out her baseball bat from her Semblace
'Then hit it harder so it'll Break!'

she charges forward and bashes her Baseball at the Boarbatusk, only for it it bounce off and the boar to hit her head on, sending her back as her Bat was flung out of her grip

"Oh ho, What will you do without your Hardest Weapon?" Said Prof. Port

"Kiana!" Calls Out Brynhildr

"I-I'm Okay! Totally Fine! Not out yet!" she Said as she stood up and saw the Boar charging at her again, she panics and Jumps over the boar and makes a Quick dash toward her Bat and slides towards it and Picks it up

"Kiana! go for it's belly! there's no Armor underneath there!" Said Ruby

"I Know that already!" Said Kiana as she stood up and saw the Boar start to spin like a Wheel, charging right at her

She Panics again and holds her bat with two hands and prepares to take it head on, and then, strikes the boar as if she was hitting a Baseball, and manages to hardly send it fall back on it's back

seeing her Chance, she puts her Baseball bat back in her Semblance and Holds her guns again and jumps right on the Boarbatusk, and riddles the belly with Bullets, Finally killing it.

"Bravo! Braa-vo! it seems we are in the Presence of a Huntress with quite the Potential!" Praises Prof. Port
"but I'm afraid that's all the time for today students. Class, dismissed."

"Whew... that was close..." Noted Kiana as she looked around herself in the classroom, and saw that the other students were whispering somethings

"did you see that?"
"Yeah. and she SUUUCKED."
"the only reason she won was because she just panicked like a Scared cat!"
"can't believe she's the sister of someone like Brynhildr Kaslana."

"......." she looks as she figured that she MAY have won the fight, but she did make some messes along the way as she did, Almost making her, the Leader, the Laughing stock of her team.

"Kiana? Are you...Okay?" she looks over to see Ruby and her team, as well as her own team walk toward her, as she was Spacing out.

"I-I'm fine! I just...uh...I need to get to the rest room." She excuses herself as she walks away put of the Class, as she slowly starts to run when no one was watching.

"What was wrong with her? she didn't seem...well, Alright at all." Noted Yang

"Maybe the Adrenalin was getting to her head." Noted Mordred

"I'll go look for her." Said Brynhildr as she started to walk out
"The rest of you can Move on. We'll be there with you soon."

"Don't get lost." Calls out travis

[A the Court Yard]


'....I messed up again...' thought Kiana as she was sitting on a bench, and hold one of her knees as on foot was on the edge of the Bench
'Damn it! Why everytime I want to show off by myself, I have to mess up along the way!?'

"Kiana?" She heard Rubies voice again as she looked back, and saw that Ruby And Weiss were walking toward her from behind

"Oh, Hey ruby! And....Oh god you again." Greeted Kiana

"Hey!" Yelled Weiss Offended

"Are you okay? you seem...down." Noted Ruby

"What? Psh Nah I'm fine!" Lies Kiana

"Kiana if something is wrong, you can just tell us Alright? We're friends aren't we?" Said Ruby

"..Well....*Sigh* L-Look I just...I sick of it." 

"Sick of what?" Asks Weiss

"Of People Looking over Me and heading toward my Sister All the damn time!" Kiana yelled, as the other two girls were kind of shocked to her out-Burst, as she was standing up and walking toward the fountain
"Ever since My sister became a Celebrity after The first Nero-Fest and after winning the next 4, I was just happy! Happy that my sister was getting the Attention that she deserved. but.... I started to notice that...What about Me?"

" So..your Jealous of your own sister?" Asks Weiss

"No! I...I could never blame Bryn for just being...Well for being Herself in general." Kiana answers as she looks at herself in the fountain, Seeing her own reflection of herself with a sad expression
"When ever I walk some where, People won't bat an Eye. But when My sister is with me, THEN they go all over not just Her, But ME too. the only reason People want to Befriend me....Is ONLY because of Bryn. I'm not saying that my sister is a lot more famous than me. I could never ask for a Better sister than that. She's like, My Ideal Sibling! She's Strong, Cool, Pretty, and is skilled. but....what About Me?"

Ruby and Weiss were Slowing getting the gist of things as they walk toward Kiana
"You...want People to Notice you...For Who you Are. Is that it?" Asks Ruby

"Well, Yes." Answers Kiana, Still looking at herself in the Reflection of the Fountain
"I don't want People to look at me as 'the Sister of a Celebrity'. I want People to see that I'm Strong too. I want them To Like me for being just as Strong as my sister. Because Everytime My sister is in danger, I just barely can Help while she sorts in all out By herself." she slowly holds her own Arms, looking more sad
"I just...want People to see that I'm Strong too. That I Can be Great Too! I want them to Like me for those stuff....not that I'm Just 'the sister of a Celebrity'."

"But Kiana, You DID Prove your self!" Said Ruby as she Walks toward Kiana further
"You became the Team leader! Isn't that Enough?"

"It Is. but no matte what, the title of 'Team Leader' is just a Badge you wear. not.... something that everyone looks up to." Said Kiana, Feeling even more down

"Hey it's not...That bad I mean sure, You sister Just Won a Tournament...for 5 a row....B-But YOU at least STILL have your Own Quirks!" Said Weiss, trying to make her feel better

"R-Really?" Asks Kiana as she looks back at the two, Not believing that Weiss of all people was Saying this.

"Well yeah! your nice, you have a Cool semblance, and you have a Cool set of Weapons, and your fun to hang around with!" Ruby said

"I-I am?"

"Well you may be Loud, Judgemental, and you DID try to Pay me to stay away from you...but..after hearing your story and your struggles... I See that just like me, you are trying to Prove yourself. your goals were more about making people see you for, Well, You." said Weiss
"While my motives were....Well..."

"Selfish?" Said Ruby

"N-No! wait...y-yes...Selfish..." Agrees Weiss, Accepting her Own selfishness
"B-But at least it means you'll be a Good Huntress! and if people can only see YOU for your Sister...then they might as well be blind!" she finished

" guys!" Said Kiana with a Happy smile as she Was tearing up too, and gave the two A warm Tight Hug

"It's okay. what are friends for?" Said Ruby as she and her Partner hugged back

"Well said!" then, All three girls Jumped and stopped hugging as they saw A Blond woman walk out from behind the fountain 

"Prof. S-Salem?" Stutters Weiss

"H-How long were you standing there?" Asks Kiana, Feeling some Embarrassment Showing up.

"Long enough." Answered Salem as she walks around the Fountain
"I may be a Teacher here in beacon, But it doesn't mean I skip on going out for a Walk, or even Enthusiastic Walks Though the Woods! Even Leg day as a matter of fact."

"E-Enthusiastic Walk through the Woods?" Asks Ruby

"Either way, Miss Kaslana, You may be Right about wanting people to Accept you for being yourself," Agrees Salem, making Kiana giggle in Embarrassment
"But in the end, Fame, Being a Celebrity, And attention, none of them Matter really."

"They...Don't?" Asks Kiana as all three of them were Confused

"Well, You don't need to be Famous, if you want to help those in need." Start The Blonde tall Teacher as she start 
"If you want People to see that you are Quite the Hero you want to be, then Actions Speak Louder than Titles and Names. and if your First try didn't work, there's Always Another Chance for you. it has been only ONE DAY After all."
And she starts to walk away as she was looking back at the Students
"And Besides, I do Believe you Already have Quite a Lot of Friends Already." and with that, she walks away

"I have?"

"Kiana!" She and the other two heard Mordreds voice as they look back to see that Kianas Team, Yang and Blake, and Even Teams AANS, JNPR and CEMT were all running toward her


"There you are! we were Worried sick about you!" Yelled travis

"And it didn't really help when when we figured you weren't in the bath room too." Said Brynhildr

"Why...Are You here?"

"Your our Leader, DUH?" Said Mordred

"No No No not YOU guys...why are...well YOU guys here?!" Asks Kiana looking at the others

"Well After your Match, we thought you might have been Hurt and didn't want to tell us about it. it made me Worried." Answered Akame

"Well..We ARE friends..and I kinda Ended up Dragging my own team so.." Answered Jaune

"It's Alright Jaune." Comforts Pyhrra

"well....I just ended up getting Dragged Along too. it's..not that I WANT to be here for you but...Well I was just worried." Answered Cinder

"She's lying! she was totally Worried for your safety!" Texted Neo

"anyway. our next Class is about to start." Said Brynhildr as she Held her hand toward Kiana
"Are you ready to go now?"

"....Aww...You guys are the best!" Said Kiana with a Smile, Seeing that she Already has Friends that Appreciate for who she is.
"Sorry if I made you all worried! So What's Our next class?"

"Its the  'Armory Class'. And it's teacher is named...." starts Ren as he looks into his Scroll
"..Dell Conagher." He finished

"Anyway! Let's go before we ALL Are late again!" Said Nora as All 20 of them were Starting to walk
"Also, you GOTTA hear the Theory that I have...about our...Red White haired Friend here." she said as she Pointed her Thumb at Shirou in a Sneaky way

"For the LAST TIME : I'M NOT. THE DEVIL! NORA!" yells Shirou

"YOU GOT NO PROVE THAT YOU'RE NOT!!" yells back Nora

"...Tell me More about that Theory" Said Akame

" that you think about it..." Said Ruby

"Oh on Montys Glasses My teammate is the Devil." Said Anastasia

"REALLY?! WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?" Yells Shirou in disbelief while His Own Step sister, cinder, Laughs at his Short comings and bad Luck.

'...Well....At least the Very least the People Who DO Appreciate me for Who I am....Are really fun to be with.' Thinks Kiana as she looks around at her friends
'...And one of them might even be Actually Saten! What's Awesome!'

What a First day of school THIS was.
Makes you want to WRITE DOWN about it.


Chapter Text


[Beacon, Sparring Class]



In the Sparring stage, there was Jaune and his opponent, Cardin Winchester, as jaune seemed to be on his knees Exhausted, while Cardin gave a Smug Smirk at the Blonde boy.

Jaune gives a Battle Cry as he charges right at Cardin while taking a swing, but Cardin just dodges and Swings his Mace at Jaune. he blocks with his Shield but is Thrown back because of the impact.

not giving up yet, Jaune get's right back up and charges and Winchester again and Swings his sword at him another time and They enter a Weapon-Lock, while Winchester was Pushing Jaune Down

"This is the Part where You Lose." Said Cardin as he was Pushing his mace down on Jaunes Sword

"Over.....My...." Starts there was a Quick Flash of Light blue in his eyes. and Soon, Cardin found himself being Pushed back

"huh?!" He gasped as he watched Jaune become Stronger out of the Blue

"DEADBODY!!!" Finishes Jaune as he somehow got on Equal Footings with Cardin and was even starting to push Cardin back by at least 2 steps

"What in the?!" Gasps Cardin, Having no Idea where this New found Strength even came out from
"You Little!"

Jaune then Grunts as Cardin Threw a Knee right into his Belly, Making him Grunt and fall on the floor.

He Raises His Mace, ready to strike Jaune down, But right then and There_


"That's enough." Spoke up Glynda Goodwitch as the lights were back to normal, while the monitors show Jaunes Aura and the Red zone, and Cardins at Full.

"Students, as you can see, Mr. Arcs Aura Has now Dropped into The red Zone. In a tournament Style Duel, this would indicate That Jaune is no longer Fit for battle and the Official may Call the Match." explained Goodwitch to the Students
"Mr.Arc it's been Weeks now, Please try to Refer to your scroll during Combat. Gauging your Aura will Help you to decide when it is Appropriate to Attack, or when it is better to move to a...Defensive Strategy." 

but Jaune wasn't even Paying attention, he was staring at his sword while still sitting down, Wondering that....What just happened? He Was being Beaten down Easily at the end, but before he was fully defeated, he Quickly Became stronger in Strength For a Brief Moment, Making him Strong enough in Terms of Physical Strength to Push back Cardin Winchester of all people. it was... Really Odd to him that he just became Strong in a short Spam of time for ONE Moment.

'What happened? Was that..My Semblance? ...m-maybe?'

"Mr.Arc are you Paying attention?" Asks Goodwitch, seeing that Jaune was somewhat Day Dreaming.

"Yes, yes I am Professor." Answers Jaune as he decided to think about it on a Later Time

But Meanwhile, Brynhildr and Only a Few of the other Students Look Over at Jaune in a Mysterious Manner, As if she Noticed a sudden Power Increase Within Jaune.

"Good. And As I can see, We still have a few more minutes of our Class." Said Glynda Goodwitch looking toward the Students
"Enough for just One more Match To finish the day."

"Then I'll Fight Again." Said Cardin as he was holding his Mace over his Shoulder
"I would really like to Have A Good fight Against someone that Isn't a Wimp Please?"
He said as his Words were to hurt Jaune for the thrill of it

"Well, You seem to be in the Shape for Another Match, Mr. Winchester." Said Goodwitch as she Placed His name on her Scroll, Making it Appear on a Monitor behind her and she then looks toward the Students
"But Which one of you Students would like to Fight Against Mr. Winchester for the Final Match of the day?"

"I would Like to Ma'am." Said A female voice as she Raised Her Hand among the Crowd

"Ah, Miss Redgrave. Of course, Please Equip your Weapons and walk toward the stage." Said Goodwitch as she entered Another Name on her Scroll, and the other Monitor showed Akames Name, Face, and Aura Level.

As Akame stood up from her seat, she held a Casual Grip over her sword as she was Ready for a Fight against a Muscle Brain.

"Hey Akame?" She heard her Cousin Nero Call out to her as she Looked back at his Teammates
"Kick his Ass to next Friday."

"Make him Cry for Forgiveness." Also Said Anastasia

"Well, I might as well say something too." Said Shirou as he looked to his Leader
"Akame, Destroy Him."

"I was Planning on that Anyway." Said Akame as she Walked toward the stage

"Show Him what you got Sis!" Cheers Ruby

"Yeah Sis! Teach him what Your Made of!" Also Cheered Yang, both her Little sisters Knowing that Akame was Obviously Going to Win.

"Aww how Sweet, the Big Sibling's gonna play Tough guy." Mocks Cardin as he held his Mace tightly with both hands
"Too bad your gonna hit the 'Humiliation Town' After this fight Right In Front All your friends and Family."

"Me getting Beaten? By You?" Asks Akame as she Pulled out her Guns, Misery and Comedy
"Not in a Hundred Years."

"Talk Big All you want girly. It's just gonna make The Beating I'll give To You All the More Fun." Said Cardin as he Prepares His Mace ready to Attack Already

"Ready?" Asks Glynda as she sees Akame Hold her Guns at Cardin, and Cardin Raising his Mace
"set." Both Students Tense, ready to make their First Move

and soon, The Lights above them turn on and the rest of the Lights Shut down, as Akame starts Shooting bullets at Cardin. Cardin Manages to Block but gets a few Shots into his Aura, but he just tanks through the Impact and the Pain as he Charges at Akame.

But Akame Jumps up as she was Right Above Cardin, and she Swings her Whole body downward as her head was facing the Ground, and she spins her body as she Shoots down upon Cardin.
By that, she Performed RAINSTORM. Which was a Move she Learned From her Father While they were Training With Gunplay a While back before Coming to Beacon.

As she Literally Rained Down Bullets On Cardin, a Huge Chunk Of His Aura was Knocked Away While Akame Lands back on the Floor, Completely Unfazed.

"Why You God Damn...UGH..." Grunts Cardin as he Stands up, The Pain Starting to Settle in for him even if his Aura Protected him
"Come here!" he yells as he Swings his Mace At Akame

"Pass." Akame Simply Answers in a Calm matter, and Makes a Side Step as Cardins Mace hits the Floor where she was standing a Second Ago. And Soon, Cardin Finds the Barrel of Akames Black gun: Misery, right next to his head.

He panics and Pulls his whole Body back as he Dodged a Bullet that was meant for his head, and Soon, Akame Points both guns at Cardin and Starts Shooting again, Taking down his Aura even more

Cardin starts to Make a few more swings at the Black haired Girl, But She just dodged All the Attacks as if they were Nothing to her.

"You Sister is Really Fast." Noted Ren as his team were sitting Close to team RWBY

"Nah. She's Not Even going full out yet." Said Yang
"Cardin's Just Too Slow for Her! And Literally Too Slow For Me and Ruby too!"

"How is that?" Asks Phyrra as she was Curious to why would Yang say that Cardin was Too Slow Compared to The Sisters

"Well Our Dad Teach us A lot of Ways of how to Dodge, Or as he Puts it: Trick our way out of Any Kind of Attack!" Explains Ruby
"and...Well Hehe...uhh..."

"And What?" Asks Jaune, Really Confused as to why Ruby was stuttering now

"Well...You see..." Continues Yang nerviously

"The Dodging Technics that Our Dad teach us...Kinda Improved Real Fast thanks to our Uncle Vergil...." Finally Finishes Ruby, Being reminded of the HORRIFYING Spars she and her Sisters had Against Their Uncle
"Seriously, Our Uncle Vergil is Crazy Fast. We Could barely last a Minute Against him in our Practice Matches....*Gulp*."

"So You mean to tell me that..." Starts Pyhrra, getting the Gist of it

"That We have had A LOT Of Practice Matches Against Our Uncle whom is Lighting fast, Even when his Semblance Isn't Related to Speed, That Attacks Like Cardin's Are Easier Compared to the ones that We had to Block or Dodge or worse, TAKE IN HEAD ON PAINFULLY?" Said Yang With a sweat drop
"Well YEAH! Preeeeetty much...those Times Against our Uncle even while Practicing were Scary."

"Y-your Uncle Sounds...Pretty Strong the way you describe him..." Said Jaune, As he was Also Scared now

"Trust us. He IS." Said Ruby

But back at the Match
"HOLD STILL You Brat!!!" Yells Cardin as he Lunches forward and swings Around his Mace Towards Akame

"Nope." Simply answered Akame as she dodged again as if it wasn't even Worth her time to Dodge, then as she had Gotten behind Cardin while Dodging, she Took him by surprise and Laid Waste on her Remaining Bullets and Shot Cardin on his back, Making him Grunt as he lose his Grip over his Mace and fell flat one knee.


And Soon, the Lights were turned back on as it Cardins Aura Was Dropped to Red zone

"And with that, Miss Redgrave wins the Match." Said Goodwitch, Impressed that how Good Akame was with just duel handguns. Just like her father a Little even 

Meanwhile, Cardin Eyes Akame as she walks our of the Stage toward her Team, Already Hating the fact that he lost to some Girl.

[At the Cafeteria]



"So. There We Were, In the Middle, Of the Night." Said Nora

"It was day." Corrected Ren, While teams RWBY and AANS were listening to Nora's dream, while they all were sitting on the same Table

"We were Surrounded By Ursai." Said Nora in a dramatic Tone

"They were Beowolves." Corrected Ren Again


"two if 'Em." Corrected Ren Yet Again

"But they were no match! And in the End, Ren and I Took them Down and made a butt loud of Liens selling Ursa Skin Rugs!" Finished Nora with a Smile

Ren then Sighs "She's been having this Dream for nearly a Month now."

"I've heard Ursa skin rugs Make A lot of Lien." Said Nero as he was Somehow Listening
"Maybe It'll Work out well for you after Graduation."

"Let me guess, You're Considering Selling Ursa Skin your self?" Asks Shirou

"Maybe. I'm just saying though." Answers Nero

"Jaune, Are you okay?" Asks Pyhrra Seeing that her Leader was in Deep thought

"Huh? Oh yeah, I'm fine. Why?" Asks Jaune

"it's just that you seem a little..." Starts Ruby

"Troubled." Finishes Akame

"Is it about that Match back in the Class?" Asks Nero

"What? N-No it's...Something Else...Something that...I-I just don't know my self." Answers Jaune
As he noticed Cardins team picking on a Rabbit Faunus Who was just trying to eat her food

"Jaune, Cardin's been Picking on you since the First Week of School." Said Pyhrra

"Ugh Pyhrra I just said this ISN'T about Winchester Bullying me!" Said Jaune Looking over at Pyhrra

"OH so you ADMIT it?" Said Nero pointing his Spoon at The Blonde boy

"L-Look back in that match...Something Happened to me." Finally Explains Jaune
"I was obviously getting beaten, but then Something...Happened to me."

"What do you mean jaune?" Asks Pyhrra concerned 

"I-I dunno... It felt like my Strength got Doubled for a moment and I Got Stronger!" Said Jaune, Making his Team and Friends Surprised
"It felt like some kind of Force was giving me Strength for a Moment. Enough Power to at least Push Cardin back a little....Well That WAS until Well...."

"Until he cheap shot you." Said Anastasia


"Maybe it was Your Semblance!!!" Said Ruby in a Happy tone
"Semblances usually Activate When your backed in a corner For a Brief Moment! maybe your finally Unlocking your own Step by Step!!"

"That's a Possibility." Agrees Akame

"But it Still Doesn't change the fact That Cardin Picks on you 24/7." Said Shirou

"Guy's, Come on. What is Important right now?" Said Jaune looking at his friends
"That Cardin is, well, Cardin. Or the fact that I might have Unlocked my Semblance A little?"

"Jaune, Buddy, Look, it's nice to know That you Might have a Power Boosting Semblance Deep down there," Agrees Nero
"But it doesn't change the fact that, well you know,"

"That Cardin Seems To Pick on You the most." Finishes Akame

"Look, Sure cardin DOES Pick on me," Said Jaune

"As you just Admit a few seconds ago." Said Nero

"Yes Yes whatever you said, but he usually Just sticks to Practical jokes! Their not that bad." Said Jaune shrugging it off

"Jaune he knocked your Books out of your Hands." Said Anastasia

"So what? It didn't hurt Me at all! And I just picked them up right After!"

"He Activated your Shield Sheath in middle of the door, Making you get stuck." Said Ruby

"W-Well uh,"

"And who Can Forget when he Pushed you into one of The Lockers, Activated it, and sent you Flying?" Points out Shirou

"I didn't Land far from the School!" 

"Dude, He was Gonna Put fire crackers on your sit so they would Explode the moment you sit on them!" Yells Nero

"W-What?! That's-Wait, That Didn't happen! Your just making that on up now!" Said Jaune

"Yes, It didn't." Said Akame
"Because Me and Nero Saw and Stopped Them before they followed through with it."

"R-Really?" Asks Jaune, Now knowing he luckily Skipped A Really big Flag because of their Help with that one

"Jaune you know if you ever need help you could just Ask." Said Pyhrra 

"OOOH!!" Nora then Gets up
"We'll BREAK his Legs!"

"Dibs on Knee Caps!!" Yells Nero

"Aww Dang it!" Said Nora, Seeing that she Didn't Call Dibs on Cardins Knee Caps First

"Guys, Really, It's Fine!" Said Jaune as he Started to get up
"Besides, It's not like his only a jerk to me. He's a jerk to Everyone!"

"I can see that right now from what I'm seeing." Said Anastasia

"What do you mean by that?" Asks Jaune, but his Question was Answered as he heard Team CRDL Laughing and the Cries of the Rabbit Faunus

"Ooow!! That Hurts!" Cries the Bunny Faunus while Cardin was pulling her Ear, while they all were laughing
"Please, Stop...."

"Hahaha I told you it was real!" Said Cardin

"what a Freak!" Said Russtel

"That Son of a Bitch!" Said Nero, Anger Filling him from within

"I've had Enough." Said Akame as she stood up and started to make her way toward team CRDL

"W-Wait What is she doing?" Asks Jaune really Worried

"She is going to be the Voice of Logic." Answers Yang

"she wouldn't stand for People Bullying the two of us back in the day. So why wouldn't she now?" Said Ruby

"Hey." Calls Out Akame as he was right in Front of Team CRDL 

"Huh?" Cardin and his team look over to Nero
"What do you want?

"Hands Off the Rabbit. NOW." Demands Akame

"What? Wait, Are you seriously Taking this Animals Side?" Asks Cardin with a Laugh as he Pulls harder On The Rabbit girls Ear

"OW!! Stop it, Your going to tear it off!" Cries the Faunus as there were Tears slowly Forming in her eyes

"I said: Hands off. NOW."  Repeats Akame

"Or what? You gonna Run and Call for a Teacher_OW!!" Cardin was interrupted as a Akame Cuts him off by Kicking his hand off of The Rabbit girls ears, making her to finally pull her head back

"I warned you." Said Akame as she held the Girls Hand and started to walk away with the Faunus, as the Girl just stumbles as the Girl with the long Black hair was just dragging her away from the bullies

"HEY!" Yells Cardin as Akame looks back to see Cardin walking toward her and Fast.
Akame Acted fast and made the Faunus girl to stand right behind her as Cardin was up face to Face with the Akame
"You have some nerve to just Walk away after ruining my fun little girl!"

"Fun? You Call Almost ripping off a Persons Ear Fun?" Asks Akame, Not Believing that This was Considered Fun for Him

"'Person'? you Actually think that THIS Animal is a Person?" Asks Cardin while Laughing in middle of his own Words too

"The Only Animal I'm seeing is a Overgrown Bug that only knows how to talk Big." Said Akame
"And it's standing right in front of me."

"What?! You Listen here you little Bi_" Starts Cardin

"Get out of my Face now." Said Akame Cutting him off. as she starts to walk off again

"HEY! I'm not done with you yet!" Shouts Cardin as he holds a Tight Grip on Akames Shoulder, and she Looks back at the Bully
"Don't you Just turn your back On me!!!"

"P-Please S-Stop." Begs the Rabbit Faunus as she looks toward Akame with sad eyes
"I'm not Worth it, Just Stay out of this."

"Staying out of letting this Oversized Gorilla To have his way with you?" asks Akame

"Now your Pushing it you God Damn Brat!" Shouts Cardin even Louder as he Pushes Akames Shoulder back, Making her to turn Around to him Face to Face
"You better Apologize now or I'll_"


But Cardin didn't finish, Because Akame Landed a Hard Punch right into his face. Shocking the People who were Watching, and scarring the Rabbit Faunus because of knowing what Cardin will do next.

"If you think I'll just Apologize to a Bully like you, then Remember, I said it Once, And I'll say it again: Not in a Hundred Years." Said Akame, Standing her Ground Against the Bully

"Why you little!" One of Cardin's Teammates Yells as he and the rest of Cardin's Goons Run up to them and Were Standing Right In Front of the Girls, As Akame didn't change her Expression But the Faunus was More Scared now
"Hey Cardin, Are you Alright?"


"HEY JACKASS!!!" Another Voice Shouts as Cardin and his team, also the girls look back to see Akames Team were Walking up to them as Shirou made the Bunny Stumble back behind them away from the Bullies
"Didn't your Mother ever Teach you it's now Nice to Raise your Voice on a Girl? Or was she Too Busy Fucking every Dog she Came Across With?"

"What did you just Say?!" Shouts Cardin Looking even More Pissed at Neros Mocking 

"He's saying that Beat it you Animals." Speaks Up Anastasia
"If you Think we'll Just let you to Insult or hurt our Leader, then You'll Be Greatly Sorry."

"So Beat it now, Or you'll figure out how Hospital Food Tastes Like." Said Shirou as his Arms Were Crossed, Not Having Any of these Bullies Crap

"Grrr." Grumbles Cardin as he Looks Akame Straight in the Eye
"This Isn't Over yet!" 
and then, Cardin and his team Start to Walk away out of the Cafeteria

"Man, What an Asshole." Said Nero

"How did someone like HIM Manage to Attend here in Beacon?" Asks Anastasia

"I don't know, And I frankly Don't Care." Answers Akame

"U-Um..." then the Entirety of Team AANS Look over to see the Rabbit Faunus Speaking up while looking really shy
"Th-Thank you for Helping me out....B-But That way you just got on his Bad Side. Why Would you..."

"Help you?" finishes Akame
"Because I can't stand Bullies."

"Honestly, Getting a Bad grade scares me More than being on hat guys Bad side if anything." Said Nero, dismissing it as if it wasn't any Problem at all

"And if you Think We'd be Scared of Someone like Cardin Winchester, Then you are Insulting us." Said Anastasia

"Oh?! S-sorry!" Apologized The Faunus girl as she bowed her head toward Ana a Little
"Oh and, My name is Velvet Scarlatina!"

"I'm Akame. Akame RedGrave."

"Anastasia Schnee."

"Call me Nero."


"It's Nice to meet you all. and thanks for Helping me out." Thanked Velvet Smiling

"We couldn't just Let them Get Away with it Could we?" Said Nero

"where are your team mates?" Asks Anastasia

"They had an Extra Assignment, so they had to Stay in Class for a little Overtime. they said I could go ahead." Explains Velvet

"You know, You can just come over and sit with us over there with some of our Friends." Offers Nero to Velvet

"No no you don't have to! I was just going away really it's not_"

"Then it's settled!" Said Nero as he Held a Hand around Velvet making her Weep in Surprise
"C'Mon, Let's go over there before Lunch breaks over."

"B-But..But.." Starts Velvet as she was forced to walk over Along with team AANS to the table with RWBY and JNPR,
While Cardin stares at them with a Hateful Glare.


[History Class]



",Humankind was quite Adamant About centralizing Faunus  population in Menagerie." Said Prof.Oobleck as he was literally Teleporting around the Classroom because of the amount of Cafe he had in his Braincells, because he took another sip of the said Cafe

while everyone were listening to him, they were shifting their heads left and right because of how fast he was.

"Now! Have Any among you been subjugated or Discriminated Because of your Faunus Heritage?" Asks the Quick Cafe man

"Yo Prof. Oobleck?" Said Nero as he raises his hand

"Yes Mister Redgrave?" Asks Oobleck

"I know SOMEONE who Has and Still is being the victim of ALL those stuff you just said." Said Nero as he points at a Girl right below him on the lower desks
"Right here."

Velvets Ears Move down as Nero just points at her 
"Y-Yeah....It's me..." said Velvet, Embarrassed that Nero would stick out for her like this

"Dreadful, Simply Dreadful! Thank you for your Coopration Mister Redgrave." Said Oobleck as he looks toward all the students
"Remember Students, It is Precisely this kinds of ignorance that breeds violence!" he takes another sip of his Cafe
"I mean, I mean, I mean just look what happened to the White Fang!"


"MISS MORDRED REDGRAVE!! Please Refer from Using Such Heavy Language IN MY CLASS  PLEASE!" Scolds Oobleck

"S-Sorry...Got caught in the moment there a little too much." Apologizes Mordred while some of the Students just look over at her, and some were Faunus too

"Now! before I was Rudely Cut off, Which one of you Young Scholars can tell me what many theorists Believe the turning point in the third year of the war?" Asks Oobleck

then, Weiss raises her hand to answer
"The Battle at Fort Castle."

"Yes! And, Who could tell me the Advantage that the Faunus had Over General Lagune's Forces?" Asks Oobleck

at that moment, Cardin flicked a Paper at Jaunes head whom was Asleep mostly, and it knocked him back to being awake

Then Oobleck appeared right in front of his desk
"Mister Arc! Finally contributing to Class! This is Excellent! Excellent!! what is the Answer?"

"Uhhhh... the answer...the Advantage, of the Faunus....Had over that guys stuff...." he starts as he looks behind Him to see Nero and Mordred Waving At him, as he looked, he saw that the two siblings Holding out two Papers In their hands in a certain order

the paper in Neros Hand was the Picture of the Moon and stars.

and the Paper in Mordreds Hand was a Picture of a Pare of Eyes


"EXCELLENT!!!" Cheers and also Praises Oobleck, while he Appeared right behind his Table again
"But Not the Complete Answer I'm afraid. would anyone else like to Explain Further than Mister Arc in a more Accurate Manner?" asks Oobleck, while Mordred and Nero Fist Pump as their Little Scheme Was was Success somewhat.
....Well not Somewhat, say A Little....Or barely..

"how about you Mister Winchester? Would you like to Explain further For Everyone in the Class for Mr.Arc?" asks Oobleck

"Well, I know it's a lot easier to Train an Animal than a Soldier." Said Cardin with his legs relaxed on the Table in a smug way

"Like you?" Asks Nero in the back ground from his sit as Cardin and a lot of other students look over at him
"Cuz, You know, Your the Most Oversized Cockroach in Existence."

"Hey, He's Actually Not Wrong!" Said Emerald from her sit, yes she was here too, as she and many other of students started to Laugh

"Hey you think your funny?!" Yells Cardin

"Silly, I'm a Comedian!" Bites back Nero with a Smug Smirk

"Alright ALRIGHT Settle down now everyone_" starts Oobleck, until

"What Jaune meant to say is Night Vision Sir." Answers Akame, getting the Attention of Everyone
"Many of the Faunuses Are said to have Perfect Sight in the dark, Making them Good enough to Sneak around in the Darkness, right under the Generals and his Soldiers Noses."
then she looked over to jaune
"And most of People Call them 'Night Eyes' just as Jaune did. It's for a Easier Wording."

"Y-Yeah that's TOTALLY What I meant to say...I just Forgot what they REALLY were Called haha...eeh..." Said Jaune, Glad he got out of the 

"And let's just say Trying to Ambush the Faunus in their Sleep was the Wrong move." Cuts in Mordred
"Because the Faunus could see them in the Dark, so yeah! They saw 'Em comin'. they Got Sucker Punched instead, and Mr. Dumbass General got Captured like a Total Moran." And she Finished what Akame Started

"And if he at least took notes in Class he wouldn't such a historical Failure." Said Akame as she looks at Cardin

Cardin, having Enough of Akame, Get's up with his fists tightened. until

"Mr.Winchester Please take you sit, You can come to me after Class for Additional Readings." Scolds Oobleck, Literally Saying that Cardin Was in Detention now after class.

Shortly after, They all Walked out of the History Class while Cardin stayed behind for his Lecture 

"Hey Mordred?" Calls Out Blake as the Blonde girl looks back
"How did you know that much about the third year of the War?"

"Well my Mom told us about how the Great General got his own Ass handed to him in the most humiliating wait Possible." answered Mordred
"What? Is it because I don't look like the A History Geek like you?"

"No no I was just...surprised you would know about something such as that." Answered Blake

"Jaune?" Calls Out Akame 
"Can we have a Word? It'll be quick."

"huh? W-Why?" Asks Jaune looking at the Red eyed Girl

"I want to talk to you for a moment, so come with me." Insisted Akame

"Um sorry?" Calls out Phyrra as the two look over to her
"Jaune is my Partner so I Think I should be coming too."

"All the better." Agrees Akame
"Come on." and with that, they all Walked away somewhere


[At the Rooftops]


"A-Akame why are we All the way here? L-Look I might be going through a Hard time," Asks Jaune As he looks down from the Height into how Bright the sunset was
"I-I mean I'm not THAT depressed I can Always Be a Farmer or Something,"

"What? NO!" Yells Akame looking over to Jaune
"That's not why I brought you Up here! Are you really THAT Stupid?"

"S-Sorry!" Apologized Jaune

"Akame, Why did you brought Us All the way up here?" Asks Pyhrra

"Jaune, Ever since the first Week of School, You've been barely Improving, and as it seems you've got your Aura Literally in the Initiation, and your Foot work is even Terrible. Which is the most Basic of the basics." Points out Akame, as he got into Jaunes face, making him back away
"So Jaune, I will Ask you ONLY ONCE, And If you Don't Answer honestly, I Will Make you talk no matter what."

"E-Eh..." Jaune Gulps as he Backs away one step, While Pyhrra was just Worried and was ready to Stop Akame if it was going to Go Too far

"Jaune Arc, Tell me..." Starts Akame as she looks Jaune Eye to eye, Scaring him even more
"Did you Come to beacon, with Fake Paper work?"


"I'm asking if you lied your way to beacon with Fake Transcripts? Did you Or not?" Speaks Akame
"Answer me NOW."

"Y-Yes Yes I Lied!" Yells Jaune as he was way to scared of Akames Stubberness

"J-Jaune..." Gasps Pyhrra

"...that Answers My theory." Said Akame as she backs away from Jaune, Giving him some Space
"But Why?"

"Huh?" Wonders Jaune

"Why Didn't you just go to a Combat School first?" Asks Akame
"Why Risk coming here To Beacon if you knew you Didn't have the Skills? Didn't know how dangerous it would be?"

"Cause, THIS is what I Always Wanted to be!" said Jaune, Looking into the sunset
"My Father, My Grand Father, and his Father, And even my Grandmother were All warriors! they were All heroes! Specially My Grand Mother as it just said! I just...I wanted to be Like my Grand Mother more. Someone that Helps People that are in Danger. but...No matter what I Was just never Good enough to even Live up to my Own Granny Image. If anything, ME Being the Grand Son of someone So Great like my Grand Mother is.... Just Humiliating For her..."

"Jaune then," Starts Pyhrra and soon, Akame cuts her off by Stopping her from getting Closer to jaune

"Jaune..." Starts Akame, as jaune looks back to The Black haired Girl...Only for Akame to Grab him by his Collar
and then to Pyhrras Horror, Akame just Punched Jaune in the face, making him Stumble on the Ground

"JAUNE!" Yells Pyhrra as she runs toward her Partner and Leader, while he held his cheek, as it was badly Bruised

"Did you Ever Stopped and Consider how WE Feel About what your Doing to Yourself?!" Shouts Akame
"Did you Ever Stop And Think how WE would Feel, How your OWN TEAM would Feel, If you DIED because you refused to Accept their Help?! Jaune If you don't just Ask for a little bit of help you'll Never Survive until Graduation! You might Die in a Training Mission! How would your Family Feel?! How Broken do you think They'll get when they hear You Got hurt or Died because you just Refused to Accept A LITTLE Help from your own team and Friends?!"

"...A...Akame...Are you...?" Asks Jaune, Looking up at her, Feeling like she was Talking about Something Else Entirely from her heart

"...I....I'm sorry...." Apologizes Akame as she holds her arms as she turns away from them
"...Jaune...L-Look, My Mother, Raven Branwen and My father Divorced When Me and Yang Were Young, She DOES Come to Visit as you might know, sure, but...After they Separated, My Father met Rubies Mother, Summer rose. and...well that's how Ruby came to be..."

"Akame what does this have to do with Jaune?" Asks Pyhrra looking at Akame, Feeling that how sad she was

"Let me finish first." Said Akame
"other than rubies mother, there was Nero and Mordreds Mother too, which was Our Aunt. She was a Nice Person too, Much like our Parents. day, News came that Both our aunt, and Rubies mother, Summer rose, And...a Distant Friend of them...were dead.." after saying that, both Jaune and Phyrra Gasp in shock
"They said that they all died While doing their job...Protecting People.....After that, Our home, the Odd jobs shop our Father set up...wasn't the same anymore. My mother, Raven would Cry in Privet not wanting anyone to see her like that, Blaming her Herself for Their Deaths, And Our Father Wasn't himself anymore. he used to be laid back and Funny, And he would make Stupid jokes even. but after that night, when he figured that his Second Wife and 2 of his friends were dead....He became Colder than usual. he would Avoid us Sometimes and keep to his job, and sometimes, I saw him coming back in midnight heading to the bathroom, while he was soaked in Blood, And Raven stopped visiting so she could keep up with her work as a Lone Huntress...Our home...wasn't Home anymore..."

"A-Akame Look, I'm sorry for what happened to your Step mother and family, but what does this have to do with Me?" Asks Jaune as he starts to stand up

"Don't you get it? After their Deaths, Our Family Almost Fell Apart! It took Two Painful years for our father and Raven to Move on From their Deaths, and to themselves Again. like how they usually were. but jaune...Will Your family Recover from Yours?" Asks Akame, As Jaune was starting to get the picture
"Jaune, If you end up dying in a Training Mission of all things, how will your Family React? How Will they Turn out if you were suddenly Dead? Would your Grandmother Want such a thing?"

"N-No, I-I never wanted to hurt them like that..." Said Jaune, feeling bad already

"Then stop being so Selfish and Let your team help you, Let your Friends help you jaune." Said Akame

"...Your right...I-I'm sorry. I was being Selfish and...As you just said, An Idiot. Me moping over how pathetic I am isn't going to help, and it Will just make things worse. not for me but...for my Team and Family too." Said Jaune looking at his Friends
"So, Akame...I'm sorry for...Hurting you Emotionally like this...I Promise I'll Stop being so Stupid from here on out!"

"Then Maybe I can Help you." Said Pyhrra, as Jaune looks over to her in surprise
"Jaune, If you'd like to, I can Help you Practice Right here, on this Rooftop! So you can be Better!"

"Y-you'd really do that?" Asks Jaune

"Of Course jaune!" Answers Pyhrra as she held Jaunes hand
"What kind of friend would I be Otherwise."

"Aww...thanks you two.." 

"I hope you two Can Practice alright together." Said Akame with a small smile as she started to walk toward the Exit room

"Akame?" Calls out jaune as she looks back toward the blonde boy
"thanks. for helping me out."

"Your welcome..and be careful for yourself. Alright?"

"I will. Promise." Promised Jaune

"...Thanks Jaune. that means a Lot to me." Smiled Akame as she finally walks away

"You know, despite how Cold she can be sometimes, Akame is really a Good Friend." Said Jaune

"I Agree." Agreed Phyrra, as the two of them started to walk away as well

"...Oh Cardin's Gonna LOOOOVE this." Said Sky Lark, as he was Listening to them from his Dorm room's Window, which was Right Below them....That....Can NOT be Good.


Chapter Text

[team  CEMT  dorm room]


"So you got a 4 of a kind?" Asks Mercury

"this isn't go fish idiot." Said Emerald

"Just taking a wild Guess." said Mercury

At the mean time with team CEMT, they were all just Doing their own thing. Emerald and Mercury were playing Cards, Neo was attending to some makeup, and Cinder was dealing with her Ammo Clips on her Guns

"Soooo We got a fieldtrip in a while!" Starts up Mercury
"And I doubt any of you have ever been to Forever Fall before."

"I just heard about it really." Answered Emerald

"My first time too LOL" Texted Neo on her Scroll

"that forest has been infested with Grimm just as much as Emerald forest." Speaks up their leader
"so Don't you screw around too much. got it?"

"Alright Alright! gee sometimes you can be just...too Strict." Said Mercury

"Because I'm Serious." Said Cinder

"okay, Boss, you gotta ease up a little sometimes. My Oldman used to say 'Getting too into your works gonna get you out of the fun of life'. you should consider that." Said Mercury.

"Well your dad sounds like an Lazy man already." Said Emerald

"He's my Step dad Actually. if he counts as the step dad part." Explained Mercury.

"huh. Interesting." Noted Emerald

"Next thing you'll say is that Your using Prosthetics too." Said neo by Texting

"...E-Errm....uuh..." Stutters Mercury

"....You Really use Prosthetics?" texted Neo

"N-No! I a full on and Complete Person!" Shouts Mercury

"Yeah as my Cousin Travis would put it:'Im calling bull****' " texted Neo

"Get off my back!" Yells Mercury

"Will you idiots tone it Down Already?!" Speaks up Cinder

"Sorry." Apologized Mercury while Neo bowed her head, but then, they both sniffed the Air
"...Hey is something Burning?"

"Oh Crap!" Emerald then Rushed to a Small Microwave she installed in their Dorm
"The Damn things Over heated now! It's burning!"

"I'll go get a Towel for that." Said Mercury as he got up for his bed

'...I hope Shirou isn't having a better time than me...' Wondered Cinder



[Team AANS Dorm room]


'...I bet Cinders having A Bad time unlike me.' Thought Shirou as he and his team were...Honestly, better off than CEMT right now.

right now, they all had walking out of taking a shower in turns, first Akame, then Ana, then Nero, and right now, Shirou was running both hands in his hair while the warm water was running down his face.

as he closes the water and puts a towel on, he walks out to his teammates while Akame was in her underwear and was blushing her wet long hair, and Anastasia had a full on Bathrobe while drying her own hair, and Nero had his Pants while he was fully shirtless. but Shirou was bothered by one thing and ONE THING only

"How can You be in your underwear with 2 boys indoors around you?" He asks his Leader

"I don't mind. Anas a girl too, Neros my Cousin, and You wouldn't just stare from how much I know you." Said Akame as she brushes her hair
"And Me and my sisters Always just wear our underwear after showers like this."

"So you mean to tell me, you and your younger sisters take your showers, then you just wear your Underwear sometimes, and That's THAT?" Asks Anastasia in her bathrobe.


"Wouldn't you catch a cold?" Asks Ana again


"But wouldn't it be too weird for the three of you to be...Y-You know...Almost Naked in each others Presence?" Asks Anastasia

"We Are sisters and it was Just us, so we didn't mind. We would even Sleep like this in One bed together sometimes. even without any_"

"OOOOKAY That's enough Akame!" Cuts in Nero by Dropping some of his Aura into his right Arm, Summoning a longer version of it and placing in on Akames Mouth, Not wanting Her to Talk too much
"Some things are better off NOT Talked about in public!"

"...I guess you're right." Agrees Akame As Nero removed his Right Arms Semblance form form her mouth before making it vanish

'....Yeah...I'm Perhaps having a better time than Cinder right now After all...because it can't be THAT Good on her end.' Thinks Shirou

but meanwhile, Akame was Thinking about how Jaunes Training with Pyhrra was going. Ever since that Day when Akame talked some sense into his head, Jaune has seem to be improving for the past days. But Today, she didn't see him around his team much, and As Pyhrra told her, he didn't show up for their training last night, telling Pyhrra that he had something important to do over a Scroll call. I was making her a...Little Worried.

"Are you Alright?" She was snapped back to reality as Shirou called out to her from his own bed
"You seem Troubled by something."

"It's...About jaune, I haven't seen him anywhere today. Not at all." Answered Akame

"Jaune? I've heard he was helping out team CRDL Today on a Assignment they had." Said Nero, getting all their Attentions

"CRDL? Why would jaune do such a thing?" Wonders Anastasia, really curious about this new turn of event

"You think Cardin forced him to do his homework?" Asks Shirou

"Probably. I say we Break his legs just as Nora said." Suggested Nero
"and I'm STILL Calling dibs On the jackasses Kneecaps!"

"Can you and Nora Please Stop thinking about breaking a bullies Legs? It's not Logical." Scolded Anastasia

"Aww C'mooon! I know You want to see it too!" Said Nero

'Jaune...What happened Between you and Cardin when I wasn't Around?' Wonders Akame as she looks out of the window, Really Worried For Jaunes safety

[Yesterday, 10:35 PM]



'Man, those trainings that Pyhrra gave me are working pretty good.' Thought Jaune as he was in the Bath room, Washing his face after another Practice sessions on the Rooftop

he had been improving little by little over the past few days, but he hadn't Become almost as strong as The others yet. and the thought of what happened that day in his spar match with Cardin was still bothering his mind.

'is my semblance really a Power Boosting One?' he asks himself mentally as he looks at himself in the mirror
'it just sounds...too Grand to be true...'

"Well hello there jauny boy." Jaune gets Snapped back to reallity when he hears a really Painfully Familiar voice
"Been a while huh?"

"Oh god no C-Cardin..." Speaks up Jaune as he sees Cardin Winchester walk into the Bathroom towards him

"Oh Relax Jaune. I'm just here to talk!" Said Cardin as he wraps an arm around Jaunes Neck in Painful manner
"So, I'm kinda here to say that My Team mate couldn't Help but to overhear on a Conversation between you and your Friends a while ago."


"You Faked your way to Beacon? That's Pretty Gutsy Jauney boy."

Then jaune figure how much Trouble he was in
"L-Look Cardin just_"

"And That Chicks Life story was Pretty Fun to hear About too!" Cuts in Cardin, Making Jaune to Look at him in a questioning Look
"It'd be a really disaster if the Whole School Heard about That Redgrave girls Mother being over the grave. I mean, Think About how much Of a Mess it would make for them!"

" Wouldn't!" Speaks up Jaune

"Oh Don't worry jaune, Your secret is safe with me! And so is those Girls." Said Cardin, Making Jaune to get more Worried
"All I want from you is to do that Homework that Professor Waver gave us Yesterday for Me. OH and the Project Professor Dell gave us Too! You'd do a friend a solid wouldn't you?"

Jaune figured that he was really not given Much of a choice that would end well for him. and... If the Whole School knew about the Hard ships that Akame, Yang and Ruby, God he would never forgive himself.

"O-Okay look just, DON'T Tell anyone about ANYTHING your team heard that night okay? SPECIALY About What Akame said! Alright?!"

"whoa whoa Relax! I told you already I won't Tell anyone until You do as I say!" Assured Cardin as he started to walk out
"Don't worry jaune. Your Secrets are Safe with me."
and with that, he left

"...Aw crap..."





[Present Day, Hallways.]


"...what Am I gonna do?" Jaune wondered as he was walking back to his Dorm, but stopped before Walking in and was just looking down
"S-Sure he might have me Expelled...but Akame and her sisters didn't do anything wrong! they'll....Get really Devastated if The School knew about their mom...Oh god what Am I gonna do???"

"Hey Jaune!"

"Guh!" Jaune got jumped as he Looks back and sees Ruby in her Pajamas

"Long time no See!" Greeted Ruby
"Did you lock yourself out again?"

"Oh! Nope! Got it!" Answers Jaune showing his Scroll

"So! Where have you been Today?" Asks Ruby

"W-well I um...Ugh...L-Look Ruby...I've... Messed Up on something. Your sister Akame and Phyrra tried to help me with, Well, Myself A-And One of Cardins Goons Listened in On some stuff he Shouldn't have known in the first Place, Now he has me On a Leash, And I can't Speak to my Team About it because If I do, Cardins gonna... Spill the Beans On the stuff he heard About Me...and..Some other...stuff." Explained Jaune as he Slides down and sits down on the Floor, Leaning his back on his dorms Door
he Sighs Before speaking again "..I'm Starting to think that Maybe Not Asking for Help from Pyhrra and you guys Sooner was the GREATEST Mistake Of my Life...But Oooh No, I ended up Dragging...some of my other Friends Into this too..."

"oh....Wow..." Ruby Only could sit down next to Jaune
"Jaune Maybe If you just Talk About it to me, Maybe We Can figure something out."

"No no You Don't Understand! Talking To YOU Will Making it Worst!" Said Jaune

"W-Why?" Asks Ruby, Really Confused
"Jaune What does this have to Do with Me?"

"N-Nothing too Important. It's..better if you don't know." Answered Jaune

"Then Help Me understand Jaune." Said Ruby

"..Alright.." He Finally Agreed to Tell Ruby what happened
"Look...A few days ago, Akame tried to Talk some sense into me. And She Ended up Telling me...A-About how your Mother died.."

"Wait...Big sis told you...About my mom?" Asks Ruby Really surprised

"Yeah. About how your Step mother Raven was, How your father Almost shut you and your Sisters out, how your home Change for like, 2 years, And She Told me About All of that as an Example." Explained Jaune, Making Ruby to Get shocked even more
"W-Well, It Actually DID Help me...B-But One of Cardins Goons as I just Said Heard About All of the things Akame said about your Mom. So now Cardin knows too and If I tell Anyone About this, He'll just tell The Whole School about A secret of mine which WILL Get me Expelled and Also he'll tell the Whole School About how you Lost your mother!!"

"J-Jaune..." Ruby Tries To Speak As she couldn't Believe what she had just heard

"Look Just, Don't tell anyone About this Okay? Specially Your Sisters! If he Figures Out I talked to you about ANY of this, He Won't Hesitate to Have me Expelled and Have you and your Sisters Get Picked on because of Losing your Mother! And it All would be Because Of ME ruby!" Jaune finally Expressed how he feels about All of this
"And...I Just.. Can't Stand that I'll Drag you, Akame and Yang down with me.."

Having heard Enough, Ruby Puts one hand over at Jaunes Shoulder Getting his Attention
"Jaune We Don't Care!!"

"Wha?" Said Jaune

"Jaune Look, Thanks for Also Doing this For me and my sisters too, But Seriously! We don't Care!" Speaks up ruby
"Ever since we Lost Mom, Our Family got Torn Apart. Sure. But we All Moved Past Moms death! sure Some Bullies Picked on us when they found out, and I won't Deny that it Sucked. Yang would Beat them up and Akame would Almost Stab them with a Pencil,"

"Stab them?!"

"Yeah she Totally would, And I would throw a Lot of Stones at those Bullies when they Said stuff like 'Har Har Your moms Dee-Eeead' Or Meanie things like that. Heck My dad would Practically Pull a Gun On anyone that Mocked us about Moms death and Mother Raven would get furious Beyond Imaginable, But Me, My sisters, Dad, Mother Raven, Our uncle and cousins, We All Moved Past Moms and Aunts Deaths. It might hurt a little If Cardin Would say something about it to the WHOLE School but It wouldn't Hurt Us All THAT bad!" Explained Ruby as she kept a Grip over Jaunes Shoulder for Comfort
"We might have been Hurt In more than just one Way after Moms death, but It Won't Hurt us Anymore. Because...That's what Mom would want us to do too. she'd want us to Stand Strong On our own. to stand together. as a Family. Jaune You don't Have to Be Scared About Us, You need to Look out For yourself for now, Because you don't Have to Carry All the burden By yourself."

Jaune was stunned after hearing All of this from Ruby, as she Stood up and walked toward her Dorm rooms Door
"And...Jaune? Don't Worry I won't Tell My sisters that Cardin Of all People Knows About Moms death and has Blackmailed you about it. well Yet. but Please, Watch out for yourself Okay?"

"Y-Yeah..I will. Thanks Ruby." Thanked Jaune

"Any time Friend." Said Ruby with a Smile as she Entered her Dorm room Again.

'...Man...If only I was just A little Like Ruby and her Sisters...' Jaune thinks to himself as he noticed his Scroll Getting a Call, And It was Cardin. Of Course it was Cardin.

He answers the Call and Cardin Starts to Speak
"Hey! it's your New Buddy Cardin! I wanted to Thank you for Doing that Homework Professor Waver Gave us. And I know you Might have JUST Started on that Dust and Mechanical Project Professor Dell Gave us, buuuuut I have to Ask you to Forget ALLLL about that Stupid Engineering Project and go get me a Bag of Rapier Wasps AND At least, Like, 200 Liens for us."

"What? W-Why the Money?! A-And wait Rapier Wasps?!" Asked Jaune Really Thrown back by this.

"Look Me and My boys Managed to Get Our hands on some Money to buy Something special. Buuuuuuut we're 200 Liens Short so We're gonna have you Fill that one Part for us. OH and Make sure those Rapier Wasps have some REALLY Sharp And Long Stingers. This is really Important so Don't Screw this up!" and with that, He hanged up

"Buy Something...Special?" Wonders Jaune, Kind of Worried About what Cardin and his Goons were Going to Buy with the Money.


[Next day, Forever Fall Forest]



The Students Were Walking Through the Red Forest For their Assignment, while an Odd looking Teacher was Leading them

"Now I Know what Y'all May Be thinking Right About Now." Spoke up Professor Dell, Their Engineering Classes Teacher while the Students were Following him. He was Bald and a Little Shorter than the other Teachers, But A lot more Taller than Prof. Port, He had an Red Shirt and a Pare of Goggles on his eyes, and a Engineering Glove on his Right Hand too
"As You Fellas Can see, The Forever Fall Forest is Quite the Eye catcher. But We Ain't Here for Sight-seein'. Professor Peach has Issued For Y'all to Have Samples From these Trees 'ere Deep Down. And I'm here to Make sure Non-o-Y'all Turn into Grimm Snacks While Yer At it."

Oh, and It seemed Like Their Engineering Teacher Was a Country Boy too.

All the while Jaune was Dragging All of Team CRDLs Stuff for this fieldtrip.
But With Team AANS, Well Let's say some things were...Off.

"You Okay?" Asks Shirou toward his Team Leader
"....Akame?" He calls out Again, but no Answer.

"Huh?! W-What?" Akame Snaps into Reality when Shioru Calls out for her a Second time.

"He asked If your Alright." spoke Up Anastasia

"Oh...Sorry. I dozed out For a bit..." Answered Akame, Shaking her head to Get All the Sleepiness Out of herself.

"So Look Alive Everyone! You Lot' gonna have to Have One Jar Worth of these Red Saps. Be careful tho. This Forest here is as much as a Cruel Mistress Such as the Emerald Forest. So Expect A Few Beowolves or Ursai. Also DO NOT Drink these Red Saps too! You Can Buy 'Em in a Shop Or somewhere and Down 'Em as much as Y'all Wanna." Warns Professor Dell
"So Be by your Teammates at All time. Move Along now."

with that, They All Walked into the woods while Jaune was dragged Along with Team CRDL....But One of their Teammates, Dove Bronzewing...Wasn't With them Most of the time.


[Later On]


"Hey you think we can Have like an Extra jar of these things? I heard they Taste Real good if you Cook 'Em with something if their Raw." Suggested Nero

"Of course it will. The ones that they sell in stores have Extra Material in them that Ruin the taste most of the time, but maybe we can get Some of these ones Someday if we Ask Professor Goodwitch." Spoke Shirou

"Well Seeing how Good your Cooking is, I bet your gonna have Cook up something Really good if you had some of this." Said Nero as he starts Letting his Jar get filled up.

but meanwhile, Anastasia Noticed that Her Team Leader... Was Acting kind of Out of it today. She was Dozing out and looked kind of Tired ever since left the Cafeteria

"Akame Are you Alright?" She Asked her Partner as she was quietly trying to Get her Jar filled with red sap herself.

"I'm fine I...Just Feel a little Weird." Answered Akame

"you Seem Rather Pale. And you look sick too." Said Anastasia

"I Might have...Ate something I shouldn't have This Morning..." Said Akame as she held a Hand on her Forehead to wipe off some sweat.

"Akame Maybe we should Tell Professor Dell that your Not feeling well." Suggested Shirou

"Yeah You Look like your About to Pass out." starts Nero

"I'll...get the rest of the day off after we get back." Assured Akame as she walks toward A tree and started to feel her Jar.

"And you should Eat Some Tea with Some honey too. It might help you to recover a little." Suggested Shirou

"I'm Not sick shirou. I'm just... A little tired." Said Akame as she was trying to get her Jar filled.
while Her Teammates were Talking and having Their Jars Filled with Red sap, Akames Vision started to become Blurry.
'...What's Wrong with me today? I feel Sleepy...Is it Really something I Ate...? heads....Spinning.....'
those where the Last things she thought before she Blacked out and felt someone Grab her before she Fell, For a moment, She thought one of her Team mates Caught her before she hits the floor before she fully Goes into a Forced Sleep....but oh how wrong she was...

"...Guys?" Calls Out Nero

"What now?" Asks Anastasia

"...Where did Akame go?" He asked as his team mates looked....and to their Shock, Akame was nowhere to be seen...

[Later on]


Cardin and his team were relaxing, while one of their team mates were still missing from the Picture, and Jaune Came back with at least 7 Jars of Red Sap, as he Also Collapsed On the ground for over working himself so much

"Hey! Great job, Jauny Boy!" Congrats Cardin as he gets up
"Now that wasn't too hard was it?"

"I think I'm Allergic to this stuff..." Said Jaune feeling kinda doozy.... And he MIGHT Have Allergic to this stuff for real...

"Yeah Yeah Great great great, So jaune! you might be asking yourself that 'why did my buddy Cardin asked me to Collect SEVEN Jars of red sap when there's just 5 of us?'." Said Cardin
"And Also 'where has Dove been this whole time?'."

"does are the Two Questions I have Asked my self today, Yes..." Agreed Jaune

"Don't you worry. You are About to find that out Right Aboooooout..." Starts Cardin

"I'm back!" Came Doves voice as he Walked in through some of the Bushes.... while he was carrying someone who seemed to be passed out with him

"..Now." finished Cardin as he smirked at the Person He was carrying with him

"...A-Akame?!" Gasps Jaune, Recognizing who Dove was Dragging with him by her Arms





"So what, She just Disappeared?!" Questioned Yang

"I dunno she was RIGHT here A few Seconds Ago!" Said Nero, as team RWBY were with Team ANS, discussing the Fact that Ruby and Yangs Elder Sister was missing.

"And it Is really worrying with how she looked." Noted Shirou
"she looked Really Tired. too Tired than usual..."

"Weiss, Blake, You two go and Tell Prof. Dell about this." Said Ruby as she turned toward the others
"We'll Keep searching for Akame here."

"Alright. Be careful." Warns Blake as she and Weiss start to run to the Professor

'Sis... Please Be Alright...' Said Ruby Mentally, Worried about her Oldest Sister




"Cardin what Are you Doing?!" Asks Jaune as Cardin and his Boys Dragged Akames Unconscious Body on a more Open Field

"Payback." Answered Cardin, Making Jaune Even more worried
"Alright Boys, Thanks to Prof. Ports Little Story," He then Picks up the box of Rapier Wasps that Jaune got for him
"This Nasty little things Looooove Sweets. And I'm thinking it's about time this Brat here Learns what happens when you Mess with someone bigger than her." he said as he gave a not so Painful kick to Akames shoulder, Making her Grunt a little
"And YOU, Are going to Help me out here." he said as he Held one Jar of Zap, and gave Jaune another one


"Drop the Sap On her face and Body, And while she's still out cold because of the Drug me managed to by with a bit of your money, Which we Managed to Slip into her Food Today at morning, She wouldn't Even Notice in time that she's being Swarmed by all this Wasps!"
he explained, Making Jaune to Gasp with Shock
"And after she's Messed up Head to Toe, We'll see if she can talk All big again!"

"N-No no wait Cardin that's too far! You can't_" Jaune Starts

"AAAND if you Have something to say AGAINST it, You are just ONE airship away back home out of beacon right After I have a Talk with Goodwitch, And a those girls gonna have to Cry for their Sister next! Like their Dead Mother! Got that?" Said Cardin, Cutting Jaune off

jaune Looks down on the Jar of Sap in his hand, then at Akame on the Ground, Still Unconscious. She was his Friend, She Helped him to Finally see things Clearly and trusted him with her Painful Parts of her Life Story... And he couldn't Bring himself to Allow Her get Screwed up over This... He couldn't Let it happen!

"..No." Said jaune

"What did you just say?" Asks Cardin as he looks back to jaune before Letting go of the Sap on Akames Face

"I. Said." Speaks up jaune...As his eyes Shined a Little in a blue Color Again.
"NO!!!" he then threw the Sap...Right into Cardins face, making a mess out of his hair and such.

"'ve gone and done it now you little Punk." Said Jaune, Not thrilled of having his face Messy like this, while Jaune just Chuckled a little in a Nervous Tone.

[Mean while]

"Did you guys Find Anything?" Asks Ruby

"nothing here!" Answered Yang

"She's not here too!" Answered Nero

"Where Could she have Gone of All places?" Asks Shirou

"And what if she's hurt?" Asks Anastasia

"Akame is Strong. She can Take care of herself. But... She might be in danger none the less." Answered Ruby

"I swear if those CRDL Jerks Did something to my Big Sister I'm gonna knock their Lights out!" Threatens Yang

"You and Me both." Said Nero

"and honestly, I might Allow that this time." Said Anastasia

[Back with Jaune]



"You know that wasn't really smart Jauny boy!" Yells Cardin as he held Jaune by his neck
"Now I'm gonna make sure you go back to mommy, in A BODY BAG!"

"I don't Care what you do to me, But your NOT Hurting my Friends." Said Jaune as he was pretty Beat up

"What? You think talking like that makes you tough? you think Your a BIG STRONG MAN now?!

"well...At least..I have a Lot of friends...Scary ones at that too." he said with a smirk, and then...


"...Get your hands off of him now you Bastard."

"...Shit..." Cursed Cardin, as the rest of his team Look back to see Akame finally standing up, having fought off the Drug, and was Aiming her White hand gun, Comedy, Right at the back of His head
"...O-Okay L-Look_"

"Shut up and LET HIM GO!!!" yells Akame as she Bashs her guns Barrel at the back of Cardins head

"ALRIGHT ALRIGHT!!!" Screams Cardin as he lets go of Jaune and puts his hands up
"J-Just don't shoot okay?!"

"....Who said I'm NOT going to anyway?"

"N-NO NO NO Don't_"


but they all look to their right and see a really Giant Ursa jump out toward them, Growling at them and sniffing the Air and seeing the Red Sap all over Cardins Face. as it roared toward him.

"That's a Big Ursa!" Yells Russel as Cardins team start to run away, and the Ursa Smacks Cardin away.

"Jaune..Run!" Yells Akame as she starts to shoot at the Giant Ursa with both guns this time.

the Ursa Roars at The girl and goes to Attack her Too, but she Slides down and dodges the Attack.

"Did you guys hear that?" asked Anastasia

"Those gunshots! their From Akames guns I know them!" Said Ruby

"Let's Go! it sounded like a really big ursa!" Said Shirou as they started to run

"the hell was that?" Asks Mercury as teams CEMT, NPR and KKMT heard a giant Ursa roaring

"Ursa Ursa!" Yells Cardins Team mate as they were running

but then Mordred got in the way and Grabbed the Bully by his neck
"Say what?! where?!"

"there! it's got Cardin!" he answered

"Jaune!" Gasped Pyhrra

"That's not good." Noted Emerald worried

"Travis, Come with me! We gotta Find Prof. Dell!" Said Kiana as she started running

"you two go with them! There Could be more!" Pyhrra said to Nora and Ren

"Neo. Go with them too for More Safety!" Ordred Cinder while Neo just Noded

Cardin Got Clawed into the Ground as he was trying to run.
then Akame Tried to Fight off the Giant Ursa while she tried to To block a Swing from the big Ursas Claw, but she got smashed into a Tree.

'...Damn...those Drugs are still Kicking into me....' She though as she Got up, still Feeling dizzy and Tired because of the Drugs Cardin made her eat in her Food.

She saw the Ursa Coming at her and jumps out of the way of another Claw that was headed toward her. she Managed to Land, Straightening her Self up as she held her Sword in both hands again, but yet again Falls on one knee after because of the Drugs. and to make it worse, Cardin was on the Ground right behind her!

"there they are!" Said Shirou as they saw Cardin and Akame and a Giant Ursa

"AKAME!!!" Yells Ruby in horror

"Oh No!" Gasped Pyhrra as she and the others saw Akame about to be stroke by the giant Beast!


But Akame was shocked to See Jaune had Blocked an Attack from the Ursa by his shield.

"Jaune!" Yells Nero ready to jump in, but then Shirou stopped Him
"What are you Doing?!"

"Don't. Let's first watch." He Said, As Nero was forced to just look now along with the others

Brynhildr Raises her Spear, But Pyhrra stopped her
"Wait, He can do it."

"What?! you crazy?!" Yells Mordred

"Are you sure?" Asks Brynhildr

"He's been Training. He'll Pull it off." Assured Phyrra

'Okay jaune...Remember whatever that Pyhrra Taught you by now...Come ON!!' he said mentally as he Pushed the giant Ursas Paw off and then jumped to dodge an Attack coming, then He put up his shield the moment he saw the Ursas other Claw coming at him as he was Thrown a bit back.

He recovered and Attack the Ursa again, for it to slam him away.
He Started to get up and Attacks the Ursa again as it was coming straight at him itself.

"NO JAUNE WAIT!!" Calls Out Akame in worry

seeing this, Pyhrra raised her hand...and Jaunes shield also got Raised too at the same time. Jaune managed to Block the Ursa, and then Cuts off it's head without Hesitation!

"..What did you" Asked Mordred

"Wait, was that your semblance?" Asked Cinder

"Well, Mordred has her Thunder, You have your Fire and bending, And My semblance is Polarity!" Explains Pyhrra

"Wow...Wait you control Poles?" Asks Mordred

"It means controlling Magnetism." Explained Brynhildr in a more Easier way for Mordred

"Oh. OOH! Like Magnito!!!" Exclaimed Mordred

"S-sorry but...Who?" Asks Pyhrra, wonder who this...Magnito is.

"Sis!" Calls out Ruby as she and Yang Ran toward Akame

"Are you okay?!" Asked Yang as they help Akame up by wrapping her Arms Around their shoulders

"I'll be fine...don't worry." answered Akame

Jaune walks over to Cardin and Helps him to stand back up

"holy crap, Jaune_GAH!" He didn't get to finish, because Jaune Punched him Across the Jaw, Shocking the sisters, but Giving Nero a sense of satisfaction

"Listen here Winchester." Jaune starts to talk
"don't you EVER try to hurt my Friends again. Got It?"

with that, they all started to walk away as the younger sisters Gave Cardin a Deathglare for Almost putting their Older sister in danger, as Akame and the others...Were Pretty Happy that Jaune was now standing up for himself.

What a Field Trip.
or one could say, A REDFIELD Trip!


Chapter Text


[Remnants Geography Class]


"-And with this Logic, That is why Most of Menagerie Isn't Suitable For Most Faunus as a Safe Living environment." Spoke the Geography Teacher of Beacon, Prof. Waver Velvet, explained as they were slowly reaching the End of the Class now.


"Hey is it me or does Prof. Waver Sound Like a more Serious Version of Oobleck?" Whispered Ruby toward her Sisters in their seats 


"Probably." Whispered Back Yang while Akame just nodded her head


and soon enough, Bell Rang and concluded Todays Geography Class
"Remember students, Reread All the Notes that I pointed out in your books And I want yo all to Do the works from Pages 11 until 14. Class Dismissed."


And with that, All of the Students Walked out of their Classroom as their Next Class would start in About 20 minutes


"Sooo what do you two wanna do Before Miss goodwitches Class starts?" Ruby asks her Sisters


"How about we Hit the Cafeteria Real quick?" Suggested yang


"I'm down for that." agreed Akame


"Akame your Always down if it involves food." Said Ruby
"Heck Everytime dad Bought Pizza he had to buy One Extra Box so you'd have Double the Amount!"


"And you'd wonder how you haven't gotten fat After all these years." Teased Yang


"Do I have to Smack you both in the head?" Threatens the Oldest Sister


"Please don't." Begged Ruby



"Hey girls!" The redgrave sisters heard a Familiar Voice and Looked over to see Kiana and Brynhildr walk toward them
"You done with Prof. Wavers Class?"


"Hey Kiana." Greeted Ruby
"And yeah, just now Actually."


"So Watchu Two Doin'?" Asks Yang


"Nothing interesting." Answered Brynhildr in her usual quiet tone.


"What Bryn Is trying to say is that we Were looking for you or the others." Said Kiana
"You know, For Friends stuff!"


"Well We were Thinking about hitting the Cafeteria for some food quickly before Miss goodwitches Class starts." Said Akame


"Yeah, so you can choke down as mush food as you can." Said Ruby teasingly


"Quiet you." hushed Akame


"Make me!" Dared Ruby


"...You Asked for it." Said Akame as she started to Pull both of Rubies Cheeks and lift her Feet off the floor by the said Cheeks.


"OUW OUW OUW OUW SHWIIIWSH SHTOOOPH!!!" Cried Ruby as her cheeks were being pulled mercilessly 


"Is this really an Orthodox Sisterly Relationship?" Questions Brynhildr, seeing the Oldest Sister Doing such a Thing to the Poor Youngest Sister


"It'll Get Natural Soon. Give it time." Answered Yang as she Knew that Akame would do this A lot. and Yang had her suspicions that maybe Akame was doing it because it made Ruby Look and Act Cute sometimes.


"I Think I can get used to this." Said Kiana as she was just watching too.

but soon, her eyes trailed off to her sister, who was staring at the sisters...with a Hint of Crystal Blue Light Appeared in her eyes for a moment, as she was smiling at the Funny sisterly moment in front of her.


"...Hey us sis?" Calls out Kiana as Brynhildr looks at her own little sister
"Can we uhh...Talk for a moment?"


"..Oh. Of course." Answered Brynhildr


"Good! It was nice catching up with you Three." She said towards the Sisters
"See you at Miss Goodwitches Class!" she finished as she waved at the sisters as Kiana and Brynhildr walked away


"Sure! C'ya both there!" Said Yang as she waved back a little too




While the Kaslana sisters were walking away, Kiana slowly started to Talk to her older sister.

"...Sis? Did They have It Too?" She Asked


"...Yes...It makes Almost All of them by now..." Answered Brynhildr... in a rather sad and regretful tone.


"...Sis it's Not your Fault. You can't Always Blame yourself over something like this." Said Kiana as she held Brynhildrs Hand Tightly for comfort


"...I know...but... I can't Help but to feel Guilty About..." Brynhildr started as she looked back at the Redgrave sisters as they were walking away "...How I'm Using them in return..."




[Combat Class]






"Mr. Kasuga is the Winner of the Match." Stated Miss Goodwitch, as Mercury was on the Stage And his Opponents Aura had hit the Red zone.

Mercury walked down the stage as he was In a Smug Proud State for At least having a full on Non Lose streak So far in Goodwitches Combat Classes.


"Now, Lets see who the next Fighters would be For our next match." Spoke Glynda goodwitch as she pressed the button on her Scroll, as a sort of a Randomizer system started to Choose the next two Students that would fight each other next.


on of the Screens showed Ruby as a Cause of...Well being a Randomizer System obviously.


"Your up lil' sis." Spoke Yang, And Ruby just chuckled in Excitement.


And the Other Student that would be Rubies Opponent, Turned out to be Pyhrra nekos that was chosen.


"...Ohhh my Sparda." Said Ruby, Knowing that Pyhrra was Leagues Above her in...Well in both studies And Fighting. and Mordred Told her that Pyhrras Semblance Literally makes Her just like Magneto!


Seeing that her chances were Pretty Low against Pyhrra, she had to remember and remind her self every single Fighting Tip that Both her Dad and Her Step Mother/None mother, Raven gave her.


...Aaaand Remind her self of all the Crazy Stuff Magneto could do in the Videogames and the Comics she reads. You know, For reference!



"you got this Ruby!" Cheered yang


"BREAK HER LEEEEEGS!!!!" Yelled Nora, Making ruby to just go from calm and collected for the fight to full on panicked


"I'll Murder you in your sleep." Said Akame as Nora gave a high pitched 'EEP' and hides behind Ren.
And, Ren was Also Scared Of Akames Threat.




"Ready." Starts Goodwitch as both Ruby an Pyhrra pull their Weapons out and take their stances
"Set." They both look at each other ready to go


and as the match started, Ruby Lunched herself right at Pyhrra swinging her massive scythe. in which Pyhrra blocked with her Shield and Quickly spins her body and tries a Low kick aimed at Rubies feet. Ruby managed to jump and also dodge the Kick as Phyrra got up with her Sword turning into its Spear form and the gun barrel at the end of it firing, Sending it's Tip toward Ruby which she Blocked Perfectly in time with her scythe. she spins Her scythe around and Slashes it At Pyhrra which she Dodges or Blocks with he shield, but then Phyrra Parried on Attack and ruby was left wide open!


before she knew it, Phyrra Spins her body around and slams her shield right into Ruby and the attack her Aura in several points with her spear turned back into Sword form. ruby was stumbled back after the Attack, but quickly recovered and started to shoot at Pyhrra with her weapon.


Pyhrra dodges or blocks the Bullets as she threw he Shield at ruby. it went toward the red riding hood like a Flying disk, but ruby managed to dodge it and using her semblance came close and Personal with Pyhrra. But Pyhrras Shield started to rotate Back as it came into her arm and she Blocked several attacks from ruby.


they started to Attack each other With Pyhrras Spear and Rubies Scythe end up getting locked into each other, but Pyhrra was pushing ruby back little by little.




"C'mon Ruby. C'moooon!" Said Yang under her breath while Akame was looking, Trying to At least See a way that Might let ruby have an Advantage


"Ruby Quit Being such a Wimp and Just Kick some Ass Already!" Cheered Mordred from her seat




As ruby Lets out a Grunt under her Breath.... Her Eyes started to Flash Blue, and her Aura Flashed a Color of Blue instead of It's usual red for a Second.
Pyhrra was Thrown off guard as she saw the sudden Color change in rubies Eyes, and then she was shocked when Ruby was starting to Push her back.




"Ruby?" Questioned Akame as she was surprised to see the sudden Power Boost in Rubies Physical Strength




Ruby gave a battle cry as she pushed Pyhrra off and started to Attack her over and over with her Speed and Strength Doubled.




"Wait...That's just like..." Wondered Jaune, seeing that how familiar The situation was on the stage.


"...Okay is it me...Or did Ruby of all people just start Fighting back against Pyhrra?" Questioned Nero, not Believing his eyes.


"Something isn't right. Ruby wasn't This Strong until a few Seconds ago." Noted Akame as she was watching her Younger sister, Literally starting to Win now.


In the Corner of the Classroom, Cinder was Also watching and noticed how Stupidly Fast Ruby improved out of no where. but she Noticed Brynhildr in the other Corner of the Classroom too, and she was staring at Ruby with a Stare that wasn't surprise or Shock. and... Cinder noticed that Brynhildrs Eye color and Rubies new glowing eye Color were Almost identical
'...does this have anything to do with the Celebrity Girl over there?' she wondered




"HAAA!" Ruby gave a Battle cry as Her Attacks were suddenly Too Strong and Fast For Pyhrra to keep up with. then seeing that she had Made Pyhrra Leave and Opening, she started to Perform One Attack her Dad Taught her a while back.


She started to Swing  her Scythe up, clock wise upward with one hand, Performing PROP, and Making Pyhrras Guard to be broken. the ruby Revolvered her Scythe Downward, counter Clock wise, swinging the Scythe over and over and over again at Pyhrras Aura, Finishing the fight with SHREADDER.


Pyhrras Aura quickly broke down, and She was Thrown back as her Aura was in the Red zone.


"..A-And with that, the winner of the Match is Miss Rose." Stated Glynda Goodwitch, who was Also taken Aback by the Sudden Outcome.


