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Sevika didn’t do this. Hadn’t actually ever done this. Sure, she fucked, but only ever in brothels. More specifically, a pretty bauble got her off, she paid them generously and was out the door before anyone got any ideas of her staying for a repeat performance. She had an itch she sometimes needed scratched and Sevika wasn’t particularly interested in the kind of trust needed for relationships. She had a solution to a problem that worked just fine and so she felt no need to deviate. And her right hand was still perfectly functional when she didn’t want company.

This however meant she was in the unpleasant and uncommon (for herself at least) situation of not knowing how things were supposed to work.

It was all Rin’s fault for suggesting they do this. It seemed like a good idea at the time. A solution to a problem. But now pressed up against the inside of Rin’s door with a tongue in her mouth and hands firmly exploring her ass, Sevika’s not 100% sure what to do with herself.

Sure, she knows the gist of it, just. Not the finer details. This seems like a detail-oriented kind of business. And Sevika doesn’t like not knowing enough about a situation before heading in. That’s bad planning and Sevika doesn't do bad plans.

So she just needs to slow this down long enough to— Rin’s hands are somehow under her vest now, all calluses and clever fingers. It’s awfully distracting. She just needs to slow down enough to think. Thinking is hard though. Rin’s moved from trying to swallow her tongue to working on Sevika’s neck and. Fuck. That feels good.

Right, slowing things down to figure it out.


Rin stops, her hands shifting easily down to Sevika’s hips, resting not holding. Gentle. And isn’t that fucking weird.

Her head comes up and she meets Sevika’s gaze straight on.

“What’s up? Don’t bullshit me either, I can tell something’s bothering you and this is supposed to be about getting you off.”

Sevika could say the truth. That’s revealing a weakness though. And not something she likes doing. But the alternative is saying she wasn’t enjoying what Rin was doing, which is patently false. Her hands and lips felt really good.

Sevika is breathing hard. She's only just noticed in the calm that has overtaken the apartment. And it isn't just. Getting into it. There's an undertone of panic. Which Rin is picking up on, damn her perceptiveness.

“Hey, it’s ok. Whatever it is.” She brings a hand up, gently cupping Sevika’s cheek as if she were some delicate piltie flower that needs coddling. “Take a breath.”

Sevika does, instinctively, once she notices her lungs are burning from blocking her breathing.

“I don’t know how to do this.”

Why the fuck did she say that. Stupid. Never admit you don’t know. Bullshit and swagger your way through it.

And now Rin is staring at her like she’s some kind of big question mark. Sevika can feel herself bristling. Fuck. This was supposed to be about a quick orgasm and not. An existential crisis about how one fucks.

“That’s ok. That’s fine. We’ll take it at whatever pace works for you.”

Rin isn’t getting it.

“It’s not the pace that’s the fucking problem. I. Don’t know what to do with myself.”

Why is Sevika encouraging this again? She could be out the door and halfway to a brothel by now. Rin might have some impressive muscle mass from the forge but she’s still shorter and no match for Sevika’s enhanced strength.

“Would it help if I gave you some … direction?”

Rin’s still staring at her when Sevika looks back to her face, but it’s not. Pity, or disgust. It’s just curiosity. And her pupils are still blown. Rin still wants to do whatever it was they were on their way to doing.

Sevika’s head hits back against the door, mild pain sharpening her thoughts. Facts. She’s got no idea what she’s doing. Because she’s never done it. But Rin doesn’t seem bothered by that. And Sevika is good at learning. So why hasn’t she done this before? Because she likes to learn on her own. Learning from someone means trusting them. And Sevika doesn’t trust people.

Except. Rin made her arm. Attached it. And fixes it on a regular basis. So maybe Sevika already trusts Rin a little bit. Enough to listen to? That’s up for debate. Sevika’s never been great at taking orders. But fuck it. She’s still antsy and feels like there are little electric worms dancing down her arm. No harm in trying. Worst that can happen is a lacklustre orgasm and spirits know Sevika has already had a number of those and hasn’t died of it yet.

“Yeah okay. Let's try that.” Sevika looks back at Rin's face and is surprised to find hunger, sharp and greedy on her face.

“I’m going to kiss you again if that’s okay. And I want you to touch me.”

