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Too Many Supermen

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Too Many Supermen

A Fanfiction Written by bubbletea_kai

It was a typical day for the Justice League ━ saving people from the burglars, helping the old lady crossing the road, and being hit by random magic spells. Oh , how often it happened, to the point the members of the Justice League had placed their bet on the potential unfortunate superhero who would have to deal with the consequences of a pesky magic spell.  

“Zatanna! We need your assistant over here!”

The superheros on duty looked up upon hearing the dark crusader’s outburst. As the metal door slides open, two figures stepped into the hall ━ Batman, who looked perfectly fine with no injuries, and Superman, who leaned against the other’s shoulder, looking ill-stricken.

Ah, it seemed that the unfortunate superhero of the month is Superman.

“I knew that the fortune-telling mobile app was working!” Green Lantern exclaimed aloud, pumping his fist against the sky with a roar of victory. However, his joy didn’t last long as Batman walked by, shooting a chilly dead glare at him, which made the man shrink back into his seat.

“Batman, I’m fine,” Superman looked over at his partner, trying to smile through the agony he was suffering. “It didn’t hurt as much as it seemed, it just felt like my head is splitting in half.”

“And we need Zatanna for that,” Batman retorted, dragging the Kryptonian along with him through the hallway, searching for the sorceress. “I’m not risking your safety for this, Boyscout. We all know how dreadful magic spells can be.”

Bruce sighed as he stepped into his bedroom. Droplets of water dripped onto his skin as he ran a hand over his wet hair. It had been a hectic day of maintaining his double personas as a rich, absent-minded businessman and a crusader who protects Gotham in the dark. The only imperfection of the seemingly ordinary day was the fact that his acquaintance, Superman, was hit by a spell cast by a sorcerer who had a grudge to pick with him. 

“You seem distressed.”

The human looked over his shoulders, blue hues narrowing into a glare towards the floating figure who stood by his bed.

“Don’t you think I deserved some rest after what happened today?” Bruce dropped himself onto the king-sized bed, his eyes closed as the scent of freshly washed sheets calmed his nerves.

“I’m sorry, Bruce,” A weight sunk at the corner of his bed. Calloused fingers ran through his damp hair as warmth spread across his forehead. “I just can’t watch helplessly as you get injured. You’re too important to me.”

“Haven’t we had this talk?” Bruce smacked the comforting warmth away, frowning. “Our relationship is supposed to be kept confidential when we’re at work. What you did today is reckless, Clark. Rumours are going to spread through the league.”

“I don’t understand,” Clark murmured, creasing his brows. “No one's gonna know that we’re dating just because I protected you. Everyone knows Superman would always come to their rescue, no matter who they are.”

“You knew damn well who would be able to save more people if we had to choose between the two of us. ” Bruce interrupted, steel grey hues gazing deep into alien blues. “Your priority should be the helpless civilians, not me.”

“Look, I don’t want to argue about this in bed,” Clark’s breath was close against the back of his ear. Bruce shuddered as he felt rough palms sliding across his abdomen, caressing a two-weeks old bruise which was located on his left hip. “I made a promise with Alfred that you would get eight hours of sleep tonight. The paperwork could wait.”

“Mmhm, just sleep?”

The human stretched out his toe, trailing it across the Kryptonian's lower limbs. A smirk slowly curled across Bruce’s lips as Clark jolted at the strange sensation. The man groaned, pressing his forehead against the croak of Bruce’s shoulder blade.

“Bruce, don’t tempt me.” He warned. “Sleep. Now . Alfred’s outside.” Clark lowered his tone at the last sentence.

Just the mere mention of his butler caused Bruce to lose his mood. The human grumbled, kicking his alien lover not-too-gently across his knee. “Have your friends ever told you that you’re a party pooper, Kent?” 

“Morning, sleepy head.”

A pair of warm lips brushed against Bruce’s forehead. The human stirred in his deep slumber, muffling out a grumble as he pushed the heavy arm which loomed over him.

“Five minutes, Kent,” Bruce uttered, burying his face back into blankets as he stretched his legs, loosening a knot in his muscles.

 “You never changed at all, Bruce.” A gruff voice said with deep laughter. 

“Hmm, you need to be more careful,” A calloused hand groped over a week-old gun injury on the lower part of Bruce’s right thigh. “This wound could have gone wrong if you didn’t dodge it in time.”

“This universe is honestly a mess,” There was a heavy sigh, following afterwards was the rustle of the newspapers being flipped. “The league should have done better work on keeping the world in control.”

‘… what the hell?’ Bruce cracked a sleepy eye open, peeking through the bedsheet. Two figures sat at the corner of his bed, alien blue hues watching him like he was a caged animal.

Two… no, three Superman? Is this a nightmare? 

Bruce squinted his eyes, trying his best to make sense of the situation in front of him.

“Oh, you’re finally awake?”

A hand reached out to press against his forehead. By instinct, Bruce’s nerves jerked and he pulled away from the seemingly familiar yet foreign touch.

“Don’t touch me ━” The human’s words halted as he lose his balance. Air was pushed off from his lungs as he stumbled down from the bed and onto the floor with a loud, solid ‘ thump!

“Woah, calm down, young man,” The grey-haired Superman chuckled aloud, peering over at him with a gentle shake of his head. “A fall like that would have injured your back badly if you’re twenty years older, Bruce.”

“I say we should stop provoking him, his blood pressure is rising.” The white-caped Superman said, his emotionless red eyes roaming over Bruce from head to toe.

“Be careful, he might whip out a kryptonite from somewhere in this room,” The red-booted figure sitting on the couch spoke. “We all knew what a panicked Batman would do when he is not entirely awake from his nightmares.”

