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Limitless time

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January 1 0000
The Laplace colony incident marks the first instance of terroism in the newly dubbed Limitless Century. Earth Federation Prime Minister Ricardo Marcenas is among those that died in the blast. The culprits are never identified, their motivations unknown. EF officials declare the “spacenoids” to be behind the action and launch a campaign to suppress dissent with force in the Colonies. Among conspiracy theorists, tales of a shadowy organization who has manipulated humanity to war generation after generation are blamed for the Laplace incident and the following riots. Not all subscribe to the Logos theory, instead proposing that the attack was a false flag by a secret faction within the Earth federation that sought to eliminate a known spacenoid sympathizer. Yet others proposed that the attack was exactly what it looked like and that the intended goal was to motivate fellow spacenoids into action.

August 5 0025
George Glenn leaves the Earthsphere for Jupiter. As he exits he reveals his status as a genetically engineered individual dubbed a Coordinator. He makes available over the internet the techniques to create more Coordinators. Describing this as the next stage of human growth as he moves out of communication range. The revelation of Coordinators and the implication that they are going to subjugate and dictate to the rest of humanity is widely rejected by all non-coordinators. Furious debate breaks out in political, medical, religious, and ethical circles. A number of high profile cases occur in quick succession in which individuals who are coordinators are removed from thier office or relieved of duties and in two cases murdered.

September 9 0027
The construction of twelve colonies at lagrange point 4 -intended for use by Coordinators- completes and a mass exodus of Coordinators from earth ensues. The rapid departure leaves several fields understaffed during a viral outbreak of Type S influenza. The PLANTs colonies declare the formation of the Zodiac Armed Forces Treaty henceforth to be known as ZAFT. ZAFT quickly establishes that the PLANTS are an autonomous government body separate from the Earth Federation. Attempts in the following months to prove the contrary result in multiple deaths from EFSF forces and resentment of coordinators grows among the common people of earth and many spacenoids.

July 10 0039
George Glenn returns from Jupiter having established a colony near the gas giant. With him he brings Evidence 01, a fossilized alien specimen. George Glenn is arrested on charges of crimes against humanity as the Coordinator process is deemed medically and ethically unsound being formally banned globally and in the colonies. George Glenn dies in custody, an investigation is launched but no perpetrator is ever identified.


October 30 0040
Deep space mining operations return large quantities of metal used to construct new space colonies and see many isolated colonies become part of “colony clusters” just in time for a boom in births. On earth Marticus Rex is revealed to have ties to several old monarchies. A fact that brings his campaign for political control of several western european territories positive attention. Winning multiple elections in the UK, France, Germany and adjacent territories he has enough political power to re-designate the spaces as the Sanc kingdom.

April 7 0056
Side three colony Munzo the colony cluster furthest from earth declares itself the Independent Republic of Munzo. Federation forces however violently suppress riots attempting to force them from the colony. Footage of the violence increases sympathy for Munzo and its leader Zeon Zum Deikun. An inquiry is launched by Federation forces as to where the footage is from and how it was attained, but no answers are found.


Zeon makes his Newtype theory public. Laying out the idea that all of humanity should leave earth behind and live amongst the stars thereby achieving a new stage of human growth. The proposed new type of humanity blessed with psychic abilities would be able to perfectly understand each other and thus avoid bloody conflicts.

February 8 0060
Heero Yuy becomes the voice of a moderate and peaceful reconciliation between the Earth federation and the Colony Liberation movement. When questioned on his beliefs concerning coordinators and Zeon’s recently proposed Newtype theory he declares the latter nonsense and the former a matter he has no stake in.

May 9 0061
A collection of Business heads form the ORB union group in Australia. Using colony construction equipment makes otherwise inhospitable regions of the landmass their home base. Their employees soon outnumber the locals and ORB takes political control of Australia.

June 30 0064
Heero yuy is assassinated by parties unknown; his death sparks a wave of violent protests in the colonies. During the riots Zeon Zum Deikun dies in suspicious circumstances while officially labeled as a congestive heart failure methods such as atypical poisoning and radiation are suspected. Regardless of cause the death of two spacenoid revolutionaries so close together is blamed on the Federation. Some loyal to Zeon suggest that the Zabi family who came to power as a result of Zeon’s death might be to blame. A Handful of individuals suggest that Heero yuy was killed on Zeon’s orders as many note that Zeon was a violent radical. In the wake of Zeon’s death his children Casval and Artesia vanished without a trace. Degwin Soto Zabi’s oldest son Sasaro is killed in a car bomb his brother Dozle surving with notable but minimal injuries.

