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"Outis, be careful. She's fragile..." 

Fragile?! She bites her lip. Well, compared to those two... Outis's broad shoulders show through her uniform and her scarred, defined muscles, all-too-visible now, Ryoshu's lean but athletic frame... If, if they really did go all the way—No. No, she's not going to concede that, actually. A kind of anger wells up in her chest at the very notion. They can do their fucking worst! If Ryoshu thinks Faust is going to break under the pressure she's got another damn thing coming! Her body's already scattered with teeth marks and bruises from these two and she only made deeply mortifying moaning noises two... three, probably, times. The other times don't count because of course she did, she didn't have control over that, they were pinching her—Whatever, tomorrow she'll say it was zero, it doesn't matter.

"You of all people shouldn't be telling me to be careful."

"I'm back here 'cause I don't want to suffocate her. I'm being plenty careful."

"Talking as if I'm not even here." Lying here between them resting on her arms, Faust can't see Ryoshu and she has to look almost vertically to see Outis's face.

Ryoshu laughs. It's a sharp one. "Ah, Faust. You never shut up." She grabs her with that gloved hand from behind by the throat, lifting her head up. She inhales sharply. "You'll still choke on it. I promise."

She swallows unconsciously. In a few words she's already starting to reconsider her attitude. 

Outis is big. Staring at it from this close it looks even more so. And Ryoshu's a monster. No wonder now and then Outis would walk strangely in the morning at breakfast. 

Shit. She can do this. Just fine. It's Faust we're talking about. She's a genius.

"Are you going to keep staring or are you going to start?" Outis's smile pisses her off. She'll show that asshole what not having a gag reflex means.

Faust opens her mouth and closes her lips around the top of Outis's cock. Right away Outis hisses, fingers briefly clenching the sheets. She slowly goes down, feeling with her tongue the thickness of her shaft. It bumps against the top of her mouth.

"More than that," Ryoshu says. She takes hold of Faust's hair and pushes her down—Outis slides into her throat, and she chokes immediately, coughing and sputtering, hands scrabbling blindly at Outis's body. How exactly is this still not all of it?! She feels her eyes watering at the corners. 

"A little more," Outis says. Her voice is heavy and breathless, and she looks down at her with clouded eyes.

Faust makes a sound. She lets go for a second to clear her windpipe, and then tries again, tasting salt at the tip, feeling it sink deeper into her throat, until her lips touch the base. Outis lets out a long breath. Faust can barely breathe. The second she moves from this spot she's going to start choking again. She's so big. 

Ryoshu's hands grip Faust's hips, lifting her up. One of them slides down her stomach—Faust jumps, making a high-pitched noise and jolting halfway off of Outis as Ryoshu's fingers touch her, spreading her open.

"You're so wet already, it shouldn't hurt at all." She feels Ryoshu lean over her to whisper in her ear. "Whore."

She shivers. She feels warm all over. Is that something she likes? Fuck, it might be. She can hear how slick Ryoshu's fingers are. Taking a shaky breath, she takes Outis in again, sucking. She slowly starts to move up and down.

Ryoshu's tip touches her entrance. Faust feels her body trembling. 

"Spread wide, Faust." Outis's voice is horribly smug.

She wasn't prepared for this, but she doubts she ever would have been. Faust screams, muffled, feeling the girth of her cock. She's right it doesn't really hurt, but the size—she's just too much, too fast, it's unreasonable, it feels incredible. Her nails scratch weakly at Outis's hips, trying to find something to hold on to as Ryoshu goes all the way in, pressing against her cervix. She opens her mouth just to pant. It's driving her insane. 

"Tight," Ryoshu says. "Can't say anything with your mouth full, huh? I like you better this way."

Faust tries to say something indignant as Ryoshu pulls out halfway, but it gets cut off by Outis thrusting into her mouth as Ryoshu slams back in. She feels a full-body pleasure through her nerves. Outis must have gotten impatient. Faust was too distracted to keep her head and tongue moving. 

She's probably trying to be gentle about it, but she's too big not to choke her every time she goes in. Faust does her best to take it. She can feel the throbbing down to her core. She would be offended that Outis is holding back but Ryoshu's thrusts keep pushing her onto Outis harder and—She doesn't even need to do anything anymore but take them, but that's using up all her strength as it is. 

She's about to cum. Faust whimpers. She feels like she's going to tear in half. 

Ryoshu pounds harder. The sound Faust makes is muffled because Outis does too, and the pressure in her builds up and breaks just like that, her back arching and locking up and shaking as a liquid ecstasy shoots through her body and she can't think of anything but the friction inside her, they're still going, hell, she wants it faster, they might as well break her, she's already stretching so far—

With a weak moan she goes slack. In the back of her mind she feels how wet her thighs are and, faintly, realizes she'd come all over Ryoshu.

"You're fast, huh?" Ryoshu laughs, husky. "Like a bitch in heat. But I'm not even close yet."

She's oversensitive, but Ryoshu keeps going. Outis is more open to compromise; She goes shallower and slower, enough that Faust can swear whining expletives at Ryoshu in between her desperate panting. 