"...Huh?" Ruby finally took in her senses and noticed she had just Beat Pyhrra. Pyhrra
she looked at the Blade of her scythe as she was shocked at her Eyes shining in the Crystal Blue Color. but was surprised more when it Vanished from her eyes, as they returned back to being Silver again.


as they both walked down the Stage, they were Approached By their teammates


"Ruby don't you think you Overkilled it a bit?" Said Mordred, Being Familiar with the Attacks Ruby Played out. she had seen Her Uncle, Dante use Prop & Shredder A few times, but using the move where you swing your Weapon in a Circular Way that usually are to rip Grimm Clean in Half, For a Sparring match no less, was rather Overkill as she put it.


"Ruby Are you Alright?" Said Akame as she ignored Mordreds Statement. holding ruby by her Shoulders
"What happened back there?"


"I-I..." Stutters Ruby as she looks at Pyhrra who was with her Team, Visibly in Thought about what happened to ruby too herself.
"...I don't know...."










"How did you Beat Pyhrra?!" Questions Weiss, Demanding Answers
"Not that I'm saying your a bad Fighter, but beating someone as Skilled As pyhrra is just...Just.."


"Out of no where." Finished Anastasia


at the moment, teams AANS and RWBY were eating their Lunch at the Cafeteria after the Match Ruby had with Pyhrra


"I Don't know Alright?!" Answered Ruby
"it felt like I just, Suddenly Became Stronger for a few moments and started to just Beat Pyhrra!"


"And you even used Prop & Shredder on her!" Said Yang
"I know you really wanted to Learn how Dad Does it too but using it on someone for a Sparring Match was too much ruby."


"I know I just got caught in the Heat of it and my Brain just Made me do what came to mind next!" Answered Ruby


"Excuse me But What?" cuts in Weiss


"Prop and Shred....?" Also Cuts in Blake


"Their the Names of the Attacks that Ruby used to finish the fight." Answered Akame to the others that Weren't Accustomed to their Families traditional Sword Moveset_TRAINING!! I-I meant Sword Training!
"We saw Dad using it Once, and Ruby Wanted to Learn how to do it too. and Our father ended up Teaching us how."


"Wait, So you ALL can do it?" Asked Weiss


"Well with a Sword That is." Answered Yang
"But Seeing that Ruby was using a Scythe, Dad Thought it'd be Cool if she did it with her Scythe."


"Hey back to Topic at hand!" Demanded Anastasia


"R-Right. Ruby Are you sure you don't know what really happened?" Asked Yang


"I really don't know. I just turned out Stronger for a brief moment and got heated up for the fight." Answered Ruby


"So what, you have a Second Secret Semblance now?" Asked Shirou whom was trying to keep out of the conversation mostly


"What are you Crazy?" Said Nero
"Something like that is too stupid to be true. Even for My standards."


"Says the Idiot that has a Mutated Right Arm as a Semblance." Bites back Shirou


"Don't get Smart with me!" Said Nero


"Hey guys!" Greeted Nora as all 8 of the students look over to see team JNPR Walking up to them.
"Oh and Mr. Satan."


"One day Nora. ONE. OF. THESE. DAYS." Threatens Shirou



"So uh, Ruby," Started Pyhrra as all attentions went to her
"Congratulations at Winning! hehe...." Congratulated Pyhrra as it was starting to turn Awkward Already.


"S-Suuuure Pyhrra aaa hahahehe.....eeeeh..." Said ruby, Making this Even More Awkward


"Jaune." Akame Broke the Awkwardness as she Addressed Team JNPRs Leader
"Do you remember your match Against Cardin a few weeks ago?"


"Y-Yeah! I wanted to Address this Actually!" Started Jaune
"The Way ruby just Became stronger out of no where, it was like how I almost got a Power Boost from my Match with Cardin!"


"Wait...Now that you say that... your right!" Agreed Ruby
"I was getting Cornered And This Weird, Power boost just showed up. like in your match with Cardin!"


"So, it wasn't a hint that it might have been Jaunes Semblance." Noted Shirou
"It was something Entirely Else."


"OOOOH you think It's Some kind of Ghost?!"  Asked Nora with Excitement


"Ghosts don't Exist idiot." Said Shirou


"Says YOU, the Devil!" Said Nora again


"I'm NOT."


"It was Clearly A semblance." Spoke up Weiss
"What other Explanation Can we Rely on?"


"But why would someone randomly Activate their Semblance on some random students like that?" Asks Nero
"It's not really Adding up much here."


"Maybe to Practice their own Semblance." Suggested Anastasia


"I dunno. still Sounds too random for them to just Use it in a Practice Match in front of everyone." Pointed out yang.


"but more importantly..." Speaks up Akame as she looks around herself all over to the students that were around them
"..Who is the cause of this?"





[Elsewhere at the meantime]



"It happened again." Said Brynhildr, as she and her Sister Kiana were walking down a hallway away from the Cafeteria


"Sis you need to Calm down. It's really not a big deal! Everyone'll forget it ever happened in like, a week or so!" Said Kiana


"Everyone saw Ruby today. and how she Wo against Pyhrra. They won't Forget that it ever Happened Kiana!" Said Brynhildr


" W-Well We'll... Play dumb about it?" Suggested Kiana


"...Maybe not." denied Brynhildr


"It wouldn't Work anyway." A new voice cuts in


"Eh?!" Both of the Kaslana Sisters look back to see The owner of the voice
"C-Cinder?! W-What are you doing here?" Asks Kiana


"I couldn't Help but to see how you two were really Worked up About what happened today in the Sparing Match." Said Cinder as she walked over to the two
"And, It seems like you know Quite A lot about it too."


"L-Look Cinder just, Don't Tell anyone about this conversation Okay? W-We really Can't Have the Students know Okay?! It's REALLY Important!" Begged Kiana


"I will." Answered Cinder
"If you tell me What I want to know that is."


"B-But we can't..." Starts Kiana


"Okay." Accepted Brynhildr, Shocking Kiana that she would willingly Accept
"We'll Tell you what happened to ruby on that match. but... I wish to tell Everyone."


"Everyone?" Asks Cinder


"Yes. To the rest of my team, To Team RWBY and JNPR Because They need to know After Feeling It, And to AANS Team too, Because Akame and Nero Are Also rubies family, and your Brother too, since He'd like an answer too." Explained Brynhildr, her Reason sounding Logical.
"Tell the others too. Tonight, at 9:00 In our teams Dorm room. I'll give you the answers you all Seek."


"...Okay." Accepted Cinder
"I'll tell my team and the others. Don't Forget your Promise."


"We won't. You have my Word." Assured Brynhildr as they watched Cinder walk away, Slowly making a call in her Scroll


"...Sis Are you really sure?" Asks Kiana, Sounding worried
"I mean... They ARE our friends, but... Is it really Okay for you to Tell them?"


"...It's for the best."





[later on]



Ruby and her team were walking out the Cafeteria after finishing their Lunch break, After their Talk with the others about the 'Mysterious Semblance' that  had it's effect on Jaune and Ruby.


But then, Ruby got a Scroll Call. looking at her Scroll, she get's surprised as she sees that Cinder was Calling her


as she Answers, Cinder starts to talk right before she could greet her


"Hey ruby. Listen, gather your team at KKMTs Dorm tonight. there's something the Kaslanas want to talk about."


"A-Ah...A-Alright But Cinder what is it about?" Asks Ruby


"We'll All see. Don't Forget. Tonight, Nine P.M."
And with that, she hung up


"W-Wait Cinder I...She hung Up on me." Said Ruby, Feeling Really Salty that Cinder just got to the Point and just left her in the dark.
"...I wish she would at least be a little more Laid back Like dad...Wait no that'd be Terrible."







[In front of team KKMTs Dorm room door, 8:58 PM]



"So What are they going to talk to us about?" Wondered Yang


"I don't know cinder didn't Tell me What it's about." Answered Ruby


"Is it About what happened in the Sparing match today?" Asks Blake, while Team RWBY were right in front of Team KKMT door.


"Maybe It is about that_" Starts Weiss until she was interrupted


"Hey girls." Greeted Nero as he, and the rest of team AANS were walking toward them too


"Did cinder Tell you all to come too?" Asks Anastasia


"Actually, Yes." Answered Ruby


"OOOH you guys too?!" Spoke up another voice


they all looked over to see Nora, and soon  the rest of team JNPR too to walk toward the KKMT Dorm room as well
"Nora, Don't Run Ahead of us EVER again please." Begged Ren, in which Nora just giggled


"Oh You guys are here too?" And they heard mercury and they all saw team CEMT Here too.


"Ooookay How many more do Are going to be in this 'Get together' here?" Questioned Nero, Seeing how many of them were gathering in team KKMTs Room
"All of the Gangs here!"


"You'll see." Answered  Cinder as she Knocked on the Door, in which Mordred opened


"Oh hey guys!" She greeted, until she saw how many of them were here
"Oh uh, You guys are all here....What, something happened?"


"Mordred, Let them in, I invited them myself." Brynhildrs Voice came from inside the room


"Oh. then just get in...And pray that you can fit in our room." Said Mordred, as all the Gang started to walk right in





[Later on, Team KKMT Dorm Room]



At the moment, Literally 16 Students were in a 4 student Dorm, which was a Mystery how they even Fit in there. it was kinda starting to feel Cramped now.


"Nice room." Commented Mercury


"y-Yeah I chose the Decoration Choices My self!" Said Kiana


"And she Made US to do all the heavy lifting." Said Mordred, As Kiana hits her in the side of the Arm. making Mordred to drop A ''Ow''


"Why did you Invite them here? If your gonna do some Sleep over stuff you should know that this room ain't big enough." Said Travis


"We're not doing a Sleep over Travis." Spoke Kiana Again
"We invited them to... Tell you all the Truth."


"Truth?" Questions Emerald, While the others were looking at KKMTs leader with questioning Looks in their eyes


"Yeah but first...well..." Starts Kiana as she sits down on her bed, as she Made Brynhildr to sit down next to her too
"Make yourselves Comfy. It'd be awkward if you all were just standing."



Seeing what she meant, They all nodded and sat down too one by one or one at once.


"Good." Said Kiana, Seeing her friends sitting down now
"So...Your turn now Bryn."


"...You all have noticed what happened to Ruby today, correct?" Questions Brynhildr


"Yes." Answers Akame as she was sitting down on the floor like some of the others
"Being Her sister, I Myself know how strong Ruby can be. but the display of strength that she showed Wasn't Natural."


"OH OH OH!!!" Nora Raised her Hand
"It was a GHOST wasn't it?!"


"Nora we talked about this already." Said Ren sighing. and Shirous eye ticked a little which went unnoticed by everyone.


"Well... I'm sure Jaune also felt this power boost too for a short amount of time, right?" Questioned Bryn as she looked over to The Blonde haired Leader of team JNPR


"Yeah... it was brief too. With my Match with Cardin that day and... I think It even gave me some courage to stand up to him back in the Forever Fall Forest." Explained jaune
"W-Well...I-I thing it Did in the Forever fall Forest... It just felt similar like back in the sparring match..."


"That's because it Doesn't just give you Power jaune." Spoke up Brynhildr, as they all look at her curious of her statement.


"It doesn't just give power?" Asked Jaune


"...You...Know what it Exactly is?" Asked Weiss, Slowly catching up that Brynhildr might know A lot more about this strange Phenomenon that happened lately to her leader and Partner.


"Yes...But Also...there's a Chance it will Also you All." said Brynhildr


"...To us?" Asked Yang


"Yes." Answered Bryn
"Even with you two." She said again as she looked to her other teammates, Mordred and Travis


"Wait sooo...You mean Everyone. in this Room. Right now?" Asked Mercury


"Yes." Answered Brynhildr
"It is... The Effects of my Semblance."


"Wait...Your semblance gives Extra Power?" Asked Anastasia, while everyone Else were Catching on


"...Yes." Answered Brynhildr again, while Kiana was holding her hand tightly
"My semblance is Named Beloved. if I feel a Strong bond... or a Close relationship with someone, like a Close Friend or My Family Like Kiana here, It will... Make a Link between me and them. Through this Link, they will get A great Boost in Power, Courage, and Ability the moment they need it the most. Such as being Cornered in a fight."


"...When I was starting to Lose to Pyhrra today in our match... You Semblance Activated." Said Ruby, Piecing it all together


"In it's full Potential apparently." Corrected Kiana, as all eyes went on her
"Well, it DID happen to Me too. well a few times really when I was desperate the most. But... it had never reacted So Strongly toward me as it did to you Ruby."


"Just how much limit Does this Semblance of yours have?" Questions Shirou


"Yeah like, Does it Give A Boost in Our semblances too?" Also Questions Nero


"It's...Kinda Random." Answered Kiana
"It sometimes Gives you Strength, sometimes makes you Semblances Better, Or just makes you more Hotheaded. It happened to me a few times, I'd know. so... it just depends on your situations."


"...Whoa..." Said Yang in Awe


"..That's..." Said Mordred


"AWESOME!!" Finished Ruby looking really hyped
"Bryn your Semblance is Cool!! Well I know why you wouldn't tell anyone because then they'd want to have a Part of your Semblance too but Still! It's so Cool!!!"


"R-Ruby.." Starts Kiana


"That sounds... Like a Really Good Semblance. Gotta have to Agree with Red over here on that." Also Agrees Emerald


"Guys Look it's not..." Kiana Tries to speak up again.. while Brynhildr was starting to shake


"Everyone?" Said Blake as she noticed that the Kaslana sisters were feeling rather Upset about something


"That's on Helluva Semblance Bryn!" Said Mordred Patting The Older Kaslna 
"Didn't Know you would be such a team player in THIS way! it's pretty Awesome_"


"YOU'RE ALL WRONG!!!!" Screamed Brynhildr as everyone just looked Shock out of Her Sudden Outburst
"You don't understand! NONE OF YOU DO!!!"


"B-Bryn?" Said Mordred, looking over at the girl, as she and the others gasped as they notcied that... Brynhildr was now Crying while looking down.


"...My semblance will Give you all Strength... but in return..." She started as her tone was starting to sound Sad and Uppset
"...It sucks Power out of you all...To Me."


"W-What?" Asked Yang


"What...Does that mean?" Questioned Travis


"...In return of the Power it gives us, it takes Away Ours, and gives them to you." Said Akame, Piecing the bigger picture together


"So...That's how you won those Nero-Fest Tournaments." Spoke Up Pyhrra
"The Love your fans gave in the stadium...and the Links you made with your Classmates at whichever School you went to..."


"...All of it was because of All of those Links My Semblance made with all of them against my will." Said Brynhildr still tearing up as she looked down, while Kiana was trying to Comfort her
"All the Attention they gave me, I... Couldn't Help but to be thankful that they would do such a think for me...That's How my Semblance Stablished All those links with All of my Fans at the Nero-fest Stadium, Almost THOUSENDS of People and Faunus in All of Remnant. When Ever I was running out of Aura or I was Starting to Lose, My Semblance Sucked the Energy and Aura from my Fans, Into Me."


" you..Feel Guilty of Literally Using us to get stronger? That's what this has been About?" Questions Cinder


"Bryn, Sure, You Semblance Might be Double Edged Sword but... We don't Really mind!" Spoke up Nero
"I-I mean It can't be THAT bad...Right?"


"+ the Power up is Worth it IYAM" Spoke Neo as she typed on her Scroll as she meant PLUS by + and ''if you ask me'' by ''IYAM''.....if you don't know what it means Already.


"No! This Semblance is nothing but A CURSE!" Yells Brynhildr
"I-I'm...I'm Nothing But a Parasite!!"


Yelling that made everyone Gasp and get shocked because how she referred to herself as a 'Parasite'.


"Bryn Your NOT!" Spoke up Ruby as she stood up
"We're not looking at you in such a Way! You're Not a Parasite! your Our friend!"


"Look, Your Over reacting to how your Semblance Functions." Spoke up Mordred 
"It's not Your Fault that it's how it is! It's just a really Small Part of you!"


"...Back in the Nero-fest tournaments... well.. Maybe the second one, A Single Mother brought her 4 year old daughter to watch." Started Brynhildr again, as their Attentions returned toward her
"...that girl saw my first match..and just instantly Took a Liking to me. Like a Role model. she asked for my Autograph, and said she was going to become a huntress and win a Nero-fest like me... I felt some overjoyed that I could Actually Be a Role Model for such a young little girl...B-But..."


"...Your Semblance made a Link toward her." Said Akame


"...Yes." Answered Brynhildr
" After a few more matches, I Finally reached the Last Match. But... I was starting to Lose. I was being pushed back hard and bad. I was going to Lose. but... the image of the girl remained in my mind. I couldn't Let her down. I Felt a great responsibility toward that girls Dreams that formed from me... So I Stopped Limiting My semblance As much as I could, Allowing it to Gather Power from all the Links I've stablished From my fans and Classmates as it pleased. and I won....But Later on, I heard that the very same girl... Got a Heart Attack and...A-And..."


"Sis...Please stop..." Begged Kiana, as she held her Hand tighter, not wanting her older sister to be reminded of such a Terrible Memory


"...She Had died." Said Brynhildr, As everyone Gasped in shock and terror
"...she was too young, and... My semblance Sucked too much Energy out of her... It was too much for her Small body to handle. she was too weak. Too Young... A-And... I..Killed her...I killed that young girl, Making her Mother to Cry and become Devastated..."


"..W-Wait... You mean..." Stuttered Weiss


"Your Semblance... Can Kill People if you Allow it to Suck too much Aura and Power from them?" Asked Cinder, while the others were feeling not just sad, but Really shocked of Brynhildrs Tragic Event.


"...Yes...I could have killed a Lot of people...If I Allowed My semblance to Work even more than it should. It Will give you Power, But Will Take the Power that is Your own away from you... And give it All to Me, A Selfish Person that Succeeds From the True Strength Of others...A Parasite..." Explained Brynhildr As She Gathered her Knees and hugged them, and her tears became more and more


Kiana Hugged Brynhildr tightly, Sad and Really Upset of seeing Her Sister to be Broken Like this All the time because of her own Semblance, the Power Of her own soul that is meant to be a Part of Her. and knowing such a Dangerous Power was a Part of her Made Brynhildr to hate herself, And Kiana didn't Like to see her Sister be so Sad All the time about it.


"Bryn...." Spoke up Ruby, Not having expected Such a development


"..." Not even wanting to Look directly at her Friends, Brynhildr shoved Kiana off and ran toward the Door and made her way out of the room


"W-Wait! hold up!!" Called out Mordred as she stood up


"Sister wait!!" calls out Kiana too, as the two of them ran out looking for her in the hallways


"...So...Does that mean We're all gonna die?" Speaks up Mercury, Receiving Many Glares from the others at himself.


"Oh shut up you Idiot!" Yells Emerald as she kicks Mercury right in the face.


"Way to screw the mood Merc." Said Yang, Not Pleased of how much he opens his mouth


"Okay Okay! I'm sorry!" Apologized Mercury, Feeling pain in his nose after Emerald kicked his face in


"I Say We Cut his Prosthetic Legs." typed Neo


"...Your Legs are Prosthetic?" Asks Nora


"N-NO!!" Answered Mercury


"Ugh ENOUGH!!" Spoke up Shirou as he stood up
"Quit whining and just start looking for that idiot Brynhildr before she runs out of the School!"


"He's right. Look for Bryn like Kiana and Mordred and then Text the others." Said Ruby as she stood up too
"Let's go!"






[Later on, 11:45 PM]



'Where did ONE Really Tall and Pretty Girl Run off too?!' Thought Mordred, as she looked Outside of the Dorm hallways and into the courtyard.


it had Almost been one whole hour since Brynhildr ran from the Room. The others have been looking for her ever since. but none have had any luck so far.


Mordred walks deeper into the court yard... And finally noticed Brynhildr sitting by the fountain on the Ground, Having her face buried into her knees.


"There she is." Said Mordred as she decided to call the others on her Scroll to tell them she found Bryn... but slowly stopped as she took another look at the girl
"...No no. not yet.. not just yet..." she puts her scroll away without Telling the others, wanting at least Some Alone time with Brynhildr for now.


she Approaches the Taller girl and sits down right next to her, and Bryn didn't seem to even notice.


"...Hey Bryn?" 


"Huh?!" Brynhildr finally Looked up and finally noticed Mordred right next to her
"O-Oh...Mordred...I-I'm sorry I...I Shouldn't Have Run away like that... I Must have made you all really worried."


"Yeah you kinda did...but We're not mad at you. The others are still looking for you worried sick."


"I See... But... Why would any of you?" asked Brynhildr
"I'm literally using you all for my own Success... What Else but a Parasite would you call something such as that?"


"Okay ENOUGH!" speaks up Mordred louder, making Brynhildr to get jumpy a little
"Bryn You Are NOT A Parasite! You are our friend! We care about you deeply! Hell Even TRAVIS is worried sick about you! TRAVIS!"


"I Know!" Speaks Up Brynhildr Louder too
"B-But... What if I become the cause of you all losing your lives...? I can't Bare that thought that All of my friends and my little sister Will Die because I might sick More Power..."


"Who Cares?" Said Mordred
"You don't Have to! Because We're a TEAM! And Teams Stick together Stupid!"


"S-Stupid?" Gasped Brynhildr, kinda thrown back that she was just called 'Stupid' by Mordred of all people.


"Cuz' You ARE stupid! You Stupid!" Said Mordred, While Brynhildr just felt A few Arrows Pierce her from behind by being called Stupid
"Your So Stupid you don't know that Teams Work together. No matter what we Look out for each other. And since you won't be Fighting Alone, you wouldn't have to suck our Strength for yourself anymore! Cuz We're There ourselvesWITH YOU. Stupid."


"...I...Never thought About it like that...." Admits Brynhildr
"....I suppose I AM Stupid..."


"Cuz you ARE Stupid."


"K-Knock it Out Already Mordred!" Grumbled Bryn as she hits Mordred on the shoulder roughly 


"Heheh!" Chuckled Mordred as she slowly Looks up in the sky
"Well...Guess Since you shared your secret with us all... I guess I should do the same too."


"What do you mean?" Asks Brynhildr


"Well...You see, Only Ruby and her older sisters, their dad which is our uncle, and a few of their friends know something about Me and My Bro Nero." Explains Mordred as she looks over to Brynhildr
"And... I can see only fitting for me to share our secret with you since you shared yours with all of us."


"Mordred Y-You don't have to." Protested Brynhildr


"No Really. We can tell Kiana and Travis some other time, and the others can know some Other Other time." Said Mordred
"But will you keep it a secret?"


"...I will." answered Brynhildr


"Good!" Cheered Mordred at Brynhildrs Answer
"Sooo...You see Bryn... Me and Nero... And our long dead mother... We're Faunus."


....Wait what?


"Y-You and Nero....Are Faunuses?" Asks Brynhildr taken aback by this. she quickly looked at Mordred as if she was running a body check, but no matter what, she couldn't find any kind of Animal trait in them.
"B-But...You both Look Human..."


"Yeah about THAT part. fist let me clear somethings out: Me and Nero are Lion Faunuses. But our Animal traits Aren't Like ears or a Tail... Mine and Neros Animal Traits are...Our Hearts."


"...You Faunus Traits...Their Organ Type?" Asks Brynhildr as she was now really surprised
"Faunuses with a Organ Type Trait Are Really Rare... But I...Didn't Expect you to be one..."


"Yeah Me and My Bro are THAT Special." Answered Mordred as she scratched the back of her head
"Our Mom used to be one herself. so you could say Me and My Bro are Half Faunus and Half Human!"


"I see...I...Never Thought I could see a Faunus with an Organ Type Trait..." 


"Well You finally did now!" Said Mordred as she Stood up
"Well, Just know that whenever your feeling down, or Really Sad About your Semblance, Just know that We're here for you." then she extends her hand toward the Girl
"And we Sure as hell Aren't gonna die because of you. Like Ever."


Brynhildr couldn't help but Smile happily as she accepts Her hand and stands up herself
"Mordred...Thank you."


"Don't Mansion it." Said Mordred as she helped her get back up
"Now... Lets tell the others I found you before they Tell the headmaster."


"Yes...And... When were you, your Brother and your Cousins were going to tell the others about yourselves?" She Asked Out of Curiosity 


"W-Welllll....We haven't Decided on that yet... Neros Gonna Kill me for telling you ahead of time without them knowing." Said Mordred


"Hehe." Giggled Brynhildr
"ooor~~ it could stay as Our~ little secret."


"Yeah your right!" Agreed Mordred
"Just a Little Secrecy never Killed anyone did it?"














"Let's be on out way back now." Said Mordred


"Yeah sure." Agreed Mordred













[Else Where]



"Is it done yet?" Asked Roman as he was in the same Warehouse from he was in ever since few days ago.


"Yes. The Shipments Are right here with us." answered A female voice over the line on Romans Scroll call


"Good. now come back here before that Oversized moving battery Comes back to see that we're behind Schedule. AGAIN!"


"Oh roman Don't be such a Scardy Cat. I'm sure he won't Punch you TOO Hard this time around." said the girl over the phone with a Playful tone


"Ugh just shut up and Bring the Shipment here before He comes back!" Said Roman as he hung up


"Late Again Roman?" Said a Voice from right behind Roman, making the Criminal Mastermind to Get Frozen like a nail upon hearing his voice, as he quickly turns around to face a really tall man with a rather disfigured face


"Oh shi_Volgin! Friend, Buddy, Pal, Partner In Crime!" Said Roman trying to sweet talk his way out of this one
"Y-You came E-Early This time around!"


"And you are behind Schedule Roman." Said Volgin as he walked over to Roman, and now was standing right in front of the Small Thief master mind, making him More Scared now as he was pinned by his desk from right behind him


"L-Look Volgin the Shipment is RIGHT on its way! I promise it's coming here right now just-GAH!" Roman didn't get to finish as Volgin his giant gloved hand over on his shoulder, holding him quite in Place.


"That was your Excuse from Last time Roman." Spoke Volgin
"And you should know that I am VERY serious when it comes to the timing of my work."


"V-Volgin, Look, It won't happen again! I promise!" Begged Roman as the larger mans Grip over his shoulder was becoming really harder


"Well." Starts Volgin as he Raises her Fist, as there were even Lighting bolts rising from the Fist he was holding up
"How About another Lesson to make sure you Don't Fall behind our Plans Again, Huh?"


"No No NO Wait_"


"Enough!" another Voice spoke from the shadows, as the two Look back to See Their True head of the Operation
"Volgin, Let Roman go. As much as useless he might seem, He is a Fatal Part of our plans. Killing him will only Set us all back."


"Hmph. What ever." Volgin finally lets go of Roman and starts to walk away
"Make sure to keep up To Schedule Roman. We wouldn't want you to have yet again ANONTHER Broken Rib now, Would we?" 


after Volgin left, Raman finally Breathed in in relief that that Monster of a man finally left
"Why Do I have to Work with that Sadist?!" he asked


"Despite His... Sense of 'Fun', Volgin is still an Important Asset to our Plans." Spoke the figure
"With out his forces, we wouldn't have come so far as we have right now."


"Might as you want to be, I know that bastard Enjoys Kicking me Around!" Protested Roman


"Then try not to get on his bad side." said the figure as he started to walk away




"Tsk. Easy for YOU to say." Said Roman as he finally got the chance to relax
"...If only Those two were here."


Chapter Text


[Team  AANS  Dorm room]



"C'mon! C'mon Damn it!" Yells Nero while he and Akame Were Playing a Fighting game.

While the Vytal Festival was a few months Away, Team AANS were simply Mining their Own Business for the moment. And the Two Cousins, Akame and Nero were Playing a Fighting game which the Graphics Looked Black and White. Like a Noir Style Comic or a Graphic Novel.

"That Won't Work for a Second time." Said Akame as she had dodged a Combo that Nero just Dropped Back in the 1st round of their Fight

"Shut Up it Ain't Over yet!" Said Nero struggling to Beat Akame
"AAaaand NOW! Wait No NO Shit!"

"My Turn." Said Akame as she inputs a few Clicks on her Controller and her Character Performs a Super Move, Finishing off Neros Character by Blowing his head Clean off.

"KO! Dan Smith Wins!"

"Damn it!" Cursed Nero as he Lost To Akame yet again
"How the Hell Do You Keep Beating Me!?"

"Because You Pick KoJack Every time you get Serious. And His Moveset has become rather Predictable to Me." Explained Akame
"You should start Mastering the other Characters too."

"Says the Girl that only Plays Dan Smith." Grumbled Nero

"...What the hell Are you two Even Doing?" Finally Spoke up Shirou as he was Working on his Equipment the whole time

"Playing a Game after finishing our Home work? Duh." Explained Nero

"I can See that Already, But you two are seriously starting to Even Bug me Over Just a Game." Said Shirou

"Just a game? Dude Our Family Plays This Game for At least the Past few YEARS! You can't Just Break the Family Tradition." Said Nero

"Whatever. What Game even is that?" Asked Shirou

"'NO KILLERS WORLD'." Answered Akame

"...Sounds Stupid." Said Shirou

"Says the Guy that tried to Scold the Chiefs in the Cafeteria For Getting an Ingredient Wrong." Said Akame While she was still looking at the Screen of the game

"Don't Get Smart with me!" Grumbled Shirou

"What ever. I'm Choosing Doctor peace this time." Said Nero as he moved his P1 Icon toward another Character, Until Anastasia Entered the Dorm room

"All of you stop whatever your doing. We need to Go to Vale Now. All of us." Demanded Ana

"Why?" Asked Shirou

"Just Come along!" Said Ana as the others just started to get up

"Man just when it was getting good." Grumbled Nero

"You mean Me Beating you for the 3rd time?" asked Akame, in a surprisingly Not a mocking or teasing tone

"Up yours." Bites back Nero


[Vale, In midst of the Vytal Festival Preparations]



"So why are we here Again?" Asked Nero, While Everyone were preparing for the vytal Festival, with welcome signs, Posters, Balloons! and... More shadow People walking around... A-And... A Rehashed Reversed Color Version of... Nora walking around-What is HAPPENING IN HERE?!

"Because I asked you to." Answered Ana

"No I Mean WHY are we at the Docks!?" Asked Nero Again
"This Stink Hole Smells Like Fish All over!"

"Maybe we Can buy some fish to cook them and eat them at our Alone time." Suggested Akame

"Is it Always About Food with you?" Asked Anastasia

"If it's Pizza, Strawberry Sundaes, Meat, Cookies and Sea food. then Yes." Answered Akame

"Makes you wonder how your not Fat by now." Joked Shirou

"Don't get Smart with me." Said Akame

"Hey Gang!" A Female voice greeted as they all looked back to see Team RWBY Walking into the Docks too, along side Yang Waving her hand greeting them
"How're you doin'?"

"If being Forced to Stop Playing No Killers World and Coming All the Way to Smell Fish All day is Considered Good to you, not just with One But Two Ice queens now, then yes, I'm Perfect as they come." Answered Nero

"What Does THAT suppose to mean?" Asked Anastasa

"It means I hate both you and Weiss." Answered Nero

"What?!" Said Weiss
"What is Your Problem?!"

"Oh I dunno. Your Family is just, You know, A bunch of aristocrats who are Also-HMPHHMMHMPHPHPHP" His voice was now muffled by Akame Slamming her Hand on his Mouth

"Enough Nero. Behave." She said

"Grrr." Grumbled Nero as he took Akames Hand off his mouth.
"Fine Fine. Why are we here again?"

"Well I've heard that Students from vacuo Are Visiting beacon by ship!" Said Weiss
"And being a representative of Beacon, I think I should_"

"We'll Spy on them, and figure out what their weapons, race, Skill, and Semblances Are." Finished Anastasia

"N-no We're Not!" Protested Weiss

"Weiss hush." Hushed Ana
"There isn't any point hiding it."

"Wow. Crooked Much?" Said Shirou teasingly

"...Take Pictures of any Student that comes from any of those ships." Ordered Akame

"Dang it sis." Said Yang as she Rubbed the middle of her Eyes

"Oh please. who cares what they can do. We'll just Bash their Faces in and that's it." Said Nero, Pumping his Right arms Fist into his Left one.

"Your not Really Openminded As anyone else Are you?" Asked Blake

"At least I'm not Bland and Emotionless like You~" Teased Nero, Only for Akame to Elbow him in the Shoulder

"Whoa." Ruby suddenly noticed A wrecked Dust shop, while there were Police inspecting the Scene of the Crime. teams RWBY and AANS walked over to the Scene to watch closer

"What Happened?" Asked Ruby

"Robbery. Literally the FORTH Dust shop this Week. This Place is already turned into a Jungle." said the Officer as he Walked over to the Scene of the Crime

"Wait Forth?!" Gasped Anastasia

"That's Really Screwed up." Said Yang

"Again, They just Left the Money again. Like the last few times!!" They overheard another Officer talking to the first one

"Yeah this is getting out of hand. these Robberies Were Frequent but now their Starting to Literally Turn into a daily routine." Said the first officer
"Who needs that much Dust anyway?! With how many Shops they've robbed they HAVE to be Waist Deep in dust by now."

"I honestly have No Idea. the White Fang or... the Mad Dogs gang?" Said the second Officer
"So How's John Going on about All of this?"

"You mean Detective Hardigen? he's still looking into All of this 24/7." Answered the first officer

"What?! Even with his Heart Condition getting Worse?!" asked the Second one in shock

"Just give it up on Hardigen pal. If you've known him for as Long as me, You'd know that he Ain't An Easy Quitter with his job. that old bastard is stubborn as a Horde of Ursai I tell ya." Answered the First Officer as they both started to walk off

'...Detective Hardigen...' Akame Repeated the name in her mind, Making sure to Remember it

"Hmph. the White fang. what an Awful bunch of degenerates." Boasted Weiss

"What's your Problem?" Asks Blake

"Oh I simply don't Like to Care about, Say, Murderers." Answered Weiss in a rather Harsh tone

"The White fang Are Rarely Murderers! their just a Collection of misguided Faunus." Said Blake

"Oh , Calling Murdering Parents, Children and the Innocent Elderly is the Highest Definition of Misguided." Cuts Nero
"Nice one Black. Real Nice."

"Firstly, then their Really Misguided. Secondly, It's Blake. Not 'Black'." Corrected Blake

"yeah yeah sure, If it turns out that the White fang are a bunch of Goodie-Goodie-Two-Shoes, then I'll go as far as to even say the Schnee Family and the SDC Aren't Corrupt!" boasted Nero "Oh but News Flash! It Ain't Happenin'. EVER."

"What?!" Gasped Weiss
"My Families Company is NOT Corrupt! You're making false Accusations!"

"Oh well Excuuuuuuuse ME Princess! So Very SORRY that your Family runs a Company that Labels Faunus TO DEATH!" Bites Back Nero
"And Let's not forget about how much Rumor there is on the net that your father Orders Assassination attempts On your Families Rivals!"

"That NEVER happens." cuts in Anastasia
"My father Doesn't have, as the terms you would like to put it, the Guts to do something like that. Believe me. I had to Live with him for All my life. He's a much bigger Coward than he let's on. Very much like our Older sister Winter."

"Wha- Ana!" Gasped Weiss

"Weiss, HUSH. You know it is true." Said Anastasia

"Whoa. that's...Kinda Too Harsh." Said Yang

"But Probably True." Joked Nero

"HEY! STOP THAT FAUNUS!!" they suddenly heard a Sailor yell.

they ran back to the docks and saw a blonde monkey Faunus, with a unbuttoned Shirt run out of a Ship and ran past them, as he winked and Blake before fully running off.

"Well. there's the competition." Said Shirou
"Away he goes."

"Quick! we have to Observe him!" Yelled Weiss as they all ran after the faunus boy

along the way Weiss bumped into a Random person, as they all watched the Monkey boy being chased by the Cops Run away.

"No He got away!" Said Weiss

"Uhh, Weiss?" Said Yang

Weiss finally looked down to see she was on top of a Girl, in a awkward position.
she Panics and Finally gets off the other girl.

"Sa-lu-tations!" Greeted the girl on the ground

"Um...Hi?" Greeted Anastasia

"Are you okay?" Asked Akame

"I'm wonderful!" Answered the girl

"...Are you going to get up?" Asked Shirou

"Yes!" the girl the jumps back up, while everyone else just took a step away from her
"My name is Penny! it's a pleasure to meet you!"

"Hi Penny. I'm ruby."

"I'm Weiss."


"Are you sure you didn't hit your head?" Asked yang before Blake hits her in the arm
"Er- I'm Yang!"



"Shirou Emiya. just call me shirou."

"It's a Pleasure to meet you all!" said Penny again

"You Already said that." Said Weiss

"...So I did!" Said Penny

"Wait hold up..." Spoke up Shirou
"...Where...Did Nero run off to?"


they all suddenly watch Nero walk up to them, while he was using his Arms Semblance to Hold the Monkey Faunus By the Tail

"Thanks for helping me catch this Pain in the ass." Said nero sarcastically

"You Caught him!" said Weiss

"No thanks to YOU!" Said Nero

"Dude Let me go!" Said the Monkey faunus
"What even IS THAT!? A Mutated Arm?!"

"Shut it." Said Nero as he swings the Faunus Around by his Tail in the air


"Kinda the Plan Monkey." Said Nero

"How..Is he doing that?" Asks Penny

"Oh that's his Semblance." Answered Ruby

"Oh." figured out Penny.

"N-Nero Let him go! And stop swinging him Around your gonna Hurt him!" Spoke up Blake

"What? He's a Faunus! Who Cares?" said Nero as he kept swinging the Poor blonde Monkey Faunus Around by his tail
"If anything, when I Do Accidentally Tear off his tail, He'll just look Like a normal human again! It's a win-win for Everyone."


"Oooooh. Poor choice of Words. Dude." said Nero as he shoved the Monkey boy into a Nearby Trash Can, making the Faunus Stuck inside the Said Trash can.

"And here we got the Monkey in the Barrel!" Joked Nero

"So. Not. Cool. Dude." Said the Faunus, Glaring at Nero angrily

"What Ever Dude." Said Nero as he used his hand to pick up the trashcan, Also starting to carry the Blonde Faunus boy inside it.
"C'mon. Let's turn this Loser in Soon before He runs off again."

"Yes." Agreed Weiss as she turned back toward Penny
"Well...Sorry for running into you."

"Take care Friend!" Said Ruby as they All started to Walk away

"Yes...Friend..." Also said Akame while Penny just Watched them walk away

"Look Seriously! I didn't Hurt Anyone just let me go! it was an honest Mistake! Honestly Honest!!" Said the Monkey Faunus

"You keep your Voice up And I'm gonna figure out how it feels like to Send a Monkey into Space By just Knowing how to Throw Ball with THIS hand." Threatened Nero

"WHAT?! Noooo Nonononono PLEASE Do NOT Throw Me with this Freak Arm thingy of yours!" Said the Monkey boy

"Then just stay Quiet you No Good faunus, While we...Uh.." Starts Weiss harshly before coming to a silence...when they all saw Penny now in front of them.

"what Did you Call me?" Asked Penny

"What-but-How did- Wha?" Stuttered Anastasia while Weiss and Shirou just looked back and forth to where Penny Just Was and where she was Now.

"I meant You Two." Corrected Penny as she walked toward Ruby and Akame

"Us?!" Gasped Ruby as both girls just Leaned their faces back

"but We didn't Call you anything." Also Said Akame

"You two Called me Friend." said Penny
"Am I really your Friend?"

"Um..." Both Ruby and Akame first thought about it as they looked back and saw their Team Signaling their Leaders to Disagree with the Weirdo Girl. but Alas.

"Yeah sure! Why now?" Said Ruby

"Y-Yeah...Of course..." Also said Akame

and their Team mates just Fell Flat on their backs as a Gong Sound was heard as a sound effect. Comedy gold right there Gals and Lads.

"Sen-sational!" Cheered Penny happily
"We can Paint Our Nails, and Try on New Clothes, and talk about cute Boys!"

"We...Don't Do stuff like that." Spoke up Akame

"Oh? How so?" Asked Penny

"Me and my sisters usually just play Video games or eat Pizza really." Answered Ruby. which was honestly really Accurate on how their Fathers side of the families Diet system Works.

"Soo, What are you doing in Vale?" Asked Yang

"I am here to Fight in the Tournament." Answered Penny

"You're....Fighting in the Tournament?" Asked Anastasia

"I'm combat Ready!" Answered Penny

"You...Don't Look the Part though." Said Akame

"I would have to Agree." Also said Weiss

"Says the girls that wear a Dress and a School Uniform." Said Shirou

"It's a Combat Skirts!" Corrects Weiss

"And it's not JUST a 'School Uniform'. Our Family Motto Calls it being Stylish." Also Corrects Akame

And As Ana just walks right next to her Sister, Ruby just Instantly Appears right next to Her own sister
"Yeah." they both said Ana and Weiss High fived, and Ruby and Akame Fist bumped.

"Uh, Guys...?" Speaks up Yang
"You uh...You Forgot about someone." she said as she points at the Trash can Nero was holding with his Semblance Arm....Which was Lacking the 'Teenage blonde Monkey Faunus boy' Part.

"Huh?!" Gasped Nero as he Inspected the Inside of the Trashcan, seeing that the Monkey boy was gone
"Damn he Ran off!"

"Great." Said Shirou

"What?! How could you let that Monkey tailed Rapscallion Run away!?" Yelled Weiss Toward Nero as Blake just Glared At her

"Hey you didn't See him Run off Either!" Yells Back Nero as he threw the Trashcan Down the streets at least 2 to 3 Blocks and his Bigger Arm disappeared from thin air
"Besides When I see that Backstreet Boy again I'll just Throw him in a cage next time. They Hold Monkeys Pretty Well Anyway." he finished as Blake glared at him next

"What Boy?" Asked a Confused Ruby

"I said the Backstreet Boy." Repeated Nero
"Filthy Monkey Boy Looked like a Backstreet boy to me anyway."

"why do you two keep saying that?" Finally Spoke up

"What?/Huh?" Said Nero and Weiss in that Order

"Stop Calling him A Rapscallion! Stop Calling him a Filthy Monkey! Stop Calling him A 'Backstreet boy' Or what ever that even is! He's a Person." Said Blake

"Oh so I should start Referring to A Beowolf as a Puppy? Or A Cockroach as a butterfly? Or the Schnee Family as ACTUAL Decent, Innocent and Over all, Good People?" Asked Nero

"What?!" Gasped Weiss About the Last Part

"Stop It!" Said Blake

"Sheesh What's Up YOUR Ass?" Asked Nero

"First you Could have Injured him really badly with the way you were Swinging him Around with that Arm of yours! then you shoved him in a Trashcan! you even threatened to Lunch him into Space!_"

"I was joking on that Part actually-"

"-And you Said you were going to Lock him up in a cage!" Finally finished Blake

"So what?! He clearly Broke the Law! Give him time, And he'll probably end up with those other Faunus In the white fang, and their Just Murder More People like how they do!" Said Weiss

"Sister Please..." Begged Anastasia

"Yeah, Let's hope he Kills YOU first." Said Nero

"Of course-Wait WHAT?!" Gasped Weiss as she couldn't Believe what she just heard
"Why would you say that?!"

"Because, Oh I dunno, The Faunus and the white fang All Suck and and Schnee Family and the SDC Also All suck? and the World would Literally Throw a Party if All their Furry Races and the Whole Family Bloodline of Icy assholes All Blew up in One Huge Explosion? Duh!" Said Nero, as he shocked Ana, Weiss and Blake at what he just said

"N-Nero Please....Not here." Begged Ruby

"L-Look How about we just go back to our dorms?" Suggested Yang, as it Seemed Like the Redgrave sisters knew why Nero was showing such Hostility

"H-How could you say that?! I'm your team mate!" Yelled Anastasia

"And Guess what? I don't Care. I never Cared, and I Will NEVER Care About you, your sister, or ANY Faunus in general. I'm just pretty Good and NOT showing it." Said Nero as he Smirked while telling his last remark

"W-What...But..I thought We're...F-Friends?" Stuttered Anastasia

"WHAT?! HAAAHahaha!! What gave you THAT Impression?!" Laughed Nero
"here's the short version. I hate Both the Schnees, and he Faunus. may it be Whitefang ones or natural ones, I see No Difference."

"YOU JUDGEMENTAL LITTLE BRATS!" yelled Blake at Both Nero and Weiss as she started to storm Off

"How dare you talk to me Like that! I'm your team mate!" yelled Weiss as she followed Blake

"Tsk. whatever. I'm going out on a Bar or something." Said Nero as he started to Walk his own way
"See All you Assholes Around." he waved them all offed as he walked away in an Alleyway

"Uhh, I think we should Probably go." Suggested Yang

"Yeah, Before these two start to kill each other in public." Agreed Shirou

"Y-Yeah." Agreed Ruby

"Let's...Be on our way." Said Akame as they All watched Blake and Weiss arguing


[Team AANS Dorm room, 9:35 PM]



"Well..." Starts Shirou as he was sitting on his own Bed
"that...Was something.."

"...He didn't Really mean that...Did he?" Asked Anastasia, still Heartbroken after the remark of Nero, Who she thought she could Consider as a Friend

"No no, he didn't Ana." Assured Akame, trying to Help her Teammate
"He just... Has a bad history with how The White fang and the Schnee dust company and how your father Run their Own Works."

"I could understand a lot of people hating the white fang for what they do, and I understand why many of others would hate the SDC Of the way they Run their Own business." Starts Shirou
"But I never thought I would meet someone that would Hate Both so much. Why is that Leader?"

"...I'm sorry but...I cannot tell you. Not without Nero himself being Comfortable With Me just telling others without him Present." Answered Akame

"I see." Nodded Shirou
"It must be a Really Personal Motive then."

"It kind of is." Said A Male Voice from in front of the Door, as everyone looked and saw Nero finally coming back

"Where Have you been?" Asked Akame as she Stands up

"Getting Drunk." Answered Nero

"What? but Aren't you like 19?" Asked Shirou

"Your not my Mom so back off Indian." Insults Nero as he just Falls on his Bed facing the Ceiling

"...I'm Tanned." Said Shirou, in a rather Aggressive but somehow Calm tone

"Fuck you." Bites back Nero

"what is the matter with you today!?" Asked Ana

"Your Faces." Answered Nero

"Break it up, All of you. Now." Ordered Akame, as she didn't want a fight to Break out in doors
"Nero, Your Drunk. Try to at least Keep to yourself-"

"YOU'RE NOT MY MOM! SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH ALREADY!!!!" Suddenly Nero just shouted, cutting Akame Off, as the other two were just shocked at this sudden 180 Mood swing of neroes Usual Attitude. he was Always known as the Laid back type of their Team, but... they never expected Him to be so... Hostile.

"...Nero, As I Just said: Your Drunk." Started Akame with her usual Calm tone, with No Hostility involved
"Please just Stay Calm. We're Cousins Remember?"

"...tsk, Whatever." Said Nero as he looks away, his white hair covering his eyes


"Hm?" Akame Noticed her her Scroll Getting a Call, as she Looked at the Caller, she saw it was Ruby


[2 minutes Later, Team RWBY Dorm room]



"Why are we Even here?" Asked Nero as Akame started to Knock on the door of Team RWBY

"Ruby called and Asked us to Come and help with something." Answered Akame

Soon, Ruby opened the Door and was Glad to see team AANS, But her Sister Mostly
"Oh thank god. Please you have to help us out in this!"

"Help out with what?" Asked Akame as they all entered and... they were all almost Jaw dropped as they saw Blake and Weiss STILL Arguing!!!

"I don't See why this is causing Such a Problem."

"that Is the Problem!"

"You understand that Your defending an Organization that hates humanity right? The Faunus of the White fang are Purely Blood thirsty!"

"Whoa. that's kind of too far. even for Weiss of all People." Said Shirou, referring to the 'Blood thirsty' part.

"THEIR NOT BLOOD THIRSTY!!! why do you think they hate humanity so much?! it's like People like Cardin! People like that Mad dogs Criminal Gang! People Like You that force them to use such Drastic measures!"

"People Like Me?!" Said Weiss

"Weiss Please you need to Calm down." Spoke up Anastasia

"Your Discriminatory!!" Yelled Blake

"Both of you Knock it off!" Spoke up Akame

"THOSE FILTHY ANIMALS KILLED UNCLE JEAN PIERRE!!!!!" suddenly Weiss Screamed right into Blakes Face, as everyone, Including Blake Just looked Shocked, While Anastasia just Looked Really sad that it came to their Late uncles name

"..W-What?" Asked Blake

"....Uncle Jean Pierre... he was...our Mothers older Brother." Starts Weiss as she walks toward the only window in their room
"Do you want to know Why I just hate the Faunus and the White fang so much? it all started when They got into War with my Family for years. an Actual Bloodshed. and Ever since I was a Child, I have watch my family and Friends Disappear. board Members Executed. an Entire Train Car full of dust, Stollen. but... Our Uncle, Jean Pierre Schnee, Was Always there to Keep my Family Together, Keep our Mother Together, Comfort Me and Ana when we needed it the most... and Stop and even Beat a lot of sense into our father when he Lashed out on his own children and wife. And One day, I heard that he was deadgone. the One and ONLY Person that wasn't Just an Uncle, But the Closest thing to a father we had, the Closest thing to a father that I had...was gunned down Like some Stray Dog...and it was the Work of the Faunus from the White fang."

"...Oh god..." Said Yang

"Weiss..." said Shirou

Ruby walked over to Weiss and tried to Comfort her
"Weiss, I-"

"You want me to Start Trusting the Faunus again?" As she turned her face around, Everyone Gasped as they saw Weiss was Actually Crying. she was Tearing up From Being Reminded of her Late Uncle.

"You want me to Stop referring to the Faunus as nothing but Scum?" She asked Looking directly at A shocked Blake
"...That...Will NEVER Happen. those Bastards Took Away the One true Man that Was a Father to me. I will NEVER, EVER, forgive The White fang for Killing My Uncle. Never."


"Oh god just shut your Traps Already!" Suddenly, Nero just Spoke up as he just insulted both Weiss and Blake
"Just give it up. The Faunus and the White fang are Shit Flushed down the Toilet, and the Schnees are just Out living their own time by now. No body, Freakin', Cares."

"Wha-Ah-HOW DARE YOU!!!" Yelled Weiss

"WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?!" also yells Blake, both glaring at Nero

"I just Said it! I hate the faunus, white fang, SDC and the Schnee Family! they all are better off Nuked off the face of Remnant!" Yelles Nero

"Why would you say that?!" Yells Weiss

"How could you just Say something Like that About an Entire Race?!" Also yelled Blake
"What did they Ever Do to you?!"

"...What they Did to me?" Asked Nero

"Nero your Drunk. Calm down." Said Akame, trying to Calm him down As nero steps forward toward the two girls

"Shut the Fuck up, Red eyes Bitch!" bites back Nero at Akame, as she looked shocked at the insult Nero gave her
"You want to know, WHY? WHY I hate the Faunus? WHY I hate the SDC? WHY I hate the Schnee family? WHY I WANT TO FIND EVERY SINGLE FAUNUS AND SDC EMPLOYEE AND FUCKING CRUSH THEM TO DEATH?!?!!"

both Weiss and Blake stepped back, Fearing that Nero would actually start hurting them

"Well...Guess what you Pare of BITCHY-WITCHY-FUCKS! Ones Upon a Time, there was a Huntress! she Believed in EQUALLITY between The Faunus and Humanity! She Wanted to Make a difference! She wanted the Faunus to be Viewed as Equals! Change the World for the better! have the Faunus moved from menagerie to Somewhere FUCKING better!" Starts Nero, His Drunken State Starting to Push him over the Limit

"Nero Please Stop..." Begged Ruby, Trying to Stop Nero from saying something that will make hi feel Worse

"Then one day! She took a job for the SD-Fucking-C!! THEN the White fang Attacked! she fought them Like Good brave and Strong Huntress she was! But oh wait, jacques-Motherfucker-Schnee WANTED HIS DUST SO BADLY, THAT HE ORDERED THE LAST AIRSHIP TO TAKE THE DUST AND LEAVE HER BEHIND!!!!" Nero started to Get more and More Angry as Blake and Weiss were no More Worried he might even start Killing them both, Knowing how Strong his Semblance Arm is.

"Nero Please you have to Calm down-" Starts Yang, But,

"SHUT THE FUCK UUUUP!!!!!!!!" yelled Nero, Making Yang to Step away from him

...the whole Drom Room of Team RWBY fell into a Sad, Horrified and Shocking Silence.
after Neros Drunken outburst, Both Weiss and Blake look at Nero, who was panting after Yelling so much, in shock with wide eyes after hearing that both the white fang and the SDC are the cause that Nero and Mordreds Mother was Dead. the SDC Left her, and the White fang killed her.

Right now, Yang and Akame just looked away with sadness in their eyes, while Ruby started to Tear up, Being reminded of her Aunt, or as she used to Call her: Auntie Artoria.
despite being a woman, the red grave Sisters, Nero and Mordred Always saw Artoria Pendragon, the Late Wife of Vergil Redgrave, As a true Knight if Shining Armor. she was their first inspiration of how a Knight, A hero in fiery tails and Songs, someone who defeats the Dragon and saves the Princess, Should Be Like. someone with a Good heart. with a Strong Will. A Brave Huntress. A true Knight in shining Armor.
...but Ever since her death, Nero Could never forgive the Schnee family and The Faunus. She helped the SDC, and they Left her. she Wanted Equality for the Faunus, and they Killed her.
and All those years of hatred and Anger against One Family...and an Entire race...was Displayed in front of Everyone by Nero simply Being Too Drunk to have self restraint.

"...Haah....Haah...Grr Damn it..." Grunted Nero as he held his head
"My head hurts now. I'm too Drunk for this shit... I'm outta here."
he then started to walk toward the Door

"N-Nero Wait!" Called Out Blake

"Nero I'm-We're Sorry we didn't mean to-" starts Weiss but,

Nero turns Around, looking Even More Angry now
he looked directly at Weiss
"EVERYTHING! you say about your Family. PISSES ME OFF!"
he then looked at Blake
"EVERYTHING! you say about the Faunus and the White Fang. PISSES ME OFF!"
he then steps forward toward the two violently

"Nero Please that's Enough!" Begged Yang

"your uncle Dies: big Tragedy! but one of your Huntresses that you hired Dies: 'Oh We got our dust we can Always Hire another one who Cares?'. WELL SAY THAT TO THE DEEPLY DEPRESSED HUSBAND OF THE SAID DEAD HUNTRESS!!!" yelled Nero right at Weiss, Making her even More shocked and feel more Guilty about Her Father, Family and Company being the Cause that Neros Mother was dead.

"And don't even TRY to tell me the Faunus in the White Fang Are Innocent. My mom Wanted them to be On Equal Grounds like Humanity, she Fought her whole life trying to make sure that the Faunus aren't Enslaved like Animals. and how do you repay her? You shoot her and Kill her in Cold blood!" he yelled toward Blake this time, As she Just Looked Even More sad at this statement that the White Fang killed a Good Huntress that wanted Equality For The Faunus.

"Tsk. God DAMN you all to hell..." Said Nero as he started to walk toward the door again
"...I Wish you Schnees and the Faunus Never Existed..."
...his last Comment, Made Weiss, Ana and Blake Even More Shocked and Sad as Nero Opened the Door, and Bashed the Door Closed with All his strength, Making a really loud *BANG* sound through out all the hallway and the Dorm room.

By the End, Akame was Looking away from Everyone, Yang was facing the Floor, Ruby was Sniffing and silently Crying, Shirou was Stares At the Door were Nero was Last seen in the Dorm Room, Anastasia was Really Sad that Her teammate Actually had such a Hatred toward her the Whole time, and lastly, Weiss and Blake just Look stunned and really shocked at what they just heard and witnessed.

"...I'm sorry..." Finally Spoke up Ruby, as everyone looked at her crying even more
"I-I shouldn't have Called y-you, I-I shouldn't have let him In on any of th-this, I-I should have s-stopped this by my s-self like the Leader I-I Should be, B-But....Hic...But I just..."

Then Akame Pulled Ruby into a Really tight hug, as Ruby was Still Having Tears fall from her eyes
"No. You did nothing Wrong. it wasn't your fault." She said As she Comforted Ruby, as she Broke down into Finally Crying out loud into Akames Embrace
"Shh...It's okay...I-I'm here...I'll Always be here for you ruby...Always..."
she whispered to the Crying ruby as Yang Also joined the hug, as the Sisters All Embraced each other with the Youngest one Crying in Sadness, Clearly still Too young to Handle such a Tragedy.

"...Please...Big sis...P-Please Sleep over here for tonight...please don't Leave..." Said Ruby

"...Sure. I'll sleep over with you for tonight." answered Akame

"...I'll... Stay too." Also Said Anastasia, And Weiss Looked over to her younger sister, At least a Little Happy that her younger sister was still with her.

"Alright. But shirou, Can you-" Starts Akame

"Yeah yeah. I'll Make sure That Idiot Stays in the Dorm room without getting into trouble." Said Shirou as he walked toward the Door
"you Two Can sleep over here for tonight. you Clearly Need it. Leave the Idiot to me."

"Thanks." Said Ana

"Sure thing." Said Shirou as he Exited the Dorm room

"Come on Ruby. We can All sleep together in the same bed too. Like old times! Remember?" Suggested Yang

"Y-Yeah...Let's..." Answered Ruby, as her Tears had finally dried up, but her Sadness and Guilt was still in her chest

[Team RWBY Dorm Room, 1:13 AM]



...Tonight was the Worst night For Blake. she just heard that two of her friends had lost their Family to the White fang, and Nero just said he wished that the faunus never existed...that She wouldn't exist...

Ever since her team, Akame and Anastasia had gon to sleep, Blake couldn't Sleep in her own bed, Feeling a sense of Guilt over all of this that had happened... she somewhat couldn't Forgive Herself for what had happened.
she could see Ana and Weiss sleeping in Weisses Bed Next to each other, and she could some what see Akame, Yang and Ruby Sleeping On Rubies Bed Above Weisses, As the Youngest Sibling was Between the Older two, as Akame held Ruby in her arms, Keeping her Calm and Comforted, and Yang doing the same too...

Blake Almost Envied Ruby. she had two Supportive, Caring and Strong Sisters that always looked out for her. she wished she Also had someone that could Stay by her side.
...But she was Wrong about the Last Person she thought she could trust... Never again...

Then Suddenly, she noticed Yang getting out of the bed slowly and clime down the bunk bed. Blake looked at yang as she walked into the Bath room.

'was she awake the whole Night too?' questioned Blake in her own thoughts, as Yang entered the bath room.

 Yang had been in the Bathroom for at least 30 Minutes. What was taking her so long?

'Is she sick?' blake finally got out of her bed and walked toward the bath room door and slowly Listened in

"uuugh Come on! why is this so hard?!"

"...Y-Yang?" Blake Quietly called out

"Huh? B-Blake? is that you?"

"Yang Are you okay?" Asked Blake

"I-I'm fine! Nothing wrong here-Ouch!"

"Y-Yang?" She called out again, and soon, Blake finally made up her mind, really worried that Yang Would be sick or worse, Hurt inside the bath room
"...Yang, I'm coming in."
she then starts to Open the bathroom door

"What no Blake wait!" Said yang as Blake entered in...and her eyes were widen at what she saw


"B-Blake look Nothings wrong here. Honest! I just dropped the soup on my feet that's all." Explained Yang

"...Yang...y-your hair..."


"..M-My hair is fine. Really I'm Okay!" Assured Yang
or at least tried to

"Yang your Hair...It-Its White!" Said Blake as she stepped in the bath room
"Yang what happened?"

"I-Its....*sigh* Fine...This is...My natural hair Color." Said Yang

"Your...Natural hair Color?"

"YuP. My actual hair Color is White. I just Dye it blonde." Finally Answered Yang

"..But...Why?" asked Blake

"Well Akame got Moms looks, Ruby got her owns looks, Summer rose, and... Guess I Ended up Getting Dads." Answered Yang
"the Hair dye Part was dads Idea tho. he said it Works pretty good if your hair is fully Colorless."

"N-no I mean, Why would you hide your actual hair color?" Asked Blake
"Why would you...Hide who you are?"

"....Blake...It's just...My White hair isn't a Problem, it just didn't suit me... I told Dad about this and he said that 'You can Be whoever you want to be, it's your choice. but as long as you stick to who you really Are Deep down, You'll never Lose track of the things that are important to you '." Said Yang as Blake was listening
"I don't Hide who I Really am... I just Want to be who I want to be. and... I mostly like to be a Blonde girl instead of a Girl with white hair most of the times is all."

"...Yang..." Said Blake

"...Sooo I noticed my hair dye was starting to wear off... So I thought Maybe I could Refresh it before morning since we don't have Classes Tomorrow. But I ended up having difficulties Doing it On my own So...yeah. some of it even went into my Eyes." Said Yang

"...Yang...there's something I think... I should tell you..." Said Blake... as she closed the bathroom door

"Blake?" Said Yang, Wondering What Blake wanted to say.

"Yang...There's something you don't know about me... you see...Yang I'm..."
Blake slowly moved her hand toward her Bow on her head, as she finally unwrapped it.... and Revealed a Pare of Black Cat Ears.

Yang looked at the said Cat ears with shock

"yang...I'm a faunus...A-And....I used to be in the White fang...A long time ago..."


Chapter Text



[Vale,At the Coffee shop]


"....Soooo...Yourrrr....a Faunus." Finally Started yang


"...And your hair has been White this Entire time..." Also Started Blake


"EEh heh heh....Y-Yeah b-but....Also A Part of the White fang?" Asked Yang


For the Moment, Both Yang and Blake were at the Coffee shop in Vale. Blake had ordered some Tea While Yang ordered a Strawberry sundae, their Families favorite and traditional Dessert. they both were at a Balcony Part of the Cafe Right now, in the open View.


"Was that Part...Really True Blake?"


"...yes. I was a Member For most of my life actually. You could even say I was born into it. Back then, Things were different. In the Ashes of war, the white fang was meant to be a symbol of peace and unity between the Humans and Faunus. of course, Despite being promised Equality, the Faunus were subjected to Discrimination and hate. Humanity Still thought of us as lesser beings. and So, the white fang rose up as a voice for our people. And I was there, I was in front of Every Rally, I took Part in Every Boycott. I thought we were Actually making a difference...But I was just a Youthful Optimist...then, Five years Ago, Our leader stepped down, and a new one took his place. a new Leader, with a new way of thinking. Suddenly Our peaceful Protests were Replaced by Organized Attacks. We were Setting fire to Shops that refused to serve us. Hijacking Cargos from companies that used Faunus labor. and the worst part was? it was Working. We were being treated like Equals. but not out of respect...but out of fear."
Explained Blake as she puts her cup down
"...So, I left. I didn't want to Use my skills to aid their violence....and instead dedicate my life, in becoming a huntress."


"Whoa...Blake that's...Well it's Something." Said Yang with her spoon in her Sundae
"But Blake...Their Not Helping at all. You know that right?"


"I know. One of the reasons I Want to Become a huntress is to At least try to Stop them from Being so Violent." Answered Blake


"Blake What ever Weiss and Nero said...I-I'm sorry but...They're Right." said Yang as Blake Looked at Yang a little shocked in disbelief 
"Okay Okay Now, Hear me out first! I DID tell you about Mine and Akames Mom. Right?"


"...Yes. She and your father Divorced Years Ago as Much as Ruby has told me." Answered Blake
"and she Also Told me she comes to visit once or twice a month and she's a 'Cool Mom'. Twice at that."


"Yeah...When she isn't Around, she's out there in middle of the kingdoms, doing Huntress stuff. and... she has told us A lot about what we can Expect when we become huntresses and... Blake, she Told us A LOT about the white fang too."
After yang finished, Blake was starting to feel kind of Scared now
"She Told us that they tried to Even Kill Children. Children Blake. If their not stopped, It Won't End Well For Remnant On that Matter. I'm Really sorry to say this Blake, But the White fang... They ARE Criminals. And if They Are not Stopped...It will make things worse."


"I Already know that yang. but they Didn't used to be so drastic! they're just-"


"Didn't Used to be. Blake, they DIDN'T USED TO BE so Violent. but now Look were it has gotten them. they Killed our Aunt, A...'Person' that want Equality for Everyone! And they Killed her. and... I don't think I Could ever forgive them for it. But Blake you Saw how Broken Nero was About it, and Mordred... Is as Broken too, But she just doesn't Show it. But my Point is. If They are NOT Stopped, They will Make More People out there... EXACTLY like Nero." after saying that Blake looked...really Down about it
"More People that want to Kill Every Faunus...Even if their family and Friends wanted Equality. no matter what...Revenge will just Make them Blind to the right thing. and...heheh...Well.. Auntie Artoria used to say that ''Revenge Will Only Make a man Blind towards what's Important''. And Nero...Is an Example of that."


"...Your Aunt must have been a great Person..." Said Blake


"Heh. You have No Idea." Chuckled Yang, as she was reminded of the Fun times they had playing Games with their Aunt, Artoria. when she was still Alive that is.
"...Well! Are you...Going to tell the others?"


"NO." Blake Answered on the Spot, Making Yang to Almost Jump
"No. Just... No it's better that way."


"But Blake if you hide it it'll make things Worse Later on!" Protested Yang
"Look If you just talk with Weiss, Ana and Nero About the whole thing Maybe they'll Consider giving the Faunus a chance!"


"NO! Absolutely NOT!" Disagreed Blake
"Especially NOT Nero. Anyone BUT him!"


"But Blake you Can't  just.....W-Wait...Are you...Scared of Nero?" Asked Yang


"...." Blake first remained Silent, but then started to Finally Answer
"...Yang, Last night, I could feel that Nero was Actually going to Kill Weiss that night. I could see Murder in his eyes. His Every word was Actually True and Not just an Empty Threat. He Actually wants to Kill Every Whitefang member that he sees... and With his...Semblance, he Could basically Crush Anyone to Death."


"...Your...Half right and Half Wrong." Spoke up Yang
"Nero...He's...Well yeah he is REALLY Short tempered. He Would Lash out at Anyone if they Rubbed him the Way he doesn't like, He's Hot headed, Really Simple minded sometimes, Always acts like he doesn't care About ANYONE in general. And he'd rather Kill and shoot and Punch stuff first and Ask Questions NEVER. But Among All those things, He's Still Selfless When it comes to family, He Cares About his friends, and he isn't Really THAT Bad when you actually get to know him Better. And Akame Said it herself last night: He was Drunk. he didn't Know what he was really saying. He'll just sleep it off, And think it through with a Clear mind. Well...After he worked through the hang over At least. Trust me I had to Grow up with him."


"Yang, Are you...sure?" Asked Blake


"Believe me. I know my own Cousin." Assured Yang
"But I feel like we should tell the others about this."


"...Yang?" Then Blake Called out to Yang in a... Rather Quiet Tone


"What?" Asked Yang


Blake silently gave Yang a Quiet Signal with her finger and moves toward the edge of the Balcony in the Cafe...and then she swings her hand down the Edge and Apparently Grabbed something.


"Ow OW OW Hey Don't Pull my hair so much!!"


...Correction: she grabbed Someone.


Then, Blake managed to drag a Blonde Monkey Faunus From the other day


"Wait...Aren't you the back street boy from yesterday?" Questioned yang


"The What?" Also Questioned the Backstreet boy-I-I mean the Faunus


"Were you spying on us?!" Asked Blake the Faunus as he was hanging from the Balcony after Blake let go of his hair


"...No?" Answered the Monkey Faunus, And the Girls Just Glared Daggers at him
"..Y-Yeah..Yeah I was. I'm Sorry?"


"How much did you hear?" Questioned Blake


"About everything." Answered The Faunus
"Oh. Names Sun by the way!"






[team KKMT dorm room]



"Come the Hell ON!!" Yelled Travis


"You tryina beat ME? Not in a 100 years!" Taunted Mordred


"Shut it!"


at the moment, Travis and Mordred were playing 'No Killers World'. and Mordred was Clearly winning the match. their family was Pretty good at this game huh?


"Aaaand DEAD!" Said Mordred


"K.O.! Elise wins!"


"Aaand there is that." Said Mordred
"Just give it up Travy-Boy. You can't Beat me in this game!"


"Grr! Rematch. NOW!" Demanded Travis


"Sure! Anytime!" Accepted Mordred as she Picked the same Vampire character from her last match, and Travis picked a New Character as well: Destroy man.


"HAH! Seriously man?! You picked Destroy man AGAIN?!" 


"Well he's not Jasper .Jr is he?" Shot back Travis


"...Point taken." Agreed Mordred, Knowing that jasper Jr. was literally at the Lowest Tier in the Roster of the Game


But Mean while, Kiana seemed to be deep in thought, and Her Sister who was studying, Brynhildr Noticed that. she got off her Books and notes on her bed and walked over to Kiana 


"Is everything Alright sister?" Asked the elder Kaslana


"...Sis...Do you ever Have a Feeling where you missed  Something?" Asked kiana


"...Hm?" Bryn could only tilt her head in a questioning manner 


"I mean, Have you ever had a feeling you missed something big while your friends Went through some serious stuff, Leaving Us in the dark?"


"Meh if it's my Brother with them, then they Totally did something!" Said Mordred as she and Travis were still Fighting in their game


"I get that Feeling too when Neo Wonders off by herself sometimes." Also said Travis


"See? Even Mordred And Travis Agree with me!" Said Kiana


"...Maybe you're Imagining things." Suggested Brynhildr


"I am NOT. My Kiana senses Never lie to me!" Said Kiana


"You mean your Tuna Senses?" Said Mordred as she kept playing


"Shu-Shut up!! Stop Referring to me as a Tuna Already!!" Yelled Kiana


"Make me! AAAAand WIN AGAIN!!!" Said Mordred


"K.O.! Elise Wins!


"UUGH Come on!" Whined Travis
"Stupid Vampires!"


"Awesome Rock on her though!" Said Mordred


"Heh. Well duh." Also Agreed Travis
"....Wait why Do You Say that?"


"...Um... Well-"


*knock knock knock*


"I'll open it!" Said Mordred as she avoided the Question


She opened the door to be greeted by the face of his Older Brother


"...Can we Talk?" Asked Nero
"You know...Out side?"











[Vale, Afternoon]


At the moment, Both Akame and Ruby were in Vale, And Akame was handing out an Ice she bought for ruby towards her Youngest sister who was sitting on a Street Bench at the moment.


Ruby Silently Took the Ice Cream and Started to Lick the Tasty Dessert.


"Are you feeling better now?" Asked Akame, In whith ruby Shock her head in a 'No' Signal.
Akame Sighed and sat down next to Ruby
"...Ruby what happened That night Wasn't You Fault. Nero was Just Drunk. He didn't know what he was saying."


"But if I'd just Deal with the whole thing myself none of that would've Happen!" Finally Spoke up The Youngest Sister


"Ruby. What Did I Tell you all those years ago?" Asked Akame


"That I can Rely on you whenever I'm in Trouble." Answered Ruby


"Yes. Which means the fault falls on me too." Said Akame, making ruby to look at her questioning 
"I should have Been a better leader and stopped Nero before he started to Rumble out like that. so you could say I'm guilty too. And besides Nero was Drunk, he didn't know what he was saying."




"Give him some time. He'll Apologize Eventually After seeing how much he messed up. Okay?" Assured Akame as she placed her Hand on Rubies Should to make her feel better


Ruby smiled and laid her head on Akames Shoulder
"Thanks Big sis. Your the best."


"Right." Answered Akame, Happy to see her little sister was finally feeling a little better
"...Your Ice creams Melting by the way."


"Oh Crap!"


"Oh. you two are here too?" Called out a Familiar Female voice 


"Huh?" Ruby and Akame looked over to see who it was, which the answer came as a surprise to them


"Hello." Said Cinder as she walked over to the sisters
"I...Uh wasn't expecting to find you two here."


"We were just Walking around for a bit." said Akame


"What are You doing here Cinder?" Asked Ruby


"Mercury Touched Emeralds Rocket Launcher, a Missile Went off From it and it blew a hole in our window. I just Walked away because I didn't want to deal with his stupidity for today." Answered Cinder




"...That Explains the Loud Noise we all Heard this morning." Said Akame









[To Nero and Mordred, Vale Central Park]


"...You WHAT?"


"Do I have to Explain again?!" 


At the Moment, Nero and Mordred were sitting down on a bench in the Central Park in the Vale, and Nero had told Mordred what kind of Hot mess he had made


"Damn it bro were you Drunk Again?" Said Mordred
"No wait, How much drunk were you?"


"...A Lot more than usual?"


"...Damn it Nero."


"Hey I Was having a bad time okay?!" Yelled Nero
"A-And I... Really feel about the Whole thing."


"Really? Cuz knowin' You, You'd never Apologize that easily." Said Mordred


"No, Really. I feel Seriously Shitty After what I did." Said Mordred toward her sister
"I'm Honestly Serious."


Mordred could see that Nero ACTUALLY Regrets his Actions for once. it was pretty rare to see really. Nero was usually an Asshole mostly but... this time. he really wanted to make up for it.


"...Hey Nero...You really Don't wish that the Faunus never existed right?" Asked Mordred


"...No I... I Really Didn't Mean that. I was just really Angry at the time. If anything I wish the White fang didn't Existed!" Answered Mordred


"...You haven't forgotten We Both are Faunus Too Right?" Asked Mordred again


"....N-No...I Haven't..." Answered Nero, As they both were referring to their Mothers Side of their Genes, with their Faunus traits Being Both Blood and Heart of a lion.


"Then stop being such a kiss-ass. Grow a Spin for once in your life. And Quit being such a Bitch and just Admit your screwed up in front of Weiss and Ana If your Half as the man you say you are." Said Mordred gently fisting Nero in the shoulder


"...I can't believe YOU'RE Lecturing Me right now." Sighed Nero as he stood up


"You needed it. Admit it." Joked Mordred as she stood up too.


"Yeah. Probably." Said Nero







[Team KKMT Dorm room]


"I wonder What Did Nero want with Mordred?" Questioned Kiana while she and her other team mates were sitting in their 


"Probably some Bro and Sis thing Between them." Answered Travis


"How would you know?" Questioned Kiana again


"Cuz I have a Bro Too Idiot." Answered Travis










"...You have...A Brother?" Asked Kiana while Brynhildr, whom was Simply Minding her own business was Also surprised to hear that.


"Is it THAT Shocking?!" Asked Travis


"We just Assumed you were a Single child..." Said Brynhildr


"Look. My Bro Attends in Atlas Okay? That's why me and Neo BARELY Meet him. Because Atlas keeps him Pretty Busy." Explained Travis


"Oohhh." Understood Kiana


"That's Quite interesting." Commented Brynhildr


" How does your Brother Look like?" Asked Kiana out of curiosity 


"Well He's_"


*Knock Knock*


"Uh, come in." Answered Kiana


Soon, Neo Entered the Room with a rather small box in her hands


"What's that?" Asked Travis


Neo quickly handed the box to Travis and pulled out her Scroll and started to type again like usual


"It's From Bishop! He finally finished up with the thing you told him to do! XD"


"Wait really?! That took Faster than I thought." Said Travis Surprised and Impressed


"Who's Bishop?" Asked Kiana, While she and Bryn Also saw what Neo had typed


"He's a friend of ours that has a video game shop down town here in Vale." Answered Travis
"He also gets some stuff for both me and Neo. Like Provide me the Light Dust I need For my Weapon so another Person can insert them in."


"...And whos this Other person?" Asked Kiana


"Leaving that for LATER. First let me see what he sent us." Soon Travis opened the box and....A Cat was Inside?



"...A cat?" Questioned Brynhildr


"...It's...Soooo CUUUUTE!!" Suddenly said Kiana, Literally Stars in her eyes
"Who's this lil'FlufbulCuty?!"


"Her names Jean." Answered Travis as Neo Picked the Cat up out of the Box and hug it as she had missed the cat
"I asked Bishop to take care of her For a while when we were moving in to Beacon, Told him to mail her back to us after a week or so."


"Can we keep her?! Can we Can we Can we Can we Can we Can we?!?!" Kiana Practically Screamed At that point


"Yes! Holy Damn Chill out!!" Answered Travis


"EEEEEEEEE!!!!" Kiana then Snatched Jean out of Neos Hands, Shocking her in the process as she started to Hug and Dance Around with Jean in her Arms


"Sister Please Calm down." Begged Brynhildr


"Wait there's a Letter Inside too." Said Travis as he started reading the Piece of Paper inside
"Dear Travis, I'm Finally Done with the Repairs for Schpeltiger. you and Neo Can come and Pick it up any time you want. Also I'm Returning Jean too Since you two should be Done with the setups in beacon by now. Yours Truly, Bishop."


Then Neo Started to Madly Type on her Scroll
"Wait Hol'Up! Schpeltiger Is Finally FIXED! YOOOO This is AWESOME!!!!XD"


"Seems Like It." Answered Travis
"Hey You two take care of Jean for now. Me and Neo Are going to Visit Bishop Real Quick to Grab...Something from Bishops place."


"Sure I'll Take care of Miss Fluf'Ball-I-I Mean Jean!" Answered Kiana Literally In an Instant


"Yeah just, Be gentle With her Okay?" Said Travis


"doncha Worry! She'll Be Safe Right here!" Assured Kiana Holding Jean in her Arms














[Vale, back to Blake, Yang and Sun]



"So, What's the Plan now?" Asked Sun While He, Yang and Blake were Walking Along side each other


"Well...I still don't Believe that the white fang Are Behind these Robberies. the Amount of Dust that they Are Stealing Is Too much." Explained Blake 


"Yeah. The Entirety of Vale is Running Out Of Dust now. Almost EVERY Shop that has been Related To Dust Have Been Emptied Dry." Said Yang
"Just How Much More can they get?"


