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Better Use for a Bandana

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Gravel crunches loudly under Steve’s tires as he pulls up to Eddie’s trailer. He’s nervous as shit, though he’d never admit it. This isn’t exactly familiar territory, not for Steve. Definitely not. Taking a deep breath, he forces himself to look outside, focus on something that isn’t the rapid beating of his heart, or the light shake that unsteadies his hands whenever he remembers exactly why he’s here.

The sun is setting over the park, oranges and pinks and even magenta swirling through the sky above him, reflected on clouds. Crickets chirp intermittently, a dog barks once in a while, and the smell of barbecue drifts in through his car window. But as much as it would be easier to do, he can’t just sit here forever and enjoy the scenery.

Eddie is waiting for him.

It was just a week ago that it had come up casually in conversation. Eddie had let slip exactly what the bandana in his back pocket meant. Looking back, Steve is pretty sure it wasn’t an accident. It was temptation, testing the waters, and then answering all the right questions in all the right ways that made Steve even more curious with each passing second. 

Eventually, as the questions got more and more specific, Eddie had raised a hand to silence him.

“Steve,” he said quietly, locking eyes with him and lowering the hand. There was something in his gaze, Steve thought, that hungered. He hoped it was for him, and god if that wasn’t an unexpected thought. One that had escaped the vault. “If you’re this interested, why don’t I just show you myself?”

“Oh. Oh god,” Steve’s heart skipped a beat before heading into overdrive, little shocks radiating throughout his lower body. He covered his face with his hand quickly and turned his head away, praying that the heat that had blossomed onto his face wasn’t as visible as he felt like it was.

But then that hand from before gently and tentatively came down to rest on his upper thigh, giving him a gentle squeeze.

“Hey. Look at me,” Eddie’s soft voice, more than his words, beckoned Steve. If he talked to him like that, he’d want to do anything Eddie asked him and then some.

But he just couldn’t get himself to turn. And so Eddie raised his free hand, using two fingers beneath Steve’s chin to gently rotate his face so they were once again looking into each other’s eyes. Eddie’s pupils were completely blown, and Steve got that deep swirling feeling in his stomach again, for so long he felt like he could pass out.

“Let’s try that again. Do you want me to show you how I like to fuck?” he asked, voice barely above a whisper.

A bit of air escaped from Steve’s lips as he looked to his side to escape the intensity. He nodded once against Eddie’s fingers. He could see Eddie’s sweet smile out of the corner of his eye. Something about it in this context made him nervous. “Oh, but Stevie, I need you to look at me and say it. Just so I know for sure.”

There it was. He knew something about that smile was no good.

But still, he did what he was told. He had forced himself to look back into Eddie’s eyes, forced himself to ignore the heat that spread across his face yet again. “I really want you to show me.”

Eddie didn’t say anything, just turned his fingers at Steve’s chin to a hand that held his jaw and pulled Steve’s lips to his. In an instant his hands were up at the sides of Eddie’s face, in his hair, anywhere just to touch him. Eddie’s lips were so soft, but firm against his own. Experienced. The two had kissed slowly, so slowly that Steve thought he could die, but it was only when Eddie used his hand to get Steve’s mouth open further, enough lick into it and slide their tongues together slickly, that he really actually thought he was going to die.

But as easily as he had used that hand for good, he used it for evil, separating the two of them and leaving Steve a panting, desperate mess.

Eddie Munson cared a great deal about consent. And so he had told Steve that if he was still interested, and if he wanted to know so badly what it was like, what Eddie was like, then he could come back the following Saturday. And thus, he had brought upon the longest and most torturous week of Steve’s entire existence.

Worst of all was that it wasn’t even a week without Eddie. Oh, no, if anything the fucker had turned up around Steve more than he had the entire month prior. And he acted like nothing had even happened. Joking, laughing, talking about the fucking weather. Completely casual. All as if Steve wasn’t standing around staring and thinking about Eddie’s lips, Eddie’s tongue, Eddie’s spit in his mouth like some kind of freak. He was desperate, and Eddie was just the picture of composure.

But that didn’t matter anymore. He’s here now, and finally he’s going to get all of that again and more.

Taking one last deep breath, Steve exits his car. He didn’t bring anything with him—Eddie said he didn’t need to, that he just needed to bring himself. He walks up to the door, works up the nerve, and knocks on it with one still-shaky hand.

