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Silverscale Arena Q&A #4: February 2022-May 2022

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The Silverscale Lounge Q&A

Episode 4: Transformers-Godzilla’s Amazing World of My Little Pony

In accordance to the Silverscale Arena (February 2022-May 2022)

All hail Shardfire and dedicated to all the souls at the Lounge and around. All characters in lewd situations 18 and above.

(Royalty Free Jazz to go with this)


The Autobot Ark on Witwickey Island…


Optimus Prime (Voiced by Peter Cullen): Greetings, humans and non-humans alike. I…am Optimus Prime and I am sending you this message. You have nothing to fear from me and the other Autobot. I have decided to participate in this questionnaire of my own free will. So, why don’t we settle down, sit down, and enjoy each-other’s company for the duration of this? Let us begin.




The Seas around Hanzo National Academy…


Godzilla (Voiced by NOBODY): (In these waters, Godzilla swims peacefully through the waves, unaware of the questions about to be flung his way. His red eyes gleam at the feeling of what’s coming, giving a somewhat annoyed growl at the circumstances)




The Watterson Household in Elmore (Specifically, the couch)…


Richard Buckley Watterson/Zetton (Voiced by Dan Russell): Hi, internet! Nicole said this would earn us lots of money and I just can’t wait to get to know you faceless denizens of the web…right after my 34th nap of the day! I have a very strict schedule!

Gumball (readies a cattleprod): We really gotta do this again?

Richard: Gah! Son! Not the cattleprod again! Okay! We’ll start the questions! Just promise me a free lunch after this at least!




Canterlot Castle, United Equestria…


Queen Celestia (Voiced by Nicole Oliver): Greetings, subjects and viewers alike. It has come to my attention that it would behoove me to get to know you all better rather than just stay in my ivory tower, as it were. My…dear husband was naturally against me showing attention to anybody other than himself or our children, but he is currently busy trying to raise morale after a most…tragic incident. Let’s not let that get in the way! Shall we begin? I brought bananas and cake, if you want.




Eboness the Eternal asks OPTIMUS PRIME: “Who’s your favorite Autobot and least favorite Decepticon?”


Optimus Prime: To say I have a ‘favorite’ Autobot isn’t exactly my style. I love them all like they were my brothers and sisters.

Huffer: BUT OPTIMUUUUUUUUUUS!!! You’re just trying to duck away from the fact that you want to adopt Bumblebee and Bulkhead, you lying glitch!

Optimus Prime: (Fires his Ion Blaster at him, sending him straight into Wheeljack’s dissection room) Ignoring HIM, I’ll admit. Somedays, I admire the never-ending moxxy of Bumblebee and the gentle heart of Bulkhead. Those two, alongside a few others, have kept order within the Autobot Base by just being themselves. Now…as for my least favorite Decepticon…

…it’s no doubt Gigatron. This egomanic is a danger to both himself and his teammates, caring more about his twisted ego rather than what Megatron set out to do, for all of his own faults. One of these days, he will face justice for his crimes. Especially for those done to his own team. They may be the enemy faction, but…I just can’t ignore it.




Penny Chambers asks OPTIMUS PRIME: “Have you visited Amaterasu’s home lately?”


Optimus Prime: I’ve been meaning to visit Kamiki one of these days. As for Amaterasu herself, we’ve been in a long-distance relationship as of now. The very fact that she’s willing to break a few celestial laws just to talk to me is…gratifying.

Swerve: Not to mention, I’ve been teaching the big lug all he needs to know about talking to femms! I though this goddess pup was gonna be a stick in the mud, but, turns out, she might just be the one get Optimus’ afterburner stick out of him!

Optimus: As I was saying…one of these days, though I’m not sure how feudal Japan is going to react to seeing a truck arrive. I hope my trailer can pack as many crops as it can, though. My need to help others doesn’t stop at my universe.




Bruce Bonds asks OPTIMUS PRIME: “Dear Optimus, whatever happened between you and Elita-1? Does Ammy know?”


Optimus Prime: Oh…this question’s more personal than I thought. My relationship with Elita-1 was…complicated, to say the least. She was betrothed to me by Alpha Trion, her mentor, and we seemed to hit it off. She was a sociable Camian and she was intent to have me see the world beyond my filing job. It seemed like a perfect pair. To be in love…it was something else.