"..Hey... What if they DID Need that much dust?" Said Sun as they all came to a full on stop
"I Mean, The only way to Prove they Didn't do it, is to go to the place where they Would Most Likely go to if they Were to do it, And not find them there. Right?"


"....Sun I Just said There isn't ANYWHERE Left To rob." Said Yang


"Well, While I was on the ship, I Heard Some Guys Talk About Offloading a Huge Shipment of dust coming From Atlas." Explained Sun


"How Huge?" Asked Blake


"HUGE. Big Schnee Company Freighter." Answered Sun


"You think They'll hit it Tonight?" Asked Yang


"...Only one way to find out." Answered Blake


"Oh...Okay I'll, Call the others so_"


"No. Yang, We need to Do this Alone. Less People, Less chance of being caught."







[Vale, To Ruby, Akame and Cinder]



"That sounds....Quite Sad Actually." Said Cinder as they were Walking down the Streets of Vale


"I Know..." Agreed Ruby Sadly
"Ever since Friday, Weiss Hasn't Talk with any of us, Blake has been Avoiding Us other than Yang, Nero is... Well He's Being Nero: a Jerk Mostly and hasn't Been Seen Ever since, and Ana is Feeling really Down too."


"well, Further More, Did you say he was Drunk?" Questioned Cinder
"Isn't he...18 or something? How did he even get Inside a Bar?" 


"He seems to know a few Places that Don't Give much concern About Age Rating." Explained Akame
"He never Tells us where. But We could guess that it's A rather Shady Part of Vale."


"And We don't Even Know How To fix this hole mess!" Said Ruby


"And I think Akames Hair Looks Beautiful Today!" Said a 4th Voice as all 3 girls turn around to be greeted by Penny


"GAH Penny where did you Come from!?" Screamed Ruby 


"Hey guys! what are All of you up To?" Greeted Penny as her eyes rolled toward Cinder now
"And who is this Friend of yours?"


"Um..Who?" Said Cinder


"Uuh, Cinder, this is penny. we met her at Friday before that whole Thing happened. Penny, This is Cinder, A friend of ours." Explained Ruby for both sides


"I...See...Huh." Said Cinder


"So, Ruby, Akame, Where are the Rest of your team?" Asked Penny


"....Well...." Starts Ruby








[Vale. Beef Head Local Video Game Store]

"So here the keys Bro." 


"Thanks Bishop. Your a real Life saver." Thanked Travis as he Took a Pair of keys from Bishop


"Anytime Bro." Said Bishop as the Two exited the Video game shop.
Neo and Travis move to the back of the store towards a Small Garage that Belonged to Bishop. they opened it up to reveal a Motorcycle within.



"...You wanna Take this Bad boy out for a test drive?" Asked Travis with a Smirk


"Let's Pass EVERY Red Light we See (:c"


"Hell Yeah."









[Back to Ruby, Akame, Cinder And Penny]



"That is Terrible!" Said Penny


"Like we Didn't Already Stablish That." Mumbled Cinder


"But Wait! Isn't Nero Still Underaged to Drink Alcohol?" Asked Penny


"We stopped trying to find out were he goes for that a LOOONG Time ago." Answered Ruby in Defeat


"So...How Are your Friends After their Fight?" Asked Penny Again


"Well...Weiss Shut everyone Out. Anas really sad. Nero is Sparda knows where again. And Blake....Wait...Now that I Think About it. I haven't Seen Yang and Blake ever since morning!" Said Ruby


"I knew that Girl was an ALIEN." Said Akame


"...What?" Questioned Cinder after the ALIEN Part


"UUUUGH Akameeeee Quit Calling Everyone you don't Trust an ALIEN!!!" Yelled Ruby


"There isn't Any Proof that she ISN'T." Said Akame somehow with a straight face


" Oh Dear Akame. Blake isn't An Alien!" Spoke up Penny
"the Term you are Looking for is Faunus!"


















"...What?" Asked Akame


"...Oh! You didn't Know?" Said Penny
"Blake is a Faunus!"


"WHA-AH- What are you talking About?! Blake isn't a Faunus!" Said Ruby


"U-Uh...Haven't you ever noticed?" Asked Penny
"I mean, Under her Bow?"


"....Their...Big enough to fit Cat ears.." Said Cinder


"....Oh....OOH...." Finally understood Ruby
"...She Likes Tuna A Lot..."


"...And they way she was Trying to Protect the White fang... Does that mean..." Said Akame


"....No...It...Can't be...." Wondered Ruby




"...It sure is windy today!"


"...Penny. Are you a ROBOT by Chance?" Asked Akame


"AKAMEEEEE!!! NOT THE TIME!!!!" Yelled Ruby
















[At night, the docks]



"Did I miss Anything?" Asked Sun as he returned to Yang and Blake


"Actually. they're just done Offloading them a few minutes Ago." Explained yang


"Now their just sitting there." Also Explained Blake


"Cool. Hey I stole you guys some Food." Said Sun as he handed the other two an Apple


"...Do you always break the Law without a second thought?" Asked Blake


"Hey weren't you in a Cult or something?" Said Sun


"Do you wanna know how it feels like to get your Face Smashed in by a Shotgun blast at point blank?" Threatened Yang


"Okay okay sorry!! Too soon!" Said Sun


"I'm starting to think that Nero SHOULD have lunched you into space." Said yang as he went back to look toward the docks


"Wait, You mean that freaky Jerk with the Freaky mutated Arm?" Asked Sun


"First: He's my Cousin. Second: Do I HAVE to Put Tape on your mouth?!" Said Yang


"OKAY OKAY!! Sorry!" Apologized Sun again


but then, they all Saw an Airship Approaching the Docks. As the Ship Landed, Several White fang members Exited with their Usual Masks and White Clothes and black Hoods.


"Is that them?" asked Sun


"'s them..." Answered Blake


"They WERE Behind the robberies After all." Said Yang as she looked


"You really didn't think they were behind it, did you?" Asked Sun


"No...I think Deep down I knew. I just...didn't want to be right_" Said Blake before she and the others heard another voice in the ship



"Hey! what's the hold up?!" said the man, as it was revealed to be Roman torchwick Walking out of the Ship
"We're not exactly the most inconspicuous bunch of thieves here at the Moment, And If we screw this up my boss Will Have ALL Of your HEADS on his wall! Sooo Pick up the pace 'cuz We have NO TIME to waste. MOVE IT!!!"



"Wait...that's..Roman Torchwick!" Said Yang


"This isn't Right. The whiteFang Would NEVER Work with a human." Said Blake as she stood up and Unsheathed her sword
"Specially with one Like That." she then jumped off the roof top


"Blake wait!!" Called out Yang




Blake made her way toward the docks, and sneaked up right behind Roman and Held her sword right behind his at his neck.


"What the- oh for fu_"


"No body move!" Said Blake as the White fang members pointed their guns and weapons toward her


"Whoaaa Easy there Little lady!" Said Roman


Blake looked around toward the faunus infront of her and soon she Took her bow off, Revealing her Cat ears, shocking the white fang members


"Brothers of the White Fang! Why are you  why are you Aiding this Scum?!" Yelled Blake


"Oh Hoo Kid, Didn't you get the Memo?" Spoke up Roman


"What are you talking about?!" Asked Blake


"Well the white fang and I are going on a joint Business trip together." Answered Roman


"Tell me what it is or I'll Put an End to your little_"


But before Blake could finish





they all were shocked to see a TRUCK Smash  the front door and head Straight toward them



"LET'S FUCK THIS SHIT UUUUUUUUUUPPP!!!!" yelled the Man behind the Truck Wheels.


Blake Panicked but was lucky that the truck Completely missed her and Roman, But Almost Ran over the white fang Members


"Move out boys!" Said the man behind the wheels of the truck



"Wait...that voice...." Said Roman


"What?" Wondered Blake as he kept the Blade under his Neck


"I've heard it before....No...Noooo No No No NOOO...." Said roman
"Not HIM!!!"



"Well hello there Fellas." Said a man as he Exited the Truck, and so did his goons behind him



"Your Shipment of dust is hereby OURS now!" Said the man with the Eye patch, and fully shirtless and only with a Really Flashy Coat, Carrying a Umbrella with Several Goons following him
"We'll Have some as Take out."



"Oh for the love of Oum WHY Are YOU HERE!!!" Yelled Roman with Anger


"Heeeey Roman-ol-Buddy!" greeted the Eye patched man.
"Looooong time no see Ever since that night in the dust til' down Shop Friendo!"


"Who is this?" Asked Blake as she kept the sword right under Romans Neck


"Someone I Wish Dead." answered Roman with bitter hatred 


"Aww Roman! You Break my heart!" Said the man with the eye Patch. but his attention shifted toward Blake soon
"But you. Who're you?"


"The one that's going to stop This Robbery." Answered Blake


"Oh? You? Nice joke an' all. but I'm willing to let you Go Out of Everyone else here. So how 'Bout you run along now Kitty, Yeah?" Said the Man with the eyepatch, as he started to move toward Blake and Roman
"So? How Bout it_"


"Hey don't move!" Said one White fang member as he Pointed his gun right at the Mans face


"HEY Put your gun down You Filthy animal!!!" Yelled the one eyed mans Henchmen as they also pointed their guns at the other white fang members too


"...You there." 


"Huh?" Wondered the White fang member that had the one eyed man at gun point


"..Did you just Fuckin' Interrupt me Little animal?" he asked as he walked toward the White fang member


"H-Hey! I said don't Move!!" backed off the White fang member as he kept his gun Aimed at the man
"I-I said Stop You Freak_"


But then, the man Had the Hook part of his Umbrella Get stuck by the Ankle of the Faunus, and he pulled it up making the Faunus Trip


"Didn't your Parents ever Teach you NOT TO INTERRUPT YOUR ELDERS!!!!" yelled the man as he started to beat the Faunus with his umbrella Mercilessly 
"YOU! STUPID! RUDE! UNGRATEFUL! SHIT MANNERED! MOTHERFUCKER!" he yelled with everytime he hit the faunus, and Blake was horrified at the sight


"Now..." Then he held the tip of the umbrella Pointed right at the face of the Faunus
"Sit down, Also the names Majima, Not Freak, You freak."


then, he literally Stabbed the faunus in the face, killing him painfully.
his goons laughed, but Blake was left shocked and Also Furious at the Psychotic criminal.


But then, Several Airships Showed up and surrounded Every one of them



"Before I was Rudely Interrupted my self, I was gonna say that This isn't a Little operation." Said Roman


"Well...Shit." Said Majima
"Boys, get the Rocket Launchers Quick!"


"The what?!" Gasped Roman


"Here you go Boss!" one of Majimas goons tossed a really Large Rocket Launcher right toward Majima and Aimed it at one of the Ships Quickly


"Boys! Blow All their shit up and take the dust!!!" Yelled majima as he Pulled the trigger of his Launcher












[To Ruby, Akame, Cinder and Penny]




the girls jumped as they heard the sound of A Explosion. as they looked they saw Smokes rising from afar in the night sky.


"....Oh no." Said Ruby


"We Need to move." Said Akame













[To Travis and Neo]





"What the Hell was that?!" Yelled Travis as they Also heard the Explosion and noticed the Smokes too













[To Nero]





"the hell?" Wondered Nero as he Also Noticed it too.














[Back at the docks]



Blake slowly Opened her eyes after the Airship Was Blown up and crash landed Above her. she first noticed Roman Slowly standing up, but then saw the mad man now she knew as Majima, being Approached by one of his own henchmen and the said henchmen Gave His boss a Rather Powerful looking shotgun.




As Majima Held his Own Personal Gun: Crazy Dog; Blakes Eyes Were Widened when she noticed him Aiming it right at her!!


Blake Dodged a Blast from the gun and started running, Dodging Every single Buck Shot from the Gun.


As she managed to hide, Majima signaled his men to take the dust and Kill All of Romans Goons, As she Walked toward Where Blake Ran off to


"🎶One, Two, Majima's Coo-omin' Fooor Yoooou~🎶" he sang
"🎶Three, Four, Better Lock your-🎶 Guah?!"


But then he was interrupted by a Banana Falling in his face


"The shit?! Is it Raining Banana Trash?!" He Gasped as he threw the Banana off his face and looked up
"...No wait it's raining Blondes...WAIT WHA_OGHA!!!"



then, he was both stepped on and Punched by sun and yang in that same Order.



"Leave her Alone." Said Sun as yang activated her Weapons


"You people aren't That Bright Are you?" Spoke up Roman as everyone looked toward him and saw More Whitefang members Jump down the last remaining Air ship Right behind him


Majima simply jumped back up and watched as he was surrounded By the White fang Faunus
"...Well?! Kill Everyone!! Take the Dust Later!!!" he then Yelled toward his Goons as they all Pulled out their Swords, Knives, Guns, Brass Knuckles, Chains and Even tasers.



and All hell broke loose right there.


Yang watched as she and Sun were surrounded by Majima and his Goons, and Roman along the White fang.


Sun Dodged a Sword strike And Countered with a Back punch and kicked away a white fang member Coming at him from behind, then Block a attack from a goon and Punched a him in the face and followed up with a Flip Kick toward his jaw sending him flying. he then pulled out a long red staff, and hit one Goon toward Another one sending them both Tripping down.


Yang Punched One White fang member and Before he could hit the Ground, she caught him and Threw him straight at another Goon, Knocking both out. then she Blasts A few White fang Faunus and Thief Humans up whom were just fighting each other. she saw one Goon coming at her with Brass knuckles, but just dodged and the Goon Accidentally Punched A White fang member who was trying to Attack Yang From behind. she then Followed up by Punching the Goon out of his own Senses.



She saw Roman shooting toward Majima with his Candy Cain. And Majima was dodging every single Blast and shot Majima With a Fire dust Buck shot sending him Flying.


"Deal with Roman! I'll Handle the other one!" Said yang


"Okay!" Agreed Sun and the two Ran toward the Other


Majima Dodged a Punched from Yang and then another. Soon she tried to kick him across the face, but he gave a really Crazy Laugh and Bent his knees And dodged the kick, and Fired off another Shotgun Blast from his gun while at it towards the ground, sending Yang Flying back.


"HE'S MINE!!!" Yelled Blake as she jumped toward Majima


"Blake wait!!!" Called Out Yang


Blake Swings her Weapons toward Majima Who Blocks with his shotgun, Followed by a series of Dodges and Blocks From Majima until he Kicked her Away, but blake used her Semblance to Jump away From Majimas Assault and was going to land behind him. But to Blakes horror, Majima took a baseball Stance and Held his Shotgun like a BaseBall Bat!


And guess who was the Ball.



Majima hits Blake away at least a few Feet, Making her Fall on the Ground Painfully even with her Aura.


But then Yang Closed in and Attacked Majima, And managed to Punch his Shotgun out of his hands! then followed by another Punch toward his face, in which he Blocked and Followed by a Elbow strike right toward Yangs Forehead making her Stumble back and then Majima Followed up with a Jump kick right at Yangs Face, Making her Stumble back again.


But then Blake jumped back in again and Kicked Majima in the face, Only for him to Block with his hand, but then Blake used her Semblance to Jump Back and lunched herself forward and Managed to Hit Majima with her weapons, then Yang Lunched herself forward and Punched Majima first in the Belly, then in the face, in the chin, and finally a Kick to the Chest, sending him Flying back!



Majima then Jumped back up, Even MORE Fired up. he then noticed his shotgun next to him, Kicks it up, And Reloads It with Fire dust and shoots a really  big Blast toward the Two, Which resulted in a Big Explosion. Both Yang and Blake Barely managed to survive


As Majima walked toward the two, both him and Roman who had been fighting Sun this whole time were interrupted by a voice





"Hah?" Wondered Majima as he looked on towards the Rooftop of the Werehouse. to see 4 more girls Appear.


Ruby, Akame, Cinder, And Penny.


"Ruby? Akame?" Gasped Yang


"..That's..." Said Majima


"Where the Hell do this girls Keep Coming from?!" Yelled Roman





"Guys, Are they your friend?" Asked Penny



"Penny, Go! Call the Police While we Hold them off!" Said Akame



Roman pointed His Candy Cain toward the girls, but Majima noticed it. and somehow. he wasn't Thrilled about it.


"OY! MONOPOLY MAN!!!!" Yelled Majima as Roma Noticed Majima Jumping in the air and Kicking him Across the face into a Nearby Dust Container, Also Knocking his Hat Dowm



"Huh?" Wondered Ruby as she Noticed... a REALLY Familiar looking man


"Ruby?" asked Akame


"What's Wrong?" Also Asked Cinder


"...Wait hang one." Ruby Looked through her Scope....Toward the Face of Absolute Insanity






"...Oh my Sparda Noooo...." Said Ruby


"Ruby What's Wrong? Who is That Man with the Eye Patch?" Asked Akame


"It's the Guy I told you About! The one that I ran into Along side Roman that night in Dust till Dawn!" Yelled Ruby with Absolute Fear
"Please I don't Wanna Fight Him Again!!!"


"Um...guys?" Said Penny
"the Man with the Eye Patch is Running right up the Building now."


"Wait WHAT?!" They All yelled


just in a Spam of a few seconds, Majima had Ran all the way Across the Docks, And now was Running up the Wall, and now was Right On the edge, and now was Grabbing Ruby by her Ankle. and as he was looking up at ruby. he gave One Face ruby will see in her Nightmares




"You and Uncle Majima got Business to Finish Lil~~~ Reeeeeed~~~" Said Majima in the Most Creepiest Way Possible, then Jumped off again while holding Rubies Foot




"RUBY!!!" Yelled Both Akame and Yang as they saw the Madman Jump Off the Edge on top of the Highest Dust Container.


"Ruby! Hang on I'm coming!!!" Called out Yang as he Started to run towards the Container where Ruby was, but More of Majimas Goons got in her way








"uuugh...My back...Huh?" Ruby first Whined but noticed...the heel of a very Fancy shoe Coming down on her face-OH CRAP!!!

she used her Semblance to Dodge and Took some distance between herself and Majima, as she was now really Scared of fighting this Mad Criminal Again for a second time



"I Found you At Last!!" Yelled Majima as he Puts his Shotgun on his back, and pulled out his most Recognizable Weapon: the Demon-fire Dagger. his Signature Japanese Based Knife
"Now we can finish off our little Fight from all the way back then that night!!"


"What?! You just Went through All of THAT: which is running at least a mile, Running up a 50 meter tall Wall, and throwing us both up here just to Fight me?!" Yelled Ruby


"Well if I don't Then WHO WILL?!" Yelled Majima, and soon  he Threw his dagger up in the air, and then Caught it with his Teeth, and Took a stance holding his Dagger again properly
"You Ready? Ready-Set-Piss-drink yer medicine-hold your weapon-Now FIGHT!!!"



[Ruby vs Majima(Leader of the Mad dog Criminal Gang)]

(battle theme: Receive you mad type)



Majima Lunched forward Toward Ruby with his dagger, Ready to Slash Ruby. in which she Managed to Block. she followed up with a Slash from her scythe, but then Was Shocked with Majima Slide On the Ground with his knees and dodged her Scythe. when he Got behind her, he followed up by doing a Upward Spinkick right at rubies back, Sending her in the air.



Ruby Screamed as she was lunched up, but got her Senses back and Aimed her Gun downward toward the Mad man, Firing off some Bullets.


The Bullets left some Dust and Smoke. as ruby Landed, she saw a Shotgun Blast Coming at her and it hit her as she was lunched back Close to the Edge of the container, and Majima was walking out of the dust Almost Unscathed.








"RUBY!!!" Yelled Akame as she watched Her sister Almost get Killed On the container. but before she could move, More Airships Come and Right towards them.


"Damn it we have to_" Started Cinder


but then Penny Walked forward infront of them both


"Penny what are you doing?! Get Back!!" Yelled cinder


"Don't Worry you two." Said Penny
"I'm combat Ready!"



Then Some Swords Flew out of her back, Almost as if they were flying right behind her


"Save ruby! I can Handle the ships!"


"Penny...Right!" Said Akame as she started to Run down toward where Ruby was










"GRAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" Yang Yelled as she Punched More of the People and Faunus that were in her way. only see a few more

"What?! You Assholes Want some too?!" She yelled Her eyes Flashing red. scarring the Faunus and the Goons. but also a really Quick hint of Light Blue too, Which was a sign of Brynhildrs Semblance!


But then,



 some of the Goons were shot by a familiar sounding Gun.


Yang Looked to the side and saw Her Cousin Too!!




"Go find that Idiot Ruby! I'll Handle these guys!" Said Nero


"alright!" Yang then starter running

















Ruby Dodged Several Slashes From Majimas Dagger, but Got hit by a Knee into her Belly. which sent her Flying back again.


"C'mon lil Red!!! you can do better than that!!!" Said Majima


"ugh...Agh..." Ruby Struggled but finally Got up. Her Managed to finally get up. she looked at Majima, as Brynhildrs Semblance Took Effect and eyes Flashed Blue and her speed doubled. she dashed toward Majima From all directions and Swings her Scythe at him Multiple Times, hitting him over and over into his Aura.


but then, Majima managed to grab her by her Face and Smashed her Into the Metal Ground.
seemed like not Even Bryhildrs Semblance was much of a chance Against This Man.


Ruby was Practically Half Knocked out and Half Dizzy After all the Hits, Kicks, Shotgun Blasts, and Stabs she got. If not for her Aura she would be dead by now.
But Right here and now, She was ABOUT to Die!


"What, That's it?!" Yelled Majima
"Come on Get back up I'm not even going All out yet!!!"


"Uugh....Ugh..." Groaned Ruby as she did her best to stand back up. but only managed to get up on at least one knee






Yang Came Crashing in and tried to Punched Majima again, only for him To dodge, but then he saw another girl in full Red Appear right next to him and sing a Katana at him. he managed to Block with his Dagger but still got thrown back a little


"Ruby! Are you okay?!" Said Yang as she Ran toward Ruby who was trying to get up


"I think Only a Hundred Pizza Boxes can help me Recover from this." answered ruby as she managed to Stand back up with Yang and Akames Help
"But...It at least beats being Stabbed or Impaled."


"Sorry Sorry, Excuse me, Really sorry, Yeah, uh, Who're you two?" Spoke up Majima


"Rubies Older sisters." Answered Akame as she pointed her Katana toward The Mad Dog
"And I'll make you Pay for Hurting ruby."


"Oh? They're Yer Sisters? More Fun for me!"








[Down In the Docks]




"Damn Idiots." Groaned roman as he was Moving into the Last Remaining Airship
"this Kids just keep Getting Weirder and Weirder."




"Oh what now?!...Huh?" Roman then Was surprised to Meet two People he didn't Expect to see
"Well Well Well, If it isn't The little Traitors, Travis and Neo!" He said


Travis And Neo Who just Arrived, Looked up at the Airship that was Leaving which Roman was inside of


"Roman Get your Ass down here!!! Fight like a Man for once in Your Pathetic Life Man!!!" Taunted Travis


"Oh Travis Travis Travis. If only I had the time to Beat the Crap out of you two for Just Up and Leaving me all by my lonesome. I preeeeeetty Much Rather Literally Jet it." Said Roman
"Soooo yeah! School ya both Brats Later!" ad with that, He Closed the Hatch with his Candy Cain and Flew away.



"Hey!! Wait!!" Called Out Travis Angrily but to no avail 
"Damn it!!"


Neo then Patted on his shoulder to get his Attention. as Travis Looked back, He saw Cinder Walking towards them


"what was that About?" She Asked


"...Nothing." Answered Travis
"Forget About it."


"...You Two Used to Work for Him. Didn't you?" She Asked


"Look why don't you just Piss the hell-" but Before he Could Finish, Neo Stopped him and gave him a Specific Look. Travis Stopped talking and Simply Sighed After his Cousin Gave him that Look
"....A long Time Ago....but Not Anymore. It literally was a life time ago at least 3 years."


"...Why...did you left?" Asked Cinder again


then Neo Started to Type on her Scroll which said:
"It's....aLong Story....FOR another Time."



















"Haah....Haah...Haaah....You girls Are Somethin'...." Said Majima As he was Quite Beat Now Fighting Three Girls now. Who were Quite Great at Fighting As a Team together.



.....Mostly because their Uncle, Vergil Forced them to Come at him all Three as Training Probably.



"Just...What Even IS this guy...?" Said Yang, Trying to Catch her own Breath.
"haah...I doubt his even Using his Semblance yet...Haah..."


"Huh?" then Majima started to notice Sirens and Red and Blue Lights in the distance
"Tsk. Coppers." he then started the walk away


"H-Hey!" Called out Ruby
"Why-Where Are you going?!" 


"Coppers are on the way. And I Need to Jet it now. Soooooo..." he then looked at the Girls and took One Step backward over the Edge


"Hey!!" Called out Yang as they saw him Jumped down the Dust Container. they looked down to see that he had Vanished too


"...He's Gone." Said Akame
















[the Docks, 30 Minutes after the Fight]



"So you both used to Work for Roman until 3 years Ago?!" Asked Ruby


"Yeah I JUST Said that!" Answered Travis


By now, Ruby, Yang, Akame, Blake, Cinder, Sun, Travis and Neo were Sitting down on some Boxes after the Police Questioned them.


"Blake." Called out Akame
"Firstly, Are you a Part of White Fang?"




"Sis, She USED to Be. She Doesn't Work with them Anymore. I promise." Assured Yang




"What?" Suddenly they All Heard another Voice. and they looked to the side to see Both Anastasia and Weiss walking toward them


"..Is that true?" Asked Anastasia


"Look, I_"


"No. What I want to know is that what Yang said is True." Spoke up Anastasia Again
"So? Was it?"


"...Yes. I am Not Associated with the White fang No Longer." Answered Blake


"...That's Good Enough for Us. Right Weiss?" Said Ana


"...I-I...suppose..." Also Agreed Weiss




"Wow. Make me Feel MORE Guilty why won't ya?"


then they heard Nero's Voice as they saw him Walking Over to them, Scratching the back of his head


"N-Nero!" Ruby then Stood up
"Wait wait wait how much did you hear?!"


"Practically All of it." Answered Nero. but Everyone Noticed he was...Using a Much More Quiet and Less Snarky Tone than Ususal


"....Ugh Okay look. Weiss, Ana, I'm...I-I Am..Ss...Sorry For all the shit I Said the other day." Finally Spoke up Nero
"I Just Lost my cool, And I was just Being Reminded that My Mom Was Dead because of Literally Every Corpo  and Faunus in the World, It Pissed me Off, AND Plus: I was Drunk. A LOT. and....I shouldn't have let it all out on you. So What I'm Saying, Or at least Trying to say is....I'm Really Sorry. I was being a huge Asshole."


"Um...You Apology is Accepted...A-And.." Stutters Weiss
"...We're...Sorry For your Loss too."


"Sure. Now uh...Blake?" Nero Continued
"Look I...I'm Also Sorry for All the stuff I said that they About the Faunus too. I was just Mostly pissed that My om tried to Help them and they in return Were the Cause she died. And...Honestly she wouldn't have liked it after the Stuff I said. So...Y-Yeah I'm Sorry About that whole thing too."


"...No...Nero, I'm Sorry. Your Mother Was just trying to Help us to have a Much more Peaceful Life without Violence." Apologized Blake Too
"But...I Also Accept your Apology too."



"Whew. You have no Idea how much Guilty that Takes Off my Conscious!" Said Nero, Finally giving a Sigh of Relief. but he Also Noticed Sun just sitting with his Arms Crossed, Staring at him with a Not Pleased Look in his face
"Oh....Guess It means I gotta Say Sorry to you too huh?"


"Dude You Almost ripped my Tail off." Said Sun


"Okay okay!!! I'm sorry for that Too!!!" Yelled Nero out of Guilt
"...So...'Dudes' For Real?"


"...Yeah. sure. dudes for real." Answered Sun with a Smile, Seeing that Nero wasn't Actually All that Bad.


"Oh and Blake? Yang?" Called out Weiss and took the other twos Attention
"Next time, Please come to your Teammates. Not to some....BackStreet-Boy."



"Hey why do Everyone here Call me that!?" Yelled Sun



"Hey Wait...Where's Penny?" Said Ruby, Noticing that Penny was gone out of no where









[Ozpins Office]




Professor Salem had been watching through Live Feed, and she had Witnessed Every Second of the Fight though a Monitor.


'...Like Father, Like Daughters I Suppose.' Thought Salem as she Closed the Live Feed
'It would seem as if the Redgrave Family just Universally Must run into All Comes of Trouble No matter the generation. And I still Do not Approve of it!' 


Honestly, Their Father, Dante used to Really Be such a Troublesome Student Back in the day. And Salem was not Happy to See how His Children Slowly Walking into his own Footsteps of the Definition of 'Fun' as he used to say. 
and Probably STILL Says.



That was until she noticed a New Massage Pop up into her Scroll. She checked and saw it was a Massage from Raven, Dante's Ex-Wife.
she Tapped on the Massage to see a Really Short Massage pop up


[the 'Prince' has Pawns. and the 'Jester' is Here.] 


"...'He' is here, is he?"




































[Unknown Location]




"Ugh!!" Groaned Roman as he Fell on the Ground, with his Nose Bleeding rapidly


"You Fool!" Yelled Volgin as he Grabbed Roman by the Neck again and Held him Up
"You Caused us an Entire MONTH Worth of Dust Shipment!!"


"Volgin....I'm Sorry, L-Look It won't Happen again!!...Promised..." Choked Roman



"Let him Go Volgin!" Spoke up a Mysterious Voice yet Again
"Let him Go. He still Proves to be Useful."


"...Hmph." Volgin Let go of the Master Thief and he fell on the ground Coughing
"So, You said a few Kids Stopped the Job?"


"Haah...Haah...FREAKY...Kids...Volgin..." Said Roman Still Gasping in and out for Air even after being let go of


"Hmm....Give me the Names, Looks, and Aliases of these Said 'Freaky Kids' Later in your Report Roman." Said Volgin as he Started to Walk away
"I'll Deal with this Children Myself later."
and with that...He left.



"...That Man...WILL Be the death of me...." Said Roman as his head fell back on the solid ground yet again, Exhausted After the beating he took.














"hmhmhm...I'm Looking forward to Meeting you Soon, Kids." Spoke Volgin to himself as it went Unnoticed
"So I can Break you all My self."

Chapter Text

[Vale, Patch]


* Riiiiiiing .... Riiiiiiiiing .... Riiiii -Click*

"Devil may cry.....Sorry We're closed at nine."


"And again, No Password, and just another Odd job. guess I should close up Early Again." Said the Man
"So hey Girls! you three Wanna Order the Pizza tonight?"


"...Oh...yeah they're in Beacon now....I forgot for a sec." He realized
"...God I'm Lonely Now."

*Woof Woof!!!*

"okay okay!! I got it buddy!! you're still Here! Sorry I forgot!" he Apologized to a...Rather Fluffy and big Pet.
" wanna Order the Pizza tonight Buddy? Guess I'm Ordering a Normal Spicy one for tonight."

He Slowly reaches out to the Phone that was on his desk
"and If only I could make you stop Chewing Zwei like a chew toy Every time Tai Brings him over_"

* Riiiiiiiing ... Riiiiiiing ...*

"Huh. the Pizza Might have to wait if it's a legit job I guess."
he picked up the phone
"Devil may cry."

"Devils Never Cry. Vale. South of Emerald Forest. Mid night." Spoke the voice of a Woman

"Emerald Forest huh?" Said the Man
"That's....Awfully too Close to Beacon this time. Did something happen there?"

"Nothing out of Line. But your job will Appear there from what I know." Spoke the Woman
"Be there soon. and don't be late or they might wander into the school courtyards."

"Leave it to me. I'll handle it." he hung up 
"Welp. Guess no Pizza for tonight."

And with that, he got up from his chair, Equipped with Two Handguns and one really Eye catching Claymore Sword.

"Alright boy! You handle the shop While I'm out okay?"


"Good. Make sure no one breaks in."
he then  Exited.


[Beacon, Emerald forest, 1 Hour later.]



in the middle of the Emerald forest, there was Absolute peace and Quiet in the dead of night. not even one grimm in sight....until.

a Hellish like Portal Appeared in the middle of the Grassy Ground. and soon...some kind of Creatures started to Crawl out, moaning and roaring.
it took a few seconds, but they managed to fully Reveal themselves

the creatures which Resembled Little Grim Reapers Started to nimble forward toward the direction where Beacon was located at the moment

the creatures which Resembled Little Grim Reapers Started to nimble forward toward the direction where Beacon was located at the moment. That is until..

"Wow. You guys sure Multiply A lot more than Any other of your kind don't ya?" Said the man as he got in the way
"No Seriously, you guys are Literally the My #1 Guess when ever I Try to make a buck."

the little Grim Reapers, Also known as Hell Prides, Slowly nimble Towards him. but the man just kept a really calm and cool Reaction.

"I'd say you guys Have a chance to Return back to where you came from. Buuuuut Knowing you Literally have Salt and Sand instead of Brain Cells, It'd be pretty Pointless if I did." He said not even Caring that his life might be in danger. 
which Wasn't in danger.

"So It means I'm gonna have to Kill you here and now Like how I usually do."

then, one of the hell Prides jumped up and tried to swing its scythe Toward him. until it Got a Sword through it's chest, and then saw a gun aimed right at the mouth part of it's mask


and the Hell Pride was soon Reduced to Literally Salt. or Sand.
...I Dunno which one they turn to when they die.

"and Besides..."
he then Puts his gun on his shoulder looking at the Remaining Demons

"My kids are Attending this School right here, and they Probably have Classes Early in the morning

"My kids are Attending this School right here, and they Probably have Classes Early in the morning. So I can't Let you Disturb 'Em in their Sleep right now." Said Dante, Father of the Redgrave sisters
"Which is why I'm the Pest Control Around here."

And then, the Hell Prides All Attacked Dante at the same time, As he just simply Smirked

[A Few minutes Later, Professor Salems Office]



"-And I killed All but one of them!" Said Dante, Finishing his Report

"And what happened to the Last one?" Questioned Salem

"A Deathstalker Showed up and got em before I could. Killed off the Deathstalker too tho." Explained Dante

"...I seeeeee.....I'll transfer your Payment tomorrow morning." Said Salem

"Cool. Well Guess I'll see you later Lady S." Said Dante as he started to walk away

"-_- Please Stop Calling me that." Frowned Salem, Having Enough of being called 'Lady S' By Dante all the time. it annoyed her.
"...Wait, Dante."

"What is it?" He said as he looked back at Salem

"Don't you...I don't know, Want to At least Ask About your Daughters? I know it's Really Late at night so you wouldn't Want to Wake them up so Early but, I thought that you might want to know a little about their Education?"

"...Well I guess I should Ask about that. So how's their Combat Classed Going?" Asked Dante

"Well, All three of them have been Winning every single Match they have had so far with no loses, Practically Starting a.... Winning Streak as they put it." explained Salem as she looked into a Page of Sparing Class Records
"and Miss ruby has even Beaten A Well Known Fighter in the same class as herself: Pyrrha Nikos. Miss Nikos only Loss so far has been to Miss Rose."

"Wait Wait Wait, Ruby did that?" Said Dante, Actually Amazed
"Well Guess even the youngest one is Growing up to fast. Well yeah I used to Have the Winning Streak of All Time back then, But that sound Like Ruby is actually Improving a lot Better than I thought."

"Yes, Maybe." Said Salem, Knowing that Maybe, Just Maybe, Ruby had a little secret help In that Match
"Oh and about Miss Yang and Miss Akame."

"Did they get into Fights?" Asked Dante

"No but_"

"Then that's Good Enough for me. I don't Really wanna Come over to see the Parents of whoever they beat up. It's a pain ever Since some bullies Picked on Em." Said Dante
"Seriously Akame stabbed a kid in the leg with her Pencil One time."

"Dante, Miss Akame was Drugged in a fieldtrip." Said Salem

"...Wait what?"

"Apparently A few of the Bullies were Talked down to by her team, and in return they drugged her in a fieldtrip to the forever Fall Forest. But Luckily No one was hurt. and the said Bullies were given a really hard Warning and 3 months of Punishment." Explained Salem

"Oh....Well Good thing that was ....sorted out I guess?" Said Dante

"....Dante your Oldest Daughter Was Drugged."

"You just said that."

"She could have DIED." 

"I know?"

"...You are Awfully too Calm about this!" Finally Snapped Salem, and Dante Now knew he was really gonna get it. He knew best not to Make salem of all people Angry.

"L-Look I grew those kids up myself. I know they could and Can Pull through at least most of the things Life'll Throw at them at their Age!" Dante tried to Defend himself

Salem Sighed in defeat
"And I know that Arguing with you will only give me a Headache." She said rubbing the middle of her eyes
"Your dismissed."

"Sure, Sure. See ya 'Round." said Dante as he started to Walk towards the Elevator

'...If only he wasn't so Laid back and at least a bit more serious.' Thought salem to herself as she watched dante Walk Exit her Office

(Pff yeah we all know how THAT  Turned out in DMC2)

'But still, Why did demons Appear so Close to Beacon?' Salem thought to herself
she then Looked at the Pictures of Ruby, Yang, Akame, Mordred and Nero on her Screen on her Table
"...Could be that...Their Sensing Them?"

Chapter Text






at the Streets of Vale, the Dust till dawn Shop which was the Victim of a Accidental Gang war. the owner of the shop was done Putting on a Sign of ''Newly Opened'' and now was Moving down the ladder until he was bumped into someone

"Ooooh sorry bout that." Apologized a tall, skinny and...Rather...Pale boy with white spiky hair. he helped the old man up
"Me and...My Friend over there aren't Really From Around here. you uh mind showing us the direction to this shop." he then showed the old man a Paper that showed an Address 

after asking for directions, he walked over to another boy who was leaning on a wall behind him

"Found it. let's go." said the pale one, but the other one just stared at him



the other boy kept staring 

"Fine fine! I WAS Lost okay?! let's just go!" yelled the pale one and the Silent one simply followed him

as they walked, they moved through a few streets through a lively Crowd

"Damn this place is so Boring." Spoke the Pale one
"Seriously there's too much people around for my likings."


"...You know I thought the fact that you Can't talk will be pretty fun for me, but I was wrong. It's pretty damn boring to NOT Having someone to at least have a small talk to." said the Pale one again

the silent boy glared at the Pale one

"Sorry sorry don't Go all Crazy on me In middle of the public!" Said the pale one and the silent one just pushed him aside and moved ahead of him
"...Ugh...this guy is Seriously no fun." said the pale one as he followed suit







[Later, tucksons Book Trade]


the two boys entered a Book Trade. the silent one Walked toward a shelf to observe a few books.

the Pale one walked toward the front desk and rang the bell.

"Coming!" said a voice from behind the back door. then a man walked in carrying several books.
"Welcome to Tucksons book trade. home to every book under the sun. how uh, how may I help you?"


"Oh he's just Browsing." Spoke the Pale one pointing toward the silent one
"Sooooo uh I was wondering, Do you have a Copy of uh, 'Skyrim'?"

"Ohoh. I doubt There is ANY Book store that DOESN'T Have THAT One." Answered Tuckson
"Would you like a copy?"

"Naw. Was just wondering. Books Like that really Bore me after a while." Said the Pale one as the silent one put down a book
"Oooh wait! how about the Really old Story: 'the blind Prince and the Liar Princess'?"

the the Silent one waved toward him
"Huh? What?"
the silent one held up another book
"wait, you saying his has it?"
the silent one opened a few pages to show some Really Cute and Artistic looking pictures of an Instant Classic for a lot of kids childhood
"Huh. thanks for that."

he then Looks back at Tuckson
"Oh don't mind him, he's actually mute."

"o-Oh! I was Wondering why your friend was so....W-Well...N-Never mind."
started Tuckson, but stopped not wanting to Offend the Silent boy.

"Wait wait Wait! How Aboooouuuuut.....'Asuras Wrath'?" asked the pale one again

"I...Don't think we have that one in stock." answered Tuckson

the Silent one simply put down the Blind prince and the Liar Princess Book.

"oooooh that kinda Sucks." Said the Pale one
"what was this place called again?" 

"Tucksons book trade." Answered Tuckson

"Aaaaand you must be tuckson." guessed the Pale one


"Soooo you came up with the cheesy Catch phrase that this is the home to every book under the sun right?" Asked the pale one again

"..It's just a catch phrase." Said tuckson

"More like False advertising." Said the pale one and he then looked back at the silent one
"Isn't that right Caim?"

the Mute boy, now named Caim, Nodded his head

"W-Wait...Caim?" gasped Tuckson
"Isn't that...the name of the-"

"Yes it is Tuckson." answered the pale one
"And if that one over there is Caim. then you should know who I am now. Right?"


"Uh uh uh~. You should say the Name tuckson." Said the Pale one


"And you DO know what else they call me right?" Asked Vincent.

"....Skelter Helter." answered Tuckson again

"And you should know by now that WE know that your gonna Jet it to Vacuo Right?" said Skelter helter as Caim was Turning the Lights off
"You DID know that your Brothers On the White fang are gonna be Pissed If they heard about this right?"

"...Yes." Answered Tuckson again

"You you DID know!" said Skelter
"And despite that, you were STILL going to follow through with it?! That's a Laugh! Ain'r that right Caim?"

Caim simply Walked toward the front desk behind Skelter when he was done Turning the Lights off

"Well. Back on track." Skelter then Looked over to Tuckson
"You know who we are. You know what we can do. and you know you don't Stand a Brink of a Chance. Are you still gonna fight back Tuckson?"

"....YES!!" yelled Tuckson as sharp Claws Raised from his Finger nails and he jumped on the Table

Skelter and Caim backed off as Tuckson attacked Skelter as he simply just dodged.
but the last thing Tuckson saw was Caim Giving a Sadistic and Psychotic Smile as he Pulled out a large sword, And Stoke Tuckson down

the two boys, Vincent S. Helter, A.K.A. Skelter Helter, and Caim Exit the Tuckson book store. 

"...Hey what is that?" Asked Skelter as he noticed Caim was holding a and also Reading a Copy of the Blind Prince and the Lier Princess
"...Seriously? You're Actually Reading that kiddy Crap?"

Caim Ignored Skelter and kept reading the Book.

"What you like the Art work? for a Murderous Psycho you're Too much Weird Sometimes."









"Why am I Coming with you again?" Asked Mercury

"To get a Book we'll need to Do Professor Wavers Project." answered Emerald

"Yeah I Know the reason. I'm asking that why AM I Coming along?" Asked Mercury again

"Mercury just suck it up and move your ass." Said Emerald as the two Walked toward tucksons Book trade
"Tuckson has a Book that's gonna Help us out. he HAS to at least have a Book about Environment and Weather."

"let me guess: The home to Every Book under the sun?" Guessed Mercury

"That's just a Catch Phrase." Said Emerald as the two Entered the Book trade
"Mr. Tuckson? It's me emerald Again. I needed another book for another School Homework."

"...Why is it so dark here?" asked Mercury
"He closed?"

"No. He doesn't Close up this Early." said Emerald Looking around
"Mr. Tuckson? Where are....y-you....oh god..."

"What you found....h-huh?"

both of them finally noticed Tucksons body. but....where was the head?
his head was Sliced off. as they Followed the Blood trail, Emerald Almost Screamed out of fear and Mercury was Feeling sick because of the Sight in front of them

...the sight...

Of tucksons brutalized Head, Stuck to a Bookshelf with knives

...Of tucksons brutalized Head, Stuck to a Bookshelf with knives...

Chapter Text


[Beacon, Cafeteria]


Within the Cafeteria, teams friends and Partners were Eating their Food, Enjoying talks.
Thank GOD that whole thing is finally over!


Meanwhile tho, Blake was Reading a Note that had the Back of a Person with a Katana on their back.
until Yang Leaned in towards Blake
"Whacha' Dooooin'?"


"Nothing. Just going over Notes from Last Semester." Answered Blake


Yang then Caught a Piece of food into her mouth and ate it, while saying


"I swear if any of that food Get's thrown into my hair I Will Sue." Said Anastasia, while Team ANAS was also Eating alongside Team WBY. 


"Hey you wonder how long it'll take until Nora finally Throws a Pie?" Asked Nero


"Knowing Nora, not too long." Answered Shiro





and speaking of the R.


Ruby then drops Really Big and heavy note on the table which had the title of 'Best day ever ACTIVITIES' and Cleared her throat
"Sisters, Cousins, Friends...Weiss."




"4 Score and 7 Minutes ago, I had a Dream!"


"This Outta be Good." Said Yang until

"Yang Hush." Hushed Akame, while yang just caught A Cherry that Nora threw at her 


"A dream Of all 8 of us coming together as 2 teams who are Also Somewhat Families to each other, and have the most Fun anyone has ever had! EVER!!" Said ruby


"I'm not Related to Any of you." said Shirou
"Also so is Blake!"


"did you stole my Binder?" Asked Weiss, in which Ruby answered with-




-And Akame Nodded her head in agreement


"What are you talking about?" Asked Blake


"I'm talking about kicking off this semester with a BANG!" Answered Ruby


"I Always start My Semesters with a YANG!" Said Yang....Prepare the Wicker man Folks, we're burning her for that Pun alone


"Eh? EEEh??"


"No, Yang. Just no." Said Akame


"Awww Come on sis! your smiling a Little!" said Yang


"And I hate it." Said Akame


"Wait wait wait." Spoke up Weiss
"Akame is...smiling?"


"Well, Yeah Can't you tell?" Asked Ruby as she pointed at Akames Facial Expression



"...She is....smiling?" asked Shirou


"...Are you...Sure about that?" asked Anastasia


"Yeah Actually that's the Most she has over this whole week!" said Ruby


"B-Bu-But that face doesn't even Resemble a smile." Said Weiss


"Wha?" Said Ruby


"Weiss you really can't see it?" Asked Yang


"She is LITERALLY holding a Normal Expression." Said Blake


"Don't...just don't-DO NOT question it." Spoke up Nero
"I never figured it out my self so...No just...just don't."



"Look guys, it's been a good two weeks, and between Exchange students Arriving and the tournament at the end of the year, our second semester is going to be great! but Classes start right tomorrow. which is why I took the time of Preparing a wonderful stuff for us today!" Explained Ruby


"Let me guess: is there Pizza Involved in it?" Asked Shirou


"Pfff Obviously! Whose Family do you think I'm From?" answered Ruby


"Yeah! Pizza is Life!" said Yang


"And also Love." also said Akame


"...How haven't ANY of you Gained Weight?!" Said Weiss


"Rude." Said Akame

"UUgh Weiiisss Shut up." Frowned Ruby

"Do you EVER say something nice?" Also said Yang


"HEY!" Said Weiss


"I think I'm gonna sit this one out." Said Blake


"Me too." Agreed Shirou


"Hey Come On Man! Don't be the Anti-Fun Captain!" Said Nero


"No." Said Shirou


"It'll be fun though!" Said Ruby


"I said, No-"





"....It was Nora wasn't it?" Spoke he could feel a Pie right a the back of his head.


"....Yup." Answered Shirou



Nero got up and looked back at team JNPR as Nora tried to shift the Blame on Ren


"Nooooraaaaaa..." Spoke Nero as...he Grabbed Everyfood on the ENTIRE table with his Devil Bringers bigger form


"Wait wait WAIT DON'T HANG ON!!!!" Yelled Deaf ears as Nero threw every single Food that he had grabbed with ONE single swing toward team JNPR, Making a Mess out of all of them, Also Nora too.


"Tsk. that's what you get." Said Nero dusting off his Semblance arm, while Shirou...was Smirking at Nora getting what she deserved.


"oooh noooo." Said Anastasia


"What? Oh don't tell me you feel Bad for NORA of all people!" said Nero


"No you Fool! You hit another team that was right behind them!" said Anastasia Pointing at a Certain team Behind team JNPR


Nero Started to Look over to the said Team
"Oh please I didn't Kill...any....One"
....and he figured out whose team it was


".....Neeeerroooooo..." Spoke Mordred, while she and the Entirety of Team KKMT were lookingat him Pretty Pissed. Save for Brynhildr whose face was covered by a Plate of pudding. And Travis had a Rice ball literally Smashed into his hair. and Mordred spoke while the pieces of a Shattered Water Melon was All over her face, Meaning with Red Pieces of the watermelon and Black and white seeds in her face and hair
"You wanna die ASSHOLE!?" Yelled Mordred


"....I'm sorry?" said Nero actually Sweating


"I see. Your 'Sorry'." spoke Kiana, their Leader, as she stood up as well....with a Fried Tuna on her face XD.
"if you're Sorry, then Lie down and DIE!!!"



"...Nice going there Nero." Said shirou


"Oh You SHUT UP!!" Shot back Nero









[Outside the Cafeteria]

"Heh. Man that's Crazy." Said a Blue haired Boy walking side by side with Sun and Two more boys


"So then we're fighting Side by side! And she was Superfast. and the other one was Super Strong! then I threw a Banana and the guy with the Eye Patch! It might Sound Gross but it was AWESOME!" said Sun


"It STILL Sounds Gross man." Said one of the other two boys who had...a Really Weird Sense of Hair Fashion. his hair was was All in the Air. Like Pointed up words in the air. it was both Cartoonish and Cool at the same time.


"and the best part is, the first girl is a Faunus! U-uh but it's a Secret Okay?!" Said Sun


"so what? I'M A faunus too." Said the other boy who was...Wearing Blue tight and Also Had Blue hair with Dog Ears.


"But no One knows! So don't tell anyone okay?!" Said Sun


"Got it." Said the other boy with blue hair and Red Shirt


"No Seriously!! not a 'we're gonna tell Scarlet, Law and diarmuid the moment Sun turns his back' kind of secret!" said Sun
"It's a Secret Secret!"


"Dude We got it!" Said the boy with blue hair


"You? Neptune knowing you you Probably don't Got it when we're near the Ocean!" Said the boy with the Blond big Hair


"Paul, you're one to talk." Shot back Neptune
"We all know you Goof up A LOT more than any of us Combined!"


"BUUUT I know how to SWIM!" teased the boy named 'Paul Phoenix'


"Hey hey HEY Knock it off!" said Sun Making them to stop fighting
"Look, the People here Are the COOLEST. I just don't wanna screw this up you know?"


"Sun, Come ON Bro. You KNOW I'm like the COOLEST Guy ever right?" Said Paul


"Not what I heard~." Said the other boy in blue tights


"Hey! Not Cool man!" Said Paul 


"Okay their Just in here! I'm really Excited for you all to meet them! so Be cool!" said Sun
"...You guys Are gonna be cool right?"


"Am I gonna be cool? Sun, Look at the other students around you." Said the Boy in blue tights


"Why?" aske sun


"Just do it." said the boy in Blue tights


"uuh...Okay." then sun looked at the students around


"Now, Back to Me."

and sun Looked back to see the face of the close friend of his

and sun Looked back to see the face of the close friend of his


"now. Look back at the other students here again." Said the boy, in which sun followed to do
"Now back to me again." sun did so
"Back to them!" sun did so
"and back to me!" sun did as he told him


"...Yeah! Yeah you're gonna be Cool Enough in their Book NO DOUBT!" Said Sun, Knowing that his friend, Cu Chulainn was practically the true Definition of Cool.


"dude. what about Me?" asked Neptune


"..Well not as cool as Cu here, but Close enough I guess?" Said Sun


"Aww." said Neptune












And as the boys entered the Cafeteria, they were Greeted by the View of a Lot students running, and on of Em Screaming the Title of the Chapter/Mission.



on one end, was Team JNPR and KKMT, with Nora on top of Many Tables Stacked up on each other.



"Stop it Kiana! Your Tsundere-ness Isn't Needed in this Cafeteria!" Shouted Nero, as Teams RWBY & ANAS were on the other side of the Cafeteria


"It was not by My hands that my hair Smells like tuna Now!" Yelled back Kiana as she was sitting down like a God damn Overlord on A Vending machine, Holding a Can of Icy-Cola....Like a whine Glass for to go along the overlord Mood
"My Tsundere-ness was Triggered, By You, Whom Took his step Too far."


"'Too Far'!?! you LITERALLY Made a Castle with the Tables! And Made the Vending Machines your Personal Food Storages!" Yelled Nero


"Perhaps the same could be said of All Fridges~!" Shut back Kiana taking a sip of her Icy-Cola


"Your Words are as Bitchy as your Personality! Those Vending Machines Sure as shit don't Need a Drinker such as you!" Yelled Nero




"....What the HELL Are they Doing?" Said Travis

"You Asking Me?" Said Jaune

"Are they, Like, doing this thing on Purpose?" asked Yang

"Possibly." answered shirou



"WHAT IS A SODA DRINKER?!" Yelled Kiana throwing her Icy-Cola can Away which hit Poor Jaune in the face. and Jaune dropped a painful "OW!!"



Ruby kicked up a Box of Milk
"ENOUGH REFERENCES!!! Justice will be SWIFT! justice will be PAINFUL! it will be Delicious, AND STYLIIIIIIIISH!!!!!!"

and everyone else Yelled 'YEAAAAH' behind Ruby, Even shirou!


"Off with their HEADS!" Yelled Nora as she flipped downward


Ren kicked up 3 Watermelons and kicked them again toward their Enemy. Jaune and Pyrrha did the same wile Nora Flipped over An Entire Table of Watermelons.
Brynhildr Held two watermelons and she threw them in the air, and then followed up by jumping up, Flipping over, and kicking them both toward her enemies. 
Travis Simply Kicked a watermelon toward them like how a soccer player kicks the ball.
Mordred on the other hand, picked up One watermelon, and took a Baseball Players Stance, and threw the Watermelon like a baseball.


"Yang! Turkey!!" Ordered Ruby


"Shirou, the Frozen Fishes!" ordered Akame


Yang kicked up two Turkeys and Swung her fists into them, and Shirou kicked up Two Frozen Fishes, As they were going to act as his Duel short Swords Like Kenshou and Bakuya.


they both Punched and Sliced the Watermelons! Soon Blake Jumped forward and took Two baguettes and held them like Katanas. Nero also Jumped forward and Kicked up a Really Large and Tall French baguette. so now, Nero, shirou, Yang and blake were Cutting down Watermelons until Yang shut her Turekys forward and Shirou Kicked up a Hotdog on the Floor, and Put one of his Frozen fishes in his mouth and caught the hotdog. he squeezed the Bread so Hard, the Hotdog itself not just Slipped, but was LUNCHED Forward!


Jaune got hit by the Watermelons, but Brynhildr Bend her Knees, Pulling off a 90 Matrix Move, dodging the floating Hotdog.


Soon Blake and Nero jumped forward toward Pyrrha, until travis came rushing in and swings a Large sausage At Nero From Behind.
Nero blocked with his Baguette while Blake and Pyrrha were fighting baguette to duel baguettes.
Nero held his baguette against Travises Sausage that was at least 25 centimeters Long.
Travis swings his Sausage against Neroes Baguette, but Nero Swings back with his Baguette. Nero Matched his Movements with travises, Blocking and hitting back every sing one of his attacks, until they came to a Weapon lock, with travis Holding his Sausage with both hands, and Nero Holding his French Baguette with only his left hand, Smirking into Travises Face for the fact that He was slowly overpowering him.


((Authors Note: Man Do I LOOOOOOVE baguettes~))



that was until Mordred came crashing down, trying to Crush Nero, only for Nero to Panic and dodge. but now, both Nero and Blake were at the same line and Pyrrha Lunched forward and used STINGER-I-I mean A forward Stab attack with Her Baguette, Sending both Blake and Nero Lunching back. then Kiana came forward and Threw a Baguette forward at the others, along side Pyrrha.



Yang  and shirou did their best to Punch or slice or dodge the Baguettes, that is until Yang was hit with one Baguette, and Shirou was struck in his right leg with one baguette too, Losing his balance only for another baguette to come at him again into his chest.


then both ruby and Akame rushed in, akame dodging every Baguette and ruby Sliding on the tables with a food Plate. Ruby lunched up and hit Pyrrha with her Plate, and Akame Lunched forward toward Kiana and Dodged two Baguettes that she threw at her, and when she was close enough, she Performed KICK 13: a Series of Powerful Kicks that her Father taught All of his children, (cuz you just GOTTA do KICK 13) And knocked Kiana back along side Pyrrha.


but then, Ren, Nora, Mordred and the One they had to watch out  for the most, Brynhildr Jumped toward them.
but the Redgrave jumped to the sides only for the Schnee sisters, Anastasia and Weiss to Jump forward.
Weiss held the Ketchup Sause, and Ana held the Mustard Sause. 
And then, with the Fusion of both Red and Yellow, Weiss splashed hers along the floor, and Anastasia aimed hers at the four, and managed to shoot Mustard into their eyes.


Mordred and Ren whom were Poor enough to get Mustard in the eyes, Slipped and crashed into the Tables. but Nora jumped up and grabbed a Pole and Thrusted in into a Watermelon, making up a Hammer.

she would be a MASTER of Crafting in Dead rising.


she slammed the hammer down sending them all back, but Ana and Weiss Both grabbed Long sword fishes and Lunched forward toward Nora, until Kiana also jumped forward holding two Cans of Soda and threw them at Ana, in which she managed to dodge.


while Kiana was fighting with Ana, Weiss was stuck with Nora.
Kiana kept pulling out Soda cans out of her Dimension Locker and kept throwing them an Ana. but Anastasia being Anastasia, Managed to Slice or dodge all of them and Closed in on Kiana. until Brynhildr jumped forward and kicked Anastasia away.


Nora also ended up smashing Weiss away. so they both were lunched back, and both were smashed into a Pillar and both fell at the same time.


Ruby Caught Weiss and Akame dashed Forward Fast enough to catch Anastasia


"Weiss?! WEISS!! don't Leave meeee! NOOOOOO!" Yelled Ruby


"Ana? Ana answer me!! Ana?! AAANAAAAA!!!!" Yelled Akame







" Drama Queens." Said Travis


Yang and Nero Ran forward as Yang Equipped her Turkey fists Again 


Ren Equipped two vegetables and Kiana Picked up a Giant Pork Meat, that Resembled her Baseball bat.


"Nero is Mine!!" Yelled Kiana as they both jumped forward and Yang and Ren started their fight, while Kiana went straight for Nero


Both Nero Locked Pork meat and Baguette. They Fought until Nero Lunched Kiana into the air, as did Yang to ren, both jumped up turkey and Baguette, ready.


"JACK-" Both said as they Hit their Foes with their own foods
"-POT!!!!!" And they both finished as Kiana and Ren were Smashed into the Floor


they both then shortly landed
"YEAH! SAVAGE!" Cheered Yang


then Ren, Travis and Mordred all Ran forward into the two.


"GET THE HELL BACK!!!" yelled Nero as he Pushed Yang back, his right Arm Glowing

Mordred saw this and instantly Panic ran across her mind, she managed to jump back, but her Allies, Nora and Travis were too late to notice.


Nero Used his Devil Bringer to summon a large Fist to Uppercut Both Travis and Nora upward into the the air, and they both crashed into the Ceiling and went further in the sky.


Blake Back flipped and Caught a long line of Sausages, and Swings them Around Like a whip and hits Mordred back into a Vending Machine.


she crashed into a Vending Machine, but followed up by Picking up another Vending Machine and Threw it right toward Blake.


Blake got shocked but Managed to dodge the Vending machine, and shirou followed up by Running forward and jumping the Vending Machine and running over it.


Pyrrha Saw the many Soda Cans around her and used her Semblance to Make the Soda Cans to Fly right toward Blake and Shirou. they tried to Dodge at first, but they couldn't Followed up in time and were hit by the Soda cans and were Hit right into the Wall Behind them. but the Soda cans Followed up on Nero too, Getting him Knocked out along side Blake and Shirou


"any Plans now?" Asked Yang


"...I have one." said ruby as she stood up
"Yang, Akame, Judgement Pizza."


"Let's do it." agreed Akame, as the sisters were going to Perform the most Terrifying Parody of their Uncles Deadliest Move.




soon, Yang was holding at least a dozen Pizza boxes out of nowhere on her Shoulders, and she threw them All in the Air.


akame Jumped up, as she sliced all the Boxes open with the Long sword fish that Anastasia held a few minutes ago, in honor of her Fallen Partner. soon, Many Slices of Perfectly Cut Pizza flew in the air


"NOW RUBY!!!" both sisters Yelled as ruby activated her Semblance, dashing past the Pizzas, and the Impact of her speed Dragged them all With her



Jaune, Pyrrha, Ren, Mordred, Kiana and Brynhildr Saw Multiple Pizza slices Flying right at them Along side the Red Blur. and as ruby Passed them all, and the Pizza slices Flew right at them, and they all were covered in Pizza head to toe, and then they all were lunched into the wall behind them.


"Damn you...Parodying my dads Move like that..." Cursed Mordred


"I...Can't Move...what's going on..." Gasped Jaune


"It's...the Cheese..." Mordred managed to start Explaining
"The cheese...Has us Stuck into the Wall...Why do you thing they went with Pizza in the first place?"


"awwgh Man...My hair now smells like tuna, AND has Cheese in it!" Frowned Kiana, as the victor was Finally Decided.


"...We need a shower..." Also Said Pyrrha











"....I love these guys." said Jaune


"That was SIIIIICK! I think I can get Used to them too!" cheered Cu


"...I have Mixed Feelings about this." Said Paul, as he and Neptune were Covered in Cheese as well.



then the door was opened and Cinder and Neo walked in....and slowly stopped when they saw the scene in front of them


"....I don't want to ask." said cinder


"I DO~!!11!" Said Neo on her scroll


then the Door was Slammed open again and Glynda Goodwitch Walked in, Clearly in absolute fury. she used her Semblance to fix up all of the Cafeteria, and while she was at it she Took Everyone that were stuck into the walls by pizza cheese off.


"Children, Plea-"



then Both Travis and Nora finally came Crashing down.


"...children, Please-"


"WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!" cheered Travis as he suddenly had a Pie in his hand


and because of the adrenaline rush in  his brain, he Threw the Pie right toward Professor Glynda Goodwitch!!!!


But luckily, it BARELY missed her


"....Mister Touchdown." spoke glynda even more Furious now
"you missed."


"oh...uhh...I-I told 'Em not to play with their food!" .... Obviously Lied Travis
"but did they Listen? nope."


"WHAT?!" yelled ruby


"BULLSHIT!!!" yelled Mordred


"OH YOU SHUT UP!!!" yelled


"LIAR!!!!" yelled Kiana




and they all followed up by throwing All kinds of food that were left right at Travis


"OKAY OKAY I'M SORRY!!!!" yelled Travis, Waving his hands in defeat.



soon, Ozpin and Salem walked in as well.


"Now now Glynda dear. Remember what I said." Spoke Salem
"Deep Breaths."


"Let it go." said Ozpin as well


Glynda sighed
"They're Suppose to be the defenders of the World. and the Redgrave siblings are already taking after their Fathers As We feared."


"and they will be. but right now they're still Children." said Ozpin
"So why not let them play the part?"


"Childhood is Only a One time Era for all of us Glynda." said Salem
"We can't just tear it away from them. that would be Far too cruel. they all will Grow up when the Moment is right."




























[Vale, Unknown warehouse]




Caim and Skelter Helter both walked into a warehouse filled with Whitefang Faunus and Equipment.


they both walked toward Roman, who Noticed them.


"Ooooh Looook she sent the Kids again!" he walked over to the two and held a hand over their Shoulders
"this is turning out JUST like a Divorce."


"Yuck, PLEASE no." said Skelter as he Shoved Him away
"anything but THAT shit."


"that was a joke." said Roman as he moved away from the two
"and THIS, Just might tell me where you two have Been All day."


"What the- how the hell?!"


"I'm a Pro Pale Boy, Pay attention, maybe you might learn something other than just Swinging around that Over glorified gun of yours." He took a look at the Paper he took from Skelter helter
"...Why do you Have this Address?"


"Hmm, Caim should be tell him?"


Caim just glared at Skelter


"Uh huh. Guess not."


"Quit being such a smart ass as tell me." Said Roman


"We were cleaning up YOUR Mess." Finally Answered Skelter helter.


"I had that Under control." Said Roman


"And WE Dealt with it." said Skelter
"If anything, WE did YOUR job For you."

"You did the job?" Said a forth voice, as Volgin walked over to them all
"do you call THIS Doing the Job?!"

he then threw a Picture at them, which Roman caught
"what is this....Huh?...Oh...OH god....OOOOOh god I'm actually gonna be Sick...Dear Lord wha..wha-what-WHAT THE HELL DID YOU TWO FREAKING DO?!??!"


"...We uh....Killed him? duh." Answered Skelter


"I can SEE that!!! WHY. the HELL. Did you IDIOTS. Literally BRUTALIZE SEVERED HEAD LIKE THIS?!?!?" yelled Roman, Absolutely pissed.


"oh uh...that was caim here." Said Skelter helter
"He first cut his head first but then followed up on...Well That."


"WHY?!" Yelled roman, and Caim only remained silent
"Hey Answer me you little brat! I don't Care if your a Mute I want Answers to why you did this and Make MORE Trouble for us in the Wrong run?! dear god just ANSWER ME YOU-GAH!!"


then caim followed up by Grabbing Him by the neck and Started to choke him Hard and tight


"hey! Knock that out! Now!" Said Volgin trying to stop all the fighting for once, until


"Let him go Caim." Said a female voice, everyone looked over to see a woman in red dress walking over to them


Caim slowly let go Of roman, who gasped for air
"Thank god...This freak was Actually gonna kill me.."


caim Glared daggers at Him, Scaring Roman. but the Roman Spoke up again
"roman, Stop Pushing Caims Buttons. you know I wouldn't be Able to Stop him then."


"Okay okay!" answered Roman


"your Late Ada." Said Volgin


"sorry. I had some...Unfinished business." Answered the Woman, Named 'Ada Wong'.
"Now Caim, Vincent, Care to Explain about...this Much Brutality?"


"Hey I just Explained it! Caim did it!" Said Skelter


"I see. Caim, Keep your self in check more from now on. you wouldn't Like to be Punished would you?" Asked Ada, and Caim could only nod
"Now that's a good boy. and You Roman. why wasn't this job Dealt with Sooner?"


"...Eh?" he pointed to some dust Cargos
"EEEh?" He pointed to Even More Dust Cargos
"EEEEEEEEHHH?!?!" he pointed to the biggest Dust Cargos EVER
"SORRY if mister Volign(Car Battery) here didn't give me a break from Drying EVERY Dust Source in this ENTIRE LAND!!!"


"You truly are an Inspiration to Every Criminal with a gun up their ass." Said Skelter helter


"Look around kid, I got this town running Terrified more than they normally would be by now." Said Roman


"Then I have Good News for you Roman. We are Done with dust." Said Ada


"done with dust?" said Roman


"I see. So we're finally moving to phase two?" Said Volgin with Excitement


"Yes. you know what to do." Said Ada as she walked away
"Remember: A Storm is Approaching."


" she talking about?" asked Roman


"You'll know soon enough. now clear the Warehouse. I'll send you the Locations soon." said Volgin as he walked away as well. And Skelter helter and Caim followed suit



"...These People keep turning into MORE of a freaks by the Second." said Roman, as he lit a Cigar



Chapter Text


[Vale, Cafe]



Ruby rose Loved a lot of things in her life: Weapons, Family, Comics, their Family Pets, their family shop, Pizza, and Strawberry Sundaes.


and the Last one of those, were Right in front of her on the Table in her.


Ever since The Food fight that she went through Yesterday, she Thought she deserved a Well-Deserved Snack. And so she decided to Eat a Strawberry Sundae and a Local Cafe, on one of the Tables outside in the sunny and Peaceful Day.



"Aaah Yeeesss~ Strawberry Sundae!" Cheered ruby, ready to devour the Wonderful Dessert. she raised her Spoon up
"And with out further Ado, Get in Mah Mouth!"
and she Moved her Spoon down with her eyes closed as she was smiling





"...." ruby kept smiling with her eyes Closed



*....Ding.....ding ding-ding ding...*


that, was the sound of her spoon Simply Hitting the Glass Table in front of her.
She Finally Opened her eyes to see that her Strawberry sundae was suddenly Gone!
What could have happened?


"Where-where Is my Sundae?!" Said Ruby


"Riiiiiight here missy!" Said a Voice right behind her, as ruby turned around to see that someone was Holding her Strawberry Sundae


"HEY!! you have SOME Nerve Stealing my Sundae!" ruby Yelled as she got up
"Give it back now or I'll...I'll.....i-i-i-i-i'lllll....."


"you'll What?" Said the man who had Rubies Sundae, And Also happened to have a Eyepatch, also Fully shirtless with only a coat on, and ruby was feeling PTSDs Forming in her head.



...It was Majima, who else did you Expect?



"Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-YOU!!!!???" Gasped Ruby
"Why-How-Where-What do you want?!"


"What?! I'm just walking around! What you OWN this Street?!" Said Majima closing his head in on Rubies


"Wha-No I didn't say anything Like that!" Said ruby
"But wait! what do you want with My Sundae?!"


"Oh yeah This?" Majima held Her sundae up Carefully
"Yeah, I'm Stealing it as you just said."


"WHAT?! Why?!?" Gasped ruby


"Hey Lil Red, I'm a Yakuza Okay?! We do stuff Like this ALLLLLLLL the time." Answered Majima
"And so, I'm Stealing your sundae."


"But-But-But I Bought that! A-A-And I was just at the end of my Allowance this week! And it's Week end!! I-I Can't wait until Tomorrow to Get my Allowance again to buy another one!!" Said Ruby Feeling heart Broken


"Well BooHoo Lemme get ya a Blanket to cry into so ya can get over it!" said Majima mockingly


"Grrrr GIMME!" Ruby tried t Grab her Sundae, But Majima Raised the hand that held her Strawberry Sundae Higher, Making her miss.
Ruby tried her best to  catch her sundae again


"Hah?! What are ya doin'?! Tryina Steal MY STRAWBERRY SUNDAE!?" Yelled Majima- Wait what did he just say?!


"W-What?! YOUR Sundae?!" Gasped Ruby


"Yes My Sundae!! I Bought this with my own damn Money! you hungry for Strawberry that Much?!" asked Majima


"But-but you said you stole it first!!!" Said ruby


"HAH?!?! First you Act like you Own the Street, Then you Try to Steal My sundae, NOW your Accusing me Of stealing your sundae From you which is the one I Bought?!" Said Majima
"You have Some Nerve Lil' Red! I'm gonna teach you some DAMN MANNERS NOW!!!"


he slammed the Sundae back on the Table and grabbed his Dagger, threw it up in the air, Spins his body, and then Grabbed it With his teeth.


"WHAT-BUT- WHY-WHO- WHEN- WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!?" Yelled Ruby taken aback by this. but she soon dodged a Swing of the Dagger from Majima


"You Want My Sundae?! you're gonna have to Fight Me for it!" Said Majima


"oooh gooood WHY Does this have to Happen on my Quiet and Peaceful day?!" Said Ruby as she reached to her back and Grabbed, and Turned her Crescent Rose into it's Scythe form



[Ruby Vs Majima]



Majima Lunched forward and rolled on the ground, and went for a Low stab right toward Rubies Belly in which she Used her Semblance to Dodge. she managed to get behind him in the momentum and Swings her Scythe. but to her surprise, Majima jumped High in the air dodging her, and Also Came down with a Drop Kick Aimed right at her Head.


Panicking, Ruby Jumped back but soon was Met by Majima quickly pulling a leg swipe on her and she then fell on the ground.


"C'Mooooon!!! you can do Better than that!!" He Taunted, as Ruby was Panicking even more searching her Options to what to do. Majima then Shocked ruby by Doing a Flip on the ground, and Ruby was Horrified to See that Majimas Knee was headed right toward Her Chest.


she used her Patel Burst to Dodge out of the way, as Majimas Knee was Slammed into the Ground, Cracking it Massively


'I-Is thi-this guy Even HUMAN?!' Ruby Screamed Mentally, Taken aback that this man was....Well The fact that this was just WAS.


then Majima Followed up by Spinning Like a BayBlade with his Dagger really Fast, Making ruby to Instead Just Blocks All the Spinning Swings from the Dagger, not having even the time to Dodge this time. she was Slowly being Overwhelmed, but soon Spotted a Fire Escape From a Near by Alley.

this gave her an Idea.


she used her semblance to Burst herself right toward the said Alley.


"Huh?! Hey Don't Run!! GET BACK HERE!!!" yelled Majima as he was Chasing ruby


Majima noticed that she was Slowing down, and Extended his Hand toward the back of her head.


but then, To even Majimas Surprise, Ruby Made her scythe to Get stuck on the  Fire Escape, and using the Momentum, she Swung herself up, Spun Around a Complete Circle and Kicked Majima right in the back of the head, sending him in the Near by Trashcans.


Ruby managed to get down, Gasping in and out for Air after getting Really Exhausted.
"Haah...Haah...Am I...done Now...Please tell me I'm done..."


"Hehehe...Fuckin' A."


"....Oh my Sparda..."
ruby watched as Majima got up From amongst all the Trash
"Please no more!"


"Just as I expected, You're SERIOUSLY Somethin' Else!" Praised Majima
"But still, Maybe you haven't Noticed but I was Holdin' Back there."


"Y-You were HOLDING BACK?!" Gasped Ruby in utter Shock


"Well DUH!" Said Majima
"you Messed up In my job 2 times in a row kid! You don't Expectin' me to let ya off the hook do ya?"


"...Just what do you want?" Asked Ruby


"To Fight you and your friends ANYWHERE AND ANYTIME, WHERE EVER AND WHENEVER!" answered Majima in his Crazy Tone


"W-WHAT?! W-What have I ever Done to you to have you Attack me On first Sight?!" Said Ruby not wanting to Believe this


"Well, Lets just say it's a hobby of mine. And Seeing you still have Looooooong ways ta go. your Physical Strength is in Par of a Normal Beowolf Compared to what I REALLY Can dish out, You can do Nothin' Else but to run, and the only time you managed to Land a Solid hit on me was through trickery!" Answered Majima
"So, As long as you and Your friends are here at Vale, Attendin' Beacon, I'm gonna be Up ALL your asses, Both your team and your other sisters team too." 


"H-How do you even Know about Big sis Akames Team?" Asked Ruby


"Oh I can Know a LOT of shit here in Vale. I know that both your cousins Are here too, and about that team Called Junior or What ever, the team with the Girl that won all those Nerofests fights, that team that their leader is the sister of one of yer Sisters Teammates, EVERYTHIN'."


"...How...H-How do you know ANY OF THAT?!" 


"I told ya kid: I Can know A LOT of shit here in Vale. Wanna know why?" he said


"...I'm really scared to Ask but...W-Why?" Asked ruby


"Simple." he closed in on ruby, right face to face and ruby couldn't Just Hear, But Feel his words




"WELP! I gotta go now!" he then suddenly walked over to... a man hole
"And Remember,"
He then...Opened the man hole and Entered in


"I Will ALWAYS be on yers and ALL of your Friends asses as long as You're all here in vale

"I Will ALWAYS be on yers and ALL of your Friends asses as long as You're all here in vale."
he reminded
"So yeah! Stab ya Later Lil red!"


"w-Wait! What do my friends have to do with this?!"



Majima simply closed the Manhole



"He Left...Before answering me...." Said ruby
"uuuuuuw This is the We're gonna have a total Loony Catching and fighting me and the others on a DAILY BASIS... What have I EVER done to Deserve this?!" she yelled into the sky,
all the while a Black Raven, or a Crow bird Had been Observing and finally flew away after all the Commotion was done with, but not Over yet.










"...Well...Can I At least eat my Strawberry sundae now...?"



Chapter Text


[Vale, Beacon]


At beacon Academy, Air ships from Atlas could be seen could be seen, landing in a Glorified Way. as in the Entire Atlas Army was landing here in Beacon!


but On top of Beacon, inside Ozpins Office, Ozpin, Glynda and Salem all Watched as the Atlas Airships Land in the courtyards, Looking over to all of the air ships landing.


"...does Ironwood Have to Bring his work with him Every time he Travels?" Questioned Professor Salem


"I would like to Agree with her." Agreed Professor Goodwitch


"Well, Running a Academy And a military Makes him a busy man." said Ozpin
"....But yes those Are a bit of an Eyesore." 


"only A BIT?" Questioned Salem


"...Well Alright, maybe A  LITTLE More than Just a BIT." Ozpin Finally Confessed
Soo they saw A Alarm on Ozpins Table, Meaning someone was right behind the door.
"Come in."


and so, A man in a White Military Suit walked in. this was General Ironwood: Leader of the Atlas military and also, the headmaster of atlas Academy.


"Ozpin!" Greeted Ironwood 


"Hello General." Greeted Ozpin as well walking forward a bit


"Please Drop the formalities." Said Ironwood shacking hands with Ozpin
"And Glynda! Salem! It's Certainly Been Too Long since we Last met."


"And Look At All of the Brown under your nose-" Glynda Hits Salem on the shoulder
"I Mean yes! Yes it has been."


