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Come here, kiss me

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"Robert Lewandowski has made it clear that he has finished his career at Bayern Munich. He will not return to training sessions for the new season after the Nations League is over. There will be no further negotiations between the two sides, from him and Bayern Munich as well and Lewandowski's agent has been noted by the press as being more prominent in Barcelona."
Thomas put the screen of his phone on the table and took a sip of his coffee, it was hot on his tongue, but he didn't react, or maybe his senses had stalled, and Thomas couldn't feel it anymore. These days the news around the club is all about Robert, how disgruntled he is, where he is going next and who the club will buy to replace him. But Robert did not say anything to confirm, he only vaguely talked about calls, hidden conflicts in random interviews, but in the end, no one could conclude anything.
He set his coffee cup down on the table and clasped his hands together. The view outside was beautiful and inviting, the sunlight was bright and Thomas could feel the wind blowing through his ears just by looking at the rustling leaves. Today is his day off and normally Thomas will go horseback riding or go to the supermarket to prepare a little more special meals because he enjoys pampering himself. But at this moment he does feel like a weight is pulling him down, making him unable to move, or will he just sit here for a while and then go back to his room, curl up under the blankets and sleep until the next day?
Suddenly, Thomas' phone on the table vibrated. He looked at it for a moment, trying to guess who was calling him so early. Thomas finally took it in his hand to stare at the name flashing on the screen, Lewy. He held the phone in his hand until the screen went dark, until Robert called again.
Thomas put the phone back on the table and walked out into the backyard.
His bare feet touched the grass, ragged cold from last night's dew.
Until Thomas heard the familiar sound of wheels grinding on gravel, he didn't look back. He had been sitting on the porch for a while, looking out into his backyard, listening to the wind blow, the birds chirping, the occasional sound of someone talking as they passed. He heard the door open and close. And then he heard someone coming next to him.
That someone is Robert.
Thomas remained there for a while longer, just looking up at Robert. He seemed to have just quickly put on his clothes, his hair combed through tangerines but still very handsome. In one hand Robert held his phone, the other still holding the car keys as if ready to take Thomas to the car immediately if something went wrong. Robert's eyes were bewildered when he saw Thomas sitting there, holding a cigarette in his hand.
But then Thomas stood up, threw his cigarette in a corner, which he normally wouldn't do, and went back into the house. He heard footsteps and knew Robert was following him.
"Thomas, you… I thought something was wrong with you." Robert spoke behind him, his voice still confused and a little angry.
Thomas turned so suddenly that Robert bumped into him, but Robert held him back with both hands, his grip tightening around Thomas making him wince slightly. "Thomas." He called out his name, almost like a murmur.
"Kiss me." Thomas ordered and thought he saw a puzzled look on Robert's face, but Robert leaned down and kissed him. Their lips touched, entwined and Thomas held Robert's face with both hands. Robert picked him up and even though the two were only slightly different in height, Thomas' neat and thin body always made him look small when he was around. He pushed his back against the wall and devoured Thomas's lips, whispering softly as Thomas bit his bottom lip. They paused for a moment to catch their breath, foreheads touching.
"Do you know how many times I called you?" Robert bit down on Thomas' neck, gnawed at his throat, hard enough to hear his gasp.
"Do you know how long I've been waiting for you…?" He heard Thomas reply, his voice a little broken. His hands trailed behind his back and pulled him close to him, his nails dug into his back. Thomas almost shoved his head into his chest with his free hand, then sucking on Robert's lips hard and when he pulled away, a silver thread was still connecting the two of them.
When Thomas looked up at Robert, mouth still slightly open, his body hot in Robert's arms as they stripped each other, Robert didn't care about anything else. The little doubt about Thomas's question vanished as they both melted, Thomas' moans in his ear, his breath in his ear and their hearts pounding against each other through their chests.

Robert went back to bed after wrapping a towel around his waist. Thomas was not sleeping, he was lying on his stomach instead and side on the pillow, looking at him. The mattress sank softly as he climbed into bed and lay on his side facing him.
"What's up?" he asked him, one hand resting on his back and stroking the hollow of his back.
Thomas said nothing but just looked at him. His eyes went to Robert's chin, to his neck, to his chest, and then to his stomach and to the part of his body that was hidden under the towel.
"You should go home." Thomas said, then sat up and tiptoed over Robert to get off the bed. He went to the bathroom, didn't bother to close the door, and Robert heard the sound of running water not long after. He sighed and picked up his clothes.
