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Just say 'Yes'

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“Yes, Clark, you are absolutely correct. The whole world is looking to Metropolis tonight where the last preparations for the wedding of the year are in full swing. The Krypton arena and the surrounding area have been closed to the public in a three mile radius from what we have learned and not a lot has leaked about The Paragons concert where lead singer and all around superstar Kara Danvers is said to be marrying her boyfriend, award winning new comer, Mike van Daxam aka Mon – El, live on stage tomorrow evening. What we do know is that The Paragons arrived late last night while Mike hasn't been spotted in the city yet.

The Paragons' world tour will continue after a month-long break in August with their big shows in Los Angeles and Las Vegas before they will cross the pond to play some highly anticipated gigs in Europe.

This is Leslie Willis for CatCo live from Metropolis and now back to the studio to my colleague Clark Kent in National City. Good night.”

Meanwhile in a hotel suite high above the city

Kara Danvers was staring at her phone in disbelief, silent tears streaming down her face.

She had received the video from an unknown number about half an hour ago.
A video of Mike heavily making out with his ex-girlfriend Imra.

A video that must have been recorded yesterday because she had spotted the flowers a fan had given her that very morning in the background.

How could he?
How could Mike do this to her, how could he be so cruel?

Tomorrow was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, not...this.

Alex was pacing the room like a caged animal and Kara had to admit that she was scared that her sister would do something stupid.

But Kara had been so heartbroken and she hadn't known what else to do, other than talking to the one person she knew she could trust.

Alex had always been that person.
Alex was that person to this day.

Being famous wasn't easy.

Yes, it had its perks, of course. But there were also the down sides where Kara couldn't trust anyone because the risk was too high that someone would try to make money off of her, would use her for their own fifteen minutes of fame.

It had happened before and Kara had been burned badly. She wouldn't make the same mistake again and so she had stuck to her small circle of friends (basically just the band members, her parents and her manager) but the only one she truly confided in, no matter what, was and would always be, her sister.

I'm going to kill him!” Alex growled and poured herself another drink, “You have to call Cat. She has to cancel the wedding and then I'm going to...”


Kara dropped the phone on the white leather couch at last and wiped at her cheeks frantically.

I can call her if you'd rather take a bath. I should totally draw you a bath,” Alex rambled, seemingly irritated and a little helpless.

No one is calling Cat. She'll have a conniption,” Kara answered and got up, “I'll take you up on that bath though.”

Kara, you aren't really considering going through with this wedding, are you? Please, tell me that you won't marry that lying, cheating son of a...I beg you. You deserve so much better,” Alex pleaded.

Kara shrugged, “So everyone keeps saying and yet...he was supposed to be my happy ending.”

Alex crossed the room in a few quick strides and pulled her defeated sister into her arms, “You'll find it; Kara. I promise you. Just be patient. But it isn't Mike. It can't be. Not anymore.”

She felt Kara nod against her shoulder, “I know.”

Then let me call Cat,” Alex tried again but Kara shook her head, “No.”

Alex took a step back and met her sister's bloodshot eyes, “Why not? She'll know what to do. She can clean up this mess and you don't have to deal with it tomorrow. In fact, you won't even have to see him tomorrow.”

But I want to,” Kara countered, still shaken by recent developments, “I need to. I need closure.”

Okay,” Alex nodded but she wasn't convinced that it was a good idea, “What's the plan then?”

I don't have one yet. I need to sleep on it, can you understand that? I whole life is about to change. Just not the way it was supposed to.”

Kara's last words were barely a whisper, her posture defeated.

I'm so sorry, Kara. Really, I am. Is there anything I can do for you?”

You can draw me that bath that you promised me,” Kara stated before she disappeared in her walk-in wardrobe.

Her sister watched her worriedly, unsure what to do.

She should call Cat, Alex knew that but she couldn't go behind Kara's back because her sister would never forgive her.

She had to trust that Kara knew what she was doing but that was easier said than done.

After a mostly sleepless night Kara and Alex were sitting on the balcony of Kara's suite, eating a meager breakfast containing mostly coffee. And some cut up fruit for Alex.

Cat will be here any minute,” Alex tried again because surely Kara wouldn't marry that traitor now.

We have to make some sort of announcement, Kara. Please, be reasonable. I know you thought Mike was the one but don't waste your future on him. He's not worthy of your love.”

Kara dropped her head, “I know you are right but”

But nothing! Kara, you might as well pick some random stranger off the street and marry them. Even that has a better chance of success than marrying that lying bastard,” Alex was slowly losing her patience.

She had never really been Mike's biggest fan but Kara had been happy and so she had stayed out of it but this was madness.

She couldn't even believe that he had the gall to cheat on her sister, that lousy cretin.

The thing was that Kara had a history of failed relationships that had left her sister heartbroken because Kara simply had too good a heart.

She was decent and kind and despite their incredible success Kara had never changed.

Not like their former keyboarder Siobhan who had gotten so arrogant that they had to fire her eventually because she had started to treat everyone outside of the band like slaves and maids.

That had been in the early days of The Paragons of Hope though.

Now, in their tenth year, on their third world tour, the band was family.

