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If It Means Doing Nothing

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The midday sun shined brightly through the window of the man's bedroom, a place that Anzu temporarily called her home. The blonde idol sat in the fan's bedroom, scrolling through her phone and carefully observing posts about her group's search for her with her hazelnut eyes. She wore her usual long shirt that displayed her creed, along with the green striped shorts she always found herself comfy in, as well as a pair of pink socks. As he promised, the producer and the other idols had been searching high and low for her. She wasn't at her home. She certainly wasn't in the office. She wasn't in her favorite sweets store. She wasn't in the arcade. She was nowhere to be found. Which meant that her goal was a success.

"Mission... complete!" She threw her arms up in the air before laying down onto the bed, her limbs sprawled on then mattress. "Take that! That's what you get for trying to schedule a surprise concert on my birthday! I'm technically an adult now, so I should have a say on whether or not that stuff's okay in the first place!" She did feel a little bad about making everyone worry, but she'd be back by this time tomorrow. It was kind of an emergency, after all; the very night before, the Producer contacted her saying that she were to perform one of her most iconic songs at a show he managed to book at the last minute without consulting her before hand. "Honestly, who just does that? Just because an Idol's always ready to perform..." She yawned softly. "... Doesn't mean she always wants to."

She turned her head to the man in the room. She very well knew who he was. He was at every concert she ever performed in. He was seen in a number of fan clubs focused on her. He even had an exact copy of her favorite stuffed bunny resting on his bed. "Isn't that right? Surely, you agree with me, 'Futabafan0902.' Or can I just call you by your real name, Anon?" The idol of his dreams was referring to him by name. His heart swooned so much that he was practically flying from the ground. Anzu smirked a little bit. "I get to avoid doing unesscesary work, you get to meet the idol of your dreams. I guess we're both winners today, huh?" She glanced around the room. Posters of her painted every angle of his walls, figures of her, some of them rare, were placed on his desks. Various pictures of her in different outfits served as the man's desktop background on his computer. There were CDs and Box Sets of her favorite anime and manga on the TV counter, along with the various game consoles she played, and even the very games themselves. It was a miracle for Anzu, who happened to leave nearly everything else at home when she made her daring escape.

"You've really done your research, haven't you? It's a good thing I'm eighteen now, otherwise people would be really uncomfortable with this obsession you have over me."  This was her first time in another fan's room. On multiple occasions, she was advised against interacting with her fans personally. But she was also advised to be ready to perform whenever necessary, to exercise to make sure her body was already to be on stage, to rehearse her routine and songs constantly... Despite her talent, she clearly lacked work ethic, as well as the ability to follow the rules all the time. "I watched and played most of this stuff, but I'm not gonna say no to re-binging this stuff. Especially with a fan." Most idols would definitely be grossed out by such intensity of a fan's passion for them. But Anzu seemed surprisingly okay with it. "It's the least I can do for you, seeing as how you're letting me hide out here today. Would be a problem if anyone found this out, though."

Anon nodded in agreement. For starters, she herself may end up getting in a ton of trouble if she was found lazing about in some random person's home. And all the other fans seething in jealousy would attack him. A bad ending on both fronts. It was a secret he was more than willing to keep. That said, his eyes couldn't stop leaving Anzu's little body.  Her long t-shirt was raised enough to show her belly as well as the tight stripped shorts she was known for, the crotch of which glued to her mounds, which were visible through her clothes.

"Hm...? See something you like, super fan?" Anzu teased. "Don't tell me... You like like me?" His face went pink and he turned his head to the side. Despite her teasing, Anzu blushed a little herself at the idea of it. Because of her lifestyle and her height, even the more intense fans treated her like a child. They had for so long, and things probably would be more or less the same despite her being eighteen now. Even the producer and everyone else back at the office saw her as one of the kids of the group, despite her being older than a good number of her fellow idols. But this guy, this 'Futaba Anzu Super Fan', was looking at her in ways she's never been looked at before, even on stage.

