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His scent, youthful love, childish promises

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Hinata ran over and plopped down onto the bed, frolicking around the bedsheets as he gleefully giggled

“Now now~ don’t lay down on the sheets, your hair is all wet, you'll dampen the covers!”

Wataru scolded the younger male

“Ehhh! Wataru is so mean! Scolding me during my birthday?! And why does it matter- if your bed got all wet we can just sleep on mine!”

“Yeah yeah yet everytime we do that you complain about how you hateee not having the wall next to your bed!”

Hinata sighed in defeat, sitting up on the bed properly, his lips contorted in a little displeased pout- just earlier today he was so proud to officially call himself a teen, or more correctly tween- and yet here he is acting like a child- well, though you can always say that whenever the boy was around Wataru, he got overly reckless

“Yeah yeah, whatever you wish for birthday boy~”


He let out an exaggerated scoff- crossing his arms in front of his chest. Wataru naturally rolled his eyes, a mischievous grin lining his lips

“Why you!”
He threatened before running, jumping over to where Hinata was seated, tackling him into a chokehold before he disheveled his wet hair with a slightly rough nuggie

“Seriously you are so spoiled! I’ll never let you eat so much sugar again if you are gonna behave like this so late at night”

Hinata whined, flailing around as he desperately tried escaping Wataru’s sturdy grip

“Ackk- ah! Come onnnn you are so mean! Let go let go of me!! Wahhh!”
He fake cried and clawing onto Wataru’s arm, he knows Wataru wouldn’t dare lay a hurtful hand on him,since he was already quite weak- and Wataru cared for him dearly- which also happens to be the main reason why the younger boy became so spoiled- and lOVED being overdramatic while playing around with him, it was torturous. Wataru enjoyed teasing him, but he’d never get a satisfying chunk of the bargain due to his concern for the sickly boy- yeah it was true- he took great amusement in teasing him, but still he cared about his well being much more., even at such a young age- he never for a second undermined the value of his first and closest friend.

“Right right~”
He let go, Hinata dramatically falling onto the mattress, playing dead for a few moments. Wataru just stood there towered before him- watching in silence, before the room bursted with the sound of their laughter and giggles. Wataru fell down next to Hinata, his towel slipping off his head to act as a vail laid atop his face

“See see! Who’s getting the bed all wet now~ your hair is so much longer than mine it carries so much more water~!”

Wataru chuckled throwing the towel on Hinata

“Shut up! Ever since I started growing out my hair you’d find any excuse to point it out- seriously”

“Well you know~ it’s just so lonely- both you and Yuuta-kun started growing out your hair out of nowhere! I feel like an odd one out- having long hair is so irritating so it’s not like I’m joining you guys anytime soon- but I still feel SOOO left out!”

“Hmmm no,,, I think the issue is you making such a fuss over something as mundane as hair length…”
“...hmmm am I?”
“100% you are”

Wataru sat back up pulling Hinata erect with him, immediately getting the message, he sat on the edge of the bed where Wataru can comfortably adjust himself behind him, grabbing the hair brush to fix up his dampened apricot coloured hair
It was like a routine to them, they always groomed each other like this, afterall Hinata was always big on physical touch, and Wataru found himself enjoying his affection and little gestures. With time, they found themselves falling into a set of select routines, helping each other dry out and brush their hair, buttoning up each others shirts, cuffing one anothers sleeves, and occasionally braiding each others hair, well it was mainly Hinata doing the braiding- he enjoyed doing that most for some reason, he said “it’s just like making flower crowns!” and would tie up Wataru’s hair in all type of obscure ways, only for him to get scolded over it since more times than not- Wataru’s hair always ended up getting horribly tangled- and it was a whole ordeal that required the strength of 10 spartans to split apart to a neat array . Even though Wataru always scolded him in those regards, you’d think he’d stop Hinata from using him as a lab rat for his chaotic hair styling endeavors, in truth he only ever started growing out his hair for Hinata’s sake, though Hinata most definitely doesn’t know of that- otherwise Wataru would never hear the end of it.

