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Gaia's request book! [OPEN]

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Hello! Finally made a request book that I'll have time to do. Summer! Woo! This'll also be where I post updates of stuff and what-not.

So let's get to it, I guess.


Object shows I'll write about (they're in the fandom tags): 

Inanimate Insanity

Animated Inanimate Battle

Battle For Dream Island

The Daily Object Show

Open Sourse Objects

Mysterious Object Super Show

Object Terror

The Nightly Manor


Paper Puppets

Those are the ones I've watched so far, at least. Also no Burger Brawl because they're literally based of real people.

I might consider, but nothing romantic or too, y'know, just weird.

Anyways, what I will write:





Major Character Death




Self inserts (just tell me about them idfk)

Might add more later.

What I won't write:



Child coded characters in smut/romantic relationships.



X readers (I'm mostly just terrible at writing them)

Might add more later.


Alrighty, there it is. Just request in the comments.

Also be sure to specify exactly what you want! I don't wanna wing it with some small info of what you wanted only to get bashed cause that wasn't what you wanted.

If you requested smut, specify who's topping and bottoming. Also kinks that you want in it and what not.

And if you wanna add in some personal headcanons of yours I dont mind, go straight ahead.

I will post it separately from this fic, gifting it to the user who requested it, and/or alerting them the fic is up.

PLEASE STATE IF YOU WANT IT HUMANIZED OR NOT!!! one of my biggest pet peeves really./nm

And please note that I will delete your request if you requested when it was closed. 

I will deny doing a request if it's a ship I'm not comfy with or don't like, the only reason I won't write it if I don't like it is because I will have absolutely no motivation to write it. 

Example: Lightbrush

You can request for than once!

Alright, I think I'm done so far. Feel free to request to your hearts desire!