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The wind blew and red petals danced in the air.
A child with hair the same color as that of the flower was chasing after the myriad petals dancing in the wind. The child, who was too preoccupied with the petals, tangled his legs. Just as he is about to fall over, a strong hand pulls him back from behind and he regains his footing.

-Are you all right?

He turn around at the sound of his voice. There, in contrast to the child with hair the same color as the red petals, stands a boy with snow-white hair and fair skin.


The red-haired boy's face lit up when he saw the boy, and he raised a bouncy voice.

-Brother, look at that. Look at all those red flowers.

-Oh, yes. Maybe there will be more storms this year.

The boy, whom the child called his older brother, looked up at the red petals dancing in the sky, still holding his brother's hand.

-We must take care that our people's lives are not disrupted in the event of a...

-The storm was .......

Once again a strong wind blew, causing the petals to flutter in the air. Hearing that a storm was coming, the red-haired child shrugged and grabbed his elder brother's hand as he stood by his side. The silver-haired boy's cheeks relax slightly at the sight of his frightened brother. Without releasing his clasped hand, he crouched down on the spot and looked squarely into the child's eyes.
-It's all right, don't be so frightened.

The boy stroked his hair, which was the same color as the petals that were dancing in the air, and told him, "It's all right."

-Don't worry even if a storm comes or the evil spirits of the mountains and rivers come. You and my family will be protected by me.

Hearing his brother's powerful words, the red-haired boy felt the anxiety in his heart disappear in an instant. His elder brother was rumored to be a child prodigy since the beginning of the family's history, and there were even half-open rumors that the next head of the family would be this silver-haired boy.
However, the young boy did not understand what these words "head of the family" and "child prodigy" meant. All he understood was that his silver-haired brother was stronger and more dignified than any of the adults around him, and more gentle and dependable than any of them.

-...... because that is exactly what I am supposed to do.

The child, who was immersed in proud thoughts as his brother patted him on the head, suddenly heard a voice that sounded different and somber, and involuntarily looked up to see his brother's face. The silver-haired boy in his eyes was staring somewhere other than here, with a very troubled look on his face.

The wind blew and red petals flew in the air.
The child, feeling a strange anxiety in his brother's thoughtful face, clutched his hand even tighter to shake it off, and looked at his white face as if clinging to it. However, the somber look on her brother's face did not change.
Once again, a strong wind blew, shaking the trees and scattering countless red petals.
Oh, the dancing and swirling petals are about to engulf my brother. The crimson flowers cover his white body and take him somewhere far beyond his reach. ......


The child clung to his brother's body in fear and desperation. At the sight of that desperate red-haired child and his trembling little body, the silvery-white-haired boy's expression finally softened and a smile appeared on his mouth.
The boy slowly stood up and gently patted the child's head.

-Your hair is a beautiful color. It's like this red flower ......

Like that one who was mentioned in the legend: ......

The last words my brother muttered were carried away by the wind and never reached the ears of the child.



The wind blew and the red petals flew in the air.
Once again this year, a beautiful flower had bloomed, heralding a storm. A young man with flame-red hair, the same color as the flowers, squinted as he watched the petals dance in the wind.

Last night, the young man had been told that he would be the head of their clan. He is now not just a young man, but the 27th head of the family, and with that comes tremendous authority and responsibility within the family.
He should be happy that his abilities have been recognized and he has been chosen as the head of the family, and the young man himself has been training hard every day to achieve this goal. However, the expression on the young man's face as he gazed at the red petals dancing in the wind was somewhat dismal.

At that moment when the name of the next head of the family was announced, I felt my brother, who was standing next to me with his head bowed listening to the proclamation, tremble. He was my own brother, who had gone through the same, or even more arduous and intense training to become the next head of the family. How much regret and shame must he feel that he had not been chosen? Thinking of this made his heart break.
However, he had no intention of giving up the position that had been given to him to his elder brother. It is a rule and a principle that the most superior person becomes the head and rules the family. Even his elder brother must understand this, and first of all, there was no way that his proud elder brother would accept his giving up the throne out of pity.
If two brothers decided to aspire to the same throne, they must have known that one day such a day would come. You should have ...... known it.