Eddie doesn’t take any time at all to get to the door. “Steve! Hey, come on in.”

Steve steps into the trailer, and when Eddie closes the door, it takes every ounce of self-control not to just pounce on him. But it’s worth it, so worth it, because Eddie’s on it. No awkward small talk, just pulls Steve in gently by his waist and kisses him so sweetly that he feels like he’s melting.

“You have no idea how hard it was to wait to do that,” he admits when they separate, and Steve’s heart flutters. “I just wanted to make sure you really wanted this. Didn’t wanna like, seduce you all week or something and sway your feelings.”

Steve laughs, shaking his head and leaning into the other boy. All the tension he had built up over the week seems to have dissipated, because of course, he was still Eddie.

“I know I came on a little strong before,” Eddie continues, “but you don’t have to worry. It’s not all gonna be so serious, you’re here to have fun. Not to perform.”

“That does help a bit to know, Munson,” replies Steve.

“Nuh-uh.” Eddie shakes his head. Steve looks at him in confusion. “No last names tonight. I’m Eddie, and you’re Steve, or whatever else I decide to call you. Unless you want me to call you by your last name, then just let me know. ‘Kay?”

Something about this embarrasses him, but he has to admit, it does feel nicer when he replies, “Okay, Eddie.” 

Eddie gives him the warmest of smiles before leading him by his hand to the couch and gesturing for Steve to sit down with him. “I’ve just got some ground rules to go over first. We’re gonna use the stoplight system for a safeword. A safeword is a word people set ahead of time to use during kink in case anything needs to stop. For any reason.”

“Any reason? Like even if my nose is really itchy or something?” Steve asks, half-joking.

“Any reason,” Eddie confirms. “The stoplight system is pretty simple. Green means we’re good, yellow means to slow down and revisit boundaries if something is uncomfortable, and red is the instant off-button. No matter what we’re doing, red stops it. Either of us can use any of these if we need to, okay?”

This makes Steve feel all warm. He was glad Eddie said it applied to himself as well, because it took away a bit of this image he had built up over the week of Eddie being some BDSM machine. Once again, he was still just Eddie, with his own feelings and wants and needs and comfort levels. “Okay, got it.”

“Good,” Eddie purrs, causing Steve’s heart to fly into his throat. God, did he ever know how to use his voice. “Next, is there anything off-limits for you? We’re not gonna do anything super hard, so don’t worry about extreme stuff. I just wanna know like, your pain limits, also what you know you like, and what you think you like that you wanna try out.”

Steve thought silently for a second. “Uh, I don’t wanna be hit or anything.”

“Spanking included?” Eddie questioned, almost making Steve choke on his own spit.

“Um, yeah, maybe not this time.”

Eddie nodded, smiling kindly. “No problem, just wanted to make sure.”

“I don’t really know what I want exactly… I’m curious about a lot, I guess. You can restrain me if you want? And biting is okay, but not too hard, same with hair pulling,” he continues.

“Noted. What about names?”

“Names?” Steve was confused. He thought Eddie had already told him about names.

“Like, name-calling. Is there anything off-limits there?” Eddie explains patiently. He’s really good at making Steve feel comfortable, almost like it’s second nature.

“Probably nothing like… mean. Like don’t talk down to me, or call me slurs or anything like that.”

“Mm, I think I’m getting the picture,” Eddie says, “how about praise, do you think you’d like that?”

“I think I kinda get what that means, but can you give me an example?” Steve is a bit embarrassed to ask, but better safe than sorry, he thinks.

“Basically it’s like, would you want me to tell you how perfect you’re being for me, what a good boy you are? Stuff like that.” 

Holy shit, Eddie said that way too casually for it to have the effect it does on Steve. It’s like the words went straight to his cock, making him twitch in his jeans. He’s definitely blushing, he can feel it with more certainty than ever before.

Eddie just laughs, not cruelly, but more like Steve is the cutest thing he’s ever seen in his life. “Got it. Praise kink.”

Normally, Steve would be embarrassed, but he doesn’t even care. If it means he’ll get more of that, halle-fucking-lujah. 