He started brushing his hair gently, carrying the locks along his palm splitting the little tangles with his tender fingers that were slightly calloused at the tips- By no means was the smell of the shampoo in the hospital they stayed in extravagant- It was decent- doable to say the least- but To Wataru and Hinata it smelled like Familiarity- like, A place they managed to make a home out of with all their friends. Well in the end of the day it WAS a hospital, so not really the most “happy” “homey” place, but they were thankful nonetheless.- they could stay clean, were provided with the needed nutrition as bland as it tasted- and they had a comfortable clean bed to tuck themselves under and slumber in- that was something right?

“It’s quite unfortunate the staff didn’t allow Yuuta-kun to stay over the night”

Wataru stated, trying to shift the subject

“Right right!!! It’s totttally unfair I mean! We even promised not to make a mess and all~ though I guess that’d be asking for too much after today- well…I’m still happy we managed to even have a birthday party! I can’t remember the last time we had one of those- I wonder why they decided on that so suddenly???”

Wataru shrugged, ruffling the boys hair with the clean towel

“I could never guess~ this hospital tends to always makes the most spontaneous decisions really-”
“Right! Still, they prepared a whole party and even got us a split set of cakes. Everyone else had so much fun~ …I hope they as well get to have such lavish parties- I mean, how else would they get a chance to ask for a Birthday wish!?”

“Fufu- I think It’s obvious what we’d all wish for isn’t it?”

“Is it~? Then then! Why don’t you guess what I wished for Wataru!”


“? Why would you want that? Don’t birthday wishes not come true if you tell someone?”

“Ehhh but that’s so boring- and Wataru you are an exception aren’t you? You are like a part of me! Half of me! Just like Yuuta-kun!”


“Then wouldn’t that make me one third of you?”

“That’s besides the point! Now now! What is it that I wished for Wataru? Come on come on! You are the smartest kid among us afterall~”

“Fufu aren’t you exaggerating stuff now? Hmmm alright fine~ let me take a guess”

He tapped the brush against his lips as he hummed a tune

“Perhaps~ You wished for everyone’s health to improve so we could finally get discharged and live our lives healthily and happily?”

“Fufu! Nope!”




“I’m sooo disappointed I thought you knew me Wataru~”

“Uhm…then did you wish to be with your younger brother forever?”

“Hmmm,,,yes and no”

“,,,paint me lost”

“Wahhh really? Fine fine- I’ll tell you~ I wished for all my wishes to come true!”



“Isn’t that smart! It’s like a loophole! There’s sooo much that I want so instead I just wished for everything to come true instead of one specific thing!”


“Is…I cannot deny that is quite smart but- is that even allowed?”

“Hmmm I mean! I don’t see why we should have a limit to wishes in the first place; it’s such a sham it’s not like whatever god is fulfilling these wishes is losing anything- I mean- waiting 378-


“Whatever- 365 days just for one wish! That’s a total scam- I’m just using my street smarts here!”

Wataru let out a hopeless sigh, before he started giggling uncontrollably

“Right right- that makes complete sense i’ll say! Whatever gods that happen to exist out there, they surely have to listen to you! So so, enlighten me- what are some of those wishes? Mind naming me some~?”

He asked, as they shifted positions Wataru now setting on the bed as Hinata tended to his hair, Hinata's obvious enthusiastic energy still overflowing- it was quite infectious

“Welll I mean obviously for all of us to recover- for us to be able to go to school together, for everyone to find a loving family~ and for us to be able to eat more yummy food rather than the gross hospital stuff! And ofcourse I wished for you, me and yuuta-kun to stay together forever and ever! I wanted all of Wataru’s wishes to come true too! I want to see Wataru become a pilot to soar with the birdies~ you are studying quite hard just for that afterall, it’d be such a waste for the whole world if you didn’t succeed- and ofcourse cause I want you to take me around so I could explore more beautiful plants~ OH OH! and most importantly~ I wished for me and Wataru to grow up and get Married~”


Wataru was nodding and humming in agreement with each statement- until that boy uttered that last one- it felt like his train of thoughts hit on the breaks and every passenger and storage unit behind crashing and cluttering into the air- Wataru’s face flushed red, and he covered his ears with his hands- a gesture he often does when he gets incredibly embarrassed

“Hinata- May you run the last one by me again?”