"W-Well...I just happened to have left my wallet at home," Anzu told him, "so I can't compensate me barging in on your life with anything other than quality time." Anon's heart skipped at the implication. Was she serious? "J-Just know that I'm not the type to do too much work! That said..." She leaned up, running her fingers through her blonde hair. "If you're okay with that... How about I give you something else instead?" She patted the spot on the bed next to her. As Anon sat down, Anzu reached to his hand, grabbing it softly. His eyes widened in disbelief. The loli NEET idol was holding his hand in his room. And on her birthday, no less. At this point, this had to be a dream. He never felt this happy in his entire life.

"Remember what I said,"  reminded Anzu. "I'm not much of a worker..." Anon understood what she meant. He moved his face into hers slowly, staring at her beautiful brown eyes as he pressed his lips against hers. Her eyes dilated at her first kiss being taken, a fantasy that her laziness surpressed for nearly a decade. It was a feeling that made her warm all over, as if the sun were rising inside of her. With the simple act of affection gently elevating her mind, she did her best to return the kiss, mimicking what she saw in dating sims and rom-coms. She grabbed onto his shoulders while he squeezed her hips. He kissed her as passionately as he could, making sure she knew how much she meant to him each time their lips touched. This feeling of love wasn't something she was too used to, but she was growing to like it as time passed. That's right... having a boyfriend might be useful, too...

His hands slid into the bottom of baggy shirt, sliding up her body until it reached her chest. He pinched her nipples in his fingers, causing the girl to squeak a little against his lips. His fingers flickered and pinched the nubs on her flat chest, causing a pleasurable heat to run through the girl so intensely that it made her shudder in pleasure. With his palms rubbing at her little nipples, she pulled away from the kiss. "You like them?" she asked in her soft, youthful voice filled with a innocent ring that further aroused the man. "They're really tiny... but you still like them?" She placed her right hand on his chest, feeling his heartbeat rather quickly as she spoke. "You like itty-bitty tits, Anon? Don't feel bad about it; if anything, that makes me really happy!" She giggled as she moved her hands to the bottom of her shirt, lifting it up over her head and taking it off of her, showing her completely flat chest accompanied with bright, pink nipples as stiff as stone. She stuck her chest out, rather proud of her tiny frame more than ever. "Here you go! The breasts of a fully-grown adult!"

His mouth watered at the sight of such delectable breasts. He parted his lips as he leaned in to the one on his left, wrapping his lips around the shut-in's left nipple, sucking it in his rather thirty mouth. Feeling his lips and tongue feast on her chest made Anzu moan a little louder than before. Her entire body felt a tingling sensation from head to toe. He felt his lips kiss her little nipple and his tongue dance along it like wind blowing through grass in a meadow, his right hand moving to the other side and pinching the other nipple repeatedly. The excitement of being toyed with struck her very core. She tilted her head back, small pants and cries accompanying her little jitters. He slurped loudly along her chest, as if he was having his first meal in ages. Her taste was surprisingly pleasant. Most people would expect someone of Anzu's lifestyle to smell horrid, but she had rather sweet scent to her that reminded him of lemon pie.  Anzu herself was thankful that even she remembered to bathe... once in a while. It's a good thing I decided to take that pre-birthday bath before going to bed, otherwise this guy would have been KO'd from BO by now...

His tongue raced along her nipple one more time before dragging across her chest to the other one, engulfing it in his mouth and sucking it just as hungrily as the other one that was now covered in the man's spit and drool. Her entire body got hotter while her hands moved to his head, running his fingers through her hair while she gazed down at him with pink cheeks. "A-Ahn... How does it feel to finally be able to play with my tits after all this time?" He nodded his head as he dropped his left hand in between her legs, running his fingers against her soft folds through her clothes. The touch made Anzu yelp a little, his digits gently brushing back and forth against her covered snatch while his mouth continued feasting on her nipple. He pressed his lips around it and pulled on it ever so gently, a sensation that hit just right through every part of her body. She was getting wetter and wetter by the second, a fact that was evident to him as he continued playing with her pussy through her shorts. "D-Don't go too crazy now... O-Or do... I guess it doesn't matter much at this point, huh...?"

