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The new rules

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"Good morning every one!" Terry comes in happily
"Why are you so happy sarge?" Rosa asks from her desk.
"Today the new captain comes, they say he's the best of the best, but he had it really hard in his younger year because he is a gay black cop." "Oh you mean captain Raymond Holt?" I ask, of course I know him, he's my hero!
I'm Sara only 12 years old but the best detective of the 99 percinct, still in school and a writer, I just released my third book of my serie and it's going great, I also workout a lot which means I'm really busy, only sleep 2 ours at night but nobody can stop my since I live on my own. But enough about me, Holt can be here any second and I can't wait!


There he is! "Goodmorning squad, I'm captain Raymond Holt, I'll be your new captain, since the old one retired. Briefingroom in 5 minutes." with that he walks to his office and the door closes, meanwhile my eyes meet Jake's, my partner in crime, we always prank the squad and do stupid things together, we share a knowing look, he's strict, so less pranks, we don't want to test him in the first week, maybe after the we will, don't know yet. I walk to the briefingroom and sit next to Rosa, we share one of the bigger desks, just like Jake and Amy, me Amy and Rosa are good friends, it doesn't matter that I'm 12 and still in school, speaking of, I only go to school on Monday, Thursday and Friday, and the other days I work full time.
Holt walks in and looks at every one in the room, stopping a litte when he sees me, surprised to see a kid in the room of detectives. "So again goodmorning, this is my first day as captain, and I don't know you, so we will use this briefing as a get to know each other because otherwise working with you will be hard. We'll start with you Sarge." he says while looking at Terry, "So hi, I'm Terry Jeffords, and the sargent in this precinct." Every one introduces themselves then it's my turn, "Hi, I'm Sara Raven. And one of the best detectives." "Sorry how old are you?" Holt askes, "12 sir." "That's young after this I wil see you in my office." The briefing ends and every one goes back to work, I walk to Holt's office..

"You wanted to see me sir?"
"Yes, sit down please I would like to discusse some things, you say your 12, don't you have school?"
"Yes, but only on Monday, Thursday and Friday morning, I work everyday, and make my homework in the evening."
"OK, what do your parents think about it?"
Crap! 1 detail my parents abandoned my when is was 10, the first then years where hell, they toretured me almost killed me and then left me, biggest reason why I became a detective, but nobody knows that.
"They're fine it sir." I try to sound normal, I'm a good liar, but not the best.
"Yeah? OK so you don't mind calling them right now do you?"
Shit shit shit shit, what do I do? Confess? no. Lie? bad option what excuse? Oh I know i just say that they're busy right now and work a lot.
"Sorry sir, I'm afraid I can't they're working right now and I don't want to disturb them."
"OK I get the but i would like to talk to your parents some time. Further do you work in the field?"
"Yes all the time, of course is my paperwork also done in time."
"Good, do you do anything else next to work and school?"
"Yes, I sport a lot and write books."
"That's way to much! How much do you sleep at night?"
"Enough." I simply answer.
"You know what? We will see how this works. Just do as normal, I do not know you well enough for this, but I will get back to you."

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Walking out of Holt's office as normal as possible I don't know what to do, get back to work, solve the murder I'm working on or ask for a day of?
I just can't take it that someone is going to know after keeping it a secret for a whole year. I have to come up with a plan but normally I would just work the rest of the day so I'm going for my paperwork.

Lunch time comes and I usely lunch with Terry, so I walk up to him, asking for lunch time, "Heyy sarge! Time for lunch? You need your break as well." "Sorry kid, today I'm lunching with Holt, but you can join if you want?"
Crap! What do I do? lunch with Holt doesn't sound bad but he just cannot find out.. but what if that does happens? I'm screwed..
"Oh yeah sure, let's go then."
Terry gets up from his chair and together we walk to his office, "Hey cap, time for lunch?" I ask politely, "Hey yeah I'm ready, let's get going."