He looked back, lips quivering- the blush on his cheeks obvious even with the very faint yellow glow that emerged from the very end corner of their bedroom
Hinata simply pointed the brush in Wataru’s direction- full confidence- not a hint of shame written on his peachy expression

“I want me and Wataru to get married!”
“Waitt? Did I say something weird I mean- I…I thought you wanted that too…don’t you…?”

Hinata’s wide grin slowly fell short into a pained grimace, his brows draped, unable to hide the obvious disappointment- perhaps his false assumption of having a shared wish with Wataru triggered the faucet of shame to burst and well up the boys mind, an obvious dust of peach pink forming on his cheeks., it made the freckles scattered across his face even more obvious. The longer the silence resided- the more you could feel the heat of his cheeks radiate


“I- Hmmm- I mean…is it even possible for 2 guys to do that?”

Wataru was still quite unaware of the face he was making., unwilling to face Hinata out of embarrassment, he tried a more logical approach to such an offer. A sudden proposal like that even made someone like Wataru taken aback. It’s not like he only thought of Hinata as friend, oh dear god no, he knew that Hinata meant way more than just that, it was so often that they held hands, and sneaked a kiss after another when no one was looking. They were quite young when they started doing such things- they never really thought of things this deeply- perhaps it was just confusing- . all He knows about marriage comes from books and stories from patients who happen to be friendly enough to share a little story about their life, and all he got is that it was a lifelong commitment bound by love between a man and a woman.- with what Hinata is saying…
Is he seriously just offering his life to him?

“Who said they can’t though?! I mean- I love you Wataru- why wouldn’t I marry you? Isn’t that just- the logical approach? Marriage is like- saying you want to stay with someone forever isn’t it-? I,,,I obviously want that? Don’t you too?”

…to stay with one forever…
With him,,,that makes total sense
He’ll admit
Wataru huffed in defeat, he shuffled on the mattress, now facing Hinata, finally learning of the dejected expression he’s been holding- to be this distressed? On one hand- it was adorable, Wataru was happy that Hinata loved him just as much as he did- but in the same time, how rare to see such a sad look upon his pretty face-it made Wataru nose scrunch, he realized,,,he hated seeing Hinata make such an expression,

“Hey hey- such a long face for what?”


Wataru squished and kneaded his chubby cheeks

“I never declined, Don’t jump to conclusions on your own…”


Hinata couldn’t even hide it, a wide smile plastered from one ear reaching the other., it’s stupid, he knows, but hearing that made him happy

“See- you almost gave me a heart attack there! Bringing up all that nonsense about us both being boys- how does that even relate? I love you! So marriage it is right? it’ll be just like those books you’d read for me~ the ones with the huge dancing balls and cake~ Kyahhh do we have to kiss in front of people!?”

Wataru couldn’t help but giggle., he shuffled even closer, to a proximity where their foreheads touched ever so slightly, his slightly damp bangs, crystal blue mixing with Hinata's blood orange hair. He nuzzled his nose against beloveds, drawing a soft chuckle out of him

“Mm, right- I’ve never heard or read of two boys getting married, but then…why not just be the first?-and surely we’ll invite everyone over to witness!”

“Right- we can also release some doves! You’d love that I know!”

