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Dim and soft

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I stared outside of the car window, feeling the ground shake and the vibrations coming from the open radio.

I’m only meant to be here if it’s with Mari by my side.
The universe made it so that Mari would be the one occupying this now empty seat.
But she isn’t. Because I killed her.

I killed her.
She’s gone.
And it’s taken me 4 entire years to even realise that.
And now, when I’ve finally come to terms with that very painful fact, I feel absolutely nothing.
Four years of development and healing for what? This?
I still miss her, I still miss Mari, and I never will be able to forget.
I don’t want to live a life like this.
I want to be able to live with my sister again.

I shut down my thoughts, this is too much.
I slowly fall asleep.


Sunny was only able to sleep for a couple of minutes, until they reached a bump in the road which immediately woke him up.

He looked to his side, it was the beach.
Memories flooded his mind.


“Kel! You moron, don’t get close!!” Aubrey angrily shouted to Kel, who was just a bit away from getting burnt by the sparkler in his hand.

“You’re just a meanie! I can do what I want!” Kel stuck his tounge out to Aubrey.

Hero took away the sparkler.

“You can do what you want, so long as you aren’t hurting someone. And that includes yourself, Kelsey.” Hero lectured Kel.

He gave Mari the sparkler instead.

“Alright guys! It’s almost time to go.”

Mari held up the sparkler, the light shimmering in everyones eyes as they looked up to it.
A smile lit up on everyones face.
The dim and soft lighting the moon let out created memories that would last a lifetime.

The dim and soft lighting that would be remembered as a somber memory, as the moon created the same environment Mari’s hanging body was found in.