Sevika nods. She can do that. She brings her flesh hand up from where it had been pressing into the door and settles it gingerly at Rin’s waist. It’s warm and thick with muscle under her shirt, corded strength rippling even with just the movement of her breaths.

“No.” Sevika doesn’t have long enough to wonder what she’s doing wrong that a hand has slipped under her wrap, grasping her metal arm.

“I've spent too much time on this not to wonder what it feels like. I said touch me. Both hands. I won’t break.”

Sevika hasn't ever touched anyone with her metal hand unless to threaten or fight. It usually makes people uncomfortable. No one's ever shown interest in getting felt up by it. But Rin asked, and Sevika is following her lead.

So she brings her second hand up to Rin’s waist and is promptly distracted from any feeling up by soft lips on her own. She's slower about it than when they’d first gotten to the apartment, but no less thorough. Sevika is getting a little lightheaded from all the lips and tongue happening, enough so that she doesn't notice one of her hands slipping. She only realises once it's too late, Rin bites her lip and the instinctive flex of her fingers has her firmly grasping Rin’s ass.

But Rin doesn't seem to mind. If the hungry sound she makes is anything to go by. Rin’s own hands flex, one at the side of Sevika’s face, the other on her shoulder and her kissing turns back to the almost frenzied original pace.

"Yes, like that." It's whispered and breathless against her lips.

Sevika did that. She's the one who made Rin react like that. It gives her a giddy little power rush.

She tries again, this time squeezing deliberately, only belatedly noticing she's using her metal hand.

This doesn't seem to concern Rin one bit, another vocal sound pulling from her throat, the hand along Sevika’s face slipping to her hair and tangling there. Her other hand travels downward to rest heavily against Sevika’s breast. Not quite holding but definitely there. And Rin’s mouth. It's hot, and wet, her tongue soft and her teeth sharp. Kissing should be inherently gross but Sevika can't seem to get enough of her mouth, leaning forward to chase after the kiss when Rin leans back.

“Okay so far?”

Sevika opens her eyes, meeting Rin’s shining ones in the mid-tone dark of Zaun’s ever-present neon light.

“Yeah.” What the fuck was wrong with her voice? It came out all raspy and half a bar deeper than usual.

“Wanna go a bit further? It’s fine if you just want to stick with this.”

It’s tempting. Clearly, Sevika is alright at this. Despite not really knowing what to do with her mouth. But. If she’s alright at this without knowing much about it, she can probably keep going too. And she really wants to get off. The original itch that got her into this mess is now singing a high, impossible to ignore, note deep in her bones.

“More. I want more.”

Rin’s smile contorts into something hungry. Too many teeth. Sevika wants to get bitten.

“Alright. Follow me.”

And just like that Rin is gone. Her absence is a shock to the senses. Sevika hadn’t actually considered how close they were until she can no longer feel the heat of her pressed against herself.

Only one way to fix that. She follows Rin farther into the apartment.

Sevika knows she should be noticing things, like exit strategies and places someone might try to get in. That’s all far from her mind at the moment though. All she can seem to think about is all the skin that just came into view as Rin dropped the oversized stained shirt she had been wearing at the forge.

Lit in pink and red and green, far from smooth with burns, a smattering of scars and some dark geometric ink, the way it moves across an overabundance of muscle is mesmerising. Sevika doesn't notice she’s been caught staring until it's far too late to deny that’s what she’s been doing. She's met with a wink and smirk.

Rin is waiting for her at the foot of her bed. A thick mattress at floor level with a tangle of sheets and blankets pushed to one side.

They’re kissing again and Sevika isn’t sure how they got there, but she’s not complaining. She’s taking full advantage of the newly exposed skin, hands skimming all over, tracing along the edges of the tightly laced undergarment. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Rin would wear something with as much support. Sevika can’t imagine working in a forge with anything loose and jiggling. But the unintended side effect is that Sevika is now very much obsessed with the soft plump skin spilling from the tight edges. She can’t stop tracing it. She wants to get her mouth on it, lick and bite and work a bruise or five.

Sevika is so distracted she only notices her wrap is gone when Rin is tugging to get her vest off. Sevika freezes. She doesn’t usually get undressed for this. Just loosens her pants enough for whoever’s getting her off to fit their hand.

She hasn’t been naked around anyone since. Well since she was a kid and too weak to do anything about it.

“Everything okay?”

