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warm up my chilled bones

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           Issun fidgets and shivers at the doorstep, nose red with cold even behind his unfortunately bare hands. Snow is piled up all around the yard at above ankle height, perfect for getting his shoes and socks wet. The cold is magnified by clouds covering up the sun, another sheet of snow likely on the way. More shivers go up Issun's spine at the prospect.


           His breath fogs up white and thick in his face, dissipating as quickly as it came. He knocks on the door again. The knob finally twists, and Issun pushes inside before the door is even fully open.


           "Oh my god," Issun says in a rush. He struggles with the zipper of his coat, his fingers gone numb. "Do you know how much hell I went through just to get to your house?"


           Oki glances out the open door, knob still in hand, before looking back at Issun. "You live right across the street, Issun."


           "It was hell," Issun insists. His coat drops to the floor with a light noise. A chill runs up his back and shakes his entire upper body. He moves to the living room couch to sit down and untie his shoes. "There wasn't any snow here last night," he whines.


           The door clicks shut behind Oki. The cushion dips when he sits next to Issun. "It snowed this morning," Oki says. "You were still asleep probably."


           "You got that right," Issun says, freeing his feet from his shoes and socks. "All right, now, get over here."


           Issun plasters himself to Oki's side without giving him the chance to move. His hands slip inside Oki's shirt, arms wrapping around his middle. Oki inhales, a sharp, quick thing that sucks in his belly just a bit. Beneath the skin, Oki is tensed up hard as bricks.


           Oki places a hand on Issun's arm. "Your hands are freezing," he says.


           "Yeah," Issun says. Oki shifts, and Issun's hands slide with him, further up the shirt, getting dangerously close to chest area. Oki's lower stomach is exposed now, the button of his jeans glinting in the light. "And you're hot like a furnace." Issun burrows deeper into Oki's side. "Warm me up. I'm dying over here."


           Oki makes a sound that's halfway between a laugh and very soft snort. "You're not dying. You're just cold."


           Issun sighs, eyes rolling. "What's the difference?"


           "Nothing, I guess," Oki says, shrugging. His shoulder bumps into Issun's cheek.


           "Exactly," Issun replies.


           Oki's breath huffs out in a laugh. Issun smiles, showing his teeth. He buries his face in Oki's throat, cold nose brushing against skin. He shivers.


           "I hate when it's cold," Issun moans. "How are you not ever cold?"


           Oki strokes his hand up Issun's arm, just a bit, enough to raise some hairs. "I have it on good authority that I'm a furnace."


           "You're a first class comedy act, Oki," Issun says, dry as dirt.


           Oki chuckles and kisses Issun on the forehead. Issun stills. "So you keep telling me," Oki says, mouth rustling some of Issun's bangs as it moves.


           Issun says nothing back, his cheeks a touch warm. He shifts closer, Oki's mouth leaving his forehead. Issun traces his lips, slightly parted, up Oki's neck. Oki hums.


           "So," Issun says, lips poised at the skin behind Oki's ear. Oki's fingers twitch on his arm. "Wanna go upstairs and fool around?"


           "I don't know," Oki says. The hand not on Issun's arm presses into his lower back. Issun's next breath shakes through him, rattling his bones. "Your hands might give me hypothermia."


           "Warm me up and it won't be an issue," Issun says, voice pitched low, the tip of his tongue a wet tease behind Oki's ear.


           Issun feels the tremor Oki makes against him. "I'm right behind you, Issun," Oki says, pushing at his lower back.


           Issun grins.