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the fanfiction literally nobody asked for

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Connor stares up at his boyfriend Miguel, breathing softly but slowly. His neck is covered in hickeys. So are his breasts. Initially he was worried about Miguel seeing his body. Especially his chest. But when you're severely turned on gender dysphoria is the last thing on your mind. He's so wet that his thighs are sliding together, making room for Miguel's cock. He treats Connor gently, softly kissing his body. Connor's nipples are hard and sensitive, making Miguel suck on them. He licks and bites them, softly suckling them. Connor moans. Miguel's never wanted to do anything to him before.

"Fuck, Mig," he breathes. Mig is his nickname for Miguel. "I'm so horny."

"You're beautiful, Connor." His voice is deep. Masculine. Connor blushes and look away shyly. Miguel  doesn't seem to notice Connor's coy blush. He gently holds his knees, making sure not to hurt him, and kisses up his thighs. He kisses his way up Connor's body, past his erect nipples and his hard stomach. He kisses his way to said boyfriend's lips. He gently kisses Connor. He gently kisses him. His lips are soft. Warm. Connor shuts his eyes, hand fanning against his face, blushing hard. He can't get his breathing under control, feeling himself wetten even more down there if even possible. He's never ever really talked about sex with Miguel, given his sexuality, but his hormones are driving him crazy. The fact that he's not putting it in him is driving him crazy. He wants to feel Miguel's throbbing member inside him. He wants to feel his orgasm overwhelm him.

"Mi Rey, you're so beautiful." Miguel murmurs a few words in Spanish that Connor doesn't really understand, but he knows there's zero malice behind them. He's treating him so gentle, acting as if he truly loves him. He wants to make love with Connor. He cares about him. He stares up at Miguel, breathing quickly, and fumbles with a pack of condoms which were previously hidden in his nightstand.

"Are you nervous?" he asks.

"Yes," Connor admits, handing him one. "But I'm more nervous for you."

"I don't want you to be afraid, Connor."

Said boy doesn't reply, still trying to get his breathing under control. Miguel
seems content just looking at him, stroking his hair gently. He nuzzles his hand, sweating so hard he can feel it running down his thighs. Miguel notices this and lifts his legs up. He hooks Connors thighs over his shoulders. Suddenly Connor feels extremely insecure. He hasn't shaved in months, a trail of pubic hair running down past his inner walls all the way down to his thighs. Miguel, however, couldn't look happier, gently kissing his boyfriend's clit. Connor shut his eyes as he teases him, licking and sucking on his clit.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" Connor gasps softly, extremely sensitive, and pushes Miguel's head away.

He stops, bewildered. "Was that a no?"

Connor shakes his head, his breathing is still erratic. He feels like he's about to pass out.
"I want to fuck. I was going to 'cum'."

Miguel laughs uneasily. Hearing Connor say the word cum shouldn't be funny, but it is. He turns away from his boyfriend so he can't see him smiling. An aggravated and horny Connor is something he doesn't really want to experience, ever.

Connor gently takes Miguel's naked cock and smothers it with a condom.
Then he sits astride him, a little wobbly, a little insecure, but ready to go. Miguel lays back, watching him with an easy smile. Con towers over him and bites his lip nervously, before swaying his hips and putting his tip inside of him. He's quiet for a moment, feeling the ridge of Miguel's dick inside him. He wiggles his hips a bit, and Mig grabs his ass, keeping him steady.

"Fuck." Connor sighs softly, unable to help himself, and sinks down a little more. "I love how you keep your tip inside me."

Miguel chuckles, kissing him. "You are so special, Connor."

Then, he says the words  Connor's been waiting to hear: "I love you."

"I love you too-" Connor trails off suddenly, gasping as Miguel's cock slides inside of him. He straddles it with it in his wet pussy.
Mig immediately puts his hands on his lover's hips, keeping him steady as Connor straddles him.

"Connor, c'mon-"He grunts softly as Connor grinds his cock into his g-spot, making a soft noise.
"Miguel, I'm so close. Please, fuck me."

"I am, baby. I am. Hold on..." Connor does as he says, bracing himself as Miguel holds him down.
He bites his lip softly, flushed and sweating profusely. Miguel lifts Connor's hips up, pulling him off his cock, and gently puts him back down. Connor's wet heat envelopes his dick. He feels Mig's penis against his inner walls, a warm thick feeling building up inside his stomach. He shuts his eyes and tilts his head back, propping himself up. He gasps quietly as Miguel grazes his g-spot. Connor holds on, desperate for him to thrust inside him, but he's just teasing him, stopping and slowing down his movements. Connor's breath catches in his throat as he tilts his head forward, eyes fluttering.

"Fuck, Miguel. Fuck me please. I'll be good." he begs, blushing softly. Out of humiliation or arousal, who knows?

"I want to be the best for you, baby. I want to give you the best..." He grabs Connor's hips and he lifts himself up, gasping as Miguel's cock plunges into his vagina. He comes down over him, his damp skin sliding over Miguel's, and wraps his arms around him, kissing him. He feels Miguel's tip throbbing against his wet entrance, and the latter shoves into him.

"Fuck!" Connor moans softly, his voice proceeding to get higher and higher as he forgets his surroundings, bouncing up and down on his boyfriend's thick, long cock. He shuts  his eyes, gripping Miguel's shoulders as he slams into him faster and faster, feeling his insides begin to quiver, his g-spot easily able to be reached by Mig's hard cock. He makes soft gasping sounds, the sound of skin slapping against skin filling the room. Miguel makes quiet growling noises and short huffs, short of breath as he watches him bounce up and down on his cock.

"You feel so good, baby."
he says, kissing him. Connor keeps bouncing, wrapping his arms around him, his head lowering to his, Miguel's lips covering Connor's. He moans quietly into the kiss and pulls back, feeling something building up inside of him. Miguel pushes Connor's hand away and rubs his clitoris quickly, somehow knowing how to make his boyfriend come undone.

"Come for me, baby. I want to watch you come. I want to see you squirt for me." Connor gasps loudly, Miguel dirty talk making him hornier than ever. He bounces more, his thighs against Miguel's stomach, and feel a little bit of squirt dribble down his inner thighs, a telltale sign that he's about to cum. Miguel rubs faster.

"I'm cumming!" he moans, his cunt sending spasms of orgasmic pleasure up his legs as he cums hard around Miguel's cock. He bounces quickly, mouth ajar and head tilted back. Miguel watches lustfully as he squirts all over his stomach and cock. Connor collapses on top of him, his breathing still heavy. Miguel grabs his ass, holding him flush against him.

"Was that good for you?" he murmurs. Connor nods, still catching his breath.
He puts his hands on Miguel's shoulders, who plunges up into him, hips stuttering in their rhythm. Connor's overstimulated and it feels amazing. Miguel continues to rub his clit in slow circles and pounds up into him. Connor wraps his legs around him and start rocking in little movements, enjoying the aftershocks of his orgasm. His muscles begin to relax and his limbs begin to flop about, his whole body relaxing.

"Shit, Connor, I'm cumming." he grunts suddenly, pounding up into his boyfriend faster.

"Fuck yeah!" Connor gasps, bouncing faster and harder. Miguel starts to orgasm, his body shaking and his breathing heavy. He buries his face into Connor's hair and thrusts up into him one last time. Suddenly you get a warm feeling in your groin and lock eyes with Miguel in fear as the sound of a condom breaking fills the room.

"Oh, Christ. Shit." Miguel mutters, eyes comically wide. "Sorry, baby. I didn't mean to-"

"Don't stop."