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Milky-White Beach Day

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The water park had been an enjoyable time for the two of them. Masaki rubbed up against Erina under the water, followed by a round of breastfeeding and wild sex in the ferris wheel, ending with Erina letting him fuck her in the ass. They hadn’t forgotten that day, and now, to celebrate getting into college, Erina and Masaki were heading to the beach. They had been anticipating this day for a long time, and Erina deliberately held back on breastfeeding him. She wanted her boobs to be full of milk for the day at the beach.

When they arrived, the beach was partly cloudy. Just enough to cover the sun and prevent it from glaring in their eyes, while not obscuring the rich blue color of the nearby ocean. It was a public beach, with people of all ages surfing in the waves, enjoying ice cream and getting close on their blankets. The cries of seagulls sounded overhead. Everything felt as if it was made for them. Erina was wearing the new swimsuit Masaki had taken home from the love hotel, and wondered if she was going to be arrested for putting on such a skimpy thing.

It was a single piece of string that left much of her body exposed. The fabric was slightly wider around her nipples, but Erina’s pink areolae were so large that the edges of her nipples were exposed, only the hard tips, their shape evident, covered up by her swimsuit. The bottom of it was even more risque. Instead of a waterproof fabric, it was a string of pearl-colored beads that ran through her crotch and up through her butt crack. The small beads rubbed against Erina with every step, making her aroused the moment she stepped out of the changing tent.

“Masaki...” Erina said. “You knew what you were doing when you asked me to wear this.”

“I think it looks great on you, Erina,” Masaki said.

“It’s like I’m broadcasting our sex life to the beach,” Erina said.

“We’ve already done it in a ferris wheel, this isn’t any less dangerous,” Masaki said. “Let’s have some fun.”

“I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to stand this!” Erina said, running after him. When she ran, the beads slid between her legs once again. The beads were coated in a film of her love juice, rolling around each one and making its way down her thighs. From a distance, it looked like she was sweating.

They played in the water. Erina’s swimsuit left her breasts bouncing around as she moved, those perky mounds drawing the attention of more than Masaki. Tetsu and Shinobu had other plans, so they weren’t able to come along. Masaki wondered how many people were jealous of him, and were watching Erina to see if her swimsuit ever fell off. It hadn’t been designed for lengthy swimming, more for hot tubs and private pool parties.

“Let’s do that next,” Masaki said.

“That’s dangerous with this swimsuit!” Erina said.

“It’ll be fun. The driver won’t see us,” Masaki said.

A two-person banana boat had been set up along the shore. Erina needed to put on a life jacket before boarding, leaving her breasts covered for the time being, but she couldn’t do anything about the beads digging through her crotch. They held tight onto the grips, and the jet ski took off. Erina and Masaki screamed in delight as they rode through the waves, cold sea water splashing in their faces.

The vibrations of the boat beneath her, bouncing about on the waves, made the beads dig further into her crotch. They rubbed against her pussy and the wrinkles of her asshole, making her face blush red in a way that couldn’t have been caused by the sun alone. Her screams turned into moans, the banana boat turning into a large vibrator as she rode across the waves. Erina felt a tingling in her pussy, and sharply came, her moans reaching Masaki’s ear. The boat kept shaking, driving her to a wave of orgasmic bliss over and over, until she had coated the beads in her love juice eight times over when they got back to shore.

“Are you okay, Erina? You look exhausted,” asked Masaki.

“It’s nothing,” Erina said, not wanting to inform the jetski driver of what had happened. She returned her life jacket, noticing a faintly sweet smell inside it that hadn’t been there when she put it on. Erina looked down at her cleavage. Cumming again and again had spread a pleasurable buzz across her body. It reached her clit and her nipples. When they passed by a rock formation along the shore, Erina had started lactating uncontrollably.

She sprayed off the inside of the life jacket, and hid her breasts in her hands. Squeezing them down in her palms only made her milk flow faster. She looked at Masaki. “They’re leaking!” she said. “Masaki, you need to help me out. I’m so... horny right now!”

Masaki didn’t respond with words. Only a hint of a nosebleed and a raging erection in his swim trunks told Erina everything she needed to know. They headed for their spot along the beach. It was far enough away from everyone else that they would look like they were cuddling with each other. Under the shade of their umbrella, Erina pushed aside her swimsuit top, exposing her ample, milky breasts. Her nipples were hard as diamonds and trickling with milk. Erina wasn’t sad that she had started lactating, but that she hadn’t been able to share the first sips with Masaki.