We decide to go out for Lunch since it's really nice weather and we have enough time, we find a nice cafe and walk inside.
"Good afternoon M'am we would like, 2 coffee, 1 water and 3 sandwiches." Holt orders for us, after asking what we want. After that we find a table next to the window and sit down, me next to Terry and Holt oppisite from me.



While eating we make some small talk and talk about work till Holt asks Terry a queastion and I freeze: "So Terry have you ever met Sara's parents or talked/heard of them?" "Oh now I think about it no I don't think so. Sorry cap."
"Oh no worries just concern about her."
"I'm right here you know?"
"Right sorry."
The rest of lunch goes well and we head back to the precinct where I finish all of my cases for that day. I talk a bit with Rosa after I walk to Jake, my partner in crime.
"Hi partner, in for a little prank on the new cap?"
"I don't know sorry man but it's his first day and what would you do?"
"A classic sault sugar swap, and he has to know that we are a team otherwise I'm going to feel sorry for him."
"You know what? We do not care let's do it!"
After we switched it we just sit and wait, as I hear the door open I see him walking to our little kitchen to grab a quick coffee, that moment I slip in his office and place a litte camera so we can see what happens...


He is in his office and takes a sip of his coffee, spitting it out directly. Me and Jake walk in while we do a high five and laughing,
"Pranked." we say at the same time.

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Since the pranks it's all going well, now a few months later and Holt still doesn't know he does keeps asking questions about my parents. It's really hard to keep it a secret, he's my boss, and he is a detective, kinda hard. School is going pretty wel and my book is as well going good, a lot of people bought it. And with a lot I mean millions of people! My day schedule changed a bit so here it is:

-5.00 wake up, going for a run

-5.45 breakfast

-6.00 workout

-6.30 getting ready for school/work depends what day it is

-7.00 school/work

-18.00 dinner

-20.00 homework

-22.00 cleaning the house a bit

-23.00 working on my book

-00.30 going to sleep

So you can imangen that some days I am really tired, Today is that day, I had to work longer and had a lot of homework yesterday, so I decide to skip my run this morning and sleep in a little not to much but just a little, yet I'm still really tired when I arrive at work, but if Holt notices I'm dead. So I work on my cases do some paperwork till my head feels like it will expload any minute, my eyes having trouble to stay open, I can't take it anymore, and exactly that moment Holt walks out of his office, looking around.
"Raven, my office now." I see some people looking at me, some concerned, some laughing quietly,

I walk to Holt's office and walk inside, when I'm inside he closes the door and shuts the blinds. "OK, we can do this the easy or the hard way, what's going on, you look like your tired as hell, you look stressed and you look overworked, so you are eather calling your parents and go home or I am calling your parents, it's your choice." Holt's says in a serious tone.
"Sorry cap, like I said before I don't want to disturb them so it's not going to happen, if that is the only reason I'm here then I would like to go back to," Yawn "work."
"You are tired now you either call or I'm calling."
Crap! what do i do? I can't just call my parents cause I don't have any, he's going to find out..
NO! that can't happen.. but what do I do? I have no idea, tell him? maybe that's for the best.. NO! that is not a option.
Think Sara, Think!

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‘Uhm sorry captain, but I gotta go have work to do! You know how important this job is, I have to do my job or people could die! So if you can excuse me, I’m going to work.’

‘No way if you leave this office I’m going with you and I will drive you home!’ What?! Drive me home?! Then he will know for sure there is no way out of this, but what if I walk out? Then I can walk to where ever I want.. I can let him drop me of at Zoe’s house, my best friend, her parents work at home and wouldn’t mind just gotta text them first. ‘You know what cap sure, but first the restroom cause I need really badly.’ ‘Of course, I will be waiting at Peralta’s desk, have to discuss something with him.’ ‘Okay.’ With that we walk out of the office, quickly I grab my phone deciding to call since that is faster. RING RING RING Finally.. ‘Hi misses Kavennar?’ ‘Yes Sara how can I help you?’ ‘Can I come over for a bit? My boss wants to drive me home but nobody at work doesn’t know it, if you know what I mean?’ ‘Oh of course, Zoe is home any minute of course your welcome!’ ‘Okay on my way then, see you in a bit.’ ‘See you!’ With that the line goes dead. I’m so lucky I have Zoe as a friend!

