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A Matter of Time

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Lana looked at the sign Dino had hung up, proclaiming ‘Man Wanted’.  It seemed such a waste of time – either the men already worked in the garage, or knew better than to do so, so where he was going to find additional help, she had no idea.  She scarcely looked up when the man came into town – another drifter and chancer, who wouldn’t stay more than a day or two at most.

It wasn’t until he came to the diner, she really began to take notice of him.  She was used to the men flirting with her, she’d even flirt back, but both sides knew there was nothing serious about it.  She was married to Dino, and no-one wanted to get on the wrong side of him.  This new man, Luca, wasn’t going to take no for an answer.  And that was going to cause a problem because she didn’t want to say ‘no’.  With any luck he’d be gone within the day.

Only he wasn’t.  Dino had taken him on, and he was rapidly establishing himself within their community.  He wasn’t afraid of anyone, he’d even come to Angelo’s defence, Angelo who everyone picked on.  He was everything she wanted in a man – the total opposite of Dino, he was young, fit and very sexy.  It was clear to everyone, except Dino, that he wanted her.  And there was no doubt about it, she wanted him.

Their opportunity came when Dino had to go to the main town to deal with various legal matters.  She and Luca could hardly wait for him to depart before they ran up the steps to her room.  Their passion exploded and they lost all track of time.  It wasn’t until they heard Dino coming up the steps she had any idea what the consequences could be.