“I think that’s about it for now,” Eddie says, partially to himself. “If anything comes up that we didn’t talk about and I didn’t think about, I’ll ask for your colour. As for me, don’t worry too much. I don’t imagine you’ll do anything too wild since I’m gonna be the one in control. Just enjoy yourself, and if I don’t like something, I’ll let you know.” 

He turns his body fully towards Steve, cupping his face with one hand sweetly. “Are you ready to start, baby?”

And just like that, it’s like the floor just falls away beneath him. The couch, the earth, everything. It’s just him and Eddie, Eddie’s voice, Eddie’s eyes, Eddie’s lips…

Steve can’t hold back any more, practically throwing himself at Eddie in favour of words. Eddie lets out a small noise in surprise, putting his free hand in the back of Steve’s hair gently. Steve just loops his arms around his neck as he kisses him hungrily, pulling a low moan from deep in the other boy’s throat that makes Steve feel electric. 

“C’mere,” Eddie growls the word into Steve’s mouth, moving his hands down to his hips and pulling him into his lap before returning one to Steve’s hair. It’s a bit too late to be shy but he can’t help but feel it as he straddles Eddie’s lap, his legs being one of the only things still tethering Steve to Earth. That alone is enough to make him feel like he’s floating, but Eddie decides he wants to keep talking.

“You have no fucking idea how long I’ve wanted to see you like this, Stevie,” he breathes, pulling just enough on the back of Steve’s hair to break their kiss. Steve outright whines, incapable of doing anything else. “I’ve dreamt about making you sound like that. You really don’t have a clue how bad I want you.”

“Then stop talking and kiss me,” Steve pants desperately, earning himself a cautionary tug on the hair.

“Patience,” Eddie says, and Steve detests the word. He doesn’t want to be patient, he wants to be ravaged, for Eddie to just wreck him right there and then. But it’s not all bad, maybe, because Eddie pulls his hair just enough to pull his head back, pressing hot, mouthing kisses all along his neck. Steve feels his teeth scrape and tongue slide against the sensitive skin, shooting tingles up his body like fireworks into the sky.

“Fuck, Eddie,” he moans, and it shocks him to hear how messed up he sounds already. He’s definitely getting hard now, and just hopes Eddie doesn’t notice quite yet. But right now he’s too busy destroying Steve’s neck to notice much of anything, biting more liberally and sucking bruises into his lightly tanned skin.

“Ouch!” Steve cries out as Eddie bites him just a bit too hard. The other boy presses gentle kisses over the spot.

“Sorry, cutie,” he says sheepishly, pulling away to look apologetically into Steve’s eyes. With eyes as deep and warm as Eddie’s, how could he not forgive him?

But the pause in action gives Eddie a chance to glance down, and oh no.

“Stevie,” he says softly, but there’s a bit of an edge to it. Like he’s holding something back. “What do we have here?”

Eddie is looking directly at Steve’s cock, straining against his jeans. He can see the exact fucking shape of it with how tight his jeans are pulled against him from the way he’s sitting, and it’s so revealing so fast that Steve just wants to hide.

“This for me?” he teases, rubbing a single finger just slightly against the head.

Steve inhales sharply, looking away in embarrassment. It feels good, but he’s so shy. It’s his first time with a guy, and it’s not just any guy… It’s Eddie Munson. And that thought rocks him to his core.

“You’re too pretty when you’re flustered,” Eddie purrs, taking hold of Steve’s hips again. He spreads his legs from under the other boy, letting him fall to the couch between them. “C’mon, come a little closer. Don’t be shy, press your cock against mine. I want you to feel me.”

“Oh my god, you can’t just say that,” Steve whines desperately. He can’t think, he’s so turned on, but he does what Eddie tells him to. He scoots a little closer, as close as he can with how wide Eddie’s legs are opening—and then he feels it. Eddie is rock hard against him, and the realization steals the breath from his lungs.

“You’re gonna tell me what I can and can’t say, huh, Steve?” he says sternly, grinding up against Steve tantalizingly with control and precision, pulling little gasps and whines from him as he does. “That wasn’t the deal.”

“Neither is this,” Steve says boldly. He doesn’t know where this attitude comes from, but it’s there. Eddie looks down at him silently, daring him to go on. “We’re—we’re basically just fucking, right?”

“You’d better watch that pretty little mouth of yours,” Eddie warns calmly, but his aura screams ‘danger’.