Soon enough, he pulled away from her chest, leaving both of her nipples coated with drool as he smacked his lips. They looked like tiny little leaves covered in morning dew, and he couldn't help but to lean in and give her left nipple just one more kiss. "Mmn.... You're really getting into this, aren't you?" Anzu teased while his fingers moved along her folds. She spread her legs a little, her eyes gazing at the tent having formed in the man's pants. "Say... when I'm in my place, I tend to get comfortable. You should too," she stated while she reached a hand over to the clothed member, stroking it slowly. Even through the fabric, Anon's rod stiffened ever more to Anzu's touch.  Taking her advice, he finally pulled down his pants, exposing his hard, hot mass that throbbed from his crotch. Anzu, pink-faced and flustered, found her eyes staring at his hardness. The sight alone made every nerve in her body tingle with excitement. "It's like super-sized pocky...." Amazed by his length, she moved her hand around his mass, stroking it gently in her soft, delicate fingers. She stared intently at it while her eyes gazed into his. "I know what I said, but  I've actually been wanting to try this for a while now. You don't mind, right?" Anon shook his head excitedly.

"In that case, allow me. Thank you for the meal!" She lowered her head, opening her mouth around the tip of his dick. Becoming infatuated with the taste of his mass almost immediately, she moved her head further down, sliding more of his shaft into little mouth. She bobbed her head, her hot cave caressing his shaft while she repositioned herself. on her hands and knees, allowing the man to get a good view of her butt. He moaned ever so softly as she kept sucking him off, feeling her wet tongue dance along his length as he gently petted her hair, her blonde locks falling over her head gracefully as she dined on his shaft. It was hard to believe that a mouth that was home to such an angelic voice could also be capable of something like this. He sighed in delight, letting the girl feast on his length as she saw fit. He moved his right hand to her butt, squeezing it softly through her shorts, prompting her to suck just a little faster. She twisted her head side to side as she slurped on his length, covering it with drool that he could see each time her head moved back up. She hummed and moaned around the man's shaft while she gently twerked her butt in his hand. The flavor of his rod combined with the sheer feeling of it was overriding any logic or rationale that tried to convince her that this wasn't something she was supposed to be doing with a fan. The taste of his cock was convincing enough to not want to think about her responsibilities as an idol.  For now, she was just a normal adult that loved dick. 

She tightened her mouth's grip around his length as she pulled it back up to the tip of his cock again, her tongue dancing along the slit of it for a few seconds before forcing herself further than she ever went before. She took his entire rod into her mouth, letting the head of it and upper length breach her throat. Anon gasped as she felt her engulfing so much of his rod, the pleasure of it resting deep in her mouth making him twitch in pleasure, as if his spirit was being drained from her tiny mouth. Her tongue poked out to lap against the base of his shaft, tickling it with its soft wetness. He silently uttered her name while he gripped her butt a bit tighter, rubbing and massaging it while she pulled her hot mouth back up to his length, loosening her lips around it before tightening them and throwing her head back down again. She lifted and dropped her head repeatedly like a carnival ride, constantly grinding her throat against his shaft until her neck finally gave way. She pulled  her mouth all the way back to the tip, giving it a hard suck before letting it free of her lips.

"T-This is way better than what you see in those eroges," Anzu gawked, staring at the hard cock she just swallowed a dozen times fold. "All that practice really did pay off... except my neck kind of hurts now..." She glanced back to Anon's hand, watching him squeeze her butt through her shorts. "Having fun over there? You seem to like every part of my body, which isn't too surprising." She smirked with a bit of unbridled confidence. "After all, a body that doesn't waste its energy in growing is the ideal body for a woman!" She sighed, her hot breath hitting his wet length that shook with excitement. "Still, your dick is pretty amazing... It's even making me want to put in the extra work..." She snapped her fingers. "I have an idea. If I have to break a sweat, than so do you! So lie down!"