"I'll be Outside." Said Glynda as she Politely Left the Office


"Well, You ladies haven't changed a Bit." Commented Ironwood


"Oh hush!" Said Salem


"So, What in the World Has brought you all the way Down from Atlas?" Asked Ozpin


"It's Actually Quite surprising to see a Headmaster Travelling with their Students Across Remnant." Said Salem
"Especially the ones that bring their ENTIRE Military with them. why is that?" she finished, with the hint that the Fleet outside was NOT Really Needed, and it was just Starting up Questions Among the Civilians.


"Well you know how much I love Vale this time of year." He answered the first question as he took a Cup of Hot Coco From Ozpin, and pulled out a Flask along side it too.
"Besides, I thought it Be Good Timing for us to Catch up."


he went ahead to Pour some Alcohol into his hot coco, Until Salem snatched the Flask out of his hands
"Then Why bring an Entire Fleet that is Enough to fill a Fortress? You Still have to Answered that one James." she said, Waving his Flask into his face in a Scolding manner.


"Salem My Intentions Are Good. It's just...Out of Concern. and A Little more Protection." Answered Ironwood, Trying to get his Flask back now in a Polite and Gentle manner.


"We Have Protection." Said Salem, Pulling back the Flask Before he manages to Grab it back
"Enough Protection to Protect this City."


"...I Uh...I Apologize but I cant Quite Follow." Said Ironwood


"What Professor Salem here means is that The People of Vale will Start to Question us and will Worry because of the Atlas military Being here." Said Ozpin, Finally clearing Ironwoods Confusion


"Oz, Me and You both know Why I brought those men." Said Ironwood


Ozpin took a sip and Sighed
"We are at a time of Peace. Shows of Power Like this...will give off the Wrong impression."


"but if what Raven said was true then-" starts Ironwood


"If what Raven said was true, then we will Handle it Tactfully." Ozpin cuts him off
"It's the Vytal Festival. A time to Celebrate Unity and Peace. So I suggest you not Scaring People by Transporting Thousands of Soldiers Across the Continent."


"I'm just being cautious." Said Ironwood


"So are we. that is why we are Training the future huntsmen and Huntresses as best we can." Said Salem
"And we have enough Protection for that At the moment."


"...Protection from Who exactly?" Questioned Ironwood
"Let me guess: Dante?"


Salem Sighed, Knowing that Ironwood....Doesn't Really Like the Redgrave sisters Father
"James Please, We've Been Over this already."


"Salem Please first answer this: Do you really think our best chance is a Lone, Irresponsible Huntsmen that runs A Small, Ran down, non-Organized and Underground Odd job Agency?" Asked Ironwood, Showing that he Doesn't Want to Hate Dante, he just doesn't see Dantes way of dealing with things....As Professional.


"Well I wouldn't Call the 'Devil May Cry' Agency as 'Ran down' or 'Underground' or Even 'Small' on that matter, it's a rather Well Known line of work in Patch." Said Ozpin, Trying to Defend Dante as best as he could, but as little too so Ironwood wouldn't Notice he's doing it on Purpose.
"but 'Non-Organized'  and 'Irresponsible' is...Well Kind of Too Harsh don't you think?"


"Because it IS exactly that Oz. A Odd jobs shop, with Only ONE man Running it, ONE man giving and taking the Jobs, and nothing Else. Hell He-He even Raises his Own CHILDREN inside that old Building! if that Doesn't Count as Irresponsible, Then Remnant is FLAT!" Said Ironwood, Not wanting to Let this one go.
"I said it Many times before Oz, and No matter what I'll Say it as many times as it takes: Dante and Vergil Are Better off Working directly Under My Command. Not doing things the way they do."


"James, You  Can't Just Force this on them. they are doing good as much as you are." Said Salem


Ironwood sighed after Looking at the two, and puts his Cup of hot coco back down, and Salem gave his flask back and he Puts it back in his Suit
"...I'm just saying that Dante is NOT Helping by how he does things. Running a Odd jobs Shop Isn't how someone Like him Should Operate. And Vergil.... He just does as he Pleases."


"James, We All have our way of doing the right thing for the World. They are just really Different from each other." Said Ozpin, Trying to make Ironwood see that He needs to Let this go and Accept Dantes way of Helping by his shop isn't Much different from Him Running the Atlas Military
"We can't Really change them. So why not just let him do things the way he does?"


"What, Killing everything in sight while chewing on this....'Pizza' he's always on about?" Said Ironwood


"...Has it EVER Been NOT effective?" Asked Ozpin




"then This Topic is Done with." Said Ozpin


"...Fine." Finally Agreed Ironwood as he started to Walk out, but stopped and looked back at the two
"But...Tell me this one Last thing: Do you Honestly Believe, Your children can Win a war?"
and with that he left


"...I hope they never have to." Said Ozpin


"Or much less fight in one." Said Salem as well.










[At the Library]



in the Library, Students were Reading books that were either involved with their Classes, or just for fun.


...But 4 Particular Students were Playing a Board game though.


At the Moment, Ruby, Yang, Akame and their Cousin Nero, were Playing Remnant the Board game. 


they all were Observing their Cards Carefully, until Ruby Finally Spoke up
"Yang Redgrave! Prepare your Kingdom for Battle!"


"Bring it on!"


"I Deploy, THE ATLASIAN AIR FLEEEEEEEEET!" She said, Making Yang to Gasp
"Looks like I get to Fly right over your Ursain and Attack your Walls Directly."
and followed up on making Explosion sounds


"You fiend!" Gasped Yang again


"Aaaand since atlas is A Part of Mantle, My repair time only Lasts, One turn." Said ruby having it all in her bag, but gasped when Yang chuckled


"Pretty Sneaky Sis, But you just activated my TRAP CARD!" Said Yang




"GIANT NEVERMORE!" yelled yang
"If I Roll A Seven or higher, Falling Feathers will Slice your Fleets in Half!"


"BUT! if you roll a 6 or lower, your Never more turns on your own Forces!" said Ruby


"That's just a Risk I'm Willing to take." Said Yang


and yang Rolled the Dice




"Meh, Most of them were Probably Drones_"


"TRAAAAAAP CARD!!!!!" Then Nero Suddenly Yelled and Slammed a Card right in the middle of the Board
"I Activate: THIEF OPERATION!!!"


"You WHAT?!?!" gasped Yang


"With this card, I get to Steal Resources From Your Kingdoms While you all were Busy fighting Each other, Allowing me to Use TWO CARDS IN MY NEXT TURN!!!" Boasted Nero, Having them all Off guard
"Which Also Means I can take 2 cards from both your decks, All the rewards that you could take, AND GUESS WHAT?! it's MY TURN NEXT!!! OOOOOH ROASTED, BOASTED, AND TOASTED!!!"


"*Loud Gasp* NOOOO!!!!" yelled Yang, Seeing that she just got Gotten by Nero, Now being able to use TWO Moves in his next turn


"HAVE YOU NO HEART?!" Also yelled Ruby


"now that it's my turn, For my first Move, I activate: LEVIATHAN ATTACK!!!" and he then Slams Another Card on the board

"now that it's my turn, For my first Move, I activate: LEVIATHAN ATTACK!!!" and he then Slams Another Card on the board

"Oh NOOOO!" Yelled Ruby

"OH NOOOO!!" yelled Yang

"I Will first Desstrooooy....MANTLE!!"


"NO!" Yelled yang, Being the one that Plays Mantle


"YES! and If I Roll a 12, you will be outta here! WITH A LOSERS CAR!!" Boasted Nero


"BUT, If you Roll Lower than THAT, your Leviathan Will just simply Destroy Half of my forces!" Said Yang


"Has my Right hand EVER Been a Bad dice rolling Hand?~" said Nero, as he held the dices in his right hand, Also known as his Semblance hand: the devil Bringer. he then Rolled the dice on the was a 12


"HAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" Laughed Nero as he had won, And Yang was left Shocked that she had lost so Suddenly.


"N...No...But I was...winning...." Stuttered Yang


"And so, I will be taking ALL of your forces as a Price." Said Nero as he slammed his hand over at Yangs Side, and Pulled in all of Yangs Pieces.

" Said Nero as he slammed his hand over at Yangs Side, and Pulled in all of Yangs Pieces

and he did it in the MOST SMUG way EVER.


"You...YOU JERK!!!" Said Yang with Cartoon Like Tears rolling down her eyes


"now....for my Second move."


"EEK!!" Eeked Ruby


"I Activate: ATTACK REPEAT!!!" 


"WHAT?!" gasped Ruby


"And as the name Implies, I can repeat my Previous Attack One more time! which means If I Roll a 12 again, My Leviathan will Destroy Atlas next!" Boasted Nero




"Hey, Not My Fault that I always get the BEST CARD IN THE DECK!!" Said Nero.... as it was Obvious Why the Leviathan Card was the Best card in this board game. it was Broken as Sparda!


"And Now!" He rolled the dice again....and Another 12?!


"NOOOOOO!!! MY KINGDOM!!! MY FORCES!!! MY PRIDE!!!!" Yelled Ruby, not believing she was defeated in such a cheap tactic.


"And then, there was One." Said Nero Looking over at Akame, the last Remaining Redgrave on the game


"..." she was remaining silent


"Draw your Last Pathetic card so I can finish this Akame." Ordered Nero, Believing himself to have Already Won this game
"Not that it's going to matter. Because Dear Leader and Cousin of mine? Your Already Dead."


"....." But Akame still remained Silent 


"Awwww What~~? Scared~? Can't Even keep up with my Mighty Leviathan?" Taunted Nero as he leaned a little forward toward Akame who was still looking down
"C'mon Cousin. Where's Your MOTIVATION?"




[Meanwhile, at the Devil may cry Shop]



"....I sense....A disturbance..." Said Dante....Actually Sweating



[Meanwhile, somewhere I guess?]



".... Why do I feel....Somewhat proud?" said an Unknown figure



[Back to the Library]



Both sisters watched as their Older sister was really Quiet.

' big sis really Scared?' thought Ruby, not wanting to Believe it


"So? Any Last words before a Pathetic Attempt? Because I don't Really See any way for you to Win." Boasted Nero like the smug Prick his was(it's the DMC4 Version of him here so yeah that's why he's so Childish)
"If not, Then that means your Passing a Turn you know. Guess I just gotta Leviathan You into Loser town too_"


"I activate Metal Gear REX."











"I Said." Akame finally Spoke up again. and Slammed a Card of her own on the Board...which was Almost JUST as Legendary as the Leviathan Card

which was Almost JUST as Legendary as the Leviathan Card

"I Activate: METAL GEAR REX!" she repeated


"GASP!" Gasped Ruby

"DOUBLE GASP!" Double Gasped Yang


"What form of BULLSHIT is this crap?!?!" Yelled Nero, not Believing this


"With Metal Gear REX on my field, I can Attack ANY Point in Remnant As I wish. And With every Successful Attack which is a 9 or higher, I can Attack one more time Anywhere I wish." Said Akame, Beating Nero In his own Game.
"And So, For More fire Power, I will Equip My Metal Gear REX with Metal Gear ZEKES Rail Gun!!"


"Bu-But then it's gonna have A LOT of Fire power...A-Above 4000!!!" Stuttered Nero
"B-But do you really think you can Roll A 9 or Above!? No way!"


"We'll See." Said Akame, as she Rolled her Dice was an 11!
"As for my first Target, I will Destroy your Leviathan!!"


"NOOOOOOO!!!!"  Said Nero as his Leviathan was Destroyed


"And now, I will Aim for your Kingdom Next!"




"And then, 2 Cards from your Deck!"




"....And I will End my turn now." finished Akame


"YOU GOD DAMN....O-Oh...Okay.." Said Nero Coming down from his shock and rage after seeing that Akames turn was now Over, and that he was Still in the game


"AAW YEAAH! That's My sis for ya!" Cheered Yang


"HAH! You could NEVER Beat Akame!" Boasted Ruby





[Meanwhile, at the Devil may cry Shop]



"...Being One Upped By My Brother in a Non-Direct way: AVOIDED." Said Dante with a Slight Sigh


"Alright I'll Get you your food you Lazy Fur-ball."



[Meanwhile, somewhere I guess?]



"...And Now I feel Disappointed...What is the Meaning of this?"




[Back to the Library]


"...What are you doing?" finally Questioned Weiss Who with Blake, Ana And Shirou were Sitting in a near by Table, watching as their leaders and Partners...Were Over-hyping this Childrens Board Game


"We're Playing Remnant the Game, can't you tell?" Said Ruby


"Aaand watching Big sis win Again with her Metal Gears Per usual." Added Yang


"Metal Gear?" said Weiss
"W-Wait, You mean to tell me that you are Allowed to use one of the MOST Dangerous Weapon Lines of ALL a Childrens Card game?"


"Kids Love it sometimes." Said Ruby
"Ooh If uncle Snake was here to Play with us too."


"Uncle Who?" Asked Anastasia


"Oh He was Our Dad's Partner back Then whey They Attended Beacon." answered Yang
"He's...Kind of Weird some times but Also he's REALLY Cool! Not the COOLEST, But REALLY COOL."


"and Living Proof that Smoking is Bad for Your Lungs and Voice." Said Akame, Remarking at...Well How Gruff and Scratchy Their Uncle Snakes Voice sounds.


"I Told you I STOPPED SMOKING!!! will you just let it Go?!" Yelled Nero


"But Admit it, His Voice is AWESOOOOME the way it is." Said Ruby


"...I can't Deny that." Admits Akame


"Hey Guys!" Said Jaune as he Approached them all
"Can I Play?" 


"Sorry Jaune we're Already at the End of the Game." Said Ruby


"And Besides dude this game is for Really Cool, Awesome, Badass and Radical Kids with a really good Tactical Mindset." Said Nero


"Oh what, Do I have to Get the Most Over-the-top and Most Spiky Looking Hair-Style For you to let me play?" Said Jaune


"That Won't Be enough." said Nero


"C'Mon Guys! Let me Play At least you Last Turn!" Begged Jaune


"I'm Not Letting you to Ruin my Plans for My Remnant domination." Said Akame Blankly


"Oh Let me guess: Mass Produce Metal Gears First?" Said Yang


"Obviously." Said Akame


"Aw Come On Guys! you even Trusted us All Enough to Tell us that Blake, Nero and Mordred are All_" he started until Pyrrha Zoomed over and Stopped him from Talking


"_Fun and Lovely People that Are the BEST Friends some one could ask for!" Said Pyrrha, while Nero and Blake Glared at Jaune


"...They'll NEVER Find your Body." Said Nero, Sending Chills down Jaunes Spine


"Sup Losers?" Said a new voice as everyone Looked over to see Sun walking over to them, with 3 new faces.


"Hey Sun." greeted Ruby


"Ruby, Yang, Akame, Dude."


"Wassap Dude?" Said Nero


"Cool Dude!" Said Sun
"I never got a chance to Formally Introduce you to a few Old friends of mine. Guys, These are Neptune, Cu and Paul."


"Aren't Libraries For Reading?" Said Neptune


"NEEEEEEEEERD!!!" Said Cu and Paul At the Same time Out Loud to Mock Neptune


"thank you!" said Ren in the back ground finally seeing someone agree with him
"Zzz-pancakes!" Said Nora as she got up from Sleeping



"Hey! Intellectual, Okay?" Said Neptune


"So Neptune, where are you From?" Said Weiss


"Well, I don't think I've Caught your Name~" Said Neptune


"...Hey." Said Shirou


"Um..I'm Weiss."


"Pleasure to Met you~."


"Hey! Back off." Said Shirou again
"We're Trying to Study here."


"Whoa what? she your girlfriend?" asked Neptune


"G-G-G-Girlfriend?!" Gasped Weiss


"...They Will NEVER Find your body." Said Shirou


"Okay! Okay! Sorry! Won't Happen again!" Said Neptune Actually Scared from the Glare Shirou was giving to him


"...*sigh*...Boys." Said Anastasia


"huh?" Blake who had been Quiet mostly finally Came out of Spacing out
"uh Y-Yeah, Yeah...Boys...I think I studied Enough. I'll be...In my Dorm if you need me." and she got up and Left


"Huh. Loner type Much?" Asked Cu


"You Could say that." Answered Nero


"Hey Wait you guys Playing Remnant the Board game?" Asked Paul, but then Zoomed in on the table
"Wait!! is this a Metal Gear REX Card?! This Are Like SUPER RARE!!"


"I'm Not trading." Said Akame with a Blank tone



















[Later on, At night]



Blake was sitting on her bed , Alone until Her team Mates and Also Team ANAS Walked in


"I know you wouldn't Lose to the New guys!" Commented Yang


"Yeah because she just Slammed All her Metal gear Cards Out all at once." Said Nero


"You're just Jealous because she Beat you Again!" teased Ruby


"Oh Shut up!" said Nero as he was by the Door that was still open
he goes to Close it...but Then Noticed a Familiar face.


He saw Emerald Walking by through the Hallway, and he walks over to her


"H-huh?! o-oh hey! Haven't...Seen you in a while." Said Emerald


"Oh hey Emerald!" Greeted Ruby as Yang, Weiss, Akame, Shirou and Anastasia Walked over too, but Blake just Remained at the Door from her Dorm
"Where have you and Mercury been? It's Like Ages since we Saw you two!"


"Now that I Think About it, You two Skipped All your Classes today and Yesterday." Said Anastasia


"It's Just...We didn't Feel really Good. So we took a little Break." Answered Emerald


"You uh...don't Look Sick to me though." Points out Yang


"W-well...." Stutters Emerald


"Emerald are you Okay? If anything you look Pale-I'm, Uh...A little Troubled." Said Nero


"...Okay, Look I really Have to Talk about something with you guys, Or this topic...Is ACTUALLY going to Kill me." Said Emerald
"Have you Guys...Heard About the Murder that happened at Tucksons Book Trade?"


"O-Oh...Yeah We...Saw it on the news." Answered Ruby


"They say that the Owner of that Book Trade was Murdered." Said Shirou
"They're Still trying to figure out if it was a robbery or Something else."


"Well...Me and Mercury were the ones that First Found his body." Said Emerald


"What?!" Gasped Weiss


" his Dead Body first?" Asked Nero


"Y-Yeah and...It was...Really horrible." Said Emerald, Holding her Arms slightly shuddering Because of the Memory


"We Get it. Finding a Man Suddenly dead Isn't Easy." Said Akame trying to Comfort her
"But Emerald it wasn't Your fault, you couldn't have_"


"That's not it!" Said Emerald
"He was...his head-There was Blood every-it was Horrible!"


"Whoa whoa! Chill out!" Said Nero
"What's Wrong? Did something Else happen in there?"


"...Have you guys...Seen how he died?" Asked Emerald


"No the Media Didn't Show or give any details on the body On Polices Demands." Answered Yang
"Why are you asking this?"


"...Um...R-Ruby I...Think You shouldn't Really hear this part." said Emerald


"W-Why Not?" Asked ruby


"You...Don't Really want to Hear this part. trust me." answered Emerald


"..ruby, Maybe you should Go back in." said Akame


"I'm not a kid anymore! Besides I should know this too if my teams hearing it!" said Ruby


"...F-Fine. So..." Emerald then whispered something to All of them


"...His head was Cut off?" Asked Shirou


"N-not just was also..." she whispered again


"...To the Wall...Oh god." Said Anastasia


"...Wait. With What Exactly?" Asked Blake, Also Listening in


"...With Knives...Through the...." she whispered again


"....Oh My god...O-Oh god I...I Can't...B-Believe it..." Stuttered Ruby, as Akame held her close to Keep her Comforted


"Who could...Do such a Thing?!" Said Weiss


"A Sadistic Psychopath Obviously." Said Shirou, Also showing his Hate and disgust against the News


"Why would they...Massacre Someone like this?" asked Anastasia


"Ever since, the headmaster told us to take a few days off to clear our minds....but that scene was just...So horrible." Said Emerald


"H-Hey Listen, If you...Ever Need some help about...this Whole Thing, You can know talk to us about it too. Alright?" Said Nero


"...Y-Yeah...I will...I should go Now the others Are probably Wondering where I am now." she started to Walk away but stopped and Looked back
"A-And um...Nero?"


Nero Looked back at her
"Thanks...for The Offer. you're...Really Nice."


"Heh. Sure thing. Any time." Said Nero with a Smile, and Emerald Blushed a little before walking off again




and so, they all walked back into Team RWBYs dorm


"I can NOT Believe someone would Commit Murder in such a Way!" Said Weiss, Obviously Not happy about this news


"This City is Turning into a Mess." Said Nero


"Who ever did that...They...They're Sane right?" Asked Ruby still Shaken by what she heard


"Ruby Just don't Think About it." Said Akame


Blake walked toward the Door to leave, Until Weiss called out to her
"Stop. News of a Brutal and Inhuman Murder Aside, Lately you've been Quiet, Anti-Social and Moody."


"That's how she Always is." Said Shirou


"Well Pot, Meet Cattle!" Joked Nero, Pointing out that Shirou is Also Some of those things some times as well


"...Up Yours, 'Mutated Arm Boy'" Bites back Shirou


"Which I get, Is Kind of your "Thing" but you've been doing it more than Usual." Continued Weiss
"Which frankly, is un acceptable. you made a Promise to me, To ALL of us that you would tell us if something was wrong."


"Weiss your Only Excuse to Hate the Faunus till a semester ago was your dead Uncle until you got over it when you figured Me, Mordred and Blake are ALL Faunuses in secret. So it was Kinda YOUR fault we didn't Want to Talk with any one about stuff like_" Starts Nero


"ANYWAY!" Weiss cuts him off
"where was I? Oh yeah. SO BLAKE BELLADONNA!!" she then Jumps in the air and Points right into Blakes Face






...But in Reality she was standing On a chair Like a dork.




'...Uncle Polnareff would be Rolling in his grave because of this.' Anastasia Mentally thought



"...I just...I Don't Understand How everyone can be so Calm." Said Blake


"Your still Thinking about Torchwick?" Asked Ruby


"Torchwick, the White fang, All of it!" Said Blake
"Something big is happening and no one is doing anything about it!"

"Look, Ozpin told us not to worry." Said Akame


"Yeah! Between the Huntsmen and the Police I'm Sure they can Handle it." Said Yang


"Well I'm not! they don't know the white fang like I do!" Said Blake


Everyone looked at each other Rising their Shoulders a little


"Okay, Between Blowing up night Clubs, Stopping thieves and Gangsters and Fighting for Freedom, I'm sure you all are Thinking about Going out there and apprehending these neerdowells." Said Weiss


"Don't Count me as one with them." Spoke up Shirou


"But let me Once again be the voice of Reason: We're Students. We're not ready to handle this sort of Situation." said Weiss


"Well Obviously You wouldn't. Not US." Boasted Nero


"Nero Don't Be So Rash." Said Akame


"We're NOT Ready!" Said Weiss


"And we May Never BE Ready! Our Enemies Aren't going to just sit around and Wait until Graduation Day. their Out there, Somewhere Planning Their Next Move and It's Coming. And NON OF US Knows what it is! Either we're Ready Or not." Said Blake


"Okay. All in favor of becoming the youngest Huntress and huntsmen that Brought down an Evil Organization!! Say Aye." said Ruby


"...Nay." Said Shirou


"YES! I love it when you get-OW!" Yang starts before getting slapped on the shoulder and being Glared at by Akame
"I mean, Aye!"


"Hey. I Said 'NAY'. You should_" said shirou


"Well, I suppose it could be fun." Said Weiss


Shirou "Wha-WEISS?! Weren't you the Voice of Reason?!"


"Aye Aye Captain!" Said Nero


Shirou "No NO! Say NAY. NAY Damn it!"


"If Weiss if going, then I am going as well." Said Anastasia


Shirou "Seriously what is Wrong with you people!? Say NAY!!!"


"Aye." Said Akame


"...You know what? What ever. Aye." Shirou finally Gave up and Agreed to help as well


"Alright then. We're in this together!" Said Blake happy that her team and friends were willing to help


"Let's Hatch a Plan!" Said Ruby


"And Put on our Detective Shoes!" Said Nero


"and Long Detective Coats." Said Akame


"And Magnifiers." Said Ana


"*GASP* I left the Board game in the Library!" Gasped Ruby


"...We're Doomed." Shirou and Weiss said at the same time


"I'll Be right back!!" Said Ruby as she Patel Bursts out of the Room into the Hallway, but then Bumps into someone and Falls on her butt.


She slowly looks up and...Sees a Boy with Brown hair and a Mistral Academy Uniform.


"Sorry! Are you okay?" she asked looking up at the boy




"I didn't Hurt you did I?"






"..." the boy extended a hand for her


"Uh.." she Excepted and From his help, Managed to get back up
"Again. I'm Really sorry for bumping into you!"




"...Y-Yeah...Uh..." She and the boy just Looked into each other, with the boy not even saying ONE Word
'...Who is this...He's not answering me, Not even Talking a Little bit, and....Why do I get a Sense of...Danger From him?'


"Ugh there You are!" Ruby Looked back and...Saw a Pale Looking boy and a Girl in the same Black and white uniforms Walking over to them
"Seriously Caim Stop Walking ahead of Us All the time."




"And DON'T Give me that Look!" Said the Pale one


"Uhh...hi?" Spoke up Ruby
"Are you guys...New?"


"We came from Haven Actually." Said the Girl of the Group


"...OOH your here for the festival!" Said Ruby
"Wait aren't Exchange students suppose to get their Own Dorms?"


"We got...turned Around." Said the Pale one


"Are you a Student here?" Asked the girl of the Group


"Yeah! Actually My dorm is Right over there!" Answered Ruby


"Heheh. I wasn't Expecting to see a...Cute face Like yours Around here." Said the Girl


"U-Uhh...Th-thanks?" Said Ruby a little confused


"Oh. My name is Ada Wong by the way." Ada Introduced herself
"This is Vincent. and you've Already Met Caim I see."






"Oh don't Be Alarmed, He's...Actually Mute." Said Ada


"M-M-MUTE?!" Gasped Ruby in shock


"Yeah. Gets on your nerves doesn't it?" Said Vincent as he Walked past Her


"Well, Sorry for The Trouble. We'll be on our way now." Said Ada walking past Ruby as well
"See you Around~"


"Y-Yeah Uh...See you...A-Around!" Said Ruby as she watched the two walk away
'...Why was she so...Nice to me? We just met and she was acting TOO Nice to some stranger she just Met...'


she then Noticed Caim walking past her, and they both exchanged Eye Contacts For a Second, But it Felt like they Glared at each other for Minutes. Caim walked away as Ruby Watched as they Went away














'...The Mute one...'Caim'...For some Reason....I can't trust him...But why?'


Chapter Text

[Beacon, Professor Wavers Class]


'....Okay Kiana. It's now or never. Don't let this chance slip by your hands or the cool lookin' boy that you have a Crush on may NEVER Know how you feel.'

At the moment, Professor Waver Velvet, Not Related to the Bunny Faunus in any way mind us all, was Talking about natural Causes that are Bound to happen around Vacuo. but meanwhile, Kiana Kaslana the leader of team KKMT was Preparing herself to Start a Small talk with the Current Boy she had a Crush on at the moment: Mercury Kasuga. 

'Okay, Keep a Normal Tone, Act like your NOT into him so he wouldn't Figure it out, And Hold it together. Let's GO.'

"Soooo Mercury! I heard you were sick and couldn't Attend Classes for a few days!" Started Kiana

"Huh? O-Oh Yeah! It was uhh...a Small Cold. It went by fast." Said Mercury, Shrugging the Image of the Dead Book trade owner

"I suppose it goes to show you have a Great Illness Recovery speed." Said Kiana

"Yeah I...Guess so if that's Actually a thing." Said Mercury, Not sure of the 'Illness recover speed' thing himself

"Eh heheheh....Well Ahh...Sooo I'm not really busy this weekend and Y'Know, Thought I might go Out and Do something Later. And since My team are pretty Busy with their own stuff, Thought I might ask someone out." Explained Kiana
"And everyone are Busy! Guess I'm gonna have to go Alone."

"Uhh...I'm Not Busy." Said Mercury
"If anything, I'm the guy that doesn't Really Do much on Weekends."

"Oh? You'll Go with me?" Asked Kiana

"I uh...Yeah! Sure. I'll Go out with you on weekend." Answered Mercury trying to keep his Cool Guy Act together infront of a Girl that is asking him out

Oh but Kiana could see right through it

'YES! he's totally Embarrassed! You can't Hide that from me!' she said Mentally 
"Good! I'll Text you about it later!"

"Later?" Questioned Mercury


then All of the clocks on Every desk in the Classroom Gave the Beep that meant the Class was Over

"Yup! Later!" And with that Kiana left

"...Oooh damn..Got my self a Date!" Cheered Mercury

[Team  RWBYs  Dorm]



Team ANAS Had entered team RWBY's Dorm and they all had deferent Gear now. team RWBY Looked like-

While Team ANAS in their Teams Name Order Looked like-


While Team ANAS in their Teams Name Order Looked like-

While Team ANAS in their Teams Name Order Looked like-



"I thought that Class would NEVER End


"I thought that Class would NEVER End." Said Blake

"You and Me both." Agreed nero, Until he heard a Giggle From Yang
"What So Funny?"

"Pff..Nero You...You Look Like Uncle Vergil Now!!" Said Yang With Laughter While ruby snickered too

"Wha-No I don't!" Denied Nero

"But your Clothes and Color Both Match." Said Akame

"Yeah Says the one dressing up Like their going to a Military Meeting!" Said Nero

"Well that Aside Guys, The investigation," starts ruby as she jumped down from her bunk bed

"I'm Glad that we are taking this SO Seriously." Deadpanned Weiss

"And I'm Still Standing to the fact that this WILL Get us in Trouble." Grumbled Shirou

"Hey, We got a Plan!" Said Yang

"....We are getting Arrested for this when the Police find out. I know it." Said Shirou

"Right! Everyone Remember their Roles?" Asked Ruby

"Me, you and Anastasia will go to the CCT to check the Schnee Records For more Dust Robberies or inconsistencies." Explained Weiss
"Seeing as We are in the Family, it won't Be a Problem."

"The white fang has Regular Faction meetings to give out orders and recruit New members." Explained Blake
"If I can get in, Hopefully we can find out what They're Planning."

"And I'll Go with you as a helping hand if things Get outta hand." Said Nero

"I know a Friend on the Shady side of town and Knows Everything that goes on in Vale." Explained Yang
"Getting Information Outta him shouldn't Be TOO hard."

"While the Police were Investigating The Robberies the day We met Sun, I heard that A Detective named 'Hartigan' is Handling the Case. Me and Shirou Will Try to Meet up with him and Talk to him to get more Information." Explained Akame

"Great! We'll Meet up Near Akame and Shirou over at the Police Station to go over what We Found." Explained Ruby
"Let's Do this!"


"Go Team!"

Everyone looked over to see Sun and Cu by the Window.

"Sun?! Cu?!" Gasped Blake

"How did you get up there?" Asked Yang

"Oh it's Easy I Do it All the time." Explained Sun

"you Do WHAT?!" Yelled Weiss

"Dude you watch Naked Chicks through windows?" Asked Nero
"I thought You were Cool man! Even I Don't do that shit!"

"Pervert." Said Akame

"Call a Teacher!" Said Anastasia

"WHA?! NO NO I meant I CLIMB TREES All the time!!!" Explained Sun

"Wait, Then How Did You come up here?" Asked Shirou Looking over at Cu Chulainn

"Oh I Jumped up." He answered

"...You...Jumped?" asked Ruby

"Yup." Answered Cu as he sat on the Edge of the window

"...You jumped 2 stories up all the way here. Really?" Said Nero

"It was Pretty Easy really." Boasted Cu

"So Are we getting back at that Torchwick guy?" asked Sun as he jumps in the room

"WE Are going to Investigate the Situation." Said Blake
"...As a Team."

"And YOU, Are not a Part of this team." Said Anastasia

"Which means buzz off." Said Shirou

"Yeah, Sorry guys, We don't Wanna get Friends involved if we don't Have to." Said Ruby

"Sorry dude, you gotta have to sit this one out." Said Nero

"Pff! that's Dumb! you should ALWAYS Get friends Involved!" Said Sun

"For the Record, he does NOT Speak for me." Said Cu

"That's why we Brought Neptune and Paul!" finished sun as he Pointed at the window

"...What?" Asked Akame

they all looked outside to see Neptune and Paul by the Edge of the Building

"Sup?" greeted Neptune

"Ladies." Also greeted Paul

"How did you two even Get up Here?" Asked Ruby

"Did you...Jump Too?" Asked Shirou

"Nah I have my ways." Said Neptune

"I Just...Climbed on a near by Tree and Jumped over here." Explained Paul

"...Seriously tho Can we come in? We're like...REALLY High up Right now?" Said Neptune

"Yeah Not that I have a Fear of Heights, I Just fear the fact that I can Slip and Fall, Like at ANY Moment here!" Said Paul


"I'll get it." Said Yang as she approached the Door and when she opened it, she came Face to face with Travis and Neo

"Heard you guys were Going to Investigate some dirt off Torchwick." Said Travis while Neo Nodded

"...Umm....No?" Answered Yang


[A minute later]



"UUUgggghhhh Alright, We'll Go over this ONE LAST TIME." Starts Ruby
"Sun, Cu, Since you two are Also Faunus you can go with Nero and Blake. Paul, you can go with Akame and Shirou to meet Detective Hartigan, and Neptune can go with Yang since she is Alone."

"And Me and Neo will meet a Few Friends of Ours that Also Used to Work for Torchwick back in the day. and Meet up with a friend of ours Bishop too. he still has some Connections to the underground." Explained Travis

"A-Actually Ruby, why Won't you go with yang? After all she IS your sister." Said Weiss Wanting to go with Neptune

"But Weiss who would go with you and Ana?" Asked Ruby

"Well, Neptune could come with us." Suggested Weiss

"...But...Weiss I'M Going with you. Why would he need to come if We're together Already?" Asked Ana

"W-Well," Stutters Weiss

"I can go with you." Said Shirou

"Then who will go with me?" Asked Akame

"Paul is with you now! And better yet why not have Ruby come along with you?" Suggested Shirou

"....Nah." Both Ruby and Akame said at the same time

"B-But-" Said Weiss

"Come On weiss, Let's Go." Said Ana as both she and Ruby dragged her out

"H-Hey hang on," Starts shirou

"Come along Paul." Said Akame as she Also starts Dragging Shirou out

"Soooo Meet up where ever Akame Goes to right?" Asked Travis

"Yes. Now let's PLEASE move out Already." Said Blake

...but Unknown to EVERYONE of  them...A Raven Bird was Staring at them All through the Window on the nearby Tree.




"WHOAAAAA!!! I forgot How big the Tower Looks so Close!" Said Ruby with Excitement

"You should see the one in Atlas." Said Weiss

"That was the first one right?" Asked Ruby

"Yes. Atlas made one Tower for each Kingdom so they all Could be in Contact with one another after the Great war." Explained Anastasia

"You know Ana, You can Explain stuff A LOT more simpler than Weiss EVER Could." Praised Ruby

"Don't Be a Pest!" Said Weiss

"but she isn't Wrong." Said Ana as both she and Ruby snickered

"Whatever! Besides the only reason we're here is because you like the tower so much. We could have Easy made a Call From the Library." Said Weiss

"But Weiss, Some people might have gotten Suspicious in the Library." Explained Ana

"yeah that's one of the reasons we came here ourselves. and Also it's so COOL!! oooh I'm gonna take a picture and send it to my Dad and uncles!!!" Said ruby as she pulled her Scroll only for her to Drop it

"Oh." A person saw her scroll and Picked it up and hands it over to Ruby
"You dropped this." Said the Girl



"Where have you been?! We haven't seen you since the Night at the Docks!" Said Ruby

"S-sorry. I think you're Confused..*HIC*" Said Penny only to Hiccup and Rubies Scroll was Jumped back into rubies Arms
"uuh...I've got to go."
and she starts to walk away

"What was that about?" Questioned Weiss

"I don't Know, but I'm going to find out." Said Ruby as she starts to follow Penny
"You two Make your call. I'll Meet up with you Later!"

"Hey Wait!" Calls out Weiss

[Vale Police Force]


"Here it is." Said Akame

at the moment, Akame, Shirou and Paul were in Front of the Vales Police Force. they were going to go in and Ask about Detective Hartigan and ask some Questions from him. and they could only Pray that he would Listen to what they had to say.

"Go in. Ask for Detective Hartigan. Look as natural as Possible. Get out. Easy Enough!" Said Paul

"Yeah. Let's go in." Said Shirou

As they Entered. they Came Across the receptionist Lady in the Front desk. who was Reading a book for now.

"Hello. How may I help You?"

"We wanted to Meet Detective Hartigan Please." Said Akame

"Hartigan? Why would be the Reason?" Asked the receptionist

"It's a Personal Matter. We would like to just ask a few Questions from him." Explained the receptionist
"..Um...B-but wait! Maybe...Detective Hank would Know where he is."

"Hank?" Asked Shirou

"Yes. Detective Hank Anderson. You Can find him...Over there!" Said the receptionist

"Thank you." Said Akame as they started to walk away

"...HEY HOLD ON!!" the receptionist called out to them as they Looked back at her
"...Are you kids Cosplaying???"

"Co....cosplay?" Questioned Paul
"But...this isn't..."

"N-no we're...Huntsmen and Huntress in Trainee." Explained Akame

"OH! Okay! Sorry! I thought you kids were Anime Fans!" said the receptionist lady, Making everyone even more Confused
"Carry on! Forget you Even Saw me!"

as they all walked away...Paul couldn't Help but say
"that was a REALLY Weird receptionist Lady."

"Seriously Do We ACTUALLY Look Like Anime characters?" Said Shirou

"...You don't Want me to Answer." Said Akame

Because you all Knew the answer to that Already just Search some Images on these three on your Browsers.

So anyway, All three of them walked through the Police force office until they saw the Table of Detective Hank Anderson, and...He seemed to be on the phone with someone.

"Connor, what do you mean She disappeared, AGAIN!?" they could hear him talk to someone named Connor Over the a Scroll Call
"Seriously how hard Is it to find ONE girl with Short Orange Hair and Green Dress?"

"Excuse me? Detective Anderson?" Akame Called out to the Detective, and as he turned around, they all took a better look on his face

"Excuse me? Detective Anderson?" Akame Called out to the Detective, and as he turned around, they all took a better look on his face


"Can we...Ask you something for a second?" she asked 

"...Hey Connor I'll Call you back. Something Came up just now." He said as the Person named Connor over the Scroll Call said something as well
"Yeah, Sure. You deal with it." and he hung up 
"Can I help you kids?"

" We Wanted to Ask you something." Spoke up Shirou
"Do You know where this Detective Hartigan is?"

"Hartigan? What does a bunch of Kids want with him?" Detective hank Questioned

"We wanted to ask a few Questions From him." Explained Akame

"...Well He had to get Discharged for Today because of his Heart Problem. You're gonna have to Ask for him tomorrow or later on." Explained Hank

"Please we Need to Talk to him. It's an Important Matter." Said Akame

"Hey Look, I don't Care what you have to talk to Hartigan of all people about. But The fact that One School Girl, a Kid in Tights and A Backstreet boy with a really Silly looking hair are Looking for him, then It would be a REALLY Big part of my Concerns for the day." Said Hank, Clearly not Trusting Any one of them

"we just need to Have a Word With him." Said Shirou
"We don't Want to Rob him or anything it's just a Talk."

"....*Sigh* Good luck trying to even Have a NORMAL Talk with that guy." Said Hank as he pulled a Paper and out and starts to right down Hartigans Address on it
"But first you kids better give me your names."

"Sure. Akame Redgrave." 

"Shirou Emiya."

"Uh, Paul Phoenix Sir."

"Uh huh. Here." He handed them the Paper with Hartigans House on it.

"Thank you." Said Akame, as they all Left

"...Redgrave?....Yeah....something Ain't Right with those kids. Hey uh you there!" He called out to a Fellow officer

"Uh, Yeah?" 

"Look, I want you to dig in and Find Info on this kids here on this Paper." he handed out A Paper with Akame, Shirou and Pauls Full names in it
"Give me Everything You'll Find on them, It's a little Side Case for me."

"Sure." the officer Walked off

"...If that girl is related to the Redgraves That I know, then Nothing good is gonna come out of this." thought Hank Outloud to himself.

[Beef Heads video Game store]



"I'm sorry Bro, I Don't really know why Torchwicks at it so hard like this." Said Bishop

"Come OOOON Bishop! You know A LOT of stuff! Please Give us SOMETHING!" Said Travis

"OH you going NERFED on us Bishop!? }:(" Texted Neo on her Scroll

"Whaaa? Nah I ain't Nerfed! I Seriously Got nothing!" Said Bishop
"Unless...H-Hey wait I think I remember Somethin Bros."

"There you go!" Cheered Travis as Neo Gave a Heart Warming Cheery Smile

"A few days ago I heard about a Shipment of Weapons getting Bought Transferred With a Crazy Amount of Money. And Now that I think About it, Only Torchwick could make a deal like that." Explained Bishop
"but...something doesn't Feel Right here. Why would he Ever Buy so much guns?" 

"How big we Talking about here?" asked Travis

"ARMY Big man." 

"...Holy shit." 

"Yeah man! Torchwick would never need that much weapons....Unless..." 

"Unless what?" Asked Travis as Neo Leaned in a little too

"...Unless He's buying them...for Someone else." Said Bishop
"Like...Maybe his Employer?"

"...Torchwick Having a Employer?" questioned Travis

[Back to Akame, Shirou and Paul]



"This should be the Place." Said Shirou

right now, it was almost dark outside, and the teens Had finally found Detective Hartigans House.

...Which wasn't a House at all, but a Motel room that he has Reserved for himself for a Long time now.

"...The guy Lives in a Rundown Motel?" Asked Paul

"Their Actually really Cheap." Said Shirou

"Let's meet up with him and Ask what we want to know." Said Akame as they all Walked up the stairs of the Motel to the Second Floor
"He should be at Room 205."

"There it is." Said Paul as he Pointed at Room 205 up ahead.

Akame walked over to it, Took a deep Breath and Knocked on the door
"Detective Hartigan?"

No answer

She Gently Knocked again
"Detective Hartigan, Are you here?"

Shirou peeped through the window
"...It's dark in the room."

"You think his out?" asked Paul

"I don't know." Said Akame as she started to Knock a little louder now


"...Hartigan?" Akame finished her words as she Knocked harder on the door, Only for it to Open this time.

"His Front door is Open." Said Shirou

"Either the guy doesn't Really give a damn about Getting thieves Barge in...Or someone broke in." said Paul

"...Everyone. Be careful." Said Akame as she held her hand on the hilt of her sword, Shirou Made sure that his Twin blades are ready to go, and Paul tightened his Boxing Gloves.

they All Entered in into a Dark, Colorless Room. You'd think they have entered a Black and White Noir style Picture Novel or a movie with the fact that just how dark it was in there. nothing to see but Darkness and Slight Sight with the Light that was coming from how much f the sun was left outside

"...detective Hartigan?..." Calls out Akame
"...Are you-"


soon they all looked to their right, and came face to face with someone who was hiding in the Darkness of the Corner of the room, and they didn't Even see him Coming. they all took a good look at his face,

Which could might as well be the Very LAST Face they all would EVER See

...Which might as well be the Very LAST Face they all would EVER See.


Chapter Text


[Unknown Location]



"...This is it." spoke up blake

"You sure about that?" Asked Nero

Blake Glared at Nero, Only for Nero to Growl
"Ugh Blake just Freakin' ANSWER."

"Yes it is." Finally Answered Blake
"Now remember the Plan, Alright?"

"Yeah. I'll Stay Outside and Wait as back up if things go South." Said Nero as he walked away
"and Blake? ANSWER. Don't Just GLARE. IT. DOES. NOT. HELP."

"Geez You guys Have a Hate boner for each other?" Teased Cu

"Let's just go." Said Blake as they all finally walked into the Building.

"I don't get it. If you think what you're doing is right, then why hide who you are?" Asked Sun

"The Masks are a symbol. Humanity wanted to Make monsters out of us, so we Chose to done the faces of monsters." Explained Blake

"Grimm Masks...That's kinda dark." said sun

"No wonder Everyone Call us Freaks. these guys are Lunatics in the Normality Department in their Braincells." Said Cu
"The white fang made life a LOT Harder for me and a few Faunus friends of mine back home."

"...I Know. That's why We're trying to fix that." Said Blake as she puts the mask on and Walks ahead

"Sheesh. Always sunshine and rainbows with you buddy." said Sun

"Shut your Trap Back-street boy." Said Cu as he puts the mask on and walks up ahead

they walked into a Large room Filled with Faunus. somewhere already in uniforms, and some were new recruits.

then, a Whitefang henchmen Walked on the stage
"Thank you all for Coming. for those of you who are joining us for the first time tonight, Allow me to Introduce a VERY Special comrade of ours. I can Assure you, he is the Key For us to Obtain what we have fought for, for So long."

And then, The man of the Hour himself: Roman Torchwick Walked into the Stage.
some Faunus Cheered, and some Jeered
"Thank you! Thank you! Please, Hold your Breaths."

"What is a Human doing here?!" A Female deer Faunus Yelled

"I'm Glad you Asked Deery." Punned Roman

"BOOO!! YOU STINK!!!" Someone from the Crowed Yelled.

...It was Cu. he did NOT Like the Pun He made is all.

"...Anyway. I'll just be the first to Admit: Humans, Are the Worst." Said Roman

"Like your Puns?!" Cu Yelled from the Crowed Again

"Okay, I'M SORRY FOR THE DEER JOKE OKAY?! Who ever it is, I APOLOGIZE For the bad Joke!!!" He yelled to the Crowed of Faunus
"Now Can we Move on?! Yeah? Good! So Case in point, I can see why you all Like to see us all Locked away. Better yet, Killed! So I want to Mansion the Fact that we All Have, a Common Enemy! the ones in Control. the one's Pulling the strings. the dirty rotten humans that run our Kingdoms. Government, Military, Even the Schools. and their All Pests that need to Be Dealt with. fortunately~, I'm the Best Exterminator Around."

He snapped his Fingers to reveal an Atlesian paladin!

"uuh that's a big Robot." Said Sun

"Isn't that Overkill? I mean, They don't Plan to get this to the Nasty Level right?" Said Cu

"How did he get that?"

"But Also~, Before I forget." he walked forward toward the Crowd
"...How many of you...Know the 'Devil May Cry' Agency?"

'...Wait...That's...Ruby, yang and Akames Fathers Odd jobs Agency!' Blake Mentally Thought to herself

"Well, I mean, It IS a Really well Known Odd jobs Shop In vale. the Owner on there Is said That he can do EVERYTHING. Grimm Extermination. Missing person Cases. Protection. But most well known Among All of you.... White Fang Bounty hunting." said roman

"Wait...Who ever runs that Place hunts down White fang members?" sun Questioned

"Where is he Going with this?" Questioned Blake

"And we all know, the man that runs the Place, As Most of you should know him Already, but I'm Going to Say it Anyway For those who Don't Know: Dante Redgrave....Is an Asshole!" said Roman, Literally Calling the whacky-Woohoo-Pizza Asshole Behind his back.

"wait redgrave? Is that, Like, A relative of Yang and her sisters?" Asked Sun

"..That's...Their Father." Answered Blake

"Oh Shit." said Cu

"He Has ruined White fangs Plans More than We all can count, and He has Hunted, Captured and Locked away A Lot of our Members! and Most of them were Our Family! Right?" Continued Roman

"Yeah! That Bastard Shot My Brother in the Knee an Had him Locked up!" A Random Faunus Yelled From the Crowd

"He turned My mother In!!!"

"He Broke My uncles Shoulder Too!!"

"That Bastard Broke my Little Sisters Knee! And she wasn't Even resisting Arrest!!!"

"He Blew up Both of My cousins in their Own Damn Car!!!"

"...Are they...Really talking about Rubies Dad here?" Asked Sun
"Because...Ruby and her Sister are Nice, And this guy sounds like a total BEAST!"

"And Everyone here seem to have a Grudge Against the Poor guy. Sheesh this guy Has A Lot of Trouble Coming at him." Said Cu

"Yes YES YES!! We all Can Agree that the Devil May Cry Agency is Nothing but a Steaming Pile of Trouble for ALL of Us! I, Myself, Have Encountered Mr.Redgrave a Lot of times. You all wanna know what he did to me the first time? it was At least about 9 years ago." Roman said
"He Shot me Through the Palm of my Hand, Kicked me Through a Wall, Blew up My own Dust truck that I stole in my face, Shot Holes Through my Old Hat multiple times in the Air, Spat in my Face, and Tossed me in a Dirty Water Puddle in front of the Police Officers. And that was just HOW WE MET!!!"

Jeez. Dante sure did a Number on him on their first meeting.

"So yeah! you guys Really don't Like that guy for Locking away, Or worst: Fatally Injure Your Fellow Brothers and sisters! Oh and Cousins as that one over there just said." said roman
"Oh hoho And ME? Oh I HATE that man. He has Humiliated me Beyond Imagination. That Damn Agency has Destroyed A Lot of our Lives here! And My Employer doesn't Really want that guy Dante in our plans. And that Is A really big Good luck for us! When the right moment comes, We will Go there in that Stupid Agency All the way in Patch, Break in, And ABSOLUTELY, and UTTERLY, DESTROY THAT WRECK TO NOTHINGNESS!!!!! with it's SHITTY OWENR ALONG SIDE WITH IT!!! Who's With me?!"

Soon, Everyone in the Crowd Cheered for the Destruction of Both 'Devil may cry' and Dante Redgrave. And as it looked, They were Going to Plan an Attack and Destroy that Small Agency, and Kill Dante Redgrave. and turn Akame, Yang and Ruby Orphan.
...Or they were Welcome to try.

'No...I...I have to tell Ruby and the others About this! Before it's too late.' Thought Blake, Really worried that Something would happen to the Redgrave sisters Father.

[Detective Hartigans Motel Room]



"OH MY GOD!" yelled paul


"Oh my god!" Said Paul

"WHOA WHOOOA whoa whoa whoa!" Said shirou

"Ooooh my god!" said Paul

"Whoa whoa WHOA!" Said shirou

...Oh yeah they were being held at Gun point at the moment. by Someone who could be Detective Hartigan.

"...Who are you?" Asked the Detective still pointing the gun at them.

"Are you...Detective Hartigan?" Asked Akame

"Who want's to know?" Questioned the Detective

"My name is Akame. Me and My friends would like to Ask you some questions." Spoke Akame as Calmly as she could. She knew that even if she acts Panicked, it wouldn't End too well for anyone here.

Just as her father had taught her: If someone has you on gunpoint, Just act Natural and Calm.
...Well in Dantes Case: Act Like how he always acts.

"Yeah but uhh...Can you like, Please Put the gun down first? S-Sir?" Begged Paul as he was scared he might actually Pull the trigger

"Well, Last time A Bunch of kids Wanted to ask me something turned out to be the People I've been trying to take down for months now." Said Hartigan as he kept the gun pinned on them
"How can I be sure you Aren't the same?"

"If we were, we wouldn't Knock on your door so Politely. and we wouldn't have Eve bothered knocking and just Thrown a Bomb right through your Window." Answered Shirou
"as My leader just said, We're here to ask a few Small Questions."

"...Fine. But first. All weapons on the table over there." He ordered

Shirou and Akame followed up by Putting their Weapons on the table. Shirou Gently Kenshou and Bakuya down. and then Akame followed up by Fist Placing Misery and Comedy down, and then Murasame. Hartigan inspected Paul and made sure he has no Weapons.

and after that, Paul Shirou and Akame sat down on a Large Couch, and hartigan sat down on a Small Chair in front of them and slowly puts his gun down on his lap.

"So what do you kids want?" He questioned

"As I just said, We wanted to Ask you a few questions." Akame repeated herself
"About your investigation on the Robberies that have been Happening Lately."

"The Robberies?" He asked

"We were hoping you could Give us some Info about them." Said Akame

"Why would you want to know?" He questioned again
"What are you kids trying to get into?"

"Nothing You should worry yourself about Detective." Said Shirou politely
"It's really nothing all that Important."

"Then it'd be best for you all to see your selves out." Said the detective, telling them to

"Wait it's just uh...Out of Curiosity!" Said Paul trying to make an Excuse

"...The door is right over there." Continued the Detective
"Good day."

"...We're trying to do a small Investigation of our own." Akame finally came clean with the Detective, seeing there is no other way
"A friend of mine is a Faunus and she Believes that the White fang is also Involved with the robberies. She wishes to stop them so we Decided to help."
she explained, leaving The Parts about Blake being a former White fang member out

"...That so?" Said Hartigan

"Yes. We were hoping you would help us." Said Akame

Hartigan stared at her for a few short seconds before sighing
"Listen kid, I've seen your kind before. You think you can Solve the Mystery All by your selves by Doing things Under the Laws Blind spots, Save the day without anyone noticing before gettin' into trouble. Well guess what, That kind of Thing Ain't For kids at all. You're better off letting this go. Let the Police handle this and just keep to your Studies or whatever."

"I'm sorry, But we can't Do that." Said Akame
"Please, We need to know whatever that you know."

Hartigan stares into the girls Eyes. Her Blood red pupils Were Serious and Focused. but Somehow he could see the eyes of a Person that Just wasn't going to Let it up. Like the eyes of a few people he had met back in his days.

"...Fine. You win." He then got up and walked over to a shelf, and pulled out a file and Tossed it on the table right in front of them
"That should be what you'll need."

"Thank you." Said Akame as she opened the file, and Shirou and Paul leaned in to take a look as well.

as they looked into the files, they saw the Patterns of the stores that are Robbed, the weapons the robbers have used, and...some other stuff that were new to them.

"...Third party?" Shirou Said as he saw the Word literally in a corner of the File

"My theory is that Roman is taking Orders from someone. someone with lots of Friends and Seats in high places." Explained the detective
"Some Powerful."

"What like people A lot more stronger than the white fang?" Asked Paul

"Yes." Answered hartigan

"How much stronger?" Asked shirou

"...Yes." Answered Hartigan again

"...That's not good." Said Paul with a sweat drop

"..Can we take a picture from this Case file?" Asked Akame

"Your Pushing your luck now." Said Hartigan

"Thank you." Said Akame as she took her Scroll and took a Picture

"Hey I Didn't Say you can!" yelled Hartigan But realized it was already too late to stop her
"Whatever. You can keep it. Not like I can stop you."

"Thank you for your Help." said Akame as she, Paul and Shirou got up

"...Hey kid. What's your full name?" Asked Hartigan getting Akames Attention

"Hm?" she looks toward them

"Your last name. What is it?" he asked again
"Just Tell me."

"...It's Redgrave." She answered

"Hm?! Redgrave....That Almost Explains too much." He said Scratching the back of his neck, fully recognizing the name

" my father?" she ask, as this Also got the Attentions of both shirou and Paul

"If by Know you mean he Has been a Pain in my ass Ever since he walked into my life, then yes. I Know him." he answered

"...That sounds About right." She Said, Knowing her father can be a handful sometimes

"But I did have a feeling you look familiar. You kinda look Similar to the bastards Ex-wife." Said Hartigan

"I get that a lot." said Akame, not being the first time someone said that she looks a lot like her mother: Raven branwen.
just as it wasn't the first time people have said that Ruby looks like their Late step mother: Summer rose, or that Yang kind of Looks similar to Dante without her Blonde hair dye.

*Beeeeeep. Beeeeep. Beeeeeep.*

Then, Akame Noticed that she was Receiving a Call from Blake.

"It's Blake." She said. and so she Answered the call

"Everyone! If you can hear me we need Back-they heard blakes voice but then

"HEEEEEELP!!" yelled sun from the back ground

"BIG FUCKING ROBOT!!! BIG!!! FUCKING!!! ROOOBOOOOT!!!!" Cu yelled from the back ground as well

And it begins.

[With ruby]


"He's git a Robot! it's big! REALLY big!" yelled Sun

"Oooh I'm NOT missing this!" said ruby with Excitement


[With Travis and Neo]



"That Lunatic Torchwick is On our asses! WITH A BIG ROBOT!!!" yelled Cu

"Big Robot!?" Gasped Travis with shock, while Neo was thrown aback too
"Where did he even GET that!?"
To answer. Neo just Shrugged her shoulders

[To yang and Neptune]

"The torchwick guy is in it! But not like it ate it, he's like, Controlling it or something-"

"HE'S PILOTING THE DAMN ROBOT!!!" Cu cuts sun by yelling

"Where Are you guys?" Asked Yang

"HEEEEEEEELP!!!!!" they both heard Cu Yell as they saw a robot chasing after their friends down a Street

"I think That was them." Neptune stated the obvious

"Yeah I got it!" Said Yang firing up Bumblebee

[To Nero]

"Also, Another thing: WHERE THE HELL IS NEROOOO?!?!" Sun Yelled on the Call

"I'm TRYING TO SAVE YOUR ASSES YOU DUMBASS!!!" Nero yelled into his scroll, as he was Jumping Across Rooftops to reach the robot

[Back to Akame, Shirou and Paul]

"...We should Probably-" Paul started

"Yes. Move!" Akame cuts him off as they all picked their weapons up and Made a mad dash for it

"Hey Wait! Hang on Call the Cops first!" Hartigan yelled but they just left
He hand no choice but to Pick his coat up and also run out the door, trying to make it to the said Robot he heard from Akames Scroll Call.

[Everyone Vs ATLAS PALADIN(Torchwick)]


sun, Cu, Blake and Nero all jumped on a high way, followed up by jumping along the cars as Roman inside his Big Robot chased the into the High way!

he chased the four while they were jumping car to car, Until Yang and Neptune on bumblebee Drove a little close to it

"We gotta Slow it down!" Said Yang

"Got it!" Said Neptune getting his weapon ready. Roman rams Through a bunch of cars, as Neptune fired off some shots at it's back. He folded his weapon into a Spear and jumps into the speeding air and the tip of his spear turns into a Trident. he stabs the Robot in it's back but gets stuck.

"Neptune Hang on!" Said Sun as he Activated his semblance on a Truck and sent Two Golden looking clones of himself toward the robot, while Nero took the chance to Shoot the Robot with Blue rose.

Cu then reached to his back and pulled out his own weapon: A Blood red Crystal Dust Spear.

"Neptune! Hang tight!" Yelled Cu as he held his Spear tight as a Red Glow ran Along the Weapon

"Neptune! Hang tight!" Yelled Cu as he held his Spear tight as a Red Glow ran Along the Weapon. He then Lunched it right at the robot and it got stabbed right into it, Throwing the robot off guard.

Roman Grunted as he saw a Spear pierce his robot in the shoulder or some other place, He couldn't Even Tell Accurately With all the rush. Sun Ran toward him jumping in the air, but he Spun the robots Whole Upper body making Neptune to Get lunched at him, and they both were Thrown off the side of the high way.

"...Well Nuts." Sighed Cu, seeing his friends were out of the game now.

"You guys got any ideas?" Asked Nero

"Well I have one but it's not here yet-" Started Cu until

"Cu! I'm in Position! Waiting on you!" Pauls voice came through his Scroll

"Nevermind. My plans in Motion!" Cu corrected himself.

To Blake and Neros Shock, Cu jumped up toward the robot and grabbed his Spear that was still Stuck into it, Making it's Upper body to start spinning uncontrollably again. making roman to Stop Paying attention to the Road ahead

Paul jumped in the middle of the highway, seeing the big robot ahead coming towards him.

"Paul, What are you doing?!" Shirou asked over the Scroll Call

"Punching this hunk-a-Junk into Space." He answered as he took a Really stiff and Strong looking stance, yellow lightnings Bolting into his muscles.

"Whoa! Whooa! WHOOOA SHIIIIIT!!!" Cu yelled as Roman managed to punch him along his spear off, Sending him Flying out of the side of the road, but he then noticed another Backsteet-Boy ahead with a Stupid looking hair, Ready to Attack the Robot.
and Roman didn't have enough time to even Dodge or ram him flat.

"Here Goes!" he Prepared himself to Punch the big robot with his Semblance: DRAGON SCREW

"Here Goes!" he Prepared himself to Punch the big robot with his Semblance: DRAGON SCREW.
this Semblance Allowed him to Perform One Strong and Destructive Punch, Powerful enough to Completely Destroy Even a Deathstalker Grimm. it only took a few Seconds to charge, but with the good timing he had, he could use it at 50% at best right about now

"What the- OH CRAP!" Roman yelled from inside the robot, as Pauls Punch connected to the Robot in a Upper cut way

"THIIIIIS!!!!" Paul Roared as he Managed to Upper cut the Robot into the side of the road, Sending it Falling down the Road into the Lower parts of the City.

"Alright!!" He Cheered for himself by fist bumping the Air. but if had only payed Attention,


he would have saw the Car was was Driving straight at him

"Huh?!" He gasp as the Car accidentally Crashed right into him
"GHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" and was sent Flying

"...Is he going to be Alright?" Questioned Shirou looking down on what just happened

"He will be. Let's Go." Said Akame as she jumped down, and Shirou followed her

As roman Landed, Ruby was already waiting on him. Weiss yang and Blake all joined on rubies side.
Roman then noticed Akame and shirou land behind him, and then Anastasia and Nero land on Akames side as well.

Teams RWBY & ANAS Both surrounded the robot from both sides, making Roman to Growl And the fact he was far too Out numbered now.

"Freezer burn!" said ruby as Weiss Froze the Ground, and Yang Punched it hard enough to make a Really thick Mist surround the Area, and both teams hide within it.

Roman Tries to Locate the Brats but to no Luck. the mist was making it too hard for him to see anything.

"Cold as Ice!" Akame yelled as Suddenly, Anastasia and Nero could be seen with Ana Using her Semblance to For a Large Ice wave toward the robot, making it to get stuck in place by getting frozen by the Ice. and then, Nero followed up by a really hard and strong Punch with his Right arm, shaped into a big fist into the robot, making it to Stumble a bit as it wasn't stuck in the Ice anymore now.

"Checkmate!" Ruby Ordered, And Soon Weiss and Blake followed in on Multiple Attacks to the Robot, Damaging one of its Sensors.

Roman Frowned and Shot out Multiple mini Homing. Weiss Gets Blown away a bit, But manages to Send a Power boosting Glyph toward Blake, Giving her An Insane Boost in her Aura. Blake Slices every single Missile, And Ruby runs past her and Said
"Lady bug!"

"Black and White!" Ordered Akame as well looking over at Nero and Shirou.

"Gotcha!" Answered Nero

Ruby shot herself past the Robot as Neros Arm Grabed onto the Robot and he Pulled himself over to the Robot, kicking it when he reached it and jumping over it in the end.

Now Roman was surrounded by Blake, Nero, Ruby and Shirou from Front, Right, Back and Left in the same Order.

Ruby and Black Repeatedly attacked it from both front and Back Switching Places every time.
Nero and Shirou both started to shoot the robot with Guns and Arrows at the same time While Approaching him. Soon Nero Puts his gun away and Revs his swords Hilt, Making the Swords blade become much more Heat in Flames, while Shirou pulled out both his Twin Blades.

Ruby and Blake both came landing down slashing at the big robot, while Both Nero and Shirou Came Running at the Robot at full speed.

But unlike Blake and Shirou, the Cousins weren't going to do it on a silent note.

"JACK-" Nero and Ruby both started as Blake and Ruby cut off one of its Arms, and Nero and Shirou slashed at its legs, Making one of the Legs to be damaged, but the other leg became fully
"-POT!!!" and Both Ruby and Nero finished at the same time with their One liner

Roman was Panicking as now he had lost one arm, and on leg, and now was on the ground not able to Do anything much.

but he noticed Yang was right on his robot now, and she was punching away at the back of the cockpit. he could only activate the jets and fly himself And the Blondie into the Air, but Yang Kept punching to no End. in the Air he Tried to Grab Yang with his only functional Arm, but couldn't manage. h had enough and Decided to simply crash land with yang right under him, Crushing her in the Process. yang literally Freaked out as she noticed Romans Attempt at Flattening her like a Road roller. so she let go and landed back on the Ground while Roman Crash landed on the Ground

"Grrrr I've had it with you Stupid damn-" Started Roman until

"STRAAAAAAAAAW BERRRRRRY SHOOOORTCAKES!!!!" Yelled a Familiar sound as Travis and Neo came Crashing down on Travises Bike, Jumping Off the said bike and both kicking Romans Robot away a bit.

"Where have You two been?" Jokingly asked Nero

"Had a Hard Traffic on the way." Answered Travis
"So...That Roman?"

"Yes." Answered Blake

"...That All we needed to know." Said Travis as both him and Neo rushed in toward the Robot as it was holding itself up on one knee

Both Neo and Travis Started Attacking it with their Beam Katanas Generated by Light dust Crystal and Parasol like two Ninjas at the same time, distracting Roman For now.

"What now?" Asked Anastasia

To that question, Both Ruby and Akame Replied Instantly


"Bloody Stream!!!"

Yang used her Shotgun Blasts to lunch herself back while Anastasia Made a Path for Akame with her Semblance in which Akame Cloud Slide herself on. Blake shot her weapon toward Yang and she caught it, and Blake started to Swing her Weapon with Yang still holding it as Blake did so.

But Roman activated the jets again going straight into the Sky.

"We have to Make it come down!" Said Ruby

"How do you Propose we Do that?" Asked Weiss

Both Ruby and Akame then got an Idea

"Ice Flower!!!"

"White Album!!!"

Weiss and Ana both Readied Their Semblances as Ruby and Shirou Prepared their Sniper Rifles and Bows. Weiss Created a Glyph in which Ruby shot through, turning her Bullets into Ice Bullets Slowing down for Shirou to get a Steady Aim. While Shirou shot an Arrow in which Anastasia Shot a part of her Semblance toward the said Arrow, and when the Small Semblance Particle and the Arrow Collided, The Arrow turned into some kind of crystal looking Arrow. and when it hit the Robot in the lef, a HUGE Ice burg Appeared instead. the Ice was so heavy that Roman ended up Falling. in which, both Yang and Akame took Advantage of.

Seeing this, Travis and Neo Both jumped back as Yang swung her self forward, and Akame stared to Run on the Path Ana made for her with her ice, as both sisters Activated their Semblances: Fury Flame and Bury.

Yangs eyes turn red and her hair catches on Fire, while Akames eyes Glow a dark shade of red and her hair gives off Dark and Black Aura. Akame Started Sliding down the Icey Path and the speed ended up with her slowly getting lunched forward further.

Both Yang and Akame attacked the robot at the same time when they reached it. Yang Punched it hard, and Akame Slashed at it with her sword, Yang breaking it Apart and Akame Cutting it Clean in Half From its Waist Area.

Roman ended up Falling out, and gets up looking over the mess his Robot ended up in.

"...Volgin is ACTUALLY Going to Kill me for this one..." He muttered as the fact he had it just Cleaned was the Least of his Worries right now.

'this will hurt me more than it will hurt you, but Please don't take it too much to heart.' Neo Thought mentally as she went ahead for Roman

"Oooh Crap!!" Roman eeps as Neo came charging at him, not having enough time to defend himself.

but at the moment Neo reached Roman...she felt a really hard and impactful Pain in her stomach.

she was suddenly lunched back as she didn't even see Who Attacked her!

"Too Close, but not Fast enough." Said a Female Voice catching everyones, and Also Neos Attention at...A girl Suddenly Appearing in front of Roman.

she was first Appearing as See-through, but then slowly became fully Visible.

she was first Appearing as See-through, but then slowly became fully Visible

"Aww. Did I Break the Ice cream mascot~?" She Taunted, and Neo Didn't Resist and gave in to the taunt.

She back flipped and jumped forward with her Parasol, Ready to strike the Annoying looking girl, only for the girl to actually outplay Neo in her own game of Pressure and trickery in fighting, by Quickly swiping her feet, and doing a round house kick right into her throat sending her flying back. she was lucky to have Aura or that strike could have broken her neck.

"Neo" Called out Travis As she landed back on the ground, and manages to get up painfully.

"Well, Ladies, Gentleman, Ice queens,"

"Hey!" yelled Weiss

"Rude!" Yelled Ana


"Piss off!!!" Yelled Nero

"And most importantly, Traitors." siad Roman with a bit of Anger in the last part

"Fuck You!" Yelled Travis

"Thank you for digging my Grave by destroying the robot." Said roman
"Now, Margaret, If you would."

"Hmm..." the girl, now named 'Margaret', Takes a look at Neo
"...Now That I think About it, You Hair Looks Ugly."

Neos Eyes Were Widened at what she just heard

"Word of Advise, girl to Girl: Burn that ugly looking hair." Mocked Margaret as she stepped back toward Roman

'...This bitch is Dead!!!' Neo Mentally Screamed, REAAAAAALLY Pissed at how this Gothic looking Lolita was Mocking her by her hair.

"No Neo Hang On!!!" Called out Travis before his Cousin did something Stupid, but he was too late. New opened her Parasol and Tried to Strike the girl Margaret, For both Margaret and roman to Disappear out of no where.

Neo looked around only to see nothing remaining in the Area of Roman and the girl that dared to Insult her like that.

"Where did they-?" Started Yang before they all saw Roman and Margaret flying away. and Neo Noticed Margaret Sticking her Tongue out toward Neo and Neo only. which Made Neos Grudge All the bigger. and with that, the Ship Flew away.

"So I guess he got a new Henchmen." Said Yang

"More like a Replacement for Me and Neo." Said Travis

"Yeah, I guess she really made our Plans....Fall Apart?" Said Weiss

...Ruby was chuckling while Blake just walked away

"..No." Said Yang

"Aww see?! You could do it too!" Praised Nero

"Realy? Thanks!" Said Weiss, while Ana was trying to keep out of this

"No Just, No." Said Yang

"Oh you shut up your just Jealous." said Nero

"There's a time and A Place for Jokes. Now isn't it." Said Akame


"..Shirou?" akame Noticed Shirou stuttering a bit...until


....Oh dear god shirou was laughing at Weisses Pun

"Wha?!" Yang Gasped

"Haahhaha...haaa...haah...haah...Phew..." He Pulled himself back together as everyone stared at him with shock
"..Good one Weiss. And just Ignore Yang, She's Just being a Bitch."

"WHAT?!" Yang yelled

"O-oh...Th-Thank you.." Said Weiss with a slight Blush

"Yeah Honestly, Hers was a lot better than your puns yang." Admits Ruby

"R-RUBY?!" Gasped Yang

"...A Lot better I suppose." Also Admits Akame of all people

"A-AKAME?! AAAGH Screw ALL OF YOU!!!" Yang yelled as she walked away angrily

"uuh...Neo? You good?" Called out Travis, Only for Neo to stump away as well

"Is she gonna be Alright?" Asked Ruby

"Dunno....I've never seen her angry like this. Well Come to think of it, I've never seen her Seriously angry." Said Travis, Amazed that that girl managed to Piss Neo off. Neo of all people who wouldn't get angry so Easily.

"...Wait." Anastasia called out as everyone looked toward her
"Do you all hear that?"

they all slowly looking around them and....they heard...sirens?

"sirens?" Wondered Ruby

"'s the Cops." Said Akame

"How...Are we going to Explain all of this?" Questioned Shirou









... one had an answer

"...We're fucked." Nero Stated the Obvious

"They're gonna lock us up after this!" Said Yang

"EVERYONE!! SCATTER!!!!!" Yelled Travis as they all Started to run away, Not wanting to be caught by the cops.

"Wait! What About Sun, Neptune, Paul and Cu?!" Yelled Ruby

[Noodle and Ramen stand]



"....Hey." Called out Cu

"...Yeah?" Answered Paul

"...Do you ever Wonder why we're here?" asked Cu

"...One of lifes greatest Mystery that is." Answered Paul

"..What? No no I meant WHY aren't we out there helping the guys out in the action?" Asked Cu

"...I dunno." Answered Paul, and he, Cu, Sun and Neptune were about to eat their Ordered Hot noodles and Ramen.


Chapter Text



[Juniors Night-Club, around night]



Yang Stopped in front of Juniors night club on her bike for a few quick drinks. As she Entered though.....she only had One Question.

"...Um...Hello?" yang called out, but no one Answered
"...that's a change. usually at least two people should be on the front door. in My case: around 6."

as she just said, Junior would have at least 2 or 6 people on the front door. usually 4 of them were to make sure Yang doesn't walk in on them. but tonight, the front door was unguarded.

"...Meh. some of his boys might be on day off right now." she said shrugging it off.

and so she entered and started to walk through the main hallway. but then....wait she noticed something else too.

"...Where's the music?" she wondered
"It's awfully too quiet. and this Night club is NEVER Quiet." she noted to herself as she approached the front door.

but as she opened it, a Third Question came to mind.

"...Where Is Everyone?!" She practically Yelled this time, as she saw that there was literally no one in the night club. the lights were on, the Music system looked to be ready to go, the there was NO ONE in Sight what so ever.

' Is it closed tonight? No of course not the front door was still open and all the systems here are still On.' she thought to herself before finally starting to speak up
"Hello? Is uh, Anyone around?"

she was answered by Silence. while the lights that showed only black and red were flickering like usual, no one seemed to be on the dance floor or any music to dance with. not even One customer on the Bar side of the Night club.

"Junior? You there?" She called out again
"Is ANYONE in tonight?"

she was answered by silence again, and simply started to walk into the dance floor to have an overview of the Entire Nightclub from the middle. but still found no one and didn't saw anyone.

"This is really odd." she said to herself

"YYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAHOOOOO!!!!" But then, she heard someone jump off the DJs position and straight into on the dance Floor.

"YYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAHOOOOO!!!!" But then, she heard someone jump off the DJs position and straight into on the dance Floor

"HE-YOOO!!" Said a Really stupid looking outfit.

"GAH!! You?! Wha-what do you want this time?!" yelled Yang

"What?! Can't a guy that pays his taxes day in and day out Rent a Night Club for himself for a night?!" Said Majima

"Yeah right more like trying to pick a fight with-wait. did you say you...RENTED the Nightclub?" Asked Yang

"Well Duh. Junior Owed me a Big debt so In return  I told him that I Rent his night club all to my self FOR FREE in Return!" Answered Majima

"Oh." Yang finally understood
"...But wait a minute You didn't By chance 'Rent' the night Club Tonight Specifically because you knew I was headed here tonight did you?"

"Do you have proof that I HAD Some one tail you?" He asked


"Then you shouldn't Point fingers at Me Young lady!" he yelled

"Okay Okay sorry!" Said Yang as she backed off a bit
"So...What do you want THIS Time? You didn't try to Jump right at me from a trash can like last week so..."

"Well, I decided to Cut you some slack." Said Majima

"Wait, Really?" Yang asked a little happy now
"You wanna leave us Alone now?!"

"Don't push your luck young lady."


"And by cutting you some slack, I meant:" he then...Spins around on one foot like a dancer, and then ended on a really stylish looking pose

"...A...Dance off?" Yang Asked

"Yes! Dance Off!" Answered Majima

"....You know how to dance. Really?" Questioned Yang, not Believing him
"Wait what kind of dance do you even do?"

"only the best kind!" he answered as he...started to pull of a Helicopter move on the dance floor shocking yang even more

"...You know BREAKER DANCING?!" asked yang again
"I mean, Seriously? BREAKER DANCINGYOU??"

"Hey I was pulling off Breaker helicopters Left n' right on the streets when you were in your dippers kid!" answered majima as he stopped the breaker moves he was doing a while ago
"Anyway! You wanna Dance off now or what?!"

"Ugh fine. Should have known better that you'd just leave me alone for once when you show up." said Yang as she stepped on the center of the dance floor

"Alright!! LEEEEETS-" then Majima Pressed a remote controlled Button in his hand that started the music

'Alright guess I'm dancing now. let's hope dads and uncle Qrows Lessons in dancing comes a little useful-huh?!' Yang starts to mentally think to herself, only to be greeted by a Spinning Heel headed downward toward her head, and she barely dodged

"Why act so surprised? It's a dance off!!" said majima after just attacking yang

"What the hell!!! You said this was a dance off!!" Yelled yang

"It is!" answered majima as he jumped and landed on his hands, with his legs up in the air
"I'm using Dance Moves! So It's NOT Considered a Fight, but a Dance off!"

"What-but-you said- UUUGH I KNEW IT!! I HATE YOU!!!" Yelled yang, as she couldn't believe she walked into another fight with this mad man, BY HER SELF this time!

as the Dance floors lights started to shine on and off rapidly, Majima Ran straight at yang and jumps in the air a little and spins his body around and throws his Elbow straight at Yang while his back was to her, but Yang managed to Block the Attack as she stepped back a bit. then followed up on Throwing a Punch an Majima.