Erina shoved her soft breast, slick with her milk, in Masaki’s mouth. His lips closed around her nipple, licking up the milk that had dripped down her curves. It had rolled all the way into her belly button, making Masaki’s cock start to leak precum at the sight of it. He sucked on Erina’s breast, gulping down large mouthfuls of her sweet milk. It was creamy and rich, with a flavor that suited his palate perfectly. It was as if Erina’s breasts had adjusted it to his taste, giving him a warm, sweet, boner-inducing drink that he could have at any time.

As he sucked and slurped at her breast, Erina watched him with a smile of mixed emotions. It had a hint of maternal feeling, even though it was her boyfriend that she had been breastfeeding for years. He nursed at her breast, swallowing every drop to make up for the ones that had been lost during the banana boat ride. He didn’t want to ignore Erina’s other tit, leaking freely and covering her skin with a lotion of her warm milk. His stomach was filled with milk, but Erina was looking exhausted. Cumming several times in a row had left her parched.

Masaki briefly pulled his mouth away from her nipple. “Erina,” he said, a line of milk dripping from his lips, “Have you ever drank your own milk? Your boobs are big enough.”

“Would you like it if I did that?” Erina asked, pulling down his shorts and letting his cock spring out. She admired the girth of his shaft, the way it twitched from her other breast dripping milk down onto his chest. Masaki nodded. “I’ll try.” The closest Erina had gotten was tasting her milk on his breath when they deep kissed after breastfeeding. Everyone who had tried it - Masaki, Shinobu, even Tetsu - had said it was delicious. Erina felt naughty drinking her own milk.

She placed her hand, slick with milk, underneath her right breast and lifted it to her mouth. She didn’t have to lower her neck far to reach her own nipple. She sucked and slurped, rolling her tongue along the pores of her areola, sucking out her own milk. It had an incomparable sweetness compared to milk bought from a store. Erina took a big gulp, letting her breast swing down freely and slap against her chest, sending drops of milk, sweat and saliva onto Masaki’s body.

“I taste pretty good,” Erina said.

“That was super hot,” Masaki said. Having replenished herself with ice water and her own milk, Erina felt a sudden urge to pee. She couldn’t leave their spot with her breasts flopping about and her pussy still dripping. She turned to Masaki with a devious smile. Masaki had made her wear that swimsuit and get on the banana boat. He knew what was going to happen. Erina had been careful to never lactate in front of anyone other than Shinobu and Tetsu.

“Masaki, you know I love having sex with you, but don’t turn me on in a place where everyone can see,” Erina said. “You need to be punished.”

She stripped off her swimsuit, letting the milk and love juice-soaked piece fall to the ground. She was naked on the beach, and it wasn’t technically a nude beach. If the lifeguard caught them, their beach day would be over. Erina hoped to make this quick. She was going to ride Masaki so hard he wouldn’t be able to get it up until they got back to their hotel. Erina squatted over his cock, showing him her blonde pubes. Her pussy was soaked with sweat and love juice, and her breasts lightly bounced as she got into position.

“Punish me, please,” Masaki said.

Erina rubbed her pussy, sliding her fingers across her wet slit. The floodgates opened up, and a stream of golden piss, hotter and saltier than the ocean water, splashed on Masaki’s cock. As the warm jet of pee sprayed against him, he nearly came. Erina took small steps forward, continuing to leak pee, splashing it against his stomach, his nipples, until she finally made it to his face. Masaki closed his eyes and opened his mouth as the last stream of Erina’s urine covered his body. Her warm golden shower was relaxing after the cold ocean water.

“You’re enjoying this, you perv,” said Erina, shaking her hips and moving her spray around. It briefly stopped before starting up again. Her pee ran down the sides of Masaki’s cheeks, getting on the towel and covering his face in it. Erina sighed happily, loving the feeling of relief from pissing on Masaki’s face. As the last golden drops fell, her bladder now empty, Erina looked down at Masaki’s wet body. His dick twitched, and he had one of the widest, goofiest smiles she had ever seen. “Your punishment’s over.”

“This is special pee. I made it with my own milk,” Erina said. “You’ve gotten your fill, Masaki, but after sucking my tits and having those beads dig into my crotch, I really need your cock inside me.”

“Of course,” Masaki said.

Masaki sat down, his cock pointing straight up. Erina lowered her pussy onto his piss-soaked cock, and buried his face between her sweaty, milky breasts. The smell of fresh breast milk had gathered in her cleavage. With Erina’s pussy comfortably wrapping around him, Masaki thrust his hips upward, HIs cock pushed inside Erina, making her tits shake and the fat in her ass cheeks jiggle. Erina let out a cute cry, making a lifeguard briefly turn to look at them, before glancing back at the waves once again.

“You’re harder than usual,” Erina said.

