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... Good morning, sir~ The alarm clock's buzzing~! It's time to awake once again in his life! And such happens to be exactly what he did.

As soon as it went off, Alexander snapped out of his sleep. Still laying down, he did a quick morning stretch and yawned. Eventually he got up of bed and turned off the alarm,

Another day, another chapter to the story,

That's the thought that didn't quite exactly cross his mind, but he didn't need it to either way.


Today was gonna be another big day, so he proceeded to do the routine as usual. After all, he had to leave a little early to arrive just on time. There was an big event happening for artists just like him, and he so happened to be invited, he didn't want to miss it at all!

He went downstairs to make his leave, but was rather instantly greeted by a member of his family. Of course, like a gentleman he could be, Alex was accepting about it and kindly said how— "I can't stay for long again, I've got an event to assist. I promise I'll be home by dinner though!"

—"Aww. Have fun and stay safe!"

—"No empty promises there" He giggled it off, and went out the door.


Did he take a quick transporting medium? Did he drive his own car? It's not as if matters, what's important is that at least he made his way there, and unsurprisingly arrived on a reasonable time.

God, the place was full of many celebrities and musical artists that there's not a chance to list them all. He greeted them all and had small interaction with them as he walked by, looking for a spot to stay at while it goes on. He managed to find one.

He was peacefully there for a while, doing his own thing.
Until someone happened to bump onto him at speed..


He noticed the sudden move, and turned around to see the person. "Aack- I'm sorry!" The 4'10 lady bowed down, apologizing.

— "I-It's okay! Uhm-" He proceeded to bow down back, out of pure sympathy. Looking closer to who she was, a small deja-vu like realization hit him.


"Wait- You seem.. Familiar? I swore I haven't seen you before!"— this caught her off guard, —"Have you by chance won a contest of any kind?"

"Well, I'm not sure if you heard of American Song Contest, considering you're-" The girl gestured to Alex, or well... —"Alexander Rybak!"

He did, in which that moment the realization hit him.. —"AleXa?!"

—"YOU-" Alex- AleXa fell to her knees in shock, putting her hand over her mouth. Alexander started giggling at this.

He kneeled down to her. —"Are you really that surprised?" He asked, behind a giggle, smiling as bright as he always does. She nod her head. He awed, later proceeding to help her up. Rybak asked if she wanted a hug, and Christine didn't miss the opportunity. The gap of their heights was unmatched, Rybak held her closer to do a quick spin-around and set her back down. Christine let go off him.

—"If you'd like, you can stay along!"
— "Yeah, I was kinda looking for a place to be"
He huffed, —"Alright then."

Today was about to be interesting,  since they stuck to each other like they've already been friends for a while. This led to some shenanigans between the two, like that one activity they very clearly lost, but that's nice to see! At least they get along.