He blocked the punch, but Yang threw another one at him, in which he dodged this time. then Yang crouched and tried to pull off a leg swipe on Majima. but he jumped before her leg Connects to his feet. he followed up by a landing and pulling another helicopter move with his feet toward yang. she had no choice but to block but she was stumbling back everytime Majimas spinning kicks connected with her gauntlets. she noticed that majima stopped spinning and now was posing as he was holding himself up by his own Arms. then he started to Spin his pody around with a lot more force, swiping Yang off her feet, and then Majima too the chance as Yang was in the Mid air falling to kick her in her belly and she almost coughed saliva out. when Majima kicked her she was send crashing on the dance floor, but as she got hit on the Dance floor, she literally Bounced right off because of the impact and was sent in the air further and fell on her face.

her Aura might have protected her from major damage, but she was could actually feel the Pain that his attack could really cause

she stumbled back up but saw Majima Running at her with another Breaker move. he slide on the ground and was puling a helicopter again but really low, aiming for Yangs legs and knees clearly. yang Decided to step back over and over and over every time Majima got closer to her on the ground. but then he stopped and spins his body on the ground and jumps up and tries to deliver an axe kick from above right on her head.

she crossed her Fists blocking the kick, but then grabbed his leg and started to spin around and followed up by throwing him right into the Bar straight into the bottles.

he stumbled back up and jumped over the counter with that crazy smile and look in his eye again. he kicked up the broken pieces of glass in he air, and followed up on Breaker dancing on the floor, kicking the broken Glass right toward Yang.

she followed up by Punching Every single Glass shard that was headed toward her. she back flipped and dodged here and then but mostly just punched Broken Glass when one got close to her.

she had enough and punched a shotgun blast right toward Majima. but it wasn't Aimed at him, but the Bar Behind him!

the Alcohol and the blast both were smashed together, and it caused a really big Explosion and Majima was caught right in it.

"Haah...haah....Are you done now?" Panted Yang

"Haha...heheheeheehee....That was seriously fun!" Said Majima as he managed to get back up
"I knew it. You kids are Seriously somethin' Else."

"I take that as a yes." Said Yang just wanting to get away from Majima as soon as she could by this point

"What happened here?!" but then, both Yang and Majima heard a 3rd voice join in. they saw Junior running down the stairs and right into the ight club, but came to a full on halt when he saw Both Majima AND the Blondie 
"What the-Blondie?! What are you- Wait, majima was waiting For You?! you two know each other?!?!"

"Oi what's all the shouting about Junior?!" yelled Majima
"I told ya Already! I'm rentin' yer Club for tonight for a friend!"

"Yeah I know but WHY Did you trash the Bar!?" Yelled Junior

"...I'm outta here." Sighed Yang as she started to Walk away

"W-Wait Wait Blondie!!!" Junior then Called out to her
"Y-you can Kick him out right?! Please just make Majima here leave me and my Club alone and I promise Free Drinks on me everytime you came here!"

Yang just looks at Junior with dead pan expresion
"...Hell nah. He's YOUR Problem. I'm Outta here." she answered and proceeds to leave

"Wait Blondie Please don't-"

"Oi." Junior the froze as Majima called out to him again
"What was that about making the girl to make me leave so you could make do without making o with me?"

Poor Junior. 


Chapter Text


[Prof. Goodwitches Combat Class.]


we cut to Pyrrha right after she beats the Entire CRDL team by herself in a Sparring match. which qualify her for the tournament. and Everyone Else Cheered for her, alongside her team.


"Now I know it's a tough act to follow, but we still have time for another match." Spoke Goodwitch.
"Any volunteers?"
she calls out, And so Decided to Address Blake
"Miss belladonna? You have been quite docile lately. Why don't you-"

"I'll Do it." Mercury said as he raised his hand

"Ah Mr. Kasuga. Very well. Let's find you an opponent." Said Goodwitch as she looked into her tablet

"Actually, I wanna Fiiiight..." Mercury then shifted his eyes to the crowd and Spotted Akame first
' She'd both slice me up AND Riddle me with led.'
she then looked over to the others
'Jaune? Nah I'm not that much of a bully. Kiana? hmm no I might get on her bad side. for some reason I don't want to get on HER Bad side. wait...maybe Yang will do juuuust fine.'

and with that, he had picked his Opponent
"How About miss Blondie over ther-"

"I'll do it." then another Voice spoke up, and Mercury and the others looked over and saw A certain Pale looking boy, Vincent Helter, volunteering.

"Hmm, Mr. Helter was it?" Said Goodwitch
"I'm sorry but Mr.Kasuga Has Already Picked their Opponent."

"Aww Come on Miss!! It's just One last match!" Pleas Skelter Helter

"Um...Oh whatever, It's fine." Finally Accepted Mercury
'Well Guess I got a change of plans now.'

as they both walked into the Ring, Mercury had his Boots ready. but he noticed something....Rather stupid and Awesome at the same time.

Helters Weapon, a Revolver...had Multiple Chambers. His guess was that when One chamber was Empty, he'd change to the next one in no time. giving his Opponent Literally No need for reloading.
'Well that's kinda stupid...but also Overpowered and should get nerfed.' thought mercury actually sweating.

"Eeeeek Sis look at that boys gun it Looks So Cooooool!!!" squeaked Ruby, liking how Skelter helters Signature Weapon looks like.

"Ruby Calm down." Said Akame as Ruby was shaking her arm out of Excitement.

"Gotta say your friend has a pretty cool gun. And I know guns myself!" Said Emerald toward Helters Partner, Caim as he just gave a thumbs up to keep the cover that he was some nice guy.

As the match begun, Mercury rushes Forward and Skelter Helter starts off by simply walking forward and shooting off some shots. Mercury managed to dodge the bullets and followed up by a leg swipe and skelter helter tripped down. but then managed to send his entire lower body upwards and kick mercury in which he blocked and pushed him back. and Skelter helter back fliped back up after being pushed back a bit.

after he stood up, the two looked into each other for a few short second or two. Then Mercury ran up to Him and followed up by a few kicks and punches and Helter Blocked Each one and would shoot a bullet toward Mercury from up close.

but then Helter blocked one punch and Moved up his Gun aimed right At Mercuries face, in which he back flipped as the bullet barely missed his chin.

he looks toward Helter and nodded his head to the side, just simply stating 'Not bad'. And Skelter Helter just smirks as he was just getting Started.

Mercury lunched forward going all out this time, getting faster than before. he kicked Helter from all directions fast Enough to Slowly start pushing him back.

then Skelter Helter pulled his Revolver up to the side of his head and Mercuries Leg that was headed toward his face was blocked by his Gun.

but Helter got kind of surprised. his gun didn't hit his Boots, but a little lower than his knee where his boot didn't cover. and still he managed to hear....a really Small 'Clang' sound as if metal was hitting metal.
'wait...his legs...'

Mercury spins himself up in the air and kicked Helter back. then Mercury Runs up to him ready to Attack again. but sudenly,

"I give up." Helter just stated toward Goodwitch, making many people to Question his choice.

Mercury of all was the most shocked. he suddenly came to a full on halt after Helter just threw the match

"What? But you- that's it?" Said Mercury

"Sorry. I'm just not really at my A Game today. Not really feeling it." Said Skelter helter Shrugging his Shoulders smugly and Putting his gun back in it's Holster, walking out of the Arena.
"And hey! Nice foot work."

"Yeah...thanks." Said Mercury

"Bet you don't Skip out on Leg day do ya?" ad with that comment, Helter left the Stage

"Y-Yeah...sure." Said Mercury, feeling like something was...Off.
'...what was his deal?''

as as the Class was finally over. All students left the classroom and Caim was waiting for Skelter Helter on the exit door of the class. as his Partner showed up, he looked over to his loud-mouthed partner
"Oooh You're gonna LOVE what I figured about about that Mercury kid." Boasted Skelter Helter, having figured out Mercuries Little Secret.

as Team RWBY was leaving the Classroom and walking into the Courtyard, Sun ran up to them and called out to Blake
"Hey Blake! You uhh, doin' Okay?"

"...I'm fine." Answered Blake, but Her Eyes were Black because of lack of Sleep.

Sun the Clears his throat
"So I heard there's his Dance going on this Weekend. Sounds Pretty lame but uh, You and Me I'm thinking not As lame right?"

"What?" Questioned Blake

"The Dance, This weekend! You wanna go or what?" proposed Sun

"I don't have time for some stupid dance." Blake shut him down and started to walk away
"I thought YOU Of all people would get that." and Walked by her teammates saying all of that.

[Team RWBY dorm room, With team ANAS Present]



"You all want me to WHAT?!" yelled Blake, as team ANAS Were sitting up on the upper bunk beds.

"We want you to go to the dance." Ruby Repeated.

"That's ridiculous!" Blake yelled

"Blake, we're Worried about you. this investigation is starting to mess with your head." spoke up Yang

"You can't Sleep, you hardly eat, and your grades have also been Suffering." Said Weiss

"And you look as if you haven't had a night of sleep for weeks." Pointed out Akame

"And just in general, You Really look like shit." Said Nero, as he and shirou were above Both yang and Blake.

"You think I care about GRADES?! People's LIVES are at stake!" Shut back Blake again

"We know, And we're Also trying to figure out what torchwick and who ever he works for is Up to." Spoke Yang

"Thanks to you, Sun and Cu, We now know their operating Somewhere at South, South east and East of Vale." said Ruby

"AND, the SDC Records Say that Vale is the sole Target for the Robberies." Said Weiss

"And the News have said that They are going to Move in METAL GEARS For more Protection into Vale." Said Anastasia

"Let's hope we don't have to Fight BIGGER Stolen Weaponized Robots Tomorrow." Said Yang, Clearly in fear of A Metal gear series weapon gets Stolen next like the Palatine they all faught a while back.

"But there's still so many unanswered Questions." Said Blake

"And can you Find the Answers With your Eyes not even being open?" Pointed out Shirou looking down on her.

"All we're asking is that you take it easy for ONE. DAY." Said Yang

"It will be fun! Yang, Me, Shirou and Anastasia and the others will make sure of it." Said Weiss

"You could say we're Planning the whole thing out." Said Nero

"...Excuse Me?!" Said Blake

"Team CVFYs Mission has lasted longer than We Expected. So Me and Ruby Decided to pick up Where they left off with our teams agreeing." Explained Akame

"And you didn't know because you Weren't Even There to know, Because you were Off abusing your own health." Says Shirou, Clearly wanting to Hammer in the fact that Blake was hurting her self as clear as he could get.

"So, What do you think?" Asked Ruby

"...I think this is a Colossal Waste of time." said Blake
"Also, I'd like to just Point out that You three are Acting FAR Too Calm right now."

"We...Three?" Asked Ruby

"Uugh I meant you, Yang and Akame." Blake corrected
"Did you three Even HEAR what I said about what the White fang have in plan, BESIDES a total Genocide Upon Vale?"

"..They uh...Hate humanity?" Guessed ruby

"They're Armed to the teeth?" Guessed Yang

"They Out number us?" Guessed Akame

"no, No , and NO!" Blake yelled as...she was clearly Angry now for some reason, and the others were just Confused at this mood swing
"Did you three Already forget that the white fang is Targeting your FATHER?!"

"Wait Dad?" Said Ruby, but then started to Remember
"Ooooh Yeah! That...Somehow we Completely Forgot about that after wards."

"Ah yeah! That's...well a thing." Said Yang as Akame just nodded

"...Okay...You DO know your father has a bullseye target on his back, by the WHITE FANG, Right?" Asked Shirou

"We know! We gave him a call and Warned him about it!" Said Ruby

"You just gave him a Call?" Asked Weiss

"He'll be fine!" Boasted Yang

"What?! But Your FATHER, Your FAMILY, Your own Flesh and Blood is a major Target In the Eyes of the White fang!!!" Blake yelled out loud as she was now standing up
"Can't you see what I mean?! He Could Get Killed!!"

...A Really Long and Awkward Silence Fell on the room, As Blake Tried to Prove that their father could actually Die.

"Dad...Might get Killed?" Spoke Ruby in a low tone...but then

"Wha?" Wandered Blae, and suddenly


suddenly, to EVERYONES Surprise, Ruby, Yang and Nero Started to Laugh. They Laughed as if they heard a really funny joke. all the while Akame was trying to hold back her own laughter, Almost tearing up Even!!

"Holy Crap!! Dante Getting Killed!!! HAAHAHA!!!" Gasped Nero

"HaahahaHAHAHAAH!!! Good One Blake!! Good One!!" Gasped out Yang as well

"...Are you...Well?" Said Weiss, Believing that his team mates and friends might...Actually have a condition at this point.

"Wha-What's so funny!!??" Yelled Blake again

"H-Hey. All of Y-Pff-Ehem! All of you S-Stop!! She's Actually Serious." Akame managed to speak

"Haah...haah...Wai' Wha'?" Ruby Stopped laughing as it was now obvious Blake wasn't Joking
"...Oh my Sparda You were Serious."

"What are you talking about?" Asked Blake, Not Understanding them AT ALL

"Look, What we're trying to say is that your Worrying too much! Our Dad would NEVER get killed by WHITE FANG of all people." Explained Yang

"What, You saying he's invincible?" Asked Shirou

"YYYYuP." Answered Yang, as everyone were even MORE Confused
"no really, We LIVED with him all our life. We'd KNOW that."

"Blake what we're saying is that Our Dad Wouldn't get killed, He's REALLY Strong. if anything the White fang would just Get their Butts kicked after they go after our dad." Explained Ruby
"So yeah! It's Really no big deal!"

"...It's not...a big deal?" Slowly asked Blake

"Yes. You don't have to worry about our father. he'll be perfectly fine." Assured Akame

"And Believe me, I'd know My own Uncle. that guy will just kick all their-" Started Nero as well but gets Cut off

"WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!" Blake suddenly not just yelled, but this time Screamed at the sisters and their Cousin

"U-Um B-Blake...?" Ruby tried to speak up but was stuttering because of How Angry Blake seemed


"Blake please Calm down we didn't mean to-" Spoke up Akame but get's cut off as well

"Shut UP!!!" Blake Screamed again, as she stumped her way to the door
"...I could get over how Irresponsible you three were at times, but I just...Cannot Believe how irresponsible you simply being Daughters." and with that, she opened the door, Exits, and Slams the door shut as hard as she could, almost making the Entirety of Beacon to hear it's slam

"..the hell was up her ass THIS time?" Questioned Nero

"I'm gonna have to Side with Blake on this one." Spoke up Weiss
"You do Realize That your fathers life isn't a Joke really do you?"

"But we just stated the facts. Our dead Seriously IS Strong. he wouldn't just up and die on us like-" Explains Yang until a Knock is heard on the door.

Weiss walks toward the Door and opens it, and is greeted,,,,by Jaune Holding a guitar....Ooooh no.

"🎶Weiiiiissss🎶_" he started but Weiss Quickly shuts the door
"OOH come on!" he knocks again
"Open the Dooooor!...I promise not to sing..."'

and Weiss opens the door

"Oh my god..." Said Shirou

"🎶Weiss Schnee!🎶" said Jaune, but suddenly, Ana walked up and slammed the door again....and after a few seconds opened it again
"🎶will you accompany Me~~~🎶"
Ana slammed the Door again and after a few seconds thought he finally left, and opened the door again buuuuuut

"...Are you done?" Asked Weiss


"No!" Both Weiss and Anastasia Said at the same time and slammed the door closed. and Weiss noticed Everyone were looking at her

"And THAT, Is why I always Call you a bitch behind your back." Said Nero

"What?! Oh shut up!" Yelled Weiss
"Besides, I already have a Date in mind!"

"You do...?" Questioned Shirou...Not Happy about this?

"Yes." Answered Weiss

"...It's Neptune isn't It?" Asked Shirou

"...Maybe?" Answered Weiss

"...Sure. Go and have your Fun with that Guy." Said Shirou as he walked toward the door
"I'll be Around the Library." ad he simply but also Politely Left....while MAAAAYBE Screaming mentally.

"...Was he Alright?" Asked Yang

"Who knows." Said Nero as he jumped down the upper bunkbed
"I'll go check on Mordred, see if she's even Alive right now, Knowing she always gets in trouble that is." and so, Nero Left the room too

Weiss Simply Sighed
"Let's go Ana. We'll have to choose a Glass type for the Dance."

...and so both Schnee Sisters left too. and it was just the Redgrave Sisters in the room.

"...Guess it's just us Now!" Said Yang
"You girls wanna play some videogames?"

"...Yeah I guess I wanna." Admited Ruby

"No killers world?" Suggested Akame

"..Hmm...How about...We Play 'ZALGO' this time?" Suggested Yang

"Yeah...A Rouge like might get my mind off all of this." Admits Ruby as she starts to Look for the game disk.

....But comes Dare devil.


"Huh?" Yang suddenly noticed something Appear in their room. and it was...really Familiar looking.

really Familiar looking

"Uuuhhhh...Girls?" Called Out Yang

"What?" Ruby sticks her head out from under the bed and sees the dark and Crimson Portal
"Wait...Is that..."

the girls clearly knew what this portal was but...they reaaaaally couldn't Believe it had appeared in their Dorm room of all places.

then, a female figure walked through it into the room and the the girls looked reeeaaaaaallly shocked at who it was.

"...What? Not even a simple and Easy 'Hello'?" spoke the figure as she have a smug and cocky grin

What? Not even a simple and Easy 'Hello'?" spoke the figure as she have a smug and cocky grin

"I'm Actually hurt." Said Raven Branwen, Ex-wife of Dante Redgrave and Akame and Yangs mother.
and Also Counted as Rubies Step Mother.

"EEEEEEK MOTHER RAVEEEEEN!!!!!" Yelled Ruby with happiness and just lunched her self right toward her step mom and hugged her by her neck. and by hug, I mean she literally just threw herself around her neck. and just so you know: It really hurt.

"Ow ow Ow!" Yelled Raven as Ruby just flung herself right around her neck
"Yeah, Good to see you too."

"MOM!!!" then Yang just flung herself at Raven...and Proceeds to Give her mother a Bear hug. a HARD one at that.

"Gah!" Gasped out Raven and first it was her neck, and now her back
"...Nice seeing you too yang...And there goes my spine..."

but then she noticed Akame...wasn't Even Trying to stop her sisters from crushing every bone in her body

"...Nice of you come mother." Akame said with a Straight Expression as she wen back to setting up the game console

"Aren't you going to Make these two stop?" Raven Asked

"Nope." Akame Answered

"You traitorous little-Who do you Take After?!" Raven Yelled feeling Betrayed....but Quickly regrets saying that right after as all three of the girls looked at her in a deadpan Expression
"...Right. She takes after ME. Lesson learned."


[Inside Ada, Caim and Skelter Helters Dorm room]



"Then There's Mercury Kasuga." Said Helter

"And what about the boy?" Aske dAda sitting on her bed, and Caim and Helter on their own beds across the room

"You WON'T Believe what I figured about that kid!" Said Helter
"Okay okay hear this: His Legs, Are PROSTHETIC!"

"Prosthetic you say?" Asked Ada, Actually finding this new discovery Hard to Believe.

"Yeah. Back in the Sparing match I had with him his Kicks felt really strong, And when I Blocked His kick with my Gun, I could hear a Reaaaaally Small Metal sound from the Impact." Explained Helter
"So in conclusion, that kid is a literal Moving Meat sack. He'll die off in an instant the moment his legs are out."

"And his Semblance?" Asked Ada

"He didn't use it. We're gonna have to make him do use it, I guess." said Helter

but then they both noticed Caim typing on his Scroll, and showed them what he was trying to say

"That's because he DOESN'T Have a Semblance."

"What do You mean by that?" Asked Helter

"His Semblance must have been linked to his legs. and without them he doesn't even HAVE a Semblance to use." Explained Caim

"Hmm. You might be right. he's practically would Count as a meat shield that fights back then." Said Ada
"....Keep an Eye on him for now. he Might Actually Prove to be a problem later."

And Caim Pressed Mercury into the 'potential threat' File in his Scroll.

"Now...Tell me About the Redgraves." Said Ada

"Okay let's see." Helter looked through the files in his Scroll
"Akame Redgrave. Her Semblance makes her both faster and Deadlier, and hasn't had a lose ever since entering the Academy. She's started a win streak so to say."

"Put her on the list." Said Ada

"Now Yang Redgrave. Her Semblance is the same as her sisters, but instead of Deadliness it falls on Destructive power. no loses yet. same boat as her sisters." Explains Helter
"No wonder their Twins."

"Put her on the list too." Said Ada
"Now, The Younger one."

"Ruby Redgrave. A.K.A Ruby Rose." Spoke up Helter
"Her Semblance is Speed, No Loses like her sisters as well. but seems to be the weakest out of the three. she's just a wimp hanging on with the big boys by a thread!"

"Hmm...You may be right. but still, keep an Eye on her as well." Said Ada

then Caim started to Type on his scroll again
"You Seem to be putting too much attention on that red riding brat Ada. picking favorites?"

"I Could say the same about You Too Caim. You seem to get Worked up every time she is around you." Pointed out Ada
"Care yo Explain~?"

"She just ticks me off because of how cheery she is. it get's on my nerves."

"What you wanna go Slaughter Her too?" Asked Helter, but a glare from Caim answered his question: Caim WANTED to Slaughter Ruby because of how Happy looking she was.

"Now now break it up." Spoke up Ada
"Continue Vincent."

"Right right. Nero Redgrave. No Loses, win streak, Semblance is that his Arm literally looks like the Devils hand himself." Said Helter
"And he seems to be...Kind of Hot headed."

"We might be able to use that to our advantage." Said Ada
"Add him to the list too."

"Now Mordred Redgrave. Her Semblance lets her make Electricity through her body and can insert them into her weapon." Explained Helter
"Jeez these Redgraves seriously are Strong. Even the youngest one out of them is competing against people that are older than her."

"They really Are Special aren't they? They aren't Any normal Children at all. there is much much more to them than it meets the eye." said Ada, as she looked at the picture of all 5 Redgraves in beacon. and....Mostly at Ruby.
"Onto the Celebrities now."

"Pyrrha Nekos, and Brynhildr Kaslana." Said Helter
"The Spartan girls Semblance is Polarity. she can control her Opponents Weapons making her look untouchable. but...That Brynhildr girl, We Just know she's a really good fighter. she Doesn't even use her semblance."

"Or maybe she IS using her Semblance every time she is fighting." Guessed Ada
"And We just don't Notice it."

"How are we gonna find that out?" Asked Helter

"Due time." Answered Ada
"And Remember, When the time comes we cannot allow anything to hinder our plans remember that well."

"you got it boss." Said Skelter Helter




Chapter Text



[team RWBY Dorm room]



"Heal Heal Heal Heal!!" Said Yang being low on HP.

"Use My Health Potion." Said Akame as she passed a Red Bottle to yang in the game they were playing

"Skeletoooooooon Foooooorce!!!" Said Ruby in a cheery Tone as she Summoned multiple Skeleton Warriors in the game to assist them in the dungeon.

And in the middle of the sisters going Ballistic in the Dungeon they finished multiple times in their favorite Dungeon Crawler game named 'ZALGO', their Mother Was Also Playing along side with them, while just Farming EXP and Gold on her own.

"Noooo Mother Raveeeen I needed That Cape!" said Ruby

"Finders Keepers." Said Raven with a Smug smile on her face

"But that Cape only Works for Necromancers!!" Said Ruby
"And I'M the ONLY Necromancer in the party! Your a Samurai!!! It wouldn't even work for you!"

"Yeah but this cape is worth A Lot." Said Raven, Admitting that she was planning to Sell the In game Item. but she said it in a cruel manner.

"EEEh?! Your Meeeeaaan!!!" Said Ruby

the Iconic Part in all of this was that they were playing this game with the character Classes that kind of resembled themselves.
Ruby was a necromancer because her main weapon would be a scythe. Akame as an Assassin cuz go figure. Yang was a Warrior because this Class did the most damage. and not shocking to anyone, Raven was a Samurai class because Symbolic.

"So what made you come visit?" Asked Yang

"Well I was just kind of bored and had nothing better to do." Answered Raven
"and I had a Slight Business here in Vale anyway."

"Did you go to meet a court?" Asked Akame

"No I was...Wait...Why are you assuming I met a court?" Asked Raven confused at why her first Daughter would Assume that

"So you Could Take Us away from dad and keep us with yourself. what's what a divorced Parent does in a court right?" Said Akame as she kept playing with a plain Face....Wait what?!

after Explaining, EVERYONE looked at Akame, Actually a little concerned for her mentality.

"...You take after Your Uncle Too much." Raven Stated the Obvious.

"A-Anyway. How Long are you staying in vale?" Asked Ruby trying to change the subject

"I Can't Say for sure. But You should Already know I can't Stay over for the night." Explained Raven

"Yeah guess that's why you got the title of 'Cool Mom'." Sassed Yang
"Your just TOO COOL To Stay."

"And Why give the 'Super mom' title to Summer?" Asked Raven feeling a dagger being stabbed in what little feelings she had

"Because she'd Stay with us 24/7 instead of 4 to 1 hours Most of the times." Answered Akame with a deadpan expression

"....Don't Get smart with me." Said Raven under her breath.

So After a few seconds of playing, Raven decided to Ask a tiny Question.

"So, What were you kids up to this week?" She Asked

"Nothing much, we just stayed indoors." Ruby Answered

"So you didn't do Anything fun or Exciting." Said Raven

"Yeah pretty much." Said Yang

"What about your friends and teams?" she questioned Again

"Very much the same." Answered Akame

"Uh huh." Said Raven as she heard their Answers.

and a few short seconds of only the sound effects of their game fell the room

"....Then would you like to Explain WHY were you and your friends and team Fighting a big robot in the middle of the night?" Raven suddenly asked

And at this moment the sisters knew: They were about to get the mothers belt.

"Uuhhh...wellllll...." Starts ruby

"And WHY Were you girls out trying to play detective?" Raven asks Again

"W-Well...Uuh..." Stutters Yang as she starts to sweat.

"And do you know WHY I haven't Hammered your ears with Nails into a wall? Since simple Pinching Won't Do?" Asked Raven Again,

"....Run." This Time, Akame spoke. and she said the One Option the girls were considering right now.

and the girls just paused the game and made a Mad Dash for the Door. but before they Actually Do reach the door, Raven beat them to it.

"HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!!!" Raven Yelled as she first kicked Yang toward Akame, and they both stumbled on Ruby who was the furthest, Stopping all three of them before they could Escape.

And with that, The 'Cool Mom' just showed why she's Really the cool mom: Unlike summer the super mom, She does NOT Hold back.

"Care to Explain?" Asked Raven as the girls managed to look up from down on the ground to see Raven, Cracking her knuckles ready to Rain down hellfire Upon them.

"O-O-O-OKAY OKAY just Wait w-we can explain!" Stuttered Yang




[After a few minutes of Explaining.]



By now, The girls finally confessed that Blake used to be a member of the White fang, and how she has been almost abusing her Health over the whole thing.

"That's About it." Said Akame, Finally done Explaining

" what is there to stop me from Having your friend Arrested?" Asked Rave, Clearly Not Trusting Blake since she doesn't Trust anyone from the white fang what so ever.

"Mother raven Please No." Begged Ruby
"Blake isn't a bad person! She's better than what you think I swear!"

"...Fine. Not like I can Keep an Argue With you for long." Finally Accepts Raven as she stood up and the girls kept Sitting down.
"But do you have ANY Idea How much Trouble you all would be in right now if Not for me?"

"What do you mean?" Asked Akame

"well, do you remember Detective Hank?" Asked Raven

"...Oh. Yeah I Remember him. We Asked him where to find Hartigan." Said Akame

"Well, He Knew it was you and your friends that caused all the Chaos That night. He Was going to Arrest you all For Questioning!" Said Raven, As the girls were really shocked And Also Scared to hear that.
"But you're lucky I talked to Ozpin and had him Over look this...For now."

"Wait, The Headmaster Knows What we were doing?" Asked Ruby

"And he chooses to Over look it for now As well." Explained Raven and crossed her arms glaring down on all three of them
"But don't think I'll over look something like this."

"We're sorry." Said Yang as the other two nodded as well.

Raven kept glaring at them with her Icy Expression, But soon sighed and her Expression softened and kneels down to be on the same level as the girls again
"Just...Don't Do something like that Again. Alright?"

"Okay...We Promise." Answered Ruby

"...Good." Raven then smiled at the Answered and gave the girls a quick Hug while the girls just hugged back.

After that, Raven Opened a Portal with her sword and sheathed the dust blade
"Remember: no more Dangerous stuff like that again. At least for my sake."

"We got that." Said yang

and with that, Raven walked through the Portal and the said portal Closed up behind her.

"...We really made her worried this time." Said Ruby

"Let's call it a night." Said Akame

"Yeah." Agreed Yang

[next day]

After a few Classes, Yang was walking through the Library and found Blake alone in her Scroll reading a massage.

'guess Now's better than never.' Yang thought to herself as she walked over to Blake
"Heeey Blake!"

"..." Blake didn't answer her

"...Soooo I wanted to ask you know...PLEASE Come to the Dance?" Asked Yang, Making the 'Please' part to be pointed out clearly

"...No." Said Blake as she stood up and starts to walk away

"Wait Wait Blake hang on!" Called out Yang and she managed to catch up to Blake and caught her hand making her stop
"Where are you going?"

"...none of your business." Blake answered Coldly and tried to break away from her grip

"Blake if you don't Tell me I'm NOT Letting you go." Said Yang, Stating that Blake is NOT Getting off that easy

"UUGH fine! I'm going to a meeting with an informant who can't tell us about the white fang." finally explained Blake
"I managed to come in contact with them just an hour ago. and I'm going to meet them right now."

"That's Great! Let me call Weiss and Ruby. We'll go meet them together!" Said Yang happy they made some kind of progress

"No. They said I need to go Alone. It's better that way." Said Blake
"Besides. you have some Stupid Dance to take care of anyway."

"Blake please you can't just-" Starts Yang but,

"I Don't Have time for this!" Blake cuts her off and starts to walk away
"I'll meet you and the others later at night. And just STAY AWAY From me until then." and with that, She completely walked away

"No wait! Blake don't...Don't go..." Called out yang. But saw that it was too late now.




[Team CEMT Room]



"Soooo Who You gonna go out on the dance with?" Asked Mercury, while his teammate Emerald was checking her Scroll

"I still haven't Decided yet." Answered Emerald

"Okay...Then hey cinder who you going to the dance with?" He asked his leader next

"I'll go Alone I suppose." Said Cinder

"Oh Cinder Come ON. You've GOT to have Someone in mind!" Said Emerald

"I simply don't." Said Cinder again

"Well guess your bro was kinda right then." And Mercury opened his mouth. Again.

"...What did shirou say?" Asked Cinder

"Well He said that you don't Have the charms to Attract Anyone to you, AAAND he Also said your too Stone cold to Ask anyone out." Said Mercury, Actually Deciding to Play Shirous game here. but Emerald was really worried of the outcome.

"....I'll Show Him stonecold." said Cinder as she suddenly decided to walk toward the exit door



[Ball room, with team RW_Y & ANAS]



At the moment, Ruby was sitting down on a table and was just looking down feeling sad that Blake wasn't Just going to the dance, but Also Left for the Investigation on her own.

but then Weiss Slams two Table cloths infront of her
"I need you, To pick a table Cloth."

"Aren't they the same?" Said Ruby

"Ugh I don't Even know why I asked!" Said Weiss

"Weiss, They ARE the same." Said Akame, As she walked over to them with a box
"Ruby, Which one of these Lemonade marks should we use?" she then asked pulling out two different Lemonade Bottle brands.

"Hmm....That one." Answered Ruby pointing to one of them

"Ooooh Aren't they the saaaame???" asked Weiss in a mocking matter

"...Weiss are you ACTUALLY Stupid?!" suddenly Ruby yelled
"Their NOT Table Cloths!!! Each brand has it's Ups and downs! Their MUCH more Important than just simple table Cloths!!"

"for shame Weiss. for shame." Said Akame

"Wha-but you-UUUUGHGH!!!" Weiss then stumped away.

and so Yang walked in and puts down a Boom box, and Sighs a bit.
"...So. what do you two plan to wear for the dress?"

"What's the point if Blake isn't going to the Dance?" Asked Ruby

"well...that's....yeah your kinda right..." Admits Yang but then Looks over to weiss
"Ugh Weiss I told you no Doilies!"

"If I don't Get any Doilies, you don't get any fog machines!" Threatens Weiss

but Nero walks in, Carrying a few boxes with his Semblance hand
"Hey guys, Got the fog machines!"

"Put them out now!" Ordered Weiss

"....Kiss my ass first." Shots back Nero, as it was clear they were NOT going to throw the fog machines out.

"But-" Starts weiss but

"I brought more Fog machines." Said Anastasia as she carried in one box of fog machine

"What?! Ana!!" Yelled Weiss

"Weiss, We are using the Fog machines, and We are ABSOLUTELY NOT using ANY doilies." Stated Anastasia
"So either take All of those Doilies off the Tables, Or I Will Have Nero BURN them all."

"Yeah I will." Played Along nero, but then noticed one small detail
"Wait, Why Am I Burning them?"

"Because I do not bond well with heat." Answered Ana as she turned back to Weiss
"What will it be Sister? Peacefully Remove the Doilies, Or I will Have Nero Burn them. your choice."

"....I....I'll package them back to their shop." Weiss finally Admits defeat, and was about to start Removing the Doilies. until,

"Hey guy!" they all noticed Sun, Neptune, and a greeting Cu enter

"are those Fog machines?" Asked Neptune
"Your dance is gonna have Fog machines?"

"We were thinking about it." Said Weiss wanting to get on Neptunes good side

"She's lying! She wanted to Trade the Fog machines for Doilies!" Yelled Shirou from the back ground, as he was working on the second levels Decorations.
and the reason he yelled that was Clearly to Make sure Neptune and Weiss are distanced as far as Possible.
Oh~ I Wonder Why~~~~.

"Doilies?" asked Neptune
"Isn't know.."

"Lame and stupid?" Continued Cu
"Yes it is."

and Weiss now felt pretty Troubled now that Neptune thought of her like this, but Shirou Considers this a Good thing.
And Anastasia felt a little bit of confusion as to why Shirou did what she would usually do. could it be that...

"Sooo Are you girls and dudes Excited for Dress ups?" Asked sun

"Heh. Yeah right." Answered ruby

"We have some ideas in mind." Said Akame

"What're you dudes wearing?" Asked Nero

"Uuh. This?" Said Sun pointing to his Casual Clothes.

"Ignore him. For he knows not what he says." Cuts in Neptune

"Dude you GOTTA Wear something formal Alright?" Said Cu, Even he agreeing with Neptune

"Hey I might have moved to Mistral, but I grew up on vacuo." Explained Sun
"It's not Exactly a shirt and tie Kind of place."

"We noticed." Said Akame

"Soooo....What does Blake think About all of this? is she still know, Blakey?" Asked Sun

"Yeah. She really has a stick up her ass this time around." Said Nero

"Sigh I'm gonna go out for some fresh air. And while I'm at it I'll go pick up the Icy-Cola we Ordered to be Prepared From that Shop I Brought up." said yang as she started to walk out
"See ya till Midnight." she waved as she walked off

"Is she Alright?" Asked Neotune, Referring to Yang

"She's just troubled on the thought of how to make Blake go to the Dance as well." Answered Akame
"she's just...trying to find a good Excuse for Blake to go the dance."

"You think your sister Can actually do it?" Asked Sun

"Knowing Yang, Who knows." answered Ruby





'uuuuugh what am I gonna Do with Blake???' Yang Asked herself Mentally as she walked the streets of Vale, Trying to think with the open fresh air around her

'Should I call dad and Ask him?' She Considered Calling her father for Advice
'hmm...wait, what about uncle Snake? No he's not good with stuff like this. Uncle Qrow? Yeah, no. uncle tai? Should keep him in mind. and Obviously NOT Uncle Vergil...guess that leaves uncle Ki-'

*Beep Beep*

then her Scroll Ringed. she checked who was calling her and was surprised when she saw it was Blake. She Answered the call and went to Speak

"Hey Blake. listen we-" Yang starts, but then

"Yang! The meeting, It-It was a set up! A trap!" spoke Blake from over the line, in a Panicked Tone

"What?!" Gasped Yang

"I'll send you my Location! Be careful the Ambushers are dangerous-AHH!" Said Blake before her line goes dead all of the sudden

"Blake?! BLAKE!!!" Gasped Yang, as she started running.

Chapter Text



[Club shine, mid night at Vale]



Yang Ran as fast as she could. and finally Reached the Location Blake sent to her. it was a night club at the downtown of vale, called club shine. it was a standard club with many fans. but Blake should be inside right now. either held captive or Worse, Dead.

As she found the Club, she wasted no time Running toward the Front door, that was until Multiple White fang members first Kicked the door open. 10 at Least.

"Crap." cursed Yang, seeing they were waiting for her

"That's the girl." One of them stated

"Where's Blake?!" Yelled Yang not Caring that she was out numbered.

"Why should we tell you?" said a Deer Faunus in a taunting Tone as the other Faunus Chuckled at that.

but this only Made Yangs patience to run out much faster
"I don't have time for this." and so she Activated her Gauntlets ready To Utterly Blast away every enemy in her way in every sense of the word.

As the White Fang Faunus charged at her, she practically 'One Punch Man'ed Every Single one so she could get to Blake faster. then she Grabbed on by the face and Swung him Around, Hitting every Near by white fang Faunus.

and then she Proceeds to Upper cut another one right into the Sky, which was also the last standing Faunus.

she walked over to the same Deer faunus from before and grabbed him by his Horn, and lifted him up with clearly was hurting him
"Last chance. Where is Blake?!"
She asked again before raising her first ready to Lay down another punch into the Deer Faunuses face and possibly Break his jaw.

"O-OKAY OKAY!!! SHE'S INSIDE TIED UP!!!" Finally the Faunus answered.

"Good." she then let go Of his Horn and started to walk Into the Club.

and the same Faunus she Upper cutted into the Sky a few minutes ago Fell right Onto the same Deer Faunus, Knocking them Both out.

Yang Ran right into the Club, as it was Empty and kind of a Mess. She couldn't Sight anymore White Fang Faunus or Enemies near by anymore. but she knew she wasn't Alone there.
"Blake?! Blake Answer me where Are you?!"

she then heard a Click sound, and looked back to see that the Exit door now was locked. Yang was shocked that somehow, someone Got passed her or Sneaked past her and Locked the only Exit she had.

"Blake? Answer me!" She called out again.

but got no answer still.

and then,


She almost jumped as she saw a bottle of Alcohol Get thrown at get smashed on the floor from the corner of her eye. she was kind of Surprised that the Bottle Wasn't Aimed At her.

"Have a Drink, Yang~." then, A Female Voice Was heard. and then, Two almost identical Footsteps were heard approaching.

Yang looked to another side, and saw Two Identical Women walked down some stairs.

Yang looked to another side, and saw Two Identical Women walked down some stairs

"you Really~ Took your time with the boys outside~." Spoke the silver one as they both reached the floor at the same time

"Don't you know a Girl isn't suppose to Take Too~~ Long~~ On a man~~~." Spoke the yellow one in a seductive way

'....I'm fighting a Pair of Twins Again...that are HOOKERS this time...I'm Actually in Hell right now.'
Yang thought Mentally as she was NOT in the mood for...What ever stereotype these two were being right now.
"Where's Blake?"

"tsk tsk tsk. In such a Rush~." Spoke the Silver one as the Yellow one walked around Yang
"Don't you know it's not good for you to always hurry things~?"

"Ugh I Don't have Time for this!" Yelled yang as she stepped forward aggressively
"You Either tell me where Blake is Our I'm Going to Actually Rip this Clubs ceiling off and smash it Right on you!!!"

"Ooohh Feisty~." Said the Yellow one. as she kept walking around yang as she was Exactly behind her now.

"You and your friends have been really naughty lately. Specially~ after Destroying the big~ Metal Toy Roman was suppose to simply keep safe." spoke the silver one as she started to walk around yang too. and now they Both were Circle her around at the same time

"Should have guessed roman would put you up to this." Spoke yang as she glared at them both, one at a time as they kept walking around her like they were checking her body out. And Yang DID Notice they were Checking her out like actual hookers, and she WOULD Tease them for it before literally yelling for an Adult, but not after taking Blake hostage or killing her Now.

"Oh not Roman~ Honey. He's...Well he Shouldn't have Destroyed that toy of his. so he's kind of still Recovering." Spoke the Silver one again

"Recovering From getting a Fistful of Lectures that is~~" Finished the yellow one.

'So roman IS Working for someone...' Thought yang, Which conformed Akames Evidence that Roman was just an employee, and his Employer was Probably really violent.

"And since Roman still has a few broken Bones for the moment." Spoke the Silver one
"So We were the only Candidates to Punish~~ Your Naughtiness~~."

"If your trying to Actually sound like a pare of Creeps, your Really doing a good job." Spoke Yang, Stating her Slight discomfort around these two
"Now, Before I Lose my mind for Asking the same question over and over for tonight, answer me. WHERE. IS. BLAKE?!"

"Aww c'mooooon~~~ Yaaaaaang~~~." Said the yellow one as she walked Leaned on the bar a few steps away
"no one likes a Downer~."

"This whole thing wouldn't Have been an Issue in the first place if you had only minded~ your Own~ Business." spoke the silver one again as she pulled out a Sword, Making Yang to be on guard.

then the Yellow one also pulled out a sword, and walked around the Bar and started to Drag a Tied up Blake with dock tape On her mouth as well, who was on the Floor behind the bar the whole time
"Don't you know? Curiosity Killed~ the Cat~~." She spoke as she Also Pulled out her own sword, and slowly Lowered it around Blakes neck.

"Blake!" Called out Yang as Her Legs made her want to Run towards her, but her mind and Brain stopped her instantly after noticing the Blade under her neck.

"It's kind of sad Too." Spoke the Yellow one as she put a hand right around Blakes belly making her freeze up
"You both Are So~ Cute too~."
then her hand started to move up, which Yangs Eyes Flashed Red for an instant as she wanted to be proven Wrong here because of the Ideas she had right now.
"Especially This one~."
and to Yangs Rage, the Yellow ones Hand Stopped right at Blakes Breast, Making her weep and shut her eyes Tight as the Yellow one almost gave a really Small Squeeze.

And This, Was the Last straw for Yang.
She yelled from the bottom of her lungs

"oooh this one has a Naughty Mouth too~!" Said the Yellow one as she continued the Sexual Assault on Blake, Adding on Yangs Anger even more. Blake could only Weep and Just breath heavily as the Older woman Sexually Tortured her.
but finally, She tossed her to the side.
"But, We Prefer mostly the Silent type~."

"The Very~ Silent type~." said the Silver one as well s they both raised their Swords at the same time, finally ready for a fight, both Cornering Yang in the middle as she was in middle of the dance floor.

"What, You Wanna Dance?!" Yelled Yang, Really Fed up with the Two Womens Bullshit. and Prepared her Gauntlets
"fine! Let's dance!"

[Yang vs THE TWINS:  Amber & Crystal .]


Yang Jumps forward and Attacks Crystal first. she Lands down with a kick which Crystal dodged. Yang followed up on Throwing Several Punches at the other woman while she managed to dodge or Block with her sword.

she then Swung her Sword upward which yang backsteps to dodge, but then Ambers sword followed up next which yang Blocked with her eft gauntlet. but Crystals Sword came next and she Blocked that one with her right gauntlet.

Both women pushed Against her pushing her back, and Yang did her best to Withstand their Force. she pushed off both Blades but the twins just Back flipped, Kicking yang in the jaw in the process as well. yang stumbled back but Quickly recovered and Shot a Shotgun blast toward them both. they jumped out of the way and started to run around the Club, hiding behind furniture and Pillars in the process. Yang kept shooting at them both but her Blasts kept hitting nothing but the Furniture they were running towards.

As yang Continued Blasting, she had Enough and Picked up a nearby Table. she raised it up and Threw it right at the Amber, Making her to Come to a full on stop so the table wouldn't Get slammed into her. And Yang used that chance and Blasted herself right at Amber preparing to Punch her right in the face.
But suddenly, Crystal Dashed in as well and Slashed Yang on her back when she was Inches away from Amber. As Yangs Aura Managed to protect her, she was unlucky enough to to thrown right into a few furniture around. she managed to get back up, but she panics as she couldn't see the women in her sight.

she looked around her as fast as she could but still couldn't Locate even One of them! but to her shock she felt a slash at her back as Amber managed to run past her from behind and cut her Aura from behind. then Crystal Followed up with a Slash to her side, and Amber cut her from front, then Crystal Slashed at yang from her other side. this Continued For multiple Slashes cuts and attacks, Wearing Yangs Aura down even further. and she would get Staggered everytime she was struck.

for one last final Attack, they both swung their Swords right at Yang from the front, and they lunched her back at a wall behind her and she was slammed into the wall, and her Aura was Depleted Almost to the point of losing her Aura completely for the whole fight.

Yang stumbled back up While she still had a bit of Aura, but Even with that she felt pain shooting through her whole body. she held he sides as they Bolted with Agony and Pain after the Beating she took.

the Twins Giggled mockingly before they both started to walk around Yang a bit. when she took her Senses back, she quickly tried to Spot the two again, but was almost Panicking Again when she couldn't Find them.

but she heard a Glass bottles Clacking and then a Bottle of Alcohol was thrown right at her head! the Bottle Broke into her face! there was booze ALL over her face and Hair now, but Worst, in her Eyes too. she grunted as she tried to Wipe the Booze out of her face, Amber walked up to her Casually and Smashed another Bottle which was whisky this time, and yang grunted louder as she was thrown down on her knees and hands, and tried to wipe off all the alcohol Out of her face again.

But not letting up, Amber and Crystal both stood over Yang, both holding Two Tables at the same time. and both on the count of three, Smashed the tables right on top of Yang really Hard to the point that the Tables were Shattered!!

And Blake could only watch in Horror that her Partners Motionless body was just on the ground after getting tables right at her back.

"Aww, We Broke her~." Said Amber in a disappointed Tone.

"Too bad~. I guess we should finish this now." Spoke Crystal too as she walked over to Blake and held her up by her hair Really Hard and painfully.
"How about we let our Kitty here have the front seats~?"

"Oh~ Yes~~~." Agreed Amber as she Raised her Sword, and Blakes Eyes were Widened really Terrified of what was about to come next.
"Make sure she watches. Every~. Single~ Hmmmmm~~~~ Second~~~~ Of it."

'no.....Yang.....' Thought Blake Mentally to herself, Actually believing that this was it.

as Amber Swung her Sword down, Blake shut her eyes Hard not having the heart to watch.....but she Instead heard Ambers Grunts?

She opened her eyes again and saw Yang....Actually Grabbing Ambers sword before it strikes her. and soon, Her Hair Fires up, And Somehow instead of igniting the Alcohol in her hair, it Instantly Fires it all up around her and they soon Turn into Gas and steam after firing up. and Amber Next saw Her Blood red Eyes now, Being a Perfect copy Of her Older twins sisters Eyes.

 and Amber Next saw Her Blood red Eyes now, Being a Perfect copy Of her Older twins sisters Eyes


then, Yang Prepared a Powerful and Strong Punch with her Other hand, and preparing a Shotgun blast along side it as well.

"OH CRA-" Panicked Amber, but it was too late now.

"RRAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHH!!!!!" Yang Roared as she attacked Amber...but then,



....Both Crystal and Blake were horrified, and Yang could see Ambers Shocked Expression in her face. After Yang managed to Calm down a bit, she let go of Ambers Blade and saw Amber Stumbling backwards a bit....but Yangs Expression Turned to shock, Fear, Terror and Confusion as well.

The Attack that Yang had landed...Had put a Giant Gaping and Bloody Hole right into Ambers Belly. Yangs attack was so Strong it shot an Entire Hole into Amber.
She looked down on her first as she felt a kind of Cold Wetness on her Fist, was even more Horrified when she saw her Fist was Painted in red with Ambers Blood.

Amber Coughed Blood out as she fell down, fully motionless now.
Crystal dropped her sword in Disbelief and Let go of Blake and ran right to Ambers side, she shakes her shoulders in an attempt to get a reaction out of her sister...but it was obvious that Amber was dead.

"....What....Have you done...." Said Crystal, as Yang looked up from her Bloodied Hand at the Remaining Twin
"She was...My other half...."

"N-no I...I-I didn't- I didn't want to.....No I.....I didn't want to....." Stutters Yang, not being able to Even find the right words for what had happened.
She had Actually Killed someone. her brain couldn't Process the Thought clearly. She just...Couldn't Believe it. She took someone's Life. A Humans, not a Grimm.

"....But You'll pay..." Said Crystal as she held Ambers lifeless body in her arms, and Glared At yang with hatred
"You, your team and friends Won't Get out of this Alive! NEVER!"
Then, She laid Amber down and Pulled out Ambers Knife she had hidden, and Pointed it right at her own stomach

"Wa-Wait!! Stop what are you doing?!" Asked Yang

"I'll never be Complete Again....Never Again!" Answered Crystal, as she Proceeds to Jab the Knife into herself

"NO WAIT STOP!!" Yells Yang, but it was too late now.
Crystal Stabbed the Knife deeply into her own stomach, and soon Fell Lifeless on the floor as well. with her last breaths, she moved her hand and Puts it on Ambers face, before biting the dust as well.


Teams RW__ and ANAS Kicked down the door and ran in after getting Yangs Massage that Blake was in trouble, and they were Welcomed with a Messy and half destroyed Club.

"Blake?! Yang?!" Called out Ruby, really worried for her teammates

"Where are you?!" Called Out Weiss as well

"...Holy shit..." Gasped Nero, as he was first to notice Amber and Crystals bodies in the middle of the Dance floor

"Yang?" Akame Called out as she was first to notice A Almost Petrified Yang by the side, Starring at her Bloodied Hand. after seeing the blood on her hand, Everyone Instantly Figured out what had happened.

"I...I didn't mean to....I didn't..." Muttered Yang, Not Being Able to forgive herself.


Chapter Text




[Beacon, team RWBY Dorm room, 3:36 A.M]




4 Hours. it had been Exactly 4 Hours since Everyone got out of Club Shine before the cops Arrived because of all the Riot. And Yang was NOT in a great situation.

Right now, Akame was Helping Yang to Clean herself up in the Bath room while Shirou Tended to the slight Injuries Blake received By the two women from before.

It was REALLY Hard for Everyone to Make do with the Things that just Happened. Yang Just Killed Someone, And the other one Killed Herself Because of what Yang did. it was A Hard Reality Pill To Swallow.

In the Bathroom, Both Akame and Yang were in the bathtub, And Yang was Hugging her knees and burying her Face deep in her own thighs. Meanwhile Akame washed Her Hair to make the Alcohol Scent To begone From her Hair. And she Ended up Washing away Her hair die too, Revealing her Natural White hair.

"...Yang, Are you Okay?" Akame spoke up, Feeling really bad To see Her Sister like this.

Yang Didn't Answer and just Kept Hugging her knees and Burying her face in her own thighs. She was In a really Bad Mood with the Face of the Women in Yellow: Amber still in her mind The moment she Shot a hole in her belly.

"....I killed someone.....What the hell Am I gonna do....." Yang Muttered and Akame could hear which her Expression only became sadder.

Akame held Yang closer by hugging her tight From behind, giving her a Warm sense of Comfort
"Don't Worry, It's all going to Be okay. I promise I won't Let anything bad happen to you because of what happened in the Club." she Slowly whispered to her Sister, Stating that she would make sure that Yang would be Alright no matter what. And finally. Akame could hear Yangs sniff and sobbing, Letting her Sadness out At last.

Later on, Yang walked out with her Pajamas on, while Akame had hers as well. the others looked over to them while Yang avoided Eye contact and just crawled into on of the lower bunk beds and buried her face in her knees again.

"Is she...going to be Okay?" Ruby asked

"she'll Be Alright. We just Mustn't Talk about what happened or it won't End well." Explained Akame

"and how are we Suppose to NOT Mansion the Fact that two Strange women kidnapped our Teammate?! If anything, What Yang did was Self defense!" Exclaimed Weiss

"but then they might find out we Have been Doing an Illegal investigation." said Anastasia
"We All might get Expelled and worse, Sent to prison."

"We Might get sent to Prison, You two are part of the Schnee Family. You'll have to deal with your Family giving you an Earful when they Bail you out to Make sure their image isn't Damaged." said Shirou, while the Schnee sisters could only Agree with. Their Father ad their Older sister would Nail them to their Walls, and their Younger Brother would NEVER let them Live this One down.

...Well He wouldn't Let them live this one down Until Anastasia Threatens him Again With a beating. Ana just Does NOT have any Feelings for Whitley. She just sees him as Annoyance that she has to Remove with Sheer Brutality.

"So we just gotta Make sure we're not arrested. Should be Easy enough." Said Nero

'....They were right...this is all my fault...' Blake Mentally Admitted. she still couldn't Forget the Horror and shock in Yangs face as she just figured she had killed someone. and it was her fault Yang even Came to that Club

"Get out." Akame cuts Blake off by Not asking, But Ordering her to Leave

"huh?" Gasped Blake feeling the Coldness in her voice

"What, Why?!" Asked Weiss

"This is all Her fault." Explained Akame as she didn't even look over to Blake, Completely Ignoring her
"If she wasn't so Stubborn this wouldn't Have Happened. Get. Out."

"Here we go again." Said Nero under his breath, Knowing this won't end Well

"Akame Please, I'm Sorry I never wanted to-" Blake tries to Explain...But then every one in the Room Almost Jumped when they saw Akames Hair Blast up With the Dark Aura around them.

Akames Semblance Activated Either Unwillingly, Or on Purpose Because she was really Angry at Blake for now. And much like Yangs Semblance, Akames Semblance is really Dangerous too if she's Angry

And Akame Finally looked over to Blake, Saying

And Akame Finally looked over to Blake, Saying


in that Moment, Blakes Spine Froze in Place and she Felt like she was in the Crosshairs of a Apex Predator. and one Wrong move, even a blink, would get her killed. Never in her life with the white fang she felt so scared for her life. And now a girl around her age was Scaring her more than Anything Ever in the whole Remnant.

But that came to an End when Akame was Startled when ruby hugged Her Arm to Make her stop. Akame looked over o Ruby Burring her Face in her shoulder
"Please Stop..." She begged to her Older sister
"Please...don't Be mad at Blake big sis....For me. Please."

Akame could bare watching Her youngest sister Beg like this. Seeing Yang being a Mess was heart Aching, But watching Ruby be sad like this was too much for one day.
"...Okay. I'll...We'll Leave you two Alone...If you need some time."
Akame managed to Calm down and Speak Rationally, and her Semblance Deactivated too.

And so, Ruby, weiss, Akame, Nero, Anastasia and Shirou all left the Room to give the two some space so Blake could Tell Yang what she wanted to say.

Blake slowly Sat right next to Yang, and she was feeling guilty for seeing Yang in a state like this.

"Yang, I'm sorry. I...I Never wanted You to get hurt like this. I'm Really, Really sorry." Apologized Blake
"You were right, I Should have Slowed down, I should have Listened to you! But...My Stupidity Almost got us Both killed....It's All my fault. I'm Sorry."

Yang just stayed quiet for a bit, before pulling her face out of her knees at last
"....You know...This whole mess....I-It wasn't the first Time I saw so much blood before..."

"W-what?" Questioned Blake

"A...A long Time ago, when My mom and Dad Divorced and Rubies Mom died, A Long time after Incident Happened Back home around...11 years ago I think." Yang Said as she was Apparently Diving into a Childhood Trauma

"...If it Helps you by listening, the I'm All ears." Said Blake as she started to listen as well

"...It was Around...New years Eve, And Mine and Akames Mom Would Always come for Christmas. but on day, she called ant told us she Had a job in a near by Forest in patch, Clearing out a horde of Grimm. It would be easy for her, we knew that." Explained Yang
"But I wanted to Surprise her by Going to her When she was done so we both could go back to our dads shop for the Christmas Party. So I grabbed the Warmest Clothes I had, Took the Largest Scarf In my drawer, and Head out before My dad or anyone else noticed. I Reached the Forest and waited on it's Entrance, Waiting to See her and just jump at her Yelling Surprise. It was all Really Funny in my head...But she Didn't Came. I must have waited there for an Hour. I was starting to get Nervous. So I walked in through the Woods trying to find her. I was Pretty cold and My face was freezing but I ignored it. Soon I thought I could hear her voice...but I started to Hear something Else too....It sounded like an Engine."

Yang Hugged her Legs tightly
"Finally, when I walked for a few more seconds....I saw her. I found Mom in the middle of the snow....and there was a deep Cut on her belly. she was Bleeding Everywhere on the snow. I felt like My heart stopped Beating in that one moment. I was actually watching my own mother Bleeding out on her knees in the middle of the woods. It felt like a huge Nightmare I Couldn't Just simply Wake up from. But then...I saw a Man, He was huge, big, Muscular...and there was Blood all over his right arm."
Yang slowly got up and walked over to the desk in the room, and sat down, pulling out a Paper and pen, and started Drawing a bit while Blake kept listening.

"He stormed over to Mom and kicked her Across the Field right into her face. And he was Yelling somethings I Can't Remember well. But one Particular Thing her yelled Is still in my mind...he yelled something Along the lines of: 'We don't Help people. We Kill them'."
Said Yang, as she was done Drawing...a Strange Marking on the paper in front of her.

Which was the Mark on the Back of the mans Jacket in Yangs story

...Which was the Mark on the Back of the mans Jacket in Yangs story.

"Then I found the Source of All the Engine Sound I've heard in the forest. It was the mans Right hand. It....His right hand Turned into a Chainsaw." Said Yang before she looked Down on the table
"He stomped toward mom, and...My body went on Auto Pilot in that moment. I ran right in front of Mom Between her and the man, Before The mans Chainsaw Reached her. When I got Between them, His Chainsaw was Just Inches away from her, which By then was now a few millimeters Away from my neck."

Blake was now kind of Worried on how the Story was going to End

"So there I was, A stupid girl Trying to Protect her Wounded Mother that had a Cut in her gut, and Also the said girl had a Hot and Spinning chainsaw right On her neck now." Said Yang
"I thought that was it. Now Instead of just my mom, I was going to die there too. but...I saw the mans face, He Looked down on me with a Glare that...Seemed like he was almost shocked."
Explained yang as she remembered the mans face as best she could

"....And he was Really scary." Said Yang, Half Jokingly.
"But the...In the Last seconds, One of my Uncles Arrived at the scene. He just saw a Chainsaw blade right on my neck, and Ran in and Literally Kicked Him away. Heh...I can still Remember how he did it to this Day."
Spoke yang, remembering how One of her Dads Friends Came to their Rescue with the Sickest Kicks she has ever seen in her life.

"Spoke yang, Remembering how One of her Dads Friends Came to their Rescue with the Sickest Kicks she has ever seen in her life

"If our Uncle didn't Show up...We would have been Dead that night. Shortly after, My dad and Uncle Qrow Showed up too so the guy Ran off. All the while I cried Into Mom thinking she wouldn't Make it. And...No one ever Talks to me About who he was or what he wanted." Finished up Yang
"...After I....Did What I did to that girl back at the Club....It Reminded me Of that Guy for a moment...It really scared me that...I'm no Different that that guy."

"Yang that's not True. You did what you Had to do. It was practically Survival instincts." Comforted Blake
"And....Look, I'm Gonna make it up to you for all the Trouble I caused." Said Blake with a sly smile on her face which Yang Noticed

"...And...How are you going to Make it up to me and the others?" asked Yang

"...I'll Go to the Dance." Said Blake

"...Pfff...hehehaha..." But then Yang started to laugh
"Did it SERIOUSLY just took you being Kidnapped, Sexually Assaulted, threatened, and watching your Partner almost get killed but instead killing someone To change your Mind?"

"Oh shut up!" Shot back Blake, not liking how Yang was teasing her
"...But...I don't Have a date to go with yet."

"...I'll be your date." Said Yang

"W-Wait you? But...yang We're both Girls." Said Blake

"And what's Wrong with that?" asked Yang
"We both can go in after I'm done Registering Everyones Names in the Front. How's that?"

"...O-Okay...Thanks." Said Blake Smiling

"Sure thing. and...Remember, Don't Push yourself like that ever again. Okay?" Said Yang

"Sure....I promise." Promised Blake

"...Glad to hear it." Yang Smiled, Glad to hear she Promises it.


Chapter Text



[Beacon, team KKMT Dorm room]



Travis was combing his hair into its Cool looking style per usual. but then he heard a Knock on his dorm rooms door.

"Hey can someone get the door?" he called out....but well,
"...Oh yeah, It's just me. Damn it."

He walked up to the front door and Opened it, and was Greeted by Jaunes face


"We need to talk." Said Jaune as he grabbed Travis and Pulled him out of his Own room.

"What-whoa wait hang on- Waaaait!!!" Yelled Travis




[Team JNPR dorm room]




"Okay....Travis, Ren, I'm just gonna come out and say it. You two, are two of my best friends. this past few months I feel like we really Bonded!" Spoke Jaune to Travis and Poor Ren who was on a Towel

"We BARELY Talked these past few months." Pointed out travis

"Y-Yeah...A-and Ren doesn't talk all that much...And Frankly I don't know anything much About you two, but DARN IT I Consider You two the Brothers I never had!!" Said Jaune

"....and I You." Said Ren Awkwardly

"don't Encourage Him." Said Travis with a deadpan Expression

"Which is why I wanted to get you Two's Advise one....Girls!" said Jaune

"Girls?" Said Ren

"You're Having a Girl problem then. Common teenager Troupe." Said Travis Understanding Jaunes Problem
"But Hold on a sec. Why the Two of Us?"

"Well It's just...You know, Well...Ren What I really wanna know is how did you and Nora get together?" Asked Jaune

"Uuh...eeh..." Stuttered Ren

But they heard a coughing and saw Nora getting their Attention
"Eheheheheheh....Um, Actually, We're not Together together."

"NORA I SAID HEADPHONES ON!!!!!" Yelled Jaune out of the Blue and Nora auickly did as she was told

"And....Why Me though?" Travis Asking wanting to know his own case in the matter

"Well uh, your a Otaku right?" said Jaune
"So, Otakus Should Know Girls! like what they want, What they like, how they want to be asked out, Stuff like that!"

"...I.... don't think you Understand Otakus dude." Said Travis
"I mean being an Otaku is mostly about collecting Action figures about your favorite Anime and Talking about Movies and shit with a high Critic Mindset. Not...Well Girls stuff ALL THE TIME."
Travis explained
"No wait hang on, What's bugging you here Really?"

Jaune just sighs
"It's....It's Weiss. I'm Completely Head over heels for her but she won't even give me a chance." Explained Jaune
"She's cold...But she's Also Incredible. she's Smart, and Powerful, And Talented, I-I mean have you ever heard her sing?!"

"She sings?" Asked Travis Having never heard of it

"I just want her to take me seriously...Without me Messing it up." Finished Jaune

"...Look Uh, Buddy. as the 'brother you never had' I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to break something down to ya, which is Also About the fact that she doesn't take you seriously. you should-" Starts Travis but then,

"Then Do it." a new voice joined in as they all noticed Pyrrha Walking in the room
"Tell her, Exactly what you just said."

"Look that won't Work-" Travis Tried to talk

"No ridiculous Schemes. No Pick up Lines. just, be Honest." Spoke Pyrrha as she walked toward the boys

"But what if-" starts jaune

"Look it's nice that your really Supporting and all, but you need to Listen up about-" Travis tries again

"Jaune. you can't Get it Wrong if it's the truth." assured Pyrrha

"...Your right." Said Jaune

"But it WON'T WORK Damn it!" Said Travis

"Look I know it won't work probably, But I still have to try." Said Jaune

"No you don't Get it. It won't work Cuz It will NEVER work, NOW." Said Travis
"It's too late, It Ain't Gonna work NOW, Cuz the Spot of Being Weisses Date for the dance is now GONE! LOST IN THE WIND! DESTROYED! FOREVER."

"...W-What?" Stuttered Jaune, Shocked that Weiss now had a date?

"I've been trying to Tell you for What feels like HOURS now!!!" Said Travis
"Miss Ice queen is Gonna go to the Dance ALONE. She changed her mind about the whole thing. She's going by herself."

"What...but...N-No....Damn it aaaaallllll...." said Jaune as his head dropped facing the floor, and Pyrrha and the others were kind of Heart broken to see Jaune like this now
"...W-Well...Wait a second! W-Why? Wa-Was it Something Neptune did?"

"...Yeaaaah...About that...." Starts Travis

[FLASHBACK:Same day, 4 hours Ago at after noon]



"now that was BOOOOORING!!!" Said Travis as he and his team walked out of Prof. ports class

"Does that guy EVER say ANYTHING Beside Life Stories!!?" Yelled Mordred

"Doesn't Matter!! gotta go!!" said Kiana as she was in a rush

"Whoa what's the rush about Princess?" Asked Mordred

"Nothing Of your concern!" Said Kiana as she started to run
"SeeyouguysLater,bye!!!" and Left with a lot of hurry.

"Sheesh what was that About?" Asked Travis

"She was going to ask out for her date on the Dance." Answered Brynhildr

"Oooooh." both Mordred and Travis Understood.

"Wait, Do You have a date for the dance?" Asked Mordred

"W-Well...some of the boys were apparently...Overwhelmed by my Fame. So they think their not...Good enough for me to go with them on the Dance." Explained Brynhildr kind of sad

"jeez talk about Being Too Famous for your own good. wait how do You know that THAT's the case?" Questioned Travis

"I heard Some of the Boys and girls Talk about it in the locker rooms." answered Brynhildr

"...Well Guess it can't be helped." mordred said with a sigh
"I'll Be your Date for the Dance then." She stated

"...H-huh?" Gasped Bryn with a slight Blush on her face

"Say What now?" Said Travis

"B-But...A-aren't We both...Y-you know...Uuh.." Stuttered Bryn

"Girls yeah yeah I know. But it'll be like for ONE NIGHT right?" Pointed out Mordred
"Besides, That way you Won't Have to go Alone to the Dance, And People might Actually start seeing that your not all that Too good to be friends with."

"...I...O-Okay...If you say so..." Accepted Brynhildr

"...Okay...Now I'm Starting to think that..H-Huh?" Travis then Noticed Something Particular
"Is that Shirou over there?"

"Hm. Oh it is." Said Mordred as she and Brynhildr also Noticed the Tanned white haired Boy in black and red
"...Wait is he following the Lesser Ice queen?"
and she Pointed Out About Weiss

the three got curious and followed the 2, and they listened in On what the Two Were talking about

"You want me to What?!" Asked Weiss in shock

"...To Just forget about Neptune?" Shirou repeated

"Why would I do that?!" Yelled Weiss
"If I Like him, then you should at least Support me as My friend!"

"Weiss I'm trying to Stop you from Making A mistake." Explained Shirou

"A MISTAKE?! Why would you think that?!" Yelled Weiss again
"I Can't Believe this! Neptune isn't even Bad! He's-"

"He's Like that with EVERY GIRL Weiss!!!" Shirou finally Raised his own voice
"Weiss the Only reason he's so nice to you is because he's JUST Nice to EVERY Girl, IF not womanizer!!! After you ask him out on the dance, He'll DEFINATELY Just go and Wink and Click his mouth at Some Random girl on the street! Sure he's Reliable as a Friend, but You are simply being too ARROGANT With Your Choices!!!"

A Slight Silence Fell between the two after Shirou stated his case, and Weiss looked shocked...but was clearly Thinking it over.
"Then....The-Then what do you Suppose I do?!"

"Just, Forget About him. There are Plenty of Boys in this School that Aren't After your Family title or money. They Want YOU for Who you are. It's not Always About Family and money with some boys Weiss. You should know that." Said Shirou
"Like....Like Jaune..."

"Jaune?" Gasped Weiss

"He's not An Idiot On Purpose Weiss. He just want's you to take him Seriously. That's all he wants." Explained Shirou
"He's just....Too Knuckleheaded to Just realize he needs to Make it Simple to you, since he thinks your Too high and Mighty for someone like him."

"...No." Weiss Said

"...Are you...Sure? If you give him a chance he might-" Starts Shirou, but then

"No I mean, please, Just...Just no. I...I really have no Interest in him. sure he's....a Good friend, But that's All I see him as." Spoke Weiss
"...And Apparently Neptune wasn't The right choice Either."

"...Then...Who are you going to the dance with?" Asked Shirou
"...M-Maybe you know, Go with-"

"Forget it. I'll Just...Go Alone." Said Weiss in her Casual tone
"I no longer have the braincells for this. Better I'll just go By my self."
and with that...she started to walk away and...Shirou could Almost make out a tear in the corner of her eye

"N-No wait Weiss! Hang on I didn't Mean to...Make you...." But by the time He called out, she was out of the hallway now

"...damn it...Damn It..."


"God DAMN IT!!" Cursed Shirou, as he Soon Punched a Wall right next to hi, Making a huge crack on the wall while doing so.




"....Wow..Eeheheheh....UUUm....Talk 'bout royally Screwing up?" Said Nora as she tried to Lighten the mood.

"Nora." Said Travis
"Just Shut the hell up, For ONCE Before I lose it and Actually Deck you in the Brain." and soon Threatened

"S-Sorry!!" Said Nora

"J-Jaune...Are you...Okay?" Asked Pyrrha

"...I...Need to be Alone..." Answered Jaune as she got up and started to walk out side

"You think he's going to be Alright?" Asked Ren, Worried about jaune too

"I...Dunno. He was Practically Rejected indirectly, And Shirou Blew it all up to hell with his Handy work." Said Travis
"So what do Ya think?"

Pyrrha only watched the door as Jaune had Left for Seconds now.


[Team CEMT Dorm Room.]



"So you guys Got a Date yet?" Asked Mercury

"I tried but nu :'( T-T" Answered neo with Multiple Sad Faces on her text

"Well...I didn't Get Anyone too...But Cinder is Obviously more Troubled here." Said Emerald

"Aww why cuz her Bros right about her~?" Said Mercury but was soon met with multiple Angry Expressions from the two girls

"Mercury, if you hadn't Played along with Shirous game here, Cinder might have been, you know, NOT CRAZY NOW?!" Emerald Yelled

"W-What??" Questioned Mercury

"She's been going around trying to Find a date for herself, AND IS STILL TRYING RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK!!!!" she Yelled

"Way to go Dummy! You Broke Our Leaders Brain Stability! ):[ %$&# U" Texted Neo...With some other Swagger ad rude stuff on her Scroll

"R-really?!...Wait...Shirou KNEW she might turn out like this and DIDN'T Tell me ON PURPOSE Didn't He?!?!" Yelled Mercury
"All just To Screw with her own Sister?!"

"Well Congrats on being fooled too Idiot." Said Emerald

then Cinder Came back to their Dorm...Looking like a mess

"...H-hey boss...How's it going?" Asked mercury really Concerned How Worn out she looks

"...I give up." Stated Cinder as she just fell on her bed
"I couldn't Find Anyone that Wasn't Taken that would get my interest."

"Look, Cinder, Shirous just messing with you. You shouldn't Let him get to your head like this." Said Emerald

"And if I DO go to the dance Alone, He'll NEVER let me live it down." Said Cinder
"So he wins Either way."

"Sheesh...That's Raugh." Said Mercury

"Wait wait, Did YOU Get a date for the dance?" Asked Emerald from Mercury

"Yup!!" He answered

"...WHO?" Both Cinder and Emerald asked

"Well, It might be a surprise but It was Kiana! she just walked up to me and Asked me out!" Said Mercury
"I'm Gettin' a Cutie For the Dance!!! WHOOOOOHOOOOO-AH!!"

Cinder threw a pillow right at his face, shutting him up for good
"Just shut up Mercury."


"*Sigh* I'll Get it." Emerald Got up and opened the Door, and was greeted with a familiar Face

"Hey Em'." Greeted Nero
"Soooo....I know it's late...and it's Really not the most Perfect wanna go to the dance with me?"

" the Dance...With You?" Said Emerald taken back a little by this
"...Um...S-Sure!! I'd...Well Gladly go!"

"Really?! Aw yeah!" Cheered Nero
"See ya at the dance then!"
and quickly ran off in slight Joy

"....Wellllllll-" Started Emerald

"Your All Dead to me." Said Cinder, as that was what Emerald was Worried about

"Was that Nero that just ran off?" A new voice said as they all saw Ruby not y the door

"Yeah...Kinda." Answered Emerald

"Huh. so that's where he ran off to....Um is Cinder Okay?" Asked Ruby noticing Cinder being miserable

"She" answered Emerald
"She's just Gloomy she didn't get a date for the dance because Shirou literally-"

"Shut. up." Demanded Cinder, and Emerald could only Do as she was told

"that's...Wait...U-Um cinder...Do you wanna...Go to the dance...with Me?" Asked Ruby, and multiple Eyes fell on her

"...What?" Said Cinder staring at the girl


"I Accept." Said Cinder as the other 4 now stared at HER in shock
"I'll..go to the dance with You ruby."

"R-really?" Said Ruby, not believing that it actually worked

"Yes." Answered Cinder with a slight smile
"It...Might be fun even."

"....I-I-I-I-I'll see you at the dance Then!!" and with that, ruby left using her Semblance

"...UUm....Boss?" Called Out Mercury but then noticed Cinder having a smirk on her face

"haha...Eat your heart out Brother." Said Cinder, Gloating to Shirou who wasn't even in the room with her.



[Team ANAS Dorm room]



"Wassap Losers?" Greeted Nero as he entered his teams Dorm room

"I take it that it went well?" Asked Akame, knowing that Nero was Asking Emerlad Out for the Dance

"Obviously!" Answered Nero

"Good for you." Said Shirou as he got up and started to Walk towards the door

"Wait where are you going?" Asked Nero

"fresh air." Answered Shirou as he left the Room

"...Was he alright?" asked Nero

"No I don't think so. Ever since he Came back he was really quiet and troubled." Answered Anastasia

"...I'll talk to him." Said Akame as she got up from her bed and Exited the Room

"Shirou wait up." She called out

"Hm?" Shirou looked back at who was calling out to him

"Is...something wrong?" Asked the leader

"....*Sigh*...It's...Well," Shirou stared, and told Akame what had Happened today

"...I see." Understood Akame

"So what do you want me to do now?" Asked Shirou

"....Ask her out yourself." Akame suggested

"What? You can be Serious. She Said she doesn't Want a date for the dance anymore. Might as well forget about it all together." Said Shirou

"Shirou, Come on," Insisted Akame
"Be persistent A Little. It might work."

"....ugh fine. What ever you say leader." Said Shirou as he started to walk away, And akame was Glad she could help




[School Grounds]



It was now night, and Weiss was taking a walk Under the moon light to calm her mind for being so Frustrated After her talk with Shirou.



speak of the devil. Ironically.

"What is it now?" Asked Weiss in a tired Tone

"Look....I'm sorry for today. I didn't mean to Upset you like that. I was just trying to help but...It only turned out for the worst." Explained Shirou
"...will you...Forgive me please?"

"...Fine. but you better make it up to me." Said Weiss

"...Wanna go to the dance with me?" Asked Shirou

"...I would be Glad to." Answered Weiss with a hart warming Smile, which Shirou was happy to see.

and from the corner of the School grounds, Jaune watched as the two made up. and....was Actually Glad Weiss Could be with someone that makes her happy.
"...Guess that's for the best."

"Jaune?" He then heard Pyrrha behind her and saw her Approaching him
"Are you...feeling better?"

"Yeah! I actually feel a lot better than I already really!" Answered Jaune
"Even if...they didn't End to my favor. But that doesn't Matter now! Let's just forget it."

" know Jaune. I'm not Having a date with anyone for the dance myself." said Pyrrha

"wait, really?!" Gasped Jaune

"Yes. And...Would You Accompany me?" asked Pyrrha

"M-Me?!" Jaune gasped in shock again
"B-But Pyrrha are you...Are you really sure?"

"Yes. I am sure Jaune." Answered Pyrrha

"...Well...Okay. If it makes you happy, then I'm happy too." answered Jaune with a smile

"Thanks Jaune." Said Pyrrha with a smile, happy that it all Ended well as she wanted for herself deep down in her heart.




[Night of the Dance]



the night of the dance was finally here, and Yang was at the front desk in a white dress, and Ruby entered in with a red dress and high heels she hated already.

"OOOOH you look BEAUTIFUL!!!!" Said Yang

"uuugh...can we have a serious talk about how Weiss Fights in these?!" Said Ruby

"they look good on you ruby." then Akames Voice was heard and they looked at their older sister...and they were really breathtaken by what they saw next



"Really?" Asked Akame

"Of course sis!" Assured Akame
"You look really good!"

"eheh...Thanks." Said Akame with a smile

"Sorry for the wait." Next was Anastasia...and she look good too!

and she look good too!

"Wow. you look good too!" Commented Yang

"Yes yes, Thank you." Said Ana as she was thankful for the comment

then, the girls noticed Blake walking in next, with a really beautiful and pretty Purple dress
" I am."

"Glad to finally have you onboard!" Said Yang
"I'll be finished here soon after everyone else comes. Wait until I'm done okay?"

"Sure. I'm not in a rush." Said Blake as she walked in, and so did Anastasia, Akame and Ruby

and next were the couple whose names were literally named after the Color of White in general.
Weiss wore a fully white Dress, and Shirou had taken some tips from his Adoptive father: Kiritsugu Emiyas Fashion Sense.

 Weiss wore a fully white Dress, and Shirou had taken some tips from his Adoptive father: Kiritsugu Emiyas Fashion Sense

" do I look?" Asked A Really Good looking Shirou

"Perfect." Answered Yang as the two Entered in with Weisses hand around Shirous, in a gentleman Style as it should be

"I never knew you could Dress up in such a way." Commented Weiss

"Well, Let's just say My Oldman knew his way Around Black Suits a lot." Answered Shirou

"And the Red scarf was your Idea I presume." Said Weiss

"you know me too well Already." Joked Shirou

and next, was Nero and Emerald. Emerald had a Green dress with high heels, and Nero had a casual Suit that fits him pretty good.