He stepped into the bathroom and looked at Thomas's body glistening behind the glass.
"Call me later." He spoke and waited a moment, there was no reply, but he knew Thomas was listening.
Robert left after a while. Thomas turned off the water, stepped outside and dried himself off, wrapping himself in a bathrobe. He listened to the silence in the house. He's gone. If anyone understood him more than they understood themselves it was Robert, besides maybe Manuel, their captain, but that was another story.


On the following Monday two weeks after that, they went back to practice sessions and Thomas ignored Robert during practice, no one else seeing it but Robert, or so he thought. At the end of practice, Thomas stayed with Joshua and Leroy, and of course Robert to practice more about his free kick skills. When practice was finally over, Robert saw Thomas fiddling with the basket of balls and fell behind to help him. Thomas didn't say a word and Robert didn't know what to say, until only the two of them were left in the tunnel.
Robert sighed softly, walked a little behind him and followed Thomas's thin back. They turned a corner after putting away the ball basket and headed for the changing room. Suddenly Thomas stopped and Robert almost held his breath, afraid he'd missed something.
"Come here and kiss me." Thomas turned around and demanded. The bright lights made the red clothes they were wearing blindingly bright, and Robert was silent for a moment, saying nothing. Instead, he took Thomas' arm and pulled him into a door just a few feet away and Thomas recognized it as one of the spare changing rooms. The room was dark but they didn't have to walk any further, Robert's foot gently kicking the closed door behind him and his hand found Thomas's face almost immediately. He felt the younger shiver slightly and tried to hide it with a sigh when he touched him, but the kiss back from him was fierce. They only let go when they could barely breathe anymore, and their foreheads touched, Thomas' hands clutching Robert's shirt and Robert's hands on his hips, in that moment Robert wanted nothing more than to take him, to hug him and together they fell into the nothingness.
But Thomas took a step back and walked away, leaving Robert standing in the dark.

"Come here, kiss me." The second time Thomas told him that was after practice the next day. They were divided into two teams to practice their offensive skills, and Thomas's team, along with Joshua and Serge, and also Leon, won by a score of six two after only thirty minutes. Thomas returned to the dressing room, his face red and sweaty and Robert seemed to see fire burning behind him. He just changed into clean clothes, stuffed the sweaty clothes in his backpack as quickly as possible, and nodded at Robert before walking away. He also gathered his clothes and ran after him, to catch up with him in the parking lot. Thomas just looked at him and said that, and Robert kissed him right away, shoving him back and hearing him groan, probably wincing as his back hit the door. They made love in Thomas's car, hearts pounding because anyone could catch them, right here, right now. Thomas tilted his head back, legs apart and his body wrapped around Robert, Robert's hands clasped around his hips and a muffled growl in his throat as he felt Thomas tighten around him. He bit the top of his chest, gnawing at Thomas's scent through a layer of his shirt and heard him hiss. Kiss me, he said again and they devoured each other's lips.
This time Thomas did not refuse him anymore. He let him drive them home, have dinner together and cuddle, watch a movie on Netflix before going to bed. He acted very normal again, like nothing happened and just shook his head when asked. Thomas let Robert kiss him once again before tiptoeing out of bed. “I need to smoke.” He said before leaving the room.
Robert lay on his back and looked up at the ceiling of the room, silence surrounded him. He knew Thomas smoked since they first met, although not much, but later on Robert realized that he liked the scent of smoke lingering in his hair, on his clothes, and on Thomas's shoulders, even though the habit wasn't good for both of them. He sat up, legs tangled as he jumped two steps at once down the stairs. He stopped right behind Thomas, who was sitting on the porch leading to the backyard where he'd found him a few days ago. Thomas didn't turn to look at him, just lifted his neck slightly and let out a thin puff of smoke. Robert took a step forward and Thomas threw his head back, touched him, looked up at him.
He knelt and Thomas' head rested on his chest. Robert's hands closed around his cheeks, fingertips touching Thomas's chin and leaned down to kiss him. One of his hands reached up and tangled in Thomas' curls. He can smell the familiar scent, the scent of his aftershave, the strong scent of tobacco and the sweet taste from nowhere. Their kiss lasted like forever.
"Come here, kiss me." Thomas said as they pulled away, but his eyes remained on Robert. In that moment Robert was silent and tried to understand him, trying to see behind those blue eyes, what he was thinking, who he was, who they were, and perhaps what they would become.
“Thomas, is all this because of me, leaving?” Robert asked, caressing his cheek.