Being only just a little confused, Anon lied down on his back as requested. The blonde girl crawled over her body while taking off her shorts, sliding them down her ankles and exposing her smooth, bare pussy. She moved herself over Anon, her naked snatch dripping a drop or two of its nectar on his face. It was like staring at the gates of heaven blessing him with its divine rain. "At the very least, make sure to take care of me too, okay?" She lowered herself ever so slowly until her folds touched his lips. He parted them excitedly, letting his pink muscle dance along her cunt eagerly. A rush of dopamine rushed through Anzu the moment his tongue touched her, and she cried out passionately as she moved her hips, grinding her pussy against his tongue while she closed her eyes. His wet muscle circled and zig-zagged around her vulva  with intense strokes, causing her toes to curl in bliss. She almost felt like putty being on top of him, the ecstasy of his tongue feasting on her becoming almost too much to bare. "Do I taste that good, hm?" teased the idol while she pressed her folds further against Anon's mouth, which made loud slurping sounds into her cunt. He taste buds identified some peach mixed with a cinnamon tang. It was a flavor that would forever be etched into his mind as the greatest thing he could ever hope to taste.

The fan reached up to grab Anzu's waist gently as her pussy motioned on his mouth like a flower in a summer breeze. She felt as if she could scream so loud that she could give her position away to everyone in a three mile radius, so she decided to silence herself by leaning forward and wrapping her lips around his cockhead, which was blessed with her lust-fueled squeals. She threw her head straight down on his length, gliding her mouth up and down his shaft while he pushed his tongue into her soft snatch. His hands moved underneath her thighs and over to her butt, squeezing it eagerly while he motioned his hips, thrusting his rod up into Anzu's mouth in rhythm with her sucking. The two let out muffled moans as they feasted on one another, her pussy twitching and contracting around his tongue as his rod leaked precum into her throat. The pleasure coursing through her head acting as a compass, Anzu kept using her mouth on him every which way. She grabbed onto his legs as she deepthrated him yet again, her throat pulsating around the rod it was holding hostage as she breathed deeply through her nose. At the same time, Anon pulled his tongue out of her pussy, opening his mouth to wrap his lips around her clit, giving it a few hard, hungry sucks while whipping his tongue on it rapidly, his fingers digging into her soft buttocks while he made another thrust into her mouth, suckling on her little bud like candy.

Two. Four. Six. Eight. Ten sucks on her clit was all it took for for Anzu to completely lose it. The blonde let out a loud, orgasmic moan that was muffled by the rod she was choking herself on. Her entire body quivered as she unloaded her hot, sweet nectar all over his face and into his mouth. It was like a water balloon filled with peach juice popped directly in his face. He opened his mouth wide, making sure he could take as much of her essence as he could, gulping down the sweet liquids gushing out of her cunt. He gripped her butt tightly and made another thrust inside of her mouth. Anzu quickly moved her mouth up his cock until she reached his tip. She had intended to pull off, but his climax convinced her to stay in place a bit. His mass twitched in her mouth, and  his tip fired  hot, thick ropes of cum inside of her. Her eyelids fell halfway over her pupils as she felt his seed bless his tongue. She lowered her head slightly as his cock throbbed inside her mouth, pulsating with every jet of cum unleashed into her. The taste of his seed was just as good as the meat it came out of, and she made sure to swallow each and every drop with gulp after loud gulp. She closed her eyes, savoring and enjoying the taste of his cum with all her heart. Not just its flavor, either; the way it went down her throat was somehow soothing, and even more so the way it melted away into her belly, as if she were drinking a bottle of warm milk before going to bed.

With their respective climaxes both finished, Anzu slowly moved her mouth up and off of his cock, letting some of the excess cum leave her mouth. She coughed and made an attempt to try and catch her breath. "Cum tastes so good... And there's so much of it..." She leaned up, licking her lips clean of the cum that trickled on the sides of her mouth. She motioned her hips still, thrusting her pussy onto Anon's face before stretching her arms behind her back. "Well, that's the most amount of exercise I'm willing to put in today." she gazed back down at Anon's cock, which was surprisingly still hard - or, perhaps, it stiffened itself again almost instantly. "Huh? Don't these things take a while to get pepped back up?" She reached down to touch the drool-covered, cum-coated length. A single poke with her finger brought his mass back to life in an instant. That's when she remembered; Anon wasn't just any fan, but a Anzu Futaba Super Fan. She couldn't help but to let out a cute yet seductive giggle. "Could it be because it's me? I guess I really do mean a good deal to you, huh?"