 Emerald had a Green dress with high heels, and Nero had a casual Suit that fits him pretty good

(Imagine him with Devil Bringer, his DMC4 hair style, and Obviously no weapons.)

"Well he~lllllo Lady killer." Said Yang

"you look nice too." Greeted Nero as the two Entered in as well.

And next were Kiana and Mercury. Mercury had a gray suit, while Kiana wore her own Unique Dress.

 Mercury had a gray suit, while Kiana wore her own Unique Dress

"Well look at you~." teased yang

"Eat your heart out." Kiana Teased back while Mercury chuckled at the come back

and so, for the last pare from the gang

"Yo!" Greeted Mordred

"Awww why aren't you wearing a Dreeeeess???" asked Yang

"Awww why aren't you wearing a Dreeeeess???" asked Yang

"Psh yeah in your dreams! No way I'm getting inside ANY High heels in My life!" Said Mordred

"Well, you look good as you are." Spoke Brynhildr as...Yang was surprised by one thing in particular

Yang was surprised by one thing in particular

" wear Glasses?" Asked Yang

"Oh? OH! Yes actually." Answered Brynhildr
"I just happened to Have Eye lenses instead of Glasses."

"You had EYE LENSES the whole time?!" Said Yang

"I know right?! I was surprised too!!" Said Mordred

"Can we please go to the dance now?" Asked Bryn as she was Embarrassed that they never noticed her Eye lenses.

and so, in the end, Two Boys entered the Ball room last

"Hey! You guys are just in time!" Greeted Yang

"Yeah." Spoke Helter, while Caim was just next to him
"We couldn't Miss this Even if we tried to." and he finished with a slight smirk, with their leader Ada, no where to be seen. Yet.

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[The Ball Room]



As Everyone Danced, it was Rather Fun. the music was nice, the snacks and drinks were tasty and NOT Alcoholic Obviously, And Everyone were having fun.

Well, there was a Slight Issue tho. not big, Not Problematic, and Not Bad for Anyone Else, but it was still a miner Issue.
And it was 2 Girls...Trying to Get themselves to Finally Dance.

"...Sooooooo..." Starts Ruby

"...Well....Uh..." Starts Cinder

"....Are we....Going to Dance?" Asked Ruby

"....Honestly, I just Wanted to make sure My Brother doesn't Get the better of me by being Right that I'd Come to the Dance Alone." Explained Cinder, While the Two just Drank some Juice on the side lines
"I...didn't Think the Actual Dancing Part through."

"And look at him Now. Dancing with Weiss." Pointed out Ruby as Cinder followed her Direction and Saw Her Step bro Dancing with the Heiress

"...yes....charming." Cinder said a little Hesitating in her words

"Yeah...Cool....Heheh..." And the two took a zip from their Punches.

then Rubies Gaze Followed on her Sisters. Akame and Anastasia were Dancing finely, and Yang and Blake were now just Talking a little now. Ruby was Actually really happy, Because Akame seemed Happier than she Usually is. She Has never her Half sister Smile like this for so long in one night. It Really Warmed her Heart to see her Older sister finally having some Fun for once.

But she didn't Feel Much for Yang tho, She Seemed like how she usually was.

Then Came in her Cousins. Nero And Emerald Were Dancing Too, and Ruby Noticed something Strange, Neros Right arm, His semblance, Gave off an Unusual Glow of Yellow for a Brief second. Which was odd since it always Glowed Blue. And she noticed Nero Looks away from Emerald when His Arm glowed Yellow for that Brief Second In a...Shy manner.
'....ooooooooh someone has a crush~~~~~~'
Ruby thought to herself, Seeinf right through his Cousin

And now her Other Cousin, Mordred. She was Talking with A Brynhildr-with-Glasses. she was really Surprised When she and Cinder heard that Brynhildr Wore Eye contacts All Long. And to think the Eye Contacts weren't even for Eye color Since Bryn had such Colorful Eyes in a bright way. Mordred Was Wearing A Gentle mans Suit, which was Odd for a girl to Wear something like that, but it fit Perfectly since it was Mordred. and the two were having a nice time as well. it was a really good night.....

...But There she was, With her date, not doing Anything fun unlike the others.

'uuuuuugh think think Thiiiiiiiiink! What would Dad or Mother raven do in a situation like this?!'

''Quit Being So Shy! Remember: Don't go with the rhythm, Go with the beat.''

'...Go...with the beat...' Ruby was Reminded of...Well the Only Dance Lesson Dante gave her: Not the rhythm, but the Beat.
'...I guess that could help a bit.... Wait...What about Uncle Vergil?'

''Foolishness! Do you even call yourself A Redgrave? I'll teach you Dancing lessons MYSELF if I must!!!''

'...oh...Right...He DID Teach me at least Footing Because he didn't Want to get Embarrassed that his niece is a Sloppy Dancer....Wait...What would Uncle Kiryu want me to do?'

''Just do whatever your Heart Wants you to do as you hear the music. Think of it as...a  Minigame .''

'....Go with the beat....think like it's a game....' Ruby Reminded herself of everything she knew so far
'...A-And Remember Footing.'

She puts her Punch down and Gently grabs cinders Hand
"....Sh-Shall we...Dance?" she said
'AAAAAH Nero Could do it better After all!!!!'

"'s." Cinder Agreed as she puts her own Punch down and Walks to the Dance Floor along side Ruby.

Cinder Decided to Act as the Male dancer here since they both were girls by Putting one hand around Rubies Back, and Ruby Followed suit by Putting an Hand behind her shoulder.







"so?" Ada asked over a Radio

"They all have dance Partners." Spoke Helter from over the other line

"How Long does it look like?" Ada Asked again

"I'd say...We'll be back by midnight Since it's really noisy Here now."

"Good. make sure no One Leaves just to be safe." Said Ada, as she was on a Roof top, Somewhere. And she looks threw the Scope of her rifle

 And she looks threw the Scope of her rifle

"Let's get this over with. I still have a Dance to catch up to." She said to herself in a teasing way.




[a few minutes later]



Both ruby and Cinder Walked out of the building and into the open for some fresh air

"Are know, Okay? I'm pretty sure I stumped your feet a few times in the dance." Spoke Cinder

"Oh no I'm fine! It was all an Accident really." Assured Ruby

"Well....I'm Surprised you could Dance so well." Said Cinder, Impressed that Ruby was Actually a better dancer than her a little

"Well, My dad, My Uncle and a Friend of them Helped out a bit." Answered Ruby
"And I guess My Uncles Scary Ways was the reason I didn't Stump on Your Feet. He teach me Footing."

"Hahaha! Your Family Sounds Really interesting." Commented Cinder

"Hehe. You have No Idea." Said Ruby
"That being said, I don't Think I've ever heard about Your Family before. I-If you don't Mind me asking."

"It's Alright, I don't Mind Answering." Spoke Cinder
"...Well...Me and Shirou are Actually Adopted, And Our Mothers Only Biological Child is 11 At the moment."

"Wow. You have a Younger sibling?" Questioned Ruby

"A younger Sister to be Exact. Her Name is Illya. You could say she's...Well A normal Girl Mostly. She's Still in Grade School." Answered Cinder
"Then I guess...There's Liz and Sella."

"Are they your Relatives?" Asked Ruby

"Their Actually Our Families maids." Answered Cinder

"....Wait...Your family has MaidsActual Maids?" Asked Ruby surprised

"Our Mothers Maids Actually. Before My Mom Became a Huntress in trainee, they were forced to make sure she has all her Needs done." Answered Cinder

"Whoa....Your family...A-Are they Rich? Because only rich people can Afford Something like that." Asked Ruby

"Well, My Mother Used to be in a rich family Apparently. but...She was never meant to be a huntress at all. She Used to say she was to be a new head for her old family, but she ran and Used fake paper work To Become a Student here in beacon. Shortly after meeting our father, She disowned herself and So did Liz and Sella." Answered Cinder
"She...Probably wasn't On good terms with Our Grandfather. When ever our Dad talked about him, he only used to say...well....Really Adult like stuff."

"Your dad must Hate him A LOT." Commented Ruby

"He USED to hate him." Corrected Cinder
"He's...Not Around anymore."

"Oh god...I-I'm sorry I didn't Mean to-"

"N-No no It's okay! We...All made piece with Dads death." Assured Cinder
"One day...He went on a mission...But never Came back. All they Found of him was one of his weapons. and...A piece of his Cloak."


"hehe....The funny thing is...Ruby, Your hood...Its an Exact Replica Of His Cloak. Red, Covers his head and face, and...Well Obviously it Looked cool on him too." Said Cinder

"R-Really?! W-Wow...I-I wasn't Expecting that...Bet he looked A lot more Awesome with his than me tho..." Said Ruby sheepishly

"Heh. If it makes you feel better, His was Shorter than yours." Said Cinder, and Ruby just chuckled
"...So that's About it. It's just Me, Shirou, Illya, Mom and Our maids..."

"...You know....My mom Left for a mission too once...and Ironically Never came back as well." Spoke Ruby


"My mother, Summer rose. She was a huntress and..Just like your dad, She went on a mission and never came back. So now it's Just My dad, Yang and Akame, And my Half mother Raven. and a few more Friends of ours." Explained ruby
"That's Kinda too Similar to your Family huh?"

"...Hehehehaha...Your Actually Right." Agreed Cinder

"Uh...C-Cinder?" Ruby said

"What's Wrong...Am I being Weird?" Asked Cinder worried she made it Awkward

"Cinder. Behind you. Up there." Ruby Slowly pointed at one of the Rooftops...and Cinder saw A Masked Figure Running by and Leaping through the Roofs

"...What the..." Wondered Cinder, Confused Just as Ruby.

As Ada Walked by a Shot Guard from the Front Gate, she Entered the Tower. And As she walked in, she threw a Smoke Grenade And when it Exploded, the room was filled with Gas. the guards Panicked and Coughed until they all Fell on the ground. and a masked Ada walked in, Grinning at her handy work.

And in side the elevator

"...Hey do you know the WiFi Password here?" Guard#1 Asked

"It's Beacon but Replace the E with a 3, and add a Pounce Symbol to the End." Answered Guard#2

but when the doors opened, they Were Faced with a Woman, with a silencer gun in her hand

"W-What the-" Guard#2 Gasped, but then,


"Nighty-night boys~." Said Ada, after the Guards Dead bodies hit the Elevator floor. She Entered the Elevator and Chose a Floor.

Outside, Cinder and Ruby both walked toward the Tower As they saw the Figure Leaping toward the tower.

Ruby soon Sighted someone by the front gate, and Gasped in shock
"Oh god....C-cinder Look."

"huh?" cinder Looked toward a Guard in the bushes....With a Clean bullet hole in his Helmet, Apparently Passing right through his forehead.
"What....Is going on?"

"I don't Know. but someone must have Broken in!" Said Ruby as she Pulled Out her Scroll and Pressed Called her Locker. and Cinder did the same as two Lockers came Flying down, with Rubies Scythe and Cinders Duel Guns inside

Ada Exited the Elevator with the Two Dead guards, and Walked over to one of the computers. And she started to Insert a Virus of some kind inside the Systems.

"We got a Problem."

"What is it?" Ada asked after hearing Helters Voice over the radio

"It's the general. he's leaving the dance."

"It's Okay. I'm done here anyway." Said Ada
"I'll meet you boys soon Enough."

And with that, she started to leave....But then


"Hm?" She noticed the elevator door was Opening. did someone get past Caim and Skelter Helter? that wasn't a good time for that
"Oh come on."
she then went into hiding

Ruby and Cinder walked out, Checking every corner. they Knew someone was in this room. they saw the Bodies of the two dead guards in the Elevator and weren't taking any chances.

"....Hello?" Called Out Ruby while cinder kept Silent. but Ruby Almost Tripped because of her Stilts.

...And She decided to Follow Ravens Advise for the night. She Remembered Words of Wisdom From Dante, Vergil and Kiryu so far. Why not her foster mother too? Which Went along the lines of,

''Just break the Stupid Heels! it's not that Hard!''

'....Screw you Lady stilts.' she Leaned on a near by table
'Screw you high heels.' she moved her Leg up


"Huh?" Cinder looked over to Ruby


"...Much better." Spoke Ruby, tossing her Broken Heels aside now being able to walk a lot easier.

"Did you Have to Break them here?" Asked cinder

"You would have done the same if you were LITERALLY in my shoes" Spoke Ruby...and Cinder was sure she made that Pun on Purpose.


The Cinder Arrow with one of her guns. the Arrow broke and fell on floor and Cinder Looked toward where the Arrow was shot...and both Ruby and Cinder saw a Woman with a mask, bulletprove Vest, and a few more Equipment Walk out From behind a desk...Holding a Crossbow

"Who are you?!" Yelled cinder

"Who are you?!" Yelled cinder

The women didn't Answer, but just gave a Grin. And Cinder felt really Annoyed by the said Grin.

"Your Obviously Aren't here for a masquerade Party." Said Ruby, Unwillingly Kicking into Her Fathers Since of Trash talking against his Enemy without Realizing it herself.
"...Are you the one that Killed those guards?"

The Figure just Stood there in silence.

"...Drop the Crossbow, Or I'll-" Ruby tried to Demand. but was Cut short when the woman Shot another Arrow at them.

Ruby Spun her Scythe Around to Block the Arrow, and Followed up on shooting some bullets at the woman who dodged masterfully.

then After dodging, she Aimed her Crossbow at the two, and the other ones followed suit by Aiming their own weapons against the Mystery Lady.

The woman Smirked as she shot the next Arrow, and Cinder shot a bullet to hit the Said Arrow. but the had fire dust inside it and it Exploded upon Impact, making a smoke Screen for the Lady to Dash in and Close in on the two. She kicked Ruby away and entered a Close Quarters Fight with Cinder.

cinder Swung her Gunblades At the Woman who Dodged and Returned with Blunt Hits with her crossbow and judo kicks. they both then locked weapons and Stared into each others Eyes While The woman just Kept Grinning into Cinders face, which made her more Pissed off at this Woman.

Ruby Shot forward and Tried to swing her Scythe at the woman. but she kicked cinder toward Ruby. But ruby Used her Semblance to Dash behind the Woman before Ada Fell on her, and Followed up on Swing her Scythe at the Woman still.

but then...Rubies Scythe...Phased right through her?!
Ruby got shocked when she saw her Scythe somehow just move Right through the Womans body, And not as in cutting and slicing her up, As in ACTUALLY Moving through her clothes and Body like cutting through Air. was this...Her Semblance?

Ada Kicked Ruby away and Backflips a bit. then takes Aim and shoots another Arrow at the Girl in red.

Ruby Tried to Block with her Spinning scythe again, but when the Arrow Touched her, She felt Electricity Shooting through her limbs. She Screamed and Stumbled back as she Felt Actual Thunder Shoot through out her Entire body. she managed to Keep her self up tho, and blocked a kick that sent her a few Steps back.

She looked at the Woman again after falling for an elec-dust Arrow trick, And Cinder was surrounding her from the other side. Ada Considered Pulling out a Flash bang Grenade...but then.


They all looked at the Elevator, and Ironwood Walked in. and...was Greeted with two Young ladies, with one of them having Broken Heels on her shoes, and one Mystery woman with a Spy like get up.

"What is Going on here!?" He Asked.

Then Ada made a mad dash toward the Windowed Screens in the room, shot some bullets that Broke the Glass, and jumped on the Edge of it.

"hey HOLD IT!!!" Cinder Yelled and Shot two Bullets toward the Woman, but she Managed to Jump off in the End.

As Ada fell...She reached into her Clothes, and Pulled out one last Gadget.

She reached into her Clothes, and Pulled out one last Gadget

Hookshot. she Aimed and Shoot a Long rope Across the whole field, and managed to Make it Grab onto the Ball Rooms roof.

Just As According to Plan.

Ada Changed into her Dance Dress on the roof, and Casually walked into the Dance floor. and not soon after, she found Helter and Caim on the sides.

She Calmly walked over to the two
"Why hello Boys~."

"Hey boss." Greeted Helter and Caim just nodded
"How was Your night?"

"A little bit of too much Excitement than Anticipated. But none the less, It was perfectly Executed." Answered Ada.
"Now...Who would like to Accompany me?"

Caim Raised his hand toward Ada, and the two Joined the Dance Party Among all the Dancers....without even being Noticed that she wasn't even in the dance the whole time.

"Guess what Caim." Ada spoke to Caim who were Dancing Casually

"...The first Thunder of the Storm just Landed." Said Ada.

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[The head masters Office]



at the Moment, Ozpin, Salem, Glynda and Ironwood all were in the Office with bad news to boot.

"They. were. here." Said Ironwood
"Ozpin they were Here!"

"We Know that James. and Frankly repeating this Statement Is NOT Helping the Situation." spoke Salem

"Fantastic, Your Aware. Now are we going to deal with this, or are we going ignore what's Right in front of us?!" Repeated Ironwood

"James You need to Calm down! before I make you Calm down, Myself." Spoke Salem, In which At least most of You should be scared if she is Threatening Ironwood at this point.

"Now now, no need to get violent." Spoke Ozpin, until he noticed the elevator door Giving off a Ding sound
"Come in."

And so, Ruby Rose and Cinder Emiya walked in
"Sorry It took so long. some one Pressed all the Elevator buttons on the way here." Explained Ruby

"It was Nora Valkyrie by the way. just so You know." Said Cinder snitching on Poor Nora
...Okay Scratch the Poor part. She kind of deserves Getting caught for that one.

"Thank you for coming Ladies. how are you both feeling?" Asked Ozping

"Okay, I guess." Answered Ruby

"Well I'm still Wanting to know, well, WHO even WAS whoever that was back there last night." Spoke Cinder, stating her distaste of the woman last night. which the Adults took note of.

"AAAAnd Also I guess I'm recovering from...Well watching an Entire Building filled with dead bodies of guards soooo..Ehehe....Yeaaaaaaah..." Said Ruby, as everyone else could understand that it was a real tragic shock for someone as young as her to just see Dead People Left and Right in one night that was meant to be fun with Dancing.

"...I just want to say, that what you two did was right." Said Ironwood as he Approached the two
"You two did Exactly what a huntress Should do: You recognized the Threat, You took action, and you did the very best you could."

"Thank you sir...But we Couldn't Do anything about All the guards that died..." Said Ruby

"It's...Truly Tragic, I Admit that. But you still did all you could." Spoke Salem trying to get the Guilt off of Her shoulders as best she could

"The general has Informed us of the Events that...Transpired last night. and now that you both have Rested, we'd like to hear anything you want to add." Said Ozpin

"Was anyone Else with her? Did she loom familiar to you at all?" Asked Glynda

"I never met her in my life." Answered Cinder

"I...Don't know either. she was wearing a mask. and she didn't say anything. but I know she Fought with a Crossbow, and Her Semblance it...It allowed my weapon to just Move right through her body. like it wasn't even Touching anything about her. It felt like I was slashing through literally nothing." Explained Ruby

"And she Used Flash grenades, and Her Arrows had Electric and fire Dust inserted in them." Explained Cinder Further.

"...Save for the Phase through Semblance...that Sounds like the Woman that Helped torchwick Escape at the night I met ruby. The Crossbow Part I remember." Said Glynda

"Implanting dust inside Arrows, and Even Using a Crossbow, Self created or Bought from a weapons shop is Common. It could have been anyone." said Ironwood

"Wait, do you think that woman has something to do with Torchwick or the white fang?" Asked Ruby

"It's...Possible." Agreed Ozpin
"But we still lack the Evidence to link the two together."

"...Actually, I thing she Said Something about a South, South east and East. Just outside the kingdom." Said ruby, running a really Dangerous Gamble here.

"What?" Asked Cinder in confusion

"Interesting." Said Ozpin

"I thought You said that she didn't say-" Starts Glynda, but then

"Thank you for your cooperation Ladies." Salem cuts her off before she askes
"why don't you all go and Spend some time with your teams now. after all, you all have a big day ahead soon."

"Anytime." Said Ruby

"...Sure." Said Cinder, as she considered a Really, Really detailed Talk with ruby about the fact that the Woman last night Saying something about literally one-Forth of the Directions of the Kingdom

"And Miss rose. Please try to be discretion about this matter." Warned Ozpin

"Yes sir." Answered Ruby as the both left the Office

and now they both were Alone in the Elevator

"...Care to Explain?" Spoke Cinder, Demanding an Answer

"Okay...Just promise you won't Freak out first." Asked Ruby


[A few minutes later.]


"What happened?!" Asked Yang as her Entire team just shot up right into her face as ruby opened the door

"..uh well...hahaha...Ahaha..." Chuckled Ruby

"Can we come in?" and now, Akames Voice was heard as she and her Entire team Appeared next to ruby.



[Back in the headmasters Office]



"And there we Have it. We'll Send as many troops as we can to South, South east and East. And Find out What Exactly is going on. and Eradicate any force that stand in our way." Spoke Ironwood

"Why must your Answer to EVERYTHING be a display of Military Bravado!?" Yelled Glynda
"You treat EVERYTHING Like its a Contest of Measuring Strength-"

"Glynda. Please." cuts in Salem

"...You know what James?" Glynda Spoke Up again
"This, Is EXACTLY why I Rely on Dante More than I Rely on YOU."

"Oh, HERE WE GO AGAIN!" Yelled Ironwood throwing his arms in the air and Walking around the Room in frustration and Disbelief

"You know it's the Truth yourself!" Yells Glynda as well
"Dante wouldn't just Jump in. He'd jump in with a plan, With What little back up with the Best of the best he can find, And Deal with the Situation Without, OH I don't know, A 3 FOOT TALL SUIT OF ARMOUR. Which can Gather Attention fairly Easily Might I add."

"Now now Glynda, Let's not be Unfair here." spoke Ozpin trying to Calm the two down

"OH what Will he Do?! Jump in on a motorcycle That is Painted with Fire dust and set it all on fire, and Ride it through the whole Crowd Of the Enemies Base with a Pizza in his mouth while Shooting EVERY Radius Of his surroundings with What, TWO MINIGUNS God Forbid?!" Yelled Ironwood, but his attention Soon Drove right on another Comment that Glynda said
"And hold on, 'with what little back as up'? and Pray tell, If he's not going to do it ALONE, Who WILL Help him with this? His Literal Ex-Wife?! His Hard ass Brother?! his Drunk Brother-in-law?!"

"With His Literal Ex-wife, his Hard ass Brother, his drunk Brother-in-law, and the rest of his TEAMSnake and Kiryu." Spoke Glynda correcting Ironwood
"And Maybe, Just his team Alone! He, Vergil, Kiryu and Snake Are MORE than Capable Than an Entire fleet of Armed Guards to the teeth. Because Unlike You, They have Skills, Tactics, Plans, And the Right people for the job for Sneaking and Stealth."

"Oh yes, Send in the ONLY Stealth Expert, A Man that Draws Attention of Trouble to him left and Right by just WALKING DOWN AN ALLEY, The Man that Cuts Everything In sight first and askes Questions NEVER, and Dante." Spoke Ironwood, Stating that Snake: the Stealth Expert of the team was just One man, Vergil Only knows how to Cut stuff in half First, Kiryu Draws Trouble to himself even if it's a Stealth Mission, And Dante is simply himself.

"At Least They Do not-"

"ENOUGH!" Spoke Ozpin, making the two stop. Before he Sighed and turned to Ironwood
"James...I do not want to Be Against you but...she is right. I Much as I want to put an end to this as soon as possible myself, We must remember that this might go Beyond just Vale. Beyond Even the Grimm and Remnant itself if you know what I mean." Spoke Ozpin, Hinting toward the one Force they did not want to be Cut unleashed Upon Vale in a VAST Proximity.

"And if it is truly part of a master plan which we know not of the final move, we mustn't be so bold. Or we will risk the Spread of Panic and chaos."

"I have served you faithfully, for Years. but if you want to tell me that our plan is to Hold the defenses, Wait, And as Always: Rely on Dante, Over, and over, and OVER Again for EVERYTHING-"

"It is NOT!" Ozpin Actually shouted Before getting up from his Chair, Surprising Everyone in the room that he actually Raised his voice
"...*Sigh*.. James. We, No, I Do NOT Rely on Dante For Everything. But...Have you Ever Heard the Phrase of ''The Tigers of Wrath are Wiser than the Horses of Instruction'' ?"

"I...uh..." Stumbled Ironwood

"It's actually a word of Wisdom that Vergil Told me from one of his Poems if you actually can believe it." Spoke Ozpin
"And James, Your a General. Tell me: When you prepare to go to war, which one is More Effective for an Attack? Your Soldiers that Are trained to fight? Or your Warriors that Have Lived to fight?"



[Team RWBY Dorm room, With Team ANAS Present]



"That was a risky move." said Weiss

"And Did you REALLY have to let Cinder in on this?" Asked Nero

"No guys, that is the Perfect part in all of this!" Said Ruby
"I got a plan, when we all go for our field trip mission, We'll Go straight for the Hideouts We found! My team will go to south east, Akames team will go to south, and Cinders team will handle East!"

"That...Might Actually Work!" Agreed Blake

"Making the Search bigger will help us Handle all three locations Far more Easier." Spoke Shirou
"And cinder being my Sister, I know she'll take care of herself and her team pretty well."

"Well I Hope she can." Said Ruby

"I'm sure it'll all be alright in the end ruby." Spoke Yang comforting Ruby
"OH! I know What'll Cheer you up!" She then walked a Really Giant Box

"What's that?" Asked Ruby

"I dunno Yet. Dad Sent it to us. I thought We All could open it ourselves!" answered Yang

"Dad sent us a package?" Asked Akame as she walked over to the box Yang was holding

"OOOOOOO SOMETHIN' FROM HOME!!!" squeaked Ruby as she dashed right over to her older sister, waving Her hands around the Box she was holding.

Akame just opened the box, which was filled with Bubble Wrappings. And then...something jumped out of the box and onto the ground....and it was....A Cat?


...No joking here. It was LITERALLY A CAT. it was a white cat...with some of it's fur on its head was Colored Blue.

"...A...Cat?" Asked Blake

"Why was there a cat in the-" Spoke Anastasia, but then

"AAAAAAAAA!!!!!" Ruby and yang both yelled in happiness until Ruby yelled out

"...What?" Questioned Weiss as Ruby was spinning around with Their Family pet cat in her arms
"Is that Your Cat?"

"It's our Families Pet." Answered Akame as she was happy to see the cat as well but a thought Came to her mind suddenly
"...Wait. if Felicia is here...then does than mean Dad also sent-"

Then the bubble Wrappings were Thrown up in the air. and another Animal was sent landing on the floor. and this time, it was a Wolf.







wait WHAT?!?!?!

"WHAAAAAT?!?!?!?" Everyone, Which were Blake, Weiss, Shirou and Anastasia, All screamed in shock, that a GRAY WOLF just jumped out?!

"EEEEEEEK!!!!!!!" But Akame, Yang, Ruby and Even Nero were Seemed to be happy more than anything? as Ruby yelled again

"You father Sent a Cat, And a WOLF!!!!???" Yelled Weiss

"In a MAIL?!?!" Yelled Blake as well

"By a BOX?!?!" Yelled Anastasia too

"Is your family LITERALLY INSANE?!" Yelled Shirou too

And now, Ruby was Petting Sif who was Sitting down nicely and not rudely Licking anyone.

"Oh relax! Sif is tame! And Really royal and Helpful and Just REALLY Fluffy you wanna hug him for EVER!" Said Yang

"He won't Bite. Honest." Assured Akame

"NO. THIS PETS Of your HAVE TO GO!" demanded Weiss, as she looked down on Felicia the Cat
"I am not Allowing this...Small..."

Felicia just looks upward at the Heiress


the cat stares more

"...Kitten, To Stay wi' us fo' Evah?! OOOH YES SHE IS~~~, YES SHE ISSSS~~~~~~!!!" And suddenly took a liking to the Cat
"OOOH Isn' she 'jus Adorable?! AAAH She so Cuuuuute!!!!"

"Heh. not Even Weiss can Resist Felicia." Commented Nero

"...Now that you mansion it. this kitten IS quite Cute." Agreed Anastasia

"eHEM!" Blake took everyones Attention while she was hiding on Rubies Bunk bed
"do I have to Remind you, that there is LITERALLY, A WILD ANIMAL, In our Room?!"

Ruby Gasped Really loud and deeply

Akame Calmed Ruby down by pushing her back a bit
"Blake. You don't have to worry about Sif. He's Really Tame. He won't Hurt Anyone."

"I'm having a hard time Believing that." Said Blake

"I can Understand the Cat, But I'm sorry your...Wolf has to go." Agreed Weiss pulling her self back together From Loving Felicia.
"It's a Gray Wolf!! What if someone Sees Them?!"

"...Fine. Then I guess I have to Show you." Spoke Ruby
"Sif...Be a gentle man."

Upon hearing the Order, Sifs gaze Fell on Weiss, And Weiss was Scared right on the spot.
Sif walked over to Weiss in which she stumbles back but when sif got Close Enough...He bowed?

"Is he...Bowing down?" Asked Weiss, while she ad the Others were shocked to see that.

"YuP." answered Yang

Then, He Sat down and Sticks one of his forward Legs Upward toward Weiss

"He want's to shake your Hand now." Said Akame

"O-Oh...O-Okay..." Weiss shakes hands with the Gray wolf, and then....It closes it's Mouth on her hand, Shocking Weiss even more

"Now, It's giving you a Kiss on the hand." Explained Ruby, in a smug manner

"...We are Keeping the wolf too." Suddenly Weiss Changed her mind after the display

"WHAT?! but Weiss that wolf is-" Blake tried to Talk, but Weiss suddenly Jumped right on top of Blake on rubies bunk bed

"SHUT UP!!" Weiss yelled

"W-Weiss?!" Gasped Blake seeing Weiss on top of her all of the sudden

"SHUT! UP!!!" This time, Weiss Yelled RIGHT into Blakes face, Shocking Blake and the others even more
"..We are keeping them. And that's FINAL." she stated as she pointed toward Felicia and Sif, and then jumped back down right back at to Petting the 2 as if she was already Obsessed with them.

But then, the Speakers Spoke up and Glyndas voice was heard

"Will All First year students Please Report to the theater?"

"Wait, We can't Just leave these two while we're Gone FOR A WEEK, Can we?" Asked Anastasia

"Wait, There's a Letter here too." Said Yang finding a piece of Paper in the box, And started to read it

"Dear girls.
How's it been? Well Things have been Really Dull in the shop since you girl left off to Beacon.
Anyway. I'm gonna be off for a while for a job I got. And I thought I Might as well Send Felicia and Sif to you three to take care of them. And who know, Maybe they Can help you three as well if the time called for it.
I put Enough Cat food and Stakes in the box for the two as food that you'll need.
Love you all 3000;

Yang then checks inside and Turns the box Upside down and Several Cat food cans and Plastic Wrapped Stakes fall on the Floor

"what are they suppose to do with those?!" Asked Weiss

and then a Can opener Fell too

"Well, That Settles it then! Come on guys, Sif and Felicia Can take care of themselves while we're gone." Said Yang

"Oh I'm so gonna Miss you two we ae going to be the best of friends I can't wait to see you two again-" Spoke weiss before she starts to mumble cutesy stuff, and so everyone left the room, but ruby stayed behind looking at her families Royal Friends....Well One Royal friend and a Really lazy friend to be exact since Felicia would just sleep and roll around most of the times.

"Ruby?" Akame walked back into the room
"Aren't you coming?"

"...Big Sis." Ruby looks over to her eldest Sister
"I got a plan."

[A few minutes later]

"...This is a bad Idea ruby." Spoke Akame

"You already came this far, You are NOT Abandoning me on this now!" Whispered Ruby

And so they Entered the theater among all the other Students, and they Put their Bags down along side the other bags

"Quiet, Quiet please." Spoke up Glynda Goodwitch
"Professor Ozpin would like to share a few words before we Begin."

And so, Ozpin now had the stage all to himself
"Today we stand together, United. Mistral, Atlas, Vacuo, Vale. the for kingdoms of remnant. On this day, Nearly 80 years ago, the largest War in recorded history came to an end. It was a war of ignorance, Of Greed, Of Oppression, and Of Sin. War much more that where borders fell or who traded with who, but about the very Idea of individualism. We fought for Countless reasons. one being the destruction of Art and self expression. And as you all Are Well aware, it was something many could not stand for. And as a result, those who Appose this tyranny Began Naming their Children of one of the core aspect of Art itself: Color, Historic names, An feature we Have, And even poetry. It is our way to demonstrate that not only they refuse to tolerate this oppression, but Nether the Generations to come. And it is a trend that is held to this very day. we courage individuality, expressionism and unity. through diversity. As I have said: today, we stand together, United. but this bond cannot Exist without Effort. which is why today while the rest of the world celebrates Peace, Huntsmen and Huntresses will work to Uphold it. AS first year students, You will be tasked by shadowing a Professional Huntsmen or huntress. Some of you may be taken out of the kingdom for several days, Others may work in the walls for the rest of the week. But no matter which path you choose, Remember to be safe, Remember your training, Remember to do your Very best...And remember to Expect Somethings....that you have never seen up to this point." And with that, He walked off the stage

"This is Perfect! All we have to do is to shadow a huntsmen Working in South east, While Akame and Cinders teams do the same on South and East!" Said Ruby

"Are we just suppose to Follow them Around at day and Slip out at Night?" Asked Shirou
"Because you can't Expect something so Simple and Naive as our plan."

"That IS the Plan." Said Yang cheery

"Let's check search and Destroy." Suggested Weiss

"Yeah! Let's Destroy some shit!!!" Cheered Nero

they Walked up to a Screen nearby

"Here we go! Quadrant-5 needs Grimm cleared out!" Said Ruby
"And it's in south-east!"

"And there is an Abandoned City in South of Vale. My team can just go there." Said Akame

So Ruby and Akame selected the missions and Pressed The [Enter] button, but then another Massage popped up that read [MISSION UNAVAILABLE TO FIRST YEAR STUDENTS] in a red color.

"Wonderful." Said Weiss

"So what now?" Asked Nero

"I Suppose we could choose a Near by Mission that is close to our Favored Destinations." Anastasia suggested
"But the chances of an Acceptable Mission for First years around an Area like them would be Really unlikely."

"Then we Mail ourselves there!" Suggested Ruby

"Good. We'll suffocate Ourselves in the Process for fun too." Spoke Shirou with Sarcasm

"Well, that is still an Option." Spoke Professor Ozpin as he walked over to the Gang
"But we have determined that The Grimm Population In these Areas are too Kiwami/Extreme for First year students. And the Area in the South happen to be not just Almost Too vast, but...Not with the best Atmosphere. and it Seems these two Areas of the legion Are Quite Popular nowa Days. And I have a Sneaking Suspicion that no matter what I do, You 8 and Maybe some of your other friends will make it to these Areas no matter what."

"Whatever makes you say that?" Spoke Ruby Acting Innocent

"We're just really Really Confident." Spoke Akame as well.

"..Well I Am still Curious of how At least how ALL of you and a few other of the Students Found yourselves at the Docks Last Semester. And I'm interested Of how come We find Reports of Teenagers Quite Similar to your descriptions are sighted, fighting a Strange Man with an eye patch who happens to carry a Knife Constantly, And Also happens to Carry A Baseball bat From time to time." Spoke Ozpin again, as Relit Bad Memories of Majima for everyone

"Don't. Just...don't ask about the Eye patch guy part. Please." Nero Mustered the Strength to Answer that part, which they knew even if they told Ozpin about Majimas Insanity Levels Of stalking, It Still wouldn't Stop Majima.

"O...Kay?" Said Ozpin, feeling like They are Troubled by the Eye patched man. Deeply at that.
"Well, I'm Also Curious of why there are Also Reports of Robots, Rose petals and Traces of Ice On a high way sometime ago. AND, I'm also starting to Worry about a Case of A rampage Within A Night club by the name of shine." After saying that Part, Yang Almost felt her spine Freeze up
"there are Reports of Sounds of fighting and Riot in the club a while ago, but as the Police Arrived, the Club was Empty."

"E...Empty?" Asked Yang

"Yes. no Traces of anyone, No Unconscious suspect, nothing. But there were Traces of Blood found in the Dance floor, Too much Might I add, but No bodies to be seen." Spoke Ozpin, as everyone were shocked

'No...Bodies?!' Yang asked herself mentally
'What?! but...did someone Move those Girls after we left?'

"About That last One...I Doubt Any of you have Anything to do with that." Spoke Ozpin taking the Weight of Fear off of them all
"And I Might not Find the Answered I'm looking for. So how about this: Instead of Waiting for you all to Break the Rules, why don't we just Bend them Before Professor Salem Notices? Because If she does, I'll Be in a LOT more trouble than you."
And so, he Glances around to make sure Salem wasn't Around, and Pressed a few buttons on his tablet and Allowed them and just to be in Case, Also allowed teams CEMT, KKMT and JNPR to choose any Missions they wished for.

"We won't Fail you sir." Said Ruby

"Do not thank me for this. Team work and persistence have carried you all this far. Buy you must understand, the things that Await you Beyond the Protection of the Kingdom Will not Care. and there might Be Also...somethings you might not be ready for yet. And I'm Not Referring to Creatures of Grimm or mere Criminals."
the last statement made them all a little Confused.
"Stay close to your huntsmen, and do Exactly as they tell you. They will be leading you on this mission, and You might be surprised about One of them in Particular that volunteered for this field trip. And if they find your Skills to be unsatisfactory, they Will Sent you all back to beacon."

Warned Ozpin, and then his attention turned toward Team ANAS
"And Miss Akame...Be careful on your own destination. The city you and your team will be going to...Is Beyond Unpleasant as much as it is Dangerous. Good luck."
And with that, he walked away

as they all walked out, they couldn't Help but wonder about the warnings Ozpin gave them
"...Well, Where Exactly Are WE Going though?" Asked Nero

"I don't know." Answered Akame

"Well that's Quite Uplifting now isn't it?" Said Anastasia

"It's gonna be tough, but I know we can do it." Assured Ruby

"Hey! Team CFVY is back!" they heard a student say as they saw another team of 4 walk through the Crowd

"Yo Velvet!" Called out Nero as they approached the Bunny Eared girl

"Oh! Hi Nero, Everyone." she greeted

"Are you okay? You mission was meant to end a week ago." asked Blake

"Well...there were just...So many Grimm there. But then at the last second something came up." Answered Velvet
"We were suddenly forced to Pull Back And we were replaced with an Actual Huntsman. And...I was just One Person."

"You were Replaced by One huntsman in the last second?" Asked Shirou
"How did that come about?"

"I don't know, but I think Me and Yatsuhashi both heard Something that that huntsman and someone from the Authority Talk about. They say something about 'this matter Being too big for us.' Or something like that." Said Velvet

"A Hole other Wave of grimm must have been on the way." Guessed Akame

"Yeah. But why just One Huntsman? and...he looked kinda Scary too. He wore all Blue and had like, One normal Looking Katana." Said Velvet

....Wait that sounds like,

"Um...Velvet? Did this uh, Huntsman happen to Also have White Spiky hair Pointed toward his back?" Asked Nero, as Yang, Ruby and Akame Also wanted to hear the Answer

"Um...Yes. How did you know that?" Asked Velvet

"....Ooooooh...." Realized Ruby

"Well that's my Oldman for ya." Sighed Nero

"What? W-Wait that man was you father?!" Gasped Velvet

"Well, It Sounds like our Uncle." said Ruby
"Because Only he would wear Full blue and have that one certain Katana and A Hair style Like that."

"I...see...OH I should catch up with my team now. Be safe okay?" Said Velvet as she ran off to her team

"...Riiiiight...Soooooo....Uncle Vergil Just took over one of our Schools teams Mission...." Said Yang

"It must have started to turn really Dangerous in there if My Oldman was sent there." Said Nero

"Is he Also at a Level of your father as well?" Guessed Anastasia

"well eheh...Take whatever we've said about my dad, and replace the goofiness with Scariness." Explained Ruby

"But if the Situations outside the kingdoms are Turning Out like that, we might get sent back to beacon too." Spoke Akame

"We'll be fine. We've come this far, we'll Push through this one too." Assured Ruby
"Besides we'll be With Actual Huntsmen! And so are Cinder and her team too!! There's nothing to worry about!"

[AAAAAnd on the lift offs]

"HELLO GIRLS!!" Greeted Oobleck
"Who's ready to fight for their Lives!"

"....We've made a huge mistake." Said Ruby

"You think?!" Yelled Yang

"Wait...who did WE get?" Asked Shirou

"Please don't be port please don't Be Port Please don't be Port!!!" Nero Begged Repeatedly

"I'm Right here." Spoke a new voice, that was Actually Team ANAS Observing Huntsman.
It was a gruff and Deep voice, win which the Redgraves all Froze on place as they Recognized the voice

"...Is that who I think that is?" Asked Nero

"It...HAS TO BE." Agreed Yang

"Noooo waaaaay..." Said Ruby with Excitement

And so, they turned around to face a Certain Man

"Hey kids." Greeted the Huntsman
"Kept you Waiting, Huh?"

Chapter Text



[Vale, Night, Downtown]



at the Night, Nero Redgrave had Walked out of Beacon for an private Night all to himself. He'd do that a lot some times. Going to Clubs, Bars, Parks, and Meet up with Cute and Sexy girls for the hell of it.

But this time, he decided to just drink something. so he walked into a bar and sat down, and started to speak to the bartender

"I'd like have something Beer." He spoke, As he planned to NOT get too drunk since Last time he was drunk, Well lets see: Expressed that he hates Weiss and Anastasia Like an Idiot, Trash talked their Family and Trash talked Blake herself and her race, and made a Mess out of her Cousins team. So he was gonna put a pin on Heavy drinking for a while. 

"Of Course sir." Spoke the Bartender as Nero Looked up to see the man that ran the bar....Only to Facepalm

Only to Facepalm

"....I suddenly Decided to Stay sober." Said Nero as he got up from his seat

"OI Sit your ass down!!!" Yelled Majima
"Don'cha know it's Rude to just Leave after I went through all the Trouble to set all this up?!"

"Oooooh yeaaaaah You even Shaved, How nice." Said Nero with sarcasm, but then started to speak with anger
"You think I care?! No way I'm sitting Anywhere NEAR you and Have you Harass me more! Piss off already!"

"And I said SIT DOWN!!! You just asked for a Drink didn' Ya!?" Said Majima

"OH YEAH, A DRINK, FROM YOU! For All I know, you'll Just Pour your Own PISS in it just to Prank me!" Yelled Nero
"And if not the Piss, you'll just Pour Hot pepper, Rat Poison, Some pills that'll mess with my stomach! or Some Sleeping pills to knock me out and Kidnap me!"

"...You watch too many Animes doncha kid?" Spoke Majima
"look, It's JUST A Few Drinks. C'Mon Kid I won't Try anything! Honest!"

"You...FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFfine." Finally, Nero Accepts as he sits down again
"But no tricks, Got it?"

"Alright! One Drink Comin' Riiiiiiight uporoni!" Spoke majima as he started to shake some drinks together and slid a Cocktail Toward Nero.

And it looked rather fancy.

And it looked rather fancy


"....Um....Dude? I asked for a Beer. Not...Whatever Fancy First Class Drink You threw infront Of me." Spoke Nero
"Wha-what even IS this?"

"It is called 'Goro 40 years old'." Answered Majima
"It's new in the Market actually. So you shouldn't be shocked if you Haven't heard of it yet."

"....okay it has YOUR name in it. It HAS to be At least your Piss." Spoke Nero

"Do ya ACTUALLY think I'm THAT CRAZY To Piss in a really Expensive Glass like this?!" Yelled Majima
"Jus' Drink It already! I Promise it's nothin' dangerous."

"...If you say so..." Nero said as she moved the Drink upwards with his Left hand, And started to Drink it.

...Wait...Holy damn it was ACTUALLY Pretty good!

"oh...Oh Wow. This...Really does taste great. Pretty good actually." Admits Nero

"See? What did I tell ya." Said Majima
"Completely Harmless."

"Damn. I'm Actually surprised you Can Mix up a Cocktail like this." Said Nero

"oh well. I was Known as the 'Lord of the Night' Back in my day." Said Majima

"Lord of the night...? What were you a Party boy back then or were you some caped Crusader?" Asked Nero Jokingly

"Har har." Majima Sarcastically Laughs
"So! How about another one?"

"Hmmm...Fine. One more for the go Won't Hurt too much I guess." Said Nero

"Second Drink Coming right up!" Said Majima as he Slid another Glass toward Nero

"Second Drink Coming right up!" Said Majima as he Slid another Glass toward Nero

"And here, We have another new drink by the name of 'Mazima'." Said Majima

"...Okay that is Literally a Miss spelled version of your name Again." Says Nero
"Why are you being so nice all of a Sudden? Just last week I heard you tried to Hit my little sister with a Baseball bat from behind. Are you picking favorites?"

"Hey, I'm just cutting ya kids some slack, and I started with you first!" Majima explained
"Feel Honored will ya?"

"Whatever you say. Now lets see what do we got here." Nero then drank the new drink he was given, and it was good too!

"Oh wow. This one tastes Pretty damn amazing too. Damn Packs a Heavy Punch too." Praised Nero

"Well your Old enough to Drink aren't ya?" Asked Majima

"Sure thing. You Actually not all that bad." Said Nero
"You can Okay sometimes when your not Being a Total creep."

"Well that's Me for ya!" Said Majima
"You kids have been givin' me a real Fun time too Actually!"

"Gotcha. So, What's the check for the drinks I drank anyway?" Nero asked

"Of course sir. Lesse here....hmm.....About 500'000 Lien sir." Answered Majima

"Okay. Let me see..." Nero said as he looked through his pockets
"....Wait...." and the realization finally Dropped on him 
"SAY WHAT?!?!? 500'000 LIEN!!!??"

"Great isn't it?! These Drinks Are Really Expensive Aren't they? That's what makes 'Em special!" Said Majima with laughter

"Oh BULLSHIT You made them yourself! If your scamming me then you should Already know a Kid like me doesn't have that kind of money!" Said Nero angrily

"What? So you Ain't Paying?" Asked Majima 

"How CAN I PAY THAT?! There's no way I can Afford that kind of money Dude!" Yelled Nero

"If that's so...Then I have to FORCE ya ta pay!" Yelled Majima as he pulled out a Baseball bat from under the counter In a Excited way

"What the hell...Wait...You went through the trouble of Coming here as a bartender, Make those Drinks for me, And Charge me with that much money which You KNEW I wouldn't Be able to pay for..." Nero said as he looked right at Majima with fury

"OOh I have Noooo Ideaaaaa what'cha Talkin' 'Booooout~~~~~." Majima Answered With a Innocent tone....Yeah Nero was right

"FUCKING GOD DAMN IIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!" Nero Yelled as he realized he had been had.

And another Long and Tring Fight Came next, Which I won't In details Of to not make this Side Content of the story too long and Tiring.


Chapter Text



[Beacon, Air ship Landing zones.]




"AAAW WHAT?!" Yelled Ruby

"Come ON!!!" Also yelled Yang
"Why do WE get Oobleck And YOU guys get to stay with UNCLE SNAKE?!"

"HAH! Suck it!" Said Nero

As it had turned out, Team RWBY Was to shadow Professor Oobleck, Literally A Coffee Dozed CABOOSE that had TOO MUCH BRAIN No less, And Team ANAS Ended up, with...Well, Solid Freaking Snake!

Now lets be more Accurate.
The man that team ANAS will be Shadowing is Named Solid Snake, A teammate of the Redgrave Twins: Dante and Vergil.
And surprisingly, Snake was Dantes Partner Back in their own days at beacon. You might think it would be impossible since Dante is a One man Army and Snake is a Stealth Expert, But their Partnership Actually had gone Far better than Expected when they were still students.

Dante would usual Grab all the Attention, And Snake would sneak past the Enemy and deal with them while they were Too busy with Dante. well that was their Usual strategy most of the times.

But out of combat, both them and Kiryu were Good Drinking buddies, While Vergil was, Well Vergil.
He wore Several Gadget Pockets, with combat gear and a battle suit, with an Iconic Black bandana on his forehead.
He also had Brown hair with a Not so long beard.

"Hey now." Spoke up Snake grabbing their Attention with his Scratchy and Deep voice
"Oobleck might be literally the Loudest, but he still is a good Huntsman."

"It's DOCTOR Oobleck." Oobleck said as he closed in on Snakes Face

"Besides, We should get going now. We have a tight schedule to keep up with where we're Going." Spoke Snake again
"But first...How are you kids been doing lately?"

"Meh, Pretty good." Answered Yang

"been fine I guess." Answered Ruby

"nothing too special Happened." Said Akame

"It's just really nice to see you again." Said Nero

"So Is he...One of your Uncles?" Asked Weiss

"Yup! He teach us how to use a gun properly AND Gave us Hand to hand Combat Training!" Answered Ruby

"EHEM! Ruby." Spoke Snake, in a some what Demanding Tone

"Oh uh, I meant he gave us CQC Training." Ruby Corrected her words

"wait...You all know Close Quarters combat?" Asked Shirou

"Uh, Yeah. duh." Said Ruby

"How did you NOT know that?" Asked Nero, as Shirou just face palmed

"Eh-Ehem!!!" Oobleck Coughed Loudly getting everyones Attention
"It's quite nice that you all have caught up with friends of your family, But we are now 4 Minutes behind schedule Ladies." He Explained
And he just ran right into the Airship ahead of everyone

"aaagh, I told him not to drink Coffee too much, and he didn't listen in the end." Said Snake, as he saw that Oobleck hasn't changed ONE BIT.
"I'll be in Our own ship to see if Everything is up to date. Oh and, Akame?"

"Hm?" Akames attention went to Snake

"...Are you sure you don't want to take Another mission for this? I mean there are a lot of safer training missions we can choose." Snake Suggested, as everyone saw that He was probably not Fond of where ever Akames team was headed

"No that won't be necessary." but Akame rejected

"aaagh, If you say so." Snake said as he walked into the other Airship

and now, they all were alone by themselves
"...Well, We'll be saving the world with Doctor Oobleck-Okay yeah it sounds worse when you say it out loud." Said Ruby

"and we'll be saving the World with Uncle Snake." Said Nero
"....Wow, I feel GREAT For Saying that suddenly."


"SAVING THE WOLRD?!" They heard Nora from behind them and they saw someone team JNPR Walking up to them
"You guys are going on a WORLD SAVING MISSION WITH OUT US?! I'm hurt! SAD! Maybe a little Hungry? Now that's not YOUR Faults though!" Said Nora as she looked at ren with stingy eyes
and Ren just crossed his arms and looked away

"it was a exaggeration you idiot." said Shirou

"Coming from THE DEVIL!" Said Nora

"God damn it- I'M NOT THE DEVIL!!!" Yelled Shirou

"Well that sounds Exciting! Where are you guys going?" Asked Jaune

"Oh we're going outside the kingdom. I mean ALL of us." Answered ruby

"Whoa Really?! We too!" Said Nora
"We ALL are going outside the Kingdoms! How Fun is that?!"

"Ren and Nora wanted to Shadow the Sheriff of a near by village." Said Pyrrha.

"We set out tomorrow." Said Ren

"Hey! You guys Are setting out Tomorrow too?! So are we!!" Then they heard Kiranas voice, as they looked back and saw team KKMT Walking up to them

"We're going to a near by forest outside the kingdom." Said Brynhildr
"We'll Be Clearing Grimm for a while before they breed to a dangerous level."

"It's gonna be cool! We'll be Shadowing Professor Waver!" Said Kiana

"...Wait, Waver?" Asked Yang

"Apparently the Nerdiest Teacher in School is going to watch us." said Mordred
"Kinda sucks, I know."

"Well...Not as much as Our huntsman we'll be shadowing." Said Ruby

"so You guys are going Now, And We'll go tomorrow. Kinda in Sync here." Pointed out Travis

"Then you guys can Party with us!" then they saw Sun, Neotune, Cu and Paul Walking up to them

"We're shadowing a Crime Specialist." Said Neptune

"So we'll be Detectives for a while!" Said Cu
"They'll even give us Junior Badges and stuff!"

And after saying that, Jaune, Travis and Kiana all looked at them in Awe as they were getting Junior badges.

"Anyway, Who are YOU Nerds Shadowing?" Asked Mordred

"Well_" Starts ruby but

"6 MINUTES BEHIND SCHEDULE LADIES!!!!" Yelled Oobleck from the Airship

"....HAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! OOBLECK?! man you guys SUCK!!!" Laughed Mordred as she mocked team RWBYs bad luck

"Oh SHUT UP!!!" Yelled Ruby

"Let me guess, You losers are getting Port aren't you?!" Mordred asked Akame and her team

"Actually we're_" Akame started too, But

"We're moving out soon!! Get on board!!" Yelled Snake from their own airship

"...Is that Uncle snake?" Asked Mordred

"Yes." Answered Akame

"...Lucky chance." Mordred said as she walked away, Jealous her team didn't get Uncle snake first.

"Whoa, That guy voice, is REALLY Deep. Like, 7 packs of cigs a DAY Deep." Pointed out Neptune.

"Well, Wish us luck." Said Ruby, as they all walked their own ways from there on

But then Ruby Noticed someone else too

"Oh! Cinder!! Hey over here!" Ruby called out as she ran up to Team CEMTs Leader as they were walking on board another ship too

"Oh. Hey ruby." Greeted Cinder

"So are you guys going to East?" Asked ruby

"Yes. a Grimm Clearly mission. We'll Be sent to a Forest." Explained Cinder
"...And my team have No idea why we're going there."

"W-WHAT?! You didn't tell them?" Ruby asked

"I didn't have the time." Said Cinder
"And YOU Pulled ME into this whole Mess! Don't Blame me!!"

"Miss fall?!" then, ruby heard Their Engineering teachers voice, Professors Dells Voice from cinders teams airship
"We're Movin' Out in ONE MINUTE! I suggest you hurry it up!"

"Coming Professor Dell!" Cinder shouted back
"Gotta go now."

"O-Okay...Good luck cinder." Said ruby

"Likewise." Said Cinder, and the two ran their own ways.

and it begins.



[South-east, Team RWBY, Mountain Glenn.]



as team RWBY Landed within an Abandoned Failed Expansion of Vale, they only could see buildings in ruins so far.
...And A Raven bird was on top of a Broken and Tattered Street Light pole.

"Ladies! You may still be students but as of this moment your mission has begun! from this point forward, you need to do EXACTLY as I say!" Ordered Oobleck
"Do you understand?!"

and the girls nodded
"RUBY!! I thought I told you to leave all your bags back at school!"

Ruby, who had a...Rather Too Large back with her
"But, uh, you hadn't told us to listen to you yet!"

"....She's not wrong." Said Oobleck, seeing he messed up that part.
....Coffee Dozed CABOOSE that's too smart, Gals and Lads.
"Very well Ruby leave your bag here we can have it back Upon our return."

"But-I-Uh-Well_" Stutters Ruby

"Young lady what could you Possibly have in that bag that can be so improtant that you would bring it with you here?! Also, WHAT IS in that bag it looks like you have a large singular Object in that bag_" Oobleck rants, but then...

Sifs head popped out of the bag behind rubies, and Everyone just stared in shock

"...Get back in the bag..." Ruby Whispered to Sif, who Aside from being A wolf, Could see that hiding was useless now and just jumped out of the bag, and Oobleck now could see the full length of the Gray wolf
"...Nooooooooo that's not inside the bag...." Ruby whispered again

"...We're here. to investigate An Abandoned Urban City with Hostility, and you Brought.....a Dog?" Asked Oobleck

which ruby...kinda was offended by what Oobleck called Sif
"Grrr Sir, Firstly he is NOT a Dog! Secondly, He is a Gray wolf."

"Oh?" Oobleck Fixed his Glasses and looked at sif a little closer
"...OH! So it seems Upon closer look! Then, We're here to investigate An Abandoned Urban City with Hostility, and you Brought.....A GRAY WOLF?"

"...Well I uh-"

"GENIUS!!! EXTREMELY GENIUS!!!!!!!" suddenly, Oobleck said in an Impressed Tone, and then Picked Sif up in the Air and Spins around with him in his arms

"....I'm a Genius!" Ruby said Praising herself, while the other girls just slapped their Hands in their faces

All the while the Raven bird kept watching...AAAAnd ever since Sif showed up out of Rubies bag, Its Beak had dropped. The ravens Beak was dropped downward Ever since the Wolf had turned out to be part of the Team as well. Holy crap not even THE BIRD could stand what the Youngest Redgrave has done!

...Or IS it a bird in the first place?

The Raven Bird Shakes its head looking down in somehow, A Disappointed manner, And flies away.

And it flies away to the Older sister.

[South, Team ANAS, Unknown Location]

"So Where are we EXACTLY Going?" Asked Nero
"Seriously, We have NO IDEA where we are headed. No one even bothers to tell us!"

"Just a little longer kid. you all will see Soon." Answered Snake
"And Have you been keeping up with your trainings?"

"Yes, We have." Answered Akame
"Rubies Hand to hand Combat Skills have Improved quite a lot. She'll be On par with yang soon."

"Heh. But those two won't Even come close to being as strong as you will they?" Snake commented
"Because I don't think I've ever seen Those two Ever beating you in a Spar."

"Do you know Akame and her sisters that well?" Anastasia Questioned

"Yeah. Back then in OUR Own Days in beacon, I was their Fathers Partner and teammate. So we go way back." Answered Snake

"then You should be an Expert huntsman If our leader is speaking so highly of you." Commented Shirou

"If you Assume that since Akame is the one that says it, then you Must have a good deal of trust in your leader." Said Snake
"Trust in a Leaders words is a good thing."

"I Simply Have seen My leader in action far enough to know." Said Shirou

"And she is a good dancer too." Commented Anastasia, Referring to the Dance she and Akame had in the dance party

"Oh...Thanks." Said Akame with a slight blush after hearing Anastasia say that

"Heheh. Quite the Team you got." said Snake

"Well what can I say?" said Nero

But then snake looked out the window...and his Gaze turned a little more serious
"...Great." he said in displeasure

"What is it?" Akame asked

"...We're here." Snake said as he Opened the hatch to where their Mission would talk place....and Team ANAS could only React in shock, Surprise...and Slight horror at where their mission would take place.

and Slight horror at where their mission would take place


"...Is This it?" asked Nero

"What...Is this place?" Asked anastasia

"Well Kids...." snake spoke up
"...Welcome to RACOON CITY."


Chapter Text



[...Racoon City...]



As Team ANAS and the Huntsman they were going to be Shadowing landed in the Abandoned city, They all were instantly on guard for any Hostile Grimm on sight with their Weapons drawn. Akame holding both her hand guns, Nero aiming his Double Barreled Revolver, Anastasias sword drawn and checking every corner, Shirou with bow in hand inspecting the far off Places, And the Expert Huntsmen here, Solid snake On one knee and a hand gun in hand aiming forward.

And as they took a Closer look around them, they could see buildings in shambles, Destroyed Cars and Properties everywhere, what little human remains that were left scattered, and there was barely any Sunlight in the city.
Everyone were getting Bad and Dreadful Feelings from their Surroundings, but Snake was only Remembering bad memories of tons of innocent lives being lost many years ago.

"...It's clear." Said Snake as he got up and put his hand gun back in its holster, and everyone else lowered their guard a bit, but not too much.

"...Where....IS this place?" Anastasia Asked

"This...Is Raccoon City." Answered Snake
"It used to be A City that was A Part of Vale, Business was good, Dust manufacturing Went Well, And the Economy was Good too. it was Practically the most Successful City of Vale."

"This...used to be a Part of Vale?" Shirou Questioned, as they started to Follow Snake too as He started to slowly walk through the streets of Raccoon City

"Well until Almost 30 years ago. One day a massive Horde Of 'Grimm' Attacked it and at least 14% of the entire Civilization of the City managed to Evacuate. Barely evacuate that is." Explained Snake

"That...Sound terrible." Said Anastasia

"so, We Clearing Grimm here, right?" asked Nero

"Just Around This one District Of the City. So Don't Wonder off far too Off. Unless you want to get killed." Snake Warned them

And so they all moved through A Street that was Empty and Devoid of Life, Light and even color.
Everyone where getting a sense Dread and death and Sorrow from their Surrounding the more they Entered in the city streets.

But they also knew one Small thing as well: This city was the Perfect place for a white fang hide out.


And Soon Enough, they say a Pack of Beowolves Up ahead, Crashing and smashing some Truck Left overs

"Ah, Perfect timing." Spoke Snake as he looked back toward the Students
"Now, Show me what you kids can do."

"Right." Nodded Akame, As she and her team Prepared their Weapons.

And a battle of All out Grimm killing began. And Snake just watched.
He already knew How Akame and Nero could fight, And As he had Expected they Have improved since the last time he had seen them. But they still had their Flaws, which Weren't anywhere near to being taken care of. Which are Akame being Too Reactive And Lacking a Gut feeling, and Nero still being too Reliant on his Right Hand which was also his Semblance.

He Also Took Notes from the other two: Shirou Emiya and Anastasia Schnee.

First, Anastasia: He was Actually Surprised that All three of Dantes Daughters were Pared up With two Schnees. He knew about them far too well But finding out that they were Now in the same team as the Young Redgraves Was news to him.
He also saw that Anastasia Did Not have the traditional Glyph Semblance ALL Schnees had. Repeating, ALL OF THE SCHNEES. But THIS one Generation had an Entirely Deferent Semblance, One Simply Named Frostbite. He could see Clearly that the Name was Well Earned, As With a Semblance Such as that, She Practically had an Endless Supply Of Ice Dust and could use them in A lot of Crafty ways. Shooting Ice Spikes. Summoning Ice paths toward the Enemy, And Even Sending Cold Winds that could Freeze Everything. But she also Fell at the same Category as Nero: Being to Reliant on her Semblance.

Next was Shirou Emiya.
...Well, He DID knew a Kiritsugu Emiya back in his day as a Student in Beacon, He just didn't Expect to see his Son Of all things. He even had the same Icy Stare and Sharp Glare as His dad.
Snake could even Say Shirou was a Splitting Image of Him...With a little nice side of His Mothers at least.
And Observing his fighting Style, He noticed that he Was NOT Using his Semblance. What WAS his Semblance? Something Was his Semblance So Special That he really didn't see a reason to use it for 2 whole Semesters? Because that was the truth: Shirou Hasn't Used his Semblance in ANY Sparing match or fight in the Past 2 Semesters!!!

Snake made a Point of asking this boy About that later...Or asking his Leader first.

And so After the Pack of Beowolves were gone, He decided to Move on further to his Next Phase of Being a Huntsman they were shadowing. but that comes in Due time.

As they were Moving through the Streets, Snake Noticed Shirou Staring at an Abandoned Park with a Children Playground. And he Almost seemed Troubled.

"Having a Hard time?" He asked Walking over to the Boy in red

"Oh no. Just...thought I saw something over around there." Shirou Answered, as Snake didn't know if he was Lying or not

"Well, If you say so Kid." Said Snake
"So, I want to ask you a Question, And I need you to Answer it Honestly and with no False answers. Can you do that for me?"

"I can try. But What would that question be?" Shirou Said

"Why do You want to become a Huntsman?" Shirou asked

"...To Protect the Kingdom and Remnant." Shirou answered

"No no no. not What you need to do as a huntsman. I'm Asking you Why Do you Want to become a Huntsman. What's your Motives, what Drives you, For Whom are you striving to become a huntsman." Snake said

"Why I want to?....I....W-Well..." Shirou stuttered a bit
"...I want to Save people."

"....That's still something you NEED to do as A huntsman kid. It's just a simple Answer." Snake said

"No no no. That IS my reason....I just want to Save as Many people as I can." Shirou Corrected himself, and Snake...Just looked at the boy in front of him with Absolute Surprise.
"I know...It's Naive and Selfish, and Also a Really Stupid reason for Why I want to become a huntsman. but... Deep down, I can't Really Deal with Lost Lives that could have been saved. So I Don't want to Let Peoples Lives that are in danger to be lost. Simply put: My reason is that I want to Save as many lives as I can, Because Innocent People Dying Saddens me too much."

"...Well, It IS Naive...But It IS still a reason. Even Naive Reasonings Like that are what Drives a lot of Huntsmen and huntresses everywhere, Because they Cannot let Innocent people just die as well." said Snake
"But be careful. Ideologies Like that has Sent a lot of people to Ruin themselves for the sake of others beyond Recovery. Keep that in mind."

"I will...sir." Shirou said as snake walked away....and Akame was listening in without them noticing

Next up: Anastasia

Ana Sliced down One Beowolf as it had charged toward her, and snake walked to her side

"Miss Schnee, A moment if you mind?" He asked

"Please Sir, No need for Formalities." Anastasia said
"And yes. I don't mind."

"Tell me this, Why do You want to become a huntress?" Snake asked the same question again

"...Why I wish to become a Huntress you ask?" Anastasia said
"Well, You might think that I Do want to become a huntress To keep up my families Honor and name. but I could careless about that. if anything, the only person I consider a family within that Oversized castle Is my Twin older sister Weiss. And the Reasons why I want to Become a Huntress are to Walk my own path in life which is AWAY from the Schnee Name as much as I can, And To Make sure My Sister also Makes it along side me as well."

"Walking your own Life's Path is Admirable, But why neglect Practically an Entire 90% of your Family?" Snake asked Curiously

"My Father...well, As my Late Uncle would put it: He is Scum." the Statement Kind of Answered some Questions for Snake
"He Married his way into Our family, Does anything to keep face, and Puts Money and Power Before His own children. He Sees My sister Weiss as nothing but an Mascot for his Business."

"A Mascot?" Snake asked

"Yes, He has made my sister into his own Personal Mascot for the SDC Business. Why do you thing She is such a Good Singer? It's because Someone As Pretty, Elegant, Well Mannered and Perfectly Reserved As her, Who has the Talent of singing so well is Nothing but a cash grab for People like my father. And it really Upsets me."

"Well I can see someone like his doing that." Snake admitted

"You'd Be right. And About Me....He doesn't Even acknowledge Me. He doesn't Even see me as worthy of his time and attention. He would just buy me anything I would want and hoped I would stop Bother Him or distracting Weiss by playing with all the toys he bought for me, Expecting me to be distracted like a Good little dog with all his toys just so he can Exploit my sister even further. Most of the Parties he took All of my sisters with him, I was Either Left out in the Crowed, or I wasn't even brought along. He just sees me as an Extra he never needed. And I hate him for how he treats us and everyone around him." Anastasia answered
"Which brings me to My oldest Sister, Winter Schnee. I Simply Hate her."

"And why is that?" Snake asked as he felt bad for how Sad this young girls Life and very being was treated

"...After Our Uncle: Jean Pear Died...She Left for the military, Leaving us all Alone with our father, And Leaving our mother to Mourn her Brothers Loss by herself. When ever she came back was to just train Us to be prepared for what lies ahead. But By US, I meant My Sister Weiss. She taught me some sword play, but that was as far as it went." Ana explained
"The reason the Barely gave me any attention and Decided to Train Weiss more than me, was because She and Weiss both had our Families long running Semblance: Glyph. Winter decided to Train Weiss because she had our Families signature Semblance, and I had ended up with some Element Type Semblance instead."

"...And She Only cared about you sister more Because she had your Families Semblance, and she could train her better. I can see that." Snake put the rest together
"but then what about your mother or your brother?"

"What ABOUT them?" Anastasia said coldly
"My Brother Whitley is a Good for nothing Little Brat, who frankly, I wouldn't Even shed a tear if he ended up dead one day." Snake Actually got shocked at that statement

"And My Mother....Hmph. She has become an Alcoholic. I couldn't Care Less about her. she's...Just so miserable and Pathetic." Anastasia finished off as she turned around
"There you have it. I simply hate my family. All but Weiss that is. And I will NOT allow myself and her to Be A part of such a Pathetic Excuse of a family." with that, Anastasia walked away

"....You were listening, right?" Snake spoke up, And Akame walked out from over a corner and Snake looked at her knowing she was listening the whole time. but he also noticed a look of being troubled in her eyes
"Are you okay?"

".....I think I am. But...I'll Talk to Anastasia myself about this, to try to...Comfort her about this matter." Akame said as she turned to look Snake in the eyes
"that's, What I should do as a leader. Right?"

"...Well, Back then Your father, Dante Would also talk to his team about our Problems Since he felt like it was his Responsibility. like how you are about to." Snake said
"But just so you know: he wasn't All that good at it. but If you feel like your partners personal life is something you should comfort them about, then go for it."

"Thanks...I will." Akame said
"And...Aren't You going to ask me why I want to become a huntress now?"

"No I Don't need to. I already know the Answer to that." Snake Said
"You could say I know the Answer that Nero would give me as well Since I know you both. So I don't Really have to."

"I see....Let's move on." Akame said in which Snake Agreed to, and so they all moved on further

after an hour or so, they came across A certain Building that Snake was looking for in particular.

"Finally we're here. We'll set camp inside this building." Snake stated

And Nero noticed a few letters on top of the Building door
"R.P.D? What's this place about?"

"It stands for Raccoon Police Department. Practically the former Police station of this city." Snake answered
"But now Huntsmen and Huntresses use it as an Outpost and a base to Camp in when they get Assigned to This Hell hole. And be careful, this Police station is kind of a maze. you might get lost around it Pretty Easily. So no matter what, Try to stick to the main hall Mostly. Got it?"

"Alright." They all Answered

and So they Entered in the Abandoned Police Station and looked around a bit.

and So they Entered in the Abandoned Police Station and looked around a bit

"Nice place." Commented Nero

"Put your bags here and lay your Sleeping bags down too. I'm going to go and see if there is anything that changed around here Since the last time I was here." Snake said as he started to walk up the stairs into the upper floors

"....Okay, So When Are we even going to Start our Search?" Anastasia Asked

"We'll have to take turns. at night One of us will Sneak out and search the city. for any signs of the White fang or Roman Torchwick." Akame said
"I'll Take the first turn tonight. I'll move out when Uncle Snake isn't Watching and Scout the City blocks."

"And what if he ends up taking watch for tonight?" Asked Shirou

"Don't worry. I'll Somehow manage." Said Akame

and so they started to set up Sleeping bags on the floor right there on the main hall. And Akame Somehow Ended up Sleeping right behind the front desk. she puts her bag down, but the moment she opened it, Her families pet cat: Felicia Poked her head out.

"Hey." Akame whispered
"How were you doing?"

To answer, Felicia jumped out on the floor in front of her and stretched a bit

"Sorry if it was too cramped it there." Akame Whispered again Apologizing
'I can't Believe I let Ruby to make me Bring Felicia along with myself while she brought Sif with her. She takes after Dad FAR too much.' And she thought to herself, Still not believing she decided to go along with this.

And suddenly, Felicia Rubbed her head onto Akames Lap, being an everyday cute kitten that you want to just hug till it goes POP like a bubble
"heh...Okay okay." She then Picks the cat up in her arms
"But you have to stay in the sleeping bag until we all leave this place. Okay?" she whispered again before Putting Felicia in her Sleeping bag, in which Felicia Just stayed inside before the others even notice the cat was here.


"H-Huh?!" Akame gasped as she was almost startled as she looked up and saw....A Raven bird on the desk staring at her

"Where...Did you come from?" Akame asked, as she was surprised that she didn't even notice a Bird had flown in


the Raven bird just 'CAW'ed again as it Hung its head to the side still Staring at the Red eyed girl, with it's own Blood red eyes

"....Do you...want food?" Akame asked the bird

in which the bird Flapped its wings and flew up and out a window

Akame just stared at the Bird as it left
'...Where did it come from?...'


[Later on]




Soon, Everyone finally set up camp in the Main hall, and Snake was seen walking back to them,

"Okay. One of you kids can sit up Watch for the night. I'll be in the Office On your right. And be careful of what might happen." Snake ordered
"tomorrow Morning, We'll Head out right after dawn. So Take as much as sleep You can."

"Alright." Akame said, as Snake walked away into the office he said he'll be in

"...I'll Stay watch for tonight." Shirou volunteers as he stood up and decided to walk over to the Second floor to keep watch through the window

"...Hey, Everyone?" Anastasia spoke up
"did...did Mr.Snake Asked the rest of you Why you want to be Huntsmen?"

"He did ask that from me." Shirou answered

"Wait wait wait. He didn't ask anything like that from Me though." Nero said

"...yeah. now that I think about it, He didn't ask you two." said Shirou addressing Akame and Nero

"Well if you wanna know Why I want to be a huntsman, I'm just following in on my Dead moms Foot steps." Nero said
"Really not as Special as 'I wanna save everyone'."

"..H-How did you?"

"I was kinda Around the Corner, I heard it all mister Hero." Nero answered in a teasing Tone

"Yes, I Listened in too." Akame also said, which Shirou just seemed More Embarrassed now
"I...Kind of heard Your Reason too Ana."

"...Tell anyone and I'll Freeze you into tiny pieces of Popsicles." Anastasia threatened. and Akame was kind of worried, because Ana COULD and WOULD Do exactly as she just said.

"Wow, Actually scary." Nero commented
"But really, You see some people In front of you that are in danger, and you want to save them. What's Wrong with that?"

"I meant I want to Save EVERYONE that is in danger." Shirou corrected

"well yeah that's what I said wait...." and Nero noticed something
"....Oh crap you meant that as a LITERAL Sense?"

And Shirou just remained silent

"...Oh my Sparta You DID meant that LITERALLY!!" Yelled Nero
"I mean not that there's anything wrong with that but, What you just want to save people that are across Remnant?"

"....N-No don't be Ridiculous." Shirou said

"H-HEY! You Stuttered! you TOTALLY Want to save EVERY person in remnant that is in trouble!!!" Nero yelled

But then Nero stopped yelling so much right after Akame elbowed him in his arm
"Shirou no one is judging you here." she Assured
" you perhaps want to talk to us about Why you'd want to Save every person that you come across? it is a rather impossible Dream."

"...Ugh, You people are really just the worst teammates someone like me could end up with, but somehow the best ones at the same time too, I swear." Shirou said as he walked back to the others and leaned on a pillar behind him
"...When I was a kid, I was...Adopted into my family. You remember that right?"

"Yeah you said you and Cinder were both adopted." Akame said

"Well...We both were in the same City actually. She was A maid in a Hotel and me and my real Parents Were Costumers in that said Hotel." Shirou started to Explain
"And by Costumers, I meant Daily Costumers. I think we made a lot of travels due to my parents Business or something. It could have even Been a job at SDC for all I know. I met Cinder there for the first time. she was...Well..."

"Well what about her?" Nero asked, Curious to know

"...Heh...She used to have Twin pig-Tails." Shirou said

"Wait What?! Twin pig-tails?! As in the hair style?!" Nero asked

"Yup. Two Small, Cute, and Stupid looking Pig-tails on her head." Shirou said

"No way! that sounds Stupid!!" Nero said laughing

"Knowing Cinder, she wouldn't Just have such a Hair do." Akame Admitted

"Oh believe me, she DID have that kind of Hair do. It was part of that Hotels Dressing code." Shirou said
"That Aside, She wasn't the Cinder you guys know now. the fact that she was working there at such a young age was practically Counted as Child Labor. First time I saw her she was kind of Skinny and Weak, and She looked as if she would barely eat anything. We didn't even talk to each other at first, We'd just Exchanged quick Glances and that was it. I also Remember the Owner of the Hotel having two Twin Daughters of her own."

"Let me guess: Spoiled Brats?" Nero Guessed

"Oh how Right you are." Shirou Answered
"I'd see them Picking on Cinder Making her job harder for her. one day I managed to make them go away before they almost hurt her. I guess...that was how we Officially met. then we would just talk every here and then. But then One night...Everything went up in flames."

"You mean...The hotel had a fire accident?" Anastasia asked

"No...I meant that EVERYTHING Just went up in smokes one night. the hotel and at least a few city blocks Exploded and went up sky high one night. the Authorities said it was some Extreme Gas leak. and Me and my real parents were caught in it. And...My real parents died that night." Shirou Explained

"O-Oh...I-I'm sorry I didn't mean to remind you of...that." Akame Apologized

"No no it's fine. But later on I found out that...I was the only Survivor that night. Well sure Cinder was there too but, she wasn't IN the Fire zone. she had Apparently Ran away with someone that night and....when the Explosion happened, She and the man she ran off with, who would be our step father sooner down the line, Came back and they found me under All the rubble. And the news that I was the only Survivor...really made a huge impact on me. Seeing that Hundreds of lives were gone that night besides mine was...Kind of a huge Trauma for me. So I decided that I won't Let something like that happen ever again." Shirou finished Explaining

"...Wow man I...Didn't know you were slap down in middle of something Like that." Nero Said
"I'm really sorry to hear that Actually....And If you wanna talk about it I might can_"

"survivors Syndrome." Akame suddenly Spoke up

"...W-What?" Shirou asked

"Shirou that...I'm Sorry to say this but after what you told me...Your reason for being a Huntsman and wanting to Save Everyone...I-It sounds like a Person that has Survivor Syndrome." Akame Explained

"Survivors what now?" Nero asked

"It also means Survivors Guilt." Anastasia Said

"Oh...O-Oh....Crap." Nero finally figured out, but Shirou was feeling...Almost insulted

"What!? Tsk What are you people Even Talking about?! I don't have Survivors Guilt I'm perfectly fine! Both Mentally and Emotionally." Shirou said

"Shirou...Have you ever Felt that you don't Deserve to live because you were the only survivor in that fire?" Akame questioned


"dude...You stuttered Again." Nero Pointed out

"...Does that mean that...All this time...My whole reason that I want to Save every life around me...Is because I have a Syndrome?" Shirou asked himself

"Ooooh boy." Nero said

"H-Hey don't just say that, it's not true....Well it's not Entirely true." Anastasia said only to find out she might have made it worse

"Shi-Shirou I'm sorry I didn't Mean to-" Akame started, but shirou cut her off by starting to Walk away

"Forget it. Just...Forget it." Shirou said as he walked up the stairs
"Just take some rest before Sneaking out tonight. And before Snake finds out too."