Rin’s voice cuts through the murk. Right. This is Rin. Who made her fucking arm and attached it. Who’s already seen her chest. And the scars and the weird blue streaks and the …

“Yeah, everything is fine. Just getting in my own head.”

“Are you sure? This only has to go as far as you want.”

Sevika shakes her head to finish clearing it.

“Your concern is touching, but get your hands back to where they were.”

Rin snorts inelegantly.

“I thought I was the one doing the bossing around tonight.”

“Well get back to doing the bossing around then.”

Rin smiles and steps forward, head tipping back to keep eye contact. Sevika can’t help her eyes wandering down the expanse of flesh, neck bared and pale skin shaded pink leading down to smooth black strokes of ink.

A finger under her chin lifts her gaze back up to Rin’s.

“Get undressed for me?”

It’s spoken as a question but Sevika is powerless to resist. There’s something with sharp teeth and an appetite lurking behind those soft eyes and Sevika wants it to come out and play. She’s willing to bare some skin if that’s what it takes to meet it.

Sevika’s vest joins her outer garment on the floor and she’s halfway through undoing the closings on her trousers before thinking of her boots. Right. Those need to go first. She feels a little dumb until Rin spots the issue and. Just casually fucking drops to her knees. As if this image of her knelt, head bent forward exposing the back of her neck with an amount of trust Sevika never has wanted to inspire but now cherishes like nothing else, as if this image will ever leave Sevika another moment of wakeful rest.

Of course, Rin is fast at wrangling the various laces and buckles involved in keeping Sevika’s boots on her feet. Sevika is resigned to the fact that Rin is just that good with her hands. Though she would have enjoyed painting that memory more thoroughly into her mind, Sevika can now get rid of the last of her garments. Her skin feels flushed, like she’s been fighting or is down in one of the mines where the temperatures will boil your brain if you aren’t careful.

She’s never felt like this at one of the brothels before. Like her skin is too tight and she’s a wound-up toy one bad movement from breaking apart.

Sevika is down to her unders, not very different to Rin’s own. Not so much aesthetic as practical. Not that Sevika cares what Rin thinks of what she looks like. This is just about friends helping each other get off.

But Rin is back up on her feet, eyes bright and lips shiny where her tongue slips out to lick them. There’s still that spark in her eye like she wants to eat Sevika alive.

Rin is kissing her again, fingers loosening the tight lace keeping everything in place faster than even Sevika could herself. Her mouth is hot and wet, distracting enough that Sevika is taken by surprise when she loses balance, aided by Rin’s push. She has just long enough for her adrenaline to spike before the mattress catches her. It’s firm enough her breath comes a little short, but that’s probably aided by the kissing come to think of it. She hadn’t been breathing much during that.

“Stay put.”

Rin is yanking off her own footwear, tossing it back somewhere and Sevika is pretty sure she hears something break, but Rin dropping back to her knees on the edge of the mattress is of much greater concern.

Rin has positioned herself between Sevika’s legs and her hands on the bare skin of her thighs is. It’s new. But Sevika thinks she likes it.

Her thighs are probably one of the areas of her body where her skin is the most intact. Might even be called soft if one were inclined to describe any part of Sevika that way.

Rin’s calluses feel rough, dragging over skin, catching on the raised welts of scars. Sevika can’t help the full-body shiver. She can’t tear her eyes away from the contrast of pale skin worn by metalwork pressed to her own darker flesh either. She’s definitely not in control. But. That’s not really a bad thing right now. Rin knows what she’s doing and that’s enough for Sevika. It’s worked out well for her so far.

Rin has the look of a woman starved and who is Sevika to keep her from satiating her hunger. She widens her knees to make room for her.

Rin crawling forward reminds Sevika of the stories she’s heard of great beasts. A taste for flesh and more teeth than anyone needs. Sevika should feel fear. But Sevika’s never been great at doing what she’s supposed to.

One moment she has the breath knocked out of her from falling on the mattress and it feels like just the next that Rin is hovering over her, corded muscles under supple flesh showing off.

Sevika’s breath catches in her throat. She meets Rin's gaze.


As if she still needed to ask.

Sevika surges forward. She’s still not great at kissing. She catches her own lip between her teeth and Rin’s, the faint taste of copper speaking of broken skin. But Sevika is hungry too. She’s never. She’s never had an encounter of this nature last this long before. It’s both frustrating and exhilarating. She can feel her own need like electric tension beneath her skin.

