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what comes after an armageddon

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Eniale and Dewiela walk out of the Armageddon holding hands.

Practically all of their silly little quarrels that ballooned into destroying a good portion of the city almost always end up with them walking out of it together. But they weren’t holding hands back then, and Eniale certainly wasn’t as quiet as she is right now. She’s a crab frantically crawling back into her shell, even though Dewi had managed to assuage her out of it earlier. For what’s it’s worth might have only been limited within the chaos of the Argameddon ensued, and Dewi took from what she can get. For now.

People along the streets are running towards the majestic blob of dusts and rumble at the middle of the city. Totally oblivious that the conjurers of chaos are the two women they absent-mindedly pass by, who are walking side by side, hand in chaotic hand. Quietly treading the streetside amidst the sirens and bustles and anxiety that comes with what humanity presumes as the end of the world.

Eniale squeezes Dewiela’s hand in her, and Dewiela can’t help but smile. Then they both chuckle – a sign that the absurdity of it all isn’t lost in their heads.

Dewiela takes the gentle squeeze as a sign to drag the angel to the nearest pizza store. Just a couple of blocks along the street they’re in. Expectedly, the customers are out, leaving the place deserted, just like how it would be when the world’s busy dealing with Armageddon. Although it’s the least Dewiela expects of what the feared legend brings forth. It’s almost funny that it only started because someone does not have the capacity to communicate their feelings.

And speaking of her, she is seated next to Dewi. Pressed to the wall to which the mustard-colored couch is attached to. They’re both flushed from the mini run, and having sat down, finally noticed that their hairs are a mess. Eniale’s wispy blonde unfurling in the most uncomfortable angles and the knot in Dewi’s hair is all gone (probably fell during their fight) that the tips of her night black hair reached the floor of the pizza store. And oh, dusts caked her leather jacket and jeans, and Eniale’s whimsical sheer dress is tattered at the seams.

“Wow, we’re a mess.” Dewiela chuckles.

Eniale fakes a sob. “My dress…”

“Can say the same thing to my jacket. It’s going to be hard to take the dusts off, like this is leather.”

The angel laughs. “I’ll buy you another, Dewi~ As compensation for the mess I’ve made.”

Dewiela looks back at her, clearly surprised. “Finally. You’ve admitted to your mistakes.”

“Don’t get too ahead of me. This happened because you did not think to visit me at heaven.”

“And get my ass handed to me by your uncle Michaelangelo? No, thanks.” But a grin splits in Dewi’s tired face. The same playful one is reflected back in Eni’s equally haggard look.

Outside is still a bubble of noise, muffled by the glass walls of the store. Their breaths, as they sit closer to each other, are their own noise. Their hands, placed in the space between them, warm each other.

Dewi sighs. “So what now?”

Eniale takes a deep breath. “Let’s go to Italy.” Dewi gasps. “We haven’t been there, and oh, Dewi, they have the gorgeous seas, the most delicious wines and cheese, and yummiest foods! And don’t even get me started about the statues and music-“

 “Slow down, Eni. You don’t have to move on so fast,” she teases.

“No. I have to, or else that guy is gonna be back on your tail again!”

Dewi scratches her neck sheepishly, a faint blush blooming in her cheeks. Quietly, she says, “It’s exactly why I had to pursue him. So he won’t bother us when…” She hears herself getting quieter by the minute. “….you're back from your ‘heavenly duties’.”

Eniale’s eyes widen, shining from unshed tears still clinging at the corners of her eyes. The crystal blue of her eyes shimmer like the sea when sunlight hits.

“Y-yeah… Take it as a-”

Eni leans in to kiss her on the lips, a little peck but it’s enough for Dewi to feel like as if the world shifted. Her heartbeat louder than the noise outside, and her skin tingling as if the whole pizza place is warped in a static electricity. When Eni parts a little and observes Dewi, she is suddenly tangled in confusion. And to silence the rapid thoughts in her brain and the incessant beat of her heart, she pulls Eni close and kisses her fully.

