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A Bittersweet Night

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Love makes people do stupid things. Love makes people make irrational decisions. Very rarely, those decisions can mean life or death. However, that was exactly the situation Xani found himself in. He knew what he was doing was stupid, but it was for one very important person: Clive. Clive was feverish and very weak; he needed his medicine. That medicine was in the hands of a dangerous man, Jasper. Xani promised himself he'd get it back.

Xani was making his way through the nearby forest, searching for Jasper. Every step only made anxiety and anger build up inside of him more and more. He had one mission and he was going to see it through to the bitter end.

“My my, you actually showed up~!” Jasper's chilling voice broke the otherwise silent forest.

Immediately, Xani looked to where he heard the voice. “Jasper!” He hissed out. “Give me that medicine.”

“Cutting to the chase, are we?” Jasper cooed mockingly. From his blazer pocket, he pulled out a small vial filled with blue liquid. “Did you really come all the way out here just for this? Just for Clive?”

Xani's eyes fell onto the vial. “I did.” He admitted. His expression darkened as he thought about the state Clive was in before he left. “He's... not doing well.”


“He's really feverish... When I left, he was unconscious.”

A wicked smirk split across Jasper's face. “Lovely! How nice of you to call me all the way out here to give me an update on his health!”

“Wh—Shut up!” Xani yelled, balling his hands into fists. He glared at the taller man, his brown eyes meeting Jasper's grey gaze.

Jasper slipped the vial back in his pocket. “Tell me, doll...” He started. “...what's your plan here?”

The other paused; he didn't really think that far. He just wanted the medicine. Without responding, Xani went to charge at Jasper, but he couldn't. In fact, he couldn't move at all.

Jasper cackled. “Aw, it's so cute to watch you struggle~” He taunted. “You're so stupid~”

Xani didn't know who he was more frustrated with—Jasper or himself. Even so, he resigned himself to his fate. From the beginning, Jasper was right—he was going to be end Xani's life.

Jasper brandished his knife, taking a moment to let the moonlight gleam off of it. “I feel like we've done this before~”

The brunet didn't bother to dignify that with a response.

A dark chuckle came from Jasper as he closed his eyes momentarily. When he opened them, they weren't grey—they were red. “Goodbye, little mutant.” He slowly began to approach Xani.

“STOP IT!” An unexpected voice cut through the tense air.

Xani tried to turn around, but he couldn't. However, he did recognize the voice. ”Clive?!” He didn't mean to call out his name; it just slipped out of him.

All Xani and Jasper saw was a black blur suddenly leap in front of Xani. That blur was Clive, wearing a black hoodie with a wolf on it, instead of his usual red one.

“What?” Jasper said only one word, trying to process what just happened. “Clive?!” He growled, trying and failing to hide his shock.

“What are you doing here?!” Xani cried out to Clive.

“I could ask you the same, dude!” Clive snapped back, turning his head to look at Xani. “You're really stupid, you know that, right?”

Jasper narrowed his crimson eyes at Clive, unintentionally releasing Xani from his paralyzed state.

Clive and Jasper glared at each other, but Jasper's glare shifted to something with confusion. “Why are you still moving?!” Jasper growled.

“That's... That's because you're weak!” Clive retorted.

What did you just say?

“You're weak! You just rely on your powers, you're nothing without them!”

Xani couldn't believe the words coming out of the usually anxious Clive's mouth. His words were firm, and even angry.

Jasper stepped closer to Clive. “You want to test that theory?”

However, before Jasper could even do anything, someone else stepped out from behind a tree. With an exasperated look on his face, Teryl walked up to Jasper and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Stop it. Let's just get outta here.” He shot Clive and Xani a dark glare before turning his attention back to Jasper.

Jasper was seething, and he so very desperately wanted to destroy the two before him. However, Teryl's gentle touch made him look over at the blond. “Teryl...” He mumbled before his crimson eyes flicked back to Xani and Clive. “These damn mutants...”

Teryl squeezed his close friend's shoulder gently. “They're not worth it.”

The black-haired man let out an angry huff before turning his attention to Teryl again, meeting his icy blue gaze. After a few moments, Jasper closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh. When he opened his eyes, they were grey again. He was noticeably winded.

A small smile made its way to Teryl's face. “C'mon, Jasp.” He said “Let's get outta here.” He started to walk as he wrapped an arm around Jasper, leading him away.

Despite his grumble, Jasper let Teryl lead him away, leaning some of his weight against Teryl for support.

Clive and Xani were quiet until Teryl and Jasper had vanished from their sight. Even after the two weren't around, Clive and Xani were both on high alert. A few moments of silence passed before Clive whipped around to look at Xani. “What were you thinking?!” He cried as he grabbed onto Xani's arm.

“I was thinking you were dying!” Xani snapped, jerking his arm from Clive's grasp.

“So you went out to get yourself killed?!”

“It was better than letting you die!”

“You could've died, you realize that, right?!”

“Yeah, but you could've too! I wasn't going to let that happen!”

Clive let out a long sigh. “Don't go getting killed for my sake, dumbass...” He muttered quietly.

Xani rubbed the back of his neck. “Well, I... I just couldn't sit by and watch you suffer anymore.” The brunet paused. “Speaking of which, how are you moving around like this...?”

Clive ran a hand through his orange hair. “Honestly, I feel a lot better. I don't even know why or what happened.” He explained. “I woke up and saw you were gone, and I honestly feared the worst. My health wasn't on my mind when I realized where you went.”

Xani chuckled softly. “Looks like we were both almost dying just to keep the other alive. Talk about counterproductive...” He trailed off, not sure if his morbid joke hit the mark.

Tentatively, Clive grabbed Xani's hand. “What matters is that we're both okay... right?”

Just as tentatively, Xani intertwined his fingers with Clive's. “Yeah, I suppose so.” He paused as he felt his face warm up. “We should... probably go back home.”

“Eheh, good idea.” Clive mumbled.

Hand in hand, Clive and Xani started to make the long walk back home. They both silently promised themselves that they were never going to let the other do something that stupid ever again.