However, as time went on, I noticed how she was becoming intent on making sure I didn’t see Cybetron for what it was becoming…a dying world under the outdated Functionism doctrine. She started getting angrier as we teetered to the brink of war and, when it finally happened, it was hard to watch the hope in her optics fade.

Our relationship began to deteriorate, but I struggled to make it work while I tried to lead our planet to freedom. I seemed to be getting through to her near the end, but Elita-1 had grown consumed with the thought of ending Megatron, my former friend. Eventually, they met one more during the battle for the AllSpark and…and…

…he tore her in half. I never saw her again, but I can safely assume…she’s gone. One of the many Autobots that I could have saved, but didn’t. I can only hope she’s found peace in the Well of all Spark. The fact that I’ve found love again with Amaterasu is nothing short of a miracle.

A woman that accepts me for who I am and encourages my better habits. Maybe…things will be different, but I’m a solider who’s lived for years and she’s a goddess…then again, that destroys the age-gap, so it isn’t as angsty as one might guess. And no. I don’t feel comfortable telling Ammy about my past romantic exploits. Don’t ask.




Lee-Lee the Healer asks OPTIMUS PRIME: “Is Hot Rod still annoying-bad?”


Optimus Prime: Hot Rod? He’s…a troubled bot. He truly wants to do right, but I can tell he’s in the shadow of his old mentor, Sentinel Prime. They were quite close, despite his corruption, and his death hung heavily on him. Not to mention, the only two members of his squad remaining alive are Ultra Magnus and Arcee, the latter being with us now.

He has harbored resentment over me not being ‘the ideal leader’ and has made several gambles for leadership in our darkest times, but I don’t see him as an enemy. If anything, I see him as a misguided hurting spark. I have to be there for him, just like everybody else, and I can only hope everybody gets along in the Ark eventually. United we stand…divided we fall.




Anon asks OPTIMUS PRIME: “How much do you like making those awesome speeches?”


Optimus Prime: Truth be told, I’m mostly ‘winging it’, as most humans say. I say what’s coming from my very Spark, rather than anything rehearsed. My closest companions probably haven’t pointed that out because they find what I say to be truly inspiring. I wish I could believe them on some days. Just one speech won’t magically solve all of our problems, but they need the hope and morale. I would make millions of speeches before I fail them like that.




Eboness the Eternal asks GODZILLA: “What was your earliest memory, Godzilla?”


Godzilla: (Vaguely remembers life before he was mutated…something about swimming through the seas as an unassuming small aquatic creature…then the burning began…the endless pain…the growing…the rage…the fury towards all that lived. If it lasted longer, there would be no world to stand on.)




Penny Chambers asks GODZILLA: “Do you ever get into fights with the ninjas were you are at?”


Godzilla: (Remembers that he’s risen from the depths when called upon by Hanzo National Academy as a last resort against Youma, but it has led to him battling other ninjas to establish dominance. He has been described as ‘the Ultimate Test’ and he has gained some new scars to mark his victories. Maybe a later fanfic will describe his struggles…if the ninjas weren’t also busy trying to seduce him!)




Denise Dippens asks GODZILLA: “Have you met the other teams where you found yourself? Are they any hotter than whom you mated with?”


Godzilla: (Growls, as he will ALWAYS treasure Asuka and, to a lesser extent, Homura for all eternity. Still, he won’t lie. Those other ninjas that have attacked him have been a varied bunch. Some have been a bit more intent on beating him more than others. Others have taken a special interest.

Those special cases include the ones whose names are Hikage (sorta), Yumi, Murakumo, Yozakura, Hanabi, Hijikata, Ayame, Seimei, Basho, Josui, Yugiri, Tsubaki, Tachibana, Aria, Kaede, the Maisen University squad, Chihaya, Yuyaki, Nachi, Leo, Hyoki, and even Asuka’s GRANDMOTHER.

Yeah, even he shudders at how many want his double-dicks. Have these ladies (not all, as some where more attracted to women then men) been starved of a worthy mate for so long?!




Lee-Lee the Healer asks GODZILLA: “What do you think of the groping lady?”


