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Baby breaths and Fools

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"The red rose symbolizes romance, love, beauty, and courage. A red rosebud signifies beauty and purity. A thornless red rose means love at first sight. Yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy, and new beginnings. Orange roses symbolize fascination, desire, and sensuality."

Ergi yawned as the teacher continued with their lesson. 'Boring' Ergi thought. He didn't get why he had to study something so… impractical!

He groaned in relief as the bell rang and the teacher excused the class to go on with their break. He stretched before standing up and making his way down the halls, avoiding the other students.

Rather than going to the second floor where the cafeteria is, he headed down the hall to a more secluded place where there are barely any students or teachers yet not nearly deserted, because…

"There you are," Ergi leaned towards the window, surprising the blonde haired student that was peacefully eating his lunch. "You scared me idiot!" Heinrey sighed when he saw Ergi. 

Even before he was acquaintanced with Heinrey he had already heard quite a lot about him from words around school grounds. When Ergi accidentally found Heinrey eating his lunch outside near the window like this, the two formed an unlikely friendship. And everyday Ergi had visited him all the same. Though usually there's one person there too.

"Where's Mckenna?" Ergi asked, looking for the blue haired boy

"Oh he's getting a drink since i forgot to refill mine" Heinrey said, showing Ergi his empty water bottle. Ergi raised an eyebrow, "Can't you refill it with magic?" in which Heinrey just responds by looking at him with a deadpan expression that Ergi just laughs at.

"You should be thankful that your primary classes are magic," Ergi said, twirling his hair on his finger, "and you don't have to learn boring stuff like what the meaning of roses are"

Heinrey raises his eyebrows, "What did roses do to you?" Ergi lightly coughed, "Well i just find them so overused for romances! And like, it's so lame and- and…. Hhhhhh" he let out an exasperated noise as he buries his face in his hands

"Then what flower would you like for romance?" Ergi slowly raises his head from his hands, supposedly thinking about the answer. ".... Baby breaths" he answered slowly and Heinrey immediately covered his mouth to sniffle a laugh

"Don't laugh!" he hit Heinrey's shoulder. "Well I'm sorry, I wasn't expecting that answer," he took a breath, "Baby breaths? Really?" he looked at Ergi, certainly amused. "What's wrong with it?! It means 'i will love you forever', certainly more romantic than a mere' 'i love you'" Ergi defended himself, becoming even more flustered and annoyed. Heinrey wiped a drop of tear on the corner of his eyes, "I can't believe this is your pet peeve" 

They squabble for a bit more, with Heinrey just bullying teasing Ergi for his unique taste in flowers, or romance, to be more specific. But without knowing it, a certain blue haired boy was leaning against the wall, not so far from their place that he could overhear their conversations, his hand wet from the cold drink in his hand.

"Baby breaths?" Mckenne said in a whisper, it was a strange flower to like. But he smiled and let out a chuckle, "Strange flower for an equally strange man"


"What are you doing?" McKenna jumped at the sudden voice. It was free time so students could go outside, so he decided to go out to the back fields to get some fresh air… and something else that was supposed to be a surprise for the uninvited (but not unwelcome) guest, Ergi.

"Oh my god you scared me!" Ergi didn't even wait for McKenna to finish his sentence before sitting down beside him and stretching his arms, making Erkenna hurriedly put whatever he was doing back to his bag.

"What are you doing here?" McKenna asked the blonde who just let himself lay on the grass. "It's free period. I'm bored. And I saw you." he answered in a matter-of-fact tone that made McKenna roll his eyes.

And then they just sat together in silence looking at the sky. McKenna played with his fingers, he can't help but feel nervous even though the silence was comfortable. He looked over at Ergi, "Are you growing out your hair?" McKenna said, referring to Ergi's hair that now almost reached his shoulders, contrary to when they first met where it was just his neck length.

