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Sky Is The Limit

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Everyone has created a story at some point. It could have been in childhood, when they pretended to be pirates or princesses or something else. Maybe it happened while using toys to create awesome adventures! Or maybe, the story was created while taking care of a baby.

All these things are, in fact, storytelling.

When people get older, some of them stop imagining things and focus on reality, but others dig deeper into their stories. They become book authors, movie writers, or even comic creators, mangakas. But while creating silly little stories is easy, making a good one is incredibly hard. There are so many things to think of!

And even when you decide to take up that challenge and dare to make something good, there will always be people to criticise you. Be it either very harsh people who try to find any reason to take a jab at you, or simply shallow thinkers.

And yet, the ability to make stories and predict outcomes to the different actions of a character is very useful. Writers learn things as they need them in their story. Some get good at strategising. They learn how to think and put themselves in another person's shoes.

The last part is harder than many think.

That's why she wanted to teach people exactly that little virtue. And that's why she now looked at a beautiful ruby, in which lay the reflection of a heroine in a black spotted red mask.