March 13 0070
The Earth Federation garrison at Side 3 is violently attacked. The survivors from the attack are expelled from the colony in a single cramped transport and warned not to return. Following this incident Munzo is rechristened Zeon in honor of the bold revolutionary.

In Africa long Dormant border disputes begin to flair following the upsetting election of Blue Cosmos political candidate Albert Simmons over the front runner Zack Taylor. Political bodies swiftly lose control of the situation as members of the armed forces refuse to fight or defect to the rioters taking federation weaponry with them

ZAFT forces are noted to be ramping up production of battleships despite their relatively low numbers. A fact the political party Blue Cosmos uses to justify violent raids on Coordinator owned businesses, raids that more often than not turn deadly. Coordinators flee earth for the PLANTs in droves, many of them who are of age signing on to ZAFT.


November 28 0072
Blue Cosmos' hardline anti-coordinator and anti-spacenoid stance wins elections by large margins in Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe. In fact their success is found suspicious by many as a great deal of individuals declare their vote for other parties. By December it is concluded that some or all of the voting results are fraudulent. The Earth Federation prepares to launch an investigation into what happened.

Ein Zwei Drei and Vier Eastern escape from the Newtype Labs in Augusta at Side 3 successfully making their way to the mass driver at Columbus,Ohio they trade stolen information on Newtype powers and the development of mobile suits for asylum and the chance to take revenge.

January 07 0073
Investigating Blue cosmos reveals ties to the private military corporation OMNI Enforcer who are easily found to be performing executions of Coordinators and demolition of Coordinator owned properties. The Earth Federation in the Americas initiates a purge finding all personnel with affiliation to either group and blacklisting them. Denouncing the Blue Cosmos group as terrorists the Federation declare their offices null and void preparing to hold new elections. OMNI Enforcer reveals a series of defensive installations and new weapons technology with the backing of Blue Cosmos they declare themselves the Earth Alliance and declare that the Earth Federation is no longer in control of the earthsphere. Seeking new weapons for the event of conflict the Earth Federation begins operation V, a plan to develop mobile suits of their own.

February 28 0074
The Earth Federation imposes sanctions on Zeon in an attempt to curtail further rebellion as they attempt to avoid civil war with the Earth Alliance. During this time of political turmoil the Sanc Kingdom declares neutrality in the issue stating a stance of total pacifism and willing disarming in totality. ORB likewise choses to abstain from any possible conflict by establishing a rule of neutrality and self defense. In space the PLANTs leader Siegel Clyne announces a plan for new colonies to be constructed and calls Patrick Zala head of Zaft to reveal their new defensive weapon the ZGMF-1017 GINN, a Coordinator built mobile suit.

March 3 0075
Diplomatic talks between Federation and Alliance forces break down. The Earth federation deploys its first generation Mobile suits the RX-75 Guntanks and find them to be lacking in comparison to the Linear Gun Tanks of the Earth Alliance. Blue Cosmos runs a successful recruiting campaign and swells its numbers allowing it to establish firm control of the area from arctic territory clear to the south and east coast right up to their borders with Sanc Kingdom.
The Earth Federation moves its central command to Jaburo. Paptimus Scirocco arrives on Earth at the request of the Federation to help with the mobile suit data. The RX-77 Guncannon Early is deployed against Alliance forces to devastating effect despite remaining in the prototype phase.

Amuro Ray following a dispute with his father joins the Earth federation military on Side Seven. During his enrollment he is given a blood test and identified as a Newtype, seeking to take advantage of any abilities he may possess the young man is placed in the developing mobile suit program.

February 14 0076
OMNI-enforcer launches a devastating nuclear attack on the PLANTs agricultural colony Junius seven.The colony is destroyed, killing all 243,721 residents, including Lenore Zala, councilman Zala's wife. ZAFT forces successfully repel the attacking forces with no further losses. In the days that follow a commitment to not only avoid nuclear weaponry but nuclear power goes into effect for the PLANTs.

On Earth, Federation forces experienced a setback as Type S2 influenza plagues north and south america as well as their forces at Side seven. Several members of senior staff meant to ship out with the new mobile suits are replaced by recruits from the colony with the relevant skills.