The wind blows and the red petals dance in the air.
In the year when this flower, which heralds early summer, blooms beautifully, there are many storms. It was his older brother, who had been an expert on the subject since he was a child, who told him this.
The red-haired young man recalled the day when he and his brother talked among the dancing red petals in his childhood, when he still knew nothing. He still did not know the fate of the family or the duties of the head of the family, but he had innocently followed his brother's back.
When they were young, they spent every waking moment together, and on sleepless nights, they would stay under the covers together and talk about nothing but trivial matters until the sky turned white. But when was it that the brothers stopped talking to each other? When did my brother start to blatantly avoid me? ......

The unstoppable wind shook the trees, scattered petals, and ruffled the flaming red hair of the young man standing there. A faint rumble of thunder could be heard in the distant sky.


It was then that the news of his own brother's disappearance reached him, the 27th head of the clan. ......


The wind blew and red petals flew in the air.
No, no, those were not petals. They are not pretty petals.

-It seems you are the chosen one this time too.

In the dry wind, a young warrior with silvery white hair said. His youthful skin is as pale as an old man's, and the black armor he wears is stained with blood and dust. The young warrior's skin has lost its youthfulness like an old man's, and the black armor he wears has become stained with blood and dust.

-...... but it must to be me.

-Brother ......?

-It is I who will lead ...... our clan through this world.

The winds never stopped blowing, blowing dust all over the two young warriors as they stared at each other. Oh, how strong the wind is. Even though they are wearing heavy armor, if they are not careful, the wind will catch them off guard. It's like the harbinger of a storm. ......

- ..I am the elder brother of my family.
It must to be me...!

The silver-haired young warrior exclaimed in a voice that sounded as if it were squeezed out of him, and slowly drew the great sword from his waist and thrust the tip of it at his younger brother in front of him.

"I really wish it had been you"

With this thought, the red-haired young warrior silently gazed into his elder brother's eyes and held the weapon in his hand directly in front of him.

"Brother,I wish I could go back to the day you held my hand..."

The wind blows and a dry cloud of dust rises.
Eternity or a moment later, the two young warriors moved almost simultaneously. 

............ And.

A strong wind blows over the desolate land and dust rises in the air. Is it only dry, white dust that rides the wind and dances in the air? No, it is not. Those are flower petals. Pieces of a beautiful but ominous red flower that heralds a storm.

In the garden of my birthplace at the beginning of summer, countless red petals were dancing in the wind. As a young child, I would chase after them with great enthusiasm and fall down, getting my feet tangled in the mud and crying. His brother, with his silvery white hair and fair skin, was always by his side at such times.
He was strong, wise, and reliable. Even when a strong wind blew and beautiful but ominous red petals covered the air, his brother was always there to guide me.

But now, his person lies prostrate on the earth, crimson petals covering his body.
The red-haired young warrior slowly approaches his brother, who remains motionless, and kneeling beside him, reaches out to brush the red petals that cling to his white body. Oh, the dancing and swirling petals are about to engulf him. The crimson flowers cover his white body and take him somewhere far away, out of my reach. ......

But why? The red petals that seemed to cover his brother's body on the ground did not disappear whether he wiped them off or not. The red-haired young warrior gripped his trembling hands tightly, bit his back teeth tightly, closed his eyes, and bowed his head deeply and profoundly.
The silver-haired young warrior, covered in red petals that no matter how hard he tried to wipe off, had fallen down, and his palms, which would never be able to hold a sword again, were still outstretched, as if seeking something.


The wind blew, sending red dust particles of blood into the air.

In the wind, which seemed to blow forever, the voices of the young children laughing happily echoed and then faded away.