Rin pulls back. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Sevika would never admit it but the noise she makes at losing Rin’s mouth might very well have been a whine.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got you.”

Rin leans forward and Sevika is ready for another kiss. She’s getting better damn it. But Rin bypasses her face completely and lands on her neck. Sevika barely has time to adjust to the feeling of the small bites and sucks trailing around her collarbone before Rin is moving down, mouthing down to one breast.

Sevika might never have done this before. But she’s heard plenty. She knows how it’s supposed to work. And. Rin’s mouth on her nipple doesn’t give her that extra spark of sensation she was expecting. It’s fine, not unpleasant. Sevika just liked Rin teething at her throat more.

Rin picks up on her lack of response. Of course she does. Sevika can feel curls of shame twisting through her stomach.

“Not good?”

Sevika swallows down the shame because if she doesn’t answer this might stop, and she really doesn’t want it to stop.

“Not bad. But not much of …” She trails off. She’s not sure how to finish that sentence.

“Not very sensitive then,” Rin says this like it’s fine.

But Sevika’s heard the boasting and she knows how people brag about how sensitive their lays are. How they barely need to touch them to make them come and she can’t help but feel. Inadequate. This is why she’s never tried this before. She doesn’t like to be found lacking.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

Curse Rin’s perceptiveness.


Sevika wishes her voice sounded more certain.

She feels Rin’s hands cup her face.

“Hey, look at me. Please. It’s okay.”

She can’t bring herself to meet Rin’s eyes.

“This is about you not being very sensitive?”

Sevika doesn’t answer, but the flinch is probably plenty informative.

Rin leans over her again, and Sevika can feel her hair against her cheek when she whispers into her ear, “I’ll tell you a secret. Mine haven’t ever been that sensitive either. And you’ve got plenty of other places that are fun to bite and lick and seem to get you all hot and bothered.”

Rin illustrates her point by licking a long stripe up Sevika’s neck and biting down sharply on the muscle. Sevika can’t help the gasp, her stomach clenching into a tight warm knot.

“Good if I keep going?”

Sevika can’t find her words but nods vigorously.

Rin resumes her journey southward. She doesn’t look like it’s bothered her, taking her time to worry more marks around Sevika’s hip bone as she slips her fingers under the edge of Sevika’s underwear, intent clear as she tugs it down.

And Sevika might be embarrassed but she is weak to what Rin wants at the moment. Because so far everything Rin has wanted and taken has made Sevika feel something like a bright flare of shimmer snaking through her veins without the pulse of rage that usually accompanies it. So she lifts her hips and navigates her legs so her last bit of clothing, conspicuously marked of a darker wet patch, can get tossed somewhere in the vague direction of the rest of their clothes.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, Sevika knows what Rin is going for.

She can feel Rin’s breath against her, it feels both hot and cold, air against wet skin. She can feel Rin's lips brushing her inner thigh and that’s something she’d never considered, just how strongly she might feel any touch there, how soft it feels. Rin is barely ghosting any kind of pressure but it feels like live wires, jittery and sharp. And Sevika is trembling because Rin is so close. Close enough to feel the heat of her, but she’s not moving and Sevika feels like she’s losing the last thread of her sanity waiting for Rin to do something, anything.

And then. And then Sevika really does lose that last thread. The rope’s just gone. Obliterated. Like most every thought in her head.

All that’s left is the sensation of heat and wet and pressure. And fuck does it feel good.

Sevika knows she’s not hard to get off. She can be relatively uninterested in the whole procedure and a stranger can still get an orgasm with nothing but two fingers cramped in her clothes.

But she’s never felt anything like this, Rin’s tongue flicking back and forth, flattening out to lick a broad strip, her lips pressing down to suck on her clit like that’s their sole purpose in life. It all has Sevika scrambling at the sheets, metal hand clawing gouges that are the furthest thing from Sevika’s mind at the moment.

Sevika’s hips buck of their own accord, pressing herself closer, even closer to Rin. And Rin just keeps licking and sucking like her life depends on it. A broken sound makes it out of Sevika’s chest when Rin scrapes her teeth lightly over her clit before sucking again. The tip of her tongue traces delicately around, a contrast to the following firm press.

