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Channel 4 frisky puppet show

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Late in the Channel 4 studio, after an arduous day of work, trying to leech off peoples free content and violating the number one rule of fanfiction of not profiting from it, as well as showing some boring shows on the side. Alice and Mel remained on set. Truth is this all had been a ploy to open an only fans, featuring the sex puppets and the host in some raunchy situations. 


Alice started preparing the filming equipment as Mel undressed. The puppets were still laying over unread Taskmaster fanfiction looking very inviting. Mel had to push herself to concentrate on the task at hand, covering the floor with a sheet and getting the lube bottles out. 


By the time Alice was done Mel's panties were soaked, and she could barely hold off on undressing. 


At first they took some risque pictures as Mel took her clothes off, then some nude shots for the monthly rewards, and finally the moment Mel had been waiting for all day. 


Once Alice gave the green light Mel didn't waste any more time, at first she made some sexy B roll opening herself and lubbing the puppets one by one as she moaned comically. After some pose changing and uncomfortable zooms the main course arrived. Mel started putting one of the puppets inside of her, she never thought the texture would rub her so right, it took some pushing to get it as her legs trembled. But once it was in it was like a switch had turned in her brain and she couldn't stop. 


Mel couldn't contain a yelp of excitement. Having Alice Harper film as she pleasured herself with the puppets was so erotic, evern more than riduculing fanfiction authors, profiting of their work and banking on the embarrassment of both the guests  and viewers. 


Alice panted as she zoomed in, first on her reddened face, adorned by golden locks sticking sensually to her skin, and later to the puppet she was using as a dildo. This one specifically was Harry Styles shaped, although there was a Anne Hegerty's one waiting to be used. 


It didn't seem to be enough for Mel though, she moaned loudly but she needed more, more sensation, more puppets inside of her. Anne was the next, the felt rubbing against her insides making it hard to keep still as pleasure buzzed through her body. The presenter was like icarus, flying too close to the sun, as she shoved a third and fourth puppet inside. 


The puppets could hardly move by then and her legs trembled violently as pearls of sweat trailed down them. 


At this point Mel had stepped through the point of no return, her moans were almost deafening as she moved the mass of felt inside of her. It all came to suddenly with a scream of:


"Kermit!" Mel's childhood puppet crush. 


Her mouth opened in an o and her squirt soaked everything, even poor Alice, as she finally orgasmed. 


Once it was done, Alice helped her with getting the puppets out, cleaning and tidying everything. 


With a kiss goodnight to all the puppets Mel and Alice left for their homes, hoping that tomorrow no one would notice the stickiness and particular smells the puppets had in between planning their trash program.