Some random stranger off the street.

The words kept echoing in Kara's mind and she had to shake her head to somewhat clear her mind.
She couldn't just marry the next best person, now could she?
It would be madness.
But so would be marrying Mike.

She knew that.
Of course Kara knew that.

She couldn't believe that Mike would cheat on her, with Imra of all people.

Kara wasn't sure what she would do because everyone expected a wedding but Alex was right – she couldn't marry Mike.
She would need some time to think.

I'm going out,” Kara announced all of a sudden but got stopped by her sister's ninja-like reflexes.

Going out where? The final rehearsal starts in fifteen minutes. Cat is going to murder you if you miss it!”

When she didn't answer Alex turned her around, eyes filled with worry, “Kara?”

I need to be alone for a while. Tell Cat...You know what, don't tell her anything. I'll call her. I promise I'll be back by noon. And not a word to anyone, Alex. I don't want to drag anyone else into this right now. This is my life and I have to make a decision about what I want to do with it. It's a choice I have to make on my own.”

Alex sighed heavily, “Okay. And no matter what...I'll always support you, you know that. Right?”

Kara nodded, “And I you. Love you, Alex. See you later.”

Lena Luthor was standing in her lab, studying test results through the lenses of her black-rimmed glasses.

So close but not good enough.
Lena knew that the breakthrough was within reach and yet.
She was missing something.

Her hand slammed onto the table out of its own accord, frustration getting the better of her once again.

The sound caused her colleague and best friend Sam Arias to look up, “That's it. Lena, you need a break.”

I can't. I need to figure this out, you know how much depends on it!”

Sam sighed but walked over to her friend anyway, “I know, Lena. I know. But if you keep going like this you'll burn out. When was the last time you slept properly? When you went out?”

I can do that once...” Lena tried but got interrupted by Sam who shook her head vehemently, “No. No, this won't do. You are coming out with Ruby and I tonight. We've got tickets for The Paragons.”

Lena looked at her in confusion, “The what now?”

Sam gasped in outright shock, “The Paragons of Hope? Kara Danvers? Ring any bells?”

No, can't say it does,” Lena replied nonchalantly, “Is that”

Only the most successful band in the country for years. Lena!”

But Lena only shrugged, unimpressed, “I don't see what the big deal is. So, you've got some concert tickets. What's the big deal?”

That the Krypton has been sold out for months and Veronica can't go because she is in Paris, so you totally have to come with us. You haven't seen Ruby in forever. And no, it's not negotiable. I'll call Lex on you if you try to say no.”

Lena's eyes went wide, “You wouldn't!”

Sam held her gaze, expression deadly serious, “Try me, Luthor.”

A defeated sigh escaped Lena's lips, “Fine. Okay. I'll go with you. But you're helping me with my samples.”


“Aunt Lena, it's sooo cool that you are coming with us,” the teenage girl flung herself at Lena in excitement, causing Lena to chuckle, “I've missed you too, sweety.”

Kara is awesome. Her voice is super beautiful and she is an amazing songwriter,” Ruby gushed, “You'll like her.”

Lena smiled, albeit unconvinced, because she really couldn't care less. She'd rather be in the lab and work on her research but she had promised.
This one evening.

She would take a break for a couple of hours. Maybe Sam was right and it would do her some good.

Tomorrow she would return to the lab with a fresh mind. At least she hoped so.

And mom totally has the hots for Kara's sister Alex. She's the bassist,” Ruby added conspiratorially, causing a Cheshire cat grin to appear on Lena's face, “Oh, I see how it is, Arias.”

Shut up!” Sam nudged her with her shoulder and chuckled in amusement, “Just wait till you see Kara. Such a shame she is getting married to that sleazeball Mike.”

The concert was in full swing, The Paragons had performed their greatest hits, and Kara had just vanished to change her outfit.

Lena had to admit that she was a truly talented woman, Ruby and Sam had been right about that.

But it didn't matter.
Was it a nice evening?
None of it mattered, she had better things to do.
More important things.

A guy named Mon-Eel or something was currently singing a trashy love song and the audience was going wild but Lena, Lena only wanted to go back to her lab.

This wasn't her world.

When Kara reappeared to deafening applause a couple of minutes later, wearing a beautiful wedding gown, well, if Lena had been speechless for a second nobody noticed because everybody was so enthralled by Kara's outfit that literally no one paid any attention to her in her green converse, black jeans, nerdy Star Wars t-shirt and black rimmed glasses. Her ponytail didn't make her more attractive either.

Kara on the other hand was stunning.

Mon-Gel was grinning stupidly and Lena rolled her eyes in annoyance, causing a chuckle from Ruby at least, who gave her a thumbs up.

Who was crazy enough to get married live on stage while half of the world watched?
Lena couldn't help but wonder why anyone would share such an intimate moment with millions of strangers.
It made no sense to her, not at all.

Kara's hands were trembling, Lena could tell and when she looked up she saw tears glistening in Kara's eyes.

What was going on here?

I know everyone came here tonight for a wedding. For my wedding,” Kara said with a voice as shaky as her hands, “Unfortunately, that wedding won't happen.”