The world has fallen away. Nothing else But Rin exists. Her mouth, her lips, her tongue all pressing against her. Her hand gripped around Sevika’s thigh, keeping her from jerking too much.

And all that's left shatters when Rin presses two fingers of her other hand into Sevika with no warning, curled up and ruthless, aimed with deadly accuracy.

Sevika comes clenching around Rin’s hand with a broken gasp.

Sevika might have been embarrassed at coming so fast but Rin hasn’t stopped. She’s slowed down, clearly aware that Sevika feels raw and shivery and like she might break at any moment.

But she hasn’t stopped. She’s still licking around where her fingers are buried inside Sevika. It feels distinctly wetter than before but Sevika can’t bring herself to care because the remaining shivers of her orgam have her clenching around Rin and it still feels incredible.

Sevika loses track of time.

She feels loose and floaty. Like she’s made of warm rubber or taffy. And whatever it is Rin is doing to her feels so good. Like she’s pastry being folded into layers around a hot core. Both her fingers and her tongue are still involved but Sevika would be hard-pressed to figure out how. Her flesh hand has found itself in Rin's hair at some point, but that doesn’t seem to bother her so Sevika doesn’t worry about it.

The second orgasm isn’t as brutal as the first, it sneaks up softer and slower but lingering. Sevika isn’t one hundred percent sure her brain isn’t leaking out of her ears.

She does have enough wherewithal to look down when Rin surfaces. This is a picture Sevika wants to remember. And she is not disappointed.

Rin’s hair is a mess, flyaway strands framing her face, sticking to the shining mess positively drenching her mouth and chin. And her eyes. Her pupils are so blown the iris is just gone. A negligible ring between the black of her pupils and the whites of her eyes.

Rin pushes herself up enough to cross her hands over Sevika’s stomach and rests her chin on them.

“Feeling better there, Sev?”

Sevika tries to answer. She really does. But her face feels numb and her mouth is uncooperative so it comes out as a flubbering jumble of syllables that have very little meaning. She nods instead, humming at a low rumbly pitch that surprises her.

Sevika is pulled from a light dose by a soft giggle. Rin has moved up next to Sevika and is observing the damage her metal hand has wrought on the sheets.

“I know I give good head but that’s the first time I’ll have mending to do over it.”

She doesn’t seem displeased about it, pride in her grin.

“You knew the risks when you invited me here. You’re the one who built it.”

Rin lays down next to her with a smile and a hum. “Touché.”

She’s still wearing a lot of clothes and that’s when Sevika realises she’s the only one who’s gotten off so far.

She clears her throat.

"What about you though?"

"What about me what?"

Rin is laying on her side, facing Sevika and letting her hand draw lazy patterns over her sweat-soaked stomach.

"You didn't get off."

Rin shrugs.

"Wasn't about getting me off. You're the one who couldn't sit still long enough for me to take measurements."

Sevika frowns. She just had the two best orgasms of her life and the woman who gave them to her doesn't get any? Where's the fairness there?

"I want you to come too."

"Well if you want it, that's a different story."

Rin is shimmying out of her trousers and unders faster than Sevika can watch, which is a real shame. Sevika is no scientist but she's fairly sure the curvature of that ass should be thoroughly studied.

Sevika must still be addled from that mind-melting orgasm because she is completely incapable of saying how Rin got from squirming out of her clothes to straddling her waist but she is now faced with an extremely tempting pair of tits and—

"You have pierced nipples?"

Rin shrugs, which only serves to distract Sevika further, her eyes tracking the motion of the silver jewellery.

"Told you, they're not particularly sensitive. And it looks pretty."

Sevika is well and truly mesmerised, her hand coming up to touch of its own accord.

It's only the feeling of warm metal that has her coming back to her senses.

"Sorry. Didn't mean to-"

"It's fine, go ahead and have fun with them."

The feeling is fascinating. Soft soft flesh, so different to Sevika’s rough hands, and hard unyielding metal. Rin is right, they are very pretty indeed.

But enough of getting distracted. Sevika was originally out to give Rin an orgasm. She looks up to her face, finding mild amusement but none of the heat from earlier. Sevika knows Rin isn’t a liar, but it’s still comforting to know it wasn’t just niceties earlier.

