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Met by Moonlight

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Narcissa brushed a kiss over Lily’s naked shoulder. She’d traced every freckle countless times, but it wasn’t enough. Not when she would never know what colour they shone in sunlight. 

“I’ve got to go, love.”

Lily rolled over, studying her. 

“You haven’t got to.”

“I do.”

Narcissa’s stomach twinged as Lily’s eyes shuttered. They always did, when she left. 

“Right. Wouldn’t want to keep Lucius waiting.” 

Narcissa nuzzled into the crook of Lily’s neck and breathed in the scent of her. Of them. “You know it’s not like that.”

Lily’s shuddering sigh reverberated through her. 

“I know.”

She hadn’t known about the raid until she was watching her husband point his wand between Lily’s shoulder blades. The ones with the freckles that Narcissa knew by memory. 

Narcissa screamed and Lucius crumpled and Lily froze. They gazed at each other over her husband’s body. Grey and green. Ocean and forest. Winter and spring. 

“Lily, run.”

Tears streaked Lily’s cheeks.

Go. ” 

A hesitant nod. And Lily was gone. Narcissa swallowed the lump in her throat, and turned to face the death eaters that had watched her cut down one of their own. 

At least this time, she wasn’t the one to leave.