Alas, she was quite tired. Or rather, lazy. Both? Either way, she was convinced that her energy was spent. Usually when she felt even the slightest hint of exhaustion, she wouldn't want to do anything else. This, however, was a special case. She knew deep down that she wanted to take his time with her to the next level. Her body was at a very, very rare odds with herself. Ultimately, though, her womanly urges won. She crawled off of Anon's face, facing away from him as he got onto her hands and knees, sticking her pretty butt out towards him. "Honestly... Making me feel like this... You've really got a lot of nerve. But I'll allow it because it's you." She gently moved her hips in a circle, enticing the man to come closer to him like a hypnotist taking over a victim's mind.  He took a moment to stare at her pretty, naked asscheeks, his right hand stroking his shaft while his left hand grabbed onto her butt, squeezing it like a toy in his grasp. He wiggled it and doughed it in his grasp while he stared at her sweet cunt that was as wet as rain, even slapping it softly, causing the girl to giggle while he played with it so casually. "Don't keep me waiting..."

He slowly pushed the tip of his rod towards her folds, sliding it into her hot, wet pussy. Inch after inch of his rod slid into her afterwards, her moans filling the room with ecstatic bliss as she felt the mass fill her. She wiggled her hips just a little bit, but the man was already motioning his hips, thrusting his rod back and forth against those clamping inner walls of hers while he grabbed onto her small yet plump bottom. "Fuck... You feel pretty nice," she said while she kept herself up for him. The man's hands traversed Anzu's rear, his palms gliding along her soft bottom and sinking his fingers into it constantly. Her skin felt so soft, as if he were digging into cotton candy. Her moans got louder as he threw his hips forward with more swiftness, quickly pushing his rod into Anzu's caverns with more force. The girl shuddered as she was railed, sensing the intensity behind each thrust he made into her. Her entire body jittered with ecstasy while his shaft plunged into her, and she couldn't help but to look back at him with an aggressively sultry look on her face. "This must... Mn... Be a dream come true for you, huh?" She teased in her soft voice as he kept thrusting into her.  "You're really fucking me good! Keep it up, just like that!"

Not only was he having sex with his favorite idol in the whole world, but she was really enjoying it. His heart felt as warm as the sun, or maybe that was the feeling of her moist cunt swallowing his dick like a worm hole. Either way, he  kept going, plunging his hardness powerfully into her. Even during sex, the voice was beautiful. It was full of lust, passion, love, and excitement. It was a similar energy it had whenever she performed on stage, regardless if it was ab-libbed or not. He wanted to hear more of it. His only solution was to raise his right hand and slam his palm down on her right buttock with thunderous force. The unexpected smack caused the girl to scream, her core exploding with a pleasure she poorly tried to contain. With her mind practically shattered by how well the first dick she ever let fuck her was treating her, she felt her cunt coiling especially tight around his mass and gushing her sweet, warm nectar around it as he kept moving, though a little slower. She uttered a swear in a raspy voice as he kept pounding his shaft into her, albeit at a slower pace.

She was seeing stars. His rod sheathed deep into the very back of her cunt, causing her to moan even more with a lust that had completely beaten her into submission, much like his cock did to her warm trenches. She usually loathed moving when she didn't have to, yet her body felt it was her god-given duty to push back onto his shaft, which constantly pulled itself back before making lightning fast jabs into her pussy. The impact of his rod's tip kissing her sensitive depths made her lower her head. "Fuck... I-I need it..." She narrowed her eyes a bit as her sensitive pussy was pummeled, her mind as messy as jelly. He moved his hands to the lithe girl's hips before he started moving again, rapidly plowing his dick inside of Anzu's pussy like a piston in overdrive. The girl gasped loudly, her voice getting higher and higher as she clawed at the bed. "Nnh...Cum! Cum inside me already!"