There is one major hiccup in the Give Rin an Orgasm plan. Sevika isn’t actually familiar with any anatomy that isn’t her own and has no idea how one goes about pleasuring another woman.

“I uh- don’t know how to …” Admitting to a personal failing without prompting isn’t easy.

“Hey, that’s okay.” Bless Rin and her perceptiveness.

“I’ll help you out. We can do it one of several ways. I can sit back, relax and masturbate while you watch.”

Tempting, but Sevika wants to touch.

“You can lay back and let me ride your face.”

Very tempting. Those thighs look plush and Sevika would like an opportunity to sink her teeth into them.

“Or I can lay back and let you do all the work while I give you instructions.”

Sevika likes how Rin has thoughtfully given her three levels of involvement.

“As tempting as the idea of you sitting on my face is, I think you should lay back and boss me around some more.”

Rin grins sharp and wide.

“Scooch over, you’re in my spot.”

Through some manoeuvring, awkwardness abated by some more kissing, Rin ends up on her back, legs bracketing Sevika’s waist where she kneels between them.

Sevika has never really been a kisser. That is to say she hasn’t ever felt the inclination. It’s always looked gross and involved too much spit for her taste. But kissing Rin is good. It’s soft and warm and sometimes sharp. Sevika is now intimately familiar with how Rin’s lower lip dips in the middle and her chipped tooth is a little sharp. She now knows what it feels like to bite and suck at the plush texture.

So can anyone really blame Sevika for getting distracted from her goal? She would also like to point out that Rin, who is supposed to be the one giving instructions here, did not interrupt the kissing and seems to be quite enjoying it.

“So. How do I go about this?”

Sevika is leaning on her mechanical arm and waves the other around very descriptively.

“Well. That depends. Would you rather stay up here and just use your fingers? Or you can take inspiration from my own work,” Rin says, curling her fingers around some stray pieces of Sevika’s hair. She seems to like playing with it.

Sevika’s initial reaction is to stick to what she knows. She’s used to getting herself off and she’s enjoying kissing Rin. Which she won’t be able to do if she’s giving head.

But then again. Lips are lips. And. Rin’s mouth had felt absolutely incredible. So maybe it’s worth trying. She’s been learning a lot this evening, why stop now?

Instead of answering, Sevika takes one last kiss and moves to lay between Rin’s legs. She does indulge briefly on her way down, kissing and wrapping her lips and tongue around one pierced nipple. Satisfied with her new knowledge of texture and flavour, she shimmies all the way back.

She hadn’t noticed earlier, but laying on her stomach means a good deal of her legs is sticking out off the mattress. Practical that it’s on the floor like this. But enough of distracting herself.

She looks down, and yeah, that’s a cunt. With all the usual bits. And-

A hand, work-rough fingers and gentle grasp, lifts her face so she’s looking back at Rin’s face.

Her thumb rubs gently over Sevika’s cheek, finishing at the corner of her mouth.

“Only what you’re comfortable with.”

Sevika narrows her eyes. And very deliberately presses her open mouth down to Rin’s folds. She maintains eye contact as long as possible but the angle ends up blocking her view so she focuses on her task instead.

It’s awkward at first, there’s no getting around it. But Sevika finds she likes exploring a little. It’s like kissing. Soft, warm, a little wet, varied texture. Tastes different though. Tangier. Sevika can’t seem to get enough to pin down the flavour though, so she goes looking for more.

Yeah, every cunt is different, no two flowers alike, as the brothel workers like to say. But they’re not that different either. Sevika isn’t going to get lost from somewhere around Rin’s clit to her entrance. She’s just about to figure out how much of her tongue can fit inside Rin when a firm grasp in her hair stops her.

“Not there yet. Stay here. Nice and slow.”

Rin’s hand tugs her back up gently, the pressure on her scalp nowhere near painful but somehow very comforting. Sevika doesn’t know what she’s doing, but Rin knows and is taking what she wants. That means Sevika isn’t going to fuck this up.

She tries to think what Rin did earlier, but honestly, she can’t remember much. All of her higher brain functions got obliterated somewhere in that process. Okay, Rin said slow. She can do slow.

Sevika licks up, feeling out, trying to pinpoint Rin’s clit. It’s easy enough to figure out when she’s found it, Rin’s hips jerking sharply.

“Right there.” Rin helpfully adds. Sevika’s a little proud of figuring that one out on her own, but it’s still nice to know she got it right.