Godzilla: (Growls quite loudly. If he sees that perverted human come for his Asuka or anybody else he has considered friend, she’s going to find herself fried. He already gave her a good scare by roaring in front of her face when he first appeared before the ninjas. Sure, it got him mistaken for a Youma, but it was worth it to see her nearly soil herself.

Something told him that she might have enjoyed THAT too. Made him almost soil his legs too as he swam in the murky deep.)




Anon asks GODZILLA: “So, which continuity did you come from? Or is this some kind of new one, with your new design?”


Godzilla: (Has no idea what other continuities exist. Yep. This is a new one. Perhaps the canon one for this fanfic series. Might cause some continuity discrepancies, but we’ll see)




Eboness the Eternal asks RICHARD WATTERSON/ZETTON: “Does Nicole really love you or is just trying to justify her decisions?”


Richard Watterson: SHHHHH! I don’t think she knows she can do better! Still…some days, I wonder if she’ll go after some hunk one day, but remember! None of them have got what I have! Plenty of love to give! That and…I think Nicole’s a fan of chubby cocks.

Nicole Watterson: RICHARED! It’s time for your 2:00 AM dick-flattening!

Richard: (Jubilant) YES, MA’AM!




Penny Chambers asks RICHARD WATTERSON/ZETTON: “Have you taken this whole ‘Zetton’ thing on the road? Might get you a job!”


Richard Watterson: Eh. Tried that. Didn’t work. They kept calling in the exterminators every-time I showed up for an application. Might have not been winning them over with my resume. (Whips out one that features his image as Zetton, his name repeated in every line of dialogue, complete with dramatic pauses in saying his name)




A Fan asks RICHARD WATTERSON/ZETTON: “What have you been contemplating about ever since you discovered who you really were?”


Richard Watterson: Took me a while to figure myself out, but I visited this place called ‘Land of Light’. The guys there were really mean at first, but they eventually showed me whom I really was…kind of trippy to see that I’m some kind of super bug-man, but I don’t let it bother me!

The kids have been bombarding me with questions so much that I think I could take a million naps to make up for the time lost. Nicole and my mom have been worried, but they still love me for who I am…but…it does kinda mean…I’m sorta adopted…





Lee-Lee the Healer asks RICHARD WATTERSON/ZETTON: “What do you think of Gumball Incest Stories”


Richard Watterson: (Stares in mute horror at the incest stories cropping up all over the internet usually involving his son and his wife. Quickly, he transforms into Hyper Zetton, letting out his signature roar, before unleashing a fireball that blows a hole in the wall and destroys the computer.)

Anais: That’s nothing. You should have seen his reaction to the fan-art of me. The NSFW section, that is.




Anon asks RICHARD WATTERSON/ZETTON: “Does Gumball think your Zetton self is a Pokemon?”


Gumball: (Throwing Pokeballs that are obviously bootlegged at his own father, whom just stands there as Zetton) Come on, Zetton! Help me become the best! Like no one ever was!

Darwin: Uh…Mr. Dad looks pretty mad right now.

Gumball: Why’s that?

Zetton: ZET…TON…(Teleports behind Gumball and slices one of those balls in half with his tail before taking off)

Gumball: Fair enough.




Eboness the Eternal asks QUEEN CELESTIA: “Do you still miss Twilight?”


Queen Celestia: ….I had a bad feeling most of these questions would be personal. Yes. Not a day goes by when I don’t pray that she suddenly walks through my castle doors and reunites with my aching heart. She was like a daughter to me, full of life and promise. I loved her with the strength of the very sun that I lift. To know that I had to say those things to stop the ire of the Space Ponies after she died…

Know this. That was the final straw for my marriage to my husband. Yet it comforts me that, try as he might, he will never make everybody forget her sacrifice. Her memory will forever be an example that friendship is forever magic.




Penny Chambers asks QUEEN CELESTIA: “Do you actually love your Changeling children? Or are they just there to fill the void?”