Disregarding any thought and logic, Anzu began pushing back with a little more force, the sounds of his hips smacking her ass constantly managing to turn her on a good deal. The same could be said for Anon, who desperately pounded his shaft so hard into her that the bed began to creak. She swore and groaned in ecstasy, her cunt squelching loudly around his hard rod as he himself shuddered and groaned, uttering his beloved idol's name until he finally came. His dick's tip spurted the second round of cum he had to offer, ropes of it flooding every inch of her pink, hot depths. She felt all too clearly the feeling of her seed splashing about inside of her, and she couldn't help but to let out yet another orgasm as the foreign whiteness being shot into her body made her feel an unimaginable pleasure that took her on such a high that she felt as if she could reach the stars.

Anon savored the time his rod spent inside her tight, cum-filled pussy before he pulled his hips back, letting his cock slip from her pussy. He unloaded a good deal of cum into her, so some of it ended up leaking from her used hole and onto the bed, the sheets of which also had a print of Anzu's face.  Her hands and knees finally gave way, and the girl found herself laying on her stomach, her snatch oozing with her number one fan's semen. "Guh... Gyk..." Her mind was scrambled. Having been railed like that in addition to being unloaded into like a cumdump, Anzu was at a lost for words. She was so busy trying to recover herself in her own little realm of delight that she didn't notice Anon's stamina at play once more. She was promptly rolled over, allowing her to see Anon's hard cock covered in her juices. Her pupils shrunk in surprise, a smile that was confused on whether to be happy or terrified by how quickly he was able to recover. "H-Hey, I'm no doctor, but shouldn't you try and take a break?" That said, even though she was filled with his seed, she was better off taking advantage of this while she could. She sighed. "Fine, fine. But after this, I'm taking a nap." Demonstrating an idol's physical ability, she lifted her legs over her belly, locking her wrists along her ankles. "Make sure you really let it all out this time, okay?"

Anon wasted no time pushing the crown of his dick into her oozing snatch before sliding his length back into her. He moved like an animal, pounding his rod hard and powerfully into her pussy while he grabbed onto her hips. From this angle, he could see her aroused expressions. As she moaned, Anzu laid her head back against the bed, her flat chest poking out towards him as he hammered away at her cunt for a second time. "Damn it! Do you really have to keep fucking me like this!" She grunted as he continued pushing his mass into her. He moved his hand over to her cheek, stroking it gently as he stared into her eyes. She stared up into his, her cries bouncing off of the fan's walls as she willingly took his dick without much complaint. She made a smug, yet lustful grin on her lips. "Well, at least you're good at this... Almost too good..."

The praise did nothing to slow down Anon, who moved both of his hands over to her flat chest, pressing his palms against her stiff nipples for a moment before pinching them in his fingertips. The girl arched her back as her sensitive nipples were teased, drool seeping from the corner of her mouth while his dick speared into her. He tweaked those little nips excitedly, tugging on them and even flicking them about. The stimulation combined with the rough fucking caused her pupils to cross upwards in her eyes. "You fucking animal...!" As the bed creaked and rocked from the fan's movements, Anzu moved her hands over to his wrists, her cries getting higher in pitch and octaves. He repeatedly struck all the sensitive areas inside of her pussy, the electrifying waves of ecstasy resonating through her entire body like a current. Every nerve in her body was on fire in the the best way possible, and she couldn't help but to toss her head back into the bed, the weight of the pleasure coursing through her practically crushing her like an anvil.

Her pussy greedily tightened around his rod with absolutely zero intent to let it go, wanting to milk whatever cum that was remaining from out of it. "You've grown so addicted to my pussy," she noted in between her gasps and moans. "Maybe I'll hide out here if I need to ditch work. How does that sound?" As if responding, Anon's cock throbbed intensely inside of her. She could feel it pulsating in her tight, narrow walls. With her toes curling in deep, unbridled pleasure, Anzu moved her legs around  Anon's waist, locking them around them with her heel digging into his hips. She was sweating quite a bit, almost as if she had spent a whole day rehearsing her dance moves, but she was still in love with the way she was getting fucked. Anon, too, enjoyed watching her squirm and cry out in delight from his actions. He was doing more than just giving her a birthday gift. He was giving her the ultimate sign that she had reached full adulthood, something that no one else probably would give her even after she left from his place. Knowing that the person he cared for the most loved his body made him feel like he was king of the world. Each squeeze on his cock from her pussy, each cry that slipped past her soft lips, each drop of sweat that covered her skin... All of it was begging for Anon to become one with the one he admired, body and soul.