Steve knows he shouldn’t push it. But god, he just can’t help himself—he wants to see the fire in Eddie come out. 

“Make me.”

“Make you. Got it.”

Suddenly, Eddie leans forward so that his shoulder is at Steve’s midsection.

“Huh—” is all he gets out before Eddie stands up swiftly, scooping his legs up, and now has Steve slung over his fucking shoulder. “Woah, woah woah—”

“Talking’s over, princess,” Eddie informs him, walking into the bedroom. Steve had no clue Eddie was this strong, but the realization made both his head and his abdomen swirl. Mere seconds later he’s being thrown down into the bed, and Eddie is sitting on his chest with his knees pressing Steve’s arms down, rendering him immobile. In another smooth movement, Eddie pulls off his belt.

“What—” Steve vocalizes, confused.

“You wanna play, we’ll play, baby,” Eddie coos teasingly, the pet name making Steve twitch in his pants again. He trusts Eddie, so he sits and waits for what’s next. 

Eddie shifts forwards, freeing Steve’s arms, only to hold them together and raise them above his head. He stops for a moment, looking down just in time to catch the realization hit Steve’s face. The satisfaction is plain as day as a smirk breaks out on his own face. He speaks softly, “Colour?”

It takes Steve a second to remember what he’s even talking about, his brain is so fuzzy. “Green, very green. Honestly, I thought you’d use your bandana to tie me up or something.”

“Glad to hear it,” Eddie replies, shifting forward a bit more so his clothed cock rubs against Steve’s face. “And no, I have a much better idea for that.”

Steve wonders what he could mean, but he also doesn’t, because Eddie’s hard cock is pressing against his cheek, just a few millimetres of fabric away. He looks up at Eddie, making eye contact with him before opening his mouth, licking lewdly against his jeans.

A rough laugh drags its way out of Eddie’s mouth and he shakes his head. “You’re something else.”

Steve is impressed by Eddie’s concentration as he rubs against his erection. But Eddie just keeps doing what he’s doing, looping his belt around Steve’s wrists and through its buckles until he’s tightly secured and tied to the headboard.

“Not too tight?” asks Eddie.

Steve shakes his head, testing his wrists. He definitely can’t move, but it’s not so rough that it hurts.

“Perfect. Now let’s take care of that nasty mouth of yours.” Eddie climbs off of Steve and pulls the bandana out of his pocket, twisting it so it has more of a cushioned, round shape than a flat one. “Open.”

“I—” Steve begins, but Eddie cuts him off with a sharp tsk.

“You wanna run your mouth to me, you see what happens. But if you want to talk again, you’ll be a good boy for me, won’t you Stevie?” 

Fuck. Steve tries to bite back his moan when Eddie tells him to be a good boy, but a wrecked whine still comes out anyway. Eddie’s voice is the perfect balance between stern and sexy and it’s driving him completely crazy. He can’t even hold back his reactions. All he can do is open his mouth like he’s told, in hopes that Eddie will reward him for it.

“That’s right,” he purrs, “open up nice and wide for me, sweetheart.”

He fits the bandana into Steve’s mouth, lifting his head gently to tie it in the back. “Bite down.”

Steve does.

“Good. Now, you wanna talk so fucking bad, go ahead, pretty boy.” Eddie flip flops between sweet and sour in a way that makes Steve’s toes curl.

He knows it’s not going to work, that Eddie is just fucking with him, but he tries anyway. Steve tries to say something against the bandana, but all that comes out is the sound of his voice, and even that is muffled. Eddie looks on in approval, before looking down at Steve’s aching cock.

“Now, what should we do about this?”

It’s starting to get bad, and Steve is doing little motions with his hips, anything to get some stimulation.

“You’re so fucking desperate, aren’t you,” Eddie reaches over to stroke Steve’s thigh, so close but so far from what Steve wants. “You’ve been thinking about this all week. Thinking about us fucking. Haven’t you?”

Steve whimpers pathetically into the bandana, pulling against his restraints. He wants Eddie to just touch him, so badly, just take his cock into his hand and stroke it until he can’t think anymore. But Eddie is dead set on making Steve pay for earlier, apparently.