Queen Celestia: Castor and Leilani? Of course I love them! Sure, the circumstances of their birth was a mystery to my husband…and a lie at that…but I treasure them all the same. When they’re alone with me, their true selves are allowed to shine through. Castor takes after his…father, as it were. Chrysalis, that is. He’s the more dominant of the pair, yet I can tell every decision he makes is out of love. Leilani takes after my more mischievous side, but she’s as sweet as they are.

Chrysalis: And soon, they shall become scourges of this Space Pony plague! Conquerors that shall shake the very foundation of-

Queen Celestia: (Silences her with a snoot-push) Dearest, what did we say about the ‘evil speeches’?




A Fan asks QUEEN CELESTIA: “How did you feel when you first married Celesto and where do you think the cracks on the foundation of your marriage first showed up?”


Queen Celestia: To be honest, marrying him felt like a blur. One moment, he and his forces had arrived on our world as Nightmare Moon had suddenly returned for no reason and it seemed we were on the cusp of good relations. Still, I remembered him from my foalhood and…he didn’t seem to have improved. I thought being a leader would have stopped him from being…obsessed with having me as a wife, as it were. That, and the tendency to overact whenever somebody didn’t agree with him entirely.

It was all a marriage of convenience, really. He was insistent that the Space Ponies would acclimate better if we were wed and, despite my VERY specific tastes in stallions, I couldn’t refuse. The cracks first showed during our first time. He viewed it as only good for breeding. No foreplay. No allowance of my more…ahem…odd fetishes. Very vanilla, I know. Forgivable, yes. But vanilla.

The TRUE cracks showed as he started dishing out reform after reform. Decreased relations with non-pony forces, complete altering of history books/classes, and a strange hatred towards some of our ‘free love’ policies. No more harems, no more allowance of skimpy dresses or even slightly short ones. It all had to be perfect and uniform. I could see the misery of my people from far away. Yet, here I am. Trapped in an unfulfilling marriage with a stallion obsessed with control….and one whom is constantly finding ways to get WORSE.




Lee-Lee the Healer asks QUEEN CELESTIA: “Favorite fetish?”


Chrysalis: (Looms over Celestia’s ass with a strap-on that’s just a banana taped around her ovipositor.) When you wanted to combine both of your fetishes…is this really what you had in mind?

Queen Celestia: I know this is strange, but hear me out when I say that I want you to fill my ass with eggs AND banana cream! Give me that Changeling Sundae!




Anon asks QUEEN CELESTIA: “Dear Celestia, is there such thing as a committed relationship in the ideal Equestria?”


Queen Celestia: Even in the current United Equestria, monogamous relationships exist, but more times than likely, there will be either a stallion or mare with many partners. Equestria always had a larger female-to-male ratio, therefore males are treasured for their gift of breeding. However, recently before the occupation of Equestria, top scientists and magicians were able to give females the ability to grow penises of their own. Therefore, a surge in lesbian relationships or poly groups formed.

That being said, the most important aspect of a relationship or group-dynamic like that is love. Love shared equally between all partners. Otherwise, it truly is hedonism. My husband has, unfortunately, gotten in his head that any partner in a relationship, especially a female, who dares act promiscuous and/or chooses multiple partners is some kind of heartless witch. I think there is a phrase for it.

The ‘Madonna-Whore Complex’, I believe.




Theodore Esbin asks QUEEN CELESTIA: “Celestia how does it feel to know that Cell did what you could not? Destroying that planet and those creatures was the right thing to do but you couldn't bring yourself to do it... #Celldidnothingwrong”


Queen Celestia: Let me make it VERY clear, Mr. Theodore. Imagine yourself being born with the power of Gods. The ability to control one of the central pieces of the entire galaxy. A mass of fire that, if it should rupture, could wipe out countless lives. Even in the act of love-making, the power within me runs the risk of burning out my partners. Should I also let my temper get the best of me, I could unleash all of my darker impulses in a moment that could break the dawn permanently…

My point is that I should not brazenly flaunt my power in the way of acting like judge, jury, and executioner. To destroy an entire world, that’s where it starts. If I let that kind of power corrupt me, then those I love could be in great risk. Somebody like this ‘Perfect Cell’ that flaunts his power without concern for others…

Chrysalis: …and also happens to be insectoid and with an emphasis on taking the traits of others…I’LL CHEW OFF HIS MANHOOD IF HE COMES NEAR MY MATE AGAIN! And as for that spiel about ‘power’, know that I am one of the few that can match her in the bedroom.