"W-Wait shirou!" Akame Called out, But he just walked away paying them no mind

"...Well that...was a disaster." Nero Remarked.
"But hey, Some one had to tell him by some point. Right?"

"..." Akame just stood up and walked towards her sleeping bag, Keeping silent

"...Well that went bad. for Everyone." Nero said again

"Just go to sleep you idiot." Anastasia said as she walked over to her Sleeping bag, leaving Nero by himself

Akame Crawled into her Sleeping bag where Felicia was waiting for her, and she Pulled the kitten into a hug as she laid her head down to rest

'... messed up....I'm the leader of this team and....I only made things worst for both Shirou and Ana....Damn it.' She thought to herself as she kept hugging the Cat in her arms, and slowly closed her eyes for some rest


[Mean time. somewhere hidden in the Raccoon city]



"AAAGH!!! Worthless Fools!" An Angry voice of volgin Yelled out as he Punched a Whitefang Faunus, a Female one in fact across the room they were in right now, and the said Faunus was slammed at a wall behind her
"Is THIS how you Animals Thank me For ALL the hard work Me and My men put in for you?!"
he yelled as he picked the Faunus up by her throat

"P-Please!! Sir Please I-I'll make sure that it won't happen again!!!" the Female Faunus yelled in fear and horror as Volgin held her higher
"P-Please SPARE ME!!!"

"You had your chance Little Animal." Volgin said as Electricity Started to build up around his body and soon, the Female Faunuses Body started to get Electrocuted On a high voltage making her to scream in agony and Pain. and it continued until her body was literally fried and was almost catching fire.

But the Agony Stopped the moment Volgin stopped the electricity. he let go of the Faunuses Body letting it fall on the floor, Lifeless and Dead.
"Hey! Don't just stand there! Clean this up." He addressed the only two Faunus that were in the room with him
"Or do you have something to say as well?"

the Whitefang members, Scared for their Lives Quickly followed his order and Moved the Dead body of the dead Faunus out of his room.

And now that he as alone, he clicked on a Button on the screen of a monitor he had on his desk, and...a Not so Pleasing face came up on the screen.

"So." A Voice from over the Screen, being the man Volgin was talking to right now.

he turned around on his Chair, Looking at volgin from over the call....While Fixing his glasses

"Are you Quite done now with your

"Are you Quite done now with your...Antics?" Said the man in the Suit and Glasses


Chapter Text



[Vale, Beacon]



General Ironwood was out in the Courtyards, and was simply looking onward into the City in the dark.

"Having troubles sleeping?" He looked back to see Glynda walk up to him from behind

"no just, My arm was Acting up." Ironwood answered

"Oh yes, So Logically you got out of bed, Dressed yourself up, and You started Starring menacingly into the Distance." Glynda said as she stood beside him as well
"...What's Wrong James?"

"Really, It's nothing. I just needed some Fresh air." Ironwood answered again

"...Is it about Dante again?" Glynda guessed in which Ironwood remained Silent
"...I can see it all over your face James. It IS about Dante again."

"....I Have Trusted Ozpin and Salem For Years, We both have. Sometimes I can't Help but feel like they keep us both in the dark, but...Sometimes I just don't understand. What Is it that Dante can do, that I can't do?"

"So are you Implying that your Jealous?" Glynda asked

"What?! No! no no no. I'm NOT Jealous of Dante. And I shouldn't Be Jealous of him IF I was." Ironwood said
"But I...I know Why He is So Special. Given the history his Family that is. But...Sometimes, I feel like Ozpin and Salem Rely on Him more than they Rely on me. I mean, I have an Army, I Lead an entire military, I have forces far Stronger than Any Huntsman, and I Technology that Surpass Common Sense even. But Dante...He..."

"Has A Odd job Office." Glynda finished his words for him

"Well, Yeah. That's...ALL he has. Compared to me, he Almost has nothing. And yet...It always feels like he is Better than me in everyway somehow. Not that I'm Jealous, but it really Bothers me. Just...what is it that Dante has, that I don't?" Ironwood asked, Really in need of an Answer

"...A Family." Glynda Answered, and Ironwood just looked over to her
"Dante Has a Family. An Responsible Older brother, Friends he can Rely on, Oddly has been Married twice and His Ex wife STILL Shows a little Feelings toward him, And 3 Daughters."

"...Glynda, I swear if you say it's because of motivation made by Family Love, I will Take the next ship back to Atlas RIGHT AWAY." Ironwood threatened

"No that Is not why!" Glynda said, Clearing it wasn't some Cheesy reason
"What I meant is that He has something closer than just Statues, and Army and a Nation. He has A family that he would do anything to protect."

"How is That any deferent? If anything that makes it worse for me! I just...Can't Understand how Someone Like Dante that could have become so much more than just some Lone huntsman would act so...Childish." Iron wood said as he took a step backward to properly face Glynda
"Look, If Dante or even Vergil had joined the Military, they'd Outclass me In More than just Rank and status By now. Why can't he just see that doing things MY way would be much more helpful with his skills?"

"James, Dante is NOT like that Like you. He Does things he's way, because Someone HAS to do the things he does. And frankly, he's done as much as good as you've done." Glynda said Assuring James as best she could
"But it's now time that you stopped Being So negative Toward his Actions, and actually Allow him to simply be. He might not be anywhere near you in rank or status, and you might not be as...well Skilled and strong as he is, but Ozpin and Salem Trust you both Equally. and Frankly....I think It's about time you put some trust into Dante as well. Can you please do that? At least for the Kingdoms sake?"

"I....Ah...I-I don't know...I just...Don't know if I can...Even try." Ironwood answered as he turned back to look into the city of Vale.

[Back within the Raccoon City]

"Are you Quite done now with your...Antics?" Said the man in the Suit and Glasses over the video call

"I Punish my Useless Underlings the way I see fit." Volgin Spoke as he leaned forward a bit
"I don't Believe you are to be Handling that as well. Or am I Wrong, Wesker?"

"You may have a point, but Time is Important. And I May have a lot of it, I do not waste it on simple childes play all day long." the man with the shades, Now known as Wesker spoke back, with a hint of annoyance in his tone which Volgin took notice
"Now, Can you now answer my question?"

"What Question is that?" Volgin asked

"These 'Meddling Children' I've heard so much about in your Reports." Wesker said
"I want you to Send their Files for me. I'll Try to Identify them For further Purposes."

"Hmph. Have it your way." then Volgin Pressed a few buttons on his Monitor and sent some Data over to Wesker
"If it means you can get them out of our Hair, then by all means, Go ahead."

"Muchly Appreciated." Wesker said as he retrieved the data
"and the train is ready I assume?"

"Loaded to the teeth. the plan is ready to get into motion." Volgin said with a smirk

"Good. now if you Excuse me I have...Business to attend to." Wesker said, before he cuts the connection

"Hmph. Who does that man think he is?" Volgin said with distaste in him tone
"What ever. the plan is almost in motion. Soon...Vale will Crumble. and They all will Regret the day they Casted me Aside like a Worthless pawn."

[Abandoned RPD Police Station, Main Hall]


'....I should move out now.'

Akame slowly got out of her sleeping bag and Made sure Felicia was still asleep inside the bag.

She Prepares her Weapons and picks her scroll up, and checks where Snake was last seen. ad he seemed to be still in that room and was clearly asleep for now.

she slowly and Quietly walks up the Stairs where she finds Shirou Looking out of a window to keep watch.

"...I'm Sneaking out now." She spoke up

"Huh? Oh yeah...Guess it's time for that now." Shirou Said as he seemed to be in a train of thoughts before she showed up
"When Snake wakes up, I'll tell him you couldn't sleep so you went inside the Police station to roam around a bit."

"That will do...And Shirou?" Akame calls out
"...I-I'm sorry about today. I didn't Mean to_"

"It's actually alright. I don't Really care now that I thought about it for a while." Shirou Said, Assuring Akame he was alright
"You don't Have to worry about me. Just go and if you find something or if you find trouble, Call us on our Scrolls."

"Alright." Akame Nodded before she Slowly Climbs out of the near by window, and looks back one last time
"Even if you feel like you need to save everyone around you, it doesn't Matter that it comes from a Psychic sickness." and with that, she Jumped on a nearby Wrecked Truck and landed down on the ground.

"...Thanks....I Appreciate it." Shirou said after she left

She started to walk around the Destroyed City and tried to Find some Tracks or some Clues at first....But if Only she knew she was still being Followed by The same Raven bird from today.

But mean while


[Mountain Glenn]


"Hmmm...Sif, Go to Sleep...." Ruby mumbled as her shift on watch duty was over for the night, and was resting for a bit with Sif next to her

But the wolf was Sniffing something, and Bolted out of her arms and made a dash for the Exit
"What tha-S-Sif! Sif come back here!"
She called but to no avail. She picked her weapon up and ran outside after the wolf

"uuuh....Sif?" She called out as she was outside now...And she Noticed Sif in the corner looking at something. Ruby walked over to the Wolf
"Sif? Did you find something buddy?"

Sif turned around toward ruby and ran right beside her, and starts to Drag her by her Cloak
"Wha- Sif?! What are you doing?!" She noticed that She clearly wanted Sif to follow her now
"Alright alright fine! I'll follow you okay?"

And Ruby followed Sif who was in a hurry, and they went behind a wall in a corner of the streets

"Sif what are you really doing?" Ruby asked, until she heard,

"What was that?"

She heard a mysterious voice and looked carefully along side Sif...and saw two White Fang Grunts checking the Area

"I swear I saw something here." one of them said

"there is Nothing here! Besides we're running late already. Let's go." the other one said, and they just started to walk
"This place gives me the creeps."

Seeing this, Both ruby and Sif started to follow the White fang Faunus as Quietly as they could. after they turned into a corner, Ruby was behind another wall and Sif was sticking his neck out

"Did they leave?" Ruby whispered
"Bark once for Yes..."

and after a door closing sound was heard


"GREAT! this is It. This it IT!" Said ruby as she pulled her Scroll out and tried to call the others, but got no Signal
"Oh man! Come on! We gotta get to the others!"

And so they both started to run.



"Huh?" Ruby looked over to a Destroyed Building as she and Sif both heard something
"Is...Is someone there?"


"H...Hello?" Ruby Called out again as she only heard weird Moans as a return. While Sif bared his Fangs at whatever creature was inside the dark and shadowy Building in Ruin


"Who-who's there?!" ruby called out as she Unfolded her Scythe and Prepared for one seemed to be a Creature of grimm...and she saw two Figures starting to walk out
"H-Hey! Don't move!"


and Ruby finally got a good look at whatever it was inside as they stepped out...Only to be shocked with Shock and Horror

Only to be shocked with Shock and Horror


"Wha.....What in the....W-What?" Ruby Said as...she couldn't just Believe what she was watching. What...WERE these things? They didn't look like Grimm...and they Didn't Seem human Either. they looked like Monsters some child would imagine in their closet or under their bed. but these ones were real. Because they were Walking Right towards Ruby!!!
"What are these things....?"



And Sif started to Bark as the Creatures walked closer to Ruby

Ruby Who finally noticed she was actually frozen on place ever since she laid eyes on the monsters, Finally took a grip on herself and Jumped back a bit and Aimed her weapon at the monsters
"Stay back!"


"I said Get Back you-HUH?!" Ruby Started to Threaten again, but was shocked that one of the monsters just Zoomed in right behind her!!
'W-What?! He wasn't that fast but why are they....wait...Oh no We're Surrounded!!!'

Seeing the monsters Cornered her and Sif from both sides now, She Grips her Weapon Tightly as she had no Idea what she was Up against.
"Sif Stay Close!!"


The Wolf Kept Barking at the Monsters as they started to Circle ruby

"What...W-WHAT DO YOU EVEN WANT!!!??" Ruby Yelled, Demanding an Answer


"What....Are you saying...."


"...Sparda....W-What?" Ruby said, as she didn't know why they were Speaking out the name of Sparda of all people



"SPPPAAARRRRDAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" then one of the Monsters Attacked her by jumping up in the air and trying to swing its Scythe at ruby

"GAAH!" Ruby Panicked and dodged the Attack before she Took Aim and Blasted a bullet right into the monsters skull.

she then saw the other one Dashing in on her and Swinging it's own scythe at her, which she Blocked. then she dodged another Swing and Sliced the Other monster with her Scythe, killing the second one too by spinning her Whole body around, and stopping by landing one knee of the ground.

"Haah...Haaah...W-What...What WERE DOES?!" Ruby Yelled as she got back up with her weapon on her hands

she then noticed...the Monsters corpses were...Turning into Something. What ever their Remains was turning into looked a lot Similar to Salt or Sand.

"They...Turned into Sand...?" Ruby said, until a Strong Wind Blew over and the Monsters Remains Were Scattered in the Air
"What the....Sif. Come on. We HAVE to Go back to the others and tell them About this!"


Suddenly, ruby heard another voice and turned into the middle of the Street....To see...A Priest?

"You do show potential

"You do show potential."

"Ah!!!" Ruby Gasp as she turned her Weapon towards the man
"Who are you?!"
And Sif Was Ready to Attack the Priest

"But...It seems you are still but a Normal Human. nothing more." the man Spoke
"But...Those Eyes."

"Hey! Did you even hear me?! I said Who are you?!" Ruby Yelled again

"...With such a bloodline, you Have the Silver eyes as well." the man Kept Talking
"Out of the other 4, you might as well be the biggest threat."

"Look sir, I doubt there is any Churches being Run in this Area." Ruby spoke up as she kept her distance
"And Frankly, the way you somehow Talk a LOT MORE than My dad really Ticks me off! So, How about you tell me who you are, Or just Shut it and come with me_"

but the next second she blinked.....The Priest suddenly disappeared?!

"...Peace...fully...?" Ruby then looked around as Sif was wondering where the man just went, until rubies Eyes Widened as she felt a Hand grab her face, and the next thing she felt was her head hitting the Solid ground really hard and heavily
Ruby Grunted as her feet hit the ground next flat down

"...It seems against Lesser Demons you can hold your own. but alas, you are still too weak." she heard the man speak as he had a grip on Rubies face



"hm?" the man then looked over into a corner and saw Sif attacking him, but he formed a Fist and back handed the Wolf into some Rubble.

"S-SIF!!!" Ruby yelled as she saw her Pet wolf get Smacked around like a rag doll, and the shock soon turned into

"What the?" the man gasped as he saw the end of a foot right in front of his Face when he was distracted with the wolf

"OFF ME!!!!!!!!" Ruby then kicked the man really hard into his face, sending him off her and she jumped back and Aimed her weapon at the man with Anger after what he did to Sif
"You're gonna Pay for that!!"

"Hmph. Childish tricks." Then Ruby heard his Voice right beside her ear, and she saw the man was now Standing on her Right?!

"W-What the_GRAH!!!"
ruby didn't Get to finish as she felt a fist Hitting her right in her belly, knocking all the air out of her.

She tried to Swing her Scythe, but then the man disappeared again and then felt a kick landing on the side of her head and sending her on the floor a few steps away.

'H-How does he keep Doing that?!'
ruby thought to herself as she stood up again, but was met with a Low leg swipe by the man and she fell down again, and Her Scroll Fell out of her pocket as well. and then the man Stepped right on her Belly Heavily and hard
"GAAAH...AAhhh..." and she gasped out in Pain

"Enough games." the man said
"You have caused enough trouble for long enough."


then, the Ground beneath Ruby started to crack and break away, and Ruby ended up Falling deep down into a hole in the ground while the man jumped away

"AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa,,,,,,," Ruby yelled as She fell down into the hole in the street.

the man slowly looked down where She was last seen into the hole, and then a Realization hits him
"no...She is now in....This will Prove Troublesome."

and he then noticed that Sif was gone now too.
"The dog Must have run Back to the others. but the girl Must be dealt with first."
and he started to walk away


[Meanwhile, back in Raccoon city]



"...There's nothing around here so far." Akame spoke to herself as she was on a roof top, and was Looking Downwards into the Streets of Raccoon city. And frankly....She was also getting a sense of Death and Sorrow from just looking at this city in ruin. She was at least glad there weren't any bodies left on the streets, but was still feeling uneasy in this city.


"Huh?" She then looked back and...Saw a Familiar looking Cat


"You followed me all the way here?" Akame asked but Felicia just walked up to her and jumped up her body and landed on her head
"...You came all this way...just to sleep on my head?"


" lazy Cat." Akame said with a deadpan Expression as the cat just lays down on top of her head




Both Akame and Felicia looked over and saw a Raven bird on a Damaged box on the Roof top

"It's You again?"


"What...are you trying to tell me?"


the bird kept on making the same noise as it pointed its head toward another Direction, which was practically back at the R.P.D Station

"....I don't Speak Bird." Akame Said Bluntly before as the Birds Beak was dropped again
"Felicia Do you speak bird?"


"...Then I have no idea what your saying."

The Raven bird was clearly in awe that the girl in front of it was so...well for the better terms: SO STUPIDLY BLUNT.

The Raven bird then decided to cut it's losses and just fly up, and fap it's wings around Akame hard and fast.

"H-Hey! Stop. Knock that out." Akame said, and the Bird just kept trying to...Stop her from moving onward any further, and Akame Tried to swing her Arms around to make the Bird to go away.
"don't make me to Actually hurt you."


"I just said I don't Speak Bird!" Akame said as she kept trying to get the Bird off of her

until she heard,
"I'm telling you. it was just some Crow or something. Forget it."

"?!" Akame, Felicia and the Raven bird all heard an Unknown Voice and looked down...And Akame saw 3 White fang Faunus in the Street

"You're Probably right. Let's go. now." one of them said as they started to walk away

"...Felicia. Hang on tight to me." Akame Ordered, and the cat jumped down on her Shoulder.
Soon Akame jumped down Quietly, Ignoring the Raven Bird Cawing at her.

She followed the White fang Faunus and As she followed, she saw that they were entering an underground subway Station

"...the Subway station....It's Underground. so it would be a good place to hide." Akame Said to herself, as she waited for a bit until she slowly started to walk down the Stairs of the Subway entrance and silently as she could, and she quickly hides behind a near by pillar.

at the moment, even Felicia seemed to have gotten Serious as she was on guard and quiet too.
She peeped from the corner and saw the White Fang Members Walk into another Section of the Train station. and as she followed with Felicia still on her shoulder, and she soon Hid behind a near by box. and when she took a small look....Both her and the cat were shocked.

they saw more than a THOUSAND White Fang soldiers, A lot of Weapons, Dust, And a train which the White Fang soldiers were doing something with it. She Focused as saw that two of the Faunuses were Carrying a Weird Device inside the said train.

'...They are here after all. And there's Thousands of them.' Akame thought to herself as she kept observing
'Are they...Preparing for an attack? With this many weapons and explosives, they can wipe an entire quarter of Vale.'

"And the Train is ready now?"

She then heard a Gruff mans voice From the near by Office, so then she slowly sneaked on to the door of the said office without being detected. she looks through the window of the Office and...Sees a large man with a disfigured face and two other White Fang grunts. and the Larger man was playing with bullets in his hands.

 and the Larger man was playing with bullets in his hands

"It's ready and the bombs are Equipped in it. They're ready to go off at any second you please sir." One of the grunts reported

'They loaded the Train with bombs?' Akame figured that much out
'They want to Blow it up! But where?'

"Good. Send word to Roman. Tell him Our side is ready." the Larger man Spoke as he flicked some of the bullets in his hands up and Caught them again.

'I have to tell the others.' Akame thought to her self as she was prepared to leave now. but then,

"Wait!" The larger man suddenly spoke and Akame and the Faunuses Look at him
"....Sniff...Sniff...Hey. What is your Animal Traits."

"Um...Sir?" One of the Grunts asked in confusion

"Your Animal Traits! What are they?" he asked again

"U-um, D-Dog sir." the first one said

"and I'm a Raccoon. Heh. G-Get It? Raccoon city?" the second one said

"Dude I swear you make that joke again I WILL shoot you my self!" the first one threatened with anger

"If your a Dog, and this one is a Raccoon....then why do I smell a Cats Fur in the Air?" The larger man spoke up again

'Cat...Fur?' Akame thought to herself, and then in shock, Her gaze turned toward Felicia who was still on her shoulder this entire time
'Oh no.'


Akame then noticed the mans arm that held the Bullets started to emit Electricity and it was getting into the bullets, and Akame Panicked when she figured what it meant.


the electricity caused the Bullets to Ignite and they all fired! and they were headed toward where Akames head was in front of the window!!
Akame Quickly did a backflip and dodged all 4 bullets, but by doing so, Every Faunus in the tunnel now Saw her!


"what was that?!"

"Hey Who Is that?!!"

"how did she get here?!?!"

And many of them had different reactions

then the larger man kicked the door open and walked and his eyes fell on Akame who quickly stood up. And volgin Recognized the girl in front of her on the spot: It was one of the brats that had been Screwing around with his and Romans Business.
"...You're a Long way from home Little girl."

Akame wasted no time to Pulled out both of her guns and Aimed them both at the Volgin.
he didn't react at all, but Every Faunus Present Draws their Weapons and aim them at Akame.
Felicia could tell this was going to be a loosing fight, so she Tried to Warn Akame to let it go and just run by scratching her shoulder with her claws a bit.

"I don't know how you made it all the way here, but you and your friends have meddled with my work far enough!" Volgin said as he Raised his fist and it started to emit Electricity again
"And don't Expect to get and Easy and quick death. Not before I had some fun with you."
And Akame didn't have a Good Feeling about what he was implying

Then Volgin Punched his electricity Emitting fist into the ground, and the thunder like Energy started to Crawl right toward Akame and Fast!

Seeing this, Akame jumped up in the air and kicked herself off a wall she was next to. And by doing so, she got Lunched away from the Faunus that Surrounded her. And while she was in the Air she Took some shots at Volgin himself, but was surprised when he Stuck his hand out and with the power of his electricity, Blocked all the bullets she fired off

'We got to leave!' Akame thought to herself as she made sure Felicia was hanging on tight before she started to run fast. and she was running back the way she came from.

Volgin Yelled as Every Faunus in the Subway hideout went after Akame.

Akame ran as fast as she could, but then Noticed that the Gate of the Entrance In front of the Stairs she came in was closing down By a Shutter door!
'I won't Make It it n time! Unless...'

"Hold onto this!" Akame she put Her Scroll into Felicias mouth!
She then Grabbed Felicia from her Shoulder and threw her fast enough so She could at least Escape.

When Felicia Landed near the stairs and there now was a Shutter Door between Akame and her. And Akame was stuck now. She still had her Scroll in her mouth but Quickly dropped it as she approached the closed Metal Shutter door fast

"FELICIA!! GET OUT OF HERE! FIND THE OTHERS!!" Felicia Could make out her Yelling from behind the Shutter door, but instead of Leaving, she started to Scratch her claws on the Shutter door to no use. Seeing finding the others was her only Option now, Felicia Picks her Scroll up again and springs up the stairs only hoping that Akame could hang on.

"I found her!" Akame heard someone yell behind her, and she soon saw several White Fang Faunus attack her with melee weapons.
She Drew Murasame and started Attacking back. She Started to take down every single Faunus in her way without killing them, and Ended up Kicking a few away and started to run to another side of the Tunnel

'I have to Hide! I'll just have to make it to the Train Tunnels and just find a way out from there!' Akame thought to herself as she outran Swords and even bullet! she went to Jump on the Rail tracks and was thinking about instantly making a Mad dash Into the tunnel and hoped they wouldn't think about Turning the Train on to catch up to her. but Before she was even near to landing on the Tracks...

"NOT SO FAST!" Volgin yelled as the next thing that Happened , Was Volgin Sending a Giant Lighting Strike across the whole room toward Akame, and the electricity was sent across her whole body!!

"AAAAH!!!!" Akame Screamed in Pain as she was sent back On the Platform she just jumped from, with some Bolts still around her body before fully disappearing.
She Managed to Stand back up thanks to her Aura, but then she saw Volgin Jumping across the Rail Tracks right on the same platform she was

"Stand back. All of you!" Volgin Ordered before Cracking his knuckles and Smirking like a sadist
"I'll break her myself."

By now, Most of the Present Faunus knew what was to come next since they had been under Volgins command for a while now, Knowing that at least a few months of Torture Was ahead of the Human girl.

Akame Gripped her sword with both hands Pointing it toward Volgin, while Volgin just started to Walk toward her normally with Electricity emitting from his body
"Go on. try it."

Akame Decided to attack first by Dashing forward, but Volgin was shocked when Akame just dashed right past him and she jumped off the wall, and as she was Lunched back at volgin, she swung her sword right toward his head!

but Volgin managed to dodge and Akame landed down but soon proceeded with several Swings and Slashes toward Volgin, but suddenly Volgin Caught her sword and Akame was shocked because she couldn't Pull Murasames blade out of his Grip

"You've got spirit I'll give you that." Volgin spoke
"But you're too weak to beat me, Little Girl!!!"

then, Electricity was shot right out oh his grip, and it Quickly Traveled down the Blade into Akames hand, and from there to her whole body

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" Akame Screamed in Pain as Volgin electrified her entire body for what felt like 5 painful seconds, before he suddenly stopped and Akame stopped screaming and now stutters of gasping for air. She fell down on both of her knees and Volgin let got of her sword, and she fell down on her side, as there was even some Smoke rising up from her Shoulders.

"Hmph. Still Alive. Good." Volgin said as he slowly reached out a hand Toward her head
"don't want you dying so quick on me yet."

But then, he was surprised when he saw Akames hair start to Give off some king or smoke like Black Aura, and her hair started to Glow Brighter now!

Akame Activated her Semblance: Bury, and Spins her legs around causing Volgin to get kicked away by their speed. Akame jumped back up and started to Attack Volgin with faster and Stronger attacks now.
She didn't think about using her guns: Misery and Comedy since last time he shot at him it proved useless. She attack faster and with more Power, but then She managed to get Volgin off guard and Thrust her Sword straight towards his neck.

"GGGRAAAAAAAAHHH!!!" Volgin roared and a massive amount of Thunder appeared all over his body, and it extended to at least a 1 meter radius of himself. And Akame was caught right in it!

"AAAAH!!!" Akame Screamed again as she was stunned in place because of all the thunder, and worst off, her aura was Heavily weakened now. And then, A massive sense of pain was felt in her belly

Volgin took the chance and punched her straight in her stomach! Akame stumbled backwards holding her Stomach, as she panted in and out. but then, she received a heavy Uppercut into her chin, and she was sent back, and fell flat down on her back while still holding onto her sword.

"Grrr. Chicky cocky little BITCH!!" Volgin yelled as he stumped on Akames body with his feet

"AAH!!...AAHhhh...." Akame Gasped as all the air in her lungs was Literally Kicked out of her.

"Did you really think you could just Take me down with what little experience you have?" Volgin spoke again as he held Akames face with his massive hand, and took Akames right hand too as it was holding onto Murasame
"You'll Regret Meddling with my business little girl!"

And then, a massive amount of Thunder started to Shoot through her body!
And all she could do was scream in pain.

but when he finally stopped, her body was smoking a lot more now, and her grip over her weapon was now lost and Murasame fell on the floor.
The white fang Grunts kept watching...but they couldn't even find any fun or pleasure in this. Sure, this Girl was a human, but what Volgin was doing was far too Horrible and terrifying, even for them!

"There's a good girl." Volgin spoke as he let go of Akame's Hand After she finally let go of her sword, but kept gripping her head
"Now, don't try to break too soon. I like my toys and pets to be durable."

And the next thing that came...was more Electricity and More Screaming.




[Meanwhile, Elsewhere]



"Uh Boss?! We found something that you might wanna see!" A White Fang Grunt called out

"Is it Good or is it Bad? Cus let me tell ya, I have Haaaaaad a day." Roman spoke back from inside a cart

"It's...An Unconscious Little girl in red Boss!" The Grunt called out again

"What?" Roman wondered as he walked out, and saw the Henchmen...Carrying Ruby while she was unconscious after getting heavily beaten down and falling down and hitting her head on the landing
"...Oh you've GOT to be kidding me right now." Roman spoke as he recognized the little red



Chapter Text



[In the woods, Team CEMT]



"Y'all Ready?" Professor Dell Asked, while everyone else just nodded
"Awright. Move out kids!"

at the moment, Team CEMT Along side Professor Dell Conagher, their Engineering Teacher Were being dispatched in the middle of A vast and big Forest in the sides of Vale, and were Prepared to kill Grimm left and right right at the moment they landed.

"All clear here." Emerald said, Putting her Giant Bazooka Away

"Clear here too." Mercury said as well

"Clear." Cinder said as well.

But Neo simply gave a thumbs up.

"Okay kids. our station is just an hour walk from here. If we move fast enough we all will be there in no time." Professor dell stated as he fixed his goggles on his faces.

"Wait wait wait. Why not just drop us off right at this station we're staying at?" Mercury Questioned

"That my boy is quite easy to answer." Dell Said as he looked over to the Students
"It wouldn't have been fun then."

"...I don't follow." Mercury said stating he didn't Understand what Dell meant by that.

"What I meant Boy,"


"..Were those."
Professor Dell said, as he pointed at a Pack of Beowolves behind him
"So get to work kids! Let's see what you really are made out of."

"Ooooh so we could fight Beowolves." Mercury said sarcastically
"Truly, the best way to waste precious time and energy."
But then Emerald elbowed him in his ribcage

"Just get to Kicking damn it." Emerald said, as she pulled out two of her hand guns.

And team CEMT Proceeded with Killing Grimm as they were moving to their Stations, while Professor Dell only watched and observed their Skills.

After about a 30 minute walk, Cinder was starting to Plan out a way to move out of their said Station and Search the area for any White fang Activity, since she was dragged into it because of Ruby Playing detective all of a sudden in the past semester.
In all honestly she still couldn't believe she was actually agreeing in helping her with this whole thing! Not just because It was WAY too Dangerous, but it was WAAAY too risky too! It could get her and her team expelled!

"Hey uh, Cinder?" Emerald suddenly called out and Cinder looked back at her teammate
"Are you doing okay? You seem a little troubled by something."

"Oh, it's nothing. I was just thinking about something else." Cinder answered

"Is it still about the whole thing about the Party crasher back at the dance?" Mercury Asked as he jumped in on the conversation
"Cuz I heard who ever this Girl was, Both you and ruby Actually Had a really tough time against her. Was she really that good?"

"...I wouldn't say she was Good. I'd say...She was tricky." Cinder said
"She had Smoke bombs and dust Arrows, and she even Escaped before things got too hard for her. And she could even read our movements and use the against each other here and then."

"Wow. So she just got on your nerves?" Mercury asked

"Exactly." Cinder answered

"...Wait do you like have a Grudge against whoever that was now?" Emerald asked

"Non of your business." Cinder answered as she moved up ahead of her team

"Yeah she has a grudge because of having half of her own butt handed to her on a sliver platter." Emerald said smugly, and Neo just nodded in agreement

And so as they all walked, they finally reached a Shack that was in the middle of the forest
"And we're here."
Professor dell said

"We came all the way for a Shack?" Mercury said
"Wasn't it suppose to be a...I Dunno a Full on house or something?"

"This shack here is at least 50 years old boy. And back then some people were short on lien so they went with the cheapest choice they had on the table." Professor Dell explained

"That explains a lot." Emerald pointed out Seeing how small the shack was

And as they Entered, Professor Dell walked over to a small door on the floor and flipped it open.
"While the shack itself is small, the lower level of it is the Actual Station."

"So we're Staying in the basement." Mercury guessed

"This ain't a basement. Think of it as floor -1." Dell said

"...Basically the basement." Mercury said as they entered in

The so called 'Floor -1' was...Actually pretty neat.
It had bunk beds, A Small Carpet in the middle, A Radio, a Light bulb that seem to light up the room really finely, And the most important of all: A 'Hang in there' Cat poster too.

"Awww this ones cuuuute! X3" Neo texted on her Scroll as she really liked the cat poster

"Why is there a Cat poster here?" Mercury asked

"....Honestly. I have no gosh darn Idea why that old thing is still there." Dell answered as he scratched his bald head, wondering who put it up there
"Anyway. You kids Put up your bags and other stuff right here. Imma go up and Check out the coms room real quick."
Professor Dell moved up the ladder back on the upper floor into the Shack, leaving the team to themselves.

" girls wanna play some cards? I got a full deck here with me." Mercury Suggested

"Maybe later." Emerald declined as she puts her bag and backpack on a lower bunk bed and sat down on the said bunk bed
"Can't believe we're finally getting our very first mission. It's almost Feels like we're finally doing something outside of just studying."

"...Yes." Cinder agreed, with the little reminder to herself that what Ruby and her friends have been doing for the past month.
" do you thing the others are doing right now on their own missions?" She then asked

"Their probably fine." Mercury guessed
"Wait, Are you worried about your Girlfriend?~"

"Well let's just say the...H-huh?" Cinder gasped at what Mercury said

"Ah Come Oooooon! We've all seen how Close you act around her~." Mercury teased

"you just like to Get on everyones nerves don't you?" Emerald said

"That goes for you too you know." Mercury said

"Oh yeah? with WHO then?" Emerald asked daringly

"With Nero~." Mercury said

"....God your lucky we're in a closed Space or I would have shot you to shit with my rockets by now." Emerald Said

"Come on, We've seen how you two were back in the dance." Mercury reminded
"You both were dancing like there was no tomorrow. And I remember you Hugging onto his Semblance arm when you both passed out after all the Punches you both drank up together."

"H-How Was I suppose to know they make you Sleepy a bit?!" Emerald Said

"And you were cuddling into his Hand like it was a puppy!" Mercury reminded

"His arm was just....kinda warm alright? and my dress was making me start to feel cold A-A-And..." Emerald tried make up an Excuse but...something came to her mind
"....And YOUR One to talk. You thought we wouldn't notice how you've been hanging out with kiana lately?"

"W-Well....Uuuh..." Mercury was now at a loss for words

"Hah! No more comebacks?" Emerald asked, and mercury only stayed silent
"Yeah. I thought so."

"B U R N XD" Neo texted on her scroll and showed everyone her Texting

"You shut your face!" Mercury said toward Neo, who in return just gave him a smug grin

"Not So high and mighty, Huh now mister high heels?" Emerald asked with a smug smile too

"WHATEVER!" Mercury yelled

"Not that your legs could fit in High heels anyway!" Emerald said....but then a realization hits her
"Oh uh, S-sorry that came out wrong."

"What are you on about?" Mercury asked

"You know...Your legs....Prosthetics....Not actual feet?" Emerald said trying to make her Miswords clear

"OH for the Love of.....Uuuuugh alright fine. My legs ARE Prosthetic! THERE I said it! HAPPY?!" Mercury yelled as he pulled up his pants to reveal metal legs
"now PLEASE just stop talking about it already!!"

"CALLED IT!" Neo texted on her scroll, finally being proven right

"...Mercury, if you don't mind me asking, How did you lose...well your legs?" Cinder asked

"Ah I don't mind talking about it." Mercury said stating he was fine about it
"Well....My dad, I-I mean my REAL dad....he cut them off..."

"....Please...tell me that's another one of your shitty jokes." Emerald pleas not wanting it to be for real

"Eheheh...Uuuum.....would you believe me If I said its EXACTLY what really happened?" Mercury asked a little worried about how they'll react to the fact that he was telling the truth.

"Oh god! Why?!" Emerald Asked, not really wanting to believe that this was the truth behind how he lost his legs

"L-look it was just over some stupid bullshit. When I unlocked my semblance he Cut my legs off and some he'll give them back when I get stronger." Mercury explains

"....Mercury that explaining is literally on par with saying 'someones toe was hurting so they slammed their entire feet with a hammer'." Cinder said

"ANYWAY! that's how I lost both my legs and my semblance." Mercury Explained
"And....Well after that one day I ended up killing him and burning the whole house down. and Surprise, He was an underground Assassin for hire."

"....Wait How do you know that?" Emerald asked

"Because after I burned the house down, some of his buddies that he owed a debt too arrived and....Well I killed their best assassin so it was My head now." Mercury Explained
"But one of them stepped in and....Well he just grabbed me and we ran like hell."

"...That was your Step father wasn't it?" Cinder guessed

"Yeah. If the old man didn't step in I'd be dead." Mercury said

"....I kind of understand what you mean." Cinder said
"My adoptive father Save me too. He took me away from a hellish life that I left behind years ago."

" you guys are Adopted too?" Emerald asked

"...Wait 'Adopted Too'???" Merucry asked as everyone looked over to Emerald

"Heh Yeah! I was Pick pocket back then until a lady I used to know found me And forcefully made me work for her!" Emerald said
"Actually half the guns I have were originally hers!"

"My parents died and my uncle adopted me" neo texted on her scroll
"HOLY SHIZ are we like ALL Adopted?! 0-0 "

"...She's right." Emerald said
"guys this team....Is made up of people that ALL are Adopted by someone."

"....Holy crap that's Crazy!" Mercury yelled
"Like really crazy! Who would have thought of that?!"

"Not Me, I tell you that." Emerald said
"Guess that just makes us kind of cooler than the other teams right?"

"COURSE it does gurl XD" neo texted on her scroll.

all the while, Cinder was just looking at her team seeing how much they had in common.
....She actually really liked this moment they were having.

[At night]



Cinder was the one on watch duty while the others were resting up and Professor Dell was just taking a quick nap too.

Cinder looks out the window from the main hall while the others were still in the lower floor....And she might as well just give this a try Anyway. I mean, Who cares if this might get her in trouble am I right?
....Also I meant that as sarcasm.

Cinder checked her weapons before starting to walk in the woods.

'Okay. any kind of trail on White fang will help out. I just need to find it and get back before I get caught snooping around or get Caught sneaking out.' Cinder thought

And as she walked into the woods, Not knowing what awaited her, and soon starts to feel like she was being followed. She wasn't sure if it was a Grimm or someone else.

and the follower extended an arm toward her
"Hey cin_"

Cinder then pulled out one of her guns and pointed it at whoever it was....Only to see that it was her teammate

"C-Cinder chill!! It's me!!" Emerald Said as she put her hands up

"What are you doing here?!" Cinder asked as she lowered her gun

"You just up and disappeared! I came up to check if you wanted to switch shifts but you were gone." Emerald explained
"Also, Why are so far in the woods?"

"...Well....uh...I was....Well..." Cinder said trying to come up with an Excuse, but nothing came to her mind
"L-look....You probably won't even go back so...UGH just follow me."

"Um....Okay?" Emerald then ended up following cinder in this

"Cinder, What are we doing? Seriously you're starting to make me feel concerned." Emerald asked while the two were deeper into the woods

"....I was...Trying to Look for a White Fang hide out." Cinder finally spilled the beans

"....Okay....Sounds Dangerous....and REALLY Far fetched." Emerald said

"What makes you think it's far fetched?"

"Well, First: There is NO WAY a white fang hid out is all the way out here. Second: What even ARE the odds of that happening? and another thing, WHY would you be looking for something like that here?" Emerald asked

"...I'll...Explain later. for now just try to be quiet before-" Cinder tried to say but,

"You girls looking for a white fang base?!" Both Cinder and Emerald look back, and saw Mercury and Neo

".....God damn it..." Cinder cursed


[So a few minutes later]



"Ruby and her friends were Actually up to something like that?!" Emerald asked in shock

"Keep it down!" Cinder said
"And yes. Also We are involved in this too, so we can't talk about it with anyone."

"I'm just more insulted because they didn't tell ME about this. I mean come on! This whole semester was really boring!" Mercury said

"Yeah!" Neo typed in her scroll

"I said keep quiet and just keep moving before....before....." Cinder tried to warn but then noticed something
"...h-Hey...Do you guys hear that...?"

"Hear what?" Mercury asked

"...W-Wait I think I hear something too..." Emerald admitted too

"...Over there." Cinder pointed as she walked ahead and the other 3 followed her.

as they walked, they moved over some trees and bushes, And finally found the source of the sounds....a Weird building filled with white fang faunus.

They instantly recognized them because of their signature white uniforms and half gray and half white masks.

and it seemed like they were moving in some weapon boxes inside too.

"....Hooooooly shit they're actually here." Mercury said in surprise

"What do we do? Should we go back and tell professor dell?" Emerald asked
"I mean, Come on this is insane."

"Lets jet it! PLEASE Let's jet it first!" Neo texted on her Scroll really against the idea of going in head on.

"....Hang on. Lets get some photos first." Cinder spoke up as she pulled her scroll out and entered the photo mode
"We're gonna have to need proof."

"Then let's be quick about it." Emerald said

Cinder took a bunch of Photos of the boxes they were moving in, the White fang members themselves, and their Symbol too.
But then, Cinder found someone....Different.

"..Wait a minute."
She used her Scrolls advanced camera to zoom in on part of the building that seemed to have a fire escape of sorts...and there was red haired woman on top.

"What is it?" Emerald asked as the others looked in on her scroll and saw the red haired woman as well.
" that?"

"Don't know." Mercury said and Neo shrugged her Shoulders too

"Hang on...I don't think she's a Faunus." Cinder said

"Wait so they're working with a human?" Emerald asked
"Does that mean this woman is working with Roman Directly then?"

"Possibly." Cinder guessed. as she eyed the red haired woman...she noticed she was slowly turning around almost toward their direction, resting her elbows on the railings.
"...What the..."

And then the woman, Almost as if knowing they were there from at least an entire mile away....Winked at Cinders camera?

Winked at Cinders camera?




And the others saw this as well. Cinder almost dropped her Scroll and all of them stepped back after seeing the woman wink and send a kiss at them from what felt like a mile away. When Cinder brought her Scroll up again, the woman was suddenly gone!

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" Mercury yelled

"D-Did she know we were here?!" Emerald spoke up next

"CAN WE SPLIT NOW?!?!?! this is starting to turn into some RING or GRUDGE Shiz!!!!! I WANT NO PART IN IT!!!!!!!" Neo, Being the only one that was more panicked about what just happened but being Mute didn't help the fact that she just wanted to scream now.

"Cinder PLEASE let's listen to Neo for once and lets Actually Split!" Emerald begged

"Okay okay everyone just stop Screaming!" Cinder ordered her team to just chill the fuck out.
"Okay, We need to run, Find Professor Dell and tell him what we found."

"Tell Me what Y'all found now?"

Everyone almost jumped when they heard Professor Dell behind them. He apparently came out to look for them and now was the time he found them.

"U-Um...This." Emerald answered as she pointed to the White fang base

"....Well I'll be." Dell spoke actually in surprise as he walked forward and saw what the kids have found
"THAT there is an abandoned dust factory. Guess these W.Fs been taking over it for a while now."

"What should we do now?" Cinder asked

"We call for a ship to pick us up. We need to tell Ozpin and Ironwood about this before_"


"...Before they figure out we're here and start packing to leave..." Dell completed his words as the Sirens were already going off.

"W-What now?!" Emerald asked
"If they run They'll go into hiding somewhere else!"

"Welp, Change o' Places kids." Dell said as he pulled out his weapon from his back Which looked like a modified Shotgun.

" Dell said as he pulled out his weapon from his back Which looked like a modified Shotgun

"We stop 'em here and now ourselves."

"Alright!" Mercury said as he was all for the Idea and cracked his knuckles next.
"Let's kick some ass!"

'...This isn't what I was Expecting at all.' Cinder

Chapter Text

"Hurry up! Pick up all the packages!" A Dog Faunus ordered, While they all were clearing the Abandoned Factory to change hideouts because someone had obviously found them.
"Hurry hurry HURRY!!! We need to get out of here before something happens that'll screw us all over_"

* BOOOOOOM !!!!!!!*

Suddenly, the main gate Exploded and 2 figures started to walk inside.
It was Emerald and Mercury, While Emerald had her Bazooka on her shoulders in a really cool way while being the one that blew the hole in their base from the front gate

"Knock Knock." Emerald said

"Garbage day fellas." Mercury said as well
"So bring on all your trash."

"Wha-Ah- GET THEM!!!" One of them yelled and several of them dashed forward towards the two

"Thanks for your cooperation!" Mercury said as he was ready to take out the so called 'Trash' as he said.

Cinder, Neo and Professor Dell were running inside while most of their forces were distracted with Mercury and Emerald Kicking them across the forest or riddling the with holes while blowing them up with rockets.

"Remember. Stick together at all times!" Dell warned as he had his weapon: Frontier Justice In hand.
((Authors Note: Yeah I'm giving him the Frontier Justice as his main weapon cuz It's really awesome. And none of you will Change my mind. EVER.))

all three of them ran through the hall way that the backdoor opened to and after reaching it's end, they kicked it open and saw a few White fang Faunus Noticed them
"what the?!" One of them which appeared to be a female Deer faunus gasped

"Well, You two do whatchu do best." Dell ordered, And Cinder and Neo just charged forward.

Neo pulled out her Parasol and jumped on one of the Faunuses with on foot and blocked another attack from another one by opening her Parasol, and jumping in the air and flipping around and kicking the white fang Faunus he was standing on toward the other one, Knocking them both back.

Cinder pulled out both of her guns and shot one in the distance, right before Blocking another ones Attack and parrying it instantly and kicking them in the face, sending them crashing into another one.

Professor Dell however, was almost having it easy somehow.
He Aimed his weapon in one direction and Shoots one white fang member into a bunch of boxes. He Then pointed his weapon to his right and shot another shell straight into another Faunus. Meanwhile another One tried to Attack him from behind, but suddenly he Aimed his weapon back by quickly resting it on his shoulder with on hand, and shooting the last one down too.

"Get them!"
But then they heard several more White fang grunts running toward them.

Dell held his weapon and he prepared another Shell into his barrel
"You girls move! I'll handle these fellas."

Cinder and Neo nodded and ran on ahead while Professor Dell was left to deal with the White dang grunts

The Engineering Teacher looked back on to the Grunts that were approaching him
"Well an old late friend would say: If you know what's good for ya, you will run."

Cinder and Neo ran deeper into the factory and kicked away or shot every Faunus in a white fang. They made sure to stop as many of them from running away. But they were sure there was going to be some more trouble far more ahead.

Then they started to move ahead in an open area, but Neo noticed something and Grabbed Cinder by the back of her collar with her Parasol and pulled her back.


And a giant bullet hole appear where Cinder was before Neo pulled her back.

"Who did.." Cinder and Neo looked over to the roof top of one of the parts of the factory where they suspected the bullet was shot from.
But Neo felt one of her eyes ticking after seeing who it was.

"Well look at that." The girl Neo met a few nights ago that helped Roman escape was standing there looking down on both Cinder and Neo, while holding some kind of Scythe-rifle.
"A moving match and the Ugly ice cream mascot are here."

'this bitch again!!!' Neo recognized the girl instantly

'this bitch again!!!' Neo recognized the girl instantly. Remembering how she bad mouthed her the night they met for the first time. So now she was ready for a little pay back.

She pushed Cinder forward a bit, trying to tell her to move on and let her handle this.
"Are you sure?" Cinder asked, almost aware what she wanted to do. In which Neo Nodded.

Cinder then ran up ahead, leaving Neo and Margaret in the open Area, under the shattered moonlight.

But then, Neo noticed that Margaret was now...Whistling.
Margaret was Whistling a Tone Neo wasn't familiar with.

And after she stopped, she looked down on Neo
"You know this song?"

For an answer, Neo shrugs her shoulders as to say 'Should I?'

"How tragic." Margaret said almost hurt that Neo didn't recognize the song, and then Aimed her rifle scythe down on her

"Then let me teach you~."


Battle theme:

Neo charged in first and Margaret just stepped back while aimed her scythe rifles barrel end toward Neo and pulled the trigger.
The moment the bullet was about to reach Neo, she suddenly Disappeared into some pinkish glass like material. Then she suddenly appeared behind Margaret and Prepared to attack her, but then she was suddenly knocked back when she blocked an attack from Margaret's Second Rifle-Scythe.

Seeing she Also had A Second weapon, Neo just Got more frustrated. Margaret still kept that grin on her face and just walked toward her casually. And then she stopped almost half a step away from her, and right in Neos face too.

She kept her grin while Neo stares back at her with an upset expression. As in 'having the girl that called you ugly right in your face' Expression. Neo kept drilling her Glare into Margarets eyes. Then She followed up with a upwards kick that Margaret just dodged by leaning her head backwards a bit. Then she had her Scythe stuck on Neos Parasol which shocked the ice cream girl. Then Margaret started to swing her around by her scythe stuck on her Parasol and Neo thought she was going to through her to a wall and she was prepared to land on the wall gracefully.

But suddenly, Margaret made her Scythe to become unstuck on her Parasol in mid air in a non swinging motion, and while Neo was left in mid air while she was shocked Margaret did a backflip and kicked Neo upwards in the sky.

When Neo managed to turn herself around in the air to look downwards, she Margaret aiming both her scythe rifles upwards toward her.

Seeing this, Neo opened her Parasol to block the bullets.
But then, the first bullet connected with her Parasol and it Exploded! The Impact Made Neo to get blown away a bit. But when she started to fall down, Margaret shot another bullet that connected with her and it sent her crashing into a Pile of metal and junk.

Neo stumbled back on her feet and noticed the girl still grinning at her in a mocking way. Neo was starting to hate Margaret more and more by the second. Neo created another Physical Illusion with her semblance and Dashed behind Margaret and was ready to kick her across the head, but then her attack was blocked when Margaret blocked with her scythes!

Before Neo could pull back, Margaret swipes her feet and makes her lose balance and fall, and then swings her other scythe down on her which Neo blocked.

Neo tried to kick Margaret away but Margaret had her scythe get stuck on Neos Parasol again and back flipped and sent Neo flying upwards in the process.

When Neo landed back she was prepared to attack Margaret again but...Then she saw that she was suddenly Alone!

Neo looked all over the field and saw that she was alone now, with the gothic Lolita no where to be seen. Neo had began to actually panic in a fight for the first time in her life. Not having a read in her enemy out of nowhere was just the worst case scenario.

But then she heard a gunshot and noticed that a bullet was coming her way out of nowhere!!
She dodged the bullet and checked to see where the bullet came from. But then another one came at her from another direction and Neo opened her Parasol to block since she didn't have enough time to dodge.

When the bullet hit her Parasol, the impact was stronger than Last time and it blew her Parasol out of her hands!

Neo looked around in panic and ran to catch her Parasol again, but then she felt a sharp slash hit her Aura from left!
She stumbled a bit but then a lot more attacks hits her over and over and over again, and they seemed to be coming from thin air!!!

Then she felt something get poked at her abdomen, and when she looked, she saw the barrel part of Margaret's Rifle end aimed at her in point blank!!
When she looked up in panic, she saw that Margaret appearing fully and aiming the gun right at her

"You lose, Ice cream mascot."

And as she pulled the trigger, Neo was sent flying back and she felt a really painful Impact in her stomach.

When she hit the ground, her Aura finally disappeared and she was left on the ground motionless.

Battle End.

Margaret starts to walk over to a downed Nei, and looks down on her as she was the winner, and Neo was the loser, and was soon to be dead.

"Hmm...shame." Margaret spoke as she raised her Scythe
"You didn't even get to change your ugly hair before you died."

And right when she was about to swing her scythe down,


Then Margaret had to jumped back before a kick that Mercury threw connects to her head.
But them she had to do a bunch of other back flips to dodge some bullets that Emerald shot toward her.

"Pick her up!! Come on!!" Emerald yelled and Mercury picked up a badly beaten Neo in his arms.

"No you don't!" Then Margaret aimed her rifle at Mercury, but then she noticed something that frightened her.

Rockets. Thousands of rockets suddenly started to fly right towards her out of thin air!!
Margaret Jumped back to avoid all of them, but then she noticed Mercury jumping through the rockets and Kicking her in the stomach!!!

Luckily she managed to block with her scythe and just get staggered back a little.
'what just happened?' she thought to herself, but then she saw multiple Versions of Mercury appear all around her! She started to shoot all of them at random but which ever she hit, they'd just up and disappear. And now that she payed more Attention, the rockets that suddenly appeared a second Ago seem to have not even Exploded Upon impact.

'What's going in?' she asked herself mentally and then her eyes fell on Emerald who was trying to Aim her guns toward her, and she seemed to be Distracted with something too.

'...Oh. so That's what's going on.' Margaret thought to herself as she kept looking at Emerald
'clever girl.'

Then, one of the Mercury's That seemed to have been the really one tried to attack her only for her to jump back, and disappear into thin air again! She first became see through until she became fully Invisible.

"Damn, Where'd that Halloween maid go?!" Mercury shouted as Margaret ran away.

"Doesn't matter. How's Neo?" Emerald Asked

"She's alright. She just had her Aura broken Aaaand a serious case if 'getting beaten up'. A bad one at that." Mercury spoke as he walked over to Neo whom he laid down next to a wall in a sitting position.
"But seriously, Who the Hell was that?!"

"I... Don't know. But whoever she was, she actually managed to beat Neo head on." Emerald said
"And Neo is practically untouchable all the time."

"So should we run before more of them show up?" Mercury asked

"Yes. You carry Neo, I'll deal with any one of them that show up." Emerald said
"Let's go."

"Right-no wait wait! Did you notice when that girl started to shoot randomly?" Mercury pointed out
"Did....Did You do something?"

"Oh, well. It was My semblance. It let's me to make people hallucinate." Emerald explained
"First I made her see a bunch of rockets coming at her, then Made some Fake versions of you when you were putting Neo down."

"...Now THAT is a semblance." Mercury said

"Just move now before more of them show up!" Emerald said

"OH right okay!" Mercury did as she said while still carrying Neo



[With Cinder]



Cinder had been knocking down White fang grunts as she had been running up some stairs towards a rooftop.
As she ran up and reached the rooftop...she found a lone figure on the apposite side, resting on the railings.

"I was wondering when you'd show up, Little girl." The figure spoke up who seemed to be a Female.
She started to turn around and walk over to Cinder.
"I was actually expecting you to show up a lot sooner. You truly kept me waiting."

And Cinder finally took a good look at the woman's face.

And Cinder finally took a good look at the woman's face

"You have disappointed me. I expected more from The kids that have found this hideout."

"You...Your the woman from earlier." Cinder said

"Did you Enjoy my gift?~ 💋" the woman said and she blew another kiss towards her like when she did the first time Cinder saw her.
In which cinder felt a small shiver run up her neck.

"I'm assuming you work with Torchwick. Considering everyone else here are Faunus unlike you." Cinder said

"And you must be a friend of the children that have been Pestering Roman and my other colleagues." The woman said as she stepped forward more
"For a fact, I know that the children Roman spoke of do not have the traits You or the dark skinned girl and the boy have. You must be a new addition to these little, Crime inspectors."

"I mostly got dragged into it really." Cinder said half jokingly
"But why are you even doing this? Who are you and Roman working for?"

"Why? Why not? Why would anyone need a reason?" The woman spoke
"But if I was to give you an Answer.... I'd say, because it is my nature."

"Your Nature?" Cinder asked

"Yes. Mostly it is the Rules of Nature." The woman said, and walked closer to Cinder
" When I was about your age, I was stuck in an never ending battlefield. All I could see were death and blood, my old friends I grew up with slowly disappeared one day after another."

"What are you even on about?" Cinder asked

"Do you know how many Civil wars have been held until almost a few years ago in small parts of all 4 kingdoms girl?" The woman asked
"Dozens. Millions. Just as horrible as the great War."

"Civil wars?....I got it. You grew up in a nomads faction battle in middle of Vacuo. Which they stopped years ago thanks to the authorities from the other 3 kingdoms." Cinder guessed

"Exactly. Everyday was a fight for survival. Bandits, thieves, Gangs, Bikers. No one had any mercy for anyone else." She then looked downwards in a saddened expression
"...Even my family."

"..." Cinder stayed silent as she almost knew how being an Orphan felt. The woman Infront of her was also an Orphan like her.

"...And that's why I butchered those Fuckers."

"Wha-What?" Cinder gasped at her last statement

"My families killers I mean. I found all of them one by one, and made them SUFFER." She said as she held her Hand up which was fisted up.
"Not only that, but I took their Families, friends and loved ones, and tortured them in front of their faces. And made sure their deaths followed next. Slow and painful."

Then she opened her fist into an open hand
"Then, something clicked in me. I had found my calling. I felt...Alive." she walked closer to Cinder
"All my enemies fell like dominos. It was starting to become dull. And so, I decided to take on this job for more pleasure for myself. And...Maybe another reason I won't get into."

"...Your A sick, twisted and Sadistic Bitch." Cinder said as she glared at the woman

"Oh, and your not?" The woman walked toward Cinder more, and Cinder was confused as what she meant
"I know exactly what you are, my girl. You are an Orphan, just like me. I can see it in your eyes. And I can see you have suffered too from the way you simply talk. What was it? Horrible adoptive parents? Your orphanage threw you away?"
She then suddenly stopped walking when she was close enough to Cinder
"...Child Labor?"

Hearing the last part, Cinders eyes widened slightly and looked away from her.
"Ahh~. I guessed right, did I not?"

"What is it to you?!" Cinder yelled, having heard Enough of this older woman's ramblings

"When A child has suffered at such an young age, there is always a 50/50 chance that they might enjoy other people's suffering. Just like how I do." The woman said
"And, I can tell that we are cut from the same cloth, you and I."

"What? No! No. I'm NOTHING like you!" Cinder said, denying the woman's accusation

"Really now? Then tell me: What do you fight for?" She asked
"What is your reason to fight? Why do you want to be a Huntress?"

"Why...?" Cinder looked down, in deep thought.
Why did she want to be a Huntress? What was she fighting for?
......what was her answer?...then...she remembered the man that saved her from a dreadful life.
"...Because I made a promise. I promised someone that helped me that I'd become a Huntress. And I intend to keep it."

"...Hmph. So Naive!" The woman said
"You truly think you can be A hero in a world like this?"

"You won't be there to know." Cinder said as she cocked her guns hammer, ready to shoot the woman.

But she then heard Emerald calling out to her, and looked back to see Emerald, Mercury and Neo who was leaning onto Mercury while had a hard time to walk on her own.
"Are you okay?"

Then, Professor Dell was next to run up to them next
"Is everyone of Y'all okay?"

They nodded and Dell then looked over to the red hair Woman, and he has seemed to be really Shocked
"...No way....Mistral?"

"Professor Dell, you know this chick?" Mercury asked

"Yeah I should....she's #1 on Atlases most wanted list. And has been missing from action for almost 8 months now. And responsible for deaths of many hunters." Dell explains
"And Extremely Dangerous."

"Thank you for the introduction." Mistral said
"Also, your all too late."

"Huh?" Dell looked over and noticed multiple Trucks preparing to Drive off from the high ground he was on
"Damn. Some of 'em are makin' a run for it!"

"...All of you. Go and stop them." Cinder spoke and stepped forward
"I'll deal with her."

"What?! Cinder are you crazy?! You can't possibly want to fight her by yourself alone!" Emerald yelled.

"I said Go!" She looked back toward the others
"Go. I can handle this."

" better Not die on us young lady." Dell said as he took out his Weapon again
"Come on. They're gonna get away if we don't stop them now!"

"...cinder. be careful." Emerald said as they ran and cinder was left to fight Mistral

"Awww~. How brave of you." Then she started to unbutton her jacket.
"But quit stupid."

And as she unbuttoned jacket fully, she let it fall....and Cinder was greatest with a sight that actually scared her.

and Cinder was greatest with a sight that actually scared her

....Hands.....Hands, ALL OVER Mistral's shoulders.
'...This seriously looks like someone's Wet dreams.' cinder thought to herself.

"Now, Let's see if you can actually your words about your promise....Holds true." The, she suddenly pulled out a double Bladed spear in both ends, that looked like was formed from Several Other arms, which made Cinder even MORE uneasy.

"Come. Mon chéri." Mistral said as she held her weapon, and Cinder Aimed her gun-swords toward Mistral


Battle theme:

Cinder was the first to Attack and Mistral swings her Weapon towards her. Cinder blocks but is almost thrown back because of the weapons range. Cinder decided to shoot but Mistral spun her weapon around and blocked every single bullet. But while she was distracted with the bullets, Cinder dashed in and swung her guns blades at Mistral. But two of Mistrals MANY arms blocked. And Mistral kicks Cinder away.

Cinder landed back on her feet and aimed her guns at the older woman, but she blocked all bullets while Cinder ran around her and kept shooting. Mistral kept blocking or deflecting the bullets somewhat easily.

hen Cinder slights On the floor toward her and Shoots towards her from below and She either dodged or Blocked, but when Cinder was close enough she started to swing her Gun-swords at her and she blocked.

They pushed each other off and start clashing their Weapons over and over while dodging some attacks here and there.

Cinder then dodged several Swings of Mistrals Weapon by doing several back flips.

But suddenly, Mistrals weapon swings her weapon around one of her feet and it wrapped around her heel. Cinder got shocked that her weapon could also function as a whip like weapon, but didn't have enough time to react when Mistral started to swing her around and lunched her through the air over the railings, And Cinder was thrown right on a giant pipeline.

Cinder stumbled back up after getting slammed into Shear metal after getting swinged around in the air by her foot a bunch of times. And then She saw Mistral jumped and land gracefully on the same pipeline a few meters away from her.

"I expected...More." Mistral said in a mocking tone, while Cinder grit her teeth and put her guns away and started to melt a few small parts of the pipe and After burning them, She shaped them into sharp black glass shards and made them all towards Mistral.

Mistral started to Deflect and block them all while she was starting to have a hard time this time now.
Cinder made a few shards to shape into twin blades similar to that of Her brothers: Shirou.
She then dashed forward with the said blades and started to fight with Mistral again and they both started to Clash weapons left and right again. Until Cinder managed to push Mistral back and delivered a well placed kick right into her face which sent Mistral stumbling back.

When she looked up towards cinder, she was smirking and then jumped high up in the air and she then whipped both of her Weapons bladed ends into Cinders left and right sides.
Cinder was confused as she saw this and wondered why Mistral had missed. But then she was shocked when she found out what Mistral was up to.

"Here's a present!" Mistral yelled, and lunched herself at Cinder by pulling on her weapon that was still stuck on the pipe

"Shit!!" Cinder Cursed and managed to jump out of the way before Mistral could land a heavy double kick on her!
But in ended up with the Pipeline getting destroyed from the middle and the other sides of it started to fall as well.

Cinder jumped down and when she landed, the part of the factory that she had landed on was caught on flames now.
When she looked over to Mistral she saw her walking over to her
"This ends, NOW!!" She yelled and smacked her weapon onto the ground like a whip.

Cinder Dashed forward towards Her but Mistral started to attack Cinder by spinning with her weapon in a circular motion just like a wheel! Cinder gasped as she saw this and quickly dodged out of the way. But the Mistral came towards her with the same attack and Cinder could barely dodge that on too! But for the third time, Cinder tried to block but was almost thrown off of her feet while doing so.

and when Mistral stopped using the same attack, She whipped her Weapon around Cinder, locking her arms around her waist.
Cinder struggled to break free but Then Mistral swung her up wards but Cinder flipped in the air and kicked herself off from whatever flaming ceiling was left, And landed behind the other woman, but before she could swing her weapons at her, Some of Mistrals Hands on her back caught her. Two hands on her throat, 3 over her left hand, and 2 over her other hand.

Mistral laughed as she made the 2 hands over her throat start to choke her.

Cinder struggled all she could until she let go of one of her Glass blades and managed to break her right hand and held it on the hands on her neck, in which Mistral just laughed at seeing it as futile.

But then, Cinder used her semblance and started to burn one if the hands on her throat, and making it to melt off by the wrist.

Mistral gasped as one of her arms was useless now, but then Cinder pulled out one of her Gun-swords and shot the other hand off and freed her throat. Then she sliced off the 3 hands on her left arm, then kicked herself away and managed to slice off some of Mistrals other hands.

And Mistral was not thrilled about that
She lunched her weapon in a stabbing way towards Cinder, and she dodged it and made it get stuck on a wall.
Mistral then saw Cinder in a lower position, and then She took the chance and Stabbed Mistral in the stomach with her Glass blade!!!

"GRAAAAAHHH!!!" Mistral yelled in pain as the blade was dug deep in her abdomen, and then Cinder followed up by kicked her away, and shooting her multiple times.

And Mistral stumbled back and fell backwards in a sitting position by a Box behind her.


Battle End


"...You...Didn't have Aura?" Cinder asked as she hand noticed her Blade and bullets injured Mistral far too Easily

" body was modified by.... Cybernetics..." Mistral said as she panted in pain

"Cybernetics...?" Cinder said

"...Haah...haah...ha...hahaha...I weren't...As weak as I thought....even if I had gone Serious from the might have actually still have had a chance even then..." Mistral said
"...Just tell me...How didn't turn out like me...We both are orphans...We have suffered....we have trusted no one but ourselves...Then why... Just how...?"

"... I guess...I just had a really overprotective family." Cinder answered

"Haha...Family huh?...I see...."
Then, Mistral tossed something towards Cinder and she caught it
"Take it. It's a key card for the gate over there. You can escape through there."

"But, what about you?" Cinder asked

"...I've...accepted my fate...a long time ago....but be careful...there are those that plan to destroy Vale some day. Be aware of that..." Mistral warned Cinder

"Destroy Vale? Who?!" Cinder asked

"There is no more time...GO!!!" Mistral yelled, in which cinder could hesitantly accept and run away.

"Haah...haah...huh?" She then noticed her scroll getting a call, and when she answered,

"Mistral?! What's going on over there?! Your vitals are dropping from what I'm seeing!!"

" you noticed..."

"What's happening right now?! Report damn it!"

"Haah...Some of those children's Friends found us....I fought their leader...she was....A lot better than she looked...It was my fault to underestimate her because of her age...."

"Damn! Okay okay, listen, do. not. Die on me! You are LITERALLY the only person I can rely on out of all of these other Psychos!"

"I cannot do that...Haah...I'm practically on my death bed..."

"No no no no do NOT say that! Come on Mistral, I NEED YOU!"

Hearing Roman say that, Mistral almost froze up hearing such words from Roman of all people...and she smiled to herself a bit
"...I'm sorry...But...this is it for me careful..."

"No No Mistral DON'T YOU DARE HANG UP ON ME AGAIN!! I swear if you hang up ONE MORE TIME like EVERY OTHER I WON'T_"

...and she hung up.
'...I'm sorry I have to leave you like this Roman....and I wonder...if I had friends and family that cared for me even after I lost everything......would be....Like that girl too...'

....and then, her eyes lost all life and light that they held.


[With Roman]



...Roman looked at his scroll that showed Mistrals vitals...That now had dropped to zero. Which meant it was too late for her now.

"...God damn it ALL!!!" he then threw his scroll at the metal wall by himself. First Neo and Travis leave him, now Mistral dies. He was starting to think that his life was one abandonment after another. But this time, He felt like it was...Personal.
"...Next time I see those kids, I will make them Suffer for this. ALL of 'em"

"Uh Boss?! We found something you might wanna see!!" A white fang grunts called out to him

He soon Pulled himself back together
"Is it good or is it bad? Cuz let me tell ya, I have Haaaaaaad a day!" Roman yelled back, Not wanting to deal with anything after Mistral died seconds ago miles and miles away.


It's...An unconscious Little girl in Red boss!!"

"...What?" He walked out of the Train cart he was on, and he instantly recognized the said unconscious girl with a red hood.
"...Oh you've GOT to be Kidding me right now."
He said.


[All the way in patch.]


"There it is." A white fang grunt spoke as he and some of his brothers and sisters were Infront of the 'Devil May Cry' agency.
"Remember, we break in. Kill the bastard, and burn it all to the ground. Now Go!!"

They kicked the door open and ran in guns and swords at hand....but found the place to be empty.

"Where is he?!" One of them yelled

"Is it Rubies Birthday Already?"
Then they looked up and saw the man they were looking for: Dante Redgrave, sitting on a second level of Shop, with his sword rested in his shoulders
"I thought it's a few more days from now! Because you fellas sure are dressed up for Halloween."

Chapter Text




[Raccoon City, R.P.D.]




'....She's been gone for a while now....'
Anastasia thought to herself while she was in her own sleeping bag, And She couldn't help but feel worried for her leader that was still outside in Raccoon city's remains.

She has had enough and just gets out of her Sleeping bag and noticed that Nero was still awake too and was playing around with his scroll.
"Couldn't sleep too?" He asked still looking into his Scroll

"No...I'm just really worried about Akame." She answered

"I'd say she'd be fine, but....I'm really worried for her too. I mean this is an entire City in ruins Filled with Grimm. Who wouldn't be worried if a bunch of kids would get stranded in a place like this?" Nero said

"I know that, But I'm still just really worried for her. I...just really don't want her to get hurt." Anastasia Said

"Don't worry. If something happens, we'll just have to Save her ass." Nero said
"But for now, We should just wait until she either comes back or calls us."

"Yes...." Anastasia Said as she sighed....and decided to ask something that she wanted to ask for a while now
"Nero....You have a family, right?"

"Hm? What brought this up?" Nero asked

"I-I mean...You and Mordred have a Normal family. A family that isn't...As horrible as Mine. So...I just wanted to know that, how does it really feel to have a good family? My family is anything but good. My father doesn't care about me, My oldest sister barely notices me, my little brother is a brat, my mother is an alcoholic, And my only family has been Weiss and Uncle jean Pierre...who is dead." Anastasia explained
"So...I just wanted to know...How does having a Good family feels like?"

"...Well...It feels...Pretty good." Nero said
"My old man...well I'd say he isn't the best dad in the world. But He still cares about me an Mordred. He only is hard on the both of us and Ruby and her sisters cuz he just wants the Best for us. If he's a jerk sometimes is because he wants us to be stronger."

"...While My father only wishes to benefit himself." Ana said

"Hey, Quit getting salty over that. Just being Angry at your family for being Douchebags ain't gonna make you feel better." Nero said

"I know...I just wish I also had a Good Father too..." Ana explained

"You still have Weiss though. Right?" Nero said

"Yes I do...But having a good family and Having a Single good sister are Two different things Nero." Ana explained

"Does that even matter? She's still considered family to you." Nero pointed out



"Huh?" Nero then looked over and noticed Felicia suddenly jump out on his sleeping back
"Felicia? W-Wait how did you get here?"

"The cat?" Anastasia them walked over to them too
"Wait...Did Akame bring her with us?"

"Oh god. If Snake finds out we're toast!" Nero said

"I already know."

"AAH!!" Both teammates got startled when Snake suddenly popped up out of no where right behind them.

"But If I had to wager a guess, I'd say She Snuck in one of our backpacks. I've seen this cat Do it a lot." Snake explained

"Let's hope it's that and....Wait. she's holding something." Nero said and took something out of Felicias mouth
"It's...Akames Scroll?!"

"What?" Snake said as well,

"...Akame..." Anastasia Said under her breath, Really worried about her partner and leader




[Subway tunnels]




Akame finally managed to wake up, And she found herself in a dark and Empty room.
She then noticed she was tied to a Chair with chains. Her legs stuck to the ends, and her arms chained behind the Chair
'....This isn't good.' she thought to herself

"Ahh! You finally Awake!"
She then heard someone from behind her speak up. And she looked back and saw it was The man that knocked her out in the first place.
"Did you have a Nice sleep?"

"...You." Akame said, and stares at Volgin.

"I'll take that as a yes." Volgin said, and walked over around her to stand in front of her.
"You must be one of those Brats that have put some complications In my work. You match the description of one of them perfectly."

Akame looked around the room, but the said room was empty. And it was just her and Volgin

"Now tell me. How did you find this place?" Volgin asked


"Silence Eh?" Volgin then put a hand on Her shoulder, and it started to spark with electricity again
"Let's see how long you'll keep it up!"

'Crap! Hes gonna_'
Akame thought but didn't get to finish because Volgin started to send Bolts of Electric waves into her body!


"AH! Aah!! Aaagh!!"
Akame Grunted as she felt her body jolt around as she grits her teeth

Volgin then stopped and pulled his hand away from her shoulder
"Just so you know, That was just a really small Amount of How much Electricity I can produce. The more you resist to answer, The Stronger it'll Become. And also more painful as well!"

Akame Panted as she looked up at Volgin, And was really worried about how long she can hang on Against him.

"So. How did you find this hide out? Where are the rest of your friends?" Volgin questioned again


"Heh. Have it your way!"

* Bzzzzzzzz *

[Back in mount Glynn]

"Wake up."


"Hey! Get up you little twerp!"


"...screw it. Gimme some water or something!"
Roman yelled, and one of his men brought a Canteen of water
"Why thank you. Now, for the last time: WAKE UP RED!!!"


"KYA!!! Wh-Wha?!" Ruby suddenly gasped as there was water splashed all over her face.
She looked up and was shocked when he saw Roman

"Good morning little red! Did you have a good sleep?" Torchwick asked
"Frankly I don't care about the answer because you have a lot to explain young lady."

He then held his Candy Cain right under her chin and held her head up
"How did you find this place."

Ruby looked around herself. And noticed one of the white fang grunts had her crescent rose. She had to plan something out and grab her weapon before it's to late.

"Listen. I am In, A VEEEEERRRRRYY Bad mood tonight. I just practically Lost a very old friend literally a few minutes ago." Roman explained
"And I might not even be able to be held responsible for what I might do to you. So, Talk!"

"...What, You mad?" Ruby asked

"Excuse me?" Roman said

"I said, You mad?" Ruby asked again, And then suddenly smirked
"Well? Whatchu gonna do about it?"

"...You. are. Seriously. Starting. To. PISS. me. The. HELL. OFF!!!" Roman slowly said, and pressed his Candy Cain Right at her forehead
"Oh AM I MADAM I? Well little red! Let tell you that I WAS mad a few seconds ago, but Now, I AM REAAAAAALLLY ANGRY!!!"
He pressed his Cain closer and closer into Rubies Forehead making her to lean her head back, And Roman got closer to her
"And In all honesty, I do NOT Like how your talking to me! Almost reminds me of someone I REAAAALLY HATE! With that Smirk, That tone, how cocky you sound, DEAR LORD you are starting to almost be some kinda copy of him if you can make me THIS MAD!! As if your_"

"His Daughter?" Ruby suddenly spoke up, and Roman just looked at her confused
"Your talking about Dante Redgrave right~?"

"How do you....No..."


"Noooo No No No! I do NOT believe this! Your messing with me!!" Roman pressed the candy Cain ever harder on her forehead, and was getting even closer

'just a little closer.' ruby thought to herself, Seeing her taunting was working
"No wonder Me and My sisters could screw your Plans up so many times. Because Our dad could do it Too! Like father Like daughter I guess!"

"You're SERIOUSLY pushing it now!!!" Roman yelled

"Also, If dad could really humiliate you so many times, You must feel like the world's Worst criminal mastermind EVER!" Ruby started to Taunt even louder, and the Faunus around them were starting to get a bad feeling about how this'll end

....Let me to tell you right now so you can be conformed of something: Roman is REALLY angry now

He got closer with Rage in his eyes, and was about to blast Her head into little bloody chunks, and he was almost too close to her now


Roman barely could Gasp with how much pain her felt because of Rubies leg all the way in his Crotch.
Yes, when he got close enough, Ruby kicked his Balls.
He then fell over and held his testicles

She then used her semblance to grab her Weapon off the white fang grunt and unfolded it!

"Damn it! Kill her now!!" One them yelled, but ruby just took all of them down.

"Boss!" A Faunus yelled as he ran up to Roman
"You okay?"

"Kill that brat....Right now...." Roman managed to speak as he held his balls more
"Get her...or I'll have Your heads on my wall!"


A little explosion was heard which took Rubies and the other criminals attentions

"What...Was that?" One of the Grunts asked



"For the love of- WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!!!!???" Roman yelled, as he looked over to where the explosion was happening.

But then, Ruby and Roman noticed Her team, Professor Oobleck and Sif running toward them.

"...Time to go!" Ruby yelled as she started to run over to the others

"Someone Kill her NOW!!! Oh and THE BLONDE ONE TOO!!!" Roman yelled, as they started to shoot only for Ruby to run off

"Grrr! Attach this cart and Spread the word!" Roman ordered
"We're starting the train."

"But we're not finished!" The man he ordered said

"Just do what I tell you!!! Or YOUR Finished!!" Roman yelled as he started walk...Painfully
"...Guess My testicles Are already finished."


[Raccoon City]





"AAH!! GRRR-AH! AAAAAAAH!!" Akame screamed louder in pain.
By now, Volgin had been been using more and more of his semblance to Torture Akame for Information.
But finally, he stopped and Akames head fell forward and she started to gasp rapidly, Her muscles still feeling Tense and twitching because all of the Elctro-Torture she was getting.

"Your only going to make it more painful for yourself, Young lady." Volgin said, and Stepped around her a little
"If you tell me what I want to know, It'll be over."

"..." She kept being silent and her face was still looking down, And her hair was cover up her face.

Volgin then Placed a Hand on her chin and forcefully Made her to look up.
Akame just looks at Volgin with a death Glare and He just smirked.