"No." Thomas replied and stopped looking at him. He lifted the cigarette to his lips, took a long drag, and Robert watched the flame rise, then die.
He took the cigarette out of his hand and extinguished it. Thomas just leaned back slightly when Robert kissed him. He turned the younger around and climbed on top of him, a fire of smugness rising in him when he saw Thomas almost falling into his arms.
“Don't treat me like this. Thomas…” Robert whispered as he spread kisses over his cheeks, down his chin and down his neck, marking him with himself. His skin was warm and that warmth enveloped Robert as he pushed him to the floor. Thomas laughed softly as Robert pulled his shirt over his head. The kisses continued to spread across the pale white skin, he paused briefly at Thomas's chest and pursed his lips to suck on the top of his hard nipple, made Thomas' laughter stretching into a gasp. Robert paused for a moment and looked up at him, eyes half-lidded, chest rising and falling before his eyes. He intertwines his fingers in his and squeezes, his lips touching the back of Thomas's hand and hearing him sob softly.
Robert couldn't tell him he wasn't leaving, but he couldn't tell him the opposite either. Nearly ten years since the first day he met Thomas in the same-coloured jerseys, on the same pitch and in the same direction, yet Robert still couldn't describe the feeling in his heart every time he saw Thomas smile. Thomas was always a smiley, he smiled at everyone, and he smiled at him one afternoon when they bumped into each other on the training ground, his hand gripping Robert's elbow to keep his balance. Thomas will be Robert's biggest regret when he leaves for anywhere without him.
“Don't treat you like what? Like the way you didn't tell me anything for sure and let me hear from everyone, what caught my eye were the headlines on the news with your name, your face? From all sources but yourself?” Robert heard him speak, his voice bitter, even though Thomas showed no expression on his face, just resting an arm to cover his eyes. Robert removed that arm from his face and Thomas turned away, not looking at him. Robert held his face with both hands and forced Thomas to look at him. The blue in his eyes became faint.
“I…” Robert tried to say something, try to apologize, but the words were only on the tip of his tongue. He put his hands on Thomas's side, he lay there and let Robert's shadow fall on him.
Then Thomas let out a sigh as he touched Robert's face and Robert leaned into the caress, into the bony palm. “Will you forget me? To Spain or anywhere, where you can continue to burn brightly on the pitch, and will you forget me? Or will you forget Germany? Because afterall, this isn't your country…” he said, and Robert had never heard him sound so sad before. His gaze was so gentle that Robert found it strange.
"I won't." He replied and then he locked their lips before Thomas could say anything more in protest. His hands wrapped around Robert's neck, Thomas' lips brushing against his teeth as he pushed Robert down and climbed on top of him. His fingers unbuttoned Robert's shirt but still didn't interupt their kiss, his hips pressing down on Robert's, moving and brushing against Robert's dick, making him realize, stupidly, that he had an uncomfortable erection. Thomas smirked and Robert felt the corner of his lips lift, his hand undid the hem of Robert's shirt and he sat up, grabbing Thomas's ass, hearing him growl softly in his throat, feeling his slicky head brush between his ass through two layers of fabric.
"I'll come here and kiss you." Robert said when Thomas rose so Robert could pull down the waistband of his pants with ease. They groaned at almost the same time as Robert pulled his dick out of his pants and let it touch his skin, smearing pre-cum.
"Really?" Thomas asked, his voice full of ragged breaths and he leaned back so Robert could kiss it, biting the left side of his neck and making him shiver, one of his fingers slipping between Thomas' ass and touching his entrance, and Thomas' hands clutched at his shoulders.
"Yes." Robert replied, panting, sucking on the bluish-white skin and leaving a bruise near Thomas' collarbone. Let them know Thomas is his, let them know this body of him is untouchable, because he is crazy about Thomas and he wants Thomas to be that way as well. His fingers went inside him, and Thomas arched, Robert had to hold him as Thomas' head tilted back. The second finger went inside, and his dick twitched slightly in hunger, he couldn't wait to fill him up.
Thomas tilted his head back, Robert's broad hands holding him around his waist, his back and Thomas looked at the scenery outside, the wide-open night sky, the soft wind blowing through the fallen leaves and patting his cheeks, his shoulders and their naked bodies. A shade of green, grass, maybe tree stumps, Thomas wasn't sure because his eyes welled up with tears, his body trembled as he felt Robert's fingers leave him and his dick take the place. Robert pushed inside him fast and deep, and Thomas heard himself groan, moans echoing in his head.