People gasped in shock all throughout the room and Mon-Hell rushed forward but Kara gestured for him to stop while the rest of the band looked at them in confusion.

You see, I thought I had finally found true love but it turns out I might have been in love with an illusion, seeing as Mike has already found his one true love long ago. With his ex-girlfriend.”

People began booing and screaming profanities at the man who seemed to be cell shocked as he yelled, “Kara, what are you doing?”

The bassist, Kara's sister Alex, rushed over and grabbed him by the neck, only to shove him off the stage to another round of deafening applause.

Can I please have some light? I want to see the people I am talking to,” Kara asked while the first tears rolled down her cheeks.

I have this incredible life and this amazing career, thanks to all of you. But the one thing I can't seem to get right is love,” Kara admitted, “I think maybe I wanted it too much, maybe I tried to force something that wasn't meant for me but here I am in this beautiful dress...and maybe it's time I did something different.”

The room was deadly silent as Kara took a deep breath, “My sister said something to me this morning. She said I might as well marry a complete stranger as it had a better chance of making me happy than getting married to Mike. And maybe she was right.”

Her eyes started to roam the room as people started screaming and hollering.

Take me” and “I'll marry you” could be heard from countless people but Kara paid them no mind.

Her eyes focused on the one other person in the room who was crying.

A young woman who looked a bit nerdy but Kara couldn't help but to notice how effortlessly beautiful she was anyway.

You,” Kara pointed at her, “Would you come up on stage, please?”

Lena was turning her head left and right because clearly Kara couldn't mean her but Ruby's excited screeches and Sam's attempts to shove her forward made her realize that maybe Kara meant her after all.

But why?
And what for?

A security guard showed up next to her and gestured for her to follow her and so she did, albeit robotically.

People had dug out their mobile phones and were filming the whole thing, whispering words of disbelief and confusion as Lena walked by, aware that nobody understood why Kara Danvers, international superstar, would pick her of all people.

She almost tripped up the stairs but then she stood right before Kara Danvers who looked at her with inquisitive eyes through her tears and Lena didn't know what to make of it.

Alex was there too, while the rest of the band had decided to stay out of it in an attempt not to cause a bigger scene, Lena assumed.

"Kara, what are you doing? When I said that...that's not what I meant. Are you crazy?”

“No, I'm tired,” Kara admitted and handed her sister the microphone before she turned her attention to Lena, “Why are you crying?”

Lena shrugged, “I'm just as heartbroken as you, I guess. I know what it feels like to be cheated on and I'm sorry, truly sorry, that you have to go through that. You don't deserve the pain and Mon-Whatever clearly doesn't deserve you.”

The statement caused Kara to chuckle despite the fact that she was still crying.

You aren't married or anything, are you?” Kara asked all of a sudden, “Do I need to be worried about any jealous boyfriends or girlfriends?”

Lena barked out a laugh, “I wish. But no. Are you actually serious about this?”

She had thought it was a joke. Surely Kara Danvers wouldn't marry just anyone in front of the whole world.

Lena wanted to laugh again until she caught the desperation in Kara's sparkling blue eyes. A world of pain was reflected in them and as much as she wanted to say no, she couldn't bring herself to do it.

It wouldn't be legal anyway, right?
It was only for tonight, wasn't it?
What could it hurt?

Kara hesitated before she stepped forward and took Lena's hand in hers, her voice barely a whisper, “Marry me?”

Lena nodded, dumbfounded, because she didn't know what else to do.

An older woman appeared on stage, dragging what appeared to be a justice of peace along.

I hope you know what you are doing,” the woman said, directed at Kara, before she nodded and left the stage in a hurry.

The tall, black man seemed to be entirely confused.

Shall we?” Kara asked carefully, causing him to nod hesitantly.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We are gathered here tonight to celebrate the union between Kara Danvers and...and...”

Kara looked at her expectantly and Lena felt herself blush at least ten shades of red. She cleared her throat awkwardly, “Uh right. Lena. Lena Luthor.”

Kara gave her a small but grateful smile and Lena couldn't help but to return it.

We are gathered here tonight – to celebrate the union between Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor,” the man continued, seemingly uncomfortable, “Kara, do you take Lena to be your wedded wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, in good times and woe, for richer or poorer, for as long as you shall live?”

Kara nodded, “Yes. Yes, I do.”

The man turned and focused on Lena, “And Lena, do you take Kara to be your wedded wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, in good times and woe, for richer or poorer, for as long as you shall live?”

Lena waited for a moment, expecting Kara to change her mind, for someone to scream stop, but nothing happened as the whole audience seemed to be collectively holding their breath.

Sure,” Lena croaked out, “I mean yes. Yes, I do.”

By the authority vested in me by the State of California I now pronounce you wife and wife. You may...”

He didn't get any further because in a moment of bravery Kara stepped forward and closed the distance between Lena and herself, wrapped her arms around Lena's waist and kissed her with a determination that left Lena momentarily breathless.

Applause and disbelieving murmurs echoed through the arena and brought Lena out of her haze in the end and her eyes grew wide as she could hear Sam's and Ruby's ecstatic hollering in the distance.

What had she just done?