Zeon forces begin to gather for an attack, a build up that the Earth Federation is near powerless to respond to due to the health crisis and civil war.

Earth Alliance officials strike a deal with Orb nationals to provide weapons technology in exchange for Mobile suits.

April 1 0076
Zeon and the Federation clash at Lagrange point 5 Loum, home of the largely dormant Colony Liberation Movement. The Earth Federation -and their ill equipped Guncannons- deploy nuclear weapons against Zeon forces and first experience the terror of mobile suit combat. The Zaku 1 proved to be astonishingly devastating to the fleet. Roughly ninety percent of the Federation space fleet are routed at the battle of Loum with every nearby colony experiencing some level of catastrophic destruction. Zeon declared this a victory and proof of spacenoid superiority as they moved on to Side 2 and the Earth Federation forces limped home.

Unbeknownst to Federation or Zeon forces members of the CLM had survived in specially designed evacuation craft, a colony hidden from sight and survivalist bunkers. These forces sprang into action finding every survivor and supply they could across the vast graveyard and set about quietly rebuilding, cobbling together broken mobile suits into working units to aid their efforts to restore colonies to working order.

ZAFT unleashes the Neutron jammer devices across the globe and littering them about space. Widespread destruction and rolling blackouts and power failure follow. Worsening the impact of the pandemic already upon the earth. Across the globe the loss of atomic energy sends groups searching for alternatives. Zeon discovers that most colonies are unaffected thanks to the thick hulls and the distance to the reactors. It is also discovered that minovsky reactors are unaffected.

April 17 0076
Zeon eliminates the colonies at Side 2. Fitting the largest colony with an anti-thermal coating before dislodging it from its orbit, the goal being to use the heavy strike of the colony to crack open the mountains of Jaburo and achieve a decisive victory over the Federation.

Federation and Alliance forces fire on the colony but despite the power of their weapons the colony does not break up sufficiently. Two large chunks falling into the pacific ocean trigger tsunamis that devastate coastal regions for miles around the third piece, impacting Australia and partially destroying the continent. Among the dead are Haruma Yamato and Caridad Yamato.

Zeon forces advance on the Lunar cities Copernicus, Von Braun and Granada and capture them with little effort.

The Alliance receives the first five G-weapons and while they lack a proper OS the problem is swiftly resolved thanks to the implementation of the Automatic Motion Assistant program which greatly simplified the controls of the suit by entrusting much of the suits movement controls to an AI.

May 1 0076
ZAFT Declares Zeon an enemy to mankind denouncing the Colony Drop as a despicable act. Zeon replies in kind citing the April Fools crises as every bit as vile a maneuver. The two factions declare war on each other even as they begin to invade the earth.

Zaft drops into China, the middle east and northern Africa. Covertly they begin to harvest genetic material from the civilian populations for purposes that are not known to the common soldier.

Zeon primarily lands in the arctic moving down and spreading through north America. As they move they press gang locals into work camps constructing new colony blocks that are launched into space along with any non-vital civilians.

The Earth Federation completes the First prototype of the Gundam Rx-78-1 and orders the construction of more than a dozen of the units due to the increasingly dire straits. A ZAFT vessel with a broken communications array is fired on and destroyed under the presumption that it is a stolen vessel.

Kira Yamato joins the ORB Defense Force and is assigned to the mobile suit program as a potential pilot and programmer for the OS.

The Earth alliance learns that minovsky particle generators are not affected by neutron jammers and draws up plans for the Miracle Power plan: five modified G weapons to be constructed as soon as possible.

July 8 0076
At Side 7 Ein Zwei and Drei finish modifications to their mobile suits resulting in the RX-78-1[T] Gundam Trinity custom. The RX-78-2 Gundam is completed and Amuro Ray designated as it’s pilot the Pegasus-class White Base collects the group and departs for earth shortly before the arrival of a Zeon search party which detects the Federation base in the supposedly neutral colony but not the mobile suits they were looking for.


ZAFT forces attack Heliopolis and steal the five G-weapons aboard the station though during the fighting a hole is punched into the side of the colony and it has to be evacuated.

The sister Colony Diane -where ORB had covertly been constructing its own mobile suit prototypes- Is self-destructed following a brief skirmish with the stolen G-weapons. All survivors flee on to the Archangel, a ship intended for Alliance forces.