“Here, I’ll help you.” He moves over to Steve’s hips, carefully drawing down the fly of his jeans so that he doesn’t accidentally touch his dick. It’s cruel, really. But at least he’s pulling his pants off, relieving some of the pressure.

“You like having your chest licked?” Eddie asks once he’s pulled Steve’s jeans off of his feet, and his cock is freely in the air.

Steve shrugs as much as he’s able to with his hands suspended above his head.

Eddie doesn’t waste any time before finding out. He runs his hands under Steve’s shirt, pulling it up just so it rests under his chin, exposing his chest. It’s cold compared to before, and his nipples perk up quickly. His eyes flick down Steve’s body, look at him hungrily.

“So cute,” Eddie breathes, dragging his finger over one, but not for long. He swoops down and starts to mouth at it, sliding his tongue over it thickly and slowly in a way that sends lightning bolts straight down to Steve’s cock. He’s never had anyone lick his nipples before, so he didn’t know it was this fucking good.

He moans hard against his gag and feels a bit of drool run down his chin. 

Eddie laughs a cute euphoric laugh, like he’s just so fucking pleased with himself. Steve can’t handle him. How is one guy this cute and sexy and just downright depraved all at once?

He spends a little more time licking and biting at Steve’s chest, even leaving a hickey or two before he pulls away and leans his chin on his hand and looks at Steve with adoring eyes. “Now, as much as I’d like to keep disciplining you, I do miss that sweet voice of yours. Are you ready to be a good boy for me, Stevie?”

Steve nods his head up and down desperately. He so badly wants to be able to use his voice again, to tell Eddie what he wants, and the amount of drooling he’s doing against his gag is just downright distracting.

“Okay, baby,” Eddie says softly, moving to untie the gag. When it comes loose, Steve sighs gratefully. But he feels some fuzz from the fabric on his tongue still and makes a face.

“I’ve got you, stick out your tongue.” Eddie says kindly, and so Steve does. Eddie uses his thumb to collect any stray fuzzes that were stuck to Steve’s tongue, and the gesture makes Steve’s heart swell. Once he’s gotten them all, he reaches down to the side of his bed and finds an unopened water bottle. He cracks it open and lifts the back of Steve’s head gently, letting him take a sip. Was Eddie some kind of fucking angel or something? At this point, he’s not even hard anymore, he’s just about ready to cry from how sweet Eddie is to him.

“How’s that?” Eddie asks once Steve has stopped drinking.

“You’re so good to me,” is all Steve can think to say, and it comes out almost pained. 

“It’s what you deserve, sweetheart.”

Steve blushes, looking away. Time to change the subject before he cries for real. “Uh, so I like drooled a lot… Can you help me with that too?”

Eddie leans forward, to Steve’s confusion. But before he can say anything, Eddie licks a stripe of drool up from Steve’s chin to his mouth. Steve sits in stunned silence until that silly laugh makes an appearance again.

Eddie is so fucking weird. And Steve is completely obsessed with him.

“Colour?” Eddie asks, looking a bit unsure, like he might have just gone too far for Steve. Steve snaps out of his thought, offering the other boy a coy smile.

“Is there a green that’s greener than green?” he asks jokingly. “I dunno, that was like. Weirdly hot what you just did.”

“Good,” Eddie smiles. He does wipe away the rest of Steve’s drool with the back of his hand, though, before speaking again. “There’s just a few other things I wanna try with you, if you wanna keep going. All pretty tame. But mostly, I just wanna make you feel good. Really good.”

The words are like music to Steve’s ears. 

“Please,” he begs shyly. 

That must have sparked something in Eddie, because suddenly he’s back on Steve’s mouth, fully on top of him actually, and he can feel himself getting hard again fast. The way Eddie is kissing him is so intense—not overwhelming him, but more like if he stops kissing Steve he’ll die. He strokes his tongue against Steve’s, and the two’s moans mingle together in their mouths. He pulls lightly against the belt, wishing so badly he could just touch Eddie again.

That heats up things quite a bit, and soon Eddie is grinding down his own clothed cock against Steve’s slightly more exposed one. He’s not done kissing him yet, and Steve isn’t done letting Eddie’s tongue invade his mouth. He just loves the feeling, Eddie licking into him, rubbing their tongues together slowly, sensually, like it’s what they were made to do. It’s so dirty that Steve thinks his brain might short-circuit if they keep going like this.