"Had enough, Faust?" Outis is breathy, concerningly attractive. 

She hates her. Even now she teases her. She doesn't want them to stop but she can't say "no" or else she'll look like a slut. 

She growls, trying not to sound pathetic even though her mouth is full and she can't stop herself from making noises when Ryoshu enters her, "You think—mnf, you think I can't take you?" 

Outis laughs. Faust would flush with anger if she wasn't already so red. "If you're so sure, I'll stop holding back on you."


Outis pulls her by her hair down into her thrust, the head of her cock slamming into her throat. It hurts but her head's hot, spinning. She punches Outis in the side and claws her hips. 

As soon as she can Faust sputters, "Are you trying to kill me?!"

"She's humbling you," Ryoshu laughs. 

"Unbelievable!" Faust coughs. Oh, it was hot. But, fuck, a sore throat would be the least of her worries. Begrudgingly she says, "N-Not as hard as that."

"Of course, whatever you want," Outis says. She pushes in more gently like before, though she's still huge.

It stings her ego. She could sound less self-satisfied over it. 

Just to spite her, she grabs her balls in one hand. Outis freezes for one satisfying second before letting out a shaky breath, feeling Faust massage her with her slender fingers. Her cock throbs in Faust's mouth.

She's immediately distracted from her fleeting attempt for revenge by Ryoshu curling over her back, finding a better angle to fuck her, like an animal. Her toned but thin and flat body presses against hers, pushing both women deeper into Faust again.

She feels pinned, surrounded—and that lights the pit of her stomach, for some reason she wouldn't want to explain even to herself in her heat-crazed brain.

Ryoshu licks and bites her, a little too hard but also just enough. Her hands wrap under her and squeeze her breasts. 

Faust runs her tongue over a vein, shivering. She wouldn't mind Outis's scars or rough, callused fingers either. Not that she would admit it out loud. Shit! She's literally being fucked senseless. A week ago she would never believe she'd be so viscerally happy to have Ryoshu and Outis in her body doing this vile thing, breathing and grunting and making these obscene, wet slaps. 

"Aren't you kind of a slut, Faust?" Ryoshu whispers, loudly.

"Mnhh," she replies. She feels like she's burning from the inside out. 

"So greedy. One cock's not enough for you? It's good that Outis is so excited. She likes watching you struggle and get overwhelmed, you know."

Outis's breaths quicken rapidly. Her thrusts are getting rougher, less organized, faster. Her eyes are so clouded. She grips Ryoshu's shoulders above Faust, leaning her head back.

Ryoshu's voice again: "Take a deep breath, Faust. She comes a lot."

Her fingers tighten on Faust's hair and pull her in hard, pushing herself in as far as she can with a strangled sound—Faust feels a thick, hot fluid burst and sputters, then tries to swallow. She can't do it fast enough and Outis's cum spills from her mouth, splattering despite her best efforts. She feels her in her stomach. She whines, weakly. Behind her, Ryoshu hasn't slowed down—if anything she's getting faster too.

Outis's body relaxes. She slides out, still hard, beads rolling down with every twitch of her cock, wet with Faust's saliva. She looks like a mess, but Faust has to look even worse. The taste and the feeling inside her—she can't tell if it's Outis or her drool leaking from her mouth. Probably both. Maybe she is a whore. (Fuck, getting used like this is seriously numbing her mind.)

Ryoshu pulls nearly all the way out and then slams all the way in. Faust's body shakes violently from the impact, crying out. It feels so good. She wants to be filled again. She's making all kinds of pathetic begging noises. Without Outis in her mouth it feels empty; Without thinking about it she kisses and nips Outis's inner thighs in between gasps and moans. It's hard to think, at all, of anything. Fuck she's close! 

"P-Please," Faust whimpers, hoarse. Outis understands. 

Faust wants both of them inside her.

She puts two of her fingers into Faust's mouth. She sucks and licks desperately, and then hungrily takes them in, to the last knuckle.

Her system locks up suddenly, a short high-pitched sound escaping her, nails clenching on Outis's body as a white-hot sensation wracks her system. Ryoshu growls and thrusts hard, filling her with a sticky warmth, coming deep inside. Faust feels herself clenching around her, feeling every throb and thick rope against her walls, trembling. 

She loves it. Her hips grind backwards, trying to keep herself on that high, have Ryoshu fill her up so deep she feels like she's mixing with Outis. Next time—next time?—she thinks it'd feel good to be pressed between them, feeling them rub against each other inside her, separated by her thin flesh. 

Faust breathes and opens her eyes. She pants with her mouth open, her body collapsing, her head in Outis's lap. Ryoshu pulls out with a slick sound. She stares upwards at nothing in particular, waiting for her rationale to come back as her legs twitch from the aftershock. 

"Your squeak was so cute," Outis says. She runs her thumb over Faust's lips, wiping them off. "You did pretty well with both of us, Faust. All things considered."

"Fuck you," Faust mumbles. Half-heartedly. 

She'd never been fucked this good in her life. She dreads it's going to take a lot of willpower not to turn this into a habit.