The trio’s conversation turned into white noises as Bruce slowly sat up in confusion. His eyes wandered from the duo who sat by his side, examining him like he was a lab rat, and towards the sole male who sat cross-legged on the dark green couch, reading the newspapers.

None of them is the Clark that he knew.

He could hear loud footsteps approaching his room before the double mahogany doors were pushed open by Clark who was dressed in a funny-looking apron.

Seriously? Hot Stuff Coming Through?

Bruce wondered if it was a joke gift from one of his boys to Clark. He should reprimand them for always messing with the Kryptonian.

“Bruce? Bruce! Are you okay?” Clark grasped the awestruck billionaire by his shoulders. When he looked over at one of the Superman, his worried gaze narrowed to an angry glare. “I just need you three to wake him up for breakfast, not scaring the shit out of him!”

Bruce blinked out of his daze. He looked up towards Clark and slammed his fist right at the man’s face.

“Don’t touch me!”

“Ow, ow, Bruce! What the hell?!” Clark exclaimed, loosening his grip from the other as he stumbled a few steps backwards. “That hurts!”

‘Hurts?’ Bruce watched bewildered at the reporter as a trail of blood dripped out of his broken nose. ‘Come to think of it… his flesh felt soft when I punched him… that’s weird.’

“What the hell is going on here?” A voice asked from above him. 

Bruce looked over his shoulders. A familiar red-caped figure stood by the window frame with his arms crossing over his chest. He looked like a parent who came home to witness his kids making a mess at home.

Superman furrowed his brows at the scene in front of him. His human self, Clark Kent, lay on the floor with a bleeding nose. Bruce sat on the floor, naked in all his glory and looking like he was badly traumatized. The other three dysfunctional counterparts of his were trying their best to look like they had no responsibility for the mess in front of them.

“Seriously…” Superman sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose as he closed his eyes. “Which part of ‘not causing a scene’ did you guys not understand?”

“Okay, let me get this clear,” Bruce ran a hand over his hair. He could feel an ache beating steadily at the back of his head. “That stupid magic split you up into five versions of yourself, and Zatanna didn’t have a clue on how to fix this shit.”

“It was a new type of magic that she had never seen before, but she promised that she will find a solution to help us. For the meantime…” Superman looked over at his counterparts, sighing. “We would have to make sure they don’t cause a scene. These doppelgangers… only Clark looked ordinary enough. The others… I felt like there was something wrong with their brains.”

“You know that we can hear you, right?” One of the Superman asked aloud in displeasure.

“Wait,” Bruce suddenly interrupted, turning his gaze towards the Kryptonian counterparts. “You said there are five, but I’m only seeing four over here… where is the fifth one?”

“Oh, Kal-L,” Superman recalled. “He was helping Damian with his homework.”

“... he what ?” The human asked aloud, frowning. “You left a suspicious doppelganger of yours alone with my son?”

Superman gulped, realizing that he had just made a big mistake. “W-Well, Damian said that he needed help with his World History assignment and Kal-L seemed interested to help, so…”

“Kal-El, get that guy over here right. now . ” Bruce said in his Batman tone which promised agony and torture. “If something happened to Damian during the time when they’re hanging around, you better believe that I won’t hesitate to stick a Kryptonite right on your ass.”

“Hmm, kinky.” One of the counterparts chuckled and whistled aloud.

“Shut up!”

After collecting Kal-L from a displeased Damian who was enjoying the Soviet counterpart’s company, Bruce soon realized that they had a problem on their hands.

“So, you just told him that he should rule along with you if he didn’t want any children to suffer the same fate as himself?” The Regime leader frowned, crossing his arms over his chest as he sighed. “Damn, I wish it was that easy to convince my Bruce.”

“You have to choose the right atmosphere to talk about it with him. Bruce may not look like it, but he is a sappy romance by heart. Pick a nice place with a great view of Gotham, and talk about your philosophy with him there. It works like magic for me. Of course, you could always use a little threat and trick to convince him…” The Justice Lord raised his empty mug. “Clark, more coffee over here please.” 

“Right, coming over!” The human one exclaimed, rushing over with a pot of freshly brewed coffee in his hands.

He wondered since when did the Kryptonians find his secret stash of Arabic coffee beans. Damn sneaky aliens.

“Kent, over here too.” Bruce shamelessly raised his empty cup to the reporter who had been walking back and forth serving everyone’s coffee.

“Bruce, I noticed that was your fifth cup of coffee, I think you should stop.” The elderly Superman frowned slightly, taking Bruce’s cup away. “Clark, get him some chamomile tea, would you? Alfred should have kept a box of India chamomile tea in the kitchen’s high drawer.”

“Right, on it!” The reporter smiled widely. “I heard that he is also baking some cookies for the boys. Would you like some, Bruce?”

“Wayne, there are some improvements you could fix on these blueprints.” The Soviet Kryptonian tapped on the stacks of paper on his lap with a marker in his hand. “I scribbled some suggestions with a red pen.”

“Aren’t you guys getting too comfortable over here?” Bruce asked aloud, frowning at the group of Kryptonians sitting in a round circle, sipping their coffee and acting as though the manor was their territory instead of his.

None of the Kryptonians answered his question. It was harder than expected to predict what was in their minds, especially since each and every one of the superhumans looked as though they knew about Bruce like the back of their palm ━ while Bruce didn’t even feel a sense of familiarity with any of them.

“The Watchtower’s ready, Bruce.” Superman’s voice announced from the device connected to Bruce’s ear. 

