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At the moment, Everyone were...mostly getting bashed around or blasted by lasers or even stepped on by the Giant Demon: GILGAMESH.

Yang managed to punch and kick off some of the rubble of the house she was smashed into.

She stood up and saw Travis slashing away at the wire like tentacles that the large demon was had attached to its sides. It swung the tendrils at him which he kept slashing away, but it finally managed to bash him away with them.

Dante kept slashing and shooting at its legs, which didn't even hurt it at all!

Neo somehow managed to get right on top of its back. She drew her blade out of her parasol and as she tried to stab it into the Demon, 
She felt her whole body start to shake as the skin of the demon was very hard, forcing her blade to get bounced off!

Then, Another Tentacle was swung over to her which she dodged and landed down.


Ruby fired off multiple shots at it which didn't even faze the demon!
Akame and Ren try and slash and shoot away at its legs, while Nora managed to somehow jump very high up after bouncing herself off another building and went right toward its face!!!
She slammed her hammer at Gilgameshes face, Which didn't do anything to it as she landed back on the ground.

"Its not working! I don't think it even notices that we're hitting it!!" Nora called out

"Yeah! We_" Yang said as she held up a boulder
"NOTICED!!" And threw it right at the demon, which was slammed into one of its legs, causing it to barely stumble but keep standing!

"Uuh...Ah...G-Guys! T-Try getting under it! I don't think it can attack us there!" Jaune suggested.

They all did as Jaune said, and as they got under it, they realize that the Demon now is struggling to get its tentacles to them!

soon they began to unload their bullets at it from under it, But then, then notice that it expands its height by moving its legs upper.

Dantes eyes widen as he realized what's coming next, And called out to them

And to everyones shock, The demon just drops its body down on them!!!

Ruby and Neo manage to use their semblances to drag everyone out of the danger of being crushed in time, and landed next to Dante!

"Anymore big brain ideas?!" Yang yelled at Jaune

"W-Well...Keep your distance!" Jaune said and everyone began to run back a bit to keep out of the Giant Demons range.


It noticed this while the others opened fire at it, and it aimed its tentacles at them all, and their ends started


"WHOA!" Jaune gasped as he blocked a laser shot from the demons' tentacle with his shield!

*Blast  Blast  Blast*

It kept firing laser blasts from its other tentacle too, causing everyone to scatter!

"It can shoot lasers too?! Fuck!!" Travis cursed

"O-Okay! Okay! We can't attack from under, We can't keep our distance from it either, Its skin is also too tough to break through, then....Th-Then try to find a weak spot first!!!" Jaune called out as everyone nodded and ran toward the Towering Demon! 

Ren jump up on one of the buildings and watches the Demon fight off everyone, and as he keeps watching, Dante and Yang both run on one of the houses and both kick the demon into its jaw, causing it to stumble down for a moment!!

And then, Ren noticed something!

And then, Ren noticed something!

"...I got it." Ren said to himself before he jumps off the building and runs back to the others!
"Listen! It has a part of its organs fully exposed on the top! It...Looked it its brain!"

"Its brain's sticking out??" Travis asked

"Th-Then...Guys! Destroy that brain part of its! It might Do the trick!" Jaune called out!

"Already on it!" Dante answered as he looked over to Ruby and Akame, And they both nodded before Akame jumped on crescent rose and ruby fired it and used the momentum to launch Akame upwards!!!

Travis does the same and runs toward Neo, who helps him to jump up and run up on one of the buildings and both Akame and Travis land on the top!!!

Meanwhile, Dante fired off some bullets at the Demons face making it to put its attention on them and away from Travis and Akame on its back.

"There!" Akame said as both her and Travis saw the Brain like soft spot on the Demon!

"HHYYYAAA!!!" Travis yelled as he stabbed both of Rose nasties katana beams into the Demons weak point!!!

It began to roar in pain and slightly shake!

"It-It WORKED!!!" Jaune said
"Keep hitting that part of it!!! Don't let up!"

