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The New Mayor's First Order of Business

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"So how does it feel to be finally Mayor of Whitestone," Bera asked with a smile, stretching her still naked body out on the bed and still sweaty from their energetic sex. Adath Skoria gave her a grin as he allowed his eyes to roam over the display she was putting on for him.

"You know how distracting it is when you do that," he said and Bera smirked at him.

"Of course I do. Why do you think I do it?" she asked with a smirk and Adath sniled.

"You know, if I could, I would stay here and make love to you for the rest of the week. But…" He shrugged. "Unfortunately, the town leaders want me to reassure them that I'm not about to screw them over." He leaned over and kissed her, allowing his hand to stroke her breasts. He was very familiar with her breasts. And the rest of her. "And you have The Thirsty Wench to open in less than an hour." He kissed her.

"Let them complain," she said in a relaxed, happy voice. "I wouldn't mind another round."

"I wouldn't mind either," he said as he started kissing her breasts, before standing up. "But alas, duty calls. And you care too much about your customers to let them down." He stood up and looked at her. "I do have one thing to ask you though before we go our separate ways for the day."


"Will you…" He licked his lips and looked away. Bera raised an eyebrow.

"We;ve been having sex for over a year. You've fucked me in every position possible. Don't tell me that you're getting bashful now?"

"Well no…" Adath said, before nervously licking his lips. "It's not...well I'm just nervous…"

"Of me?" Bera asked, raising an eyebrow once more. "Do I need to drag you back into this bed to get over it?"

"Not exactly," he said with a chuckle. He picked up a small box and opened it. "I that Eswin Ealfhelm is no longer mayor, it means that...well now that my life is no longer in danger. Or at least as much danger as it was...and well…"

Bera sat up, her interest now peaked. It was most unlike Adath to be so hesitant with her.

"You're a good woman Bera. A good woman," he said and Bera snorted.

"You don't need to flatter me to get me to fuck you," she said with a smile. "I've been in your bed for over a year."

"No, I mean it," he said and Bera gave a humourless chuckle.

"I feed my patrons rat meat," she said in a deadpan voice and Adath shook his head.

"Only because getting anything else out here is hard. And besides, it's not like your patrons complain." He paused and shook his head. "I'm getting distracted." He paused again and looked at her once more. "You're a good woman Bera. One of the best that I have ever known. that I'm mayor-"

"Are you leaving me?" Bera asked sharply as her heart sank. "Because...if you are, I understand. I'm just a tavern owner and you deserve be-"

She was abruptly cut off with a kiss.

"Bera Grastar, you are worthy of any man!" He said, before smiling. "You are beautiful and sexy and amazing and you've stood by my side all this time, even when it looked like I was doomed. I cannot imagine having someone else by my side!" He paused and looked nervously away. Bera raised an eyebrow. Something was definitely up.

"What is it then?" she asked curiously, a slight frown on her face.

"Bera...I've been...I've wanted to do this for some you and...well...will you marry me?" he asked, opening the box in his hand. Bera let out a gasp of surprise and tears began to run down her cheeks.

"Bera?" he asked uncertainly, reaching his hand out tentatively towards her. "Bera...I…"

"Of all the women who you could pick...why me?" she asked almost shyly and Adath sat down beside her.

"Because you've always been there for me," Adath said. "Because when I had nobody else, you were willing to be there." He paused and looked at her. "Because I cannot imagine anyone else by my side or sharing my bed, especially on this next stage of my life." He paused and scowled at the door. "Can you see anyone else who can say that? Even when things looked hopeless, you were there for me."

She leaned back in the bed and swore. Adath looked at her with a worried expression.


"Why did you have to ask me now?" she asked with a groan and Adath gave her a worried look. She looked at him and smiled. "Now I can't drag you back into this bed and make it perfectly clear how I feel about you."

"Is that a yes?" he asked nervously, a slight smile on his face and Bera groaned once more.

"Yes!" she said with a slight laugh. "Yes, yes, yes!" She paused and smiled at him. "Now GO, before I give in to my desires and DRAG you back into this bed for the rest of the day!"

Laughing, Adath quickly left the room with a spring in his step.