‘Okay cap I’m ready, let’s go.’
‘Ah there you are. Proud of you that you go home, it’s a wise decision!’

The drive is silence, but comfortable, the radio on softly..
‘Where here!’
‘Okay. I’m walking you to the door. Please do not use your key I want to meet you parents.’
‘If you say so..’

I ring the doorbell, and after half a minute misses Kavennar answers,
‘Misses Raven, I assume?’ Holt asks.
‘Yes that’s me, I guess your Sara’s boss? Can I ask what you two are doing here? Shouldn’t you be working?’
‘Yes we should, but I was a bit concerned about Sara here, she looked a bit sick so I offered a drive home, I hope you don’t mind?’
‘Of course not.’
‘Thank you, I will be going now, Sara we will stay in touch.’

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"So Sara, what exactly are you doing here, cause if he says you look sick, then I believe him, sorry, com'n let's get you in bed."
"What?! NO! i appreciate what you do for me, but I don't need to go to bed.'"
"Yes you do, don't let me call your boss and tell him the truth!"
"You wouldn't!"
"Oh yes I would, Bed. Know."
"okeyy.." i sigh in defeed, he just can't know. he can't i would be firred and would live on the streets cause i can't pay my rent.

walking upstairs i already plan on sneaking out to go home and finish work, homework and have a early night in.
so that's exactly what happens, well that was the plan, sneaking out wasn't the hard part, it got bad once i returnd home, with a holt waiting at my front door..

"You really thought you could fool?"
"You realise I'm a detective?"
"Are you gonna tell me the trruth?"
"Okay good. start telling me everything that happend."

so you tell him about your parents, cause there's no way out of it, you tell him about your schedule and school how it all happend, how you've been living on your own for almost 2 years.

how you've been overworking yourself, and in the end he even knows about what your parents did to you. of course you're scared of his reaction but he is not showing any emotion, just listening.

"Does anyone knows about this?" is the first he said after i finished
"Yes zoe and her parents know parts of it, but nobody knows everything."
"Okay, then you're coming with me back to the precinct, we're discussing this with Jeffords, and maybe the rest, there ,are going to be chances around the precinct because of this discovery let's just go now."

without leaving space for arguing he stands up to leave, and you follow like a puppy. on your way to share your best kept secret.

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The car ride is silent, a few times Holt asks questions, things like why I didn't told anyone, or how i got the job but that is it. nothing more, nothing less.

He said things about, things changing, what could that mean? do i have the quit, not aloud to work everyday? i'm scared i need the job to keep my apartment. i don't wanna get back on the streets.

it is almost noon so everyone of the squad is still working, i don't want everyone to know, it's weird to share my best kept secret, like i'm fully exposed to the world.

we arrive at the precinct shortly, i'm stressing like crazy, how do i get out of this? is there a way out?

"You'll be fine, don't worry, nobody will judge you. We're only going to help you."

I simply nod, not knowing what to say, we walk inside, go to the elavatore, we work on the second floor, so i press button 2, and we start moving up.
"we will first tell jeffords, okay? after we decide if the squad gets to know or not, i prefer that they do but we will see."

"Jeffords, my office."

we walk to the office with terry following us, we close the door and shut the blinds, let hell begin..