Travis pulled one of his beam katanas out and stabbed it into the fleshy part of the demon again!
Akame slashed away at it too!
The demon roared in pain and tried to shake them both off, But they manage to hand on tight!

And suddenly, The fleshy part of the demon started to be sucked inside it!

"Wha-HEY!!" Travis yelled as he tried to slash away at where the Demons Brain like organ was sucked into, only for his Beam Katanas to get bounced off
"Damn it!!"

"It pulled it in!!" Akame called out

"What?!" Yang asked

"It pulled its organ back in when we attacked it a few times!!!" Akame yelled more specifically.

"Um...Try pulling it out again?!" Jaune yelled

"I'M TRYING THAT ASS-BRAIN!!!!" Travis yelled angrily!!

The demon aimed its Tentacles at the two on top of it, which they blocked or slashed away its shots!

The Demon made some noises before something separated from under it!


"UUUUUh Guys?! What's....THAT?!" Nora called out




Everyone noticed the part that separated from the Demon looked like a round device made from its own skin, with a buzz saw spinning around it!!!

"Ah! It can throw A mobile buzz saw BayBlade at us!!!" Ruby gasped

"WHAT ELSE IS IT GONNA THROW AT US?!?!" Yang Angrily yelled

"Just get on top of it and repeatedly attack that Brain!!!!" Nora yelled as she managed to roll under the buzzsaw and then Ruby blocked with both of her scythes, and Yang Punched it away from Ruby.

As they all run and try to avoid the Buzzsaw, Ruby let Yang jump on crescent rose and fired off a bullet which managed to help her to swing Yang upwards and send her toward the Demon, Which Akame caught her hand and helped her to land on the top of the Demon.

Neo runs up a building and jumps on the demon too, while Dante activates his Devil trigger and catches Ren and Jaune, And flies upwards and drops both of them on top of it too before landing as well.

As everyone landed right on the demon, It began to shack its upper body around to make them all fall!
But they all managed to stand still on the Demon, not falling.

As they manage to steady their footing, The Demon begins to fire its tentacles lasers and the buzzsaw at them, which they dodge or block as best they can!

Then, its brain like organ moves out again revealing itself!

"There!!" Ren calls out

"I-It can't keep that inside itself for too long! Attack it while you can!!!" Jaune called out as he was trying to push the Buzzsaw part of he Demon back with his shield!

Dante, Ruby and Ren all fired bullets at the Organ, While Neo, Travis and Akame stab their weapons inside it, And lastly, Nora and Yang both smash and punch the organ, Causing the Demon to roar in pain!!!

But then...The Scales on its back where everyone stands on...begin to shake and emit some kind of liquid like substance. 

"Uuuh...What's this stuff?" Nora asked

"Everyone Jump off!!" Dante yelled but then!


Everyone yelled in pain as the entire top of the Demon was suddenly covered with long sharp spikes!!!

They all fall down with their Auras weakened or with very deep injuries because of the spikes, struggling to get up.

"" Travis said as he tried to get up but remains flat on the ground.

"Since when could it do THAT?" Nora said as she tried to hold herself up by her hammer.

"AH!" Ren gasped in pain as he fell when he tried to stand up, with one of his legs bleeding because of the spikes. He grips his bleeding leg tighter while Nora gasped and wrapped his arm around her shoulder and helped him to stand up.

Seeing that this wasn't going in their favor, Dante clicked his tongue before he stood up and look at the girls
"Change of plans! You girls take your friends Qrow and the wolf and the cat and JET IT!"

"What?!" Yang yelled

"No! We won't Leave you to fight it alone!" Ruby said

"I Said GO!!" Dante yelled as he blocked a laser from one of the Demons tentacles and fired bullets at the other ones that came their way!

"But we can still help! "Akame said

"for the love of-just LISTEN to me FOR ONCE!! AND GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!!!!!" Dante yelled much louder before he Activated his DT again, and flapped his wings hard enough to push All of them back away and flies at the demon, getting its attention and drawing it away from The girls and the others.


"Guys, I have to listen to him!" Jaune said, holding a small scratch on the right side of his ribs caused by the spikes.