‘Fucking finally.’ Bruce thought, sighing in relief. His secret stash of coffee is all safe for now.

The sight of a group of five Kryptonians (along with a human counterpart) filling up the main conference room of the Watchtower was a striking sight. People were piling up in the limited space, watching with eyes of interest how the Kryptonians were keeping themselves entertained by hanging out with their fellow members of the Justice League.

“Alright, Barry, you ready?” Superman smiled wide, holding a chicken drumstick in his hand. “On the count of one, two… and three!”

“Okay, hold on tight, kiddo.” The Regime counterpart chuckled, holding Damian by his hands. “Trust on us, we would never let you fall.”

“Indeed,” The Soviet Kryptonian’s tone was filled with patience as he spoke in deeply-accented English. “Think of this like your first baby steps, boy.”

“Father, look!” Under the guidance of the two Kryptonians, the child performed a somersault in the air. “This is so cool!”

“Damian,” Bruce called out without looking over his back. “Stop getting familiar with them.”

The detective tried to keep his mind focused on the screen in front of him. However, soon, Bruce realized that it was easier said than done, especially when there were two shameless Kryptonians surrounding him, invading his personal space and physically harassing him.

“So, how is the investigation progressing?” A hand loomed over his hips, gently pinching his flesh. The sudden squeeze caused Bruce to jolt in surprise, breaking his attention from his computer screen.

“Keep your hand to yourself, old man.” The human grumbled, smacking the persistent hand which was unfazed. “I’m trying to work here.”

“You heard him, old man ,” The other Kryptonian spoke up, his tone emphasizing the last two words of his sentence. “I definitely hope I don’t grow old into you.”

“Alright, alright, you two. Give Bruce a break, will you?”

‘Great, another one.’ The corner of Bruce’s eyes twitched as he sensed the presence of another duplicate approaching him. 

“What is this?” Gray eyes diverted from the screen slightly as a bouquet of red roses was pushed up onto his face.

“Roses, obviously, for you.” The white-capped Superman smiled slightly, unfazed by the deadly annoyed tone of the human.

“I’m not dumb, I know what it is,” Bruce grumbled, pushing the bouquet of flowers out of his view as it blocked his view. “I’m questioning you on what the purpose of this is.” He glanced towards the roses for one last time, a brow arched in confusion. “And where the heck did you even get the roses from? We’re in the middle of space.”

“Well, if by any misfortune that we’re unable to get back to our own world, I might as well start to win over your affection.” Lord Superman shrugged. “Oh, and I got the roses from the Watchtower’s garden.”

“... what?”

Bruce turned around, looking at Lord Superman with a bewildered expression. He didn’t know which part of Lord Superman’s declaration was more shocking to him ━ the realization that the Kryptonian had just confessed that he would try to win over his affection like he was a maiden in distress or the fact Lord Superman had unknowingly plucked Wonder Woman’s precious roses.

He wished that Diana would whoop the Kryptonian’s ass when she realized what the other had done to her beloved plants.

Oh great, now he can’t focus on the documents on the screen at all.

“Hmm, you’re a lot denser than my Bruce,” Lord Superman murmured, tilting his head aside. “Don’t you see? Most of us are interested in you, Bruce, and we are trying to win over your affection.”

“I never realized how popular I am with the Kryptonians…” Bruce’s words trailed off as he was suddenly pulled aside by his own Superman.

The superhuman narrowed his gaze at his counterparts as he wrapped his arms around Bruce possessively. “I’m not sharing my Bruce with any of you!” He declared aloud, baring his teeth like a pissed feline at the other Kryptonians.

“Oh, so you guys have gone this far?” The corner of Lord Superman’s lips curled up to a shit-eating grin, as he made an obscene gesture with his hands. 

“That’s none of your business!” Superman exclaimed aloud, his face growing a blushing red as he tightened his grip around the human in his arms.

“Superman.” Batman groaned out in warning as Superman’s biceps squeezed the air out of his chest.

“Yes, Bruce?” Superman looked over at his partner, unaware of the pressure he had inflicted on the human.

“Throw your duplicates and yourself into the red sunroom.” Bruce gritted out in the coldest tone he could utter.

“Seriously?” Lord Superman groaned aloud, squinting his eyes under the artificial red sun from above.“How could you allow yourself to be put into this room?”

“It’s to ensure that you will be well-behaved.” Superman tried his best to smile despite the discomfort underneath the red sun. “And I don’t think it’s fair that you suffer alone. We’re part of each other after all.”

“So, how far was your relationship with your Batman?”

Bruce looked up from the documents in his hands, his brows furrowed. Through the glass, he could see Superman’s widened eyes at the unexpected question from his white-dressed counterpart. 

The other Kryptonian, who declared himself as Lord Superman from Earth-50, shifted his predator eyes towards Bruce on the outside. The gaze sent shivers running down the human’s spine, and Bruce tightened his grip on the papers in his hands, scowling deeply.

He didn’t like the Kryptonian’s gaze which looked fairly similar yet different from his Superman - warm yet cold, gentle yet possessive. 

“Bruce and I, we are together in my world.” Lord Superman said with pride in his tone.

“I see,” Superman pulled up a friendly smile, his broad shoulders loosening. ”Congratulations to both of you.”

“Thank you,” Lord Superman closed his eyes, humming. “He’s also seven months pregnant. We are excited about the baby’s arrival.”

The ballpen in Bruce’s hand fell onto the ground with an audible click. The human didn’t bend down to pick up the fallen object. Instead, he stood still - his eyes wide in shock and his brain trying to make sense of the words Lord Superman had said.

