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A night to remember

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“And smile guys,” The cameraman says, as Ben and his cricket team huddle together to take a victory picture. Ben, however, is distracted. Beer bottle in hand, his eyes are focused on you. He was the only reason you had been attending the cricket matches recently. Ben in his white cricket attire, his greying hair, his smug expression that somehow constantly lingered on his face, all this was reason enough to purchase the admission. He had noticed your presence and felt your eyes watching his every move on the pitch, consistently catching the not-so-subtle smile on your face. He would deeply exhale, shaking his head, before returning his attention to the game. His teammates dispersed, joining their families or chatting between themselves. Ben made his way over to you.
“Did you enjoy the game?” Ben asks, swigging his beer. You hadn’t really spoken to him much, yet his deep voice always caused a surprising stir inside of you.
“I did, yes,” You reply, “You played really well,”
Ben did his little chuckle, “Thank you,” He pauses, “You into cricket then?”
“You could put it that way,” You say, as you smirk, Ben raises his eyebrows in response, his face contorting into a smile.
“We are having a few beers to celebrate, then I’m heading back to my hotel,” Ben says, “If you are free, I’d be happy if you would join me,”
“I’d love that,” You respond.

A few beers later, you both make your way back to Ben’s hotel.
“God,” Ben says, pulling off his white cricket shirt, “What a day,”
Instantly, your attention was drawn toward him.
“I should really go shower,”
“Wait,” You mutter, putting your arms around his waist, “You smell hot,”
“Hot?” Ben chuckles, gripping your hands in place, “Must be my natural musk then,”
You mumble as you take a deep breath, inhaling in. You gently move your hands, loosening Ben’s grip on them before you trail them down towards his crotch.
“Hey now,” Ben mumbles as you grip tighter, his bulge growing in your hand through his white trousers. He grunts at the touch, “Don’t be such a tease,”
He turns around, gazing down at you, “Now, if you’re going to play this way, then it’s only fair if you also take off your shirt,”
“Of course,” You smile, slowly removing your shirt, making it increasingly tortuous. You wiggle your hips slightly as you pull your shirt over your head, revealing your bra. Ben’s eyes light up, evidently craving you.
“Oh baby,” Ben says, instantly wrapping his arms around you, admiring your body, before clutching your chin and bringing it up to his face. You clutch his shoulders, stabilising yourself, before you went on your tip toes, gazing into his eyes. Ben slides his hand from your chin to your cheek, before pulling you in. His lips felt so soft and he tastes like a mix of alcohol and breath mints. His aftershave is even more prominent, the scent overwhelming, heightening your hunger. Ben is somehow gentle but rough at the same time, and every time either of you pulls away for a breath, instantly the other would pull back in, desperate for this to never end.
“If I knew you’d be this good, I’d ask to fuck you ages ago,” You mumble through kisses. As soon as the words left your mouth, Ben pulls away, gripping your wrists and pushing you against the large window of the hotel room. He proceeds to attack your jawline, then your neck, his stubble brushing against your sensitive skin. He sucks at your neck, the pleasure rushing through your body, adding to your already aching pussy, leaving prominent marks.
Through moans, you mutter, “Everyone can see,”
Ben, unsure if you were referring to the people below the hotel room, that if they looked up, they’d see exactly what was going on, or the hickeys, he responds, “I want everyone to see what a desperate bitch you are for me, my desperate bitch,” He continues to attach your neck, sucking harder, causing an even louder moan, “I’ve seen you watching me at my games, can’t get enough of me, can you?” The vibrations add to the already overwhelming sensations.
“Please,” You whimper, “Please, just fuck me,”
“Oh baby,” Ben says, “I’ll use you how I please. If that means teasing you until your legs are shaking, then so be it,”
His grip on your left wrist tightens, as he lets go of your right, trailing it down your body. Once he reached your bra, he squeezes your breast tightly before kissing you again. His kisses were increasingly more desperate and passionate, your kisses were evidently more hungry. You could feel your wetness pushing against your pants, the desperation displayed all over you.
“Aw baby,” Ben growls into your ear, “You want me to touch you?”
You nod quickly.
“Come on, use your words baby,” He whispers, biting your ear lobe.
“Please touch me,”
He exhales through a grin as his hand slid down your bare skin. As he reaches the waistband of your trousers, he rubs against it. The sensations going straight to your pussy. Unable to hold back, he unbuttons your jeans and takes them off. The cold air hitting against your pants makes you realise how wet you truly were. Ben’s hand gently rub against your pants, as he feels your wetness.
“Wow, you’re this wet for me, what a desperate slut,”
You moan at the sensation and words, bucking to his touch, desperate for more.
“You like that?”
“Yeah,” You moan, as Ben removes your pants and turns you around to face the window. You can see the many people who walk below, oblivious to what was happening above. You feel his fingers gently rub against your clit from behind, causing a loud whimper. You stretch your hands against the window pane, bending slightly to give Ben better access. Knowing what you are doing, he inserts one finger, immediately hitting the spot. As you cry, his free hand clutches your throat, adding to the many stimulations. At that, Ben adds another finger, the two pounding into you as you match the pace, chasing your orgasm.
“I’m so close,” You mutter through whimpers.
Just as you were about to hit your orgasm, Ben pulls his fingers out.
You turn around to Ben smirking. “I said I would use you how I please. You were the tease at the start, a naughty girl, and naughty girls get punished,”
“Please,” You beg, “I need this so badly,”
“On the bed,”
Quickly, you follow Ben’s instructions. He does his inner laugh, biting his lip before he widens your legs. “I just wanted to taste how wet I made you,” He kisses your thighs, before he makes his way to your wet clit, unable to hold back himself. He began by sucking your clit, alternating with deep licks, dipping his tongue in and out of you. Occasionally, he spanks your thigh, as he continues to rub against your clit, before returning to using his mouth. Soon, your orgasm rises again and quickly you explode with pleasure, your body convulsing as your body attempts to handle the most pleasure you had ever experienced. Once you calm down, you notice that Ben’s bulge is even more prominent. Immediately, you staddle him, rubbing your wetness onto his white trousers. Almost instantly, Ben realises how desperate he truly is.
“Hop off,” Ben says, removing his trousers and boxers before straddling on top of you and fucking you roughly, desperately seeking his orgasm. He hit the right spot every time, and soon you felt another orgasm quickly approaching, and Ben wasn’t far behind. Hearing you moan, he reached for your clit, giving you the extra needed stimulation and soon you orgasmed again, moaning Ben’s name. That was enough to tip Ben over the edge too, as he came shortly after. As you both calm, you both redress, before returning to lying on the bed. Ben changes into some other trousers, however, he keeps his shirt off. You lie in his arms, head on his chest as you watch TV together.