"But!" Ruby said

"We NEED to go!" Ren yelled while Nora kept helping him to stand.

The sisters looked at each other, before finally deciding and running toward Qrow, with Sif and Felicia still next to him.
"*Cough COUGH*...What's going on out there?" Qrow weakly asked as he looked up at the girls

"Giant armored Cockroach with tentacles." Yang answered as Ruby and Akame helped Qrow up by putting his hands over their shoulders.

"...Well, That's...New." Qrow said

While They helped Qrow stand up, Yang ran toward Bumblebee and Revs its engine and drives right toward them!
She managed to dodge and avoid some of the debris that Gilgamesh kept throwing around while trying to catch Dante!

When she managed to finally pull over next to her sisters and uncle, Akame and Qrow both got on the bike.
"I'll keep up! GO!" Ruby yelled

and meanwhile, Jaune, Nora, Ren and Neo all sat down on Travises bike while he began to rev the engine on it too.

And so, The party on both bikes drove out of Kuroyuri with Dante fighting the rampaging demon in it, While ruby used her semblance to keep up!


Dante watched as They all left with Qrow and the pets.
Seeing he doesn't have to hold back without the risk of hurting anyone around him, He pushed the Demons tentacle off and flew on top of another building.


"HHRRRRRRR!!" He growled in Devil trigger from as he started to gather demonic energy, to a very high-level of it


And suddenly, His form changed again into something much taller and stronger!!!

He flew upwards, summoning his other sword in hand, and with a monster like roar he flew right toward the larger demon!

He flew upwards, summoning his other sword in hand, and with a monster like roar he flew right toward the larger demon!






























As the others drive away from the danger with Ruby keeping up with her semblance, they all came to a stop after they got far enough.

Qrow coughed again and so Yang and Akame helped him to sit down by a tree.
"Hang on uncle Qrow!" Yang pleaded

They all then heard the sounds of battle and destruction from back in kuroyuri, and the girls fear for their fathers well-being.

"Sooooo what? Do we just wait here???" Nora asked

"We gotta get to Haven as fast as possible." Jaune said
"We can get some help from there!"

"But that'll still take too much time!!" Yang said 

"We have to go back!!" Ruby said

"Wha-Didn't you see what happened back there?!?!" Jaune yelled after hearing Rubies statement
"That Thing LEVELED the Entire Village with us!! There's no way we can beat it! We just have to let your father deal with it while we get Qrow to help!!"

"I'M NOT LETTING MY FAMILY DIE!!!!!" Ruby screamed out before using her semblance to dash back toward the city

"RUBY!!!" Yang and Akame both called out to her which she just kept going!

"Grrr...We HAVE to go back!" Travis grunted as he tried his best to stand up from his bike

Neo got next to him with a pleading look, which Travis scoffed at
"Oh DON'T GIMME THAT LOOK!!! Ruby needs help!!"

"...No, you all stay here." Akame said before started to walk
"I'll go."

"...Not alone, you're not." Yang said 


























As Ruby kept running toward Kuroyuri again, She suddenly heard bumblebees revving sound as Yang with Akame sitting behind her drove next t her
"Hop on!!" Yang called out




















Dante slashed away at the monsters legs In his Sin DT form, And flies upwards and slashes at its face before landing on top of another building!
He returned back to human form and stares at the demon that was slowly getting its footing back.

"You just don't quit do ya?" He said as he held rebellion in his hand and jumps off the building toward the demons back, watching out for the spikes if they pop out again.

Suddenly, Its side Tentacles rise up and swing toward him!
But then,


The girls on top of bumblebee launch upwards, Slamming the bike into the tentacle before it gets close to Dante and land down.


"Oh COME ON!!!" Dante frowned before jumping down while the Demon tried to shake him off!

He lands next to the girls and looked at them with a very upset expression
"I told you to LEAVE!!!"