She applies herself to working that particular spot, slowly still, as Rin instructed. She can curve the tip of her tongue back and forth and that seems to be working well enough, Rin’s thighs giving sporadic twitches every few passes and her chin getting increasingly wet.

“Good. That’s good. Try varying the shape.”

Shape? Of her tongue? Sevika remembers something Rin did and decides to try it. She flattens her tongue, using the breadth of it to rub back and forth.


Sevika hopes that’s a good fuck. It sounds like it, judging by the tightening of Rin’s hand in her hair and the short little rolls of her hips.

Giving head is messy business, between Sevika’s own saliva and Rin’s slick everything is wet and slippery.

“Lips. You can. You can also use your lips.”

Rin is sounding a little breathless and that’s Sevika’s doing. She can’t use her lips if she’s smiling too wide though, so she applies herself to puckering them almost like a kiss.
And that’s not doing much, maybe she needs to … this is ringing a bell. Right. Sevika sucks, pulling Rin’s clit to her mouth.

Rin moans. Loud and unashamed.

Sevika does it again. But it’s not as effective as the first time. Sure Rin whines, but it’s not as loud.

Sevika tries flicking the tip of her tongue again and that gets her a sharp hip jerk.

Okay so. Variety is the name of the game.

Sevika sets about mixing and matching the various movements she’s figured out. Rin hasn’t given any more instruction, but that hasn’t stopped her from being vocal, high sighs and low growns mixing sweetly, each one cherished by Sevika because she’s the reason behind them. She did that. She’s the one making Rin shake and clench her thighs.


So it comes as a surprise when Rin stops her. Her hand tightens in Sevika’s hair and pulls her back.

“Did I do something wrong?”

The moments Rin takes to articulate an answer are increasingly unpleasant.

“No. No. Nothing. Nothing wrong.” Rin is panting heavily between every word. “Just need to ask. Something. Can’t think when your mouth is on me.”

That’s a relief.

Rin’s cunt isn’t in reach to Sevika anymore but her inner thigh is. Sevika turns her head and finally sinks her teeth into the pale flesh there.

Rin makes another loud noise, something between a moan and a sigh.

“That’s. That. Isn’t. Helping.”

“That’s for scaring me. You let me think I wasn’t doing it right for too long.”

Sevika goes to bite a second time, and notices slightly guiltily the bright red half-moon marks her teeth left the first time. She laves her tongue over her most recent bite mark, hoping to soothe it some.

Rin is making a sound very close to pitiful at this point.

“Please. Just. Let me talk.”

Rin does sound a little desperate at this point, so Sevika leans her head back so she isn’t touching any part that could be construed as erogenous.

“Okay, okay.” Rin is still breathing hard, but her words are less slurred.

“Your hand.”

Sevika squeezes her flesh hand where it’s wrapped around the back of Rin’s thigh.

“No, the other one.”

The other one? For sex? That sounds risky. Sevika flexes it around the back of Rin’s other thigh to make sure she understood correctly.

“Yes. That one. I want you to fuck me with it.”

Sevika pushes herself up on her elbows enough to see Rin’s face. She’s still breathing heavily, face and chest flushed, eyes a little glazed.

“That doesn’t sound like a good idea.”

Rin nods.

“It probably isn’t. But. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since I built the damn thing.”

Rin might look high off the sex but she also looks dead serious stating that. And. There’s a thought.

Sevika has always seen her arm as a tool, sometimes a weapon. It’s always been an intimidation tactic or her edge in a fight. Not. Something someone might be attracted to.

“You are aware I have ripped people’s throats out with the claws, yes?”

Rin puffs a laugh, chest bouncing and metal jewellery catching the light distractingly.

“I am aware, yes. I’ve picked the leftovers out of the gears. I still want it in me. I have a danger kink, sue me.”

Rin’s hand, still tangled in Sevika’s hair, curls tugging briefly on the strands.

“Well, if you’re sure then.”

Sevika won’t admit to it, but she does like the idea of being desirable because she’s dangerous. Not in spite of it. She’s worked hard to be dangerous.

But back to the matter at hand. Sevika looks back down and oops. Yeah. She may have bitten a little hard. Those marks are already purpling nicely. Sevika kisses them lightly in apology, eliciting a small moan.