“P-Pregnant?!” Superman spluttered. His expression looked funny like he was shocked to be mistaken and slapped in the face by an old granny he was trying to help.

“Huh?” Lord Superman tilted his head aside, arching a perfect brow in confusion. “Is that surprising?”

“Of course it is!” Superman snapped. “Human males can’t be pregnant… Well, in my world, they can’t!”

“Biologically, it is indeed impossible for a human male to be conceived with a child, but Krypton's technology makes it possible.” Lord Superman stroked the shining band around his finger, his gaze gentle. “Nothing is impossible when there is love, Kal.”

“Kal, please…”

Alien blue hues blinked. Kal pulled up from his position, pushing his sweaty bangs off back from his forehead. He furrowed his brows at the human who lay underneath him.

“What is it?”

“Don’t cum inside, Kal,” Lord Batman begged, his tone muffled by the pillow. “I’m really, really tired today. I don’t think I can…”

The Kryptonian chuckled, interrupting his partner’s words.  “No worries, Bruce,” He ran his thumb over a sensitive spot on the other’s neck, humming in satisfaction as Bruce shivered. “Leave it to me, just enjoy the moment.”

“Kal━” Bruce’s words halted as Kal forced his cock back into the welcoming warmth.

The Kryptonian wrapped his arms around his human companion’s hips, red dimmed eyes watched in contentment as Bruce turned into a writhing mess of pleasure. 

With his fingers digging into the bed sheet underneath, the stubborn human bite down on his bruised lips, stopping the shameful moans of pleasure.

“Bruce, I love you so much.” Kal grabbed his companion by his chin, pulling Bruce’s face towards himself as he leaned forward to kiss the man. He forced his tongue into the other’s mouth, tasting the faint sweet wine Bruce drank for dinner.

“Kal, stop, I━!” The words turned into a shameful moan of pleasure as Bruce pulsed under Kal’s strong grip. The human’s body shuddered as his cock spurted streaks of white cums on the sheet. 

Kal groaned, feeling the warmth around his cock tightened along with Bruce’s ejaculation. He pulled back, watching as the ring of muscles around Bruce’s hole wrapped tightly around his cock. It was like Bruce was begging him not to pull out like he was wishing to be filled with his cum.

How could he deny such a seduction?

The Kryptonian snapped his hips, ignoring the human’s weak denial as he came. Kal groaned in pleasure as his cock began to pulse, filling Bruce deeply. The human’s flat abdomen bulged from his ejaculation and Kal watched the scene in affection as he ran a palm over the growing stomach.


“L-Lord Superman, you shouldn’t be here!”

Kal ignored the nurse’s pleas as he barged into the infirmary. Bruce sat on the medic bed, his brows creased and his expression gloomy. His gaze focused on the clipboard in his hands, and he didn’t speak a word at his Kryptonian companion’s intrusion.

“Bruce, what did the doctor say?”

There was a moment of silence as Bruce kept his gaze focused on the papers in his hands, refusing to look up at Kal. 

“Are you okay, Bruce? What did the doctor say?”

“… Kal, what did you do to me?”

The human lifted his gaze. His eyes were wide in disbelief, his hands trembling in shock. As their gazes met, Bruce stood up from the bed, throwing the clipboard aside. His fingers curled into a fist and he threw a punch at Kal.

The Kryptonian stayed still in his position, his expression calm. He turned his gaze aside towards the clipboard on the marbled floor, his sharp sight catching the details on the papers.

“What the hell did you do to my body, Kal? How could you—?!”

“If it’s a girl, let’s name her Martha.”

Bruce’s movement halted at his words. Kal took the opportunity to close up the distance, wrapping both of his hands around Bruce’s fist, pressing a gentle kiss on the bruised knuckle.

“If it’s a boy, let’s name him Thomas. What do you say?”

Kal dropped his head on the crook of Bruce’s neck, a palm spread across the human’s taut stomach. As he closed his eyes, the Kryptonian swore he could hear the little living’s existence in the quiet medic room. His child’s heart beats in a steady pulse against his palm to show him how strong and healthy it was.

“I had waited for this moment for so, so long,” He whispered under his breath,  nuzzling his nose against Bruce’s neck. “Don’t deny this miracle we’re blessed with, Bruce.”

“Wait, wait!” Superman interrupted, his face growing pale at his counterpart’s words. “You… you’re just forcing him to carry the child! That’s immoral!” 

“That’s a harsh accusation,” Lord Superman frowned, creasing his brows together. “We talked about the possibility a few months ago before the surgery. He didn’t deny the possibility of pregnancy.”

“That doesn’t give you the right to make changes to his body without his permission!”

“I don’t see the problem here,” The white-caped counterpart shrugged, gently shaking his head as though the other was in the wrong instead. “The pregnancy changed Bruce in a good way. He is more emotionally stable than ever and the hormones make him so easily stimulated that all I need is to insert one finger…”

“Ack, too much information, stop right there!” Superman’s face heated up like a ripe tomato as Lord Superman curled his index finger in a suggestive motion. 

“Don’t you wish to have children of your own?” Lord Superman questioned further, his stern gaze looking straight into Clark’s eyes. “I’m not talking about those boys who Bruce values as his own, Kal-El. I’m talking about children with the El bloodline. Your own children with your loved one.”

Superman’s shoulders tensed at Lord Superman’s words.

“It is different,” Lord Superman added. “The blood that we carry, it’s just not the same, no matter how much you try to tell yourself otherwise. Our parents left a wonderful gift for us, Kal-El. It would be a miracle if we could put it to good use.”