"We're not leaving you alone here dad!" Yang said

"I GAVE YOU ORDERS!! This ain't a game anymore kid, This is a life and Death situation!" Dante yelled

"We don't have to take orders from our dad WHEN HE'S BEING AN UNSTYLISH AND UNCOOL LOSER!!!!" Ruby yelled back, which Dante was taken a back by this

"....Okay, That's the only time you get to call me ANY kind of Loser!" Dante said with an offended tone.

"And he just said this isn't a game." Akame said under her breath.

But then, They all jumped away from one of the demons legs that slammed down on top of them.
But in Yangs case, Se drove away and jumped off bumblebee while it just drove forward and stops by a tree further away.

"UUUUgh okay look I'll ground all 3 of you later. For now, Be careful and follow my lead." Dante said Before he summoned his other sword Again,


and switched back to Sin DT again!

"....Whooooa...." Ruby said in awe.

"That's...New..." Akame said

"And cool and terrifying at the same time too." Yang said with a small sweat drop.

Dante flapped all of his wings and dashed upwards above the Demon, And then gathered Demon energy in the palm of his claws and began to fire powerful fireball like projectiles at the demon!!

They explode covering the demos sight with smoke, And Ruby took this chance to use her semblance to dash past the Demons legs and slash at them with both Crescent Rose and Burial Blade!

This caused the Demon to fall down, And Yang jumped up wards and fired off some shotgun blasts at its brain organ, causing it to roar in pain!

Akame also Jumped up on its back and slashed at the demon's exposed organ, and quickly jumped off knowing that it will be dangerous to stay on its back for too long.

the giant demon started to get up again, only for yang to jump right Infront of its face, and delivered a VERY powerful uppercut into its face, making it dazed!
Dante then dashed down and swung his sword that appeared much more massive now right at the demon, and it roared in pain even if its shell somewhat protected it.

Then, the spinning buzzsaw part of the demon slowly came close toward Ruby, and she blocked it with her scythes and jumped right on top of it!! The floating buzzsaw then began to fly around uncontrollably before Ruby managed to redirect it right into the demons side!

It roared in pain as its own buzzsaw was jabbed into it, And Dante fired more of his projectiles at it!

While Ruby kept running around it, She found its brain organ moving out again!

"GOT IT!" Ruby said as she dashed up towards it, preparing both of her scythes to slash the organ in half!!! 


"GAH!!!" But then, One of its tentacles fired another laser blast right at her, causing her to start falling!!
Both her older sisters and her father (Still in Sin DT) watched with horror as the same tentacle then whipped her right through 3 buildings!!

"RUBY!!" Yang called out,


"UGH!!" But then, The Demon stomped one of its legs down right on Yang!

Akame gasped as she saw this, And glares at the demon with rage while her semblance activates, and her hair begins to emit black smoke like Aura again.
She ran up its leg while repeatedly slashing it with her sword, And when she jumped upwards on its back, She went straight for the organ but then, One of its tentacles wrapped around her!!!

She tried to break free, but it swung her around and slammed her right into one of the building!!!


Seeing all of this, Dante, Still in Sin DT, Roared in absolute fury and charged upwards toward the demon!!
















"...Ugh...." Akame groaned as she opened her eyes, feeling pain all over her body.
"...Y-Yang...Ru_UGH!!!" She then gasped in pain, and when she looked down...she saw a sharp piece of wood had been stabbed through her abdomen. She winced in pain as she was bleeding fast.

'Damn it...Come on...get survived worse, F-Father said you can survive a LOT more. GET UP.' She said to herself, recalling when her spine was snapped in two back in beacon.
'Th-They need you damn it. GET UP!'

"Grrr." She tried to move, but that only caused the sharp Piece of wood to cause her more pain and she falls on her back again, gasping in agony.

She then managed to see outside of the building she was smashed into, noticing her father battling the giant Demon and Yang under some rubble, motionless. And ruby was still where she was, smashed through several buildings.

"...grrr...AAAH..." She yelled in pain as she gripped the piece of wood and slowly pushed it out little by little
"AAAHHH!!!!" And she screamed as she managed to pull it out all the way and tossed it aside.

She began panting in and out because of the pain, as she could feel her blood slowly covering the cracked ground beneath her.