Hinata was so enthusiastic, speaking of this so called wedding as if it was happening tomorrow- as if they had everything planned and prepared, as if all those hypothetical dozens upon dozens of guests were real people who knew them, who’d come to congratulate them for tying the knot and envy the unbreakable bond they had., maybe that’s what made Wataru so attracted to Hinata- the energy he radiated- it probably came to him so naturally as an older brother- he wasn’t quite familiar with it back in the orphanage he was shoveled into.- he was younger than him- yet Hinata helped Wataru ignite that spark within him, only to burn brighter and brighter., they needed one another. Hinata was full of love, Ans Wataru wanted to be just like that too. He wasn’t alone anymore, He had Hinata, everyone else he’s met here,- everyone, everyone was important to him, he wished them all to smile gleefully just like they made him, just like Hinata made him.
the warmth that belonged to the person inches away from his body- he’s the one that taught him that. And Wataru wanted to ensure that he knew how grateful he is, and how dearly he cherished him, he wanted to ensure they both shone upon the world together until they are nothing but stardust, and even then, when he’s made out of nothing but meaningless speckles in an endless veil of darkness, Hinata will remain his no.1 priority.



“Why don’t we just do it now?”

Ah- did something just explode- Hinata guessed it was his brain- maybe his eardrums too- did he hear that right?


“It’s as you heard! I mean to say- marriage is mainly a bunch of boring legal paperwork but we are too young for that- so? We can get married now and do all the legal stuff- along with a bigger celebration later!”

Hinata was practically stunned in place- like a deer in the headlights, the blush on his face must be embarrassingly obvious by now., he let out a nervous laugh, looking down at his hands, his fingers fidgeted along as he tried to reorganized the avalanche of thoughts that ran over and made a mess of his mind

“Ahah how sudden- I didn’t even get to prepare a suit or anything…”


He bluffed trying to subside the shock he was pummeled with. Wataru chuckled, his hand slowly slithering up to grab Hinata’s much smaller one, their fingers intertwining., he moved back from their initial position, staring at the younger boy’s flustered face Intently

“I love you Hinata- why wouldn’t I marry you? You said that too right- the fancy stuff can always wait for later, are we not young? The complicated stuff can wait for later- besides it’s almost midnight so, please, allow me to fulfill one of your wishes- perhaps as a little charm, an oath, everything else you wish for will come true- i’ll make sure of that myself- I promise, next time- we’ll have a real wedding with all our friends- and the doves too!”

He brought Hinata's soft hand forward, gently kissing his slightly pale knuckles- Hinata's face scrunched. He felt like a princess being presented by a knights life, swearing on his life to protect him and keep him happy for as long as he lived, how corny- clearly Wataru thought of marriage as something much more deep than Hinata did- but he didn’t mind, it was endearing, and perhaps, he didn’t mind taking part in such an insane promise either.

“Geez- where did you learn such moves- where is the Wataru I know and love?”

“Fufu- he’s right here~”



He pulled the freshly put blankets over their heads, not completely covering them up though- they still wanted to see each others expressions. The room was dim., the moonlight reflected in that room only did so much, not that it mattered, even with their makeshift veil, their attire which consisted of plain white pajamas that were pretty inappropriate for the occasion, the slightly chipped paint in the room, the silence that made it feel like time stood still if it wasn’t for the occasional echo of breath that came from one of the boys, and their still slightly damp hair, it was all cheap and ragged, not that they cared, they simply stared into each others eyes, fingers intertwined- an obvious rush of blood across their features. Wataru’s attention focused, he was so close, he could almost count the freckles on his face, that little mole on Hinata’s lip that was barely visible, the faded scar near his brow that he got a couple years back.
Most people would say- 14, that’s way too young to understand what love is, Wataru still has a long way to find his life partner- but maybe he just got lucky, not maybe, he was sure, he was confident- he’d swear on it with his life- his name- his fated was this person right before him no matter what anyone said- he hopelessly believes in the rhythm of his heart, in the name that it calls. The face he’s familiar staring at as he falls asleep only to be welcomed and woken up by the next morning. He wondered when all these feelings started churning in his heart. all he could remember was a set of apricot hair, a bunch of apple leaves stuck on them, knees mudded with dirt, soiled overalls, and a boy holding a flower crown made of violets and yellow morning glories- what he’d tell him, when he’d chase after him day after day in the cafeteria canteen unwilling to let him sit by myself “isn’t it lonely?” he’d ask-

(but I’ve known not a day of loneliness by his side.)