“Must be that swimsuit,” Masaki said. “Let’s make this quick.”

“My heart’s beating so fast,” Erina said. “This is so thrilling. Fuck me, Masaki!”

Erina bounced up and down on his cock. Her vaginal folds scraped against him, sucking him in closer to her pussy. The sound of the waves crashing against the shore and the seagulls squawking as they flew overhead drowned out the sounds of Erina’s moans. She tried to keep them down, but Masaki’s cock felt so good inside her. She pressed her soft breasts against him, her hard and milky nipples rubbing against his own nipples. With each thrust of his cock inside her, Erina’s soft body shook. Her face was blushing bright red, so turned on that people might have thought the heat was getting to her.

“Thanks for giving me such a wonderful day,” Erina said. “We don’t get many breaks from college recently.”

“You keep falling asleep in class,” Masaki said.

“That’s because you keep tiring me out with your dick,” Erina said playfully. “I don’t mind. You know I love it when you plow me.”

The towel was becoming stained with Erina’s love juice. It rolled down her thighs as Masaki thrust into her, dripping down from the gap between his cock and her slit. Erina’s hard clit was rubbing against his torso as he held her close. Masaki wrapped his arms around her, running them down her back. After traveling downward, his hands landed on her ass. He gripped firmly onto one of her cheeks, pulling it aside to do something naughty with his right hand.

“It’s not just your pussy that’s soaked, Erina,” Masaki said. “Your ass is wet.”

“I can’t help it, okay?” Erina said sheepishly. “Those beads were rubbing against my butt. You know I’m sensitive there.”

“As long as we’re at it,” Masaki said.

He took his finger, slick with Erina’s milk and love juice, and ran the tip of his digit around the wrinkles of her asshole. Erina gasped at the feeling of her own warm milk hitting her butthole, but found it calming as Masaki continued to rub. He stuck his finger inside her ass, lubing it up with her milk and widening her out a little. With his finger digging around inside her ass, Erina’s pussy clenched even tighter around him. The warm stickiness of her folds closed around his shaft, leaving Masaki unable to escape the tight grip of her pussy.

“Why are you teasing my ass?” Erina asked.

“I like it. I want to use both of them. This could be my only chance for anal on the beach,” Masaki said.

“You tease,” Erina replied.

Erina buried his face in her breasts. Her tits smothered him from both sides, the weight and concentrated milky sweat of her mounds muffling his voice. Erina cooed when his breath hit her nipples. She kept bouncing, her motions going faster and harder on top of Masaki’s cock. The more he scraped inside her, the more she felt at ease. That swimsuit had left her in a perpetual state of horniness, and she needed the sweet relief of a powerful orgasm. Not one from vibrations alone, but from her boyfriend’s hard, throbbing cock.

“Masaki!” Erina cried out.

He slammed his cock as far inside her as he could go. Erina’s pubic mound was rubbing against his sack, pushing out the pent-up semen he had been saving for this day. Masaki came hard, filling Erina’s pussy with a hot spurt of jizz that went all the way up to her womb. Erina came harder than she had during the banana boat ride, her breasts firing off twin streams of white milk that splashed against Masaki’s face. Masaki pulled his finger out of her ass, and Erina began to cool down. Her body was profusely dripping with sweat. She was panting and tired, but in a good way. Release had finally come.

Erina lay down on the towel. Her breasts squished down, creating wet splotches beneath her. She thought she had let Masaki drink all of her milk, but her tits had filled up again in no time. When he was with her, sometimes it felt like she would never stop lactating. Not that she minded. For now, all of his milk was for him, and she was happy to have it that way. Erina’s round butt was facing Masaki, her backdoor still open wide from his finger in there. Masaki groped her breasts, coating his hands in a film of her milk.

He got on his knees, rubbing his cock with Erina’s milk until it was back to full hardness. He couldn’t tell what was Erina’s milk and what was the remaining drops of his cum. He approached Erina, who was looking out towards the waves, and stuck his cock between her ass cheeks. He rubbed his glans around her anus, teasing out her slick and slightly gaping asshole. He gave it a push, and Erina let out a yelp loud enough that the lifeguard turned to face them once again. Masaki pushed his dick in, going deeper into Erina until he was in up to the base.

“I love how warm it is in your ass,” Masaki said. His cum was still dripping from Erina’s slit, and his dick was buried deep in her butt. He couldn’t have imagined a better beach day. Masaki kept his hands firmly on her breasts, and started pumping his cock inside her asshole. It was hot and tight, and the way her tightness gripped his cock was different. Masaki pinched his fingers down on her nipples, spraying out a jet of milk onto the white sands.