...She felt so powerless, So weak....So....Lonely....

'...Come on...get up...' She mentally told herself, but she began to feel as if her vision was becoming black.
'No! No don't....Don't black out....I can''























Her heart began to beat

*...Ba-Dump.... Ba-Dump..... Ba-Dump  Ba-Dump  Ba-Dump  Ba-Dump  Ba-Dump  Ba-Dump  Ba-Dump  Ba-Dump  Ba-Dump *

It began to beat faster! 

















Dante landed back down as he returned to human form, Still very pissed that some oversized cockroach hurt his girls.

But then, what happened next caused both him and the Demon to stop fighting.






"Whoa what The?!" Dante gasped as he heard a very loud roar....and then something flew up out of the building Akame was smashed into





"...K-Kid?" Dante mumbled.
And he got his answer as he noticed The new demon on the field holding Akames Raiden blade.
This was Akame in her very own Devil trigger form.

{Battle theme from here on out:}



{Theme timing: 00:00 ~ 1:24}



As Akame flapped her wings to raise her altitude, She dashed forward at the demon and slashed it across its shell!

The Demon roared in pain while Dante was caught off guard by her speed.
Akame kept slashing its shell and legs repeatedly as she kept slashing at the demon without hesitation by flying past it every time!

The Demon then managed to wrap both of its tentacles around her, which she grunted before breaking free by spreading her wings wide and slashing them away with her sword!

The Demon tried to fire off lasers at her with its tentacles again, only for Dante to fire bullets at them causing it to misfire.

Akame then flew right toward its face and gave it a hard kick into the chin, causing it to stumble backwards with its massive size, wrecking the destroyed Kuroyuri town even further.

And then she flew under it and slashed away at its underside, making it to roar again even louder. 

As Akame flew out from its underside, she then flew upwards high in the sky and her eyes, Plus the 3 extra ones that her DT gave her, all began to glow bright red and most of her feathers and withered hair emit a black aura like how her semblance usually does, and she Started to rapidly fly past its body left and right, rapidly slashing away at its armor like skin!!!!!

"Hooooooly Damn." Dante said as he just watched
"My kids a total Badass!!!"


"YIKES!" He then gasped as Akame dashed right past him as she swung her sword at the demon again,
"Sheesh...I think I should step back a bit."


He then looked over, and noticed Yang starting to move

"Oh shoot! Totally forgot!" Dante said as he dashed right toward Yang
"Yang! Hang On I'm_"


"AAAAAAAAAH" But Yang started to scream



"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!" And as she shot up on her feet, gave a very beastly Roar while her entire body was covered by flames!!!

And when she stood up, Dantes jaw almost dropped at what he saw.




As Yang Activated her own DT, She began to growl like an animal as her body heat was...literally melting a bit of the grounds concrete. 

"....Wow....I always knew you were hot headed but....damn I we can cook an entire pizza on you." Dante said, not feeling safe enough to get close to yang in case of getting burned himself.


"WHAT THE FU_" Dante gasped but then,

"AAAAAAGGHH!!!" Yang then THREW the ENTIRE house at the Demon!!!!
This caused Dante to duck as the house went right toward the demon, Crashing right into it!!!
This Also Caused Akame to fly out of the way!

"....Holy shi_" Dante didn't get to finish as Yang jumped high up in the air and landed right on the Demons face And began to rapidly punch its face. and with each hit, some kind of shockwave would be made by the impact of her punches!!

The Demon swung its head around, trying to pry Yang off. But she was holding onto its face with her ironclad like claws, and then instead of a punch, slammed her knee right into its face!
This causes the Demon to get dizzy because of the impact, and getting slammed into another building.

This time, Yang lets go and lands down, and Akame flies down next to her.


And suddenly,



From all over the other side of Kuroyuri, a red flash appeared right next to the twin Halfbreeds.

Ruby stands next to her older sisters while holding both of her scythes, all 3 in Devil trigger while looking at the Demon in front of them

Ruby stands next to her older sisters while holding both of her scythes, all 3 in Devil trigger while looking at the Demon in front of them.
And Dante was still just watching.