He wrapped his arms around Anzu's waist, hunching over a bit as he moved his hands underneath her, grabbing her soft buttocks greedily. Feeling the lower half of her body raised, Anzu found herself looking up at the man with a lewd expression on her face. Her beautiful blonde hair was in an equally beautiful mess. There was drool resting on the corner of her mouth. Her half-lidded eyes were flooded with ecstasy, like the rest of her body and mind. "Take... Take good care of me, you hear?" said the girl in a trance of lust. "Take care of me... and I promise to be all yours..."

His heart skipped a beat. Even though she probably didn't realize what she had just said, Anon began to move quickly, gyrating his hips like a mad man and pounding his dick straight into the very back of her pussy like a jackhammer. His fingers clawed into her smooth rump while he thrust into her like a well-oiled machine, his dick running through her cunt like a leopard in an open field. Her cries were so blissful that it'd make angels jealous, but that didn't stop Anon from silencing her by leaning down to kiss her lips deeply. He held her close as his cock leaked precum into her pussy, his tongue slipping past her lips and moving against hers. Her mouth, her pussy, her brain.... it all submitted to the fan that swore to always love her, no matter what. She kissed him while whimpering eagerly into his mouth. He knew what she wanted, and he was so close to giving it to her.

The man made one more hard thrust into her, pumping yet another round of his blazing cum straight into her pussy. Pinning her to the bed, Anon made sure his dick's barrage of cum once again shot as deep as it could into her wet trenches. The feeling of his heat inside of her once again made her moan, albeit into Anon's mouth. She could feel his entire body shake  as he let out another burst of seed into her, filling her with so much seed that a good bit of it began oozing out of her hole and around his shaft. She brandished a gritted-tooth grin as her cunt got stuffed with another helping of cum. Her legs stayed locked onto his waist, helping to make sure that he wouldn't pull back from his choice - not that he would. He had experienced the highest honor possible: to not only have the great Futaba Anzu come over his home, but to have hot, bareback sex with the little blonde that seemed to have relished in it just as much as he did. He couldn't be happier.

"Hah... Alright, you..." Anzu unlocked her legs around him, allowing the man to pull out of her. The moment he did, a gush of cum left her pussy to stain his Futaba Anzu blankets. "That... was really fun..." She was having an even harder time catching her breath than before. "M-Maybe you should be an coach for idols... or maybe my personal coach... or... Well, whatever..." She yawned, stretching her arms slowly. "Either way, congrats... As long as you can keep a secret, you can finally..." She let out another yawn, her eyes growing heavy as she reached over to grab her stuffed bunny. "...Finally... date... an Idol..."

He wanted to tell her how happy he was to hear that. Of course, it'd be a secret. But it'd be the best kept secret he'd ever make an attempt to keep. He wanted to tell her that he wouldn't stop thinking about her, and that he hoped that she wouldn't stop thinking about him. He wanted to tell her how much her performance and her music motivated him, inspired him - even if sometimes it was the opposite effect of what she hoped for. He wanted to tell her that he wanted to do everything he can to make sure he could support the lifestyle she adored so much. He wanted to say to her that he would do anything and everything for her.

But that would have to wait. The girl finally shut her beautiful eyes as she cuddled her bunny. Equally tired, Anon scooched over to her and lied down, wrapping his arms around her waist. Anzu's consciousness returned for just a moment. She let go of her prized stuffed animal and turned around to wrap her arms around Anon, burying her face into her chest as she started to slowly drift back into sleep. She might have just turned her back on some pretty strict rules about fan interactions, but between how nice Anon was and how good sex with him felt, she really didn't care, especially if it meant more days off of her job. Dating may have been frowned upon in an industry like this, but...If it means doing nothing, then it's a risk worth taking! Anzu nuzzled against Anon's chest, sighing happily as she went back to bed.

After all... things like this are good every once and a while too, right?