“Hmmm wait~ shouldn’t we have rings too- that’s the least we could have”

Oh- he has a point
Wataru tapped his chin for a mere seconds, a lightbulb flickering notifying him of a rather stupid idea

“How about-”

He shuffled to the edge , searching and rummaging under his bed before pulling out a pair of garden scissors

“WAH? Wait wait wait you just had that with you!? You know we aren’t allowed to just carry around sharp objects!”

“Shh some flowers are tough to cut through so I borrowed it from a gardener and simply forgot to return it”

“I..what? You are never reckless when it comes to other people's items though?- and Why would you even need a tool to cut flower- …wait- is this for m-”

“Sit still”


He moved his hand forward with the scissors, though he panicked Hinata made sure to do as he said and not move a muscle, he felt as Wataru cut off a long strip of hair

“W- wah what are you doinnggg~ wait!”


Wataru proceeded to do the same with his hair. He hid the scissors back to where it initially was before turning to face the flimsy lighting properly, Hinata watched him- he was so focused, he was joking about the rings yet-


“Here! Amazing don’t you think?”

He presented proudly- the little chunks of hair braided beautifully- the orange and blue combo having a complementary hue- tied up properly so they wouldn’t let loose.

“Ahaha- Wataru”

He was laughing, what a strange way to compensate for a wedding ring- yet- he found it quite endearing, and the rings were pretty, maybe they’ll take inspiration from these once they can afford a real one.

“You’re so weird- they’re Amazing”
“Well- even though it was a rushed wedding~ the least I could do is give you a proper ring…”

He chuckled, pulling the long haired boy back under the sheets.

“Geez look how quickly you flipped a switch- Now now- on with the vows or,,, is there something else before that? I’m not really sure how weddings work-”

“And here you were so insistent”

“I was only suggesting for our future~! It was your idea to bombarded me with a proposal and a wedding NOW all in one go! I didn’t even know legality had any involvement in marriage stuff!”

“Are you ser- sigh, well from what I read- there’s usually a priest overlooking the wedding and stuff but it’s just the two of us right now…”

“...We aren’t religious though?”

“I’m no expert in weddings I can’t fathom why that’s necessary either, well- I guess it’s only appropriate to jump straight to the vows in this case”



“Aren’t you..going to st-”


“No wayyyyy~ You go first! This is too sudden I just-”

“Alright- you know how we settle this”

“Ueehhhh- fine… rock, paper scissors”
“Rock, paper, scissors”

“Damn it!

“Fufu~ go on Hinachan~”

“Euhhh, sigh- um”

He could feel steam practically oozing out of his face. Seriously to be put in the spotlight so suddenly, he’s never been the best at reiterating his emotions, Saying “I love you” came so easily to him and yet- putting the stuff he felt for Wataru into words tugged on the strings of his mind. WHere could he even start?

“hm,,,Wataru- you’ve always been so reliable- even though i’m an older brother and should be a lot more dependable, Wataru is still the one always helping me out- with studying, taking my medication, even with the simple mundane tasks of everyday- I don’t…I don’t know where I’d be if it wasn't for you selflessly lending me a helping hand each and everyday…i-it was so lonely in the past but now,,,, I can just- so easily crawl up into Wataru’s bed and cuddle him till he suffocates and he wouldn’t complain! Really~ he spoils me so much…he's the best I could ask for…I- …I really wish to he as reliable as you are one day. I wanna fulfill Wataru's wishes too- after all, I love you- I…I wanna see you be happy- I want to be by Wataru’s side forever! To ensure- I’ll always- always be by your side to keep you happy.”