July 10 0076
White base arrives at Luna 2 they receive new orders to proceed to North America and begin combat operations immediately. The prototype data from the units aboard is collected to be transferred to Jaburo.

Char Aznable is joined by two Musai cruisers as they move towards Earth acting on intelligence that suggest the EF mobile suits are already on their way planet side.

July 14 0076
White Base is attacked by a force of twelve Zaku IIs including Char Aznable and three Musai as they begin orbital entry procedures. All three ships are sunk, Char is the only pilot to survive his suit reduced to a headless torso with one arm. He manages to find an undamaged Komusai and follows White Base to earth, determining they are heading towards Canada before veering off to California base.

Mu la flaga and Murrue Ramius and others defect to ORB while aboard the Archangel they are allowed to help with the ships defense as they prepare to descend to earth. The descent operations are interrupted by the le Creuset team and their stolen G weapons during the fighting all but the Red frame receive damage and the Archangel lands in heavily embattled Africa

July 28 0076
White Base arrives in the remains of New York and Garma launches a surprise offensive in the city. Char Aznable mobilizes beside them in his new Efreet mobile suit. A force of four Gaws, twenty Dopp fighters and twelve mobile suits against the Trojan Horse’s four Gundams, two Guncannons and two Guntanks. Char Aznable confronts Amuro ray for the second time and the first time alone. Char’s suit is overwhelmed in the face of a trained pilot with a superior unit and he only evades death thanks to a building collapsing on his suit. Garma is captured alive after his Gaw is shot down and the Eastern siblings record his confession of crimes and subsequent execution. His body is cremated as the sun sets.

The Archangel has its first encounter with Ramba Ral early this morning, escaping his clutches due to the arrival of EA forces. At noon a run in with Andrew Waltfield is thwarted when five copy G-weapons arrive. The evening ends with the group realizing that they are low on supplies due to the rush to evacuate.

The Earth alliance receives word that Heliopolis has been attacked and that the G-weapons there were stolen. Fearing the theft might compromise their meager mobile suit forces the Minor Mutation project is approved which seeks to use scavenged Zeon suit data to adjust and modify the G-weapons. Alongside this a number of rejected prototypes are installed with the g weapons OS and mobilized. Mass production models of the G-weapons begin to roll out.

August 2 0076
Emboldened by their major blow against Zeons morale -and the Zabi family in particular- White Base moves west towards California Base with the goal of eliminating it. Along the way they record a propaganda video showing the damaged wastes left by Zeons forced relocation program. From the spare parts of the Gundam units an experimental unit is constructed on White Base, the Gundam G3. Amuro takes this unit as his own with Sayla succeeding him as pilot of the RX-78-2.

Trenton Wolfwren leaves the Archangel for a nearby town in hopes of buying supplies while there he and a number of temporarily earthside Junk guild members are scooped up by a group of Zeon soldiers. They are taken to a mass driver guarded by a MAX-03 Adzam, before the group can be loaded up and shipped away to space, Heaven Lee Call charges in and breaks both the mobile armor and the mass driver; the arrival of reinforcements from the Archangel scatters the Zeon troops. Trenton secures a deal for the Junk Guild to assist with construction of a new mobile suit in exchange for the Astrays blueprints. Raiding the Zeon base for supplies the group claims a EA designed support unit for the Strike, a Skygrasper.

August 8 0076
Char acquires a Dom customized to his preferences. White Base approaches the Zeon stronghold of California base. The attack is disastrous. While Char’s Dom is destroyed and significant casualties are inflicted on the base the overwhelming number of troops forces White Base to withdraw. During the retreat Sayla Mass and the Gundam are presumed dead.

The first of the Operation meteor mobile suits arrives on earth Gundam Heavyarms first combat sortie coincides with a test run of Duel Fafnir. The death of the latters support team is blamed on the Heavyarms but in truth Gerald Vysewald killed his team out of disgust when they opened fire on civilians.

August 12 0076
Archangel finishes the construction of Astray Vermillion frame and assembly for Astray Black frame. The G weapons locate the Archangel as it heads south east. The group successfully executes a plan to capture the G-weapon though the pilots are killed in the process and the suits damaged beyond the crews ability to repair with their meager supplies.

