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The Hosters

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[ POV ] MePhone



It's been a few weeks since the whole show ended. It's so incredible to think that all 11 years of my work is all over and ended in a ripped but pretty bow. After the whole movie thing and all, you know that mepad and toilet are back, weve decided on living in the cave.. since I already kinda slept there the whole time.. oj never really let me go into the hotel, rude. But the cave itself was still really dusty. Well, what else could you expect from a cave amiright?



It's pretty awkward doing "group" stuff with your only real "friends" after a almost world ending event (movie thing I made up). No real talking with each other, just pure silence and the sound of our brooms kicking dust. Mepad cant really hold a broom so toilet is there to be with him. Those two really got alot more close since I last saw them huh?



Well. Someone has to break this loud silence, right?

"Soo.. hows it with you?.. and Toilet"

"If you must know, I'm perfectly fine. As for Toilet?" - MePad

"I'm ok" - Toilet

"You should try making an effort for him too y'know. Since were going to live here together now might aswell become friends now." - Mepad

Toilet looked at me with a look of doubt.

His previous cheery self really got washed up hasn't it? I almost feel bad..



"I'll try.." - MePhone