{Theme timing: 1:24 ~ Till the end of the video}


Akame and Yang both dash toward the demon, While Ruby stands still...and her Hood, which was more of a Cape now, Starts to....Extended all over the ground toward the Demon.


As her Cape kept growing and moving toward the Demon, It wrapped around all of the Demons legs, making it unable to move!This gave Yang and Akame to repeatedly attack it without any mercy!

As her Cape kept growing and moving toward the Demon, It wrapped around all of the Demons legs, making it unable to move!
This gave Yang and Akame to repeatedly attack it without any mercy!

"Wow. Now this is a new trick." Dante said as he inspected a part of Rubies massive Cape, and then looked over at the other two and watches as Akames speed had also increased while Yang was much slower now but now with a massive physical power upgrade.

".....Yup. I think I had enough standing by the sidelines." Dante said as he summoned his alternate sword and Activated his Sin DT again and flew toward the demon!!

As Dante and Akame both slashed away at its shell, Yang rapidly began to punch and kick the demon causing it to get staggered over and over again.
Ruby kept it from moving with her Cape, and the parts that wrapped around its legs extended further up toward its upper body!

Yang then uppercut the Demon in its face again, While Akame began to Rapidly slash all over the Demons back, taking some hits on its organ part.
It screamed in more pain as it tried to shake Akame off, Only for Dante to fire off more of his projectiles at it!

And suddenly, rubies Cape parts slowly started to rise the demon in midair, And this caused Akame to jump off.
Then, Ruby used her cape to Slam the demon right into at least 4 abandoned houses!!!

As the Demon tried to stand up, Yang suddenly gripped one of its legs

As Ruby saw this, She used her Semblance that was powered by Demon energy now, to appear in the air and sees the Demons Organ part exposed!!!
Akame used her wings to fly upwards, and Dante grabbed her claw with his own claw and with a roar, he used his Sin DT strength to swing Akame right toward the Demon from its downside!!

And so, both Ruby and Akame in their DTs got closer and closer to the Demon in midair, And Ruby slashed right through its Brain while Akame slashed through its underside, and popped out of the other side, while Ruby bursted out of its underside at the same time!!!!


And finally, As they both landed right next to Yang,
The Demons body fell too, motionless.


{Battle theme: Over}



Dante landed down and turned back to normal, and looked over to his girls as they all just stood there, still in their Newly activated Demonforms.

"....Hey you 3 alright?" Dante asked


And as soon as he spoke





Suddenly, all 3 of them return to normal and fall down.

"....Oooow.....I can't feel my muscles...." Yang groaned

"I can't Feel my organs...." Ruby said with a whimper

"....I can't feel anything..." Akame said last

"....Pffff HAAHAAHA!!!" Dante bursted into laughter at this display of exhaustion.

"UUUUUGH DAAAAAAD!!!!" Ruby frowned

"Sorry sorry!!" Dante said stoping himself
"And don't worry, First times always like that. Just activate your Auras and you'll be better."

"Okaaaaay...." all three of the answered

"....Wait." Yang said
"....oh. My. Gosh....I THREW A HOUSE!!!!"

"...You Wha???" ruby said

"I Threw AN ENTIRE HOUSE At that cockroach!!!" Yang said with excitment
"D-Dad have YOU or Uncle Vergil ever threw a house at something??!!"

"Heh. NoPe. First time I ever saw something like that." Dante said

"I'm AWESOOOOOME!!!!" Yang cheered

"...Yang...I think that was Rens old house." Akame said

"....What?" Yang said as Akame pointed at another side of the town....and the place where they found Rens childhood home was completely empty
".....OOOoooooohhhh SHHHHHHHHHIT!!!" Yang said as she went motionless on the ground again, causing Dante, Ruby and Akame all to chuckle at this.

"....Hey....Do you hear that?" Akame asked.

When the others focused, they also heard it.
....some...glittering sounds.

As the sisters stood up, they noticed that the Demons body was starting to glow!!!

