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Ivan maddox looked at the scene before him not with fear or anger but with utter confusion.

Having just returned to the 08th Ms teams base he was presented with the aftermath of battle. That had been expected they were laying siege to a Zeon stronghold when he had left but that didn’t quite match up the scene before him. The land was zig-zagged with trenches of glass. Melted, burning, and dismembered GMs lay on the ground like broken dolls. A menagerie of Zeon units lay scattered about broken in various ways, a few even now being dragged off for recycling and study.

Towards the mountain base they had been preparing to strike was a massive tri-legged mobile armor that even now loomed over the battlefield. Ivans targeting scope let him see that near the top of the machine presumably where its cockpit should be there was a smoking hole. Suddenly it made sense why Zeon had given up the safety of the mountain. As well as identifying the source of the glassed areas.

Indeed he found himself mentally recreating the scene. It must have been a shocking sight, the monstrous Zeon MA emerging from its launch bay as the MS forces advanced out of the tunnels. The trek across the relatively open ground now covered by the overwhelming long-range firepower of the Mobile Armor. He could imagine the panic as more than triple the number of MS held by the combined forces of the EF that were stationed here. As he got closer he saw that some of the Zeon MS were pierced through with beam weapons which told him the long range GM Snipers and been doing everything they could to keep the bases from being overwhelmed, inside the abandoned city he spotted several Guntanks being dragged away. Which seemed odd since there were no other signs of anything actually making it into the city and they didn’t look to have been blasted apart.

Perhaps the most baffling element was the scene just in front of the city. There was a large black and golden bronze mobile suit of giant scale. Kneeling as it was in trenches in the earth -no doubt from its own landing- it was nearly twice the height of the MS in front of it. Bosser Glanz as it popped up on his RFID system was posed one hand outstretched toward the Gundam Ez8’s chest and the other clamped over its heart. The Ez8 was likewise holding out its hands as if asking to receive something from the large feminine MS.

Ivan’s movement tracker picked up two figures moving along the ground. The first was fairly easy to recognize as Shiro Amada and he was walking arm in arm with a woman in a Zeon pilot suit. The pair were headed towards a bloodhound hover truck so Ivan figured this wasn’t a case of desertion but more like the Zeon pilot had defected.

All about the battlefield there began to unfold blossoms of bright red and orange. Ivan could not recall the name of these flowers, just that they were a type of plant that only sprouted flowers in intense heat such as after a fire. A sort of symbol that all would be well. Ivan thought as he finally arrived at the base. He’d find out the full story later.