Dewi hears the angel suck in an unsteady breath, and a blasphemous curse escapes out of her mind at the beautiful sound of it. They taste each other tongues, smear each other’s lipstick’s against their lips. Pink on red and red on pink, the colors blurring into each other, just as their words are consumed by their kiss and their distance closed by how well they grab at each other. 

Angel and demon, relishing on the impossible proximity granted by a kiss that came after Armageddon. And Dewi doesn’t know if what they’re doing is right, but they had subjected Earth to countless agony because of their existence, so is there still a point of assigning a moral verdict of what they are doing?

Angel and demon, huh

The kiss is so good, and a devil like Dewi only cares about what makes them feel good.  

“Eni, let’s go to Italy. Let’s do it,” Dewi whispers desperately the moment they part. Their breaths warm between them, and Eni’s eyes hazy with desire, eyelids hooded with longing.

But Eni’s hands drop unceremoniously on her lap, leaning back as though she’s scared of something. Dewi is confused. “Dewi, we…”

“We kissed.” Dewi is breathless.

“Yeah.” Eni takes a deep breath. “B-but… I’m an angel and you’re a demon! What would Lord say about this?!”

She did think about it a few moments ago but… “Is that something we should worry about now?”


A bubble of panic threatens to brew at the pit of Dewi’s stomach, but she tries her best to stay calm. “We can just go to Italy, first. And then, we can sort that out there-“  

But as bad luck would have it, Eni’s phone rings, revealing the call to be from none other than the Lord. Panic crosses Eni’s eyes momentarily, but she does her best to calm herself enough to take a phone call. Dread starts to settle on Dewi’s stomach that all she wants at the moment is to stand up and walk away, wanting nothing of the conversation between Eni and the Lord. But despite what Dewi thinks about the Higher Being, and the conflict between the entities from where they come from, what matters to her at the moment is being there for Eni when she would have to possibly defend their decisions to the Lord.

Dewi reaches out to Eni’s clenched hand on her lap, and at the moment of contact, the angel’s hand slowly relaxes, unfurling like a cat upon receiving comfort. Eni isn’t talking much through the phone, only with simple nods and agreeing hums. Her hands are still cold though, and the pursed lips are nothing but a manifestation of her unsettled nerves. It might have been the only time Dewi has seen her not calm, or at least, her emotions showing up in ways Eni would not have permitted.

Though Dewi is only granted a few minutes of it, as Eni’s eyes widened, bright and hopeful. She nods enthusiastically, and Dewi leans in casually, curious. Although she stops herself before fully showing interest, when any time she wouldn’t have cared about the Lord. When Eni turns to her after the phone call, she wears the brightest smile Dewi has ever seen of her. Her giggle later is heavenly, if Dewi is allowed to even use that.

“Well…” Eni’s smile grows wider. “The Lord tells me that I can do whatever I want!”

“See? You didn’t have to worry about it!” Dewi grabs Eni’s wrist as they scoot out of the table. “Let’s go get pizza!”

“Are you suggesting we’re gonna steal, Dewi?” An amused tone lingers in Eni’s voice.

“Yeah? What’s wrong with that?” Dewi chuckles nervously. “I’m a devil, you know. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.”

Eni scoffs from behind her, but later, she’s walking past Dewi, throwing a smirk her way. “I’m not saying I don’t want to try it.”

Dewi blinks, totally not expecting Eni to take Lord’s permission to do anything she wants to border on ‘work of the devil’. But when the realization sets in, she grins and follows her angel to what evil shit she’s onto. (As long as she isn’t at the end of it.)

Behind the counter, they scour through the glass display cabinet for pans with fresh and hot pizza. A meat pepperoni one is at the far end of the glass cabinet, and they make a beeline to it. The pizza is still warm in their hands when they pull it out of its confines, and Eni and Dewi smile at each other before flopping down on the floor next to the counter. Sitting cross-legged, between them a pan of pizza, an angel and a demon each have their own triangle share, while the whole world outside is drenched in chaos.