Just as the thought touches his mind, though, Eddie pulls away. Not too far though, and a hand comes up to take gentle hold of his chin again. “Open.”

At this point, Steve doesn’t think twice before doing what Eddie tells him.

“Now stick out your tongue—yeah, just like that, you’re such a good boy for me, fuck.” He praises Steve, who bucks his hips up against Eddie’s, pulling a moan out of him.

Steve half wonders what he’s going to do, tongue out in the open, too blissed out to think about it very hard. He doesn’t have to wait very long to find out, though, as Eddie soon after opens his own mouth and lets his tongue hang out directly over Steve’s. As he does, he lets a small amount of clear spit slide from his tongue directly onto Steve’s, who just takes it and swallows it like an angel, or so Eddie thinks judging by how he looks at him afterwards.

“Thank you,” Steve holds eye contact as he whispers, mind clouded by lust and just hoping he’s saying the right thing.

And with that, he actually makes Eddie crack.

“Oh my fucking god, Steve.” He whines, his forehead falling against Steve’s chest and his mess of hair mostly masking his embarrassment. “Where did you learn that? Do you even know how disgustingly sexy that was?”

Steve doesn’t slip though, as pleasing as the compliments are to his ears. He just thrusts his hips against Eddie’s once more, savouring the feeling of how hard they both were together. “I think I have a pretty good idea.”

“Fuck yeah, you do,” Eddie concurs, putting himself back together. “But this isn’t about me anymore. You’ve behaved so well since you were gagged, and I think it’s time for a reward. Do you think so too?”

Steve nods violently. He doesn’t need to be asked twice.

Eddie smiles down on him and leans in to kiss Steve open-mouthed, reaching down to squeeze him over his underwear. Steve rewards him with a soft moan, pulling against his restraints once again. The feeling of Eddie’s hand on him, finally, has his mind swimming, and he’s just letting out a string of little gasps and whines as the boy works him over his clothes.

“Should we get rid of these, Stevie?” Eddie asks, dipping two fingers underneath his waistband.

“Y-yes, god, please,” agrees Steve shakily, lifting his hips from the bed in anticipation. Eddie swiftly pulls his underwear off, letting Steve’s cock finally spring completely free. It looks absolutely desperate, swollen and hard and purple at the head, precum glistening in the slit. Eddie looks like he wants so badly just to lick him, just take him down into his throat, but if he does, he’s able to resist.

“Look at you,” he growls. “Fucking beautiful.”

Steve’s heart picks up the pace again as Eddie licks a palm and uses it to start working over Steve’s dick, pumping gently. He pulls a delicious moan out of him when he works the head before dragging his hand back down and squeezing from base to tip.

“Eddie, Eddie, Eddie-” is all Steve can say as he arcs his hips off of the mattress, desperate for more of Eddie’s hands. He’s a bit embarrassed to be this strung out already, but Eddie seems to be loving it.

“God, who knew Steve Harrington was such a slut?” he asks, voice thick with desire. Steve whines hard and pushes against Eddie’s hand again.

“Eddie,” he half-moans pleadingly. “Since I’ve been a good boy… Do you think I can have your mouth?”

Steve is just so desperate to feel those pretty, full lips wrapped around him, feel that wet tongue along his shaft and make sparks fly behind his eyelids.

“You can have anything you want, baby,” is all Eddie says before he’s sinking expertly down onto Steve’s cock just long enough to make him gasp, popping back up again. “I’m gonna make you feel so fucking good.”

Eddie swirls his tongue around the head, pressing it into his slit to lick up the precum resting there. Steve thinks he might pass out with all of the buildup of lust in his lower body. But Eddie just keeps going, working over him with his mouth, making tightness coil up in his belly with ease.

“Eddie—god, Eddie, be careful,” Steve warns. 

“Why, Stevie? Something wrong?” Eddie’s eyes flash dangerously before he sucks Steve all the way down into his throat.

“Hahhh—fuck, you’re gonna make me cum if you keep going—”

Eddie doesn’t pull off this time, instead sinking his nails into Steve’s thighs, making him cry out. He just keeps moving, sliding up and down his length with purpose, and Steve can feel himself getting closer and closer. 