“You’re so naughty,” Erina said.

“You’re the one who let me do your ass on the beach,” Masaki said. “These white sands are getting even whiter.”

“We’ll always have a lot of memories in this spot,” Erina said. “But make it quick. If the lifeguard hears us, we’ll definitely be in trouble.”

“That just turns me on even more,” Masaki said. His cock throbbed inside her butt, and he started to move. He pulled his milk-soaked cock out of her ass, slamming it back in and watching her fat ass cheeks shake. Her tits wobbled in his hands, splashing drops of milk out of her nipples with every thrust. Erina tried to tamper down her voice, which was becoming increasingly more difficult as Masaki’s dick pumped in and out of her tender anus.

A jet ski, trailing another banana boat behind it, drove past them. The people onboard didn’t stop to look at them. Seeing it roaring through the surf made Erina recall that feeling in her pussy. Her pussy squirted, shooting out some of Masaki’s excess cum onto his legs. The warm and sticky mixture felt good, and Masaki kept his pace up. Erina turned to face him, meeting him for a kiss. Their breath smelled like the sugary taste of Erina’s breast milk. It was the flavor that had come to define their love, and they could think of nothing better.

His tongue swirled around in her mouth and his cock thrust in and out of her ass. Masaki closed his eyes, unable to think of anything but making Erina’s body double over in pleasure at the mercy of his cock. Erina cried out his name. She wanted his cum inside her. Her pussy kept leaking, and her breasts were rolling lines of milk down her front. The air was filled with the mingling salty-sweet scents of Erina’s milk and the salty sea air, combining together into a hazy atmosphere that pushed the two lovebirds to their limit.

The kiss broke. Masaki looked down at his cock sliding in and out of Erina’s ass, knowing that he was on the verge of cumming once again. He moved his milk-soaked hands down to her ass, smearing her own milk all over her butt cheeks, and pushed his cock far in. He throbbed hard. His balls were getting soaked in the mix of love juice and his own cum pouring out of her pussy, a natural lotion that warmed up the last drops of semen inside him.

“I love you, Erina!” he said.

“Masaki, I love you too!” she replied.

Masaki came. Erina’s asshole clenched around him, keeping him inside until he began to turn flaccid. Hot spurts of cum filled her ass. Masaki’s dick fell out on its own, half hard and leaking out its last drops of cum. The semen rolling down Erina’s butt and her pussy mixed together, all of it Masaki’s. Erina lightly squirted again. Her body was coated in sweat and milk. She needed to cool down before sex on a day like this made her collapse from the heat. The lifeguard was distracted, giving them enough time.

Erina and Masaki ran into the ocean naked, splashing against each other. Masaki didn’t get very far before the cold sea water touched his balls, making him retreat back to the towel. Erina laughed, her breasts shaking nad leaking milk. She ducked into the ocean to wash it off. Her body finally felt at ease. Her pussy and ass were still sore. Masaki’s cum was going to be leaking down her thighs for a while. He had shot out so much of it.

“I’m not wearing that swimsuit again,” Erina said. “It turns me on too much. I won’t be able to focus on anything but your dick.”

“We can’t have you going back to the hotel naked,” Masaki said. Erina put on the beach camisole she had brought along, wearing nothing else underneath it. If the wind picked up, it would blow up the dress and expose her naked body before everybody on the beach. Her heart was beating at the thought, but it turned her on so much that she wanted to go through with it. Erina and Masaki spent a bit more time at the beach, until it was time to head to the hotel for dinner and a night on the town.

Erina walked across the sands, wondering if anybody noticed her hard nipples, leaking drops of milk, onto her clothes. Nobody was saying anything, or even looking at them, but the idea that she was one errant breeze away from being naked turned her on that her love juice started to roll down her thighs uncontrollably. They made it back to the hotel with nobody spotting them, but Erina had made herself horny anyway.

“Masaki, pull out your dick!” Erina said.

Erina spent the next few minutes giving Masaki a milky titfuck and blowjob, craving for his cum after her beach walk. She got so into it that they nearly missed going out for dinner. Soon the evening would be over, and they would need to return to college and continue with their studies. Erina looked at Masaki over dinner, giving him bedroom eyes while they talked about how their classes were going.

“Masaki, if I go to visit my mother in Britain, would you want to come along? We haven’t had sex outside Japan yet,” she said.

“That sounds great,” Masaki said. “Next time we get a break from our studies.”

“It’s a promise,” Erina said.

Shinobu asked Erina for pictures from the beach. Erina told her that they couldn’t show all the pictures from the beach trip in public. Far too many of them were like a sex tape. Shinobu didn’t expect anything else from these two.