Ergi hummed and looked at McKenna, "Oh. Yeah I am." McKenna backed away when Ergi threw his leg in the air and threw his body front so that now he's sitting. He looked over at McKenna before grinning. He reached into his pockets and waved the ribbon in front of McKenna. McKenna just stared at him confused. 

"What am I supposed to do with this exactly?" 

"Tie my hair for me"

"You can do it yourself"

"Why should i when i have you"

McKenna snapped his head to look at Ergi. Though accidentally or not, he ended up staring straight at his eyes. And for a moment he was frozen. He can't believe just how a pair of eyes can mesmerize him so much. 

He snapped out of it after Ergi poked his shoulder. "So?" McKenna coughed lightly into his fist and sighed."Fine, but only just this once okay," which Ergi just nodded ensthusiastcally as he turned his back at McKenna.

McKenna held the ribbon in one hand and Ergi's hair in the other. He gulped, not being used to being so close and… intimate with another person. And not to mention how soft Ergi's hair is. It's slightly curly but his fingers runs through it so easily that it makes him want to run his fingers to Ergi's hair for some more but he shakes the thoughts out of him. Especially when it roamed to the thoughts of him pulling said hair.  

He quickly tied it but didn't pull away. Maybe it was the butterflies in his stomach, the gentle breeze, or Ergi's hums. But whatever it is, it made him feel foolish. 

"Are you done?" Ergi said, looking at McKenna at the corner of his eyes reaching for his bag. "Wait a moment" McKenna said, although Ergi noticed the tone was… nervous?

He couldn't see what McKenna pulled out of his bag but he didn't need to wait long until he felt something soft yet ticklish placed on his head. 

"Huh- what is this?" Ergi said, grabbing the mysterious thing. McKenna panics, even though he was the one who initiated this didn't mean that he wasn't a nervous wreck. He didn't even know why he did that! "W-wait!" though it was too late as Ergi looked at the thing. 

"Oh." was the only thing he said. McKenna's mind raced, trying to think if that reaction is a good thing or a bad thing, though he decided on the bad more rather than the good. McKenna looked anywhere but Ergi when Ergi looked at McKenna.

"Um, this is…" McKenna didn't know that Ergi's face was flushed red all over. There in his hand lays a Baby breath flower crown, no doubt what McKenna was doing when he interrupted him. He knew what it meant, but he didn't want to overthink, even though he's already thinking about a wedding.

McKenna gulped. He just wanted the earth to swallow him right there and then. He's even almost shaking, which Ergi noticed and frowned.

"Hey," he touched McKenna's shoulder which made McKenna flinch and look at Ergi. It's strange, he was the reason his heart is beating so hard that it's ringing in his ears but right now, just by looking at him, he felt at ease.

Maybe it was the butterflies in his stomach, the gentle breeze, or Ergi. But whatever it is, it made him feel foolish.

Even if Mckenna can’t return to his side. He won’t be swaying from this decision he made anymore.

“I am in love with you.”

Ergi's eyes widened at that confession. Before his face turned into all shades of red that even his fingers also slightly flushed. He took his hand back to cover his ever growing blush. McKenna too was stunned at what he just said. Opting to just cover his face.

"Oh my god i am so sorry i don't mean that it was just seems like a cheesy moment in those romance and like i just got reminded by them and like we're totally just bros and i totally don't like you that i want to tie your hair up everyday and i-"

McKenna didn't even have time to finish his never ending rant before Ergi grabbed McKenna's hands that were covering his face and pulled it towards him, making McKenna's body come forward and clash with Ergi's own body. Though he didn't have time to even process all that before Ergi's lips were on his own.

Ergi held McKenna in his arms as he held McKenna's chin and kissed him with every passion that he had. McKenna was more than stunned, but it slowly melted away like his legs when feeling Ergi's soft lips on his own. 

They both embraced and cherished each other's lips for a long time. Thankfully no one was around to see this public display of affection. As soon the longing for each other's lips grew apart and now they were longing for each other's body as well.

Even when the bell rang, they didn't stop nor care. All they cared about was each other. All they could think about was each other. 

And that was more than enough.