Queen Celestia: Well, she does have a point.




Sharon Shark asks QUEEN CELESTIA : “How much incest do you do? Does the horn vibrate?


Queen Celestia: (Blushing hotly) Wh-wh-what kind of question is that?! I know I love to practice Free Love, but that is…crossing a few lines that I…totally wouldn’t know…(chuckles nervously)

Princess Luna: I’ll take over for this questionnaire, dear sister…and yes. We’ve done before. There has not been a worthy mate for my sister in many years, so you can imagine that I’ve been putting my fingers and dream-magic to the test just to pleasure my sister. There’s something about dominating her like that…it just makes all the animosity between us fade instantly.

Queen Celestia: CEASE! DESIST!

Princess Luna: As for horns, oh, when you know the right spell, it does MORE than just vibrate! It can-

Queen Celestia: Why couldn’t you stay more prudish, dear sister?!




Cliff Turner asks QUEEN CELESTIA: “Favorite Equestrian Couples?”


Queen Celestia: (Looks at her shipping chart, aiming with some darts) Hmmmm…I have a hard time deciding, so I usually just randomly decide. There was that time Twilight and Rarity dated as well as everytime Applejack has gotten friendly with the fashionista. Every romance Big Macintosh also proved most adorable to watch! Just recently, I think both he and Zecora have eloped.

But in this repressive age, I cannot help but have my eyes glued to whatever is happening between Rainbow Dash and Applejack. Bless both of their hearts…but there is also another love blossoming. One between poor Fluttershy and the recently imprisoned Discord. I probably should have seen that coming…or maybe I’ve been doing my best not to think about my old enemy having more of himself.




Christopher Redwood asks EVERYBODY UP TO THIS POINT: “What was the most terrifying part of the games for each competitor?”


Megatron: Nothing frightens me anymore. End of story. Though, to see one of my foes die to absorbing latex…it was close to disturbing.

Bardin Goreksson: Scared?! Are you daft?! Nothing gets me down, especially not after a nice round of ale!

Judy Hopps: Forget Ridley! Try whatever the hopping heck Mulan became! I’m gonna have nightmares for weeks…and then…there was the whole ‘getting possessed by a power-hungry lich’ thing from Episode 1…urgh…

Master Tigress: The idea that my entire home and beyond could be taken over by the power of song. There are more dignified ways to have it end like that!

Heavy: Heavy will not lie. Being turned into mechanical bull gradually was not fun experience. But got over it just as easily.

Zodd: (Growls at the realization that the sensation of being alone after knowing love and warmth for the first time is the worst fear of all)

Krystal: To say that Nova’s method of devouring people isn’t sticking in my mind for the rest of time is an utter lie.

Shockwave: A cosmically empowered Cool Cat. That is all. Fear is illogical and nothing is more illogical than that accursed orange fool whom REFUSES to die.

Cy the Cyberdemon: If I hear anything more about Raid: Shadow Legends, SOMEBODY IS GOING TO DIE! THE VOICES MUST CEASE!

Agent Torque: Me? Afraid? If you want a shiver out of me, put me in a non-combat situation when I have to act ‘polite’. Wait a minute, don’t fucking take that as a challenge!

Legoshi: To see my friends and even my girlfriend in the path of Ridley…I don’t want to go through that again.

Ed: (Stares blankly as the many MANY times he’s died play through his head, including the deaths of his loved ones when Ridley went ballistic)

Optimus Prime: The idea that I would have to stoop to the level of killing people en masse, even after we were thrust into the thick of danger.

Godzilla: (Remembers King Ghidorah and Bagan both. They angered him, but the Golden Demise was just plain brutal. But nothing compares to being helpless in his first form as a small marine creature being mutated painfully)

Richard Watterson: (Starts destroying appliances that look just remotely advanced) DIE ROBOTS! ALL OF YOU! THE MENTAL SCARS COMMANDED ME TOO!

Queen Celestia: It speaks of my resolve that I did not mentally break upon seeing all of those corpses in the lair of David. All of those bodies cast aside after being devoured and absorbed into cocoons.