Alien blue eyes slowly turned their attention towards the human who stood outside of the room. By instinct, the corner of Bruce’s lips curled down to a deep scowl - silently warning Clark to keep the weird imagery to himself.

“But… this is rebellion against nature,” Superman reasoned. He fidgeted his thumbs, his determination slightly wavered by his counterpart’s seduction. “How could you know that this is safe for humans to undergo? What if something unexpected happened during the baby's delivery? What if the surgery fails and Bruce is in danger?”

“I would never let that happen to my Bruce.” Lord Superman replied, his tone firm. “He is just as important as the baby for me. We had prepared for all of the possibilities which could happen. That’s why…” 

For the first time, Superman swore that he saw emotions in his cold-blooded counterpart. Lord Superman looked down at his gold ring, his gaze gentle and affectionate. 

“... I can't stay here.” Lord Superman recalled in realization. “I’ve to go back, my Bruce needs me.”

Once the words slipped out of the Kryptonian’s lips, the man’s body began to glow in an eye-blinding whiteness which then burst into small sparkles of dust, leaving the spot in which Lord Superman had previously sat to be empty.

“He… disappeared…?” Superman glanced over to Batman who shared the same confused look just like him.

“We should report this to Zatanna.”

“Well, this is a great discovery, guys!” The sorceress beamed in happiness, feeling relieved that there were finally some clues on how to dissolve the challenging spell. However, the woman soon realized that both of her companions didn’t look like they were in the best state of their minds. “Uhm, guys, are you alright?”  

“Oh, no worries, we’re fine, Zatanna.” Superman forced out a laughter, rubbing the back of his neck. “I’m still feeling nauseated from staying under the red sun, that’s all.”

“I see…” Zatanna turned her worried gaze towards the pale-looking dark crusader. “And you, Batman? Did you need me to cast a calming spell on you? You looked like you needed one, man.”

“No, no more magic.” Batman groaned aloud, rubbing his knitted brows as he closed his eyes. “It’s just the thought that we still have to go through this process four more times is giving me a headache.”

“Well, I can handle this alone,” Superman said. “You should rest if this is too much for you, Bruce.”

“No, I’m coming along,” The human retorted, frowning at the Kryptonian. “Someone had to make sure you don’t get tricked by your doppelgangers.”

“Huh?” Superman blinked. “W-What do you mean by that?”

“You think I didn’t notice?” Batman arched a brow, his tone stern. “You’re swayed by Lord Superman’s words, Big Blue. I saw your hesitation and condolence towards him. You probably thought that his idea of modifying his partner’s body is not as bad as it seems.”

“That…! You get it all wrong, it isn’t what you think, Bruce!”

“I definitely hope it isn’t,” The crusader growled as he pushed the other by his shoulder and walked out of the room, unwilling to continue the conversation any further.

“You looked like you’re in trouble.”

Superman blinked, tilting his head up from the mug of coffee in his hand. He recognized the duplicate of his. The Kryptonian standing in front of him came from Earth Twenty-Two… another dysfunctional copy which made him uncomfortable.

“Did you have a fight with your Batman?”

“I…” Superman sighed, shaking his head gently as he sipped on his hot beverage. “That’s none of your business. Do you want coffee? I could get a cup for you.”

“We used to fight a lot in the past.” the doppelganger continued, ignoring the Kryptonian’s offer. “But ever since I installed Brainiac’s technology on him, we have been happy. So, so happy that it feels like a dream for me.”

Superman almost dropped the mug in his hand as his brain tried to process the words he heard. 

Brainiac’s technology… installed on Bruce? 

“Why…” He cleared his throat, hoping that his voice did not tremble when he spoke. “Why would you do that to him?”

“I never want to fight him, I just want him to stay by my side and support me.” The Regime leader uttered, his gaze growing dark with a dim redness glowing in his eyes.  “But he was too stubborn. I’m just putting a stop to the agony we are delivering to each other.”

The Kryptonian looked down at the unconscious human underneath him as he gasped for air. As he inhaled sharply, the bruise on his abdomen struck painfully, and he could taste iron in his mouth. 

Damn, Bruce punched hard and without mercy.

Reaching a hand out, Kal unclasped Bruce’s mask and took it off. He stared at the human’s face and trailed his fingers across the chiselled jaw, mesmerizing by the additional wrinkles which were becoming obvious on the human’s face, as it had been years since he looked at Bruce straight in the face. How he wished that he could see the pair of deep blue eyes looking straight into his gaze with warmth and care again.

He didn’t want to kill Bruce. No, it was never his plan to end his partner’s life. They might have gone their separate ways, but regardless of their different beliefs, he still wished that Batman could stand by his side and rule the world along with him.

Heaving out a deep sigh, Kal picked the unconscious man up from the floor and held him in his arms. 


“... Superman?” Bruce cleared his dry throat as he forced his voice out.

The Kryptonian’s sharp hearing caught the frail call. Kal looked over his shoulders, watching the confused man with a cold look. With difficulty, Bruce forced his heavy eyelids open. His brows creased as he tried to recognize the dimmed surroundings around him.

“Where… where the hell are we?”

“Easy, Bruce,” Kal stated, ignoring his partner’s question as he twisted a screw tight into the headgear in his hands. “Just relax, I’m not going to hurt you.”

He heard a soft grunt, before the noises of metal striking filled the empty room. 

“Don’t do this to me, Kal!” Bruce exclaimed, his eyes looking despair and fear. “Don’t do this… don’t make this a mistake we can’t undo.”

“Bruce,” Kal ran his hand over Bruce’s hair as he leaned uncomfortably close to the other’s face. “I have to do this, I should have done this a long time ago. It could have saved us from a lot of agony and loss. I’m not making the mistake ever again.” 