She gets back to licking, sucking, tonguing at Rin’s clit while she tries to puzzle out the logistics of involving metal claws in sex without actively hurting her partner. Best she can figure is to use only her middle finger, palm up with the others curled inward, so she can press the blunt back of the claw against Rin.

Rin jerks so hard at the contact of the warm metal she very nearly fucks herself on it.

Sevika pulls back enough to see what she’s doing.

“Easy there. I don’t want to hurt you.”

The answer was probably meant to be words. Sevika does get the sense she’s being encouraged to get on with things.

She tightens the grip of her other hand, curling her arm more securely under Rin’s thigh in hopes of keeping her from moving too much.

No time like the present.

Sevika carefully, more carefully than she’s done anything in recent memory, presses the sharp tip of her finger against Rin’s entrance. It slips in so easily, Rin is loose and slick. Sevika keeps the finger curled so the tip, the only sharp part, isn’t pressing into anything.

Rin is shivering, hips giving minute jerks against Sevika’s grip. And Sevika has to admit, now that she’s seeing herself buried inside Rin. The most dangerous part of her no less. She gets the appeal. There’s a power rush to being trusted this much. And watching the slick gather and coat the metal is its own kind of hypnotising.

Slowly. Ever so gently. Sevika moves her finger. She finds that side to side is easier, less risk of stabbing. She can get a nice circular motion, using mostly the back of her finger to apply pressure. If the sounds are any indication, Rin is enjoying her efforts.

Now that she’s got the movement down to something she’s pretty sure won’t injure Rin, Sevika moves back to finish her off with her mouth.

It’s a challenge, keeping track of everything, especially the sharp tip buried inside Rin. It takes all of Sevika’s concentration. So it comes as a surprise when she registers a sharp increase in pressure and several high, keening moans. It didn’t take nearly as long as she might have expected.

Her arm isn’t designed with sensory feedback in mind. It’s got some pressure and heat receptors for practicality’s sake, but Sevika hasn’t ever regretted the lack of detailed feeling. She does wish she could feel Rin from the inside. She settles on lapping up the slick around her finger, sweet tang and coppery metal. Fuck, she hopes that’s not blood and just her own fingers.

Sevika isn’t quite sure when to stop but Rin ends up tugging her back. She’s glad to see there’s no red mixed in the wet mess coating her finger when she pulls it out. Rin shivers and jerks at every ridge of Sevika’s finger as it slips free.

Impulsively, Sevika lays a soft kiss across Rin’s still glistening lips, revelling in the soft whimper it pulls from her. Sevika isn’t going to push her luck tonight, but she’s got to admit there’s something very tempting about pushing at Rin’s oversensitivity. She wants to break her apart and see what’s left inside when all inhibitions are worn away.

“Gods.” Sevika can hear Rin’s dry swallow. “That was good. You were so good.”

Something warm flashes in Sevika’s belly. She knows she must have gotten something right for Rin to come, but. It’s nice to hear it.

“Come back here and kiss me.”

Orders always chafe. Even ones coming from Silco. Sevika’s first gut reaction is always a strong desire to do the opposite, to show that she can. She does as she’s told, because he’s smart and he doesn’t actually give bad orders. But it’s still always there, the desire to not listen.

That’s why it’s strange. How easy it is. To listen to Rin and comply. There’s no itch of discomfort. It feels good.

Sevika climbs back up, giving one last apologetic kiss to the angry bite marks on Rin’s thigh.

Sevika loses track of time again as she lays beside Rin, trading kisses back and forth. They’re soft, a little playful sometimes with an extra nip, but mostly just relaxed and sated.

Rin has thrown one of her legs over Sevika’s hip and is toying with her hair.

This is in a completely different league from anything Sevika has ever experienced at the brothels. It’s not even the same sport.

If anyone had asked Sevika if she was a cuddler after sex, they would have assumed, and she would have answered, that no, she wasn’t. Everyone would have been wrong.

Sevika can’t remember ever feeling as good as she does now, sated and sleepy with Rin’s strong soft body radiating warmth where it presses against her.

Hopefully, she can convince Rin to do this again. Now that all of her brain power isn’t dedicated to Rin, Sevika has noticed a collection of phallic objects on a shelf. She’s rather curious as to what it would feel like for Rin to fuck her with one of them.