He could feel the sweat evaporating off his forehead- gosh he hopes his quote on quote spouse doesn’t notice his palms getting all sweaty, He could barely look him in the eye- how flustering. And so clearly could he hear the echo of his heartbeat all the way up to his throat. Though this isn’t like the heart spasms he’s had in the past- (what a romantic description for the current moment) he learned that the hard way though. And just thinking about his younger self wondering if he was about to die whenever he was in close proximity with Wataru, not that it changed much, other than the fact he knows that Wataru feels just the same way around. It was like a little victory- in the eyes of the world at least, to him, it was a rather big one he wouldn’t exchange for the world.

“Fufu~ oyaoya How cute Hinata-”


“Just shut up, it’s your turn”

“Right right whatever you wish~ aughmmm this is my vow to you- for better and for worse, till the end of time, I promise to give my all to fulfill each and every decide or my beloved~”



“That’s it!?”


“Did you expect more? Oh boo~”

“That’s so unfair I poured my heart out for you!”


Wataru was already slipping the makeshift ring onto Hinata’s finger

“Ahhh don’t even think about it, I’m not giving you the ring until you say more! I can’t be the only one put in the spotlight here!”

“Come on come on now~ you already know how much I adore you is all the really necessary~?”

“You could’ve to-”

Their attention quickly shifted once the sound of q rusty doorknob's loud groan interrupted their childish quibble. Someone was trying to unlock the door from the outside



They quickly switched over and positioned themselves properly onto the bed. Pulling their best act to look like they’ve been sleeping for a long while now.

“Aoi-san, Hibiki-san, are you boys asleep~ ? it is way past your bedtime”
the nurse announced as she entered the room
She stood there for a solid minute observing. The two trying their damn hardest to seem convincing, sweating bullets in fear of getting caught.

“Hmph- guess they are, how strange those noises sounded just like them…”


She walked in and turned off the nightlight, before leaving quickly trying her best to not cause too much noise, the door creaked before it shut- locking the door behind, she finally left the vicinity.

“Fufu~ that was a close one!”


Hinata nudged him


“Fuahahah! How cruel- shifting the blame? When you were the one throwing a temper tantrum. Did you wanna hear it that bad~”


Hinata simply pouted



“I love you.”

He huffed in frustration, grabbing his hand and finally rewarding his now husband with the makeshift ring.

“..I love you too”

Only receiving a giggle in response, he felt a set of arms wrap around him, Hinata only leaned onto his figure.

“Hey…you meant what you just said right? you’ll always be by my side- right? Wataru…”

He was silent for a moment, his hug only tightened

“Of Course…why else would I agree to marrying you~ …I Promise...always and forever- I’m devoted to you Hinata, really. And when I make an oath I mean it, you know that.”

Hinata shifted and looked up at his beloved, drowsy eyes curtained by his long bangs that have finally gone dry. They were resting their heads on the same pillow, staring right into each other's eyes, sharing the same odor. Little details he never wants this to change, always and forever, he wants them to stay like that


He felt a warm pair of hands cupping his cheek, the warmth emitting from Wataru closing distance, a soft pair of lips locked against his. Taken aback, but only for a moment, taking around a millisecond to regain his composure and melt right into the embrace. Wrapping his arms around Wataru and relishing in the comfort of the other, their hands entangled in one another, fingers intertwined fitting one anothers space perfectly.

“If I’m not by your side- How else will I make your wishes come true?”

“nishishi~ right! The same goes for me, I guess we are stuck with each other now”



Those were the last words uttered- before we fell asleep right next to each other, the same routine as always, that’s how we thought things would continue.

That’s how I wish things continued

“I guess we are stuck together now”
Those are the words he whispered to me, pinning me with the look in his eyes, disheveled with melancholic sincerity , begging me to trust him, to believe in those flimsy words that were exchanged between us on his birthday. unknowing, ignorant of the fact that weeks later- he’d be cruelly and forcefully stripped off my arms.
That night. While we laughed and made childish promises under the sheets, painting a future unimaginable without each other.

life had different plans going on

And those plans
Didn’t include Hinata…