"And maybe, If your even More cooperative, I might even show you a good time." Volgin spoke
"Who knows, Maybe you might even Like it."

"....You're disgusting." Akame said.

"Grr." Volgin frowned at her rebellious Nature and Let go of her chin ant started to Hold a really Hard grip over her entire face
"Who said you can Talk back to me!!!"



But Outside, Two White fang Guards were staying watch outside the door, and They could hear the girl Screaming even louder now.

"God, I'm starting to feel bad for that kid." The male white fang guard said

"Yeah...I know she's a human, but this is starting to be too much." The other Guard who was a female Spoke her discomfort as well
"I just....I just wish he'd stop. Hearing this more is really scaring me too."

"Hey. It's at least her and Not us." The male guard pointed out
"If we started to step out of line, we'd be in that girls place! Let's just hope he doesn't kill her and....Well you know..."

"Hope he focuses on torturing her and Not us?" The female one guessed, and the male one nodded


"Huh?" The female one the noticed something on her right
"Is that....A cat?"

Volgin then stopped shocking her by the face, and let her go

"Tell me how did you find this place!! And where are your friends too! I doubt you're Alone!!" He yelled

Akame then whispered something

"Hm? What was that?" He Bent down to listen to her closely

"....You're nothing but a sadist." She then spoke up loud and more clearly
"If you think I'm just going to let you have fun by breaking me, then your just wasting your time."

"..Why you cheeky little!"


"Grah...." Akame Grunted when Volgin backhanded her across the face
"...You really are stupid too..."

"What was that?!"

"...Your semblance lets you to make electricity from your body...and somehow, It can Move right under Aura." Akame started to explain his Semblance right into his face
"But here's the problem. Your semblance only passes My Aura, It doesn't fully break it."

"What are you saying?"

"Well. By just torturing me with Your Semblance, You didn't break my Aura. Which means Everytime you stopped, I recovered a bit."

"What?!" Volgin then started to see what she meant.
She was being tortured, and was getting recovery from her Aura all at the same time because His semblance just passes through her Aura, not breaking it.

"If you really didn't notice that, then you have no idea how your own Abilities function." She then looked up straight into his eyes
"That's why I'll say it again for you: You really are stupid!"

Volgin grits his teeth for seeing this girl Say something like this. He didn't like it when he was outsmarted like this, Speciality from a girl of all things!

"YOU LITTLE BITCH!!" He then held his fist up and made sure it's filled with every ounce of His Semblances power

But then, He heard the two guards from outside grunting and sounds of bodies falling in the floor hard

"Huh?" He then looked back at the door
"What's going on out there?!" He yelled, but heard no Answers
"Hey! Is someone out there?!"

He walked over to the door, but then the door was kicked open, and A chaff grenade was thrown right inside toward Volgins face!


* BLANG !!*

The chaff grenade exploded right in his face, and he stepped aside holding his face in pain

Then to Akames shock, Snake Came running in

"U-Uncle snake!"

"Hold still!"
Snake said, and aimed his Guns right at The chains that were tied around her legs and shot the chains off.

"YOU!!!" Volgin yelled and held his hand toward snake and prepared to send a massive Electricity Wave at her.

"Hya!" But then Akame lifted both of her legs up and Kicked the back of his knees, making him grunt and get dropped in his knees.

"HHHHRRAAA!!" then Snake yelled and Ran forward and jumped forward too and hits His knee right into Volgins face.

After Volgin fell down, he landed on his arms and lunched himself upwards behind Akame, And shot her other chains that tied her wrists.

"Uncle snake. Where are the others?" Akame asked as she got up.

"They're here too." Snake answered and then tossed Akame her Sword: Murasame and her guns, Misery and Comedy.
"Now go! I'll deal with this oversized Car battery myself!"

"...Okay. But be careful." Akame was hesitant at first, but then decided to follow his orders and ran out.

When Volgin started to get back up, his eyes fell right on Snake
"You...I should have known You'd be involved."

"And you seem to be in a bad mood already." Snake said
"I'm willing to take a guess that Akame got to your head pretty easily right?" he said mockingly

"After I'm Through with you, I'll personally break that brats spin in two myself." He then started to generate more Electricity from his body

Then, Snake pulled out another Gun from behind his belt, which looked like,

Then, Snake pulled out another Gun from behind his belt, which looked like,

"Let's see you actually beat someone your own size for once." Snake said and Aimed his gun at him.

After Akame ran out, She noticed Her team fighting off several white fang Grunts.
But after they were done, they noticed Akame running over to them

"Akame!" Anastasia called out
"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, but we need to do something about that train down the other side of the tunnel. I overheard that they are put bombs in them!" Akame Explained

"Bombs?! Why?!" Nero said

"I don't know." Akame answered


they all saw Snake jump out of the Room Akame as in to dodge a massive Electric Explosion inside.

He then walked back to the others while keeping his Gun: Patriot Aimed at the door for Volgin.

"Boss! You there!?" A white fang Grunt Called out, and Volgin just Walked out

"Attach the last Cart onto the rest! We're going now!" Volgin ordered

"Y-Yes sir!" the grunt said and ran off

"What are they doing now?" Shirou questioned

"We have to stop them! What ever they're trying to do with the train Can't be good!" Snake said and took their attention

But then, they all got surrounded by white fang soldiers.
But while they were busy with the Grunts, They heard Volgins voice over the microphones.

" Everyone On board! We are starting the operation now! "

"Damn! Their moving the train!" Shirou cursed

"We have to stop it!" Anastasia Said

Soon they started to push through all of the Enemies and managed to see the heavily armed train leaving the train station.

And they jumped right on before it speeds away!

"So, what now?!" Nero asked

"...We need to stop this train." Akame said





[Inside the Train]



A white fang Faunus came in the cart where Volgin and Another Faunus that handled the train were
"Sir! They managed to jump on the last cart!"

"Well? Go out there and DEAL WITH THEM!!!" Volgin yelled and the Faunus just left
"Tsk. Animals. All of them."
He then looked over to the Faunus that managed the controls
"And THAT includes you too if you don't speed this thing up!"

"Y-Yes sir!" The Faunus nodded and Made the train to go faster.

[Back on the top of the train]

"Okay! Listen, Every one stick close together! And make sure you don't fall!" Snake warned loudly so the students could hear him clearly.
And Mean while, Akame Has Felicia hang onto her shoulder so she wouldn't fall off the train.

"Um, what the hell is this thing here?!" Nero shouted, and everyone else looked over to where he was while he was looking at some kind of device inside a hatch on the top of the cart

"That's...A bomb." Shirou answered him

"What?! How can you be sure?!" Nero yelled

"It does look like a bomb." Anastasia Agreed.

"They said they were loading bombs in board too." Akame said as well

"And that IS a bomb! I can tell!" Snake said as well

After hearing their answers, Nero quickly jumped away from the bomb in Panic.

But then Shirou noticed something
"More of them incoming!"

They all saw more White fang soldiers coming their way on the top of the Train.

"Well great." Nero frowned

*Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!*

"....I think the bomb is ready to go off now." Akame pointed out

"OH YOU THINK?!" Nero yelled

"Damn! All of you, Move up to the next cart!" Snake yelled, but before Anastasia could go as well, Snake held her shoulder to stop her
"Wait! you have to freeze the cart lock and Break it to disconnect this Cart! Or the explosion will Kill us all!"

"Understood!" Anastasia Said and jumped down in the middle of the carts and prepared her semblance to Freeze the middle of the carts, and break it to make the carts to be apart.

But then suddenly, The cart got separated by itself and Anastasia was surprised.

"Um, Everyone?! It got separated by itself!" Anastasia yelled as she looked up to the top of the cart

"It did?!" Nero said sticking his head out to face Anastasia

"They separated it themselves." Shirou guessed
"They seriously don't want us on this train."


Then they saw the Cart that was left behind explode.

"Wait then what was even the point of having a bomb onboard if they can just separate the Carts?!" Anastasia asked

"Everyone! Look!" Akame called out and they all saw another hatch on the top of the cart, with another bomb inside.

"Another one?!" Nero yelled

"Wait a second." Snake said as he started to run to the next Cart.
He opened up another hatch, and what he saw shocked him
He faces toward the students on the previous cart

The students were hesitant at first but the also jumped on the Next cart too and as they did, The cart they were on was disconnect too

"Okay, can somebody, ANYBODY Explain what the hell are they trying to do here?!" Nero asked

"More trouble!" Shirou yelled and pointed towards more White fang Faunuses coming toward them on the top of the train!

"OH great now there's THESE Assholes!!!" Nero said and Pulled out his bluerose.

After taking care of multiple White fang Faunus, Snake noticed several high level Creatures of Grimm starting to crawl out of some of the cracks in the walls tunnels.
He then looked forward to where the train was headed, and he noticed something that he figured out far too late.
"... Shit!"

He then called out to the students
"All Of you!! Look!"

Akame and her team looked back and saw at least a dozen Creatures of Grimm chasing the train!

"It's ..Gathering the Grimm." Akame figured out

"But why?! What are they trying to do with all of these Grimm in Raccoon City?!" Anastasia questioned.

"We're not in Raccoon City anymore!" Snake said and the others were surprised
"This train is headed to Vale!"

"Vale?! But we're like hundreds of miles away from vale right now!" Nero yelled

"This tunnel leads toward another Tunnel that leads to Vale! Which was sealed years ago!" Snake Explained to everyone's shock
"If we let this train to get on the Railroad toward vale, It'll draw all of the Grimm straight in the public!"

"Um...Is this Tunnel that we are currently on also closed up as well?" Anastasia asked

"Yeah! What about it?" Snake Answered
In which, Anastasia pointed forward and...Everyone saw the rest of the path was boarded up!
Snake yelled and then they all crouched!

Suddenly, some of the White fang grunts opened up some of the carts and aimed rocket launchers towards the boarded path, and fired them all off and blew away the boards!
And then, the train almost took a Sharp turn and now was on a larger and wider tunnel.

"Is everyone alright?!" Akame Called out, And her team just nodded.

But Shirou noticed something else as well
"Shit! Everyone look! Another train!!!"

"What?!" Nero gasped along side the others and they looked over, and saw another train was now on the other rail road too!

And not only that, but they noticed that there were also other people on the top of the other train too!
And Akame instantly recognized 2 of them.

"Ruby?! And...Yang?!" Akame gasped as she saw her sisters on the other train too

"SIS?!" Her younger sisters also gasped as they noticed their older sister on the other train too.

"Weiss too?!" Ana gasped as well

"Professor Oobleck is with them too!" Shirou pointed out

"W-Wait is that Sif with them?!" Nero pointed out

"Oh no..." Snake said as he looked back, And noticed Thousands upon Thousands of Grimm coming through the Tunnel that leaded back to Raccoon City, and were being added to a large Number of Grimm that were already chaising after the other train.
"They're having Two trains to lead The Grimm into vale!"

"Shit this is Seriously Crazy!!" Nero said

"We have to stop these trains faster!" Akame said

Snake then looked toward Akame, Nero and Shirou
"You three! Go inside the train and stop it on the inside!"
Then he looked over to Anastasia
"You stay here with me and help me stall the rest of them on top!"

They all Nodded and started to get to the plan.
Akame looked over to the other train and saw Ruby fighting alongside Oobleck and Sif, and could guess that Yang and the others jumped inside too.
"...Please just be careful you two."

And so, Akame, Shirou and Nero jumped inside their own train.
And Yang, Weiss and Blake jumped inside their own as well.



[Inside  ASNs  train]




A white fang subordinate opened the door in a hurry
"Sir! They managed to get inside the train!"

"So what Am I keeping you all Alive for?! Get out there and Kill them!!" Volgin yelled and the subordinate quickly exits scared for his life
"Seriously! Literally Animals!"
He then turned to the train driver
"And I think I told you to Make this train go FASTER!!!"

"But we're already at max speed!" The Faunus yelped in fear

"Well drop the carts Faster then!!" Volgin ordered

At the last few carts on the back, Nero, Shirou and Akame with Felicia still On her shoulder Ran as fast as they could to stop the train from reaching it's destination.
While running through the carts, They suddenly came to a full stop when they entered an Open cart with another Paladin like last time blocking their way!

The Paladin Stepped toward them and swung it's massive fist right at them, But Akame slide on the ground and dodged the fist and passed the Robot, But the other two back flipped to dodge as well.

Akame looked back toward the others, and she saw Shirou calling out to him
"You go on ahead! We'll deal with this one!"

"Just be careful!" Akame told them and ran up ahead

"Good. So how do we deal with this?!" Nero asked

"...Give me a second." Shirou said and puts his twin blades back, and Held his hand forward

And then, Nero saw that somehow, Shirou was channeling his own Aura into the palm of his hand. Then it started to take shape too!

And in a bright blue light, there was something in Shirous hand was Weisses weapon:

" the..." Nero Wondered in shock seeing His partner suddenly had Weisses sword now, But the Paladin started to close in on them!

Then, Shirou spun around and Struck the sword into the met floor, and A path of Ice rised up and froze the paladins legs in place.

Nero then Activated his Semblance arm and punched it making it stumble backwards.

Then, Weisses weapon disappeared and then, Rubies scythe: Crescent Rose took it's place and he managed to Follow Rubies exact Movements and stabbed it's blade into the metal ground and rapidly Shot the Paladins pushing it back toward the edge.

Then, He created an Exact Replica of Neroes weapon: Red queen, and revved it up exactly how Nero does it.

Seeing what he was planing, Nero also Revved up the original Red Queen, and they both rushed at the Paladin and Started to swing at the same time, And they both sent the Paladin falling off the train!!

They both watched the giant robot roll around and get lost within the hordes of Grimm behind the trains.

"Okay. What was That just now?" Nero questions his partner

"That was my semblance. I can copy and recreate Any weapon I've seen with my own Aura." Shirou Explained

"...Sick." Nero complemented
"That is Seriously some semblance right there."

"I appreciate it, But let's go and save Our leader before she gets into more trouble without us." Shirou said, and they both started to run.



[In the Other train, With  WBY ]




Inside their own train carts, Yang, Weiss an Blake Ran as fast as they could. But suddenly, Yang noticed someone was right above them!

"Watch out!" She yelled and pulled both Blake and Weiss back at the last second before a female figure managed to connect her fist into one of their heads.

when the Female stood back up on her feet, she glares back at the other three with murder in her eyes.

when the Female stood back up on her feet, she glares back at the other three with murder in her eyes

"...You two go on ahead." Yang said
"I'll handle this one."

Weiss and Blake started to sprint and the unknown girl took up a stance to stop them, but yang shot a blast straight at her. the girl blocked the blast with her Aura but didn't notice that Weiss and Blake had already ran past her.

now, it was just Yang and the Girl.
The girl first looks at Yang with somewhat a Bored expression. She then holds up her fists too.



Mysterious Girl



Yang slowly walks toward the girl and starts to walk to the sides while still looking at her, and the girl also did the same.
After a few seconds of silence, Yang was first to dash at the other girl and threw a right punch toward the other girls face.
Then girl just quickly tilted her head to the side and dodged her attack, and then Yang followed up with a series of Punches and kicks. The girl blocked all of the Attacks and after parrying Another Attack, She docked down and threw a punch aimed right at Yang's stomach.

Yang puts her guard up and blocks the Attack. But the force behind her punch makes yang to get pushed back a few steps.

When Yang looked, she saw the Girl suddenly jumped up and swung an Axe kick aimed right at Her head. Yang jumped back and dodged her kick, but when then Kick hits the floor a small shockwave was felt around it.

Yang landed back on her feet after dodging the last attack, and jumps forward and Tried to Attack the girl again! The girl saw this and blocked A punch thrown by Yang and Counters with a kick toward her head, Which yang blocks, but then the girl kicks Yang's head with her other feet, and after receiving the attack, Yang stumbled back a bit. But then the girl follows up with A punch to the torso, a kick to the shoulder, another kick to the torso, and then she slammed the back of her fist straight into Yang's face sending her flying backwards on her back!

Yang gets back on her feet and before she could react, The other girl suddenly Punched her in the face making her grunt in pain.
Her eyes Flashed red for a moment before trying to counter, But the other girl punched her in the torso again, then she delivered a clean upper cut right into Yang's Chin.
Yang stumbled back but then, The girl Grabbed Her by her hair! She gripped Yang's hair really hard and then Swung her around by her hair and threw her straight into some crates!

The girl just Chuckled seeing how easy this was for her. She cracked her knuckles and started to walk toward Where Yang was to deal the finishing blow. But then, She got surprised when she saw Yang quickly stand back up, Her Hair caught in fire and her eyes bright red. She yells and jumps right at The other girl with a tightened fist!

She throws her punch and the girl blocks, but gets pushed back and her back hits the metal wall behind her. She quickly jumped out of the way before Another punch from yang connects right into her face. Yang's fist hits the wall and she looks to the girl and she then kicked up a nearby box and kicked again toward the girl.

The girl Punched the box and it shattered into pieces, and when she was distracted by the continents of the box that was thrown out of the box, she saw Yang's fist coming right at her!

Yang punched the girl right in her face, Sending her flying back!
When the girls back hits the floor, she back rolls on her feet Again. But yang wasn't going to allow her to recover that fast, so she appearing right Infront of her and prepared her most damaging Attack: Real Impact.

The girl noticed too late when Yang had already dashed right under her sight,
Yang held her fist back,
And then, She Swung her fist upwards, While it was covered it flames because of her Semblance!!!
When Her fist connects at first, They both seemed to have paused for a brief second. but then, They continued with their motion and Yang punched the girl straight into her belly, and The girl got flown up in the air and falls flat down on her back.

"...Haah....Haah..." Yang panted in and out after finally beating Her Opponent. She never thought that she'd have to use the Real Impact, a move her father had taught her, on a Human being. She'd usually Save it for a bigger Creature of Grimm, but she was pushed too far when The girl Grabbed her by her hair
Yang said, and started to run up ahead to catch up with Weiss and Blake, while the other girl stayed down unconscious.

...but not until her Fingers twitched a bit, and she managed to sit back up somehow
Cough cough....shit...I underestimated the brat..."







[Back On The Other Train]




"Sir, They're almost at the front Cart!" The white fang grunt said

"What?! Why haven't you taken them down by now?!" Volgin yelled as he faces the Faunus
"What happened to the Paladins?!"

"It...Was thrown off the cart sir." The Faunus reported

"Damn. We really should have had more of those on board." Volgin Grumbled with a frown
"Ugh, forget it. I'll deal with them myself."
He then began to walk to the last cart that was attached to the train

Akame ran faster while Felicia held onto her shoulder tightly. And finally, saw Volgin right there waiting for her.
"Well well well, seems like your back for more."
He spoke while he had bullets between his fingers
"Haven't you learned by now? You won't beat me no matter how much you try."

"...Your right...however." Akame said, but suddenly she ducked her head, and Volgin saw some kind of Projectile coming straight at him!

He used his Semblance to shield himself from an Arrow that was coming at him, but when he was distracted, Nero used his Right arm to summon a bigger version of it and lunched a massive punch right at Volgin!!

Volgin was smashed by the fist, and was sent backwards.

Nero then had his arms bigger version return to him, and he pulled out Red queen with a tight grip on it
"This time, She ain't alone douchebag."

Volgin frowned as he stood up, And Shirou and Nero stood side by side with their leader.

After a quick Stare down, Shirou made the first move by shoot fire dust Arrows at Volgin.

He used his Electricity to destroy the Arrows, but ignited the ice dusts inside them and then Blew up while they were a few more inches away from his face.
Volgin coughed and tried to wave all of the smoke out of his face, but then He saw Nero Running right at him!

He slashes Red queen at Him which he dodged, and he sent electricity to the bullets he was holding between his fingers and the bullets shot out. They were aimed right at Nero's face but he managed to dodge out of the way In time.

Then Akame appeared above him and swung her sword downward on him.
But he grabbed her sword again like last time, but before he uses his Semblance on her sword to shock her again, Akame quickly let go of her sword and landed back down Infront of him and did a leg swipe on one of Volgins legs, making him to stumble backwards.

Nero then Upper cuts him with his right hand which sends him flying up.

Shirou took out a Gravity dust Arrow and Aimed it right at Volgin. And when he let it the arrow lose, It hits Volgin on the chest and the gravity dust inside just Lunches him backwards with Incredible speed, and Volgin hits the ceiling flat on his back.

"GRAH!!" He grunted when he was smashed to the ceiling, and fell down on the floor.

Then, Nero and Akame pulled out their guns, and opened fire on him! He got shot by some of their bullets, he his Aura protected him. He tries to Activate his Semblance again with his right hand, but Shirou shoots an Ice dust Arrow, and Volgins entire right arm catches on ice.

He grunts As this happens, but then, Nero grabs him by the Head with his Right arm, and then Swings him over his head. he yelled as he slammed Volgin down as hard as he could.

But Suddenly, Volgin grabbed his hand and Activated his Semblance!


"AAAAAA!!!" Nero yelled in pain and lets go of Volgins head.

Volgin got back up and by flexing his muscles, He shattered the ice on his right hand
"You pesky little brats, When I'm done with you you'll regret ever being born!!"

Shirou Activates his semblance again, but this time he made a copy of Nora's weapon in its hammer form
"Speak for yourself."
He mocked

Akame kicks her Sword back up and tries to Attack Volgin while Nero did the same on the other side.

Volgin was being Attack from both front and behind. Her curses to himself as he was being worn Down By two kids of all things! He tries to punch one of them, but the other one interferes!
He has had enough and roars
His semblance then creates a really large amount of Electricity around him, which makes Akame And Nero to jump away before they are caught in the thunder.

He then aims his next massive attack at Nero, and fires off an massive bolt of thunder right at him!
Nero reacts out of instinct and dodges out of the way, but the Attack from Volgin goes straight through the door and toward the front of the train, where the other two remaining Faunus were trying to keep the train going.

Now seeing his Opening, Shirou jumped right next to Volgin and Swung His copy of Nora's hammer into Volgins stomach, Sending him upwards!

And finally, Akame Activates her semblance, her eyes glowing red brightly and her hair emitting Dark aura around her, and she jumps up and lands on the ceiling.
She looks down and draws her sword out, and she kicks her self off of the ceiling of the cart and slashes as Volgin who was still in the air!!

She lands back down, and after a second, Volgin falls too, With his Aura fully Broken

"Haah...Haaah...haah...Is he down yet?" Nero asked while being really tired.

"His Aura is broken." Shirou pointed out and made the Hammer he created from his own Aura to disappear
"Pretty sure he won't be getting back up after that."

"Phew...Smokin' Sexy styles on that." Nero commented

"We need to stop the train now. Before it reaches the end." Akame said

"Yeah uh...Guys? You should take a look at this first." Nero called out as he looked forward.

Akame and Shirou looked on and saw the Control Panels and the other two white fang faunus that were handling them were.
...With the Count of of the White fang members being knocked out, and the Control panels were Destroyed Because of the Attack Nero dodged hit the Control panel instead.

"...Son of a bitch." Nero cursed under his breath

"How are we going to Stop this train now?!" Shirou said

"I...I...I don't know." Akame stuttered, really upset that they came this far only to fail at the last second

"Uh, Guys? Dead end up ahead!" Nero pointed out and Akame and Shirou noticed the end of the line was getting closer
"How are we going to survive Crashing into THAT?!" Nero asked in panic

"...Get on the top of the Train. Quick!" Akame ordered and they opened up a hatch and moved to the top of the train.

Snake and Anastasia both ran up to them as fast as they could
"What happened?" Snake asked

"The controls of the train...Volgin destroyed them." Akame reported

"W-What?!" Anastasia gasped in shock

"Damn it...The other train isn't stopping Too." Snake said and they noticed the other train beside them was still speeding ahead

Akame was only more worried as she saw this, scared for her little sisters lives. but for now she had a plan
"Ana! Ice barrier!"

Anastasia Nodded her head and kneeled down, and slammed the palm of her hand on the metal floor and They all were covered by Ice, Shielding them from the upcoming impact!!!


...Akame slowly opened her eyes, an the first thing she saw was the streets of Vale again.
She was flat down on her stomach, and her Ears were whistling sharply.
She managed roll over and sit up. she saw Nero, Shiro and Anastasia all away a few meters from her, trying to get their senses back where they just were.

She was glad that her team was okay, but when she looked around herself more, she finally spotted Ruby!

"R-Ruby....Aah..." She managed to stand back up but stumbles down after a few steps because of the sharp headache she had. fell down right next to Ruby who was down on some rubble, and she shakes her shoulder
"Ruby...Cough...Get up...Ruby!"

"aah....S-sis..?" Ruby opened her eyes as she tried to sit back up, and she noticed her team getting up as well.

Yang noticed her older and younger sisters, and got up quickly and ran toward them
"Are...Cough Cough...You two okay?!"

"Y-Yeah..." ruby answered and Akame just nodded.

Glad that both her sisters were okay, Akame held Yangs shoulder too and pulled both her sisters into a hug.
They hugged back as well, Glad that they were still alive.

but then...they noticed that they were in Vale, and There were Civilians around their area....and the Grimm were swarming the streets.

"...Damn it...we were too late..." Akame cursed under her breath

"...No..." Ruby spoke up
"We can still stop this!"



[Patch, The  Devil May Cry  Agency]



Dante sad on his desk, while flipping his gun around his finger while his hand was rested on his knee.

right now, there were multiple White fang Faunus all knocked down Around his shop, and also outside his shop as well.
He avoided killing them, but he didn't go easy on any of them Either.

"Jeez, with how much these losers wrecked my shop, My work is cut out for me fixing it again." He frowned, as he looked around his shop that had broken Furniture, bullet holes in the walls, broken windows and worst of all, the Juke box was Wrecked too!!
"Damn, that was my 7th Juke box that I bought."

he glared at the knocked out Faunus on his shops floor
"You BETTER be worth enough to cover all of this!"

Then, he had a really uneasy feeling out of no where. he looked out the window and...Could feel a lot of Chaos and Fear somewhere in Vale. And worst of all...He could feel his girls smack down in the middle of all of it too

"...heh, Guess the girls work is cut out for them too." he joked with a grin, but his expression became serious right after
"Be careful you three. Don't Get yourselves killed."

Chapter Text



[Beacon, At the Lunching Pads, with team KKMT]



"This is Gunna be a whole load of Fun!" Kiana Said as she punches the air cheerfully

"Too bad we'll have to do it with Professor Waver of all people tho." Travis says
"That guy is cool but he's still a nerd!"

"But he is a good Huntsman from what I've heard." Brynhildr pointed out

"But he's STILL, a NEEEEERD." Travis says

"Anyway, where even is he? If he doesn't come soon enough, are we takin' off without him?" Mordred asked
"PLEAAAASE Tell me we can take off without him if he's late!"

"hmm... I dunno. the Possibilities of that happening easily is... Preeeeetty low." Kiana said putting her hand on her chin, actually considering it.

"Sister Please." Brynhildr said

But suddenly, Mordred got a call on her Scroll
"Uh hang on guys. Gotta take this."
She then opened her scroll
"Huh. It's my bro."

"Nero? Wasn't he and his team out of the kingdom or something?" Kiana questioned
"How is he getting reception to us?"

"Lemme see." Mordred said as she answered Neroes call
"Hey Bro what's_"

"VALE! GRIMM ATTACK! NEED HELP!!!" Nero yelled from over the call

"Whoa wait What?" Mordred asked Confused

"VALE!!! GRIMM!!! ATTACK!!!" He yelled from over the call again,
" *BA-BANG!!* " and they heard him shooting his Blue-rose too

"Um, girls?" Travis called out and took their attention, and he pointed toward the city of vale
"I think he means THAT Grimm attack over at Vale."

the girls looked and saw that there were smokes, Alarms and Screams coming from the city of vale from miles away.

"...The city is in trouble." Brynhildr pointed out the obvious

"Hang on tight bro! We're comin'!!!" Mordred said and ended the call

"Everyone! Get in the ship, We're going to vale right now!" Kiana ordered

"But what about Professor Waver?" Brynhildr asked

"There's no time! We'll come back after we deal with the situation in vale! Our friends need us right now!" Kiana said

And so, Team KKMT gets onboard their ship and they begin to fly toward vale.

"Okay, What the HELL is going on over there?!" Skelter Helter shouted
"The plan isn't supposed happen for a few more days, right?"

"Well...It's happening now." Ada answered while she, Skelter and Caim all watched the city of Vale



[Vale, back with Teams RWBY & ANAS]




at the moment, both teams were surrounded not just Packs, or even hordes, But ARMIES of creatures of Grimm, all ready to rip the hunters in trainee limb from limb.

But the odds of that happening isn't really high, is it?

the Creatures of Grimm began their assault as soon as a Taijitu roars.
Ruby first jumps down and strikes her scythe in the ground, and skins around in a circular motion and kicks every beowolf around her.

And soon, Nero jumps down from the middle platform and swings his sword down on one Beowolf. then he Slashes another one that charged at him from aside, cutting it in half by the torso. and he then dodged an attack from another Beowolf and grabbed it by its leg with his right arm and started to swing the said beowolf around him with his right arm, hitting every other creature of Gimm that surrounded him. and he finished up by throwing the Beowolf that he was already grabbing into the other ones away of him.

Akame pulled out both of her guns and jumped up in the air and Performed Rainstorm, shooting bullets into every Creature of Grimm under her.
When she landed in the middle of the bodies, she puts her guns away and unsheathes her sword and uses a quick-draw slash upwards, cutting a beowolf Clean in half from the middle.

Shirou stayed in the center and began to shoot arrows at the creatures of the Grimm giving support from afar.

Suddenly, a giant Death stalker started to run up to them! they Aimed their weapons at the giant scorpion ready to unload their ammo clips on it. but suddenly...

"...Hey. Do you guys.... hear that?" Nero asked

"Hear what?" Ruby asked

"Um Everyone?" Blake called out and pointed up in the sky, and when they looked up, they saw.... Someone... Freefalling?

"RAAAAAAAAAASBEEEEERYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Travis yelled with his Light dust generated beam Katana: Blood berry in hand after jumping out of the bullhead falling down toward the death stalker!

And when he got closer, he instantly Stabbed his beam katana into the scorpions' head upon landing!

the death stalker roars in pain while swinging its tail and claws around while Travis had his weapon literally stabbed in-between its eyes.
"Whoa! Whooa!! Whooooaaaaa!!!!"
Travis said everytime the death stalker shakes its head.

And then to their relief, Kiana, Brynhildr and Mordred all landed down too
"Need some backup?" Kiana asked


"Whoaaaahahaha!!!" And then, Nora came from the sky literally riding her own weapon like it was a ship and slammed her hammer on a Taijitu!

"...Great. it's Nora." Shirou said

"Dude you're STILL on about the whole 'the Devil' Thing." Nero asked jokingly

"IF SHE STOPS, THEN I'LL STOP!" Shirou suddenly yelled

she landed back and soon, the rest of team JNPR came landing alongside her too.

"HELP! ME! KILL! THIS! SHIT FACE!" Travis yelled, still desperately holding onto his Beam Katana

Mordred slices one more Ursa in half and finally saw her partner in deep shit
"Travis just pull your weapon out!!!"


"Well why won't you just use your Semblance?!" Mordred yelled

"WHAT YOU SAY?!" Travis yelled back

"Oh for the love of_ I SAID WHY WON'T YOU JUST USE YOUR SEMBLANCE?!" Mordred yelled louder

"...Oh! Yeah somehow I didn't think about that." Travis said, realizing what he could have done in the first place; And making Mordred to just stare at him dumbstruck.

Travis yells as he activates his Semblance and his muscles become ten times stronger, and he pulled out his Katana making the death stalker to shriek in pain again.
But while he still had time, he grabbed the Giant scorpions' stinger, and swung it down by it's said Stinger on a pack of Ursai, Squashing them all!

And just for comedy and for the sake of being there, Sun, Neptune, Cu and Paul walk into the battle as well.

"Nobody move! Junior Detectives!" Sun says as he just shows his junior detective badge

"We got badges so you know it's Official!" Neptune said as well while showing his own badge

"Yeah! What they say!" Paul said, showing his badge as well

"...Why am I friends with these guys again? Oh yeah, I don't even remember." Cu sighed, covering his face with his hand because of... well because of how stupid his friends looked in a situation like this.
I mean, are the Grimm supposed to run now because they got Badges?

but in the middle of all of the Chaos, everyone saw the Atlas Fleet and several ships flying over above them.

"...See? THIS is how you idiots should do it." Cu said to his awestruck friends

"Wait, guys? They... Dropped something." Kiana spoke up, noticing one of the bigger ships suddenly dropped one of their Cargos. and... it wasn't just a cargo. it was really big!

"Um, Guys?" Yang said, noticing how giant the said 'Cargo' is.
"Should we maybe_"

"EVERYONE STAY BACK!!!" Akame yelled and they all jumped or ran away before the giant metal object falls on the center platform!!!

"What was THAT?!" Jaune yelled, Couching because of all the dust and dirt in the air

When the dust started to clear, they finally saw what it was that the Atlas Ship dropped on them.
...Or for better wording: What the Atlas Ship Dropped For them.

"Wait, is that a..." Weiss said in shock

"EEEEK NO WAY!!!" Ruby said in excitement

And what was it that was dropped for them you may ask?
Well see for yourselves

And what was it that was dropped for them you may ask?Well see for yourselves


"IT'S A METAL GEAR!!!" Jaune yelled out the obvious

"It's a REX Model too!!" Ruby said

When the REX model Metal Gear landed, it scanned the Area and detected every Creature of Grimm in the area.
An Ursa charged at it which it noticed, and simply raised one of its mechanical Legs and Slammed it back down on the Ursa, completely crushing it flat.

"UGH! Damn I'm too old for train wrecks." Snake said as he dug himself out of some rubble, and when he managed to stand back up, he noticed the giant Robot in the area, doing his job for him somewhat by shooting rockets and lasers at the creatures of Grimm
"eeeegh. I'll never get used to Metal Gears."


He then, Notices some of the Rocks next to him starting to tremble, and then something jumped out!!

Sif jumped out of the rubble he was stuck in and landed on a Beowolfs head and started to bite the beasts' neck, digging his fangs into its throat deep and hard.

the Beowolf growled in pain before finally dying and falling down dead, and Ruby saw her family pet wolf.
"Sif!" She called out as the wolf ran right up to her

Soon enough, Team CFVY Arrived at the battlefield as well.
While they were fighting, Coco just casually walks up to a big Beowolf
"You just destroyed my favorite clothing store."
She then spits on the sidewalk
"Prepare to die."

the Beowolf swung its claw at Coco But right before the massive claw reaches her, A sword was launched and was stabbed into its head!

"Huh?" Coco said in confusion seeing a sword suddenly get stabbed into its head.

Mordred yelled as she jumped up in the air and slammed her knee into the hilt of her sword that was still stuck in the Bewolfs face, and send it deeper into its head killing it

Coco was almost dumbstruck because of Mordred stealing her kill, while she just casually pulled her sword out of the Beowolfs face
"Aaah, Today is turning out to be a good day." she said

"Hey, don't you know it's rude to steal other peoples' kills?" Coco said, Putting her hands on her hip in an offended manner

"Hey, First come first serve Sister. Deal with it." Mordred talked back in a really sassy and cocky way.
She has been taking after her uncle too much lately.

But then more Grimm started to approach them.

"Well, you should probably stay back now. This might be... Too much for a first year like you." Coco said as she fixed her glasses and started to walk forward.

but then again, she saw Mordred suddenly dash forward passing her and jumping up in the air!
She raised her sword up and red lighting started to rise from both her body and her sword. she swings her sword down the moment she lands, and red thunders just Shot throughout the ground and caught up with the Beowolves, and they all dropped down because of the massive electricity volts running through their bodies.

Mordred then looked back at Coco with a sly smirk
"You were sayin', Princess?"

"...Oh, you did NOT just call me that." Coco said in an offended tone

"Wow. Who died and made THEM the boss around here?"

"B-Boss this is SERIOUSLY Dangerous!!! we should probably stay back and let the huntsmen deal with this!"

All the while, Majima and his Goons were casually walking by the carnage, and He was watching like it all was a movie.

Majima heard one of his men yell and looked to the side and saw a really big Ursa trying to catch a Certain Little Red he knows of. and they were kind of too close to them while Ruby didn't even notice him standing there.

Ruby was trying to kill the Giant Ursa but its armor was too thick. She kept swinging her Scythe until...

"OI! TINY!!!!" Majima suddenly yelled with his signature shotgun in hand, and was holding it like a baseball bat too

and he then suddenly got in Rubies way, and swung his shotgun like a baseball bat at the Ursas head!
The Ursa grunted in pain and took 2 steps back

"Ma-Majima?!" Ruby gasped
"W-What are you doing here?!

"Yo Lil' Red! How's it been for ya?" Majima asked

"I said WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!" Ruby asked Louder

"What?! THIS City is MY City!"
Majima answered while facing Ruby. then the Ursa walks up to him from behind and roars!
But Majima aims his Shotgun back on his shoulder, and Blasts the Ursas head into little chunks of blood.
"And I'll be damned if these fucks try ta wreck it!"

"Wait so...You're Helping?" Ruby asked in Confusion."

"Hmmm, Well." He then Scratched his chin a bit
"Guess I am! Now go on, I'll deal with THIS Part of the street!

"Okay...G-Good luck then!" Ruby answered and ran off.

Majima smirked in Excitment while cocking his Shotgun
"Maaaan!! OI Dumbasses! Call my Bro and tell him to come over! He'll miss the Fun!!!"
He ordered his men

"R-Right! Calling Saejima Right now sir!" One of his Goons obeyed and Made a call with his scroll.

Prof. Oobleck dug himself out of the Rubble he was stuck in, and when he did, he saw Prof. Port right next to him who just arrived.

"Seems like I'm a bit late." A new voice commented, and the two teachers looked and saw it was Prof. Waver
"My own students even left without me."

"Hoho. Late as usual, Eh Waver?" Port asked

"Don't remind me." Waver said

the three teachers saw multiple Creatures of Grimm charging at them, and so Port and Oobleck held their weapons aimed at the monsters, while Prof. Waver strangely pulled out some kind of small silver canteen. it was filled with thunder dust which he simply tossed at the Horde of monsters which exploded, and the Monsters were stunned because of all of the Electricity that covered them.
then the other two teachers took their chance and started to fire at them killing all the monsters.

And soon, Glynda Goodwitch just walks into the scene while hitting any Monster that tries to attack her away, and then used her semblance to fix the wreckage all back up.

Soon, the Authorities Took Volgin, who was still unconscious, and carried him into a ship while making sure he stays unconscious by sidaiding him.

But Roman however, Was getting a little Special treatment.

"Move it Asshole."

"Ow ow! Oh, come now Hank old buddy. I've learned my lesson!" Roman said in a sarcastic and sassy tone toward Detective Hank
"You have truly shown me the Error of my ways."

"Oh Shaddap you stupid monopoly man!" Detective Hank yelled while pushing Roman harder into the ship

"Hey Hey!! Watch the hat." Roman said, not wanting his hat to get knocked off


Roman grunted while Hank smacked him over the head, and knocked his hat off on purpose

"There. No more hat, no more eye sores for me." Hank said while pushing Roman

"Haha. ver funny." Roman said
"Soooo can I have my Hat back?"

"No. Now Get in there!!!" Hank yelled and Kicked Roman right into the ship for the Atlas drones to deal with while he Grunted

"Well. Guess that was the end of that." Nero said

"Yeah. I'm just glad no one got hurt." Ruby said

"But that was a REALLY close call tho." Kiana said
"How'd that even happen?"

"We'll...Tell you when we go back to the Dorms. It a long story_" Yang started until

"Not So fast!" Detective Hank called out to them, and Teams RWBY, ANAS, Travis, Cu, Paul, Sun and Neptune all froze up in place hearing him call out to them.

He walks up to them and then points at RWBY and ANAS
"You 8. You kids are coming with me to the station!"

"What?!" Ruby Gasped in shock

"And you too!" He then pointed at Travis

"Shit." Travis cursed

"And YOU FOUR!!" he then pointed toward Sun, Neptune, Cu and Paul

"Uh oh. Busted." Neptune Gulped

"Dude shut up." Cu whispered to him

"W-Wait what did WE do?!" Yang asked

"Remember the 'Fighting a Giant robot in the middle of the night' Scenario in your little Adventure?!" Hank said

"Ooooh....That." Nero Said, Seeing how screwed they might be now.

"Wait, Why Travis though?!" Kiana yelled
"As this idiots Team leader, I need to know why!!"

"He was with them!" Hank Answered

"...Travis is that true?" Kiana asked

"You faught a giant robot a while back?!" Mordred asked as well

"W-Well uh_" Travis stutters

"WITHOUT ME?!" Mordred yelled

"ENOUGH!" Hank yelled bringing some order
"You kids are under arrest for illegal Investigation, property damage, and SO ON!"

"That will NOT be necessary Detective." A familiar Female Voice suddenly speaks up.
Everyone looks over to the side and see Prof. Salem Walking over to them
"I'll be dealing with this matter. you needn't trouble yourself."

"...And I Suggest you keep a closer eye on your students." Hank said, already knowing that this Woman had Authority over the students
he then turned to the students one last time
"But If I hear you brats pulling off another 'Adventure Time' Shenanigan like this, and it's straight to JAIL for you all. Am I understood?"

"C-Clear as Crystal sir." Ruby answered while the others Nodded.

And soon enough, Detective hank walked away

"Phew. that was a close one." Yang said

"Um...Everyone?" Akame said seeing they have another problem to deal with

"All of you. in my Office when We are back in Beacon." Professor Salem said with an obvious hint of anger in her tone
"And Pray to whatever god you believe in children. Because I am VERY Much out of Mercy for you all and Ozpin."
She then began to walk away

"...We're Doomed." Weiss said with a sweat drop

"Is it too late to write my will?" Nero pleaded


[Atlas Airship. Romans cell.]




"I've been informed that you so far refuse to cooperate with the Authorities." Ironwood said to roman who was sitting in his cell.

"I know this might be hard to believe General. But I'm not the biggest 'fan' of the local law enforcement?" Roman joked

"How about the world's Largest military power?" Ironwood asked

"Hmm First impressions? ....Not great."

"I'm going to give you ONE Chance: who is really behind all of this?" Ironwood questioned

"Isn't that obvious? You have the guy already! You might not have noticed, but the big bad boss of it all is the Lighting sparkles that you have locked up in your ship." Roman answered, Referring to Volgin.
"I'm just his Middleman!"

"...Very well then." Ironwood began to walk away.
"........He's all yours."

"Hm?" Roman raised and eye brow.

"You have five minutes. don't make me regret it." Ironwood finished and just away leaving Romans Cell open.

All roman could hear was silence now.
"....Um....General? Hello? Heeeell~~Loooo~~~"

He didn't get any answer.
".... does this mean I'm free to go?"

"What gave you THAT Idea?"

"Huh?" roman recognized the voice of whoever spoke.
And suddenly, a Red-haired woman he recognized walked out and was in front of his cell now.
"...Uh oh...Heeeyyyy Um...R-Raven. How's your ex-Husband?"

Raven then unsheathed one of her dust blades
"Ooooh shit." Roman said, seeing he was in trouble now if Ironwood left him alone with the Ex-wife of the guy he really hates.

"Whatever you do." Raven spoke and stepped into the cell
"WhereEVER you go." She then rose her sword

"U-Um, General?" Roman called out in fear


Roman yelped in fear when Raven stabbed her sword right beside his head into the wall, and grabbed him by his collar and pulled him closer while he was still helplessly sitting down

"I WILL Make sure You NEVER See the light of day AGAIN." Raven Finished her words

"...W-Well...Look at You." Roman spoke up
"THIS is how it AAAAll Caves in doesn't it? The ENTIRE Redgrave family bloodline, RIGHT Down on MY Throat till the last second. You, That ass-clown Dante, his smartass Brother, and Apparently, your KIDS now. And I can see they take after you and dante the most."

"don't worry about THAT. You won't be seeing them ever again. In MORE ways that you can ever Imagin." Raven said

"Really? Whatcha gonna do, KILL ME?" Roman asked with a hint of mockery
"I'm not sure if you know this but, I'm in the Generals custody not YOURS. Soooo yeaaaah not sure if me Living or dying is up to you Birdy."

"That's right. The Council will deal with you. and just so you know, some Prisons Sure love to lock up people like you. with Compassion." Raven said while roman just smirks into her face, thinking that she has NOTHING on him with just little Empty threats
"But What would happen if had a hand in where you get locked up?"

"What are you getting at?" Roman asked

"What I'm saying, is that just a few calls here and there, and by MY request, you will be in the NIGHTMARE of a lifetime the rest of your pathetic days. Right in BUTCHER BAY." Raven said

"Butcher Bay?!" Roman asked in shock. he knew that the Prison called Butcher Bay was literal Hell, but does this woman can REALLY have him locked up THERE?

"And I have a LOT of Contacts there. Not just some of the Wardens, but Some Prisoners that Owe me bigtime. Murderers, sadists, Serial killers. And they are ALREADY Expecting you." Raven said
"It'd be shame to just ending up getting stabbed by a random Prisoner there and dying on the floor bleeding out, wouldn't it? No one, And I mean NO ONE Will even know I was the one that arranged it. Or who knows, they might do something MUCH Worse to you."

Romans smile had completely dropped now. This woman could have him sent somewhere NO ONE Wants to be, and EVERYONE there might be his Killer or worse, Tormenter.
"Your bluffing!...R-Right?"
Ravens Glare didn't Even show a sign of bluffing
"S-So what?! You want me to talk?!"

"No. I just want you out. Taken care of. Or for better words: I want you DEAD. ONCE. And for ALL roman. You have caused enough trouble even for me." Raven said, pushing the blade beside Romans head deeper into the metal wall.

" think THIS will change ANYTHING?" Roman said in a quiet tone
"The Bell is already rung, And My REAL Boss has already heard it. Too early might I add. And when the time comes... WHOEVER the REAL Villian in everything in this is...WILL Get you all."

"You don't even know who you're Really Working for." Raven said and leaned her face forward and looks straight into Romans eyes
"And trust me, if you even knew, you wouldn't have even Considered accepting this job."

" He killed Dantes Parents didn't he~?" Roman said

Ravens was shocked sure, but she was just glaring at him even more with killing intent

"Let's just say I was informed that Dantes Mother was Also, brutally massacred by the order of whoever I'm doing this for, just so I'll know. Call it a... Boost in my moral to accept this job even more. Oh and let me tell ya, I have NO IDEA Who on Remnant it is, but I know that he's coming for you all. he'll Do something I've ALWAYS wanted to happen: Kill that son of a smug ass bitch Dante once and for all. And I WILL enjoy it knowing it happened even if I'm dead at that point. And when he's done pulling out his beating heart out of his chest... I'm SURE he'll go straight for those little brats of his and yours."
He then leaned in on Ravens ear and spoke again
"Just exactly as he got to his Second wife. and it's a shame YOU weren't there to at least lend her a hand. no wait... You WANTED it to happen, didn't you? So you could have him back ALL to yourself~."

...and THAT....Was the Last straw.


"AAHHH!!!!" Roman screamed in pain while his vision was seeing half red

Roman, while holding his left side of his face while blood was coming from where his left eye should be with a large slash mark on it, noticed that Raven was now gone.
And soon enough, his cell door closed.

He got up and slammed his fist on the door
And no one even listened.





"I'd say today was a success." Ada said

"Those brats really screwed things up though." Skelter helter said while Caim was just standing next to him

"And the capture of Roman and Volgin went as planned." The Priest that faught ruby back in mt.Glenn said as well
"But...With them gone now, will the White fang still listen to us?"

"No." Said another man as he walked forward

" Said another man as he walked forward

"But they'll listen to Me."

"Well, what about those kids then? Like the Redgraves?" Skelter helter questions again
"I have a feeling they will try to play the hero again."

"Oh have NO fear about that kid." And another figure speaks as he walks forward as well

He had an old hat and a ragged long over coat. and was holding a pair of glasses.

he puts the glasses on

"Leave those kids to me

"Leave those kids to me. Uncle Heisenberg Will play with 'em for a while."


Chapter Text

"RUBY!!!! CALM DOWN! JUST STAY ON THE ROAD!" Dante yelled from the back seat of Cavaliere.

" I'M TRYING!!! DON'T YOU THINK I'M TRYING?!?!?!!" Ruby yelled with a helmet on her head

"OH SHI- PULL THE BREAKS!!!!" Dante yelled

Ruby presses a button


which just activates the front chainsaws of Cavaliere.

"THAT'S NOT THE BREAKS!!!!!!!" Dante yelled





"WELL I CHANGED MY MIND!!!!" ruby yelled While waving her arms in the air

"w-wait! DON'T TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF THE BARS!!!" Dante yelled as she tried to reach forward and grab the Cavalieres Bars while a giant building was reflecting off of rubies helmet

You might be wondering how THIS came to be. for that answer, we need to go to,



[Earlier that day]



"Ahh. this is Easy peasy pumpkin Squeezy. I am OBVYOUSLY A Prodigy." Ruby said while gently revving the Cavalieres engine, slowly moving the super motorcycle forward

"Hah! don't kid yourself it takes more than just a day to learn how to drive a bike kiddo." Dante said sitting in the back seat

"Relax Oldman. I got this." Ruby said in a smug way

"Really now? So how 'Bout we hit the ACTUAL Streets First?" Dante said, while Ruby was just driving Cavaliere in a small parking lot.

Well, let's go a little more into,



[Even Earlier that day]



"Kid, you ain't gonna learn until you sit on the Bike ITSELF." Dante said while Ruby was hiding behind him. while Dante was just sitting on the back seat of Cavaliere

"Are you sure? I mean I could just, you know, try to drive it from All the way here?" Ruby suggested while scared
"L-Like, I can just wrap my hood around the bars from back here and uuh...."

"C'moooon kid! I have Safety Helmets both our sizes here. And I'll be RIGHT BEHIND you all the way!" Dante assured her youngest daughter

Ruby slowly sits on Cavaliere, and Dante puts a red Helmet fit on her size.
"Good! Now, Gently Rev the Right-GRUH!"
 Dante didn't get to finish because Ruby Revved the bike too fast and stopped it too soon and Dante was launched forward

well, y'all know the follow ups.... but now watch,



[How the Tragedy Began...]



Dante was casually sitting behind his desk watching some old Capcom EVO Matches for the nostalgia, and Ruby just walks up to him


"...Well guess it IS About time I Tell you how to Use a bike. And let's hope Raven doesn't kill me over it." Dante said actually considering it.

"Ah. You have made a Wise dicision Sir."
Ruby said politely bowing her head
"AAAnd the bike is fully assured and completely fireproof Right?

"Well yeah Cavaliere can take at least a dozen of Molotov's head on without even a scratch-W-Wait why are you asking that?" Dante asked

"Never mind! Let's get going!" Ruby said and started to drag Her Father to the Accident...

"Never mind! Let's get going!" Ruby said and started to drag Her Father to the Accident

yes...Ruby managed to Somehow Wreck it Beyond Repair. Nice going there Idiot.


Chapter Text

The Redgrave sisters all were sitting outside of the headmaster's office, and their parents...Well, Divorced parents walk toward them.

"Okay, what did you three do THIS time?" Raven questioned

" I OBJECT! They have NO Witnesses! We were FRAMED!" Yang answered

"Ah Uh-it's Society's fault! I'm Young and impressionable!! Um eh-VIDEOGAMES MADE ME DO IT!" Ruby said in panic

"...Not Guilty due to Reasons of Insanity?" Akame said while giving a shrug, and Raven just looks at her own oldest daughter with a blank and deadpan face.

And so, Ozpin opens the doors to his office right then

"Let's just get this over with." Raven said holding the middle of her eyes.

"I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be all THAT bad." Dante said in his carefree tone like usual

"Knowing YOU, I'm Fearing the worse." Raven said




[So 5 to 7 minutes later in Ozpins office.]




"THEY DID WHAT?!" Both Dante and Raven yelled at once

"The Good news is that the fire is finally under control. And the Cats are expected to regrow most of their fur." Ozpin informed them
"OH, and the Pizza delivery boy is on his way to a full recovery. both physically and mentally."

"Wow... Talk about a LIT Night." Dante joked

"Hey Don't make jokes RIGHT NOW You KNOW they learn all of this from YOU!" Raven Yelled

"Wait Whoa whoa whoa so this is MY fault?" Dante asked

"Well WHO ELSE were they left alone with THE MOST when they were kids?!" Raven asked

" Well not YOU Obviously." Dante answered 

"Oh, don't you DARE to pin this on ME! I'm LITERALLY out there busting myself up on secret missions, what do YOU do all day?! Eat pizza and roller skate on your bike in doors?!" Raven asked

" I'm Literally trying to prevent a Literal 'Hell-on-Remnant' Disaster THAT is what I'M doing 24/7. a Little bit of Appreciation never killed you know!" Dante Answered

"Ugh I don't have to listen to any of your crazy." Raven said waving Dante off

"Well you also don't have to be here since, you know, YOU'RE NEVER AROUND?!" Dante shot back

"Oh HERE WE GO AGAIN!" Raven Yelled

"Don't 'Here we go again' me you know it's the truth!" Dante said

"Well I'm not a Monkey Wrench whose brain runs on Grilled Cheese!" Raven said as well

"Well a Plain Pizza with only cheese is better than your TEA Anyway." Dante Cross his arms and looking away.

"...WHAT. DID. YOU. JUST. SAY?" Raven asked in a reall demanding and angry tone

"Well, In a layman term my dear raven: YOUR TEA SUCKS!!!!!!" Dante yelled

"*GASP* 0_0....How dare you.... get out. PACK YOUR STUFF AND LEAVE!!!!" Raven yelled

Dante just looks at Raven with a deadpan expression
"-_-...Raven. I'M the one with a house here. YOU'RE literally homeless."


the sisters were listening in until Raven Kicked the door open really angry and frustrated
"Well FINE! I'LL be the one that will leave!! But also I'm taking the Fridge will me!"
she said as she walked away

"It's a SMART-FRIDGE. Which you are NOT Taking with you!" Dante said as he slowly followed her


"That's not how even it even WORKS! Also STOP ILLIGALLY DOWNLOADING CRAP ON MY STUFF!!! IT TAKES TOO MUCH SPACE DAMN IT!!!!" Dante yelled back

"...RRRRRRight. Clearly you girls have been punished Enough." Ozpin said, dismissing the Sisters

"We are SO, Sorry for their Behavior." Ruby Apologized on her parents behalf

"...So is she really taking our smart Fridge with her?" Akame asked Worried that Raven Might really do it.

Chapter Text







((Instead of Oobleck and Port, there will be different commentators. and here are their lines in Oobleck and Ports place with timing.))



"And Team ABRN is ALREADY starting to have a hard time against what I've heard, One of Beacons Finest teams, Team RWBY! Wouldn't you say so?" the Commentator on the left says with a sleek voice with a fancy glass of wine next to him


"Well their team leader as a giant ass Scythe so that's a great start." the Commentator on the right says with a gruff and tough voice with a large glass of beer next to him


"And for those of you who just joined us, WELCOOOOOME to the Vytaaaaal Tournameeeeent!!!"


"if you've been living under a rock and this is your first time watching, then lets get over the rules real quick."


"The tournament is divided in 3 kinds of rounds: teams, Doubles, and singles."


"and school years don't even matter. so if you wanna win, then you gotta have the SKILLS."


"the winners of team fights will select two of their members to the doubles, and one member from the doubles is going for the singles. And the singles will be the old fashion way: Like the great Gladiators of the old, Fighting until one is left standing and proving their strength for their own honor, and their schools honor, and their families honor and Kingdoms honor like the great champions they are."


"...Did you pick all of that up from a comic or a movie or something?"




"Oh dear god...anyway, Let's just introduce ourselves for the audience."


"Oh right!"






"And let's go back to the match between team RWBY of Beacon!"


"And team ABRN of haven!"


"...But my money is on team RWBY."


"Me too actually!"




"And we mean that in a NONE SEXUAL Way!"


"Psh, YOU would."



"Reese Chloris Is Eliminated by BOTH Ring out and Aura Level!"


"Should have worn a Helmet for both her Damaged Ass AND Also her Damaged Pride!"


"What? a Helmet for some ones ASS? that's literally scientifically not possible."


"NAN NANINANINANI NANINANA! See that's you. cuz you sound like a Nerd."


"Now THAT'S what I call A ROLLING Situation!"


"Howard, one of these days I am going to Literally kill you because of your jokes."


"And a REALLY Powerful attack from Arslan Altan! Saving her Team mates with her Great display of power!"


"She got to show off AND Save her teams asses at the same time! Talk about being cool! but Their just lined up for Them RWBY to Perform a Complete TEAM-WIPE!"


"And what is a 'TEAM-WIPE' You may ask? Well, it is a simple term for When ALL of the members of a team are eliminated All at once."


"Do you HAVE to Explain EVERYTHING?!"


"I blame Our schools...."





"And team RWBY is Victorious. FLAWLESSLY Victorious!!"


"Because none of their teammates were eliminated right?"


"Well DUH!!"


[so. After the Match.]



"WE DID IIIIIIIIIT!" Ruby said jumping up in the air and then landed back down
"Is anyone else starving?"

"I May have worked up an appetite." Blake said as her Stomach growled.... VERY Loud.

"Gee. If there was somewhere in campus to get food around here." Weiss said
".... Oh wait."
And to her point, they were Surrounded by Food stands

"It's okay Weiss. We all forget things when we are hungry." Ruby said

"I was being facetious." Weiss said

"Then if you were so hungry then why didn't you just Say so?!!" Ruby said

"Because you might start Ordering 3 boxes of Pizza? AGAIN!?" Weiss said

"Weiss you CAN'T Keep a Redgrave away from his or her Pizza!!!" Ruby said

"Yeah! What she said!!" Yang agreed

"You and your entire family need a diet." Weiss said crossing her arms

"...What's a diet?" ruby asked

"Oh, ha ha. Very funny." Weiss said Sarcastically 

"Umm...Weiss? I don't know what a diet is either?" Yang pointed out while Blake and Weiss were shocked
"R-Really What's this 'Diet'?"

"...Are you two well?" Blake Questioned really concerned for Ruby and Yangs health.

"Sup Girls!" 
The girls looked back and saw Nero greeting them while Team ANAS walked over to them
"Saw how you all kicked ass back there. that was pretty swag."

"Oh, we're just that good." Yang said

"Soooo how do you think we did sis~?" Ruby asked from Akame

"...I'd say...It was A Sold Savage." Akame Complemented 

"Really?!" Ruby asked in Excitment

"Yup." Akame nodded

"What are you even talking about?!" Weiss asked

"Oh, it's a family thing." Yang Explained
"Anyway! Wanna grab something to eat? I know a place!"

while walking, Ruby slowly leaned over toward Akame a bit and started whispering
"Hey sis, do know what a 'Diet' Is?"

"...What's...a 'diet'?" Akame questioned, not even knowing what a diet is herself.

Soon enough, the students were sitting down by a food stand with an oldman shop keep handling it.

"I'll have three of 'THE REGULAR' Please?" Yang said. and the shop keep just slid 4 Pizza boxes right Infront of Yang

And when she opened the first pizza box...

It was Pepperoni pizza with Extra cheese, and also, Extra Salt and pepper

...It was Pepperoni pizza with Extra cheese, and also, Extra Salt and pepper.

Ruby and Akame both looked at the GREATNESS Infront of their sister drooling 

"I want the same!" Ruby said, and 4 more Pizza boxes were slid right Infront of her

"I'll Have 6." Akame said, and got 6 pizza boxes herself

"...It's a national Miracal you three aren't over weighted by now." Weiss said while everyone beside Nero just stared at how much food they had
" you have anything with low salt?"
And a giant bowl of Noodles was thrown infront of her

Blake nodded her head, and the shopkeep nodded his head too and slid a giant bowl of fish Infront of her, and Blake was Drooling over it too with stars in her eyes.

"I'll have what Weiss is having." Anastasia said and got a Bit bowl of noodles too

"I'll have a small size one." Shirou said with a smaller bowl of noodles falling Infront of him as well.

"I'll have... one with extra peppers." Nero said, and he got a REALLY Spicy Bowl of noodles

then, Weiss handed over her Creditcard to pay for the food.

"Aww Weiss what's the occasion?" Yang asked

"Consider it thanks for sending me in the doubles round." Weiss said
But suddenly, her Creditcard was thrown back at her table like a shuriken and the Oldman shop keep showed that the card was declined

"What?! How can my card be Declined?! I was barely into my daily allowance!" Weiss said before reaching into her wallet again
"Ugh forget it. I'll pay in cash." She then handed out a lot of Lien from her wallet toward the Oldman shop keep and he just took them

"Phew..." Blake sighed in relief seeing she can keep her fish

"Weiss, since when did you have Cash on hand like that?" Ruby asked

"Well, Since Ana couldn't trust our father, she... Well, she emptied at least half of his personal Account that he allows us to use." Weiss explained

"Wait wait wait wait wait. HALF?!" Nero asked in shock

"He keeps calling us about it, but we just ignore him." Anastasia Explained, and suddenly Weisses Scroll started to get a call and it was their father
"Oh, speaking of whom."

"Ugh." Weiss decided to end the call, but Anastasia had better ideas.
"Weiss, Hand over your Scroll for a moment."

"Huh? Why?" Weiss asked

"Just do it." 
Weiss gave her Scroll to Ana, and Anastasia looked over to Nero

"Nero. I want you to do something for me." Anastasia said

"Oh. Which is?" Nero asked

then, Anastasia started to whisper something in his ear
then Nero looked at Anastasia confused
"y-You want me to...Are you sure you really want me to_"


"Well...Ugh Okay. sure. whatever." Nero accepted and took the scroll and took a deep breath while everyone else just watched in curiosity

And so, Nero Answered
"Listen here you old cocksucker, You daughter doesn't want to talk to you and will not Apologize for emptying your personal accounts money by half, so just suck it down and go fuck yourself with your own money you brainless old fart." Nero said into the scroll
".... Oh, and uh...Tell your wife that Anastasia said: Kill yourself."

"WHAT?! Who is this_
Nero then hung up before Weiss and Anastasias dad blew up on him

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, looked at both Nero and Anastasia in shock with wide eyes.
They really couldn't believe that Anastasia asked Nero to Actually do THAT.

"...So you happy now?" Nero said as he handed the scroll back

"Very, much happy." Anastasia said with a slight Smile as she gave Weiss back her scroll

"A...A....AAANAAAA!!!!!" Weiss yelled

"What?" Anastasia asked in confusion, not seeing how much trouble they both might be in now.

"Hey guys!" Jaune called out while team JNPR walked over to them
"Mind if we join you?"

So, after a few minutes or so, Teams RWBY, ANAS and JNPR all were done with their food.
Akame, Yang and Ruby ate all the pizzas they had too. And I mean ALL of it. No left overs were made too!

"...I think you might need a diet." Ren said While sweat dropping After seeing the Sisters Devour their food with such little ease.

"Seriously! What on Remnant is a Diet?!" Ruby asked

"Yeah, first Weiss says it, now you!" Yang said as well

"Just what IS this Diet?" Akame asked scratching the back of her head

"... R-Really? You girls... Don't know what a diet is?" Jaune asked

"Consider yourselves EXTREMELY Lucky!!!" Nora yells with a bit of Agony in her tone
And then she burped Very loud.

"uuuugh. If I barf, I'm blaming both Nora and you three." Jaune Said

"OH! Aim it at the Enemy!" Nora Said with a mischievous smile 

"Nora that's disgusting!" Ren said
"But if you do feel the urge..."

"Got it." Jaune said

"Don't encourage him!" Shirou said

"Okay..." Akame then stood up
"We should start going now."

"Where?" Nora asked

"Next match is us against a team from Haven." Shirou explained
"And I heard whatever team we're going to be fighting will be 3rd years."

"Think you guys are up for the challenge?" Yang asked

"Yang, you sister can practically slice up Grimm in a matter of seconds, Ana is a literally Ice generator with no Ice dust needed, Shirou can Apparently copy weapons now, and I am literally Me." Nero explained
"Of course! we might just pull this off easily!"

"And we're fighting other students instead of what We've been fighting over the past few months." Shirou pointed out

"Yeah your probably right. This shouldn't be a sweat! We've gone against MUCH Worse." Yang said

"Let's see...Murderers, Grimm invasions, Violent extremists, A Destructive sociopath, A war crazed Sadist that can generate Electricity from his body, Assassin hookers and finally, the worst one of all: Majima." Blake counted down

"uuuuhuhuhuhuh.... I still feel like he's watching us. As if he is somewhere in this crowd!" Ruby said shuddering because being reminded of Majima

"Let's hope not." Weiss said, not really wanting that one eyed lunatic to be here right now

"Can team ANAS please report to the battle arena immediately?" Professor ports voice called out from the microphones

"Yes! Like how they were supposed to? SEVERAL MINUTES AGO?!" Oobleck said as well

"Ooookay!" Nero stood up
"Time to go LICK some ASS!!" 

"You mean...KICK some ass, right?" Shirou asked

"You know what I meant." Nero said

"Well. Wish us luck." Akame said as she and her team started to walk away.

"Knock their lights out sis!" Yang cheered them on

"Yeah!" Ruby followed suit.


[Back in the Arena]



In the front seats, Emerald, Mercury and Neo could be seen with Mercury holding a big popcorn in his hands

"So, who do you think is gonna win?" He asked

"Oh, come on that's obvious." Emerald said

"...Well, who do you mean?" Mercury asked again

"Ugh, Neros team idiot." Emerald answered

"Just 'Nero's team? ~" Mercury teased

"Someone has a cruuuush~~~~~ X3" Neo Texted on her scroll

"I will Blow your beds up." Emerald threatened and the other two just stopped instantly 

"Well, they are going against 3rd years." Cinder said as she walked up to them and sat down as well while picking up a popcorn from Mercury and eating it
"Anything might happen."

"AAAAAAAAnd Welcome back everyone!"

"To the round two between Mistral and Beacon!"

"Yes, with the defeat of Mistral against Beacon in the first round of the team fights, they have a chance to make up for it right here, right now!"

"That is IF they can. but this time beacons team are up against 3rd years so they have at least 2 extra years' worth of experience on them this time.

"And the battle will be betweeeeen! TEAM ANAS of beacon vs TEAM AYYL of haven!"

The screen above showed team ANAs and their names, and their Opponents, Team AYYL From Haven and their names in their team order:



Yan  Qing

Qin  Liangyu

and their looks and outfits in order were:

and their looks and outfits in order were:


"*Whistle* Niiiice! Getting the classy Mistral Fashion together huh?" Nero said 
But the 3rd years didn't answer him back
".... It was actually a complement." Nero said

"... I'll Handle the back street boy." the tallest of team AYYL, Yasuo said
"Is it alright with you leader?"

"Sure. Knock yourself out." Akali Accepted

"B-Backstreet boy?" Nero said, in shock that HE was called a back street boy now.

"Can you take him on?" Akame asked him

"Well, I can try...." Nero started which Yasuo just smirked at
"...Not to hurt him too much." Nero finished his words, now being the one smirking.

"Oooooh got you there." Yan said, almost impressed with the 1st years comeback.

the Areas for the arena were soon decided too. 
A forest on team ANAS side, and a dessert on team AYYL side with a few boulder-like hills as well.


As Howard started the count down, both teams prepared their weapons.








And so, both teams attacked each other!

Akame ran right toward Akali, and she drew her sword to slash at Her, but the other team leader just jumped upwards and dodged her attack and swung her sickle at her from behind!
Akame acts quick and blocks the attack by moving the sword on her back and jumps back a bit while facing Akali.

Shirou swings down one of his blades at Yan, which he strikes back with his gauntlet and their weapons clashed making slight sparks jump up. Shirou strikes again but they just clashed weapons again. this went on for at least 3 more attacks with their weapons jus clashing each other's and small sparks being made by each strike. but suddenly Shirou ducked and did a leg sweep on Yan which he dodged by jumping a bit and then he countered with a punch aimed for Shirous head which he managed to dodge in time by back flipping away from his opponent.

Anastasia swings her sword upwards while summoning several Ice spikes in the air and lunched them all at Qin by pointing her sword at her. Qin prepared her spear in a stance and stabbed her spear into the first ice spike, breaking it apart. then she dodged another projectile and then sliced the next one in half and proceeded to dodge the next ones that came her way.
Anastasia then thrusts her sword forward to strike Qin but she suddenly Parried her attack and followed up by a round house kick, a thrust of her spear forward and finally an upward!
Anastasia barely managed to dodge or block the strong attacks but was being pushed back!

Nero, however, was chasing after Yasuo who was running into the forest side of the arena. When Nero ran into the forest, he was surprised when he saw that Yasuo had suddenly stopped running and slowly started to turn around to face nero with a smile on his face.

"You done running?" Nero said as he spins blue rose around his finger while they both walked walk in a circular way, keeping their eyes on each other

"No. I was just bringing you somewhere privet for me to defeat you." Yasuo said with a cocky attitude while he holds his swords handle, ready to draw in out.

"Tough guy act huh?" Nero says while cocking his guns hammer back
"Well, Let's see how you like me when I kick your ass!"

He then shoots two bullets at Yasuo, but then He draws his sword and slashes forward and some kind of Wind wall was formed in front of him, and the bullets Nero shot were suddenly blocked like they were thrown rocks!

Nero wasn't shocked, he was just annoyed that this guy was either a good wind dust user, or his semblance was pretty tough.

he switched into his sword: Red queen when Yasuo charged at him sword drawn. 
They clashed blades and started pushing each other back which ended with them both jumping away from the other one. Yasuo thrusts his sword forward which Nero parries with his sword and attacks him as fast as she could, but Yasuo Parries his strike as well much faster and swung his sword up which Nero managed to barely dodge by pulling his head backwards. but suddenly, Yasuo delivered a very strong kick which sent Nero back a bit.

"It would seem that Mister Nero and Mister Yasuo are stuck in a lone one on one duel."

"And so far, Nero is having his ass kicked."

"GET UP YA BUM!!" Mordred yelled at his older twin brother from the crowd.
And somehow hearing her only added salt to Neros wounded pride

Nero managed to jump back up and started to attack Yasuo again. But suddenly, after clashing swords with him, Nero uses his right arm to upper cut Yasuo only for him to dodge as he was somewhat thrown aback by how strong his right arm felt by just looking at it up closely while dodging a fist from it.

But he then just realized that this said arm is attached to a total hot head

"You're not too good with that arm, are you?" Yasuo mocked 

"Let's see you Keep talking shit when I'm pounding your teeth into your throat!" Nero yelled as he ran right up toward Yasuo

Both female team leaders were still fighting each other since the beginning of the match. Their fight was still proceeding in the Desert side of the arena.
Akali threw 5 throwing knives at Akame while jumping back, but Akame easily shot all the knives down before running toward Akali with her guns in hand and jumps up and shoots down on Akali who manages to dodge the bullets but still gets hit by one bullet into her aura!
Akame puts her guns away and draws her sword, ready to Slash at Akali but suddenly, To Akames surprise, the other team leader suddenly dropped a smoke bomb!!!

Akame was left in the middle of the desert side of the Arena with black smoke covering her surroundings. she felt an attack coming from her back which she managed to block. but then she felt another one which she dodged, but the next few attacks, she was either hit or barely dodged. 
Seeing this is getting nowhere, Akame jumped up in the air and Performed rainstorm with her guns!

Akali had no choice but to jump out of the Smokes to dodge the Bullets. She now realized the First-year girl that she was up against was more than some school girl. She had heavily underestimated her.
and you all should know, underestimating a Redgrave isn't a smart move at all.

She advised another plan and started to run into the desert side of the arena behind some of the boulder hills. Akame followed her not letting her to get away from her.

Akame came to a stop when she saw Akali jumping up over the hills which formed a deadend of sorts, and pulled out her guns and aimed them at Her!
She fired a few shots which connected with Akalis Aura on her back!

She Grunted and stopped climbing and looked back on Akame, and slowly raised her arms

"What's this? Is she surrendering?"

"Looks like it. Ladies and Gentlemen, it would seem as if a 3rd year is at the mercy of a 1st year for literally the first time in Vytal festival history! Almost makes me shed a tear."

Akame however, didn't know why but she wasn't trusting Akalis sudden surrender. She knew there was something else to this

"...I'd look down if I were you." Akali suddenly spoke as she pointed toward the surface Akame was standing on.

...And Akame gasped as she suddenly realized she just walked into a perfect trap.

Most of you might have realized by now, but for those that haven't, here's a quick summary: Akali made her to chase her into quicksand!

by now, Akames knees would be next to go into the sand by a matter of seconds!

"Oooooh shit."

"Yup! The good ol' Leading your enemy into quicksand Plan! This might be the oldest trick in the book, but damn this tactic ALWAYS works!"

"How will she get out of it?! who know!!!"

"Oh no!" Ruby gasped

"Sis get outta there!" Yang called out from the crowd

Akame was caught off guard again when Akali swung her Sickle toward her with a rope attached to its end, and knocked both of her guns away onto a more solid surface of the sand!
Now she couldn't even shoot at Akali! she was really in trouble now.

She looks up at Akali as she tries to at least jump out.

Her stare didn't go unnoticed to the other team leader however
"What's with the look? I'll hand it to you you're actually pretty good. but now, You're Drowning in sand, And I'm winning."
Akali spoke as she started to stand back up straight to jump up the boulders again
"It's Called facts."
And after the cocky remark, and while Akame could tell she had a Smirk under her mask while saying that, she started to jump back up to help her team mates.

...But she only turned her back to her Enemy who wasn't even down yet.

While Akali thought that Akame would just be eliminated by drowning in the quicksand, her team would be without a leader and they would fall apart soon.
But then, she felt a loud explosion of sand falling in the sky when she jumped over the boulders and saw Akame in the air now, her bloodred eyes glowing bright and her hair Emitting dark aura from it!

"And Miss Redgrave Escapes by activating her Semblance!"

"Probably should have seen THAT coming huh?"

Akame started to fall back while she had her sword sheethed! as she slowly gets closer to the ground toward Akali, she then Quickdraws her sword and slashed, and a very large dark and red aura like slash is created!!!

"OH CRAP_" Akali didn't manage to finish because she was caught in the massive powerful attack!

But meanwhile, Yasuo and Nero were still fighting their own battle, and Nero was attacking stronger and faster than before. Nero kept slamming his sword down on Yasuos blade as he was blocking, and suddenly, Just as Yasuo was going to parry, Nero instead stabbed his sword into the grass and slashed it back up which Lunched dirt up into Yasuos face!

He jumped back and patted the dirt off his face, and then he saw Nero aiming his Double barreled revovler at him again!

As Nero pulls the trigger two times, 4 bullets came his way!
He swung his sword forward again and the same wall of wind was created, and the bullets were blocked.
But suddenly, Neros Right arm came right through the wall of wind and grabbed Yasuo by the face!!!
Yasuo realized that he Wanted him to use that technic again so he could use it as a smokescreen against Yasuo himself and use his arm to grab his face!

Nero pulled him toward himself and when he had him in his hand, he slammed his face into the ground very hard!!
Then he threw him up in the air, and the punched him into some of the trees!!!

When Yasuo stood back up, he realized that Nero was nowhere for him to be seen!
He checked all of his surroundings, but then he started to hear his voice...above him!

"Ready to take me seriously now?" Nero asked as he was sitting down on a branch above him, his right hand resting on his lap while he had his sword resting on his shoulder still holding it
"Or was that all you had to offer?"
He finished talking with a mocking and teasing tone.

Yasuo slashed the tree in half making it to start falling, but then Nero jumped up in time and he revved his sword in the air, heating it up and slamming it down on Him!!!

Yasuo, not seeing THAT coming from his sword, tried to block! but Neros sword was too strong and it made a very big explosion, with Yasuo caught in it!!!

When the dust settled, Nero was standing over Yasuos body who was still conscious, but was low on Aura and was nailed into the dirt.

Nero looked up and saw Shirou on one of the Trees with his bow in hand, and he noticed Yan in the air punching away every Arrow he shot at him. and was landing right toward Shirou too!

...This gave him an Idea.

He picked up Yasuo with his Right hand and brought his face in front of his own face
"Tell me: Can you fly?"

"...I don't like where this is going..." Yasuo said with a sweat drop

"Your right to think that. Now..." He then aimed Yasuo upwards

"What?! Oh no no NO NO YAN WATCH OUT_" Yasuo tried to warn his teammate, which was too late for when Nero Lunched him right at Yan in the air!

Anastasia saw the two boys from the enemy team in the air, one being thrown at the other one, and had a good Idea of her own.

"Akame!" She called out to her partner who came running at her with her Semblance still active, and could see what She had planned.

they both ran and Qin, the last remaining Female of team AYYL, and she prepared her stance with her spear ready to fight them both head on.

But Anastasia created a smokescreen by summoning Ice spikes in the air, and had them fall down Infront of Her completely Blinding her sight on her Opponents!

then, Akame suddenly appeared under Qin while she couldn't see her coming, and Akame slashed her sword up with her semblance still active, and lunched her upwards!!!

Yan suddenly saw Qin right in front of her in the air, and Yasuo was slammed into them both in midair!!!

"Shirou! Do it!!" Akame yelled

"No need to tell me." 
Shirou then created a copy of Noras weapon in its Grenade launcher form with his semblance, and shot several grenades at the three in the air, Blowing all three of the up midair!!!!