White Base is designated the “13th autonomous MS team” as a ploy to direct enemy fire toward them and convince enemy forces their MS program is larger than it is. At Jaburo the mass production model of GM begins to roll out and the 01st MS team lead by the Gundam local Type begins a campaign to push Zeon focus out of Central America. White base itself begins Operation Banner targeting key Zeon outposts in the North American territories.

August 16 0076
The Archangel has nearly left Africa behind when the Black Tri-stars block their path forward. Ramba Ral with his new Dom and his men launch an attack from the east. In a twist of fate Andrew Waltfield and his team, backed by a handful of Zuoot units attack from the right. The three way clash ends with the Black Tri-stars dead, Ramba Ral and Andrew Waltfield presumed dead. The Archangel suffered no casualties but did have to stop and resupply with food and water before attempting to cross the ocean.

The Federation formalizes the 02, 03, 04 and 05 MS teams each one sortieing with a Gundam as the move to support Operation Banner by retaking Florida and the eastern coast.

Zeon forces in Madagascar fear the approach of the Archangel and call for assistance; their request is met by the arrival of M’quve and an Adzam.


September 8 0076
Archangel is attacked as they leave the coast of Africa. The three Hyperion Gundam units prove difficult opponents but are eventually brought down. Kira Yamato's performance during the battle earns him the ire of fellow pilots many of whom nearly lost their life to his hesitation

September 19 0076
White Base moves north into Alaska along with the newly formed 06 and 07 MS teams, their goal to Take command of Josh-A and thus the mega highway into Russia. The battle goes well and the Alliance base is seized. During the capture officers are distubed to realize that an incomplete cyclops system is beneath the base.


The Archangel is intercepted by the Adzam as it attempts to cross Madagascar towards ORB. The mobile armor however proves to be no match for a group of experienced pilots equipped with beam weapons.


November 1 0076
White Base is used for propaganda touring the country as reconstruction and resettling efforts begin. A form of light duty awarded for the tireless early efforts. Multiple new Gundam units are manufactured, assigned to crews and sent out to clear territories held by the enemy. The twin units RX-78-4 and RX-78-5 are equipped for space combat and shipped out via the Ohio mass driver, their goal to re-assert federation control in space. Development begins on advanced aquatic and amphibious MS with attention given to new seafaring vessels. The Earth federation Government announces the “Clean Plate” initiative, An effort to create healthier environments for those that live on earth using colony construction technology and a humanitarian focus. This same initiative is also used as an environmental effort restricting the use of non-renewable resources and encouraging plant and animal welfare.

The Archangel arrives in Orb territorial waters and is escorted in. collecting data from the captured g-units -as well as the combat data of the Astrays- Morgenrote begins to sort the data for development purposes.

November 13 0076
Char Aznable attains a Z’gok and uses it to lead a raid with fellow Zeon ace Nimbus Schterzen and his Efreet custom and twenty of the amphibious tunneling units Acguy. In the fighting that ensues Nimbus successfully locates the still in development Blue Destiny unit two and makes off with the EXAM powered unit. Char meanwhile suffers a nervous breakdown at the sight of ten GMs mistaking them for Gundams. The Blue Destiny unit 1 destroys the attacking force before confronting Char who flees into the jungle. his unit having lost an arm and with a damaged leg he is forced to abandon it. Regrouping he orders an evacuation to space knowing that the EF will be searching for the stolen unit.

At the space fortress Solomon Gundam 04 and 05 successfully lay siege to the Zeon stronghold forcing Dozle Zabi to deploy in his Mobile Armor the Big Zam. Working in tandem the pair lose only a single Salamis cruiser before disabling the Big Zam’s mega particle guns and missiles. Dozle Zabi climbed from the wrecked unit and opened fire on the Gundam; an attempt to capture him resulted in him being crushed in 05’s hand. On earth the 09 MS team lands on the Korean peninsula. The Earth Federation force establishes what is meant to be a frontline base for future operations, during the construction it becomes necessary to form a refugee housing area away from the base's south wall.

ZAFT forces in Africa begin encountering strange zeon-esque mobile suits of unknown model and with no alignment to any side.

December 5 0076
Space Fortress Solomon is renamed Konpeito by Earth federation forces as they celebrate the completion of RX-78-6 Gundam Madrock and the beginning of construction for RX-78-7. Konpeito ships the mobile suit and pilot to the Asian front via a special re-entry pod.