He leaned forward, pressing a gentle kiss on Bruce’s dry lips as his thumbs wiped the tears from the other’s cheeks. When he pulled away, he stared into Bruce’s teary eyes, imprinting the beautiful blues in his mind.

“Don’t resist,” Kal warned, placing the activated headgear on the human. “It would only make it hurt more.”

“You… how could you do that to your Bruce?!” Superman couldn’t withhold the anger within as he felt his gut twist in disgust at the story he had just heard. His grip was threatening to break the mug in his hands as he tried to calm his nerves down. “You’re literally killing him!”

“I’m not.” Just like Lord Superman, the Regime Superman held no remorse for what he did to his Batman. He frowned like a child who was badly mistaken, as he tapped his index finger on the desk. “He tried to kill me on multiple occasions, and I’m tired of constantly fighting him. I just wanted to go back to the good old days. With Bruce’s brain, we’re saving soldiers’ lives and keeping the world in peace.”

“But you accomplished those by sacrificing Bruce!” 

“Kal-L would agree with my decision,” The Kryptonian pointed out, glancing sideways at the Soviet counterpart who had been silently listening to the conversation from afar. “After all, what he did to his Batman was much more agonizing and brutal than my way.”

“Mind your own business, tyrant,” Kal-L spoke for the first time through the whole conversation, his eyes glaring at the Regime counterpart. “Bryus was badly misled by the cruel society we lived in. I’m just correcting him and giving him a second chance to live a happier life.”

“By operating his brain and turning him into a lifeless playtoy?” Regime Superman mocked with an ugly smirk quirking up at the corner of his lips. “At least do it right, man. I may have forced Brainiac’s technology on Bruce, but at least he is still Bruce. Whenever the headgear is taken off, he is the same old Bruce which I remembered. You had pretty much fucked up and permanently damaged your Bat.”

“It was never a mistake for him to go through the operation.” Kal-L crossed his arms over his chest as he leaned back against his seat, closing his eyes. “Some things were better to be left forgotten, such as the painful memories which drove you into vengeance.” When he opened his eyes again, his eyes were calm alien blues. “It was the only way I could repay him for what happened to his parents.” 

Just a millisecond before the anarchist pressed the self-annihilate button, Kal-L managed to zoom in and threw the device away from the human’s hand. He slammed Batman hard against the concrete wall, his hand gripping tight around the man’s neck, threatening to crush his spine.

“You’re not dying so easily, Batman,” Kal-L growled. “After what you had done to the people and my soldiers, you got to pay up for your sins.”

With a harsh tug, he pulled the terrorist’s mask away. When the face of the man was revealed before him, Kal-L’s heart skipped a beat.

It can’t be.

He recognized the face. Although it had been twenty years, and features of the face had abruptly changed, he could recognize Batman as the starving child he had saved from the cold winter in late December of 1956.

“I leave you under the care of the nuns,” He whispered under his breath, slowly shaking his head in disbelief. “You’re supposed to grow up into a fine man with an ordinary job, not this… why are you doing this to yourself?”

The human lifted his head slightly. Fiery grey hues glared at him with a deep hatred, before the man spitted onto his face. “ иди нахуй (Go to hell).” He uttered in a weak tone filled deep with his resentment and despair towards the world.

A nerve in Kal-L snapped. He slammed Batman’s head against the wall with a loud bang. The human dropped unconsciously, slumping into his grip like a boneless puppet.


“You’re home, Kal-L.”

“Yes, I am,” The Kryptonian slowly landed on the floor. A gentle smile curved up on the corner of his lips as he accepted the rolled towel from the human’s hands. “How was your day, Bryus?”

“I read, and I also painted the flowers you gifted me. They’re very beautiful. Thank you.” The man obediently replied, his emotionless gaze watching Kal-L's every movement. 

“I’m glad you like them,” Kal-L turned over. His hands cupped Bruce’s cheeks as he leaned forward to press a chaste kiss on the young man’s nose. “If you enjoyed painting them, I would get you fresh flowers every day. Paint them to your heart's content, okay?”

“As you wish, Kal-L.”

There was a moment of silence as the Kryptonian stared at his human. A nasty feeling was twisting in his gut as he looked at the motionless man who used to be the worst criminal in the country a few months ago.


He pulled the human closer into his embrace. His fingers tenderly brushed past Bryus’s fringes, revealing a mild visible scar at the corner of his head. 

“Yes, Kal-L?” Bryus tilted his eyes up, blank grey hues staring obediently at Kal-L as he awaited an order to be voiced.

“Just stay like this for a while,” Kal-L uttered under his breath, holding the human tighter in his embrace as he breathed in the soft fragrant on the other’s shirt.

He wondered if he hadn’t sent him away on that fateful winter night, would there have been a different future awaiting them?

He stared at the empty seats which were previously occupied by two of his counterparts. Curling his trembled fingers into fists, Superman grabbed the round table by the edges and flipped it over, toppling it to the ground.

“What is wrong with all of you?!” Superman roared out into the empty air, running his hands over his hair in frustration. “All I want is to love and treat him right. I would never wish to imprison him and rob his freedom away! How could I believe myself when I have counterparts like you?!”

He heaved rough and deep, trying to calm his beating heart. Leaning against the wall, the Kryptonian slowly slides down onto the cold concrete wall. He buried his face into his folded arms and closed his eyes, trying to distance himself from the world.

Breathe in, breathe deep, imagining yourself on the peaceful farm in Kansas - just as how his father had always chanted to him whenever his hyper hearing went out of control.

“That must be hard for you.” A fairly familiar gruff voice said.