"terry before we start, please know i didn't know until 30 minutes ago, please wait till we're done speaking."
i start telling the hole story everything i told Holt, every single detail, everything that happend the past 2 years. when i start telling my eyes water, i can't do this, to many trauma's, i start to sob, when i'm done with the story i'm full on crying, terry coming in for a hug and holt to my surprise aswel, we stay like that for i while to i'm calm again.
then terry takes the risk and says: 'I think we should tell the squad, the have te right knowing what's going on, and then we can all help you."
"But that's the point! i did it on my own, i can do it on my own now!"
"yeah, let's tell the squad, your right."
"Okay, sorry for yelling at you."
"it's alright. just some trauma's." you laugh
"That's not funny." holt says.
"yeah you need serieus help for that." terry says.
"okay, now hurry up and let's go before i change my mind."

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The next day I walk into the office, Holt already there calling me into his office, I know i'm gonna tell the squad today but how, i don't want it, but i have to. Holt decided we would do it at the morning briefing, he would tell the squad and i would answer questions if needed.
It's 09.30 everyone in the briefingroom, i decided to sit next to Terry he knows it is gonna happen so in case i'm gonna crying he know what to do.

"Goodmorning detectives, great seeing you all, we'll start with discussing what everyone is working on after that i have some news to tell and then back to work. alright, Jeffords, how is it going with your case about the robbery?"
"Very good sir, got a big lead i'm gonna trace today."
"Great to hear, Sara?"
"gonna check on a lead, but nothing to big or serious."
Holt asks everyone, 10 minutes later it's time to tell it, i start to get nervous, what if they will hate me? want me in a foster care? i'm scared as hell.

"i have some news detectives, about our best one here, Sara, when i first came here is was worried about her, only to discover she lives on her own..."
he tell the whole story, everyone's attention on me and holt. after he finished nobody talked, till rosa dared to break the silence, "why did you never told us? we would have understand, and helped you out."
jake continued, "yeah and overworking yourself is really really bad, people need you alive, not dead because you overworked yourself."
"I'm sorry guys, i just didn't know how, i was scared you would make me leave, get me fired, so i decided this was the only option."
the rest of the convo goes well, i answer some questions and after holt, terry and i go to holt's office to talk..

"sara, i think we all want things to change around here, so go home today pls, tommorow we will discuss the changes." holt says.
"but sir i-"
"no sara, go home that's an order."
in defead i stand up and leave the office.

i walk home it's a long walk but i don't wanna take the subway.
then i here it, my portophone, "there is an active shooting on road 101, report badge number and name if your there.

i here a few names then i realise it's just one block away, i start running and when i arrive i say "3772, Raven, i'm here."
"3772, noted."

~ back at the office~

"what's going on?" Jake asks.
"there is a shooting on road 101 and Sara is there." holt says

"What?! didn't we tell her to go home?!"
" yeah but it is on the way to her apartment."
"Owh. i guess we can't do anything?"
"nope just sit here and wait for the reports."

everyone in the office was stressed about Sara after 2 hours holt came out of his office, "everyone, i have great news, sara did not get hurt and is on her way back to us."
the squad was calm again and 5 minutes later the elevator opened and sara walked through.
"Hey guys! missed me?"
"You are in big trouble young lade!" terry said
"What why? i just came from a shooting I got the guy and i saved a lot of lives! how can i be in trouble?"
"Because you did not go home when we told you to!" rosa said involving in the conversation
"SO? isn't it our job to protect people?"
"It is but not when your supossed to go home and don't have any protection!" now jake said
"okay i'm done im working on my case if you need me."
"YOU ARE NOT WORKING TODAY!" holt said angerly
"OH BUT I AM!" you said back you tried to grab the papers but rosa was faster
"Not so fast young lady! you are not working today!"
"Why are you guys being so dramatic?"
"Because we care about you!" now amy said
"Okay cool i don't i care about our people so let me work!"
"No i'm brining you home, and everyone is coming with us, cause from now on we are living together!" holt said out of nowhere
"WHAT?!" everyone yelled
"Yeah well we need some change this way we can bond and we can keep an eye on our little one!"
I'm not your little one!"
"Enough arguing time to go home let's go guys!"