Robert pulled back, burying his face in Thomas' chest and Thomas grabbed his chin, so tight that his knuckles turned white. Thomas presses him into a kiss and feels disgruntled that Robert doesn't protest, his tongue slamming into Thomas mouth and making Thomas lose his breath. Robert moved, thrusting his hips and guide his dick to hit Thomas' prostate, making Thomas tremble, almost scream, tears spilling out of the corners of his eyes and down his cheeks. Robert, Robert, he called, hands clutching Robert's shoulders, fingers straching his back and Robert looking up at him, eyes wide open, possessively, obsessively.
This look, his look, Thomas thought, would follow him anywhere. How many hours is the flight from Spain to Germany? Thomas felt his mind drifting, trying to calculate as he felt his own erection between his and Robert's body, their skin sweaty, pleasure rushing to his head every time Robert thursted and Thomas found it oddly funny. "I'll come and kiss you." He spoke almost out of breath, his eyes locking onto Robert's and feeling one of his hands grab onto Thomas' hip and make him hurt. "Wherever you go, I will just call you, right?" It was a silly question, but Robert pulled him down and they kissed.
“Stop asking the obvious, Thomas. Please. I can't refuse you, can't leave you. Please." Robert pleaded and Thomas threw his head back again, letting him lick his neck and hear their breaths chase each other to infinity.
Robert's fingers curled around Thomas's dick while his thrust remained steady and accelerated. Thomas made a sound, half sobbing and angry, as Robert bit into the bruise he had left. Thomas moved faster on top of him, arching back and resting his hands on Robert's legs.
Robert couldn't close his eyes and stop looking at Thomas. Like the first time he noticed that Thomas' smile made his heart skip a beat, or when he watched Thomas on the pitch, through the rain, in the sunlight, under the lights in the stadium. Or how he couldn't stop looking for Thomas, remembering the scent of his body, the smell of sweat, the smell of aftershave, the scent of perfume, and the smell of cigarettes, the smell of smoke in his hair as he thrusted inside him, and pushed the two of them into endless ecstasies. I can't leave you, I can't forget you.
Thomas bit his lip as they both climaxed. Robert came deep inside him, and Thomas came onto him by his fingers, onto their stomachs. Robert stroked him through the remaining shivers, hold Thomas tight.

The next morning Robert woke up early. He opened his eyes and lay still for a moment, outside the sun may rised already, dim light invaded through the thick curtains. He heard Thomas breathing beside him. He slept with his head on Robert's arm, his bare back touching his chest. Robert pressed his face against his curly hair and took a deep breath. Thomas stirred a little in his sleep but still didn't wake up. His legs were wide apart, one of Robert's legs slung over his legs and in between.
When Thomas woke up, Robert was already fully dressed. He kissed his forehead as Thomas' entered the kitchen, handed him a cup of coffee. Thomas put the coffee cup to his nose, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. They ate their breakfast in silence, Robert only standing up to pour him more coffee and adding an egg to his plate. Thomas smiled at him.
He then stood leaning against the bedroom door, watching Thomas change his clothes. Thomas wanted to wear the simple black and white color scheme he usually wears, but with Robert standing there, he felt strangely amused. He picked up a sky-blue collared shirt and draped it over his head.
“This blue matches my eye color.” Robert said as he approaches Thomas. Thomas chuckles.
"But I am the one wearing it, am I not?" Thomas raised his eyebrows slightly as he turned away to get another pair of socks. Thomas flinched slightly when he saw the red kit, the club's signature color, hanging in the closet, but a moment passed, and he closed the door.
Robert came up behind Thomas as he zipped up his backpack and had his jacket in hand. "Kiss me?" Robert asked and Thomas smiled.
"Come here." He replied and they kiss. Robert's hand was on his waist.

As Thomas drove out of the house, he looked in the rearview mirror until the house was hidden behind a turn. Robert won't be there when he comes back, he probably won't go to the club's training sessions either. Thomas' heart tightened at the thought of the promotional poster for the launch of the new season squad next month, just him, Manu and Leroy, and the rest. Those who stay.
He had told a certain journalist that he wanted Robert to stay with the club. But if those things are ignored, then as long as they want, no matter how far apart they are, Robert will somehow always be by his side. Or Thomas will.
Thomas's fingers tightened on the steering wheel as he turned another turn. Suddenly he heard a text message sound from his phone. Thomas waited until the next red light to pick it up.
"I'll come and kiss you." It was a message from Robert. "I love you."
Thomas's heart skipped a beat and he couldn't stop himself from smiling.