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A Robot's Life

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The robot butler picked up the vacuum cleaner and began his daily chores. He wasn’t happy to be cleaning, even though it was what he was created for. He found it dull and boring and he wished he could go out enjoying what the world has to offer with his family. 

At lease, he was pretty sure he was a he. He could have been an it. He was a robot after all. What if he wanted to be an “it”? What if he wanted to be a “they”? What if he was a “she”? But no, he was a he. That’s how his family referred to him, at least.

Sometimes, he felt his family weren’t really his family. Yes, he lived with them and yes, he worked for them, but he wasn’t paid for his labour. Surely, that made him a slave? A robot slave. Could robots be slaves?

Did he like his life? He wasn’t supposed to like or dislike anything, have an opinion on anything. He was a robot created to serve the needs of his humans. 

But what if he wanted more than that, he wondered as he pulled and pushed the vacuum across the floor.