Superman tilted his head up, meeting with the gentle gaze of his older counterpart. The Kryptonian dressed in golden-white sat next to him, leaning his back against the concrete wall as he tossed a can of coke in his hands.

“You want some?” 

Superman looked at the cold beverage with a raised brow in suspicion. Sighing silently, he shook his head, denying the kind offer from the other Kryptonian.

“You know, the way they treated their partners might not be the wisest choice to be made,” The white Superman uttered, opening the can of coke in his hands. “But you can’t deny that they did it out of love towards their world and their Bats.” 

“... love?” Kal forced a humourless laugh from his chest. “All I’m seeing… is the excuses from a stubborn child who refuses to believe that he was wrong.” He tightened his grip on his hair. “I refused to become one of them.”

“It was easier said than done, Kal-El.”

Superman glanced at his counterpart with a questioning look. He wondered what the man was trying to hint to him about. With a longing gaze against the wall, the older Kryptonian was in silence as he drank the coke in his hand.

“... not everyone gets a happy ending when they picked the wise choice.”

He stared at the human on the bed. The young, charming playboy he used to remember no longer existed. All he was left with was a broken shell of a man who sacrificed his youthful years for a corrupted city with never-ending criminals. 

Kal brushed his thumb over Bruce’s wrinkled knuckle as he closed his eyes. He could hear his human lover’s faint heartbeats which synced with the monitor’s beeping. It was frail and slow, and the Kryptonian unconsciously tightened his grip around the man’s hand.

How long Bruce could survive with the help of these machines?

Being Batman’s yearlong partner and lover, he knew well enough about the limit of the man’s body. Every damage - physically and mentally - had never healed completely. They had just become nightmares and illnesses which haunted Bruce as he grew old and weak.

“Is this really the wise choice?” He asked aloud, although he knew the human couldn’t hear him. Bruce had been bedridden for nearly a week, slipping back and forth into unconsciousness. It was painful to see the man struggling to live, and these days, they had openly discussed the distressing matter which had been avoided as much as possible in the past few months.

“I didn’t want to do this, Bruce,” He blinked his eyes, trying to clear his blurry vision as he pressed a chaste kiss on the cold knuckle. “But I should respect your choices, shouldn’t I?”

Once again, no reply. He was used to the silence, but he wasn’t ready to lose the warmth of his partner yet. Even if he had been selfishly keeping Bruce by his side for twenty years, it still wasn’t enough for him. It would never be enough.

“I’ll miss you, Bruce,” He whispered in a trembling voice as he pulled the oxygen mask away from the unconscious man’s mouth.

Superman stared at the half-full can of coke beside him. His doppelganger dissipated into thin air after confessing his deepest regret. The story of his older self left a strange twist in his guts. 

Remorse. Sorrow. Grief.

Slowly, the Man of Steel stood up from the floor. He threw the half-empty coke can into the trash bin nearby, as he walked out of the room.

He felt an urge to see his partner. He knew the story shared by the older Kryptonian is a future which would only occur in several decades afterwards, but right now, he just felt like holding Bruce in a bone-crushing embrace, to remind himself that he should appreciate the time they were able to spend with each other.

Bruce placed down the stacks of paper on his desk, sighing heavily. He had been sitting in the office for two hours straight as he read through the files about Superman’s duplicates. So far, he had yet to come to a clue on how to digest the information he had read, and nor did he have a clue on how to send them back to their world.

Maybe the wisest choice he could make is to just lock them up, so they won’t be able to hurt the Bruce Wayne in their world ever again.

“Come out,” The crusader suddenly uttered, sensing a lingering presence behind his back. He looked over his shoulders and towards a spot in the dimming room. “Don’t make me go over there and pull you out.”

There were some rustles before the person walked out of his hiding spot. Bruce arched his eyebrows when he realized that the man standing in front of him was the only duplicate with no superpower, Clark Kent.

“Clark?” Bruce lowered the Batarang he held in his hand, as he knew that the man was completely harmless compared to his other counterparts. After all, he had punched the man right on his face and broken his nose. “What are you doing here?”

“You have been staying in this room for a long time, Bruce.” Clark Kent smiled, showing off a paper cup in his hand.“I bought tea in hope that this could soothe your nerves.”

Batman blinked, slightly taken aback by the offer. As the paper cup was placed in front of him, he could feel the warmth which was emitted out from the paper cup.

“... thank you.” Upon noticing the man’s persistent gaze, Bruce reluctantly pulled away from the work in hand. As he held the warm beverage in his hand, he could smell the gentle, relaxing scent of the flower tea reaching his senses, calming his nerves.

“You should honestly stop overworking yourself.” Clark chuckled, taking a seat in front of Bruce.

The dark crusader looked at the human in front of him. Compared to the other duplicates, the human copy was the one which Bruce felt most comfortable to be around. Maybe it was the fact that he is a human just like himself, or maybe it was because he is Clark?

“It seemed like you have some questions for me,” Clark sighed, leaning back against his seat with crossed arms, gently shaking his head. “Spill it out then, Bruce. We all know what a workaholic you are.”

It felt embarrassing to be caught staring at someone, especially someone who is an ordinary human just like him. Bruce curled in his index fingers, feeling his face growing warm.

“What… is your world like?” Bruce questioned carefully. The documents regarding Clark Kent and his world were limited because of how ordinary the man is compared to his other counterparts.

“It’s less hectic and much more peaceful compared to the others.” Clark laughed lightly, scratching the back of his head. “But maybe it’s just from my perspective as a human. After all, I’m just a small reporter working on sports news in the Daily Planet.”