“Eddie, Eds, I’m cumming—”

But as soon as the words spill from his lips, Eddie pulls off. He leaves Steve to swear and whimper hopelessly, cock bobbing as he fucks the air, desperate for stimulation.

“Not until I say,” he says plainly, waiting a moment for Steve’s hips to still. Steve wants to scream, or cry, but he knows he can’t do either, so he just looks at Eddie with desperation until he starts touching him again, index and middle fingers sliding teasingly down either side of Steve’s aching cock.

“You tell me when you get close to cumming, ‘kay?” Eddie says sweetly, forming a fist around him and stroking languidly. He doesn’t wait for a response before he’s speeding up, long fluid strokes that make Steve’s toes curl. His eyes flutter shut as he revels in the feeling, in Eddie. 

“Ah—close,” is all Steve gets out, almost too late.

But once again, Eddie lets go immediately, letting Steve’s cock fall back against his stomach with a soft fwap. “Just one more, and then you can cum, okay sweetheart?”

Steve nods, catching his breath.

“You’re so fucking perfect, baby,” Eddie breathes out, half to himself. Steve’s heart swells, and he wants Eddie to kiss him.

“Kiss me,” he whispers. “Please?”

Eddie smiles and indulges him, sliding his grip back around Steve’s cock once again. The combination of Eddie’s tongue in Steve’s mouth and his hand moving quickly along his shaft is dangerous. It’s only a few seconds before he almost hits his peak again, but by now Eddie can tell where Steve’s limit is and pulls off on his own before it’s too late.

“Good boy, you’re such a good fucking boy, Stevie, my slut,” obscenities cascade from Eddie’s lips against Steve’s and send his mind into overdrive. He’s just saying all of these things, these absolutely depraved things and he can’t get enough of it. But then Eddie swoops back down and takes him into his mouth once more.

He’s fast, licking him from base to tip, before settling down slowly and taking the entire thing in. Steve wishes he could reach down, grab a fistful of Eddie’s hair and just fuck his face, but he settles with the little movements he can make with his hips. Eddie’s mouth is so hot and wet around his cock and he can feel himself getting close again.

“Eddie,” Steve warns, but this time, Eddie just keeps going. Up and down his length, tongue swirling under his head, licking and sucking and drooling down him and oh god, Steve can’t handle it anymore.

“Eddie, fuck, you’re gonna make me cum—” is all he gets out before he’s just moaning, orgasm ripping through him like nothing he’s ever felt before. He feels his cock pulse, over and over, spilling cum into Eddie’s mouth and down his lips. And Eddie, Eddie just eats up the pretty sounds and keeps licking him, sucking the cum off of Steve’s cock and swallowing. Steve can feel him grinding his own hard cock against his lower leg and the mattress. His body starts to twitch with how over-sensitive his cock is, before Eddie finally pulls off, breathing heavily.

Swiping the cum off of his chin and lips with his thumb, Eddie lowers it down to Steve’s mouth. Steve, blissed out, flushes but opens for him, licking his own mess off of Eddie’s thumb and sucking it lightly. He doesn’t really like the taste, but the expression on Eddie’s face is so fucking worth it.

“God, Steve, you really are perfect,” Eddie insists, petting his face before withdrawing his hand.

“Eddie, can you let me out?” Steve asks weakly, jerking his head up to the belt holding him in place. “I want to touch you.”

“Of course.”

Reaching up to his headboard, Eddie releases Steve, kissing his sore wrists gently before letting go of his hands. Steve immediately reaches up to pet Eddie’s soft brown hair, bringing a soft sound out of him.

“What about you?” he asks sweetly, peering into Eddie’s eyes curiously. “What do you want?”

“I’m not gonna take long,” Eddie admits sheepishly. “That was like, extremely hot. But I have an idea, if you’ll indulge me.”

“Green,” Steve supplies with a smile.

This makes Eddie laugh. He moves off of his bed and strips down to his underwear, but Steve rolls over and stops him before he can pull that down, too. He smiles slyly, noting that Eddie’s underwear is wet with precum. And Steve is supposed to be the cute one?

“Me,” he insists, looping his thumbs under the waistband. Eddie nods his approval and Steve slowly slides them down off of his hips. Eddie almost looks nervous, like he doesn’t know what to expect, but Steve just gawks at his cock. It’s beautiful, just a bit bigger and thicker than Steve’s, pink at the tip and shiny with precum. Steve reaches out to grab Eddie’s hips, pulls him closer, laying at the side of Eddie’s bed. He opens his mouth and lets his tongue loll out, licking Eddie’s tip lazily.