"Oh my sparda WHAT NOW!!!???" Ruby yelled

"Is it still alive?! AFTER ALL OF THAT?!?!?" Yang yelled

"No it's dead. Its just...." Dante said but didn't get to finish as the Demons body bursted into a bright light....and when they all opened their eyes....what they saw shocked the girls while Dante smirked

what they saw shocked the girls while Dante smirked

"....What....Is ....THAT?" Yang asked as they all stare at the....glove like object that was floating where the Demons body just laid a second ago.

"Oh ho ho. That?~" Dante asked
"Well kiddos, That there is a_"

But he didn't get to finish again as the object suddenly bursted into 6 separate parts!!!
3 of the parts flew right toward Ruby while the other 3 went toward Akame!!!

"What the_" 
"HMPH!!!" Akame was caught off guard as some kind of metallic plate slammed against her mouth, and she felt the glove parts attach themselves to her arms!!

"AH!" Ruby gasped as she felt something press against her back, and almost tripped when she felt two metal shoe like accessories get attached to her feet, which also had buzzsaws on each side!

"Wha-What are THOSE?!?!" Yang asked

[Akame has now Equipped: GILGAMESH(Gloves and mask)]

[Ruby has now Equipped: GILGAMESH( Gleaves and back pad )]


"I can't...Take them off!!!" Akame yelled under the metal plate on her mouth and nose, not being able to pry them off.

"UUUUh Daaaaad??!" Ruby called out, freaked out at the things that had attatched to her.

"Okay whoa both of you calm down!" Dante said as he places his hands on both Ruby and Akames shoulders
"Now. Just breath in, and out."

The sisters did as he told them

"Good. Now, slowly imagine these bad boys disappearing." Dante said

"But dad_" Ruby started

"Just do it." Dante said.
The girls did as they were told...And they felt lighter.
When they opened their eyes, the gloves and mask were gone from Akames body and the Gleaves and the back pad was also gone from Ruby.

"...What...Just happened?" Yang asked

"I'll explain later." Dante said
"Right now, We need to get Qrow to a..."

Before he could finish, they all suddenly saw...3 bullheads coming toward them from the sky

"...Sheesh. Bout time they heard all the ruckuses." Dante said as he looks up at the bullheads.




















[Later on]




As the everyone plus Qrow, Sif and Felicia, and also Yang and Travises motorcycles all got on the bullheads, they had laid Qrow down whil flying toward Mistral.

"How'd you find us out here?" Jaune asked

"We were on patrol and...heard a LOT of roaring noises. We thought maybe someone might be hurt." one of the Bullhead pilots answered.



Ruby held Qrows hand tighter
"What if we don't make it in time?!"

Akame placed her hand on Rubies shoulder

And when Ruby looked out of the bullhead...What she saw left her in awe.



"...We made it." Akame said

"Welcome to mistral kids." Dante said with a smile.



And meanwhile, on the other bullhead.

"OW!" Travis winced as one of the pilots was treating his wounds
"Easy doc! I need that hand."
Neo only rolled her eyes at his overdramaticness.

Yang walked over to Ren and Nora while they both held hands.
"Hey uh...Ren?"

"yes?" Ren said as he looked back toward Yang

"Well...Look what I found back in Kuroyuri." Yang said as she handed him a photo.

" Yang said as she handed him a photo


"Th-This is..." Ren stuttered as he stared at the picture with wide eyes
"How...H-How did you..."

"Me and Akame found your childhood home back there." Yang answered
"And...We thought you might want that back."

"...Thank you." Ren said with a smile

"No problem." Yang smiled back before walking away letting them have their moment
"...Oh and uh....I threw your house at that demon."

"...W-what??" Ren asked while Nora, Neo and Travis were confused too.

"Never mind." Yang said, shrugging the topic off.














"...Dad?" Ruby spoke up again while Sif and Felicia were next to her
"Are you going to tell us...What those gloves and shoes were back there now??"

"Oh right. Those were...." Dante started
"...Naaah. I'll tell you later. But first, You kids need to check out Mistrals pizzas."