“And Bruce Wayne?” Before he could think about it, the words slipped out of his mouth. He couldn’t help it, especially since the other worlds had been crazier than one another.

Clark’s eyes widened slightly, and his ears grew red upon hearing the mere mention of the billionaire. The reporter rubbed his nape, a smile unconsciously curled up on the corner of his lips.

“Bruce…?” He uttered aloud, his gaze lowering down. “Well, Bruce is… Bruce is my boss, a billionaire with plenty of rumours surrounding himself and…” His voice suddenly grew softer. “... my… secret lover.”

The reporter breathed out a sigh of exhaustion as he unlocked his apartment door. As he stepped into the dark apartment, he cracked a tense knot in his shoulder blade as he dropped the keys on the top of his shoe cabinet. 

“You’re late.” A familiar voice uttered out.

“Bruce?” Clark blinked in surprise, his gaze briefly caught the appearance of the other man in the dark living room. Upon closer inspection, he realized that Bruce was wearing nothing but a loose bathrobe. His face grew warm at the alluring scene before him.

“You made me wait for you for fifteen minutes, Clark,” Bruce grumbled, wrapping his arms around the other’s neck. He leaned forward, kissing Clark on the lips as he pulled the reporter’s glasses away. “What do you want to do first? Shower? Dinner? Or…” A mischief smirk curled up at the corner of the man’s lips as he tilted his neck slightly, revealing his pale neck to the other’s view. “Me?”

Clark laughed aloud. He wrapped his arms around his lover’s hips, pressing his forehead against the crook of Bruce’s neck as he breathed in the fresh scent of rich musky shampoo. “Don’t tempt me, Bruce,” His hands slipped into the robe, caressing Bruce’s chest. “You know I could never resist your temptation.”


“Hmnn, Clark…” Bruce’s breath came to a hitch as he jolted his hips, meeting Clark’s thrusts. “Right there… yes!” 

The scene in front of him was intoxicating. Bruce with sweat glistening on his skin as he slid down onto his cock. As he hit the pleasurable spot within the man, the other let out a moan of encouragement, urging him to continue.

“Bruce, are you alright?” Clark reached a hand out to touch the man’s nape, running his thumb over a spot which he had left love bites over. “Bruce?”

“Clark,” The billionaire uttered, tears of pleasure clouding his eyes. His usual calm demeanour was gone. “Kiss me…” Right now, he looked more human than Clark ever remembered him as. With his cheeks flushed and his attention only directed to him, it made Clark feel a sense of superiority. 


The word formed in his head, and he felt his heart beat fast at the scene of Bruce riding on his cock. The way his body stretched and twitched underneath the pleasure, how his inner clamped tightly around his dick, refusing to let him go. 

It was time like this which made him wonder about their relationship.

“Bruce, look at me,” He guided the man to look at him as he shoved a finger into his gaped wide mouth. Bruce sucked on his tongue, pleasure-filled eyes mixed with confusion gazed back at Clark with an arch of his brow. 

I love you.

He was slightly taken aback by the thoughts in his mind. It was strange, considering that the start of their relationship was a contract of pleasure. However, as he leaned forward to press a deep kiss on Bruce’s dry lips, his thoughts were pushed off. All he could feel was the warmth in his chest which seemed to tell him that he was feeling something else aside from pleasure towards his boss.

“Our relationship was supposed to be strictly pleasurable, but I… I think I started to feel something towards him,” Clark breathed out a laugh as he intertwined his fingers together. “... but, ever since that confession, I noticed that he had been avoiding him.” As he looked up at the dark crusader, Batman noticed that the man’s gaze was filled with regret and sadness. “I wonder if he hates me for breaking our contract.”

“No, he’s just an idiot.” 

The words slipped out of his tongue before he could think about the consequences of his actions. Clark looked at him wide-eyed, taken aback by his sudden retort. Under his breath, Bruce cursed himself for not being able to keep his mouth shut as he pinched his nose in frustration.

“I’m sorry, but what I’m trying to say is…” He looked aside, avoiding the intense gaze from the other. “As a fellow Wayne, I think I understand what is going through that brain of your Bruce.” He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. “He’s not angry because you broke the contract, but he is probably freaking out at the realization of how important you had become in his life.”

“...huh?” Clark blinked his disbelief.

“Look, behind all of the glories, we’re insecure just like any human would be,” Bruce mumbled, a smirk slowly forming on his face. “So, when you go back to your world, I would suggest you corner him in his office and give him a deep kiss. Fuck all his insecurities away. ”

Clark laughed aloud. “You sure I won’t get fired for that?”

“I bet my net worth on that.“ Bruce hummed. “Besides, it would be worth it, won’t it?”


As he walked out of his office, the dark crusader was taken aback by the sudden embrace from his partner. Bruce toppled a few steps backwards, his back hitting the metal door with a loud thump.

“What’s wrong with you, Boy Scout?”

“No, I’m just glad to see that you’re alright,” He looked at his partner from head to toe. “Is Clark still around?”

“No, he disappeared just a moment ago,” Batman shook his head briefly, looking over at the other. “What about you? Are the other duplicates gone as well?”

Superman nodded. Batman reached a hand out, holding the Kryptonian’s broad shoulder.

“Did you feel any abnormality in your body?”

“No,” Superman smiled, guiding Bruce’s hand over his lips. “Let’s have dinner at McDonald. What do you say?”

“Alfred is going to hate you for this, Clark.” Batman chuckled aloud.

“Just this once,” Superman grinned back, his fingers intertwined with his partner’s. “I don’t mind facing his wrath for it. I just want to spend a bit more time with you.”