“Steve, fuck,” Eddie gasps, pushing his cock deeper into Steve’s mouth.

Steve sucks on the head of it lightly, savouring the taste. It’s not what he expected it to be—it’s just skin, slightly salty at first, but the overwhelming scent of Eddie mixes into it as well. It’s so much better than he thought it would be.

But Eddie draws away a second later, climbing onto the end of the bed and resting on his knees and the backs of his calves. Steve returns to the middle of the bed, looking on curiously. 

“Alright—put your legs in the air for me, knees together.” Eddie orders, sliding up close to Steve. Steve does so, and Eddie holds them with one arm so Steve can relax. Grinning mischievously, he leans forward, pushing Steve’s knees against his chest and kissing him deeply. Steve moans lightly into the kiss, feeling utterly exposed like this, Eddie’s hot cock pressed against his upper thighs and ass so casually. He rests his full weight against Steve as he lifts his free hand off the bed and brings his fingers to his lips, demanding entrance. Steve happily obliges, dropping his jaw and greeting Eddie’s fingers with his soft tongue. For just a moment Eddie fucks his mouth with his fingers, even stopping at one point to grab Steve’s teeth and give his jaw a little teasing shake that absolutely rattles his brain. But after what Eddie determines to be a good amount of time, he withdraws his fingers, completely wet with Steve’s shiny spit and drool.

He pulls back, raising Steve’s legs back into the air, and slips his fingers between his upper thighs, wiping the makeshift lube there. It hits Steve what Eddie is doing just as he pushes his cock between Steve’s soft thighs, letting out a long, dirty moan. The sound is music to Steve’s ears, and his spent cock twitches against his stomach.

Eddie starts into a rhythm, fucking Steve’s thighs slickly, his precum mixing in with the spit. Steve can only watch on in awe as he sees the head of his cock disappear and reappear between his legs. It’s so captivating, absolutely raw; the little sounds and curses Eddie lets slip out are like magic to Steve.

“Fuck, Stevie, you feel so tight,” Eddie groans, letting his head drop, hair cascading around his perfect face. “I’m really not gonna last.”

Steve just reaches out, one hand to push his hair out of the way so he can drink in Eddie’s every expression, the other moving between his legs to rub the head of Eddie’s cock every time it pokes through his thighs.

That does it, Eddie picking up a near-frantic speed, moaning out all sorts of sweet pet names and compliments as his orgasm builds.

“You’re so fucking beautiful, I can’t, I really can’t,” he says desperately. “Letting me use you like this, touching my cock while I fuck your thighs, you’re gonna make me cum, Stevie, god, please—”

“Eds, baby, please cum for me,” Steve says shyly, looking up at Eddie with inviting eyes.

Eddie bucks his hips into Steve once, twice more, before a long, loud moan breaks free from his lips and he’s shooting stripes of cum onto Steve’s hand, stomach, chest, and even a little bit on his cheek. His cock twitches a few more times, even with nothing left to push out, until he slumps down against the other boy, breathing heavily. Steve opens his legs so they’re lying together, chest to chest, and starts petting Eddie’s hair.

“That was so, so good,” Steve sighs out shakily, half to himself. Eddie looked and sounded so good he didn’t even have the words for it. 

“Mmm,” Eddie agrees quietly, still trying to catch his breath. 

They lay there cuddling for a while, kissing softly, until Eddie gets his senses back enough to speak. “You look really good with my cum on your face like that.”

Steve flushes, not expecting such a dirty comment now that they’ve calmed down. But he finds it in him to give Eddie the same energy back. “Well, maybe you can see it again some time.”

A smile creeps over the metalhead’s face as he looks up, meeting eyes with Steve. “You mean that?”

Steve just has to laugh. “Yeah, I definitely mean that. You can’t show me all of this, you like this, and not expect me to come back wanting more.”

Eddie’s soft smile grows wider at his words. “I like that. Like you.”

“I know,” Steve admits shyly. “I like you too, you know.”

For now, they leave it at that, holding each other close in favour of more words. There’s always tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that.