The Sanc Kingdom begins a program to locate blood relatives, missing family and loved ones by collecting a large genetic database of the population.

Orb delivers the first hundred units of the M1 Astray to their colonies

Covertly OZ completed the first three thousand mobile suits it will use in its plans to conquer the earthsphere.

December 12 0076
Gundam Shenlong arrives at the Earth Federation Korean base. The pilot’s sudden arrival catches base staff off guard and before an alarm can be raised the personnel are killed.
Ivan Maddox arrives shortly after the slaughter concludes and engages the CLM mobile suit learning of its extreme durability as he is only able to force a retreat.

ZAFT forces preparing a major offensive against EA near the Sanc Kingdom border are routed by a small group of unknown mobile suits, all units are lost without hope of recovery.

December 25 0076
Gundam Alex arrives on the White Base, Amuro passes control of the G3 to Job John.
In Zeon controlled California Deputti Kilor recovers and begins to work on restoring the RX-78-2 for combat situations. Sayla Mass discovers herself to be roughly four months pregnant.

Zeon and Zaft forces fighting in Africa are attacked by Gundam Sandrock and the Magnac corp only black box footage informs Zeon about the unknown enemy mobile suits.

January 6 0077
OZ launches Operation Pharaoh routing all other forces from Africa. By evening complete control of the continent and its waterways belongs to OZ. Planning begins on a second wave of OZ designs.

Gundam Deathscythe lands in and wreaks havoc with EA bases in Romania. Stalling several planned offensives the Earth alliance was building towards.

ZAFT forces begin to protest the lack of new units as part supplies begin to dwindle. The PLANTs are baffled as ZAFTs budget has not changed, they learn that Patrick Zala has diverted funds away from mobile suits towards several unknown projects

White Base is assigned a PR and news expert in the form of Beltorchika Irma. She is the first to uncover that Amuro Ray and Sayla Mass were romantically involved. The Moore brotherhood survivors of Side 2 are defeated when the FA-78-1[S] Full Armor Gundam Space type is nearly destroyed during a fight with a prototype Zaku. All remaining Moore brotherhood members and their MS are taken to A Baoa Qu. RX-78-7 Gundam 7th finishes construction.

February 12 0077
Patrick Zala caves to pressures and approves research and development of new units including a number of Gundam types.

At Konpeito the Earth federation completes the frame for the RX-78-8 which is then handed off to La Vie en Rose, a mobile space fortress for further development.

Zeon deploys the Mobile Armor units Elemeth, Braw Bro and Zakerello with orders to reclaim or destroy the Space Fortress.

Oz forces certify the Tallgeese for use by highly skilled pilots; those who pass the requirements include Quattro Bajeena Zechs Merquise and Treize Kushrenada.

February 16 0077
The Earth Federation begins Operation Odyssey, a plan to return those who were forcibly ejected from earth to their homes. The program proves popular and results in the youthful politician David St.John gaining media attention throughout the earthsphere. Using this new platform David calls for peaceful negotiations to begin.

Zeon’s mobile armors begin their attack on Konpeito. The federation soldiers stationed there suffer heavy losses as they struggle to adapt to the Newtype weapons known as bits deployed by the Elemeth and Braw Bro. The destruction of the Zakerello demoralizes the rest of the battle group and as they attempt to flee they are destroyed with a single vessel managing to reach the “neutral” side six colony Gargantis.

OZ completes construction for the close combat model Capricorn, the transformable flight unit Taurus, and the equipment test beds Mercurius and Vayeate. Testing of these units begins around Kilimanjaro. The decision to use the area as a test sight prompted the construction of OZ’s first non combat MS the Lepus. A mining unit needed for the rapid transformation of the mountain into a production base and training facility.

March 6 0077
The war effort stalls for Zeon as able bodied recruits are sparse and training personnel is equally hard to come by. In space this means forming tighter defensive lines around side 3 and A Baoa Qu, on earth Remaining Zeon forces begin hiding their MS and battleships electing to act as hidden resistance cells.

Zaft forces on Earth receive a number of new units including the beam weapon equipped Guaiz. Orders are given to reinforce all positions against possible attack.

Oz completes the development of a transformable amphibious assault unit Pisces and begins distributing them. Rollout of their new units is slow due to lower than expected recruits.
Development of OZ forces first purpose built Gundams begins.

White Base is placed on a training regime traveling to various bases throughout the Americas serving as special instructors for the MS there. The Earth Federation faces a growing internal schism between the political leaders and the military. The former growing increasingly wary of the control the military has been exerting. The latter growing frustrated by the diversion of resources to civilian resettlement and reconstruction when the war is not over.

ORB colony Ame-no-Mihashira reports a complement of one thousand M1 Astrays as well as weapons and spare parts. Orb begins construction of a home fleet of twice as many as border skirmishes with ZAFT and EA vessels are increasing.

April 4 0077
The RX 78-7 and its mother ship encounter the ZGMF-X13A Providence and a group of Guaiz using prototype weaponry while en route to Luna 2. The Federation Gundam unit is badly damaged by the remote weaponry the Providence deploys, forcing the group to attempt repairs on Gargantis. A Zeon agent disguised as a mechanic manages to steal a repair manual for the gundam and flees to Side 3. War is declared soon after.


May 19
Deputti Kilor rushes Sayla to a hospital as her son Gene Mass is born with no complications.

June 6
Giga Float is attacked by the Earth federation navy and eventually captured.

July 10 0077
Jamil Neate becomes suspicious of his Junk Guild backers. While on business delivering goods to the satellite Shangri-la he accesses a terminal and downloads a shared database.

Wing Gundam arrives on Earth. A bug in its pathing software landed it in Siberia.

With the Gundam manual, Gihern offers a commission to Zeonic, MIP, and Zimmad to design a Gundam of their own.

The Freedom and Justice Are completed alongside the dedicated mother-ship Eternal.

The RX 78-8 is retroactively declared GP00 “blossom” as it had been converted into a test bed as a part of the Gundam development project. A single test wherein the unit’s complicated design causes a cascading failure results in the unit's design being split up into multiple elements.


August 1 0077
Zaft forces in Asia are routed by a deployment of Earth federation airborne experiments.


September 19 0077
For the first time Oz falls under fire from the combined forces of Gundam Heavyarms Gundam Sandrock and the Magnac corp. The base is wiped out in its entirety; only recovered footage reveals the group's involvement. Gundam Deathscythe assists a group of Vulture backed rebels in the Ukraine destroying a major factory and driving EA agents from the town. Gundam Shenlong makes an appearance in India destroying EA bases at incredible speed and moving towards china.

The Earth alliance completes the second wave mobile suit designs and begins construction in Mongolia.

ZAFT completes construction of the Testament, Regenerate, and Resilience Gundam units. Storing them aboard the Eternal as the units are meant to serve with the Providence under Rau le Creuset. Patrick Zala’s anti-natural sentiment becomes the majority opinion of the PLANTs

David St.John is projected to win the election for next Earth federation president.

November 1 0077
Deputti Kilor takes the jury rigged Gundam into battle just in time for a major Earth federation offensive to hit California Base. Deputti happily surrenders himself, and the suit before he informs the pilots that Sayla Mass is alive and well. Beltorchika Irma informs Amuro that her birth control has failed and that she is pregnant with his child. Amuro is of mixed feelings about being a father, his main points of discontent fearing being an absentee father like his own.

Aina Sahlin is recalled from Earth to Side 3 for reasons unknown to her. The remains of the FA-78-1[S] are combined with the incomplete Blue destiny unit 2 at the instruction of Char Aznable to serve as his new machine.

November 18 0077
Amuro learns that Sayla is alive and has a child; he suffers a panic attack and becomes nearly catatonic.

December 8 0077
White base is shot down by Wing Gundam and subsequently towed to Jaburo with its mobile suits nearly destroyed.

Athrun Zala and his team are shot down in a four way brawl between ZAFT, Zeon EA and OZ forces, though greatly injured and with their stolen MS destroyed the Zala team survives. Captured by EF forces in the area, they await their fate.

January 3 0078
Gundam Madrock takes part in a special offensive during which he encounters the Boosted -a group of chemically enhanced teens- piloting the second wave EA machines. Capturing copies of the first wave machines as well as intel that might identify the origin of the rogue Gundams Ivan Maddox and his gundam depart.

January 5 0078
Ivan maddox meets with Jamil Neate. The revelation that the CLM still exists and is responsible not only for the rogue Gundams but the various rebel MS shocks Ivan.